Friday Poll: Which is a better investement?

Which is a better long-term investement

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  1. I should have said Federal Reserve notes, thusly I could keep warm and cook my food from the fire they would make. But then again- they probably wouldn’t burn too good eitherly.

    • Thomas T. Tinker says:

      Hey Marti! Ya run through a shredder til ya have a bucket load. Then ya add water till they are good and wet. let em soak. Next day…. viola…. Bio-Bricks! If you add good ‘sweaty’ pine shavings……. they burn hotter. Youtube bio-brick presses.

  2. SC Redneck says:

    For long term I have to go with land. They are not making any more of it

  3. The Original Wolfepak says:

    I picked other for two reasons, neither of which can be taken away from you. 1) Salvation based on a loving GOD 2) knowledge of all of the other choices.

  4. mhardmoney says:

    long term gold (1/4 ounce coins) then silver (dollar coins) preferred investment . Bought slowly over time will provide some protection against the coming inflation.Plan on withdrawing over time % of funds from IRA and buying more gold / silver . I think we should all have money untracked off the grid. I can envision what’s about to happen To Cyprus bank accounts may some day (10-15 years) happen to any money in IRA / 401 accounts.The government will be desperate to raise funds to keep all it’s programs funded ,it will be portrayed as only being fair to redistribute these funds for the greater good. Love this site ,the wealth of knowledge shared by the pack is invaluable and very much appreciated .

  5. Survivor says:

    I chose ‘other’. Knowledge, IMHO, is absolutely the most precious commodity one can have. Even today you aren’t paid for what you can do, you’re paid for what you know, what you’ve learned through experience. It’s even been suggested as a prep priority for groups – keeping people with special skills. To a prepper an unskilled (unprepared) person is simply a meat bag with reproductive powers. Ain’t saying they can’t be trained, but if an unskilled person showed up at your group’s entrance asking to be adopted, among other things, you’d have to weigh how much you’ll have to invest in food and vital resources before the plebe can carry his/her own weight.
    Food and firepower will be the new currency. Silver and gold will become more precious as society eases back into a rythym and we start to rebuild. I believe the end of the SHTF era will be a few years coming and the government that emerges from the rubble will be much different from what we know today. Paro Defendemus (Prepare and Defend), now I just need me a cool looking banner!! 🙂

  6. with out guns you will not be able to keep what you have

  7. Hi to all,

    Been lurking for several years, life in general takes up to much time. Getting to old to accomplish much more that what each new day brings. I agree with each and everyone’s choice. I voted guns and ammo, but everyone has a different primary need depending on where they are in time.

    It does my heart good to see that most have placed their lives in God’s hand first and foremost. Without Him, we have no chance, regardless off what we have prepped with/for. The bible gives us His word that He will lift all believers (those dead and alive) up into the air on that day when He comes for His people. As many have stated, He also gave us a charge to provide all for our families and to help others as we can. I feel that means to prep for the worse so that your family is taken care of. I don’t think that means that one should excessively store goods beyond your needs per the parable about the rich man who build barns to store his excess (I think that story applies to any item that is hoarded over above reasonably projected needs). You tithe can be time, money, products, but the tithe or more is the proof to God that you return part of His blessing to Him…” we are only stewards of what is ALL His

    Wife and I have land that is not yet paid for . Only owe 19 more months on it, but it is never safe from government seizure. I have a years worth of food and will continue to can/dehydrate,etc. as we rotate what we store, I have adequate ammo, firearms (would like to have a M1, but cash to spare is not there) enough to exceed my physical ability to use them all. At 67, I am not planning for any major stand. I have enough food, water, etc. to survive for a fair while and enough firepower to take my share of zombies with me. My son is close, wife and I will move down the mountain a few miles with him and at that point God will lead us. I know that Eternal Life is far better than anything here.

    A quote attributed to many alway come to my mind is “The thing that separates the American Christian from every other person on the earth the the fact that he would rather die on his feet that live on his knees.”

    To that I say Amen and Molon Labe… I am looking forward to the future.

  8. Richard J says:

    Other. TP, soap, shampoo, bullets, water, food. All easily bartered for other things.

  9. I voted for “other”. My “other” means anything that is “TANGIBLE”; items that I can touch, use or consume. These would be ANY assets that will aid my family and myself today and in the future. These include our land, home, funds, foods, arms, fuels and other preparations to ease our lives today and in the possible (probable) events that may (will) happen in the future. This also includes MINDSET and FAITH in a loving God, which are also “tangibles” in my world.

  10. Sirvivr2010 says:

    I voted “other”. I need God, land, seed and guns. Somewhere in there, a helpmate.

  11. I voted for Guns and ammo, With these I can eat well, have gold or silver, gather knowledge, If I have guns and ammo and you don’t well then what you have will be mine and you will work for me. I have land, I have water, I have a wife and two children, I have lots of food BUT I also have tons of ammo and mind set to use both. My main and only concern will be the well fair and safety of my people, If you have what I need to keep my people safe and your not better armed then I am then I will take yours if you don’t give it to me.This is not a new concept but it is a proven fact. Remember the victor writes history the meek may inherit the earth but it starts 6 feet under

  12. I voted for land. You can build a home on land and have your food storage there. You can raise a garden on land. You can have a flock of chickens on land. You can have a water well on land. You can bury your dead on land. If you don’t own the land (and the dwelling) where you live you can be made homeless at the whim of the landlord or mortgage company if you lose your job or if the economy tanks and those retirement pay checks stop. If you own land, that is something of lasting value that you can pass onto your descendants. You can not eat gold or silver or burn it to keep warm. Without a home on land of your own, you could be reduced to being a nomad no matter how many guns or platinum credit cards or other “stuff” you have.