Friday Poll : Is “Doomsday Preppers” good publicity?

Is Doomsday Preppers good publicity?

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  1. The show occasionally has good ideas but the preppers are extreme and chosen to be extreme for the shows publicity. I think people know that with all the reality shows out there.

  2. Lurker Judith says:

    I mostly have fun watching the show, but disagree with a lot of their evaluations. There is no perfect way to prepare for all the different disaster scenarios that could come our way. Some of the people like the Tsunami family are sadly not going to make it. But, on the other hand,
    that Yuppie Apache Indian can join my clan anytime he wants. It is not that easy to hunt rabbits with a bow and if that was real he wouldn’t go hungry in my area. My evaluation of his wife however, leaves a lot to be desired. She would either shape up or ship out.
    Mostly I agree it makes the Prepper community look like idiots and anyone serious about survival would not violate Opsec.

  3. I like the shows for new ideas I see once in a while, but overall the characters look like they come from Central Casting or the Homeland Security disaster actors.

  4. The preppers on the show are made to look like morons. (some are) I do enjoy the show, I just wish that the shows producers would quit trying to make the preppers look like dummies. They should have more how to segments on the show. I guess that is what YouTube is for. If the show helps to create more preppers then it can’t be all bad.

  5. I’m new to the neighborhood. I watch preppers and usually either learn something or it gives me something to think about or even learn more about. Anyone with a brain knows they highlight the extreme for a “good” show, so I take a lot with a grain of salt. I have gotten others to watch, telling them to focus on what can they learn that will teach or motivate them. There isn’t a lot of easy information out there. So a show that can get you to think and look for more answers might help some people. And if its a little over the top people might watch and pay attention long enough to learn something!

  6. AntiZombie says:

    Does anyone know how much these folks get paid to be preppers on the show?

  7. I was looking forward to this show when I heard it was in production. I don’t think they producers intentionally present preppers in a bad light but there is work to be done to balance the presentation. It could be that much of the presentation done in post production looks for shockers in order to gain an audience. I can’t say that I found any useful tips. Most of the people seem to have access to resources that most us do not. If we are to be seen in a positive light, maybe it is better not to draw attention to ourselves; rather to speak softly and keep a hidden but formidable stick.

  8. Am I tell my friends, “If I am stuck only with people like the dooms day preppers just shoot me now.” I feel the show make preppers look like total idiot’s.. Which I know for a fact is not the case. JMO

  9. I DVR the show and was just watching an older episode and found a part that I found hilarious. I believe the scenatio was a global financial collapse. They said the “experts” thought there was only a 10% change of it happenning within the next 5 years and implied that that meant people should not be concerned.

    Ironically, I agree with the odds but not with their conclusion. A 10% chance of just 1 specific disaster is plenty of a reason to prep. Plus, if you add up the most realistic SHTF scenarios, there is plenty of room for alarm. Instead, the show manages to take realistic odds and draw the wrong conclusions from them

  10. I tell you guys, watch the British version. It is so much more intelligent and respectful to preppers. These folks are ordinary people who choose to provide for themselves and their families instead of waiting for government assistance. One interesting thing I did notice is that none of them had the stockpiles we have. When I was a kid living in Scotland I remember that they didn’t have the large size products like you see at Sam’s Club. And when you went into stores you didn’t see an entire row of pasta with 30 boxes of each variety on the shelf.

    One thing the British version did note was that some preppers didn’t want a film crew to see where they kept their stash–so they filmed their stashes themselves. I thought that was intelligent.

    Compared to the British show, the producers of the American show wanted to make preppers look like buffoons and extremists. The British version focuses on history as a guide for prepping (major calamities have befallen humanity in the past), and focuses on acquiring and practicing skills as a means of survival–they featured hunting with slingshots and bows, killing and skinning game, the need for a septic system and living off grid in the episode I watched.

  11. Hunker-Down says:

    I’m prepping for the singularity. I think it has already happened.

    Here’s the proof; Computers can consistently deal with two plus two and they all agree on the answer. Congress cant. The thousands of statisticians they hire cant.

    I always wear my bug out suit. My tinfoil hat has a Morse code clicker aided by a wind driven propeller. My faraday cage diapers are equipped with a 500 channel scanner and a two way ham radio so I can communicate with them using batches of ones and zeros. That way I will be perceived to be one of them.
    I always carry a bag of ice cubes so they cant use a heat seeking device to identify me as a human. I’m preped.

    This post was written by a computer.

  12. AntiZombie says:

    Channel cruising last night and came across DP. One of the participants was “channeling” the voice of a dead former house owner named Ruth. They bought a 52 room house that just happened to have 600 galons of grain, two 5000 gallon water storage tanks, and a line of solar panels. They were prepping for a meteor strike that Ruth told them was coming.

    You can’t make this up! And the question was “Is this good for prepping?” No wonder folks look at me funny when I say that I’m putting a few things back for a rainy day.

  13. Everyone needs to be doing some type of prepping. Start out with a basic 72 hour survival kit and then move on to a two week supply of food and water. In a real emergency no one is going to want to sit around and wait for the government to rescue you.

  14. Micah Shapiro says:

    What I really hated about the show was the way they made the preppers pick a specific emergency event they are preparing for, so right from the start you are led to believe they are a nut. “My name is ____, and I am preparing for a solar burst that will wipe us off the grid.” In reality, it’s highly degrading, as preppers try to prepare themselves for a number of events, any which could happen, with an economic collapse being the most likely. It’s almost like they did that so the audience laughs at how ridiculous their prediction is, and all the preparedness they are enduring for the one thing that likely won’t happen.

    I really didn’t appreciate how they framed that.

  15. Tactical G-Ma says:

    I wish we as a group had a name other than prepper. I have tried to prepare for any event, natural or not, that would interrupt my way of life for more than 6 hours. I have personally been through 3 events without public utilities and commerce that lasted for more than one week. I am not a survivalist, nor a doomsday prepper. Can someone come up with a better term or title for a person who, if necessary, can live without relying on others for the most basic needs and care?

    • Tactical G-Ma,

      You could refer to yourself by any term and if that term grew too popular use to where the media took noticed it would be demonized. That is what they have done to the term prepper, all the term prepper is, is an attempt by survivalists to be more politically correct. I’ve even had folk tell me that they were not survivalists but preppers, like the term survivalist was evil or different.

      If you plan and stockpile for a disaster then guess what you are a survivalist / prepper. I am what I am and I’m not going to try to be “politically correct” about it – I’m a survivalist and the media and political correctness can kiss my white butt…

      Definition of Survivalist : a person who advocates or practices survivalism; especially : one who has prepared to survive in the anarchy of an anticipated breakdown of society.

      From Merriam-Webster dictionary

      Now haw is that bad or any different from being a prepper?

      • Tactical G-Ma says:

        I do wish I could talk about my interests with friends and family without being thought of as mentally touched.

    • Hunker-Down says:

      Tactical G-Ma,

      Pardon the sophomoric response, but living in a north state, I start climbing the walls in late January. How about:
      catastrophologist (dont do too far with this one)

      Oh crap, I cant say any of those words without spitting and my spell checker is getting a headache. Prepper sounds good to me.

    • I guess I would name your situation as a “Rare n Beautiful resourceful
      You have to be very proud of your accomplishments .

      • Tactical G-Ma says:

        You know me soooo well. Heehee!

        And HD,
        You definitely have too much time on your hands! Are those real words?

  16. I noticed there are three generations of preppers.
    — First Generation: Preppers preparing for temporary and immediate emergencies. They prepare for a loss of power for at least one (1) day, have a rotating food supply for 30 days, and have immediate and first aid supplies. The “First Gen” are informed and have taken action in the ten foundational areas: food, water, shelter/housing/sleep, medical/first aid, light/power/heat, communication, transportation, security, training, and networking. This group is open to training and the community. Most rural/country folk already fulfill this description. Read the story: The Red Hen.
    — Second Generation: Preppers planning for the distance. An extension of the First Gen, they have expanded and are more specialized in networking; they are prepared for several months. Read: The Ant and The Grasshopper.
    — Third Generation: These are the extreme that want complete independence and isolation. They are planning to go the distance alone or with their selected few. This “Third Generation” often pose a danger to themselves and others. Leave them alone. Read: Chicken Little: the sky is falling.

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      Gary Rose,
      I think there are more like 20+ stages of preppers. But IMO, the groups that already live in compounds and cater to only one religious tenet and one world view do disturb me and cannot be considered preppers.