Friday Poll: Do you believe the police will attempt to confiscate firearms if ordered to by Obama?

Friday Poll: Do you believe the police will attempt to confiscate firearms if ordered to by Obama?

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If police came to your home to take your guns what would you do?

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  1. Judy, another one says:

    I’ll be more than happy to turn over any registered gun I might still have in my possession and my BB-guns if it will make them feel better. Nobody said anything about the traitors not disappearing later. Remember SSS ; >)

    I’m less worried about the Sheriff’s Dept. than the local Gestapo/Rambos in the little town just north and west of us. The local Post Office has to have a break-in before we see the Sheriff’s Dept.

  2. Hobbitt of the Shire says:

    I had to vote that they would “attempt” to take our guns. As to giving up my guns, the only thing that i have left is my 6 yo sons BB gun that he got for Christmas. All of mine were sold when I lost my house and the few that i wanted to keep were stolen out of the back of my trailer with my gun safe when we moved. oh well, i guess i will have to vote blue ticket during the next election…….NOT

  3. Rebecca says:

    They are going to try to use more subtle means first to get the guns away. Then there won’t be so many to confiscate. Some states are already having voluntary anonymous gun turn-ins and it’s sickening how many people have done this. I should put an ad on Craig’s list offering the idiots a free place to drop off their guns, I’d put em to good use…

    Might want to consider having a “freebie” weapon that was cheap that you are willing to give up so as not to appear too innocent. Also probably a good time to start figuring out how to build false walls and various other hidden compartments throughout your home/property to have some weapons hidden in case your house gets completely raided.

    Eventually, the public will be disarmed. We just need a really major crisis so the 99% sheeple will rally behind the govt to get those guns from the “evil terrorists,” aka, patriots/preppers/etc.

    • Texanadian says:

      Some of what I have read is the people turn in broken unrepairable guns, then take that money and buy a new working firearm. Heck, if I could get 200 dollars for a gun that doesn’t shoot I’d take it and buy ammunition or something that works.

  4. walker67 says:

    My parents (early 80’s) called the police a little while back when someone fired off a rifle in their front yard . The response ” Both deputys on patrol are handling a domestic dispute.” They then contacted the DNR TIP (Turn In Poachers Line) and were informed that there is a well known poacher in the area and by no means should they go out and confront him . So not worried about locals as they just seem to want to be comfortable . Mil & DHS ? Yeah worried , we know from history where “Just following orders” leads to , oh , by the way they no longer seem to teach history in public schools .

  5. There are NO constitutionally legal gun laws, no matter what any court has ever ruled. “..the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed” has NO exceptions. There are no exceptions for mental stability, prior felony convictions, type of weapon, size of magazine, or anything else. ANYTHING the military has, the American citizen has the right to own as well. Granted, the founding fathers did not imagine WMD’s, but the basic tenet is still valid. Anything that can be used against the citizens by a tyrannical government shall be available to those same citizens. Same with the 1st Amendment. Free speech is for everyone, the sane and the insane. The current debate on what is “news” and what isn’t and it’s relationship to the 1st Amendment is as chilling as any of the 2nd Amendment arguments. We have allowed our 2nd Amendment rights to be eroded over time, and have become accustomed to being lightly armed compared to those that wish to do us harm. Sure, good intentions all, but those that wish us harm have been the ones eroding the rights so that we would be defenseless when the “right time” came with the willing help of those indoctrinated over generations to think that the Government is the Supreme Authority in all things. Friends, I believe many of us will live to see the “right time, and very soon. MOLON LABE!

  6. 3rdgen4wars says:

    Iam sorry to say that I really think, if ordered to do so, all leo’s would attempt to confinscate. It all boils down to the dollar, and their pensions. I was at the anti union rtw rally in Lansing back in december, I was nose to nose with a state cop & I said you f*#kers should be standing here with us, throw down your badges and join us. He said “Iam just doing my job, the police and fireunions are exempt from rtw”.

  7. of course I would smile and hand them over… at least the ones I could not deny owning due to paperwork… if I were to forget about any undocumented ones on the other hand……………

  8. 3rdgen4wars says:

    Divide & conquer. Thats the whole mantra. I fully support the 300 or so sheriffs that made public their protests of confinscation & unjust laws regarding 2a. Thanks to those who had the backbone to speak against that .

  9. k. fields says:

    I don’t believe President Obama will order a confiscation of firearms, but if some future President does, I believe the police and other agencies ordered to carry out the deed will follow the order to the best of their ability.

    • Do you believe that King Obama will, instead of taking our guns… just attempt to put our rights in the hands of the U.N.??? Because he will likely sign our rights away on Monday. Then it will be up to the Senate to restore our rights. Will they?

      He was taught by Cloward & Piven and people like Bill Ayres and Reverend Wright. He is led by George Soros who has profited from and even helped along the demise of more than one currency.

      I believe that Barack Hussein Obama wants to be at the helm when the SHTF so he can take control. He is beefing up DHS so he can impose martial law when the dollar crashes. They know how ugly things will get when EBT cards are no longer worth the plastic they’re printed on.

      He… and the people behind him want to redistribute the wealth. Not in America but, they want to redistribute “our” wealth to the world. Why did he shut down drilling in the gulf but, give $4 billion to Mexico and Brazil so they could drill in the same waters? He even told them on the record that we would be their biggest customers.

      You just wait ’til OPEC stops accepting the dollar. We will be screwed, blued and tattoo’d.

      Giving our gun rights to the U.N. is just the beginning. If he can’t crash our system in the next three years… he will figure out a way to run for another term. There is already a congressman introducing a bill. He just won a fixed election. How can 65% of the voters want to repeal Obama care and he still wins? How can he win dozens of districts where republican representatives and senators were re-elected? How can dozens of precincts report more votes than citizens?

      I am sickened by what has happened and what is about to happen.

      If you are not outraged… you are not paying attention!

  10. The only vote I would check wasn’t an option-
    “what guns?” Heh-heh-heh

    • Thomas T. Tinker says:

      That runs along the same thread O logic I use…… I voted to hand em over with a smile………. :):):)

  11. Patriot Farmer says:

    Unfortunately I believe that most “law enforcement” officers will blindly follow whatever instructions they are given regardless of legality of the instructions. I also believe that most “law enforcement” officers have developed an “us versus them” mentality and they really see us as them.

  12. Could this be the tipping point? Is this the line in the sand that Obama will cross that will change American history? I feel it is. I see a serious threat to the American people & it is right on our doorstep. I beleive Obama does want to be dictator & all the scandals that have popped up are just a hindrance to him & his crew. They are using them as stall tactics til they can get this done & then Martial law will be placed on the country & it will start.. I am hoping the police & the Federal law enforcement dont back up his position but they probably will, mainly because most law enforcement has an ego thing about being in control.

    I also feel they dont realize the resolve of the opposition. The Preppers will be the only hope but going against helicopters & drones will make it pretty tough. Hope it doesnt come to that but it’s sure looking like they want a fight.

  13. DeputyDawg says:

    I have been in LE for almost 20 years and have spoken on this question, many times as of late, with fellow colleagues. The concensus I have come to is that most at the state and lower levels will not enforce it ( if anything so stupid would ever pass ). Just look at youtube and pull up any number of videos done by Chiefs and Sheriff’s all across America, stating their unwillingness to do anything like that.

  14. If you do not believe they can come for your gun..please remember back to KATRINA Hurricane when this very order was given..many people handed their weapons over and many lost their lives from bad guys…many were raped from bad guys…many lost their property from bad guys….Where was the Government to Protect you and your loved ones….and Why do you want the government to do what is up to you…

  15. Give them two or three you keep in your collection for just such a purpose. the ones that look like they work well, but don’t, all the while bitching up a storm, protest, give them the “drop guns” and close the door on their foot.

    • Or stuff the hollow butt of polymer rifles with an explosive and a timer . Body armor will be all thats left of the guys around it .

  16. JeffintheWest says:

    I had to vote for the first one, but I’d like to express the important caveat that I believe some of those in positions of authority in the law enforcement community would oppose such orders, and that many rank and file members would as well.

  17. Last time I went camping on this island, my boat was gone the next day (along with my guns). Lucky for me that it was raining cats & dogs that evening, otherwise I would have had time to pitch my tent. Instead, I had this self-inflating raft that not only protected me from the rain, but allowed me to get back to shore the next morning. Wish I had written down those serial numbers for insurance purposes.

  18. Wow, I got an overwhelming response.

    1. I am not a troll, just an amateur prepper and enthusiast about making America a better place.

    2. Those that backed up responses with facts, it’s much appreciated. Those that just sent me back responses like “constitutional law expert, what proof do you have of this?,” or “constitutional law expert ____ insert whatever,” Obama was a law school lecturer/professor on Con law:

    3. The first response, Ethan. Thanks for taking the time to respond and not belittle me for what I think. You say: “We probably won’t see a confiscation at the Federal level.” This is my point. Obama cannot and will not be able to take guns away, it’s because of people like us that won’t allow it to happen. So everyone getting all bent out of shape about it is not going to do anything to help.

    4. Besides, we’ve had plenty of presidents as bad as Obama: G.W. Bush, J. Carter, R. Nixon – to name a few. Bush started a whole war on false intelligence, Carter botched the hostage crisis and furthered genocidal tendencies in Cambodia, and Nixon… well… what didn’t he do wrong?

    5. My main point, keep voicing opinions, but don’t discredit people who merely suggest an educated position that may oppose your own. We’re all in this together.

  19. Jacob F says:

    I know here in my part of oregon the local cops and sheriffs would not collect firearms. They have already pledged not to enforce and laws the the president signs in if they in anyway go against the 2nd admentment