Friday Poll : What is the longest time that you’ve gone without food?

What is the longest time that you've gone without food?

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What did you learn from your lack of food intake…? Could go for several days without food?


  1. HomeINsteader says:

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    Friday, 25 Jan 2013

    George Soros, one of the most outspoken critics of Germany’s proposed austerity policies to solve the European debt crisis, said the euro is here to stay and will gain as other nations seek to devalue their currencies.

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  2. In SERE school my class decided not to wipe thier feet on the American flag and sign a statement that renounced our American citizenship to get a bowl of rice with sardine pieces. Our class lasted three days until finally all of us decided that food>pride.

  3. Ugh …………bad crab dip caused me and the whole family to be down and out. I didn’t touch food until the fourth day, good way to loose weight though. 17lbs down in the course of the week before I started to gain it back.

    I drank more water than a fish i swear.

  4. James from Iowa says:

    It wasn’t by choice really, but I once went w/o food for 4 days. I think it might have been food poisoning that made me sick as all get out – weird thing, a couple days into it, even the thought of food turned me off. And hunger pangs subsided almost completely. I did manage to keep down water, thank goodness.

  5. I once decided to try and see how long I could go. I did four days on just water, then two more adding plain old fruit juice, but then I was starting to feel like my thinking wasn’t clear and I was shaking starting IVs at work, so I stopped. If I wasn’t working, I think I could have gone twice as long. This was years before I ever had any serious thoughts about preparing for significant disaster, but I think if something happened, it’s nice to know that I can tolerate foodlessness for a fair piece…if I HAD to. I did take a multivitamin every day though.

  6. I am a Pastor and I fast often. I have twice did 40 day fast and just finished one this past July of 40 days. When I do these fast I drink all the water I want and 3 12 oz. glasses of juice a day. During the last 8-10 days I don’t even want the juice just the water. I often do 3-10 day fast. Going without food is not hard after the first week and it is good for you so people can make it in a survival situation if they have to go a few days without any or much food as long as they have water.

    I am a survivalist and have taught this in my church for many years especially since 9-11-2001. I teach–get out of debt, have at least a years supply of food and water, medical supplies, method of defense, method of heating your home or bug out location, get out of cities, bug out location, bug out supplies etc., etc.

    • Encourager says:

      Sure wish I could clone you Pastor John and spread you around to many of the churches around here. Or even just one church…sigh.

  7. HomeINsteader says:

    It’s unfortunate that more pastors won’t teach these things, John. In my church, the DH and I are the only ones teaching the subjects; yes, we get treated like pariahs by some, and embraced by others. Oh, if only all would see the writing on the wall…..