Friday Poll: Do you believe the police will attempt to confiscate firearms if ordered to by Obama?

Friday Poll: Do you believe the police will attempt to confiscate firearms if ordered to by Obama?

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If police came to your home to take your guns what would you do?

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  1. Mystery Guest says:

    I should vote for the last one.
    But I have learned in this life anything is possible.
    I pray that those that think they are the chosen ones wake up and see that all is not right with what is going on and refuse to go against citizens.

  2. Survivor says:

    I believe we’ll have to defend our freedoms from some police. Others won’t go along with the order. Even others are so weak minded they’ll see what everyone else does and then follows the order.
    Keep your powder dry and your scalp secured!!

  3. Congress and the Supreme Court would never let this happen. And we the people would put so much pressure on Congress that they would have no choice but to impeach any President stupid enough to openly violate our Constitution.

    • BK in KC says:

      Like the SC would never let ObamaCare happen?

    • Steve S says:

      Sorry, but both Congress and the Supreme Court WOULD let this happen.

      How many years have “We the People” been applying pressure to Congress, and to what avail? Once the confiscation starts, it’ll be too late to apply any pressure.

      Both the current and prior President have openly violated the Constitution, and NOTHING has been done, or will be done, by Congress.

      The vast majority of members of both of the major political parties are already bought and paid for, and it’s not by “We the People.” The only thing they care about is their jobs.

    • I believe your wrong. Congress and the Supreme Court are bought and paid for.

      Let’s look at obummer care. The supreme court voted party lines… not what was constitutional. Now that the precedent is set…. the next thing we will see is us being forced to buy a new car every 3 years to stimulate the economy. Never mind those new cars are gonna be more and more like an ankle bracelet with their gps and black boxes

      From my dealings with congress they also don’t care about the people or what industry they destroy. The special interest groups want the reptile industry destroyed and congress is slowly helping them with that. Once they put four species on the Lacy Act (a felony to transport across state lines) I made the decision to sell my business. They either put a whole section of the industry out of business or turned them into felons. At that point I just couldn’t justify dropping 5 figures into my business each year in growth knowing they were hell bent on destroying it.

    • You ever hear of an executive order ? Congress and/or the courts did nothing when FDR rounded up the Japs in WWII, didn’t do anything when Lincoln curbed the press and through anyone in jail who opposed him, Nor when we slaughtered the Indians by Presidential orders,I could write a book about all the stuff the Pres. did w/o a whimper from congress or the courts

    • Patriot Dave says:

      you mean like they stopped the Japaneese internment? or how about Dred Scott, row v. wade, the Tx sodomy case, prayer in schools, and a host of other truly awful cases. One more judge appointed by O and he has the court for the next two generations.

    • Don’t be so sure! They have been going along with most of obummer so far.

    • Like they did at Waco? And Ruby Ridge? And New Orleans? And… no sense going on about it.
      This ‘congress’ is another brood of vipers hoodwinking those asleep.
      Argue with BHO? In your dreams, maybe.

    • * Like they didn’t take firearms from law-abiding citizens of Louisiana?
      * Like they didn’t KEEP the firearms from those law-abiding citizens of Louisiana even after a court ordered the return of the private property?
      * Like the police and children’s services in NJ didn’t try a warrantless search of a firearms instructor’s home when his son was shown with an AR style .22 rifle he received for his birthday on FaceBook?

      I’m not trying to be a stick in the mud, but you’ve got waaaay tooo much confidence in the police and judicial system for my tastes. Good luck with it!

    • It’s already happening in California weapons are being seized from ‘dangerous’ people that are known to have guns and got them legally, but have since violated new laws. Thanks to registration and background checks the enforcers know who to get and where they are. NY is up next .

    • The police in Boston showed us alot. Did any authorities stop them from violating people’s rights? Did anyone stop the Nazis from violating people’s rights? How ’bout the 50 million dead Chinese at the hands of Chairman Mao? Did they think it couldn’t happen to them?

      If it happens… it will come in the form of martial law, “for our own good”. King Obama has already given this some thought… and he has put hundreds of executive orders in place to make it easier. Don’t forget the 2700 armored vehicles and 1.6 billion bullets for DHS. They are arming an army inside our borders, with hollow points… which are not allowed to be used in war, according to the Geneva Convention.

    • worrisome says:

      Linda, I don’t know where you live but below is what is going on in Cali as of this day and there is nary a peep going on from the populace over it. They watch to see what the libtards in Cali will do and then begin to add it to their own agendas. Some of us here live in Cali but we are in such a minority our voices/votes mean nothing.

      Anti-Gun Legislation with Severe Ramifications Continues to Move in Sacramento

      Your state Legislators MUST hear your OPPOSITION to these anti-gun bills.

      This week has been hard for law-abiding gun owners in California. Several egregious anti-gun bills have passed their legislative chamber of origin.

      The fight to stop these bills is not over yet.

      Please continue to call AND e-mail your state legislators urging them to OPPOSE the anti-gun legislation below that will do nothing to reduce violent crime in California or prevent criminal access to or misuse of firearms. Contact information for your state legislators can be found here.

      Also, don’t forget to forward this alert to your family, friends and fellow gun owners in California, because this fight is going to take everyone’s help across California if the Second Amendment is going to survive!

      The following radical anti-gun bills with serious ramifications for law-abiding gun owners have passed in the state Senate and are awaiting committee assignment in the state Assembly:

      Senate Bill 47 (Yee) expands the definition of “assault weapons” to BAN the future sale of rifles that have been designed/sold and are equipped to use the “bullet button” or similar device, requires NEW “assault weapon” registration of ALL those semi-auto rifles that are currently possessed to retain legal possession in the future, and subjects these firearms to all other “assault weapons” restrictions. SB 47 passed in the state Senate by a 23 to 15 vote.

      Senate Bill 374 (Steinberg) expands the definition of “assault weapons” to BAN the future transfer of all semi-automatic rifles that accept detachable magazines (including those chambered for rimfire cartridges), requires NEW “assault weapon” registration, requires registration of ALL those semi-auto rifles that are currently possessed to retain legal possession in the future, and subjects these firearms to all other “assault weapon” restrictions. SB 374passed in the state Senate by a 23 to 15 vote.

      Senate Bill 396 (Hancock) BANS the POSSESSION of any magazine with a capacity to accept more than ten cartridges, including currently legally possessed “grandfathered large capacity” magazines. SB 396passed in the state Senate by a 25 to 14 vote.

      Senate Bill 53 (DeLeon) requires persons to buy an annual ammunition purchase permit, requires the registration and thumbprint of the purchaser for each ammunition purchase, and bans online and mail order sales of ammunition to Californians. SB 53 passed in the state Senate by a 23 to 15 vote.

      Senate Bill 108 (Yee) requires mandatory locked storage of firearms in a locked house regardless of whether anyone is present. SB 108 passed in the state Senate by a 21 to 17 vote.

      Senate Bill 293 (DeSaulnier) BANS the sale of conventional handguns, if the state Department of Justice approves the sale of “Owner Authorized – Smart” handgun technology. SB 293passed in the state Senate by a 22 to 14 vote.

      Senate Bill 299 (DeSaulnier) turns victims of firearm theft into criminals for failing to report the loss of their firearm within an arbitrarily allotted amount of time. SB 299 passed in the state Senate by a 24 to 15 vote.

      Senate Bill 567 (Jackson) expands the definition of shotgun for “short-barreled shotguns” that are illegal to own with a new definition so flawed it can include reclassify handguns shooting “Shot-shells” as shotguns. SB 567passed in the state Senate by a 22 to 15 vote.

      Senate Bill 683 (Block) expands the requirement for a firearms safety certificate from handguns to rifle purchases. SB 683passed in the state Senate by a 28 to 11 vote.

      Senate Bill 755 (Wolk) expands the list of persons prohibited from owning a firearm, including persons who have operated cars and boats while they are impaired commonly referred to as DUI. SB 755passed in the state Senate by a 25 to 12 vote.


      The following extreme anti-gun bills with serious ramifications for law-abiding gun owners have passed in the state Assembly and are awaiting committee assignment in the state Senate:

      Assembly Bill 48 (Skinner) BANS the sale of magazine parts kits that can hold more than ten cartridges, and requires mandatory reporting of law-abiding citizens who purchase more than 3,000 rounds of ammunition with a five-day period. AB 48 passed in the state Assembly by a 45 to 26 vote.

      Assembly Bill 169 (Dickinson) BANS the sale of handguns not on the state-approved roster. This would BAN the sale of millions of used handguns currently owned by Californians. AB 169 passed in the state Assembly by a 43 to 27 vote.

      Assembly Bill 180 (Bonta) repeals California’s firearm preemption law by granting Oakland an exemption to enact unique laws regarding possession, registration, licensing and subjecting gun owners to unknowing criminal liability when travelling through Oakland. AB 180 passed in the state Assembly by a 46 to 29 vote.

      Assembly Bill 231 (Ting) expands the law for Criminal Storage of Firearms and child access. AB 231 passed in the state Assembly by a 46 to 30 vote.

      Assembly Bill 711 (Rendon) BANS the use of all lead ammunition for hunting. AB 711 passed in the state Assembly by a 44 to 21 vote.

      You can write your representative here urging them to OPPOSE the anti-gun bills listed above. Please feel free to also copy and paste all the bill information to ensure your state legislators know which bills to OPPOSE.

      You can also send a letter to all elected officials in California here. Please feel free to copy and paste all the bill information above to ensure the elected officials of California know which bills to OPPOSE.

      Also, the following anti-gun legislation failed to receive a final vote in the state Assembly Appropriations Committee before its deadline, so it has been defeated for the year:

      Assembly Bill 187 (Bonta) imposes an additional ten percent sales tax on ammunition.

      Assembly Bill 760 (Dickinson) imposes an additional $.05 (five cents) sales tax PER ROUND of ammunition.

    • Henry Jones says:

      You do realize Nobama has openly violated the Constitution many times, and continues to do so, and Congress and the Supreme Court do nothing, right?

  4. worrisome says:

    I would hand them over with a smile……………because what I would hand over is what I want them to have……………..As you know, I lost several of mine in a boating accident.

    • Encourager says:

      lol, worrisome. Exactly…

    • RB in GA says:

      YOU TOO?!?!

    • Sw't Tater says:

      too bad that wasn’t an option…on the poll, I didn’t vote in it because nothing fit.

      • Tambora says:

        this is the option i would chose too, hand them my son’s toy shotgun and let them know that the schools are officially safe now and the rest were stolen, and unless they have solved the case they are still missing. then i would ask them if they have solved case number XXXX so i can abide by their request.

        there are so many guns out there that there would not be a confiscation, rather it would most likely come in the form of a voluntary turn-in (I think they already do this in CA). next it would be illegal to sell ammo. Then it would be illegal to posses an ‘assault style’ weapon.

    • LazarusLong says:

      My same answer, my same reasoning.
      and…I live in Sheriff territory. These guys LIVE out in the country too, and of the ones I speak with, I BELIEVE that they would encourage their neighbors to stay safe. It might be as simple as “there are so many gun-hating city folks moving out to the country lately, this is all I could confiscate…” at least I would like to think that. But then again, that darn boating accident really put a hurt on my possessions.

      • Tank Noble says:

        My boating accident included both me and my neighbor, and we both lost all or guns together —- tragic, I say –, tragic.

    • Rodger Ramjet says:

      I hate it when that happens! It seems to be an epidemic. I’m willing to be that most preppers are lousy boaters.

      • Tank Noble says:

        It looks that way Roger, I probably won’t buy another boat unless I buy another gun.
        Oh, and the ammo to go with it.

      • worrisome says:

        I am a terrible boater Rodger………I have parked mine on a river bank because I forget it was a jet boat and was turning and slowed down instead of speeding up……..tore the bottom out of it. Turned my kayak over so many times that my children say I am inept and I am no longer allowed to use it when by myself. And parked the boat on a sandbank one time by not paying attention to where I was going while pulling a skier and in doing so, flipped it trying to get back off it. I have the insurance claims to prove it. Sigh.

    • harp1034 says:

      There has been a lot of them boating accidents lately. I one myself a few years ago. By George the gov’t needs to do something.

  5. Kinda sounds like civil war talk to me. Obama has to realize this – it’s probably why he’s doing it in steps.

    Fact is though, he’s got 3 more years to do it. The other thing though is that whoever is pulling his strings can just replace him with the next elected democrat and continue his work.

    Mao caused a lot of bloodshed but he got his way. Might be more of the same over here.

    • Rodger Ramjet says:

      Or republican. They are all in on it.

    • It’s the plan of the progressives, can’t do it all at once,the resistance would be too great but, do a little at a time ,piece by piece then people will aplaud it for their safety. Use the media to brainwash the uninformed masses, train the children in school and in a few years, decades, or centuries they will acheive their goals.
      Oh and don’t think that Obama has only three more years,the way they are shredding the constitution it wouldn’t be much of a stretch to ignore one more law…for the good of the people.

  6. Maximus says:

    First I have to say about defending our rights and guns. Yes we need too but tactically. Your good guns and ammo should be not in your home but some where else. That way they take your crappy 22 rifle or pistol, a few rounds not over two boxes. Second all people who fight against law enforcement with be killed like the others in the past Said actions resulted in being burned by fire. Branch Dravidian,Ruby ridge , and even the rogue California black cop.(at least he was a oath keeper and never harm a civilian) To fight them after they take your 22 pistol or rifle . . All patriots need to take the fight to them . Watch and learn Like Red Dawn Second version God help us all . Many people will die. What do you think about 1.6 million rounds of hollow points . .?

  7. Texanadian says:

    Before they come for them the political scene will have changed so much that people should be able to see it coming and make suitable preparations. Myself I’m going to buy some diving gear and clean up after all the boating accidents. 🙂 A couple of throw down guns to make them happy and go away. Unless everything changes I doubt the local police will enforce confiscation and I doubt they would help federal authorities. State police would probably be sent out of their regular patrol areas where they are not known to the locals to protect their families. They state troopers would probably utilize the young rookie cops because they are more likely to comply with an illegal order.

    If it ever gets to that point there will probably such economic chaos the police will probably be too busy to worry about honest folks and what they possess. They may even be begging – in rural areas at least, for people to volunteer to be deputized to help them out.

    • I don’t know about having any lead time based on changes in the political scene… Fearless Leader can sign Executive Orders into effect any time, without warning. I believe if / when it occurs, it will be that fast, initiated with the stroke of a pen.

    • LazarusLong says:

      There is another side to this coin. If it is State or Federal officers that come barging in, think about how it will be done. Probably a time period of “voluntary relinquishment” turn in program. Then, maybe a time of, “you are a criminal if you still have one, but, for 1 week only, no questions asked and amnesty from prosecution”. Next would be the brown-shirts, en mass, most likely with a box full of warrants. 30-40 guys in swat gear, just walking from house to house, presenting their warrant and coming on in.
      Now that might not sound so bad, you are thinking, “but I have some of my things elsewhere, so I’m cool here. Well, what about the video documentation they will do, of EVERY ROOM OF YOUR HOUSE? They will be taking notes, maybe photographing your bookshelves so some weasel in a cubicle can later analyze your reading material to see if you could possibly possess the knowledge to later become a threat. Do you have abnormal amounts of food stored? You might have your name on a list of peoples doors to kick down when food is rationed. Do you own gas masks? Do you own a lot of medical supplies/first aid gear?
      Once they get to come in looking for guns, consider what else they are going to see. Those years of quiet, stealthy accumulation will be for naught. Those endless hours sweating about OPSEC… meaningless. Scary stuff, brothers and sisters, scary stuff. Don’t for a MINUTE, think that you will not be catalogued for future use.

      • Or there is Bon Jovi’s way of thinking in his song Blaze of Glory

        I’m goin’ down in a blaze of glory
        Take me now but know the truth
        I’m goin’ down in a blaze of glory
        Lord I never drew first
        But I drew first blood I’m no one’s son
        Call me young gun

      • Catalogued indeed. Even these posts. Every where you go. Emails, textx, phone calls, amazon, grocery store. Etc. All stored up somewhere, for some day. It’s like they are playing God, only God is a good & just Judge. And they are NOT.

  8. Hognutz says:

    I ain’t going to go to the death camps!

    I will take as many as I can with me…..

  9. I struggle with both of these they have been topics of recent conversation on the first one I think in most of the country (land not population) they will not locally (feds I believe will try) they won’t want to confront their neighbors and friends but what if they switched people around say send them door to door a couple states, county, or cities away I mean that’s how they feed their families so some would or what about UN troops that to me seems most plausible

    On the second one I’ve only got an old broken 30-30 I sold everything else

  10. JP in MT says:

    I vote for Federal Authorities and larger municipal police forces, especially where the law enforcement chief is appointed. Most Sheriffs are elected and rural, and even the main stream media has been covering that revolt.

    However, I must sadly report that it turns out that our new Sheriff is pro-Fed, so he would send his people out. I personally know a half dozen of his force that would only come out our way with the SWAT guys. It’s amazing what the “self preservation” mode is like.

  11. Oldgoat says:

    I don’t think they will get many of mine, boating accidents happen.

  12. Kelekona says:

    I think the police will focus on taking guns from the compliant.

    I’m not sure what they’d do about the non-compliant. My line of thought is how we tend to see an avoidance of a cop risking their life when they could be writing speeding tickets. Don’t the brave ones get dismissed before they get involved in something messy?

    We don’t have any guns because I’m too skittish around loud noises to train, so we haven’t prioritized finances into affording one. My dad had a gun, but we couldn’t find it, and according to my aunt it would go off by itself if jostled wrong, so maybe he got rid of it.

  13. Gary in Bama says:

    I only have 3 guns with a paper trail they can have them.Thats why i have them, my others are stored well.If it is known you have guns you are better off letting a few go and keeping most hidden and remember to hide your ammo to.When you have a 1000 rounds of .223 and no gun that shoots it in sight it raises questions.

    • riverrider says:

      what good is it “stored well”? just asking. i was going to do the same but, really, whats the point? we have to stop this before it gets that far. kali and ny are lost. its over for them. have you ever seen anyone get their rights back after they have been taken/given up?

      • rr,
        I agree it MUST stop before it gets too far! However, storing well may allow for a formidable uprising after the fact, when it is least expected.

      • Gary in Bama says:

        Riverrider if the feds started confiscating guns the media would not report it.It would start with retired military and would be a massive sweep using contractors .If they show up with 10 armed agent you will lose the fight.Me personnaly i would like to keep a nice scoped rifle tucked away for later revenge.

      • Rodger Ramjet says:

        I’m hoping for the big one to happen all up and down the San Andreas fault. That will take care of that problem.

    • Right- as Maximus says, let’s bury our weapons then take the fight to them.
      When it’s time to start burying weapons, it’s the time you should be using them, regardless the ‘odds’.
      Imagine the uproar if a SWAT team with a no-knock warrant was confronted successfully enough by a ‘Jose Guerena’ to lose two or three or four- and word of this got out. Even if word didn’t get out, do you think the local SWAT would rethink their strategies a bit? Perhaps even to wonder how many others even more capable were out and about?
      I’m afraid that if BHO creates such a scenario, especially with the UN gun grab, that a lot of police departments are going to be seeking help, if not totally reconsidering the results. Also, if such a grab ensues, I fear it will become a shadow war and local and fed LEO will not know where to turn.
      Enter the military and martial law.

  14. Not to rain on anyone’s parade, but Obama is not going to order any law enforcement to take away the guns of US citizens, as a whole. He was a constitutional law expert. He may support and implement some unpopular policies, but he will never give an executive order of the like.

    Watch and see… besides, the NRA lobby is too big to allow something of that sort to happen. Look at what happened to the background check legislation with the amount of public support behind it. No need to fear anyone.

    • riverrider says:

      oops, almost fell for a troll. have a nice day troll:)

    • Kris; I don’t know if you’re a ‘troll’. I dont care. We probably won’t see a confiscation at the Federal level. Look to the states. Blue states are incrementally making it more difficult to own firearms, Here in the Peoples Republic of New Jersey, you cannot purchase ANY reloading supply’s in state. You can mail order presses, dies and the like. But it is illegal to order brass, powder or primers by mail. You want them, you go to New York or Pennsylvania. So bit by bit, we lose our rights. OUR RIGHTS!
      These are not privliges. They are rights! Look at the recent abuse by the IRS! And if this post gets their attention, fine. I’ll happily and proudly repeat it word for word, face to face! Where turning into two nations. Not Blue and Grey. Blue and Red. And it’s getting worse.

      You bet I’m angry. I’m watching the nation I love dying. From within! Without a wimper. Where is the public outrage. Bengazi, Fast and Furious, IRS and Justice dept. abuses. We used to care. We used to protest. We’ve become sheep.

      Thanks Kris. I haven’t vented like this in a long time.

    • I’ve got some blue kool aid for you, Kris. Enjoy a lifetime supply in the gulag.
      ‘He was a constitutional law expert’. Uh-huh. and how many endruns has he made around that very document?

      • Kris,

        I have only posted a handful of times on this blog and, never said anything derogatory but, you are an idiot!

        King Obama has made hundreds of endruns around the constitution. He lies, cheats and steals to get what he wants.

        He has imposed that we buy a product (health insurance). And he shoved it down our throat against our wil,l and with dozens of lies.

        He ran guns to Mexico… and covered it up.

        He has lied and covered up uncounted incompetencies in regards to Bengazi.

        His Justice dept is illegally investigating reporters… and lying about it. (which is the dumbest thing yet… because they are his biggest fans)

        His IRS is holding up organizations based on political bias… and lying about it.

        There is nothing this man will not do to get what he wants. Will he take our guns and impose martial law??? Who knows? But, one thing is for sure… if he decides to… the constitution will not stop him!

        • Oh… and I forgot. He is on record saying that the constitution needs to be changed because it only states what government can’t do. Not what government should do!

          A constitutional lawyer / professor should know better.

          A government big enough to give us everything… is big enough to take everything away!

        • Henry Jones says:


      • axelsteve says:

        I thought tdl was just a guest lectterer.

    • worrisome says:

      What proof do you have Kris that he was any kind of constitutional law expert other than the lies that float out of his mouth every time he opens it? No one has seen a transcript from any school he has attended nor has any of the information ever been released on his scholastic teaching schedules.

    • Kris;
      Constitutional Law, excuse me while I cough up a hair ball…..
      When a person attends college under a different name, receives free education as a foreign student. Then comes back as tdl.

  15. riverrider says:

    well i see it coming down like this. first, registration. then ban. then turn-in period. this reduces the number of guns/gunfighters to a minimum hardcorp group, one easily villified by the regime/press. then selective raids on individuals based on records/bogus warrants/snitches. only after these are complete, will they go house to house after a false flag gun event. the sheeple be shorn. hiding them will do you no good. fighting them will only do good if the press is on your side, and they’re not. these raids will be by the dhs and city pd’s. tdl no longer trusts the .mil nor the sheriffs. my bil says he doesn’t even trust the alphabets, just dhs. we have to stop the tide now and turn it around, or secede(which gets my vote). texas is about the last barrier and immigration will remove that in a couple years. sometimes i think tdl wants to give texas back to mexico. i’d give them kali 🙂

  16. Our Sheriff has openly said he would not take our guns. He also wants all law abiding citizens armed.
    He is also part of the lawsuit suing our douchebag Gov’na in Colorado.
    Besides most of my guns were stolen. Or lost in an unfortunate smelting accident.

  17. Mr Spud in ID says:

    I agree with JP in MT. Only the Feds will try, and possibly the larger cities police departments. However, small town, rural American Sheriffs and local police would not even think of disarming the citizens and neighbors they serve! It’s going to take an actual gun confiscation… illegally and publicized , and all hell is doing to break loose in this great Nation! My advice, keep some giver uppers around in the event they do come knocking! No need to rock the boat on day one! and stow away the non traceable firearms and ammunition (not that anyone has those) in a safe, secure location for the impending chaos! Just my two cents

  18. I tend to worry about what the military and ex military will do. They have the big guns.

    • Linda, I have thought about this too, and there are some military personnel that would scare me. There are always those who follow orders blindly, those that would turn on family and friends. At the same time, I know many soldiers who would fight for us. Those who take their oath to defend the constitution seriously. Even though in the oath it does say to follow the orders of the president and co’s there are exceptions to that rule. Perhaps some of the military personnel here can explain that further.

      • My Kid just got out of the Army for that reason. Over 3/4 of her Division would take order

      • riverrider says:

        the tdl no longer trusts the .mil and the feeling is mutual. don’t look for them to be doing the house to house. maybe cordoning, checkpoints, etc…. tdl, like hilter, only trusts his “elite” dhs goons now. even the alphabets have let it be known they didn’t sign up to grab guns from taxpayers, or so my bil agent says. most of my ng buddies say they will hang it up when that order is given.

    • richard M says:

      greetings. there are good and bad ex-military. the good ones will honor their oath that they took on being sworn in when they joined. I was a volunteer so those drafted may have a different memory. I was in the U.S.M.C. or Marine corps. the last order i received was that if the nation was threatened by evil forces I was to go under ground and cause as much damage to them as I possible could. not to join any organized forces but to work on my own. the oath( stated with no alternative offed) to Protect and defend the constitution from all enemies both foreign or domestic. The Marine corps holds the oath to be a life long thing and not just for while one is on active duty. It makes no difference if the enemy attacking our nations constitution are foreign military or our own traitors still in uniform. the enemy is the enemy and to be destroyed by any means available.

      • Survivor says:

        Roger that!! Bravo Zulu, Warrior!!

      • The Americans who take that oath are our last, best hope if it all goes to -hit. Thank God for them.

        • Took the same oath in 1970. 5th Group US Army Special Forces still honors that oath. ALL ENEMIES BOTH FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC. Too old to run but never too old to fight.

          • Hollis;
            You are also SF from 5th, so is dh but he/they gave him a medical in 1972, but they took him out of SF(1969) and sent him to Germany until they retired him due to injuries from Nam.

            • Becky; Give him my best. Left Nam myself on a medivac in Oct 72. Out March 73. Always good to hear from brothers in arms.

              • Hollis;
                I will pass on the reply to t/smker from you. Yes, most of you were medvac’d out. Glad you found this site, it will be nice to hear your give & take on the world events.
                A personal welcome from the both of us.

      • Tank Noble says:

        Thank you Richard, with men like you among us, I’ll rest easier. And if and when the time comes, you’ll have plenty of help.

        • Thanks, everyone. I hope nothing ever happens, but I tend to trust and rely on our military folks to help us if all else fails. That goes for the National Guard and reserves, too. Heck, when I grew up, you could trust everyone and anyone in uniform. I miss those days.

      • JeffintheWest says:

        Yep, I always considered my oath to be binding until death too.

  19. The germans had no trouble getting guards for their walls or concentration camps. The U.S. will have no trouble getting Americans to do ANYTHING against other Americans.

  20. livinglife says:

    Not advertising is a good start. Do not have your firearms insured. Police can pull insurance records during an investigation. easy way to find out what you have.
    All of the law enforcement I know say they would wink and nod that the person didn’t have any, they sold them all or lost them duck hunting.

  21. We’ve been through this argument before. The ‘police’ at all levels will follow orders. If Sheriffs resign (they are elected, after all) Govenors will simply appoint replacements who will do as they are told. These guys, at the end of the day, are just people. They have families to feed, mortgages to pay and pensions to protect. As to the ‘FEDS’.

    There are thousands of inmates in prisons across the country due to phony FBI Lab proceedures. You don’t really believe that those cigarettes and bullets can ONLY come from “that pack/box”! Do you? From the sme lot certainly. But the same box!

    Or the case of the two FBI agents, never punished, who let a man they KNEW to be innocent spend 20+ years in prison to protect their informant, the real killer.

    The Federal government has been taken over by an unelected, bloated, self serving beauracracy that couldn’t care less about us!

  22. Guns? What guns? I am not allowed to own fire arms because back in my miss spent youth, I was stupid enough to date a pansy. So when I pushed him (loooong story there) he called the cops and I was arrested for domestic violence. And being the fact that I am a good girl, I wouldnt even try to own a fire arm and break federal laws 😉

    I think there are a couple of agencies that would jump at the chance to confiscate our weapons. But I think riverrider is correct in how it would happen. If tdl tried tomorrow to say we are coming for your guns, he would have an all out war on his hands. Instead, I think there will be a few more “events” that will continue to demonize fire arms. Then massive registrations and restrictions.

    • We’re in the same boat… capsized or not, I don’t have any guns for the same reason, but my DV was stupid on my part, I slapped my ex and it was wrong (even though she tried to strangle me first), lawyer did not advise me of consequences; I did it, admitted I did it, so I was ‘guilty’. When her case came to trial, because I was already ‘guilty’ before her trial her case was dismissed.

      • Mike, I pushed my ex because he tried keeping me in a room against my will. He is lucky all I did was push him. But because I left ‘red marks’ on him they had a case against me. They dont care the circumstances behind it, and for ‘safety reasons’ someone is always arrested. It did get dropped down to attempted assult, and I had a ‘public defender’ who told me to take the plea. I was dumb enough and scared enough to do it.

  23. Millie in KY says:

    So here is a question. I had a background check for two of my weapons. The gov’t knows that. Will they be looking for 2 weapons or two specific weapons? Because I can get a couple of junk guns somewhere…..

    • They also know the type and serial number of the firearms (should not use the term weapon as it has the negative connotations they are trying to control) you purchased when those checks were completed.

      • Not to forget that all of us who have Carry Permits. What better way to know who has a gun with intent to use it for defensive purposes? And there is no doubt in my mind that the ‘state’ has a record of Carriers, regardless what the ‘law’ instructs.

        Which is one reason I don’t agree with permitting, but have jumped through the hoops anyway. Just waiting for the day to arrive…

  24. If they wanted my guns they can go to the metal recyclers. Yes, that is where the carcases went two weeks ago after holding on to them for 9 years after the fire. “If” I had of replaced them, does the word mine,mine come into play.

  25. It seems many rural city police and County Sheriffs are banning together in opposition of these proposed unconstitutional methods, but the urban police forces would be more likely to make these attempts just due to the overwhelming ratio of people to LEOs.

    As for me, they can knock on my door asking until they are blue in the face, because I have nothing to hand over, except bows and wrist rockets.

  26. Pee my pants for sure, I’m 200 years old and sold my flintlocks to some Drummer right around the time of WW I, by jingle! I know that my 12 dogs and 24 cats will head for the hills, but I think that Pico my parrot will put up one hell of a fight! (for those who lack a sense of humor, this is my bad attempt at it)

    Don’t know what I would do really, and even if I did, I won’t be tell’n anyone what my plans are. Even a cute little muffin like you M.D.

  27. OregonMike says:

    Have you SEEN the military vehicles the DHS has? Have you followed what guns and ammo the DHS is purchasing and the quantity?
    Hollow points for training? I don’t think so. Obama EXPECTS civil unrest in protest of SOMETHING. Remember Obama saying he wants an internal olice force equal to the military? Connect the dots.

    • riverrider says:

      haven’t you seen the nice white “police” vehicles in big letters, with dhs in tiny letters? the ss is reborn.

      • A couple months back, DHS was performing some exercise at the Jefferson County West Metro Fire Training Facility… they had over a dozen all white full sized crew-cab GM trucks with solid bed topper, all white two-axles Haul-Mark trailers, with the only identification on them was a two-digit number on truck and trailer. The only reason I knew it was a DHS exercise was the four commercial sized passenger buses that had Department of Homeland Security blazoned on the sides, and the 200+- digital BDU uniformed participants.
        People at the park across the street were speculating it was because the little dick-tater in NK was rattling sabers again…

        • Dick-tater! Lol, too freaking funny. Hope you don’t own the copyright, I gotta use it!

  28. Lilmiss says:

    I am not so worried about the Feds at this time; but all of you gun owners should take a look at current proposed CA legislation, these are bills coming to your town in the future. See, Specifically, Senate Bills, 47, 53, 374, 396, 567, 683 and 755; these cover everything from outright bans, to registration, to confiscation, including ammunition. Look out folks, it ain’t gonna only happen in the “golden” state of fruits and nuts!

    • Rodger Ramjet says:

      L.A. has the nuts and San Francisco has the fruits.

      • axelsteve says:

        New York city also has allot of fruits.They also have many but trees there.

    • worrisome says:

      No New Jersey, Colorado, Connecticut, New York are doing the same thing……… is NOT just happening in Cali folks. And that is how it is going to go, they are going to take it all away, one tiny little thread at a time until there is nothing left of the Constitution and our way of life.

  29. This is why you need guns that are not registered to you through a purchase. I have some guns that they will know I purchased and I may have to give them up, but I also have guns that I have bought privately and will keep them hidden away. The big problem will be, if you are caught with one after the confiscation, your ass is grass. Things will have to be pretty bad before you risk using one of your hidden guns. Nobody should know how many guns or what type you have. If things get tough, they will sell you down the river in a minute.

    • Nobody should know how many guns or what type you have. If things get tough, they will sell you down the river in a minute.

      Agreed! Sad thing is… the one I’m most worried about is my mom. We had a discussion the other day and she plainly stated she is willing to give up rights for safety. I decided to drop the gun talk (started because of something on the news) and move on. Now I no longer even try to bring her around. I don’t want her to know what I have and I don’t practice as much as I used to. God forbid she thinks Rambo live next door should it ever happen.

  30. Oldokie says:

    To be honest, I would more than likely let them take my firearms. At least the ones I have left. Just like Worrisome, I lost most of mine in a terrible boating accident a while back. But, I don’t think it will come to that because they(govt) has so many other ways to nudge, force and make one want to turn in his/her firearms without going door to door. They can make life so miserable for each of us that most, me included, would just hand them over, at least the unprepared majority.

    Yes, most LEO of any rank will follow orders at least at the beginning if it comes to house to house confiscation. And if it comes to that you can bet the military will be involved also and a good number of them will follow orders also. I’m not saying that as an offense to the military but they are trained to follow orders. I know they are to uphold the constitution, I took the same oath many years ago. A good many of the young soldiers will not take the constitution into consideration when ordered to confiscate citizen’s arms. Not sure I would have either. Anyway, as I said above, I don’t think it will come to that because there are many other ways the govt can get our firearms and much more safely for them.

  31. Doris Jones says:

    President Obama is NOT going to order guns to be taken away from Americans. That would be senseless, stupid and non-productive. Let’s see— just how many million guns OVER 300,000,000 are there in the USA right now? And how many years, if ever, would it take to GET them all??

    Our constitution and our laws guarantee us that we can own and use guns. That is not about to change any time soon. This “possible problem” is the last one down on my list of things to be concerned with. I really cannot imagine any way this problem could come to pass unless our whole society broke down and then how much could it even matter? Our lives would be on the line every minute anyway and there would be “enemies” or adversaries all around us. How would police departments and the trappings of society even hold up?

    The only way police are going to take anyone’s gun is if they are (1) a felon and not permitted to own a gun (2) Have a stolen gun (3) have used a gun in commission of a robbery or other crime or (4) some other LEGAL and sensible reason to take the gun. None of the police I know or have ever known would have the least interest in doing something this dangerous and stupid and against our constitution.

    There are some ridiculous and unwise police (just as there are in any profession) but the vast number of police put their lives on the line daily to serve and to protect us. My own family were police and I know what they thought and how they lived, plus those who served with them. Granted I am from a more rural lifestyle but still–I just do not think this “grab the guns” scenario is something we will have to contend with UNLESS society totally comes apart and roving gangs have to be dealt with–then ALL BETS ARE OFF.

    I do have a question. Why are so many Americans who own guns standing up for gang members to be allowed all the weapons they want of any type they wish and totally dangerous criminals to NOT be subjected to background checks? Those people will use their guns on US and on our families. They are doing it every day already. THOSE types don’t need to even own a slingshot. I personally do NOT think it is sane to have the dangerously mentally ill and dangerous criminals with any and all weapons they want. Yeah, sure they can “steal” them. NOT MINE! Why make it so easy for them just to buy a hundred guns and take them to a gang to use against US? At least make it harder if you can’t stop it. We can’t stop someone from getting a missile either but not many people DO! I guarantee you that gangs would have missiles TOO if they could just buy them on the street like popcorn.

    Australia put in place some gun laws and THEIR gun deaths dropped by 80 percent and suicide by over 60 percent. Crime overall dropped tremendously since the cowardly robbers didn’t have their “big gun” to back them up. All that took place over 10 years ago and if it didn’t work out well–the people of Australia would have changed the law back. They can do that anytime they like so it must be working better than it was before. And lots of people can and do still have guns. Plus the people of Australia are no namby-pamby pushovers–they are a lot like our old West was. Independent types and strong minded. And since all this happened over 10 years ago–it is pretty apparent that the “Government” didn’t enslave them or put them all in “concentration camps:”. I think the citizens of Australia just got fed up with the senseless behavior and put some rules in place that took care of most of the problem. Hats off to them.

    I personally do not want a neighbor who is a crackhead and mentally ill plus unable to control themselves to have a grenade launcher NOR an automatic weapon next door to me. Heck, some of the people out where I live go “deer hunting” and end up killing the neighbors cows.
    And those are not even the ones who would lose their guns! So for sure I, personally, am not for EVERYONE having all the guns and of any type they wish to have. I have enough trouble staying safe from idiot hunters who can’t shoot straight and don’t need the extra trouble of avoiding the dangerous and totally mentally ill too. We can keep our weapons and still exercise some sanity about WHO has WHAT. It should not be up to the federal government though–just the local police and government locally. That would be fine with me.

    There are people who should not be driving a car. There are people that have no business with a gun either.

    • Doris Jones,

      You’re going to be popular with readers here…

      What laws do you think that our “leaders” (I use the word loosely) should put in place to correct the issues that you put forth in your comment above?

      btw where can I legally buy the working “grenade launcher” that you mention in your comment?

      Also we already have background checks in place, to buy a new gun you have to pass a local, state and federal background check.

      And where are American gun owners “standing up” for gang bangers to, in your words “own weapons of any type that they want”?

      You can have all of the laws and background checks that you want including cavity searches, and it will do nothing to stop criminals from getting a gun if they want one. They are already breaking the law just by having a weapon – convicted felons are not allowed to own guns, or buy one.

      • You can have all of the laws and background checks that you want including cavity searches, and it will do nothing to stop criminals from getting a gun if they want one. They are already breaking the law just by having a weapon – convicted felons are not allowed to own guns, or buy one.

        They are also not allowed to have bullets …. and just one bullet will get them tossed back inside 😉

      • Doris Jones says:

        I am not attempting to be “popular” I am just being real and saying what I think–seems that most on this site do that. Surely differences of opinion are allowed–great old American custom.
        I definitely am not a “sheeple” in any sense of the word. (By the way, a person can be a “sheeple” against something just as they can be a “sheeple” for something.) I agree with a LOT on this site–just not everything. Since I never have tested the reality of “truth” by seeing how many people agreed with me, don’t plan to start now. A person can be right–even if the whole world says they are not.

        You mentioned what “laws” that should be put in place to correct the issues I put forth. Permit me to answer.

        Mainly I would like our present laws ENFORCED and used not on just “some citizens” but on all–fairly. In most, if not all areas,if a properly licensed gun dealer sells a gun–they have to do a background check at a show.

        If the guns are sold by an unlicensed person–or in the parking lot–NO background check. You get to guess where the criminals purchase THEIR guns. I do not consider that process fair nor even sane. Good grief, terrorist organizations put out all over the world on line to
        “purchase weapons in America because it is so easy.” I do NOT want it to be easy for them. We maybe cannot make it impossible but we can surely make it very difficult.

        I think our DOJ and Eric Holder specifically are doing great damage to our country and that situation needs to change.

        It appears the ATF and the DOJ are THEMSELVES responsible for getting huge numbers of guns into the exact hands of those we least wish to have them. Does the phrase “Fast and Furious” bring some situations to mind? Where are laws to stop this?
        Who is standing up in America to have justice done right now?
        Maybe a few people but not nearly enough! And not nearly loudly enough. Now it is the IRS and worse. This is a REAL and immediate problem for all Americans. This situation with the IRS and the AP news absolutely MUST be dealt with directly and quickly by the American people. Or we are lost for sure.

        Our laws are being manipulated and not followed correctly by those who are sworn to protect the laws and the constitution and if we do not voice enough protest to get this changed–we are standing by while our country is being lost. There are legal and constitutional ways to bring pressure to bear on Congress and on the Government, the DOJ and those involved and make changes!

        It can be done. America has done it before. I do not want to see America break down into anarchy and chaos when we have legal means available to make changes. Why have rebellion when we can just use our laws to improve the situation and to get rid of incompetent and/or deliberately unlawful persons in authority? If we each would do the right thing NOW, we may not have to deal with society totally breaking down later. Wouldn’t that be a far, far better solution? It is not too late–even now.

        Re: Buying a “grenade launcher” legally? I did NOT say you could purchase it “legally” and maybe that is just exactly why we don’t see a lot of them in use. Could be. Weapons that are harder to get are just plain used less. It should NOT be hard to get a legal weapon for a citizen of the USA who should have one–but for some who should NOT–it should be hard. I was saying that if it was as difficult for a known dangerous criminal to get some gun as it is for them to get a grenade launcher maybe we would see LESS of them with guns.

        Re: We already have background checks in place.
        In SOME places yes. Not everywhere and certainly not for everyone. Also, plenty of times the “checks” are ignored too.
        Checks should be consistent and fair. Not patchwork.

        Re: Where are gun owners “standing up” for gang bangers to own weapons?

        I have personally seen them on TV (and heard them on the radio) saying
        “NO rules, NO regulations, NO background checks should be permitted AT ALL! It just leads to a REGISTRY of gun owners and the government will come and get you and take your gun” Several of them and in person too–just people talking around me at times. Also in print. A lot of gun owners are sensible and agree about background checks and some sensible rules but MD. you know that there are those who are on the fringe who DO take that radical stance.

        Maybe some of those who want “No rules” are felons and want to have a gun. Even a felon CAN be permitted to own and to carry a gun under CERTAIN circumstances but for sure they won’t be permitted to have a gun if they are a danger to themselves or to others. That is only right.

        ” NO rules regarding guns” means NO rules to some people. . I stand with the gun owners who DO want SOME and limited controls for those who should NOT have weapons and/ or are not responsible enough to handle them.

        Some gun owners specifically say that the Congress has no right to make ANY rules regarding guns.While the Supreme court has said for SURE that the citizens do have a right to “bear arms” and they do NOT have to be just a militia but as individuals as well that there can be some regulation.

        If a person stands for “total gun freedom for everyone” rest assured that “everyone” DOES include gang bangers, all sorts of criminals and the dangerously mentally ill. All means All.

        To your last comment about “convicted felons are not allowed to own guns”–oh yes they are–everytime a seller puts them into their hands the seller, themselves, are “allowing” that. Maybe legally not “permitted” but they have to be caught. I say catch them BEFORE they buy them. Then the only way to get them is to steal them (or get some other criminal to steal for them) but it does make it HARDER. Sort of the same reasoning why you lock your vehicle or house. Can a thief still break in? Sure they can, but you at least want to make it more difficult. Often if your vehicle is locked and has an alarm that goes off when they break in–they usually go to “easier pickings”.

        If saying “laws do not stop criminals” then why have ANY laws?
        Laws against murder don’t stop it. They often slow it down at least. Makes some think twice.
        Laws DO stop some crime. Yes, they actually do. And at least we have something by which to prosecute the criminal when they DO break the law. Would you want any of our laws about theft or murder off the books? The laws do NOT “stop crime” totally, but we want them in place to DEAL with crime and with the criminals. I want the same thing re: guns. Just what is fair and just. No more than that.
        Thanks for listening.

        • Doris, I dont think anyone here is saying ‘no rules’ to gun ownership. I would say that most of us understand the need for certain laws to be in place and for those laws to be enforced.

          How do you catch a person before they commit a crime? How do you catch that felon before they buy that gun? Do you arrest them because they walked by an alley where someone was selling illegal guns? Do you arrest them because they walked by a gun shop? Do you arrest them because they walked into a legal gun owners home invited? Then what do convict them of?

          what happens if a person with no criminal record, no mental incapacitation, seems to have a stable job, relationship- a stable life, buys a gun for other than kosher reasons? How so you prevent that crime from taking place when there are no red flags?
          On the flip side of that, you have a young adult, say 19, and they make a mistake, lets say they end up in an abusive relationship, and when they fight back they are the one arrested. They go thru criminal proceedings, taking the bad advice of an attorney who could care less, and now they have domestic violence charges on their record preventing them from ever legally owning a gun. Fast forward 10 years, they have moved on with their lives, have no other charges on their record, and now lives as a model citizen. They want a gun for protection as they are home alone all day with young children and crime has been spiking in their neighborhood. Unfortunately, that person is banned for life of ever owning a fire arm.
          So do gun laws really work? Do they really prevent the people who shouldnt have them from having them?

          • Doris Jones says:

            I agree with your well reasoned and sensible reply.

            Nothing can eliminate all problems nor all conflicts. I, personally, know of people who HAVE been “cleared” for and permitted guns when they were of the type you described. Of course not every district nor area has decent, sensible people making these decisions. But felons can and do get OK’d for guns when it is reasonable and they are not a danger now.

            A person shouldn’t take “barred for life” seriously and they should at least give it a try. Often it works! And if they really NEED a weapon and it is not permitted–it is morally fine for them to have one unpermitted. It is their decision to make. We each must do what is right for us and for our family and for our protection. I just think it is wiser to work within the law whenever possible and to exhaust all legal avenues before doing something else.

          • I would say no rules to gun ownership . Those in prison and in mental hospitals are ALREADY locked down from society . Who is to judge , weather your sane or not , that can be trusted not to have ulterior motives in the decision . As mentioned before , criminals will always find a way to have them . Self responsibility , stop having kids at 15 , and when you do have them , actually parent them . Make them get a job and keep it . Teach manors , morals and ethics . Compulsory service would be a good start in teaching responsibility .

      • M.D., with all due respect to you and Doris, you are wasting your breath, or in this case keystrokes. I don’t think “she” will reply as I don’t think “she” is honest in her respect or understanding of the 2nd Amendment. You are attempting to have a reasoned and logical discussion with an anti-gun, anti-constitution liberal. People like Doris just want to make “drive-by” comments to nudge things along. I know it’s tempting but I will no longer engage with those types.

        • Doris,
          Thanks for your reply to M.D.
          M.D. perhaps you should delete my previous post on this topic as I appear to have “jumped the gun” so to speak.
          Doris, I agree that the gun laws we have should be enforced, however, I do not think we need any more gun laws. The current atmosphere is not conducive to reasoned legislation that protects the rights of lawful gun ownership. I believe that any lawful gun owner should be able to carry, concealed or not anywhere any time. I have said before that I will not go into any store that has a no guns policy. I think they are setting their patrons up for target practice. I have a friend that owns a local watering hole in our town with a no firearms sign on the door. I will not go there anymore. In my state concealed carry allows a person in a bar with concealed carry, but restricts your BAC to less than that for driving. I believe the legal limit here is .04.
          If a gang member is legally allowed to have a gun then I don’t think that right should be taken away unless that gang member becomes a felon, at which time they are no longer legally allowed to have a firearm.
          What concerns me Doris is that in this country we have a large segment of the population that are lawful gun owners, and a large segment that doesn’t care about gun ownership and therefore won’t/don’t stand up for peoples rights, or the segment that is actively anti-gun (which I may have mistakenly thought you were from your initial post, and if I was mistaken I do apologize) and would like nothing more than to see all guns confiscated.
          With regard to the Australia gun “buy-back” and ban of some firearms, of course gun homicides decreased, but not by 80%. In Glenn Becks book Control, gun homocides averaged 82 per year from 1991-1996 (the year the bans took place). From 1997-2001 they averaged 58 per year. However non-gun homocides for the same periods went from 240 to 255 on average. Murderers found a different weapon, mostly knives. One other statistic of note, armed robberies jumped from about 6,000 to over 10,000 between 1998 and 2001, then returned to pre ban levels in 2004.(pgs 22-24 Control, Glenn Beck)
          Frankly Doris, I just don’t see the validity in the argument that more restrictive laws will make us safer. The statistics show that in this country crime rates have decreased with less restrictive gun regulations and more concealed carry opportunities. As has been well documented look at the areas with the most restrictive laws. Chicago, Detroit, New York City.
          I’ll step off my soap box now. Thanks for the discussion.

          • Doris Jones says:


            Thank you for a thoughtful and most reasonable reply. I appreciate that you did initially see me the wrong way. You are a big man to be able to say that and I like that quality. No need to take down your original comments.
            No problem with that.

            I definitely am NOT anti-gun. You are so right about “the current atmosphere is not conducive to reasoned legislation.” I wish it were such that we could all come to a sensible solution for our present situation. Wishing doesn’t change things though. I know that. Our Congress is not serving us. Our government is not serving us. It is a sad time for America. Still, it CAN and should be changed. Only we, the people, can do that.

            If more guns made us safer, how then is it that we have MORE guns each year yet more injuries and deaths?
            I know if the RIGHT people had guns and did not misuse them, we would be safer, but the more guns there are the more they are used dangerously, unwisely, by children, by the mentally ill and criminals. The more guns that are left unattended and easily stolen, the more crimes are committed and more children killed.

            We have more guns than any nation on earth and more deaths, more injuries, more school shootings and way, way too much domestic violence. More people are killed by the guns in their own homes than by those of criminals. Something is wrong with that.

            I know NO guns is NOT a solution! I understand that. But unless we do some things to solve the underlying violence problem in our country we will destroy ourselves. It is a huge problem and I, personally, do not have the answer. That doesn’t mean I don’t keep looking for some answers though. We all need to do that till it is solved. Violence in our country is a huge problem that has been many years in the making. It cannot be solved overnight. And it sure will NOT be solved by even more violence and killing. That is getting us nowhere.

            Re: Statistics from Mr. Glenn Beck. Unfortunately I am not able to accept statistics from Mr. Beck since formerly I have checked and found way too many of his “facts” incorrect. I won’t go into the specifics here since it would take far, far too much space. He has just made many “iron clad” definitive statements about people, situations and information that turned out to be factually dead wrong for me to believe him further.No doubt some of his figures are correct. It is just difficult for me to shift through them to find out which are and which are not.
            I am aware Mr. Beck, by his own admission, has had some problems in his past that may have contributed to his present condition. He may well be sincere in some things, but I consider him far too unstable to be able to trust his information. You obviously feel far differently and that is well your right.

            I get my information from other sources and check out several of them. Often, people will offer statistics that are slanted to meet their own agenda. The best facts come from those with neutral agendas.

            Thank YOU for being willing to address the subject. This was a welcome discussion (and a healthy one) for me, too. I appreciate that MD lets us air all our views and talk over the very real problems we face daily. This site has so much good information (especially the Miscellany columns that keep us updated in excellent information).

        • Doris Jones says:

          “I will no longer engage with those types.”
          Oscar, you just DID!! I am so very glad you
          don’t define me nor my thinking.

          • Doris,
            Respectfully, no I didn’t.
            I stand by my statement, I will not get into a discussion with someone that is just out to get people worked up and not have logical, thoughtful points to discuss.
            With that said, thank you for your reply. I believe we can agree…..and agree to disagree. Best regards, Oscar.

        • +1

          Molon Labe

      • Kelekona says:

        M.D. Can we keep Doris?

        What you’re talking about is a little out of my league, but I caught something about not having to get violent to keep the guns.

        Remember that hurting people usually isn’t the goal, it just sometimes happens when you’re striving for money and power. (Monsanto keeps insisting their products are safe because not being able to sell them means no profit.) Wresting the guns away from people if there is a better solution would hurt the bottom line and make them look bad.

        This is such an aggressive group, and so caught up with how law would break down, it’s sometimes hard to see that there ever could be another outcome.

    • Why are so many Americans who own guns standing up for gang members to be allowed all the weapons they want of any type they wish and totally dangerous criminals to NOT be subjected to background checks

      Do you honestly believe they are getting their guns thru legal channels? They don’t want the paper trail that currently exists… they want untraceable firearms so they buy them out of a trunk of a car.

    • Doris, Even my 13 yr old daughter gets the fact that making guns illegal would not stop the criminals from having them. Her answer when I asked her was “ha! Look at the drugs. They are illegal and yet people still buy, sell, and use them. What makes guns any different? Anyways there are more ways to hurt someone than just with guns”
      There are laws in place to minimize criminals from having them, and yet they still find a way. No one wants gang members or dangerous mentally ill people to have guns, and yet they still get their hands on them? So what do you suggest? Just like there are laws so that certain people lose their driving privileges, but it doesnt always stop them from getting behind the wheel.

      • Doris Jones says:

        About your 13 yr. old daughter “getting the fact” that making guns illegal would not stop criminals having them. She is probably a smart girl and on the surface it makes sense. Ask her to check out history about China. Since she is smart she probably would be interested in the history of law, China and drugs. Once China had a terrible illegal drug problem. They said “We can’t stop people taking drugs so let’s make it legal.” They made it legal. This was all about the “Boxer Rebellion” when the English were bringing drugs to China and FORCING their country to accept the sale of opium there. they fired cannons (which the Chinese did not have) and forced their ships to be unloaded and goods to be sold.

        The Chinese put up a fight to keep the opium out and the English won and brought it in anyway. So there they were with drugs coming in (kind of like us in the USA now) and a real problem. They “legalized” it because they thought that no one would follow the law anyway and not use the stuff. (Have we heard all that lately?) Wrong!

        Then they got the results of legalizing and “no law.”
        They had opium dens and people were just staying there and smoking opium and the whole country was going to hell in a handbasket. Men weren’t working, women weren’t taking care of their children nor homes. It became so awful that children were starving and the country was not functioning. Drugs were more powerful than anything else. Legal did NOT help.

        So the
        leaders of China took a `180 degree turn and made it a “capital offense” to use or to sell opium. They gave the people a few weeks–I think it was about 6 weeks to get off the stuff and to close down the opium dens and to stop selling it. Then they put the LAW into EFFECT and began executing drug dealers and drug addicts. Didn’t take long and guess what?

        Law DID in fact work! The consequences were so harsh that you either shaped up or were taken out. Soon the country was free of both drug dealers and addicts. Either they quit or they were dead and no longer a problem. Fixed that!

        Please do not tell me that “law” does not work. It does if the consequences and penalties are harsh enough and actually followed. Yes, I know WE won’t ever do something like that in the USA. Too harsh for US and not “politically correct” but I do know and history teaches effective LAW can and DOES work!

        Whenever we mean business about something–we can make it stick. Our problem in the USA is that we just don’t really mean business about much anymore and won’t stick together to get things done. We are too divided. Every body talks tough but there are no real penalties to much of anything and if there are some well-paid lawyer with the right connections can get you off anyway. We can stop anything we decide to stop. But the problem is no one believes that anymore.

        • Doris, communism ‘works’ there too. Guess what doesn’t work there? The Internet the way it works here. No one over there would even be having this conversation. We’d all be in jail, or far, far worse.

          We all seem to make many issues needlessly complicated. I’m with the 13 yr old. Most of the time, a kid can tell you what a practical view is on quite lot of things, more than we usually give them due credit for!

    • Doris Jones, put down the Cool-Aid.

      One: The Constitution is not radical.

      Two: Rather than founding opinions on anecdotes, read the statistics — from credible sources.

      Three: You are dead wrong about the stats on Australia’s crime rate.

      Four: Scum on our streets don’t walk around with rocket launchers because big guns are tough to conceal.

      Five: Laws don’t stop criminals; our guns do.

      Again, the Constitution is not radical.

      You’ may be well-meaning, but you’re confused on so many points. I have no patience for Cool-Aid drinkers today.

      To phrase this in a way you may understand: “Baaaahhhhh.”

      • Doris Jones says:

        Thanks so much for the “enlightenment” J.
        SURELY you don’t want me to put aside my Jack Daniels?? Do let me encourage you to move up from “Cool-Aid” to a more adult drink! I didn’t think children were actually on this site.

        One. Of course the Constitution is not radical! Where would we be without it? I just want us to actually USE it. At least be able to read it.

        Two. I DO definitely get “credible sources”. Where in the world are you getting YOURS?

        Three. So give me the “Correct” stats! Let’s hear it.
        (and quote your sources please.)
        I sure want to learn and obviously you are someone from
        which to learn. I will anxiously await those “stats” from the “right sources”. (Can you hear me holding my breath waiting?)
        PS. Got most of MY stats from the former Prime Minister of Australia and from several of the newspapers there plus from
        additional accredited sources such as the national statistics.
        ( I generally match a number of sources and cross reference before believing them.) Let me know your method. Maybe it is something I need to be using.

        Four. “Scum on our streets” don’t walk around with rocket launchers because they can’t GET them! Most criminals are not “hiding’ their guns, they are showing them OFF!! Unless you SEE their “big weapons” what use are they to the criminals? They don’t expect you to cower from showing you their thumbs! (Did you notice those rebels in the MidEast on the TV overseas who CAN get the rocket launchers? They have them mounted on pick up trucks!) And PROUDLY show them off!

        Five. No guns don’t “stop criminals:”. How many criminals commit crimes right when police are shooting AT them? Lots!
        But laws DO get them behind bars and executed don’t they?
        That seems fairly positive to me. I prefer “Law” to “no Law” any day.

        Again, the Constitution is not radical. J, you are beginning to repeat yourself.( May want to get that condition checked out.)

        No, I am not particularly :”well-meaning” but I SURE am not “confused”. And I am not concerned at all about your patience.
        You seem to have none. Hair trigger temper maybe? I am confident if you really work on it, you may even cultivate some patience. This can be extremely useful in certain situations.

        No, I don’t understand “Baaaahhhh”. Is this some sort of mating call??Can you PLEASE explain?
        Since this appears to be a term you are very familiar with and I am not.
        PS. I thought one of the cardinal rules of this site was
        “no personal attacks”. Did I miss something J?

        • oldguy52 says:

          Excuse me???

          You say “Of course the Constitution is not radical! Where would we be without it? I just want us to actually USE it.”

          The 2nd amendment says the right to keep and bear arms shall NOT BE INFRINGED.

          I don’t know how it can be written much plainer than that and yet you advocate for laws that would infringe on a citizen’s right to bear arms.

          Ma’am, you can’t have it both ways.

      • Kelekona says:

        Would you just stop with shouting Kool-aid drinker and sheeple when someone disagrees with you? It makes you sound indoctrinated.

        Emotions are why we can’t have a decent set of opposing viewpoints here.

    • Rob in Ontario says:

      Doris as to the Australian comment the fact is armed robberies up 69% , gun murders up 19% , home invasions up 21% assults up 28% – here in Canada we have just thrown out acountry wide long gun registry it cost over $2 billion and was still going up in price- and I know for a fact most people never had their legal owned rifles and shotguns registered- hand guns have been resricted here for almost 100 years

    • Doris, check your facts about Australia.
      I won’t even bother with the rest of your diatribe since it would be pointless. Your mind is made up and even God can’t change it. Enjoy your kool aid.

    • Scott G. says:

      Australian gun crime is down? Really, you believe that? How about these two articles from the Sydney Morning Herald and the New South Wales own government website:

      These stats show that gun crime from 2010 2012 in Sydney alone rose from 72 to 138, a rise of more than 90%. Gun control works? Really?

      • I can name a ton of gun laws that have been broken.

        Columbine was a “No Gun Zone” So was Sandyhook Elementary and even the movie theater in Aurora, CO. In fact… he chose that theater specifically because it didn’t allow guns.

        I cannot take my kids to school… and legally carry my gun… and possibly foil a school shooting because I am a law abiding citizen and I don’t want to lose my rights. But, a crazy idiot can kill his mom, steal her legal guns and kill my child… because people like Joe Biden have decided that a shotgun is enough and only really bad people should be allowed to bring guns onto school grounds.

        I’m sorry but, Our founding fathers made sure that we had the right to own guns, not to hunt but, to protect ourselves… possibly from an overzealous government. Uncle Joe, Why do I need a semiauto with a high capacity magazine??? Because my government has them!!!

        • Doris Jones says:

          You said “because my government has them.” Your government also has nuclear bombs, drones, nerve gas and a lot of other heavy duty weapons. So how do we “protect ourselves” from those?

          If the government wishes, they have a huge arsenal of items that we DO NOT HAVE and will NEVER have. Individual “defense” cannot be 1 for 1. I wouldn’t even want everyone to have access to every weapon our government has. I am not even crazy about the government having some of this stuff. If my nutty neighbor cannot handle his 22 without shooting someone’s cow, I SURE do not want him with his own supply of nerve gas or an armed drone!

          • Rodger Ramjet says:

            I would want to have access to similar weapons that the infantry would have. Look at Switzerland. Every male of military age is required to serve in some capacity. What is even more interesting is that those in their equivalent of the National Guard are required to take their weapons home with them and store them in working condition.

            Now, another interesting thing is that they have very little violent crime. Why is that? I think it’s because of two main things: 1. Everyone is armed. 2. All eligible males must serve in the military.

            An armed society is a polite society and those who serve their country at the peril of their life are more respectful and put other people first.

        • Kannin;
          Love the quote, why you need the semi-auto. Now if we could get one of MD sponsors with “your permission” to put it on a bumper sticker. I would not mind having a few for my families cars.

    • worrisome says:

      Doris you are naive and you are behind! If you look at the level of recent legislation in several states, Obama is having his minions do his work for him while he stays above the fray. I already posted above what is going on California halls of legislature right now. It is also happening in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Colorado, Washington and Oregon and I believe Virginia as well.

    • JeffintheWest says:

      Good luck in the new police state there, Doris. BTW, of COURSE the confiscations will be for legal reasons — like the fact the sky is blue today, and some new bill says that all guns have to be turned in on a day when the sky is blue…. How do you think the Nazis did it in Germany, or the Communists in Russia, China, Poland, Hungary, East Germany, Mongolia, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, Romania, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, North Korea, Cuba, etc, etc? They passed gradually more restrictive laws until finally, one day, everyone woke up and realized they now lived in a police state — it’s like boiling the frog.

      And “reasonable” people like you are EXACTLY why that kind of claptrap works. “Oh, it’s for the safety of the children!” (say the abortionists who have already killed roughly 60 million children), or “Oh it’s so dangerous felons won’t have guns!” (say the people who have turned damned near everything into a felony), or “Oh, it’s to prevent unnecessary accidental deaths!” (say the people who routinely ignore traffic accident death tolls). It’s nothing but lies, and statistically disproven ones at that — look at the homicide rates, the violent crime rates, and every other sort of crime rate in places like Chicago and compare them with places like rural Tennessee.

  32. The way to stop all of this before happening is to close all of the donut shops and drive the police into other lines of work, like IRS Agents.

    I hear that the IRS has been shopping around for old Nazi’s Storm Trooper manuals and uniforms. There is something about a Storm Trooper dressed in a black uniform topped with a silver skull that just say’s, “Howdy partner, let’s be friends, don’t be afraid!” .

    • I can just see the one IRS agent I know dressing like that, he is an unkempt, pot-bellied sort and would look so ridiculous in such a uniform I wouldn’t be able to stop laughing at him. I suppose I could ask him if he got his Nazi uniform yet, but my crowd has already been giving him a lot of s**t.

      Honestly if they were going to do something like that, I think they would have new ones made. The 1940’s were over 70 years ago, and it’s likely most of the uniforms from then are full of moth holes.

      Look on BizOpps for tens of thousands of pairs of high shiny boots. If you find those, I think you’ve got proof. Otherwise, I suspect it’s just a silly rumor.

  33. Yep… I believe they would. One thing I have learned over the years… a backbone is an endangered species in this country. Most folks are so heavily in debt that they wont go against the grain and risk loosing their paycheck… even if it’s the right thing to do.

    Then you have this mentality
    8-Year-Old Suspended Over Gun-Shaped Pop-Tart

    Park Elementary told parents it would give counseling to any children who needed it after the Pop-Tart incident.

    Seems the teachers are teaching our kids to be ANTI-gun…. and it’s only a matter of time before those kids turn 18 and enlist in the military. At which point they will have been brain washed into thinking guns are bad unless in the hands of the “authority”. At that point they wouldn’t think twice about trying to confiscate. Doesn’t matter what the United States Constitution says.

    I honestly don’t see the local law being any different. Look at all the laws currently on the books that violate our rights in the name of safety that they enforce and ticket for. Two that immediately come to mind are … don’t wear a seat belt or helmet and get a ticket. Whatever happened to freedom of choice. The only person I am hurting would be myself and I used to have that right.

    • Or the kid who was suspended because while playing at recess pretended he had a grenade, or the kid who drew a picture of a gun, or pretending a pencil was a gun, or the one who made a gun out of legos, the list is ongoing. Do a search for ‘kids suspended pretend gun’ it is truly scary, especially since these are young kids.
      Thank goodness my kids are not in public school as they play variations of ‘cops and robbers’ all the time.

      • We all played cops and robbers or cowboys and Indians growing up. This world is full of candy asses now and their goal is to destroy a once great country because it doesn’t fit into their warped sense of the way it should be.

        I honestly expect to see the toy guns to quit being manufactured thanks to special interest groups.

      • riverrider says:

        we only had one game, army. made guns out of tobacco sticks and broken chair legs. dirt clods were grenades. i guess we shoulda been locked up…..

        • TG, SW & Riverrider;
          When you have time check out the schooling program referred to as Common Core….it is communist scarey. For the past 30+ years it has different names only it progresses farther down the rabbit hole. If you want to know why playing cow boys are no longer tolerated look into the strangle hold they have on your children, grandchildren while in the class rooms. Do you remember Outcome bases education?The beginning–Alpha, this could be the Omega, oh my..

        • I was really bad! Remember cap guns? The red paper rolls? Beat them with a hammer, or burnt them. I should have gotten help. Especially since I carried a pocket knife on school grounds. Our grenades were persimmons or horse chestnuts. I think I know why I wasn’t allowed to have a bb gun or sling shot.

          • I loved those cap guns.

            • riverrider says:

              they expelled a 5 year old in md for carrying his capgun to school by mistake, and CHARGED HIM WITH POSSESSION OF EXPLOSIVES! charged his parents too. i refer back to my previous statement: time for regime change.

  34. OwlCreekObserver says:

    I believe that if confiscation comes, it will be on the heels of some national “disaster,” whether real or manufactured. The latest push by the gun grabbers came right after the Sandy Hook incident. Fortunately, most Americans weren’t taken in by the rhetoric this time around, but another government assassination event like Ruby Ridge might set into motion a series of events that could result in open rebellion and the possible confiscation of privately owned weapons “in the public interest.”

    Just my opinion.

  35. If it reaches that stage of the game just have to assume every cop, military fed & local official are on board to take guns. Since no answers fit to second poll I’ll add escape & evade

  36. Stuart the Viking says:

    Neither question had an “I don’t know” option. That is what freaks me out. I DON’T KNOW.

    I believe that there is not enough support for gun control for the President to get away with banning/confiscating using an executive order, and I don’t think such a bill would make it through congress to reach the Pres for the same reason.

    I think the only path from where we are now to total confiscation would be a slow, arduous wearing of our 2A rights over a long period of time. By the time “The Man” comes knocking on the door, the pro-gun culture might be gone and the few of us left will be standing alone against an overwhelming force.


  37. TexasScout says:

    I couldn’t answer the second poll question because I would do none of those.

    If they came to confiscate my guns, I would refuse. I would not fight them, but I would refuse to let them in. They would have to arrest me and take me to jail. If enough patriots did the same, is short order there would be “no room at the inn” and they would soon see the folly of their ways.

    • Considering I work at the inn… I beg to differ. Trust me… they will make room. It’s happened in the past and it’s currently happening. I wont go into details… but they WILL make room.

      • riverrider says:

        sw, i read the other day doj has six empty fed prisons built by clinton money but never ramped up. just waiting for the new arrivals. i know va has two state prisons in the same boat, no money to operate them they say.

        • I dunno. I do know they tried to buy a state joint but something about funding was stopping the purchase. I also know that we have been given the green light to build a “max unit” on our property, but there are no funds for the build.

          I also know that if you ask the officers… we are short on staff. If you ask the admin we are almost fully staffed. Funny how there never seems to be enough staff to cover things though.

          I just hope that when the SHTF I am on the outside of the fence. At least then I wont have some Lt that refuses to let me out.

        • k. fields says:

          I wish we had some of those empty prisons out here in CA, ours are so overcrowded that the Feds have ordered early releases!

          • worrisome says:

            Oh don’t worry about it K Fields they are letting them out and they are returning to their neighborhoods and murdering grandparents and raping their granddaughter………..

            • worrisome &k.fields;
              I believe the Bikini Atolls is vacant & open for business, it would make a wonderful vacation spot for those who receive an early release. Even the hard core criminals could use some time off in that lovely spot. Why waste a place that is fully paid for and perfect for them. Including those from Gitmo.

    • Doris Jones says:


      You are SO right! If everyone refused–they can do nothing.
      I remember when the Soviet Union was dissolved because the people just walked out of their homes, businesses and work one day and said “we won’t take it anymore” and made it stick. When most of the people stick together–no one and nothing can stop them. (I couldn’t answer the 2nd poll question for the very same reason.) Everyone in America did not agree to revolt against England to be free–but MOST did. All it takes for real
      change is a MAJORITY. Nothing trumps that. People seem to forget how very, very powerful that is.

      • Actually, only 3 percent of the population of the colonies actually took up arms against the Redcoats. One third of the population supported them, one third were Tories, and one third stayed out of it. This is where the “Threepers” get their name – three percent. That being said, I’m not sure there are 3% now, and the colonists were extremely motivated and didn’t have Dancing with the Stars to distract them, or welfare buying them off.

        • k. fields says:

          Well, let’s see – 5 million NRA members out of a population of 314 million …

        • Doris Jones says:

          Penny Pincher,

          Obviously you are well versed in history.
          I understand that the majority of people in the colonies did not “take up arms” ie. actually serve in the military, but the majority of the people DID support our being independent of England. While many (due to location and lack of transportation) did not get heavily involved, they were definitely not against the war.

          That is the reason that the Tories and any others who supported England after we won the war, very often went to areas that were unsettled–to be safe from those that won the war and from public opinion. If they were in the majority–they would have had no reason to flee after the war.

          Three percent may be a figure that is quoted as those who actually took up arms. I believe it was somewhat higher than that. Back then it was really difficult to actually know the exact population figures and I am not sure we have them now.

      • Unfortunately the Majority of people in this country are leftists in some way , there are different degrees of liberal , but liberal none the less . Either in apathy or direct open . The biggest problem is that they are all for it at first ………..then after it happens and they see the resulting tyranny and oppression , of their mistake …….its far too late . The People that fought in the Russian Revolution bought into all the propaganda , thinking that it couldnt be worse than the Tsar , found out it WAS worse than the Tsar ……again when it was too late .

  38. Why are the alphabet soup agencies buying all the ammo? To keep it off the shelves in WalMart?
    When asked why the Japanese didn’t invade the west coast after Pearl Harbor, too many of them had lived here or gone to school here and knew it would be too costly. Something like, “We knew there would be a gun behind every blade of grass.”
    Some cities and urban counties might go the route of Chicago, DC, New Jersey and New York as will some other States. Some won’t.
    Encourage arms and ammo manufacturers to not bid on gummint contracts and boycott those who don’t get it. Find Constitutional candidates for Sheriff and support them. Volunteer to join his “Sheriff’s Posse” or help him form one. BE a “Minute Man”. Give him a copy of Sheriff Mack’s books and follow up to get his opinion. If you don’t get the right answers, vote with your feet.
    Get educated. Be informed. Learn how your local gummint works and get involved. Letting “George” or “Barrie” do it won’t work any more. Letting someone else do it is how we got where we are today. It’s time to fish or cut bait.
    Albert Einstein said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Well, insanity is also electing the same criminal buffoons over and over and expecting different results.
    Years ago I considered running for a local office. I was told, “Politics is a dirty business. A nice Christian man like you shouldn’t get involved in that.” Guess what? It finally dawned on me that THEY DIDN’T WANT A NICE CHRISTIAN MAN INVOLVED IN LOCAL POLITICS!! (Please forgive me for raising my voice.)
    The best advice I have for anyone running for office is this, Don’t make speeches telling folks what you are going to do. Tell them you are standing before them today to ask them what THEY want you to do for them, then shut up and pass the microphone around.
    Btw, GOA or JPFO are better outfits. The NRA never saw a compromise it didn’t like. Via con Dios!

  39. I think once they start trying, it’ll last exactly one night or less before things really go kinetic. They don’t have the personnel to do it, they have to sleep sometime, and their families have to live somewhere. It would be a nightmare for any LEO’s who dare to try. Also some people are not going to stay at home, cowering or watching the door waiting for a SWAT team that far outnumbers them to break down the door. They’re going to go position themselves somewhere else, and lie in wait, or go into hiding.

    There will always be more weapons, too. Even if you lose your nerve and your weps, don’t sweat it. This country is awash in guns. You can even make a gun, albeit a crappy one. It gets to that point, I think all the little prohibitions against shotgun size, curio-relic parts, mag size, pistol vs. rifle lengths, and full-auto won’t matter anymore. It’ll be rock and roll.

    I think they’re not dumb. They’ll try taking them piecemeal first, probably using mental health as an excuse. That way there’s no definitive date that they flip a switch and it’s rock and roll for everyone. Boiling frogs, y’know.

    • Yep… and anyone that believes in the old constitution will be labeled mental defective because they don’t go along with the new world order.

      I think you’re on to something here… especially considering the new batch of executive orders that says doctors have to rat on patients.

      • It’s time NOW for anyone who thinks they can handle it to take some medical training, so you can help your loved ones, and yourself, for the minor things. You can learn things from used medical books, you can read Susunweed’s herbal guides, you can take first aid classes and maybe take paramedic training. And you can try herbal concoctions on yourself for small ailments to see how they work. Even if you can’t afford classes, you can learn from books and videos.

        I’m not saying to practice medicine on whatever people willy nilly without a license, this is to keep yourself and your family out of the doctor’s for the little stuff, and to give first aid to people who get injured. If you think you’re over your head or if you have doubts, get a real medical professional.

        For surgery you can schedule, I would go to Mexico. My uncle got 5 root canals there for a tenth of the price it would have been here and he said the dentist was great, very professional. Another thing I recommend is to find patriot minded medical people and quietly network with them, but don’t blab about it to other people.

        I might add that if you want to go to medical school, the ones abroad can be easier to get into and easier to pay for, but their instruction is probably just as good as here. I dunno if there’s time before the balloon goes up to go to medical school abroad and come back with an MD though.

        Finally, try to get fit, but don’t kill yourself trying to do it all in a big hurry. Do what you can safely do.

  40. Harold Olson says:

    That’s why I love it is where law enforcement military and former military pledge an oath to uphold the constitution and never confiscate guns from legal owners.

    • Doris Jones says:

      Harold Olson,

      I did not know that. Most positive thing I learned today.
      Hurray for the oathkeepers. org.!

  41. private idaho says:

    hmmm I already sold all my guns to the local gang members for health insurance money. they can try to find them if they want.

  42. Patriot Dave says:

    the local yocals in rural counties here seize raw milk. YES, they will take everything they are ordered to, regardless of constitutionality. “Ich bien vuz jus dooing mein chob”.
    You can add the blue helmeted UN troops and all the other alphabet agenies to the list.

    • The blue helmets will be seen as an invasion force by some. It would suck to be one walking in this country.

      • I imagine they won’t wear blue helmets, then. Unless they’re stupid. They’ll probably wear the same uniforms as the cops, or that “civilian force” O. wants.

        • Maybe… but if your walking thru town and all of a sudden the cops on the corner start chatting with each other in Russian… you know you have a problem.

      • worrisome says:

        SW the blue helmets were present already during the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations………….the press uttered nary a peep, nor was there any particular remarks made by those witnessing it.

  43. Texanadian says:

    Not good

    “WASHINGTON (AP) — A federal appeals court panel Friday unanimously upheld an Obama administration requirement that dealers in southwestern border states report when customers buy multiple high-powered rifles.

    The firearms industry trade group, the National Shooting Sports Foundation, and two Arizona gun sellers had argued that the administration overstepped its legal authority in the 2011 regulation, which applies to gun sellers in California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.

    The requirement, issued in what is known as a demand letter, compels those sellers to report to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives when anyone buys — within a five-day period — two or more semi-automatic weapons capable of accepting a detachable magazine and with a caliber greater than .22. The ATF says the requirement is needed to help stop the flow of guns to Mexican drug cartels.”

    Read more:

    • Yeah, because private citizens are the ones supplying guns to the cartel instead of the government.

    • It sucks , but on the other hand most of us dont have the cash to buy more than one at a time , so it would not affect us in that way . Even if you do have the cash , most people dont buy guns that way , they still look around for the one that fits them best before they buy it , that alone can take over a week .

    • worrisome says:

      Considering that the biggest gun running in history has been the ATF, Eric Holder and Obama, they had to make sure that they spun this away from them and blamed someone else. Hope this goes on up to the Supremes…………..not that I think they are going to honor the constitution either. It is already over folks, we just haven’t caught up with the fact yet.

    • axelsteve says:

      If I had to buy several rifles in a hurry I would buy from different dealers.I know it would show up on the waiting period side although the dealers would not see the sevrao orders.

  44. Both not enough choices , one might be only SOME would obey the order while others would refuse to do so and quit . Another option on the sub poll should be , I would have them hidden or buried , and tell them I lost them or they were stolen .

    • If you report your weps stolen, they might disallow you from having any more. Or maybe that’s when someone’s lost/stolen wep gets used in a crime. Not sure which.

      • Wont matter , your a partizan at that point . Hitlers laws no longer concern you . You have made the choice to resist .

  45. NotAHusker says:

    I’ll break a opsec a little and look locally. The Omaha police would gladly confiscate everyone’s guns if ordered to do so. Most Sheriff’s would not and small town officers in the area would not. At least this election we voted out our current MAIG Bloomburg clone and elected a mayor who promised fiscal responsibility and claims to be a gun owner. Time will tell.

    In my hometown of 4000 I could see the local police arresting federal agents who try to confiscate the locals guns. Of course they would then be arrested when the feds send in an army. But then the towns people would rise up and kill the feds. This scenario would occur all over the country so I believe the Federal government will not try an outright ban but work little by little at making “common sense laws for the children” till a outright ban becomes a reality.

    I do see problems ahead as the free states citizens will fight for our God given rights and the East and West coast states citizens will continue to elect their rights away for controlling governments that promise them everything they want for free.

    • Not all West coasters are bleedin’ heart liberals!

      • Rodger Ramjet says:


      • NotAHusker says:

        Sorry for grouping all East and West coasters together. Unfortunately, as an ex east coast city boy, I have seen most of my friends and family vote for and support Obama and his nanny state minions. I will always pray for those who are living in occupied territory as I know firsthand how difficult it can be.

        • worrisome says:

          That is me, living in occupied territory. Been here all my life and now moving out because of it.

      • axelsteve says:

        West coaster who is not a bleeding lib.

    • Hunker-Down says:

      The U.S. Army War College already has operational plans to handle similar scenarios. Didn’t someone say that West Point is ‘learning how to handle us’?

  46. Donna in MN says:

    If this government orders conviscation of our guns, rifles, and shotguns, they mean to kill us, leave us unarmed so we can’t fight back when they take everything from us–including our children, possessions,property, and our lives if we don’t like it. May as well be dead with your guns in hand if you are going to be killed anyway.

    • riverrider says:

      finally, somebody gets it!

      • Oh there are a lot of us that get it… we just haven’t come out and said it. Donna just happens to have a larger pair than most LOL

        • mountain lady says:

          Yes, she does. I am so paranoid at this point that I just keep hiding behind this rock.

    • “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.” – Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

  47. I didn’t want them come and give me only $100 for each gun so I sold most before that. lol

  48. Nancy V. says:

    The confiscation of legally-owned guns by the government would mean the end of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and the beginning of an authoritarian state through martial law.

    Would the local police agree to participate in the confiscation? Yes. Because they were told to and they were trained to follow orders. Would most people allow them to do that? Possibly. But not all of them would.

    In a vastly-controlled society where freedom is no longer available for the common man and legal recourse is only for the well-connected and rich, tyranny rules.

    My Dad once shared a wisdom he had heard about such terrible situations: “Learn the rules well enough, so you can break them properly.”

    Sounds good to me.

  49. I believe if it gets as bad as some of these posts predict, the local & some fed will go be with their own families. That’s why obummer is getting chummy with the UN

  50. Interesting conversation. I’ve had this one with both For and Against and they pretty much agree that having law enforcement come to take our guns would be a disaster on many levels. Of course the Against want us to lose our guns but most don’t want us fighting among ourselves. Now having the military come to our homes for our firearms could be a very different thing. They don’t necessarily live in our neighborhoods so their detachment could be different. I would hope that not a one of them, lawfully allowed to carry guns, would think it a good idea. Unhappily I do think that some catastrophe, real or contrived could very well lead to this situation becoming a reality.
    I hope not.

  51. Judy, another one says:

    I’ll be more than happy to turn over any registered gun I might still have in my possession and my BB-guns if it will make them feel better. Nobody said anything about the traitors not disappearing later. Remember SSS ; >)

    I’m less worried about the Sheriff’s Dept. than the local Gestapo/Rambos in the little town just north and west of us. The local Post Office has to have a break-in before we see the Sheriff’s Dept.

  52. Hobbitt of the Shire says:

    I had to vote that they would “attempt” to take our guns. As to giving up my guns, the only thing that i have left is my 6 yo sons BB gun that he got for Christmas. All of mine were sold when I lost my house and the few that i wanted to keep were stolen out of the back of my trailer with my gun safe when we moved. oh well, i guess i will have to vote blue ticket during the next election…….NOT

  53. Rebecca says:

    They are going to try to use more subtle means first to get the guns away. Then there won’t be so many to confiscate. Some states are already having voluntary anonymous gun turn-ins and it’s sickening how many people have done this. I should put an ad on Craig’s list offering the idiots a free place to drop off their guns, I’d put em to good use…

    Might want to consider having a “freebie” weapon that was cheap that you are willing to give up so as not to appear too innocent. Also probably a good time to start figuring out how to build false walls and various other hidden compartments throughout your home/property to have some weapons hidden in case your house gets completely raided.

    Eventually, the public will be disarmed. We just need a really major crisis so the 99% sheeple will rally behind the govt to get those guns from the “evil terrorists,” aka, patriots/preppers/etc.

    • Texanadian says:

      Some of what I have read is the people turn in broken unrepairable guns, then take that money and buy a new working firearm. Heck, if I could get 200 dollars for a gun that doesn’t shoot I’d take it and buy ammunition or something that works.

  54. walker67 says:

    My parents (early 80’s) called the police a little while back when someone fired off a rifle in their front yard . The response ” Both deputys on patrol are handling a domestic dispute.” They then contacted the DNR TIP (Turn In Poachers Line) and were informed that there is a well known poacher in the area and by no means should they go out and confront him . So not worried about locals as they just seem to want to be comfortable . Mil & DHS ? Yeah worried , we know from history where “Just following orders” leads to , oh , by the way they no longer seem to teach history in public schools .

  55. There are NO constitutionally legal gun laws, no matter what any court has ever ruled. “..the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed” has NO exceptions. There are no exceptions for mental stability, prior felony convictions, type of weapon, size of magazine, or anything else. ANYTHING the military has, the American citizen has the right to own as well. Granted, the founding fathers did not imagine WMD’s, but the basic tenet is still valid. Anything that can be used against the citizens by a tyrannical government shall be available to those same citizens. Same with the 1st Amendment. Free speech is for everyone, the sane and the insane. The current debate on what is “news” and what isn’t and it’s relationship to the 1st Amendment is as chilling as any of the 2nd Amendment arguments. We have allowed our 2nd Amendment rights to be eroded over time, and have become accustomed to being lightly armed compared to those that wish to do us harm. Sure, good intentions all, but those that wish us harm have been the ones eroding the rights so that we would be defenseless when the “right time” came with the willing help of those indoctrinated over generations to think that the Government is the Supreme Authority in all things. Friends, I believe many of us will live to see the “right time, and very soon. MOLON LABE!

  56. 3rdgen4wars says:

    Iam sorry to say that I really think, if ordered to do so, all leo’s would attempt to confinscate. It all boils down to the dollar, and their pensions. I was at the anti union rtw rally in Lansing back in december, I was nose to nose with a state cop & I said you f*#kers should be standing here with us, throw down your badges and join us. He said “Iam just doing my job, the police and fireunions are exempt from rtw”.

  57. of course I would smile and hand them over… at least the ones I could not deny owning due to paperwork… if I were to forget about any undocumented ones on the other hand……………

  58. 3rdgen4wars says:

    Divide & conquer. Thats the whole mantra. I fully support the 300 or so sheriffs that made public their protests of confinscation & unjust laws regarding 2a. Thanks to those who had the backbone to speak against that .

  59. k. fields says:

    I don’t believe President Obama will order a confiscation of firearms, but if some future President does, I believe the police and other agencies ordered to carry out the deed will follow the order to the best of their ability.

    • Do you believe that King Obama will, instead of taking our guns… just attempt to put our rights in the hands of the U.N.??? Because he will likely sign our rights away on Monday. Then it will be up to the Senate to restore our rights. Will they?

      He was taught by Cloward & Piven and people like Bill Ayres and Reverend Wright. He is led by George Soros who has profited from and even helped along the demise of more than one currency.

      I believe that Barack Hussein Obama wants to be at the helm when the SHTF so he can take control. He is beefing up DHS so he can impose martial law when the dollar crashes. They know how ugly things will get when EBT cards are no longer worth the plastic they’re printed on.

      He… and the people behind him want to redistribute the wealth. Not in America but, they want to redistribute “our” wealth to the world. Why did he shut down drilling in the gulf but, give $4 billion to Mexico and Brazil so they could drill in the same waters? He even told them on the record that we would be their biggest customers.

      You just wait ’til OPEC stops accepting the dollar. We will be screwed, blued and tattoo’d.

      Giving our gun rights to the U.N. is just the beginning. If he can’t crash our system in the next three years… he will figure out a way to run for another term. There is already a congressman introducing a bill. He just won a fixed election. How can 65% of the voters want to repeal Obama care and he still wins? How can he win dozens of districts where republican representatives and senators were re-elected? How can dozens of precincts report more votes than citizens?

      I am sickened by what has happened and what is about to happen.

      If you are not outraged… you are not paying attention!

  60. The only vote I would check wasn’t an option-
    “what guns?” Heh-heh-heh

    • Thomas T. Tinker says:

      That runs along the same thread O logic I use…… I voted to hand em over with a smile………. :):):)

  61. Patriot Farmer says:

    Unfortunately I believe that most “law enforcement” officers will blindly follow whatever instructions they are given regardless of legality of the instructions. I also believe that most “law enforcement” officers have developed an “us versus them” mentality and they really see us as them.

  62. Could this be the tipping point? Is this the line in the sand that Obama will cross that will change American history? I feel it is. I see a serious threat to the American people & it is right on our doorstep. I beleive Obama does want to be dictator & all the scandals that have popped up are just a hindrance to him & his crew. They are using them as stall tactics til they can get this done & then Martial law will be placed on the country & it will start.. I am hoping the police & the Federal law enforcement dont back up his position but they probably will, mainly because most law enforcement has an ego thing about being in control.

    I also feel they dont realize the resolve of the opposition. The Preppers will be the only hope but going against helicopters & drones will make it pretty tough. Hope it doesnt come to that but it’s sure looking like they want a fight.

  63. DeputyDawg says:

    I have been in LE for almost 20 years and have spoken on this question, many times as of late, with fellow colleagues. The concensus I have come to is that most at the state and lower levels will not enforce it ( if anything so stupid would ever pass ). Just look at youtube and pull up any number of videos done by Chiefs and Sheriff’s all across America, stating their unwillingness to do anything like that.

  64. If you do not believe they can come for your gun..please remember back to KATRINA Hurricane when this very order was given..many people handed their weapons over and many lost their lives from bad guys…many were raped from bad guys…many lost their property from bad guys….Where was the Government to Protect you and your loved ones….and Why do you want the government to do what is up to you…

  65. Give them two or three you keep in your collection for just such a purpose. the ones that look like they work well, but don’t, all the while bitching up a storm, protest, give them the “drop guns” and close the door on their foot.

    • Or stuff the hollow butt of polymer rifles with an explosive and a timer . Body armor will be all thats left of the guys around it .

  66. JeffintheWest says:

    I had to vote for the first one, but I’d like to express the important caveat that I believe some of those in positions of authority in the law enforcement community would oppose such orders, and that many rank and file members would as well.

  67. Last time I went camping on this island, my boat was gone the next day (along with my guns). Lucky for me that it was raining cats & dogs that evening, otherwise I would have had time to pitch my tent. Instead, I had this self-inflating raft that not only protected me from the rain, but allowed me to get back to shore the next morning. Wish I had written down those serial numbers for insurance purposes.

  68. Wow, I got an overwhelming response.

    1. I am not a troll, just an amateur prepper and enthusiast about making America a better place.

    2. Those that backed up responses with facts, it’s much appreciated. Those that just sent me back responses like “constitutional law expert, what proof do you have of this?,” or “constitutional law expert ____ insert whatever,” Obama was a law school lecturer/professor on Con law:

    3. The first response, Ethan. Thanks for taking the time to respond and not belittle me for what I think. You say: “We probably won’t see a confiscation at the Federal level.” This is my point. Obama cannot and will not be able to take guns away, it’s because of people like us that won’t allow it to happen. So everyone getting all bent out of shape about it is not going to do anything to help.

    4. Besides, we’ve had plenty of presidents as bad as Obama: G.W. Bush, J. Carter, R. Nixon – to name a few. Bush started a whole war on false intelligence, Carter botched the hostage crisis and furthered genocidal tendencies in Cambodia, and Nixon… well… what didn’t he do wrong?

    5. My main point, keep voicing opinions, but don’t discredit people who merely suggest an educated position that may oppose your own. We’re all in this together.

  69. Jacob F says:

    I know here in my part of oregon the local cops and sheriffs would not collect firearms. They have already pledged not to enforce and laws the the president signs in if they in anyway go against the 2nd admentment

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