Friday Poll : What is the longest time that you’ve gone without food?

What is the longest time that you've gone without food?

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What did you learn from your lack of food intake…? Could go for several days without food?

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  1. Buuurr in Ohio says:

    I am one of those crazy black fasters. I used to attend a pentecostal church and needed some answers so I starved myself until I got them. It took about five days and at the end I was seeing things and walking in my sleep (which I was also not getting) but it works.

    • FemaleUrbanPrepper says:

      HA. I too used to attend a pentecostal church. Fasting was a common practice when faced with decision making. 3 days was the norm though many people fasted much longer.

      P.S. I no longer attend church and fasting is a thing of my past. However, I have many days where work is busy enough that I don’t eat until dinner. This means a good 20 hours sometimes if I don’t eat breakfast. Common reaction to this is headache (probably because I otherwise drink alot of water) and nausea. Both manageable.

  2. I do a 24hr fast once a week and don’t find it that much of a problem really. I do it for the health benefits it gives but also enjoy the peace of mind I get from knowing I can deal with a day without food if needed.

  3. I’m not sure if this counts, but I have gone three days without being able to keep any food down. The longest I have deliberately gone without food was 24 hours, which was at the recommendation of the emergency room doctor after a bout of food poisoning to prevent a relapse. Near the end I found my face on the grass after having stumbled for no apparent reason.

  4. Never really thought about it. The main thing I learned is never have a surgery planned that requires me to fast for 24 hrs!
    Seriously it showed me how I am so use to having everthing I want, when I want it. The typical American. I don’t even try to diet because, well, I don’t want to. Man, I have to store a lot more rations!

  5. Backwoods Prepper says:

    Well this is right on time. I am 5 days off of a seven day fast. It is something me and the wife do on a regular bases. We watched the movie Fat Sick and nearly Dead over a year ago, Even though we are in pretty good physical shape we always lose a little weight and gives our digestive organs a break. Besides if I have to go into a SHTF situation I wanna go into it a little heavy to cope with lean times. I expect a prepper that is over weight to ration their food and trim down pretty quickly. Lets face it if you are not losing weight somebody will be wondering why and where are you hiding the food.

    • Buuurr in Ohio says:

      This is so true. Me and my wife do a similar thing to what you do except we just cut out meat for three days or so for a couple times a month. It really helps wake you up and is great for cutting calories with any insane or fad-ful diet.

  6. I went four days without eating. Stranded and broke. I slept in my truck. I ate very little food for the next 5 days. It was painful.
    I don’t go any where without food, water and supplies anymore.

  7. When I was younger, I did a large number of fasts for religious reasons. These were of various lengths where all I consumed was water. I have done countless fasts of 1 to 5 days. I have done many of 7 to 10 days. I have done three 21-day fasts, one 30-day fast, and three 40-day fasts.

    I have never had any unusual experiences like a previous commentor mentioned (seeing things). But I scoff when I hear news reports of people lost in the wilderness for three days and survived by eating two candy bars and some tree bark. It is no big deal to survive many days without food.

    The first several days can be miserable. The body is detoxing and you feel like crap. I find that drinking distilled water during the first few days helps tremendously. In addition, you are constantly thinking about food. There is some physical weakness during this time but I have continued normal life uninterrupted, including physical tasks. In my experience, after this I moved into a period of time where there was a overriding sense of peace, calm and well-being. This can last for weeks. It is mentally addicting. As time goes on the mental desire for food decreases. Physical abilities are degraded in the sense that you feel you no longer have the energy to tackle heavy tasks. But I found that if I had to do something physically demanding, I was still able to do so. It was just the motivation to want to do it was lacking. But I was never in a survival situation where getting something done was a matter of life or death.

    In a survival situation, it is nice to know that you can still operate without food. However, this is a short-term issue. If your situation lasted for months or years and demanded a lot of physical work such as cutting wood, growing or raising food, etc., you will need to eat. I have been able to conduct my fasts because I have a desk job where the physical demands on me are minor.

    • Buuurr in Ohio says:

      I assume you were talking about me when you mention ‘seeing things’. The type of fast I was doing when I was seeing things is called a black fast – no food, no water, no sleep. You just pray and go about regular things you would do on a Sunday – no work. Just praying and keeping your life together stuff.

      Body detoxifying is the hardest part of it, by far. Those few days all you can think of is food (at least for me) and how to cook it best. Once you are past that it is all gravy with a normal fast. You do lose a lot of muscle mass at the start but I am always surprised at how much you can really do despite the lack of food.

      I’ve found myself laughing at survival shows where all the person does is complain about having no food or water when all they have down is jump out of a helicopter onto the ground at that point. Sometimes I wonder how much of surviving is actually in your head and if those you have chosen to live your life with are capable mentally as far as they are physically. I don’t think many people have actually tried to test themselves to their physical limits. I think many stop once it gets hard (mental).

  8. Rob in Ontario says:

    I usually just eat one meal a day – and sometimes forget that one- I know some people that can’t go more then a few hours witout eating and becoming (ill) — I think its good to train your body not to depend on having a meal every 8 hours or so

  9. Mystery Guest says:

    Well if you have a kink in your gut eating isn’t what it should be. Food came out both ends and it wasn’t pretty. I went from a nice 198 to 116 in no time flat. Finally got a doctor to find out what was wrong and had surgery. You’d think a feller could eat then. No they had a tube in me and sucked slobber and everything else out of my stomach. I scared on nurse as I was allowed to suck on hard candy and I sucked on a lot of that cinnamon candy and she thought I was bleeding.The only thing keeping me going was an IV.
    When I got out of the hospital I was weak, but went to the grocery store. Yahoooooo.
    Growing up I never really starved. But we did go without a few meals. One time we were real hard up. My sister worked in the berries and made a scant amount of money. Mom sent her to the corner grocer and had her get some ballard bisquits and a bag of caramels (sp). Mom would give us so many pieces of the candy to eat. We had bisquits and water gravy for dinner.
    When I was in the 8th grade I would walk home for lunch and drink water and then go back to school. Years later I told mom that was stupid I wasted all that energy walking home when I could have drank water at school. But that was relieved when my boyfriend worked in the potato’s and he got 100 lbs of cull potato’s and brought to us. Mom would plug in the deep fryer, peel A potato and I would cut it up for french fries and have that for lunch.
    I have never voluntarily not eat. Maybe I didn’t eat a meal but would eat something. I would like to say this as long as you have bread and beans and maybe potato’s you will make it.
    I couldn’t vote as nothing fit my eating habits.

    • Sw't Tater says:

      I too went thru the twisted gut thing…no water, no food, suctions @both ends., IV”s for dehydration….and you were right MG, it wasn’t pretty! When my gut untwisted the huger returned.and those mac nuggets my brother brought me were wonderful for supper and breakfast!

  10. I do 24 hour fasts a few times a year. I spend as much time in prayer as possible while fasting. I tried a 3 day fast once but starting feeling lightheaded at the end of the second day.

  11. My husband and I fast together regularly, except for when I’m pregnant or in the first 6 months of nursing. We do a 10 day to two week fast at least once a year for different things, and after day 3, you really don’t get that hungry anymore. Then at two weeks, it starts to get rough again. I have friends who have done 40 day fasts, and I’d love to try that.

  12. While in a Navy EOD command I was sent to Exersize Chilli Willi in Maine in Feb. Before we could participate in the exercise we had to go through Cold Weather Survival School in the mountains of Maine.
    There were six men in our group. We hiked 5 miles through knee deep snow wearing snowshoes. The first night was so cold that it took a long time to build a fire and when we got it going a small bird landed on the ground next to me. It got up on it’s wing and tail tips and sat there getting warm with us for about 10 minutes.
    When we got to our bivouac area we were met by two men who had two bunnies and 5 pounds of raw veggies to last us all for 5 days. We did the 5 mile hike every day and survived on what we had been given.
    We would sit around our camp fire and day dream about the pizza and beer we were gonna consume when we got back to the ‘world’.
    Well, when we got back we went to the local pizzaria and ordered the biggest, thickest, juiciest pizza the place had to offer. Then we ordered a few pitchers of the sudsy, golden brew of the gods. I think we each could get down a glass of beer and one slice. Our stomachs had shrank to adjust for the smaller meals we had been having. Then we understood the chuckle guy behind the counter gave us when we ordered. Good times!!

    • That exact thing happened to me when I went to SERE school! A week in the woods of Maine with one MRE and a dollop of “wabbit” stew. Stupid me, upon returning to Brunswick, ordered a huge appetizer sampler at applebees and a huge beer to wash it down. Yeah… that didn’t go to well in my favor… It was still fun tromping around the woods and getting paid to do it. Go Navy!

  13. 1. I have been in a situation where we were stranded without food. It was only about 22 hours, but my vehicle broke down. Turns out we were only 45 minutes from camp, but my “leaders” didn’t take the time to get us back to camp. We had 18″ of snow around us, and with no generators, no heat. (They did come and get our generators, nice of them.) To say I was not pleasant when I found out how close we were would be quite and understatement. Took steps to insure that all my vehicles had emergency rations on them from that time on.

    2. As a kid, we had some rough times. With commissioned sales cash flow can be an issue. We had a period of low income mixed with extra, unforeseen expenses. I was not unfed, but underfed, and remember quitely being hungry (as was everyone else). We made it through that. We didn’t let anyone know of our “issues”, pride in being able to provide for our family brought my parents closer together. We had discussions, but I don’t remember any fights.

    Both of these incidents made me the prepper I am today. At one point I learned that stuff happens, and you do your best. If you make poor decisions you learn from it and move on. The other was I will not put my future in someone else hands. I will insure those I’m responsible for are warm and fed, even if they are “responsible” for making it happen, I learned that many don’t have the same idea of leadership responsibilities that I do.

  14. When I was young, fasting was a weight control thing. I would fast for several days at a time to keep from gaining weight. Of course as soon as I ate again I regained. Anyway, I throughly wrecked my metabolism. Now I think I could gain weight on a tablespoon of rice per day!!!

  15. I learned that fasting and hypoglycemia don’t seem to fit well together. Protein is your friend.

  16. the worst 20 min. of my life.

  17. I once had some skin cancer removed and couldn’t eat anything after noon the day before the surgery. That’s the longest I have ever been without food. As a kid, we were very poor at one point and all we had for dinner was stuff from the garden–very little meat. We were all very thin back then. I have no desire to starve myself or fast. I prep so I will (hopefully) never go hungry again. I prep so that I can help out those who really need a bag of groceries.

    • HomeINsteader says:

      We also were very poor as children, Bam Bam. We did go to bed hungry, quite often. I’m with you – as long as the Lord provides food, I will enjoy it!

  18. riverrider says:

    unless i have to fast for a doctor appointment, never. thats why i prep.

    • riverrider says:

      i take that back. i remember one of my first 3 day ftx’s where the…directionally challenged…cooks couldn’t find the chow link-up point. after that we carried our own chow, called poagybait, with us no matter what. we had to eat our poagybait often too, darn cooks never learned to read a map. to this day i carry it, and ever i meet a cook i have to resist the urge to kick them in the nads.

      • robert in mid michigan says:

        butt pack crammed with poagy bait fed my squad for three days and had some left. survival school they told me i could only take what i would normally carry 3 squares and i argued i didnt head to the mess hall with that little. what would you do if your chopper went down you would have nothing, my reply riffle, bullets, ass pack are always on me in the field. still had to make it with the three meals, no arguewing with the military.

        longest i have ever gone was three days close to four korea bad weather no cooks and well i have never been hungry since i still carry my web gear in the vehicle never want to be hungry again i get cranky,

  19. Back in 1967,1968, and part of 1969, our stepmother made myself and younger brother go without food or water from anywhere from one and a half, weeks to as much as three weeks without food or water.

  20. Texanadian says:

    I eat because my body says I am hungry, which it doesn’t do often. TW often asks when the last time I ate was and it is frequently a day or two. Due to the work I used to do I was common to go two or three days without food while doing physical exertion. Just got used to not eating. Even now I usually only eat one meal a day if I happen to think about it. TW is a great cook and makes dinner every night. I either get home late and am not hungry or it may be the only meal I eat. Did not want y’all to think TW doesn’t look after me. : )

  21. j.r. guerra in s. tx. says:

    I did almost a full day without food, a planned out-patient procedure being delayed and delayed – I was ticked off.

    Many years before that, when I was young, I did the ‘live off the land’ effort when deer hunting, taking a combination o/u firearm for small game. What I did not count on was a blue norther blowing in and putting every living thing underground – Not a single thing was stirring. Coming home, stomach rumbling, I used my desperation last ditch move – ate a can of dog food I kept in the truck for emergencies. Though it stank to high heaven, it was delicious! Don’t remember the brand, but it wasn’t ‘Road Warrier’ Dinky Dog, lol.

    And my coat was nice and shiny, lol.

    • sit j.r sit! good boy! if i wanted to be really mean i could yell squirel and see if you would take off running like my dogs do.

      • j.r. guerra in s. tx. says:

        Squirrel – where – where! 8^)

        • HomeINsteader says:

          You two are a hoot! Now, see, this is why you need to learn to eat the weeds! Know what wild edibles you can eat and you’ll never go hungry…well, maybe not.

    • livinglife says:

      its amazing what taste good after not eating for quite awhile. I ate an orange nut cake someone left on a DZ after 48n hours of no food. No idea how old it was but still sealed, any other time I would have stepped on it as they were nasty.

  22. Been without for up to a week, and like other guys, dreamed of pizza and beer. Had the same effect on me when I got it, too! Growing up there were some lean times, but there was always something that my Mom would come up with. The last few years I’ve been on active duty, so food wise things have been good, but for the few years before that there were more than a few missed meals so that the kids could eat. Like a lots of folks above, I also prep so that I never have to worry about that cycle again. It may not be gourmet, but we won’t go without either.

  23. John Allen says:

    Year and half ago I went 8 days without eating anything at all..period!! Letsjust say it was not my choice.People have no idea how diabled they will be after a week.watermelon was a great food to start the eating again process….noticed a month later that my nails had stopped growing.Threw up clear bile like battery acid night i tried to start putting food in.You are physiclly useless .I lost 30 pounds in 8 days…30lbs!!…245 to 210.Stock food for who knows what because it will be a reality chech when the store is closed in 1 day.Starve a 100,000 soldiers for 10 days and thay are DONE..think when you watch any type of WW2 footage of anybody starved.They are not doung much of anything or able to really argue about it.Trust me…youl are done

  24. 4 days – Climbing trip gone bad due to inexperience. poor planning, and sheer bad luck. The cramps hit on the 2rd day. Mental condition diminished significantly and I had to take a hard look at my life. I changed after that.

    Like Mama J and others here, I now never go anywhere without survival gear. Its also one of the reasons I got into prepping and survival training.

  25. Prepping Wife. says:

    I tried to do a cleansing fast with my husband for a week – I made it 5 days. All I learned was how mean I can get after 48 hours. It was horrible and I was mad every second.

  26. STEVE BONZAI says:

    For years I used to eat a big meal on Sunday, then eat on Tuesday. start out with vegies and fruits and later add meat. regular meals by the week end. You just decide not to eat on Monday and there is no need to eat.
    I did a six day fast, but it ended when a pretty lady invited me to spend the night- she had bacardi and was making pork chops.
    It was a revelation that you do not need to eat for long periods of time. I figure i can walk a long way in a week.
    After three days your carbs run out and you feel dizzy if you stand up quickly. It kept my weight down and never bothered my heavy work. Hardest part was explaining to folks that YOU ARE NOT STARVING WHEN YOU FAST FOR A FEW DAYS..

    • HomeINsteader says:

      I’m not pickin’ on you, SB, I see lots of posts of intentional food deprivation here – you’re just “the lucky one”, I suppose.

      I would just like to remind the pack that, unfortunately, you can wreck yourself like this. Blood sugars need to be kept level for optimum performance of the magnificent machine we call our “bodies”. I realize we sometimes don’t have control over food supply (been there; done that), but when we do, we need to eat small, regular meals throughout the day and keep those blood sugars level. This is particularly true as we age, but, young people – don’t think that what you do to your body today won’t “haunt” you as you age – many of us here can attest that it will! You may not feel the pain today, but you surely will soon enough.

      If you make a habit of NOT keeping those blood sugars level by eating THE RIGHT FOODS at THE RIGHT TIMES, at some point your organs scream out, “you win!”, and cease to function as they were designed to function. Your pancreas stops producing insulin in the right amounts at the right times; your liver stops detoxing your body, your brain stops functioning properly (none of us have cells to spare – come on now!) – that sort of thing.

      Now you have health issues that you may not be able to reverse under any circumstances. Just keep that in mind when deciding to “fast”, how to “fast”, how long, or whether to simply “skip meals” because you “look fat”, etc.

      IMHO, if you don’t have to skip meals, don’t. I’m not saying no one should ever do a fast for spiritual principles at all; I’m simply saying don’t make a habit of skipping meals, as long as the issue is not lack of food supply. And if it is, ask for help. At least for now, it’s still available, even if it isn’t our first choice.

      Not taking proper care of yourself now almost guarantees you’ll be the first to drop when SHTF – and then how will you protect your loved ones, or, even yourself? Another way to look at it, y’all.

      Take care of that magnificent machine; you may soon need to be at optimal performance!

      • HomeINsteader says:

        Adding: and don’t neglect plenty of good, CLEAN water – not citified municipal water with its toxins, fluoride, and other people’s nanoparticle drugs (which filters can not remove)….we have not consumed city water for 30+ years, even though we’ve paid for municipal water supply all those years (I don’t even like showering with it, but I do it, anyway). Bottled SPRING water from a trusted source, only. Not bottled city water run through a filter, but SPRING water, from a trusted source (in case you didn’t catch that the first time).

        We buy ours in stackable gallon bottles then build outdoor buildings with them – fill them with city water, mark the labels, stack and build. We have cheap outdoor buildings for greenhouses, storage, etc., AND a back-up emergency water supply; all in one!

        Much sickness today can be traced back to simple dehydration, believe it, or not. People are not drinking enough good, clean water every day to keep the body properly hydrated, properly “flushed” of toxins and infiltrators.

        Make this one simple change today and you’ll be healthier already!

  27. 10 days fast for church. lost 15 lbs

  28. I’ve gone 3 days on a fasting diet,restricted my workouts and drank alot of water.As long as you keep busy it’s not too bad. Also had the unpleasant experiance of stomach virus’ or food poisoning were I went 4 or 5 days by neccessity ’cause nothing would stay down if I tried to eat.Once I gave up and stopped eating anything it was ok.Got hungry but it wasn’t terrible.

  29. Back in the 70’s two friends and I decided to spend a week at a cabin on a spoil bank along the Intracoastal canal. This was a place we used frequently and it abounded in fish and shrimp. So in our youthful arrogance we disdained taking more than very minimal supplies as we would “catch what we eat”. Taught us a very important lesson as we ran out of snacks the middle of the second day. Couldn’t even push net any shrimp and didn’t catch a single fish in a location that had never failed to produce full limits and resumed not failing on subsequent trips. Wasn’t even any boat traffic to hail except barges that ignored us. Never gone on a road, hunting or fishing trip since without adequate food supplies…

  30. I fast for spiritual reasons from 24 hours once or twice a week to 3+ days when I feel called. I usually just have distilled water and feel sooooo refreshed my mind is clearer and my energy soars. Had started an extended fast last week but since my female time came found it a little challenging with me at home with 4 young ones. I was not nice to be around but other than that I think it can be a good discipline, especially to prepare for leaner times. I am striving to get the children to fast one day a week on water and one day all raw foods. I believe it can help them appreciate what they have and know they can go without if they must.


    • HomeINsteader says:

      Forcing a child to go without food for 24 hours may not be wise; their little bodies are still developing. You might be wise to consult your pediatrician (assuming you use one, of course) about this; if this is something YOU feel YOU must do, perhaps you could have them fast ONE meal? I’m trying to point out here that you are an adult, your children are not; do not try to treat your children as though they are adults, as though they should be able to function like or think like adults. They can not; they rely on you to look to their best interests.

      Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and a child should never have to go to bed on an empty stomach (and I realize fully that many do; been there, done that, too).

      Another approach might be what a pastor/friend once did: once a week, he and his entire family sat down to a bowl of white rice for dinner, and that was all. They ate, just not as well as they were accustomed to eating. The point? People all over the globe are glad to sit down to a bowl of white rice for a meal (by the way, there is very little nutritional value in white rice); we need to learn to appreciate what we have. Perhaps you could try that approach?

      It is my humble opinion that your intentions are good, but you may not be acting in the best interests of your children, inadvertently.

      I hope you will receive my suggestions in the spirit in which they are shared. Blessings,

      • HomeINsteader says:

        I should add that hungry children don’t think any more clearly or function any better than does a hungry adult.

  31. Just after leaving the Army I got a job that had both mental and physical activity. It was going to be 3 weeks before the first paycheck and there was only enough cash to pay the rent. There was gas in the car so that left food. There was just enough in the apartment to eat once a day and by the time payday came things had gotten rough. It was hard to focus when hungry.

  32. Judy, another one says:

    I was never hungry as a child. As an adult? I have made more than one stupid choice coupled with pride and have been hungry for extended periods. I promised myself afterwards I would do my best not to be caught in that situation again. So, today, any spare money is invested in keeping my pantry full and in several ways to cook said food.

    • HomeINsteader says:

      Our children have, on occasion, made fun of me for “food supply”; our children have never been hungry, either – not even as adults. And guess where the one who doesn’t still live with us does most of her “grocery shopping”? That’s right….Mom’s pantry! Yes, I do think it’s funny.

      • Judy, another one says:

        My pride would not allow me to go crying to my folks about being hungry. I was an adult, I got myself into that mess and I got myself out of that mess. I wasn’t about to admit I was hungry to any one; I was on a diet!

  33. livinglife says:

    During a SEAR course I went about 80 hours without eating, about 48 without drinking. The area we were to train in underwent a controlled burn…

  34. Our church just came off of the daniel fast, which consist of 21 days. Of course thats not 21 days without anything. It consist of fruits and veggies. I tryed to do the first 3 days without anything, which I have in the past but now with my medical conditions and meds I now take, it isn’t wise for me to go more than 24 hours. I know it can be done though if absolutely necessary. You get pass the hunger pains after awhile, and it gets easier.

  35. 26 days. I had a terrible addiction to food and I thought, hey, if Jesus could go 40 and he wasn’t fat, well I could do the same. I had the spare tire to fuel me and I actually felt pretty good after I got over cooking for my family and not eating it. My pastor ended up talking me into stopping but I know I could have done the whole 40 days.

    • HomeINsteader says:

      Your pastor was wise to talk you into stopping. It’s good that you listened.

      I’m sorry, Cindi – not to be unkind in any way, but, you are not Y’eshua/Jesus Christ, you are not The Messiah, you are not the Son of the Father, and you don’t have an unnumbered supply of angels at your beck and call.

      But it does sound like you were able to break that ‘food addiction” and for that, you deserve a, “WELL DONE!” and an ‘ATTAGIRL!”

  36. Rider of Rohan says:

    I believe fasting every once in a while is healthy, so I fast during religious seasons(Lent) a time or two per year. The longest I’ve ever gone without eating a single thing is 48 hrs, and I’ll admit I was hungry as a bear just out of hibernation.

  37. I went 40 days when my “food” was juice and consomme. The first 3 days were the most difficult but after that, there was really no problem. I felt really well. When I actually broke my fast after the 40 days, I found that, in addition to losing about 65 lbs., I was more spiritually keen and actually felt fine. I could have continued but for health reasons, etc. I stopped.

  38. ozhillbilly says:

    This question brought back some memories. Technically speaking I guess I’ve probably only gone about one day without food due to a surgical procedure. Having grown up almost dirt floor poor though, there were times in my youth that my sisters and I were lucky if we had a few slices of bread to share. I assure you that statement isn’t far from the truth. Back then folks didn’t have their hand out expecting others to take care of them. I guess you could say we had our pride. You all know what the story is today. At least 51% of the voters do anyway.

  39. Thanks to everyone for sharing. Some of your stories are terrifying. I have never been without food. Part luck, part fear. I have always made it a priority to have some supplies, long before I was a prepper because I was afraid of doing without, especially when things are tight. Even in college, I kept extra food on hand. When I wanted to spend on something frivolous, I would put it in the shopping cart and push it around the store for a while, then put it up and buy food instead. God bless you all and may you never have to do without again.

  40. Uncle Charlie says:

    I’ve been overweight since I was 8 years old. Maybe about 30 or so years ago when fasting was all the rage, I fasted (water only) for 2 weeks. Lost of lot of weight but of course gained it all back.

  41. When I was married to my first ex, he left me without food for three days, stuck out in the boonies in an old farmhouse, no phone, and no car.

    I drank a lot of water and coffee the first two days, and on the third day I was sitting in the grass and found pulling each blade carefully, I could extract the white stem and eat a mouse’s portion. Our daughter was 8 months old and had nothing but Coffeemate creamer for her bottle.

    When my ex came home late at night on the third day, I asked him for food being out for three days (with his girlfriend) and he didn’t bring any home. I scavenged through his car and found he ate a box of KFC and left the bones. I ate the bones I was so famished, and left his a– for good.

    • Oh Donna, I am so sorry. I cannot imagine how horrible that was for you. Not being able to care for my child is my worst nightmare.

    • HomeINsteader says:

      Good for you, Donna H (for dumping the chump). Do not worry, dear one…if he does not repent, if he does not find his peace through the Savior, he will be called to accountability on this act, and he will have no acceptable defense. It’s called “judgment day”, and we all have one (Hebrews 9:27).

      Have you been learning what wild edibles are available in your locale? I have been doing that, and enjoying it. I have also been learning about herbals/medicinals that grow wild in my city yard. Currently, I have mullein (lambs ear) in my front yard, even though it’s January. I’ve also recently pulled and eaten wild onion (man, did I have onion breath!) and wild garlic (tasty!). Yesterday, I even enjoyed some clover, but it recently underwent a light freeze, so, it wasn’t all that tasty. I live in Central MS, if you’re wondering.

      I was just thinking that had you known what was edible, and assuming it was not buried under ten feet of snow, you might have been able to sustain yourself and your babe with wild edibles. Just a thought.

      Be careful, though, about grabbing wild edibles from the sides of roads (public right-of-ways), railroad tracks, etc. These are sprayed several times a year with very toxic chemicals – don’t eat anything that grows wild within 30 feet of such.

      I trust that you and your babe are just fine today.

    • Donna, glad you dumped that jerk and I hope you never went hungry again.

      I had one of those idiots, too. For a few years, there were many times I went a couple of days w/o food just so I could feed the kids. Too poor to come up w/ $20 to be able to cash the food stamp check. The girlfriends? Oh, they seemed to be doing fine. But I did have to stomp one when she tried to grab my daughter and run off.

    • That really makes my blood boil. Any idiot can make a kid but being a man is about stepping up. It’s about sacrificing things you want for the betterment of the family. So many these days easily forgive some don juan’s transgressions but fail to see that it’s all of us who suffer. I’m a firm believer in paternity tests for single women who want to go on assistance. It’s time that these “dead beat dads” pay up. I bet once they are forced to pay for their indiscretions they will be a little less promiscuous. And if they can’t pay? Oh, it’s OK, there’s always a need for “volunteers” to pick up highway trash and clean sewers.

      By the way Donna H. I hope you took the SOB’s car and left him at the farmhouse with nothing but a swift kick where his brains were located

  42. Encourager says:

    As a child, many times we went hungry. My mother would bake bread, and then spread it with lard or Crisco and sprinkle it with sugar. She would serve it to us with “Pink Milk” which was powdered milk with red food dye and a little sugar stirred in. It made it special. It wasn’t until I was in grade school that I realized how poor we were. My Dad was out of work a lot (in the 1950’s) and was very prideful. I remember my parents fighting with Mom crying hysterically. That was always the day before they went out alone and came back with food from the government. My Dad’s pride was so bad that I think he would have let us starve rather than go get free food. When they came back with all that food, it was like Thanksgiving. Mom would cook and cook then we would stuff ourselves. I now understand that is where my fear of starving to death has come from. As an adult, it has led to obesity in my family, me included.

    For spiritual reasons, I have fasted 3 days, a week, and a 21 day fast. After the first horrible two or three days, there was such a peace and food didn’t bother me anymore. With the 21 day fast, we had water only for the first week, then diluted fruit juices for the next week and fruit juice, applesauce the last. We gradually added rice and broth and worked our way back into eating normally. One time my husband decided to skip the applesauce and juice and just started eating anything. He became very sick and could keep nothing down. You have to be careful and add a little at a time to your tummy!

  43. I used to to fast 24 hours every week. Clear liquids only. It felt good once I got used to it. I should do it again–for spiritual reasons, health reasons, weight reasons.
    At first, I’d eat a lot before I’d start the fast. Got to where I didn’t need to, just normal amounts. I craved healthier foods, too, before & after.
    Drinking lots of liquids is important here. Fasting causes a cleanse effect, water washes away the dumped toxins.

    I have fasted 24-48 hours due to unfortunate circumstances. This was misery for a stout ole gal that likes her chow, lol.

    • HomeINsteader says:

      You hit the nail on the head, pj – lots of the RIGHT KINDS of liquids are crucial if you are going to fast. Unfortunately, too often people don’t understand the importance of the amount and the kind of liquid they must consume during a fast.

  44. The longest I went without food was four days. This was 1978 and I was 19 years old.
    The reason was that I had read an account of the Irish famine that drove my father’s people over here. I simply needed to know if I was as tough as they were. My recommendation is, don’t do this kind of stuff unless its for 24 hours. Also drink lots of water.

  45. SERE, lol after two days they gave us a live chicken. I think we ate the feathers.

  46. Bob Barker says:

    3 weeks once, 2 weeks twice, single days many, many times

    If you’ve never even skipped a meal your body is going to whine and pout like a toddler but if you work up to it fasting is not as hard people make it out to be. A few days in a SHTF situation where shelter or safety are more important than getting your 3 squares? Yeah, no problem at all.

  47. Last February, I threw up and had diarrhea simultaneously for 50 hours–continually! I drank some water everytime, but it came up immediately. So, I drank more water. I had to drive myself to the ER an hour away. After a night in the ER, an MRI, a CAT scan, xrays, blood tests a needle for the dehydration in my arm for six hours, I drove back home and took a nap. I wanted gravy, so I hit KFC and took home a meal and extra tub of gravy.

    I am hypoglycemic, so I eat something every hour or two. I can barely make it from one meal to the next when I cannot control my own food intake.

  48. 96 hours little to no food or sleep [feb 24 – 28 1991 ] got to see a lot of sand and i got see kawait city. that was fun times. God bless semper fi Cowboy

  49. Thank you to all the service men on here who have practiced and served in adverse conditions.
    I’ve never HAD to go without food, in my childhood mom always had at least beans and cornbread. or corn bread and powdered milk, for breakfast for instance.

    once I went without food for two days for a fast for spiritual reasons, and once two days for a fast before cancer surgery. each time I was ok, with clear liquids but it was harder psychologically.


  50. HomeINsteader says:

    I see a few comments here suggesting that fasting now will help “condition” us for when SHTF. Perhaps it will. Or, perhaps we will just do what we have always done – just keep putting one foot in front of the other, and never miss a beat, for as long as we are able. It’s called “will to survive”, among other things.

    Guess we’ll find out soon enough.

  51. HomeINsteader says:

    Soros Warns of Currency War: ‘More Fireworks, More Volatility’

    Friday, 25 Jan 2013

    George Soros, one of the most outspoken critics of Germany’s proposed austerity policies to solve the European debt crisis, said the euro is here to stay and will gain as other nations seek to devalue their currencies.

    Soros, who made $1 billion shorting the British pound in 1992, said that while the causes of the euro crisis haven’t been solved, the acute phase of the turmoil is over.

    read the rest of the article here:

  52. In SERE school my class decided not to wipe thier feet on the American flag and sign a statement that renounced our American citizenship to get a bowl of rice with sardine pieces. Our class lasted three days until finally all of us decided that food>pride.

  53. Ugh …………bad crab dip caused me and the whole family to be down and out. I didn’t touch food until the fourth day, good way to loose weight though. 17lbs down in the course of the week before I started to gain it back.

    I drank more water than a fish i swear.

  54. James from Iowa says:

    It wasn’t by choice really, but I once went w/o food for 4 days. I think it might have been food poisoning that made me sick as all get out – weird thing, a couple days into it, even the thought of food turned me off. And hunger pangs subsided almost completely. I did manage to keep down water, thank goodness.

  55. I once decided to try and see how long I could go. I did four days on just water, then two more adding plain old fruit juice, but then I was starting to feel like my thinking wasn’t clear and I was shaking starting IVs at work, so I stopped. If I wasn’t working, I think I could have gone twice as long. This was years before I ever had any serious thoughts about preparing for significant disaster, but I think if something happened, it’s nice to know that I can tolerate foodlessness for a fair piece…if I HAD to. I did take a multivitamin every day though.

  56. I am a Pastor and I fast often. I have twice did 40 day fast and just finished one this past July of 40 days. When I do these fast I drink all the water I want and 3 12 oz. glasses of juice a day. During the last 8-10 days I don’t even want the juice just the water. I often do 3-10 day fast. Going without food is not hard after the first week and it is good for you so people can make it in a survival situation if they have to go a few days without any or much food as long as they have water.

    I am a survivalist and have taught this in my church for many years especially since 9-11-2001. I teach–get out of debt, have at least a years supply of food and water, medical supplies, method of defense, method of heating your home or bug out location, get out of cities, bug out location, bug out supplies etc., etc.

    • Encourager says:

      Sure wish I could clone you Pastor John and spread you around to many of the churches around here. Or even just one church…sigh.

  57. HomeINsteader says:

    It’s unfortunate that more pastors won’t teach these things, John. In my church, the DH and I are the only ones teaching the subjects; yes, we get treated like pariahs by some, and embraced by others. Oh, if only all would see the writing on the wall…..

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