Friday Poll : Is “Doomsday Preppers” good publicity?

Is Doomsday Preppers good publicity?

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  1. I think the show mostly features some very extreme people that do not represent the majority of preppers. I do not mind the show as I do get ideas from it and it serves to cause the hordes to dismiss us as nuts and not prepare themselves.

  2. John R. Bump says:

    I believe the show does not do the community any justice. Yes, some have presented themselves very well, but as a whole, NatGeo does its best to make them appear to be extreme and metally unbalanced.

    • The first season was good and there was a lot of common sense things being shared. The second season has a lot of extremists who make the community look bad.

      • Thats what I saw. Though I think second season, most of’em have more money than sense. There is always good nugguts of info. Wish I’d gotton on this wagon bout 10 years ago.

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      what serious prepper would want to advertise their stuff? I would rather have MD and Michele do a Martha Stewart type show showing methods of preparing, canning, chicken care, water filtration, etc.

      I am a huge proponent of OPSEC. the TV show has made us look like a buch of benign baffoons, and maybe that’s not a bad thing.

      • Millie in KY says:

        MaMa, I keep meaning to ask, what is OPSEC? Thanks!

        • Petticoat Prepper says:

          Operational Security Millie. Mum’s the word….

        • OPerational SECurity. Military jargon.

        • OregonMike says:

          Hi Millie,
          Operation Security. Keeping things quiet or secret. Certainly not advertising or going public.

        • Hunker-Down says:


          The problem is, after TSHTF (the stuff hits the fan) your friend with 2 kids that havent eaten for 3 days is VERY MOTIVATED to show up at your house with a gun because last year you told them about the food you put back for emergencies.

          If they don’t know about your preps they will leave you alone; thus OPSEC.

      • will e styles says:

        ” I would rather have MD and Michele do a Martha Stewart type show showing methods of preparing, canning, chicken care, water filtration, etc.”
        I would love that or at least maybe a you tube channel I liked the 10/22 video

    • The Zebra says:

      You have to keep in mind exactly what the prducers of the show do – that this is supposed to be entertainment. A documentary filled with useful information that is presented in a dry, boring format isn’t going to get watched. If there are no viewers, advertising dollars dry up, and then very quickly, no show. So faced between placing a “boring” (sensible?) prepper who is busily building a food pantry, with a few generic guns, etc., and a Ted Kaczynsky look-alike who is using a teaspoon to hack a nuclear fallout shelter into the side of a cliff, guess which party gets chosen for the show? I therefore don’t think, as some have said, that the producers are deliberately trying to make preppers look like maniacal nuts, praying for the end of days. It’s all about money, and they know they need to win over and keep viewers by showing them preppers who are on the fringe. It’s the entertainment dollar at work, not some dark agenda that keeps the crazies in the spotlight. Me, I watch the show regularly, and have gotten a few good ideas. And don’t overlook this – the entertainment factor keeps my wife watching the show, and from there, I can explain to her why SOME of these “crazy” ideas really aren’t so crazy. I’d say that as a direct result of this show, she’s come around significantly to accept the need to prep. The show therefore does have its good side…

  3. The show is a piece of propaganda. intended to make preppers look like fumbling idiots whom shoot their fingers off.

    • Or paddle around in inflatable rafts on the intercoastal waterway in FL with the thought that that’s where to be when a volcano collapses in the Azores. Duh, maybe not such a good idea with a 1000’+ high tsunami enroute.

  4. I have only seen a few blurbs of it online.My only suspicion that any tv shew, reallty tv. Is that the last thing it is grounded in is reality.I may look into if I can find the epasodes online.

  5. Buuurr in Ohio says:

    I agree. The show basically shows people who are, for lack of better wording, stupid. I maybe have seen three people on there in the whole time I watched it that I didn’t consider outright morons. The guy with all his savings in gold and silver coins in his house – without a $30 safe to store it in. The guy with the successful business who decides to make his business his shelter here in Ohio. Huh? The basement of where you work in the city is better then the home you own in the rurals? I could go on and on but largely it demonstrated folks who know there is something they should be doing but by and large they have no idea how to go about and when they find something they can do they fixate on that one thing.

    The only surviving prepper is someone with an all around skill base. Good at hunting. Knows their way around a garden. Good with animals and the storage of meats once butchered. Someone who is good with other folk and have the confidence and ability to not get taken. Folk who know their way around the woods and have ACTUALLY been in there (the woods) for more than a RV campout. People who are in good mental and physical condition. Those are just some examples I could come up with off the top of my head which no single person, that stands out to me, on that show demonstrated.

    The colony… now that was a prepper’s show. Too bad it has gone off for some unknown reason.

  6. I do try to watch “Doomsday Preppers” in the hopes that I can glean some useful information. Most of the shows make people look like extremest, which in the view of the main stream media is good and easy to ridicule.

    The evaluation committee at the end always leave something to be desired, and then they decry the reason that they make the prepper pick for doing what he/she has.

    But it does have the value that it gets the subject out, allowing you to use it to start conversations that may lead you to finding other “real” preppers.

  7. Mystery Guest says:

    I haven’t watched “Doomsday Preppers”.
    I did watch the one show about prepping, can’t remember what channel etc. Do think it was discussed here.
    It was the one where the women prepped in Phoenix AZ and she said she was staying put. At the time of the airing she sounded a little off her beam. I think she stated that it would be difficult to get out of there.
    Well some weeks later it was announced by the Phoenix officials that they had no evacuation plans for any type of emergency as there were only 4 ways in and out of the place and the congestion would be crippling. So I guess she had done her research after all. But at the time one would wonder why she made such a statement.
    I believe that with these programs being scripted that it leaves a lot to the imagination and they want the people to act up (reality tv ya know) for ratings. And probably the most sensible stuff was cut.
    I for one don’t care except the general public of morons won’t get the motivation to prep or are of the mindset I will just take theirs.

  8. I actually had the chance to look at some properties with the Bunker Guy – Ed Peyden. Ed was extremely upset with the way he was presented on the show. Ed is a very level headed guy and highly intelligent. His wife even told me that Ed got so upset during the filming that he threw the mic across the room and walked off.
    IMHO NatGeo has an agenda to present us as a fringe element to get more people to watch the show.
    It is quite ironic that I am in a group that the lame stream media wants to present as dangerous and on the edge. I am the Exec VP of a sizable IT company that is located just outside of DC (yes I know you feel sorry for me living near DC). We do work for many of the government agencies and some of us even have security clearances.
    I view myself as a very productive member of society but I just don’t depend on the government to take care of me and my family.
    By the way, I do have a bug out location in NC and am looking at TN for an even better site; as recommended by MD.

  9. I’m glad to see this poll. I recently wrote a post on my blog,, in which I stated I felt the “Doomsday Preppers” was giving prepping a negative connotation.

  10. Unfortunately I think it makes anyone, regardless of their reasons for wanting to be prepared, look like kooks!

  11. While the guests on the show are well intentioned to show prepping in a positive light, the show does its best to claim that what they are preparing for will never happen and to use selective editing to portray them as crazy obsessed idiots. What I would like to see is a youtube show that followed up on these folks later to find what they thought of how they were portrayed and how far off the mark it was.

    To follow up on this poll, what would suggest if you knew someone who was going to be on the show? Here is mine:
    1. If you have any guns, only show them 2 or 3, no huge cabinets full of guns as some people will label you as crazy just for this.
    2. Don’t allow them to film you shooting guns. Some of these folks mention spending hours a day on preps, but the show is so obsessed with the gun porn that it makes it seem most of their time is spent doing that.

  12. The presented premise of the show is a good idea. However the behind the scene rating garnishing mess that is aired is sickening. They spend too much emphases on guns and blowing things up and not on ‘how to’ education. I believe that some of these ‘preppers’ wanted to show a more positive face than what the editors pieced together. There were a couple of them that provided good information, but they were derided for not having enough guns by the “practical preppers” at the end. As one who has been teaching emergency preparedness, urban & wilderness survival for over 40 yrs, these “practical preppers” don’t know much. I would use as an example the one prepper who had over a year’s food supply, a water source and just a couple weapons and was given about six months survival time. BUNK!
    The show could be so much better. But the producers have to follow Nat Goe’s guidelines. They make them include so much conflict that I can hardly watch it. Thank goodness for the fast forward button on the DVR box. I won’t watch it live. I know many true ‘preppers’ who are way more prepared and hide in plain sight.
    Keep your head down and ditch the ‘combat gear’ for something less conspicuous.

  13. said yes because the show got me back into prepping. I went through all this before in the 70’s Bad economy president and vice president not elected, then Jimmy Carter. Boy does he look good now. I even went back in the military (Ranger bn) to increase my skills. But started feeling better after Reagan became president. The prepper show does make some look like fools, but I have gotten a few tips from the shows.

  14. Cant’ vote on this one. Need a maybe in the middle, I think the Nat Geo shows do make all the preppers look like nuts, but there are still things to be learned from anyone. Now that being said you can learn things from anyone good or bad, like what not to do or how other bad people may act or try to scam you. My whole philosophy is to not really prep for a major world event but to just be as Self Sufficient as I can. I will not have a large retirement pension like some people or a large stash of cash, if Soc Sec is even there for me I will get something like $2900 a month in 18 years when I am eligible. I live on less than that now and really don’t expect to get any when I reach 67. What I am going to do in the next 18 years is get my homestead in as best shape as I can, be debt free and as close to 100% self sufficent as I can. That way I will have to depend on no one person or govt entity for my survival. My biggest concern is will I be able to get there before shtf..

    So after my long winded response is I need a maybe selection because there are good and bad things with each of the choices.

  15. OwlCreekObserver says:

    I watch the show regularly, but I agree with many of the other comments here that their message seems to be that planning ahead and having enough food, water and other supplies marks you as a little crazy. In this part of the country, it’s not all that unusual for a winter storm to knock out power for several hours, days or even weeks. Planning ahead to provide for and protect yourself and your family in any catastrophe is just common sense.

  16. If you watch and learn one survival idea it may save your life. Hopefully that one idea will get you to seek more knowledge on prepping and then you will be a survivalist. I have done this with a lot of people, showed them a prepper trick as simple as using a striker with homemade fire starter (cotton balls in Vaseline) and then they think I can do this and away they go. So every idea or seed you can plant in someone may nurture into a full grown survivalist.

    • Millie in KY says:

      Tom, ok, this is intriguing. Cotton ball just smeared with a little vaseline? A lot? Thanks!

      • Millie, I quickly learned that the trick using a cotton ball/vaseline for fire starter is to break it open to expose the dry center, and strike your sparks into it. It works really well! I have started many many campfires this way.

        • Millie in KY says:

          So you rub it around in the vaseline, then open to a dry center and then light that? Do I have that right? Thank you!

      • Another way to start a fire is a 9 volt battery and some steel wool.

      • Take a zip lock bag, turn inside out, dig out the Vaseline, turn right side out, throw in your cotton balls and and mix them with the vaseline no mess, close bag………… starter. Opening them up is ok but you can still just start them.

        • Steel wool and a battery, be ready for a very hot quick fire starter. Battery must have some charge to it. Pos and Neg connect with the steel wool, circuit complete hot fire.

          • Murry’s bees (mens hair product) piece of hemp ruffled up dip in the Murry’s. place on rock or whatever. Add a spark. instant candle, cooking fire, or fire starter. Cheap and last quit awhile.

          • Save your dryer lint. Save your paper egg carton, add lint to each egg slot and port on some melted wax, any will do but I like bees wax, Also use the Murry’s or vaseline with the lint and try different mixtures off all these ingredients.
            Instant long burning candle use a can of Crisco and a wick or make your own. Stick it in with a chopstick and you have a very long burning candle. Any size wick, use a piece of wire to attached to wick to push it down. Remember can will be very hot so take off the paper label.

          • Dryer/Pocket lint…..Cub Scout secret….best starter ever….if you don’t have a lighter!

            If you don’t have dryer lint, check all pockets around for lint, it takes very little, and could make a friend..(?) lol

            “Dry”.. lint.. with a ‘striker/flint’ will ‘catch’ a spark first time (practice to get the first time) but it will! Have ‘kindle’ ready to slowly pile on fire wood. Fifteen minutes……promising fire!

            Try it!

  17. JeffintheWest says:

    While there is some validity to the position that “Doomsday Preppers” raises awareness that such a thing as prepping is possible, the general tone of this particular program is that preppers are crazy white people armed to the teeth and eagerly awaiting the apocalypse so they can experience their “Mad Max” fantasies at other people’s expense. Either that or crazy “God-lovers” who crouch indoors behind their couches cradling their “Semi-automatic assault weapons” and bibles until they can shoot the paperboy as he bicycles by. Bottom line; the Discovery Channel is attempting to further isolate and present as crazy anyone who tries to be prepared in any way, and furthers the liberal argument that we should all be mindless sheep relying on our benign government to take care of us.

  18. Italked to one woman last week who said she wasn’t ever going to talk to any preppers (lol) because she saw that show and “they’re all nuts”. I said, the show is picking the ones who ARE nuts, to make all of them look nuts. She looked right in my eye and said, “no, I don’t want to know any of them cause they’re all nuts”. Although she was otherwise seemingly intelligent she was BRAINWASHED BY TV, and NO LOGICAL FACULTIES. Besides she WAS talking to a prepper, but I sort of glossed over it at that point.

  19. Dean in Michigan says:

    The show makes prepping look like a farce. Just a quick look at a few people they have featured.

    A con woman turned prepper.
    A 15 year old who doesn’t know squat.
    A guy who believes in redundancy to the point that he married a girl with a twin sister.
    Several people who have spent thousands on their preps, but refuse to have a gun to protect themselves.
    Several people who are so overweight, they couldn’t walk a half mile without risking a heart attack.
    A commun of hippies who probably think it’s still the 60’s.

    I could go on but you get the point. Nat Geo is makin’ us look like a bunch of clowns.

  20. I do watch Doomsday Preppers every week. In fact, I record it and watch it several times, as I always find some little tid-bit of information that I missed the first time. This show was the reason I started prepping to begin with. I had never even heard of prepping before. In the beginning, I was learning and absorbing everything I could like a sponge. Now, my DH and I pretty much sit there and point out the mistakes they are making. We have learned a lot in the last year. What gets me the most is when they point our their “secret” stash. Folks, if you are showing it on national television, it’s NOT a secret! I absolutely could not believe the couple that actually showed where they were burying their “secret” stash of junk silver. OMG! NatGeo definitely portrays preppers in a terrible way, but it got me where I am today! I agree with Buurr in Ohio … The Colony was awesome! My DH and I watched all of it online. That is a show you can really learn from! I really wish they would make another one!

  21. AntiZombie says:

    I enjoyed the first few shows that I saw, however as i contined to watch I was struck with how much the show portrayed the players as extreme. Statements by the folks such as “I spend 4 hrs a day prepping” make them look fanatical. I much prefer to browse at my liesure on this and other sites. Back to your initial question. Yes, it does damage to folks who want to prepare for hard times. Common logic and real solutions to problems are what I look for not, “I have 600 sets of surgical gloves itemized by maufacturer and size.”

  22. I voted yes, but… Nat Geo does seem to want to only show the extremes. There were a few less-extreme people and scenarios in Season 2, but not as many as there could have been. Personally, I wouldn’t mind the critique portion but OPSEC would make me want to hide a lot of my stuff. Nonetheless, I have gotten some good ideas from season 2 – and I plan to take those and modify my planning.
    I do think there needs to be more prepping shows covering skills like canning, gardening, sustainment stuff. Shows like Best Defense – Survival were really good for defense scenarios, but as we all know you can’t eat bullets.
    If Doomsday Preppers wasn’t geared towards rating and sensationalism, it could be a great show. But if it doesn’t sell, I guess it would just die off like so many others.

    • ian in ca says:

      I really enjoy Best defense survival, but wish I could catch more than the same five episodes.

  23. After much thought, I voted yes. I agree that the show this season is favoring the extreme preppers and does make preppers look bad. However, if it gets one person interested enough to prepare, in my opinion it’s worth it. What I would like to know is who made Practical Preppers the experts? Also, I really don’t like the end where they state what the odds are of the event occurring. They are missing the point – the point being being prepared for anything makes you prepared for almost everything.

    • Good point – the best preppers are the ones that are prepping generically for whatever is likely to occur in their area. I think the show producers tend to force the featured prepper to lock onto one main “fear”, which at least makes it sound like the prepper is taking a dangerous, one-dimensional approach. (That’s what some of the former featured preppers have said after the show airing.) Personally, I fall back on the old Boy Scout motto of “Be Prepared” – not JUST for a flood, an economic collapse, a tornado, etc., but for any and all of the events you are likely to encounter. As for the stated odds of the featured event occurring, that’s misleading. Statistically speaking, you are VERY likely to be able to drive your car around all this month withut getting into an auto accident, right? So based on that, are you ready to cancel your auto insurance as an unnecessary expense?

  24. These shows are nothing but the media making fools of all preppers. I must say thought some of these fokes on the show do some very very strange things as far as foods storage and the large amounts of perishable foods being stored on the shelves. Crackers,cookies cereals for example.
    People really need to get real about foods. You just want to survive on foods that are basically one/two prep meals not gourmet :-))
    Remember you won’t have power so forget the Grandma cookin in the kitchen notion . THINK HEAT N EAT ,

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      Now I got a bone to pick with you.
      In a grid-down situation, folks will require higher caloric meals. Back in the day, Grandma got up at 4 a,m, or so to make biscuits, eggs, gravy, and a meat. And she cooked enough for meat and biscuits for lunch in the field or on the job. Breakfast was before sun-up and I don’t think she owned a clock. then supper was meat, potatoes or rice, a green vegetable, corn bread, and pie, cake, cobbler, and pudding. served just after sundown, all was cooked on a wood stove. Grandma was the last to bed and the first up. In hard times, food is a necessity and heat and eat has its place but hardly something you would take to a pot luck. she also did chores like slopping the hogs, gathering the eggs and feeding the chickens, milking the cows twice a day, and washing and ironing laundry, cleaning the house, and taking care of any youngen’s. A grandma is a very good thing to have!

      • I agree with your view points and I also rember the good old days as I am turning 72 in may. But my grandmaw is unfortunately IMHO but a distant pleasant memory. We now for the most part have microwave Grannies.
        As a retired chef/caterer I do know caloric food content tastefully done is very very important but still can be accomplished thru minimal preparation under extreme conditions.

        Regards :-))

      • Amen to that Tactical G-ma!

  25. larry chapin says:

    while some of the preppers do seem to be, somewhat hysterical, i can gleam good relivant ideas from even the lunniest of them. and some r simply hilarious. love the show.

  26. Texanadian says:

    I have never seen the show so all I know about it is what I’ve heard. Having said that one of the things I continually hear is that these people are always messing up their opsec (operational security). My thought is that if NatGeo came up and offered me a boot full of money to be on the show I would use that money to buy a new and better bol and sell the current one. That way my opsec would be preserved and I would have a nicer location. Just my thought.

  27. After reading thgrough some of the comments here, the thouhgt crossed my mind that NatGeo WANTS to make all preppers look like folks on the fringe (and, sadly, many are) because it’s easier to discredit them from other vantage points. My hat’s off to those with the resources to amass veritable arsenals, years upon years’ worth of food & water, and a true BugOut location. Last weeks castle builder is just one example of having the means to throw millions of dollars into one’s preps. I guess that’s all well & good because, when they come looking for those folks, I will have a better chance of keeping my own.

    Now, as far as “Doomsday Preppers” goes, I like that I’ve garnered beaucoup ideas from the show & hope it will continue. I do like the suggestion of a Martha Stewart (jailbird) show teaching the how to’s of prepping.

    Thanks for this forum!
    God bless y’all,

  28. If you watch the NatGeo show “Doomsday Preppers” and you’re a prepper yourself: 1) You’ll watch for any ideas & tips that are new or better than the ideas & tips you have now, and 2) you’ll feel paranoid that the TV preppers will make ALL of us preppers look like goofballs, trigger-happy gun extremists, and/or paranoid nutcases.

    If you watch the NatGeo show “Doomsday Preppers” and you’re NOT a prepper yourself: 1) the show just proves to you that preppers are eccentric nuts, 2) the show inspires you to start accumulating some emergency preparedness stuff, or 3) the show make you wonder what on earth a prepper even is!

  29. private idaho says:

    imo if natgeo makes preppers look like nut jobs, all the better, when tshtf most people are gonna pass you by cause youre crazy and they dont wanna be pelted by lead if they try to get a handout, could be used to your advantage

  30. I am not concerned with what someone thinks about me or the preppers show. If the show causes someone to realize we all are in danger, if we dont prepare for whatever, then it is a plus. If your head is in the game You are a prepper. 83 Feb 14.

  31. HoarseWhisper says:

    I discontinued cable, so I haven’t seen the 2nd season. I thought the 1st season, although sensationalist, was helpful to bring the idea to the public mind. I understand it was very popular, at least for the 1st season.

  32. NG evaluation seems a bit under what the prepper has prepared. I guess they expect a couple to be an army with tanks, rocket launchers and bombs for defense, a 4 ft thick walled bunker like a missle silo, a virtual store to feed 2 people for 50 years, independent of the grid system to get a few points, and even a stream or artesian well on property is not good enough for water in their eyes.

    Some preppers are nuts on the show specifically prep for one reason that may never happen, but NG evaluation on predictions of an economic meltdown is very low. They must be liberals in La la land like our leader is.

  33. I have to admit I have not seen the show. In fact, I haven’t seen much current TV in years. I have set but no reception with antenna, an dropped DirecTV years ago. So much TV is agenda driven and misrepresents people or groups they supposedly are portraying.

    At this point I refuse to let any actor or media or politician inform my politics, tell me what to think, or define me. Generally we are all being played.


  35. There has been a HUGE difference between the ‘characters’ of season 1 & 2. I think the concept could be good, but the ‘reality’ tv theme has been applied. After some people on season 1 had problems resulting from being on the show, no one I know would be on it! There are a few that I recognize from the various online communities and they were typically the ones that most people considered ‘trolls’ or who had their own agendas. There are some good people. And they present some good techniques and idea.

    I personally preferred ‘the Colony’, showing an experiment of a group trying to survive, but that too could’ve been better.

    The fact that these shows are out there is both good and bad. The good that it presents to the world of people who are on the fence that they are NOT alone, bad in that they also appear to be marginalizing the community as fringe nutjobs. Most that I know are average people, just trying to take care of themselves and their families. Kinda like we used to do!

  36. I agree with alot of you that they have hours of film and edit to get the best ratings. My son (who’s eight) and I watch the show for a good laugh and to maybe gain some ideas. I would hope that people would watch the show and look at themselves and say maybe I should stock up some food. They aren’t showing the best stuff just what gets the best ratings. Practicle Prepers…..why is it that after every episode they have to state that this will never happen (i.e. solar flares or hyper inflation) or whatever. Drives me crazy…. lets show people preping to keep themselve safe but that won’t happen. I thought the idea was to be PREPARED not stock up cause craps gonna happen next friday.

    I don’t know if anyones went to the NetGeo site but you can take the Practical Preppers test to see how your personel preps rate. It’s kinda fun i think I scored a 86………. but it only gave me 3months of survival JK 🙂

    • I didn’t know they had the survey. Thanks! Had to take it – got a 78. Considering they seem to low-ball, I’m happy-ish. Gave 12-16 months survival. Sadly, if given no opportunity to replentish food, that would be about right.

  37. The show does 1 thing really well and that is give intelligent preppers different ideas.

    The major negative is that most of the people on the show are (or are portrayed to be) preparing for 1 specific scenario and half the time its ignorant. The summary of every show is always like:
    1) you did these things great…
    2) here is something you can work on…
    3) btw- your scenario is extremely unlikely to happen

  38. Dan Cooper says:

    Of course the radical left mainstream media will do it’s best to make preppers look like idiots. You expected any different? Tsk, tsk, tsk.

  39. georgeislearning says:

    I saw I think the first episode wehre the somewhat out of shape girl was going to hike some crazy distance out of a major city to her bug out vehical and then was going to head to Mexico. I laughed and haven’t watched it since.

  40. MD,

  41. MD,
    The people profiled on Doomsday Preppers are chosen to get ratings, the more outragous,outlandish the better. Then they have ‘their’ experts rate them to prove that they’re wacky.It’s a way to poke fun and inform,bad pub is better than no pub.The featured preppers lose all OPSEC but the do get the message out.
    All the mainstream sheeple laugh at them but they’ll be at the door when something happens asking for help.

  42. Rob in Ontario says:

    I agree it protrays preppers as nutjobs– but as some here say its what got them thinking and started then its a great show as more that prep are less we have to worry about later, I know up here in northern Onatrio when my grandparents were alive you had to stock up on food as the winters were long and hard , thats just how it was- its crazy to think we lost 10,000 years of survival knowledge in 2 generations.

  43. A few observations:

    First we don’t know who applied to be on the show and we don’t know who wasn’t accepted. I know there are a lot of smarter folks out there who prep. A few of them may have applied and been rejected but it could also be that the folks on the show are actually the best of the applicants. That’s probably not the case. As some above have commented. Nat Geo isn’t looking to educate the masses. They’re looking to entertain.

    I’ve read a couple of blogs of participants who felt the editing was intended to make them look dumb. That’s probably true. In fairness to the show, these people may have believed they were being incredibly poised and cool while they were being recorded but it may have come off on the video as dumb even without help from the editors. An old saying is “the worst thing you can do to a politician is to quote him accurately.” It’s probably doubly true for a non-media savvy prepper.

    One valuable thing I saw while watching the show was a couple of participants (in different segments) who were completely unable to accept any criticism of their preps. I think one was former US Army. They had good ideas but they became visibly upset when the assessment of their set-up was less than perfect. To my mind, these would be incredibly dangerous people to partner with. They couldn’t conceive that there was any problem they hadn’t thought of and already fixed. Arrogance and complacency are killers.

  44. ozhillbilly says:

    It appears I voted with the majority. I believe that National Geographic, which I understand is the host of Doomsday Preppers, has an agenda to portray preppers as a little out there. I guess it is just a coincidence that I happened to watch all of the episodes that are available on YouTube just last week. This included all of season one and six episodes of season two. My experience is it’s hard enough to get folks to listen and understand our point of view and thinking on this subject. We don’t need the media and National Geographic showing folks that may not truly represent the average prepper.

    I have some bad news. My wife has decided that we don’t need my guns around anymore. She insisted I take them to the gun show this weekend and get rid of them. All of them! Course, with no more weapons I don’t need the ammo I have so that went too. It was quite a sight seeing a grown man crying like a baby as he honored his wife’s wishes. Everything sold fast and everyone seemed very happy with their purchases. I guess I should consider myself fortunate as I was able to sell my weapons and didn’t lose them from my fishing boat. My sympathies go to the fellow that posted the misfortune of such an event last week.

  45. Tactical G-Ma says:

    You are better off without the guns. After all, you never know when you might just push your wife over the edge. Peace.

  46. I found a video of a British version called Surviving Armageddon. It doesn’t make their preppers out to be crazy and instead shows them as quite intelligent. I wish Doomsday Preppers was more like that. Here is a youtube link to watch it if you are interested.

  47. Desert Girl says:

    The show does feature some pretty extreme people, but that’s just for ratings. I will say that by watching it, it did get my VERY practical sister and brother-in-law to start thinking about “what if’s”…which then got them interested in prepping for more realistic scenarios. I think the more people who come to prepping, the better because in a SHTF situation, the more families that are prepared and at least generally self-reliant, the less panic and chaos and potential violence there will be and this will be better for everyone in the long run.

    • The shows are certainly scripted for ratings . But if you look throught the hype and look at the background surroundings it does have some good merits . I do find some of these fokes who are spending all their time and money on these fortified complex structures not very up to speed on what a simple unmanned but armed drone will do to them if Government deems them a threat. IMO the smallest footprint left on the land the better. But that’s just me.

  48. i believe the preppers are good ,hardworking and truly believe in thier View points strongly…and it seems to me the Experts and also the way the camera crew shows our brother & sisters make them look kooky…as For my Family group there are many things the show offers to help us with our prepping…..and Like our Brothers & Sisters, we are prepping in the best way we can with our small budget….But Time will be Our judge with our prepping..Good or Not Good enough…But still Better than Others..!

  49. Schametti says:

    I’m going to have to vote yes. NOT because I think they’re not all Bat-Shit crazy, lol.. but because.. *Confession Time* If it hadn’t been for me stumbling across Doomsday Preppers, then watching it obsessively, then doing some research, then looking for similar shows.. (like Unsealed: Conspiracy Files, Countdown to Apocalypse, Etc), then doing MORE research.. I never would have thought to myself.. “Holy Shit, the world is in big big trouble, I think I better start planning now, for hard(er) times.” So I attribute my new lifestyle, originally, to this show.. and meeting you guys. 🙂 I will never be a Prepper Extremist, but it definitely got me started.

  50. I watch it just to see what others are doing. Some of them may seem crazy, but they do have decent ideas and preps. I take the new ideas (like defending myself with a lollipop) and dump the rest.

  51. The show occasionally has good ideas but the preppers are extreme and chosen to be extreme for the shows publicity. I think people know that with all the reality shows out there.

  52. Lurker Judith says:

    I mostly have fun watching the show, but disagree with a lot of their evaluations. There is no perfect way to prepare for all the different disaster scenarios that could come our way. Some of the people like the Tsunami family are sadly not going to make it. But, on the other hand,
    that Yuppie Apache Indian can join my clan anytime he wants. It is not that easy to hunt rabbits with a bow and if that was real he wouldn’t go hungry in my area. My evaluation of his wife however, leaves a lot to be desired. She would either shape up or ship out.
    Mostly I agree it makes the Prepper community look like idiots and anyone serious about survival would not violate Opsec.

  53. I like the shows for new ideas I see once in a while, but overall the characters look like they come from Central Casting or the Homeland Security disaster actors.

  54. The preppers on the show are made to look like morons. (some are) I do enjoy the show, I just wish that the shows producers would quit trying to make the preppers look like dummies. They should have more how to segments on the show. I guess that is what YouTube is for. If the show helps to create more preppers then it can’t be all bad.

  55. I’m new to the neighborhood. I watch preppers and usually either learn something or it gives me something to think about or even learn more about. Anyone with a brain knows they highlight the extreme for a “good” show, so I take a lot with a grain of salt. I have gotten others to watch, telling them to focus on what can they learn that will teach or motivate them. There isn’t a lot of easy information out there. So a show that can get you to think and look for more answers might help some people. And if its a little over the top people might watch and pay attention long enough to learn something!

  56. AntiZombie says:

    Does anyone know how much these folks get paid to be preppers on the show?

  57. I was looking forward to this show when I heard it was in production. I don’t think they producers intentionally present preppers in a bad light but there is work to be done to balance the presentation. It could be that much of the presentation done in post production looks for shockers in order to gain an audience. I can’t say that I found any useful tips. Most of the people seem to have access to resources that most us do not. If we are to be seen in a positive light, maybe it is better not to draw attention to ourselves; rather to speak softly and keep a hidden but formidable stick.

  58. Am I tell my friends, “If I am stuck only with people like the dooms day preppers just shoot me now.” I feel the show make preppers look like total idiot’s.. Which I know for a fact is not the case. JMO

  59. I DVR the show and was just watching an older episode and found a part that I found hilarious. I believe the scenatio was a global financial collapse. They said the “experts” thought there was only a 10% change of it happenning within the next 5 years and implied that that meant people should not be concerned.

    Ironically, I agree with the odds but not with their conclusion. A 10% chance of just 1 specific disaster is plenty of a reason to prep. Plus, if you add up the most realistic SHTF scenarios, there is plenty of room for alarm. Instead, the show manages to take realistic odds and draw the wrong conclusions from them

  60. I tell you guys, watch the British version. It is so much more intelligent and respectful to preppers. These folks are ordinary people who choose to provide for themselves and their families instead of waiting for government assistance. One interesting thing I did notice is that none of them had the stockpiles we have. When I was a kid living in Scotland I remember that they didn’t have the large size products like you see at Sam’s Club. And when you went into stores you didn’t see an entire row of pasta with 30 boxes of each variety on the shelf.

    One thing the British version did note was that some preppers didn’t want a film crew to see where they kept their stash–so they filmed their stashes themselves. I thought that was intelligent.

    Compared to the British show, the producers of the American show wanted to make preppers look like buffoons and extremists. The British version focuses on history as a guide for prepping (major calamities have befallen humanity in the past), and focuses on acquiring and practicing skills as a means of survival–they featured hunting with slingshots and bows, killing and skinning game, the need for a septic system and living off grid in the episode I watched.

  61. Hunker-Down says:

    I’m prepping for the singularity. I think it has already happened.

    Here’s the proof; Computers can consistently deal with two plus two and they all agree on the answer. Congress cant. The thousands of statisticians they hire cant.

    I always wear my bug out suit. My tinfoil hat has a Morse code clicker aided by a wind driven propeller. My faraday cage diapers are equipped with a 500 channel scanner and a two way ham radio so I can communicate with them using batches of ones and zeros. That way I will be perceived to be one of them.
    I always carry a bag of ice cubes so they cant use a heat seeking device to identify me as a human. I’m preped.

    This post was written by a computer.

  62. AntiZombie says:

    Channel cruising last night and came across DP. One of the participants was “channeling” the voice of a dead former house owner named Ruth. They bought a 52 room house that just happened to have 600 galons of grain, two 5000 gallon water storage tanks, and a line of solar panels. They were prepping for a meteor strike that Ruth told them was coming.

    You can’t make this up! And the question was “Is this good for prepping?” No wonder folks look at me funny when I say that I’m putting a few things back for a rainy day.

  63. Everyone needs to be doing some type of prepping. Start out with a basic 72 hour survival kit and then move on to a two week supply of food and water. In a real emergency no one is going to want to sit around and wait for the government to rescue you.

  64. Micah Shapiro says:

    What I really hated about the show was the way they made the preppers pick a specific emergency event they are preparing for, so right from the start you are led to believe they are a nut. “My name is ____, and I am preparing for a solar burst that will wipe us off the grid.” In reality, it’s highly degrading, as preppers try to prepare themselves for a number of events, any which could happen, with an economic collapse being the most likely. It’s almost like they did that so the audience laughs at how ridiculous their prediction is, and all the preparedness they are enduring for the one thing that likely won’t happen.

    I really didn’t appreciate how they framed that.

  65. Tactical G-Ma says:

    I wish we as a group had a name other than prepper. I have tried to prepare for any event, natural or not, that would interrupt my way of life for more than 6 hours. I have personally been through 3 events without public utilities and commerce that lasted for more than one week. I am not a survivalist, nor a doomsday prepper. Can someone come up with a better term or title for a person who, if necessary, can live without relying on others for the most basic needs and care?

    • Tactical G-Ma,

      You could refer to yourself by any term and if that term grew too popular use to where the media took noticed it would be demonized. That is what they have done to the term prepper, all the term prepper is, is an attempt by survivalists to be more politically correct. I’ve even had folk tell me that they were not survivalists but preppers, like the term survivalist was evil or different.

      If you plan and stockpile for a disaster then guess what you are a survivalist / prepper. I am what I am and I’m not going to try to be “politically correct” about it – I’m a survivalist and the media and political correctness can kiss my white butt…

      Definition of Survivalist : a person who advocates or practices survivalism; especially : one who has prepared to survive in the anarchy of an anticipated breakdown of society.

      From Merriam-Webster dictionary

      Now haw is that bad or any different from being a prepper?

      • Tactical G-Ma says:

        I do wish I could talk about my interests with friends and family without being thought of as mentally touched.

    • Hunker-Down says:

      Tactical G-Ma,

      Pardon the sophomoric response, but living in a north state, I start climbing the walls in late January. How about:
      catastrophologist (dont do too far with this one)

      Oh crap, I cant say any of those words without spitting and my spell checker is getting a headache. Prepper sounds good to me.

    • I guess I would name your situation as a “Rare n Beautiful resourceful
      You have to be very proud of your accomplishments .

      • Tactical G-Ma says:

        You know me soooo well. Heehee!

        And HD,
        You definitely have too much time on your hands! Are those real words?

  66. I noticed there are three generations of preppers.
    — First Generation: Preppers preparing for temporary and immediate emergencies. They prepare for a loss of power for at least one (1) day, have a rotating food supply for 30 days, and have immediate and first aid supplies. The “First Gen” are informed and have taken action in the ten foundational areas: food, water, shelter/housing/sleep, medical/first aid, light/power/heat, communication, transportation, security, training, and networking. This group is open to training and the community. Most rural/country folk already fulfill this description. Read the story: The Red Hen.
    — Second Generation: Preppers planning for the distance. An extension of the First Gen, they have expanded and are more specialized in networking; they are prepared for several months. Read: The Ant and The Grasshopper.
    — Third Generation: These are the extreme that want complete independence and isolation. They are planning to go the distance alone or with their selected few. This “Third Generation” often pose a danger to themselves and others. Leave them alone. Read: Chicken Little: the sky is falling.

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      Gary Rose,
      I think there are more like 20+ stages of preppers. But IMO, the groups that already live in compounds and cater to only one religious tenet and one world view do disturb me and cannot be considered preppers.

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