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New Obamacare Tax Form Mandates Americans Report Personal Health ID Info to IRS : “When Obamacare’s individual mandate takes effect in 2014, all Americans who file income tax returns must complete an additional IRS tax form. The new form will require disclosure of a taxpayer’s personal identifying health information in order to determine compliance with the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate.” Thanks to Kim for the link.

Woman Blocked From Voting Over ‘Bible’ T-Shirt : “A woman was blocked from early voting near Austin, Texas, last week after wearing a T-shirt that said “Vote the Bible.” A pro-family group called Texas Values said election workers told resident Kay Hill at the Taylor City Hall polling place in Williamson County her shirt was quote “offensive.” She was told to turn the shirt inside out, go home and change, or cover up the words “Vote the Bible.” Hill tried to disagree but was eventually forced to cover up her Bible message. Poll workers reportedly provided a jacket for her to wear over the shirt.” Thanks to Scott G for the link.

One month until they regulate the Internet : Folks it looks like the UN is at it again… Anyone think that I should put together and archive on CD of The Survivalist for pack members ?:-) Thanks to CR for the link.

Feds Let Mexican Cartel Hit Men Kill in U.S., Senior Lawman Told Stratfor : “The U.S. government allowed Mexican drug cartel hit men working as “confidential informants” for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to murder people inside the United States, an American federal law enforcement supervisor told the private intelligence firm Stratfor in e-mails released by WikiLeaks.” Folks the U.S. Government has been deeply involved in the drug trade for years, the war on drugs is a shame.  Thanks to Scott G for the link.

Economy: Inflation Has Become A Way Of Life In America : “Stuff costs too much. Seriously. Every time I go to the grocery store these days, I am absolutely horrified by the prices. I try not to buy anything that is not on sale, but the problem is that I am discovering that the new sale prices are the old regular prices. So now paying what used to be “full price” is supposedly a good deal.”

5 Key Reasons Why Silver Prices Will Continue To Perform In 2013 : “If asked to name the top performing commodity of the past decade, not many would answer silver because of its notorious volatility. Yet, silver prices have delivered the best gains since 2002.”

Gun Sales Surge Ahead Of Presidential Election : “We’ve got an insatiable demand for weaponry, with more guns being purchased last year in America than there are active duty military members in the world’s fourteen largest militaries.”

M.D. adds: I think Obama will win the upcoming presidential election and that during his next term as dictator… I mean president, we will see the Clinton “Assault Weapon” ban reenacted, with more and stricter revisions added to the law.

Camping Survival has a special offer : When you order $75 or more they will throw in a free StrikeForce Fire Starter Orange; when you order $150 or more we will throw in the free StrikeForce Fire Starter AND a free Southern Telecom Hurrican / Power Outage Emergency Kit, and  in addition to the free item(s) you will receive 5% off your order as long as you use the coupon code “octobersandy” during checkout.

Six Tips for Dealing With the New Prepper” you might also like to read “Finding Like-Minded Survivalist Friends” and “Top 9 Mistakes Of Prepping Newbs”  😀

Looters brag on Twitter : “Several brazen thugs have robbed their neighbors and their local shops of everything from basic food stuffs to expensive electronics and they are taking to Twitter to broadcast their spoils.” Thanks to Jean for the link.

80,000 Pounds Of Walnuts Stolen In California : “As the Northeast hunkered down in preparation for Hurricane Sandy, authorities on the West Coast were embroiled in a seriously nutty mystery: the disappearance of 80,000 pounds of walnuts, stolen in two installments, from Northern California.” Thanks to Gwen C for the link.

No prank: On Halloween, US military forces train for zombie apocalypse : “The scenario is part of a counterterrorism summit held this week. A zombie invasion would have characteristics similar to other catastrophic events and would be ‘a federal incident,’ a summit organizer says.” Thanks to Erica L for the link.

Tempers Flare as Food Runs Short in Hoboken, N.J. : “National Guard troops delivered food and water to residents in this heavily flooded city across from Manhattan on Wednesday as officials sent out a plea for more supplies, including boats and generators.” Thanks to Gwen C for the link.

Are we really a communist nation? “Karl Marx in creating the Communist Manifesto designed these planks AS A TEST to determine whether a society has become communist or not. If they are all in effect and in force, then the people ARE practicing communists.” Thanks to Kim for the link.

The Virtual Economic Recovery : “Since mid-2009 the US has been enjoying a virtual recovery courtesy of a rigged inflation measure that understates inflation. The financial Presstitutes spoon out the government’s propaganda that prices are rising less than 2%. But anyone who purchases food, fuel, medical care or anything else knows that low inflation is no more real that Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction or Gadhafi’s alleged attacks on Libyan protesters or Iran’s nuclear weapons. Everything is a lie to serve the power-brokers.” Thanks to Kim for the link.

U.S. Economy Adds 171,000 Jobs : See above link and article. 😀

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  1. I chose to do the gun show in a neighboring town this weekend, vs. the one here last weekend because I feel people will feel the same way about the election. It’s just too close to call. So if you can afford it, and you want another firearm, this weekend might be your best chance.

  2. Hope your wrong on the Obama thing M.D. In my logical mind I do not see Obama getting as many votes now as he did in 2008, too many people not happy with the healthcare act and his total lack of doing ANYTHING to help the economy and job situation. I also think Romney/Ryan it a lot stronger ticket that Mcain/Palin was and they will get a lot more votes than the 2008 election. Plus they just did a study and think that the undecieded voters are at about 65-35% in the Romney camp. I think there is to much liberal media bias being reported in the polls and most people will be suprised on wed nov 7 when Romney wins by a good margin. Of course being a good prepper you always wish for the best and prep for the worst!!!

    • My biggest concern are the voting machines that favor Obozocratic candidates. One faulty machine, OK. Two, well, possibly a coincidence, but several? It’s like finding two or three needles in the hay stack: the chances are that it’s filled with needles.

      As a former cop and criminal investigator for the Army, I was trained to not believe in coincidences. A cop disbelieves 90% of what he hears and 70% of what he sees. Sure, there might be a plausible explanation, but well…OK, I’m whistling in the wind. There just isn’t a plausible explanation.

      • worrisome says:


        • SurvivorDan says:

          Indeed. I have been saying that the ‘fix’ is in. The DNC will do ANYTHING to win. ANYTHING. THEY can’t afford to lose this one. It will take Divine intervention for Romney to win it.

  3. Myster guest says:

    On the Obama care MANDATE go get a scripto wide marker and write:
    N/A over it and then when they spend millions sending out new forms repeat the process. By the time they send out agents you will be ready for them.
    On that BIBLE T-shirt, wish I had one. If they made a fuss I would strip it off and vote boobie style if I can quit stepping on them trying to get to the booth, then as I leave will throw them over my shoulders and let them wave good-bye.

    • Soggy Prepper says:

      Hahaha! Nearly choked! Thanks! Course I have a mental image I can not get rid of! Rofl! Made my day Myster Guest, Thanks! hahaha

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      In my local paper today were 2 full page adds by the democratic party and both read “Save Medicare and Social Security. Vote Obama/ Biden”. I shot coffee out my nose!

    • Now “THAT” was funny! I have images I tell images! Smile

    • ROTFL!!!!!

      I’m with Soggy on this one. That is a very interesting image.

    • HomeINsteader says:

      ROFL! Wait! Why am I laughing? “Cuz it hits close to home?! ; )

      • Encourager says:

        haaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaa!!! HomeINsteader, exactly. It was me I was picturing…if only I had the nerve.

    • Encourager says:

      Bro-haaa-haaa-haaa-haaa snort, gasp (gotta breathe!)
      Myster, that was so funny I nearly choked! Now I got that pic stuck in my head for the rest of the night!!!!! Thanks for the belly laugh.

  4. First I’ll say that the inflation numbers put out by the government don’t include everyday needs, like food and gasoline. I can attest to the fact that real inflation is very, very bad but the government and media don’t tell us the REAL numbers.

    I’m an accountant, so naturally I keep up with my household budget in a manner similar to an accountant – spreadsheets galore. Anyway, I looked at our food cost averages over several years yesterday and noticed that everything nearly doubled in 2011 from the prior 6 years. For those 6 years, I held pretty even with until 2011 when it went bonkers. Thanks to much belt-tightening, it has been better in 2012 but not back to the same level as those 6 year averages. (This little review is going to cause more belt-tightening too.)

    In one specific incidence, I can tell you there was a 28% increase in cost of something I purchase. A product I ordered in February 2009 increased that much in price by the time I re-ordered it last month. I’m now looking for less expensive alternatives for the next time I have to buy it – fortunately, I have a long time to look as it will be another 2-1/2 years or more before I need it again (I hope).

    MD – I hope you’re wrong, but I fear you may be right.

  5. riverrider says:

    sandy- non union electrical workers are being turned away from helping. nyc marathon goes on, sucking up resources needed for recovery while folks freeze and starve (they shoulda been reading thesurvivalistblog). red cross accused of taking the money and running. everybody boohooing about no gasoline, (guess they shoulda been reading thesurvivalistblog too). some folks lost EVERYTHING, and you boohoo because you were too lazy to fill up before the storm? if you still vote for obama, we’re all gonna be waiting in line for gas, better get used to it. where’s your obama now? spending the next 4 days flapping his lips in ohio, thats where. remember benghazi!

  6. PGCPrepper says:

    I have physical silver but was short the silver ETF $SLV. I closed the short expecting other shorts to close before election and since end of weekend of week. Probably will be higher at COB after today’s selloff.

    Might still get better deal with Romney wins which seems what gold and silver is saying but inflation and Sandy disaster will wreak havoc and silver will be higher soon. ETF may see 29.00 area though. Right now ETF is 29.92

  7. PGCPrepper says:

    Spot Silver is just under 31.00. Plus, we need an edit function for those of us whom type on small electronic thingies. See previous post 🙂

  8. Tactical G-Ma says:

    And if all this crap isn’t enough, the FBI has lost track of two Afghani terror specialists who attended a program here in the U.S. They didn’t show up for their flight home. I am amazed at the level of incompetence in our government. Just when you think they can’t top the last snafu, here comes another! And M.D., we are in for some tough times no matter who gets elected.

  9. We need to declare war on Mexico , push back about 200 miles pushing the indigenous population south…..then stop . Then create a buffer nation ( like creating Israel after WW2 ) to be settled by Europeans with the stipulation that the new nation is to ensure Mexican Nationals do not enter the United States as condition for ending hostilities . Things like this has been done after both world wars .

  10. Communist nation ? if you look at our history ……..the US has never known moderation , we either do nothing or completely and totally overreact . In WW2 we imprisoned constitutionally protected US citizens in internment camps out of fear , stupidity , and paranoia forgetting the much bigger picture of the constitution . We are at it again , seeing the bogie man behind every shadow , even the one under our upper lip , so we elect and stand passively by as things like Soviet style militarization of the country takes place , stay quiet about NDAA , DHS , patriot act are passed without even a riot on the street because it will help the bogie man go away , instead of noticing that its creating a new bogie man . Our population is generally lazy , overweight , and propagandized by the left , as a result a very large section of the population are socialists weather they see themselves that way or not . The US will probably become a Communist nation because we dont understand moderation ……its all or nothing with us .

    • T.R.

      The boogiemen (terrorist) have been a very convenient aid for those in power to gain more power, take more control of us and to take us further toward that communist state. Worked out good for those in power – kind of like it was planned…

      • As was the cold war . I dont see how vietnam going communist was a threat to us in any way ………turns out it wasn’t .

        • We got involved in Vietnam because of the French. Prior to WW II Vietnam was known as French Indochina. They were essentially kicked out of “their” colony by the Japanese, and we (the U.S.) worked with the Vietnamese resistance against the Japanese, with one of the resistance leaders name Ho Chi Min. At the end of the war Ho Chi Min asked for some of the U.S. founding documents and was looking to establish a democracy in Vietnam. France decided that they wanted their colony back, and threatened to become part of the communist bloc if they didn’t get their way. We allowed them to go back into the country and then helped bail them out after Dien Bien Phu where they got annihilated. At that point we were involved, and the rest as they say is history.

        • T.R.:

          Check out some of the reading on the McCarthy era stuff. They didn’t need much of a reason to see “reds” under every shrub. I was nuts.

      • HomeINsteader says:

        I believe you are right on the outcome of the “election”, M.D., and you are right on this as well. Wish you weren’t!

    • There is no doubt that a grave injustice was done to hundreds of thousands of Japanese during WW II. But based on what you said I can only conclude you do not know the facts. First of all after Dec 7th 1941 we were not sure we would win the war. It’s easy to say now that FDR went too far but would you have preferred that Japan won? Secondly there was a number of spies and saboteurs imbedded within the Japanese American community and we could not identify them and to make matters worse the Japanese American community choose not to help us identify them. There were specific sabotages committed on the West coast and we were faced with fighting in the Pacific and on our own soil. The decision on internment was the only one that made sense given the circumstances. Sadly a lot of innocent people were not treated fairly but I can tell you that four of my uncles and a number of cousins went into WW II and their treatment was far worse then the treatment of the Japanese American civilians. War is hell and everyone sufferred to some extent and that included those who faced internment.

      • That will always be the case , right now today , you have white ( non arab ) american born ( 7-8th generation ) people siding with Radical Muslims and going on shooting sprees . So by that logic , NDAA , the patriot act is good , and the US constitution should be suspended forever so you can sleep well at night and the government in effect has all the power and the citizen none ……….because somebody turned coat ?
        I say better to take the hit and live free under due process of law and constitutional government . The Japs were a pain in the ass , but Germany was the real danger because they had war winning technology , better leadership , and were just generally smarter people than the Japs in warfare . They fortunately for us , didnt have the time they needed to produce them in enough numbers to affect the outcome . My father was also a WW2 vet , never got captured but took a lot of prisoners , they would gladly surrender to us to avoid being captured by the russians . In either case , the Constitution is not a toy turn on and off as one pleases , whatever the crisis d’jour is , it will pass , we need our constitution at any cost .

        • Tactical G-Ma says:

          T.R., I am with you.

          SunnyD, Not our finest hour as Americans. We had few ways to determine the good guys from the bad guys. And whites (caucasians) were in control and believed they were superior to those of color. It goes on everyday in the middle east only reverse.
          I hope we learned from the past. Should the grid go down we will devolve so fast it will make your head spin. We can hope that cool heads will prevail but I just don’t think mankind is that developed.

          • I don’t think we have learned much. Look at the problems in NY and NJ and how fast they started happening after the storm? Hungry people will do whatever they need to do, and bad guys will always exploit a situation……….

        • Encourager says:

          T.R., I agree.

        • selfRightousBiddy says:

          Your strawman arguement makes no sense. You equate WW II with the Patriot act; you need some serious history study. After Pearl Harbor the Japanese had us on our knees and believe it or not the feeling back then was not that the Japanese were just a pain in the ass. There was serious doubt about who would win the war in the Pacific. I suggest you read up on the sabotage on military installations on the West coast by Japanese Americans.

          • Actually no I dont ……..the patriot act in affect nullifies the constitution and due process of law , in WW2 US Citizens were stripped of the constitution and put in camps ……the only difference is now its policy ……I fail to understand why the similarities in both situations are not seen . They are the same , the citizen lost constitutional protection ……that is the only thing that is important , the why , or how is irrelevant ……the fact that it happened at all ……….and continues to happen is the issue .History does repete . The Japanese themselves knew they could not successfully invade the United States and had no real intention of doing so . Sabotage or not ……..the constitution was broken ……that is indefensible , period . Like I said before , by that backward logic , all muslim US Citizens currently serving in the US military should be put in camps indefinitely without due process or the constitution because one wacko shot up a base . Tats the same feble argument gun control advocates use to try to strip us of the 2nd amendment . The gun is the demon …………..not the asshole that does the shooting …..the gun , not the guy that did it . Same thing .

            • I will argue this all day long because I know I’m right !
              Either you believe in the US Constitution and liberty at all costs or your a Government suck ass , which means you are part of the problem . this is a black or white issue , there is no grey or possible justification . Wrong is wrong and tyranny is tyranny .

            • Argue all day but had FDR not placed those people in internment camps and the saboteurs been able to prevent us from using West Coast harbors to rebuild our fleet (which was their goal) then perhaps you would be speaking Japanese today. The president has the ability to declare an emergency and pretty much do whatever is necessary to save the country. The constitution is not a mutual suicide pact. But the most convincing arguement to save you from disagreeing all day is that we won and the sabotage on the West coast ended. Also take some time to research it and you will discover that numerous saboteurs were indeed caught among those interred.
              Internment was unfair, inconvenient and not constitutional and yet it was 100 perhaps 100,000,000 times safer the conscription and much fairer then conscription and equally as constitutional as conscription. Did you forget to rant and rail about conscription??? Or do you only see FDRs attempt to save us as unconstitutional. In my opinion if the same circumstances were to occur again I would vote to do the same thing again. Maybe next time it will be the muslims. So be it. Or we can stand on principle and fight a two front war which would include the war from within. Remember it was people following your prescription that allowed the first WTC bombing and the second attack as well. If we don’t stop unfetterred immigration and secure our borders we will lose this country.

            • We would most likely be speaking German …… you really think that the Nazis would share global domination with the Japs ? that goes against nazi racial ideology , the japanese are not aryan , therefore they are inferior and must be subjugated to serve the master race . They would loose that encounter against German jet fighters , bombers and ICBMs . The only thing we agre on is that we need secure borders ………not knowing or making the attempt is insanity ……..but that is another separate issue . I wonder how much support you would give unconstitutional practices when you or your family are on the receiving end of them ? ………..see ya at FEMA .

            • SurvivorDan says:

              Some people don’t mind the heavy hand of the government coming down unconstitutionally on some poor sap as long as it isn’t them.
              I hope no one here really believes that the usurpation of our rights (specifically targeting any specific group of American citizens) in the name of security is ever a good thing.
              Because if it can apply to one group at a specific time then it may apply to you under future circumstances.
              In the past, I have fought for your right to believe and espouse whatever you want. And I would do it again.
              Will you stand up for this old American born Jap if they come for me simply because of my ancestry?
              I’d like to believe that most folks who visit here would do so.

              “Free Old Dan! Free Old Dan!” Has a nice ring to it!

            • Unconstitutional? Which one; internment or conscription??? One of the beliefs we probably share is better to be tried by 12 then carried by 6. A classic example of taking the law into your onw hands because you are right and it is the only viable alternative. As FDR saw it at the time the only viable alternative to kee the homaland safe and prevent sabotage of the war effort was to place West coast Japanese into internment, Their treatment and future was a 1000 times better then what our military experienced on many of these nameless and remote islands in the Pacific. yet I don’t see you getting teary eyed for those poor souls.

      • SurvivorDan says:

        You have some good points SunnyD but as a Japanese-American from Hawaii I must say that because of the large Asian population of Hawaii (and the shit storm at the very suggestion of internment there) my family members were not interned. Maybe there were some dirty Jap spies there but my grandfather told stories of ‘dealing’ with some Japanese locals that were traitors to the US. Several members of my family served in Europe with units of note like the 442nd. Two did not come back.
        Does it not strike you as odd that all the Germans (Caucasians) were not rounded up and shoved in camps. There were many incidents involving German-American spies. Seems like a double standard, because it was.
        When we abrogate our basic rights in the name of security, we dishonor ourselves. I hear you about doing the expedient thing during war in order to win. But we can not let the Gov’t chip away at our rights, our freedoms because the Gov’t never knows when to stop. It’s never enough for them.
        Is a camera inside a bank a good thing. Sure. How about near the bank on a streetlight. Sure. Just the main roads for crime suppression. Sure. In high pedestrian traffic areas. Sure. In subdivision streets – for safety – for the children. Sure. In your livingroom. WHAT!!! It’s an insidious creeping process as the Gov’t encroaches on our privacy and freedoms in the name of security.
        Respect your opinion. Just food for thought….

        • There was a very real and dangerous threat from the Japanese-Americans on the West coast. Some of them were there not to find the American dream but to help Japan destroy America. FDR had little choice but to do what he did. As for hawaii it too was a hotbed of anti-American feeling and the military had to guard military sites from the “friendlys” 24/7. One thing that favored the military in Hawaii was the anger from the Pearl Harbor attack was very strong and most of the civilians wanted to cooperate.
          As for People of German descent, many were indeed outspoken but few were actually placed here by Germany for the purpose of sabotage. That is the point in this discussion that is missing. There were Japanese immigrants on the West Coast who had been sent there by Japan with the mission to sabotage the war effort. It was believed that some of the “innocent” Japanese immigrants knew or suspected who these saboteurs were but as recent immigrants and not yet Americans they choose not to tell what they knew. Ironically once the internment took place the Japanese themselves became unhappy with the spies among them and did indeed begin turning them into the government.
          I can understand the conflict and feeling those immigrants must have had. As an American if I were to immigrate to another country I would still consider myself an American. How do you deal with that problem? It has happened throughout history in every country in the world. Tribalism is a human trait and blood is thicker then water. Governments have fallen from within when they have failed to deal with this problem. What is the correct solution? Should the government: A)Respect everyones human rights and because of that be overthrown by the enemy or B)Safely and humanely sequester the threat until the rest of the citizens are safe?

        • Another point: The Fort Hood Shooter was known to be a radical muslim sympathizer who had grown more dangerous over time. This danger was ignored for pure politically correct reasons. In this instance the government choose to avoid any criticism, they played it safe. But 13 people died because we were intent on protecting his human right to hate us and plan a mass killing. What should have been done? My opinion is the government’s first responsibility is to it’s citizens to our safety and our well being. This should prempt “looking good” or posturing. In this instance the government failed us terribly. Let’s ask the family of those 13 who were killed if they were happy with the politically correct and safe decision to do nothing. What do you think they would say???

          • HomeINsteader says:

            Well, they’ve filed a lawsuit against the Obama Administration; does that answer your question?

            Fort Hood Shooting Victims File Suit Against Obama Administration


          • SurvivorDan says:

            I doubt you are suggesting rounding up all American Muslims. The military (for political correctness) did ignore all the warning signs and kept him (and promoted him) on active duty. That was wrong. Would I want the Gov’t to keep a closer eye on known radical Muslim sympathizers? Imprison those planning violent acts? Kick anyone like The Fort Hood shooter out of the military? Yes. Incarcerate an entire group for the extra perceived security? No.
            We are free Americans and sometimes we takes our chances.

            A smarter man than me addressed giving up freedoms for security:

            “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

            Benjamin Franklin

            • SD:

              I agree completely.

            • We may have already insured our destruction. Why did we decide in the 60’s to open up immigration and expecially from Africa, South & Central America and Muslim countries??? Prior to that we had much less immigration. Why the big change? I believe it was part of a major Democrat conspiracy to delute the vote and import groups that could easily be recruited by the Dems. Today the Democrat party is essentially a coalition of special interest groups who agree to vote together so each group can get what they want. But to the point; why did we open up immigration and why do we continue it?? Did we need more poor, indigent, illiterate and anti-American “citizens”? As I said we did it to build the Democrat party (see latest election for proof of this). As part of that we imported (allowed to immigrate) Muslims, Chinese who turned out to be spies, hispanics who refuse to learn English and consider their home country to be THEIR country and America to be a free lunch. We should place a moratorium on immigration until a nationwide vote by citizens can decide if we really do need more illterate poor citizens. But before the vote we should make a nationwide push to find every illegal and deport them.
              Now having said all this I know we won’t do it. Obama and the Democrats will vote for the dream act and amnesty and pretty soon Spanish will be the first language. Which brings me back to the original point; as a country as a people we are done, stick a fork in us we are through. It may not happen this week, this month, this year but it’s over. My community has over 50% spanish speaking students in public schools and the property taxes increase dramatically every year to pay for the schools, the free stuff, the welfare, the housingm the health care, the special teachers NOT TO TEACH THEM ENGLISH but to make sure they get their instruction in Spanish. I am going to try to sell my house because the taxes are killing me. I will have to learn to structure my life around avoiding taxes because the state and federal taxes are killing me. And we continue to import more illiterate, ignorant, poor “immigrants” while our middle class is going down the drain. We lost our liberty in the 60’s beginning with Johnson’s great society and war on poverty. It was the largest insertion of socialism into our government but it was just the beginning. And we spend our time and political effort making wonderful statementsd and citing quotes from the founding fathers and never look at the cancer that has matasticized and taken over our country. Good luck, you/we will need it.

        • SurvivorDan says:

          I’m a combat vet (not conscripted), spilled blood, shed a drop or two of my own and lost comrades so I do get teary eyed about the loss of any of our brave boys both then and now (my youngest is a currently serving Marine) . I’m not saying it wasn’t an expedient thing and perhaps logical thing to do. I’m just saying that we have to really weigh giving up liberty (whether mine or some other little group) for the sake of security. And yes indeed, I’d rather get judged by 12 than carried by 6.

          ” I don’t see you getting teary eyed for those poor souls.”
          Of course you don’t know me, but I do weep for the great losses suffered by this country in the defense of our freedom and others.

          • HomeINsteader says:

            We’re ALL about to cry rivers…and there may be blood, SD. I definitely want you in MY army!

            Barack HUSSEIN Obama will soon enough reveal his true nature and his true agenda…even the deceived masses won’t be able to ignore the TRUTH about him much longer.

  11. PGCPrepper says:

    “I think Obama will win”. Maybe, with Ohio hanging out there but with polling only having a 9% response rate (google it) and the 2008 rate of oversampling of Democrats, I wouldn’t put much emphasis on polls.

    I actually believe Romney will win. Here’s some wild speculation for fun. I have “weird area code” calls all the time that I do not even answer. White men have definitely been proven to lean Republican but men do not answer phones unless it’s a name they recognize on contact list and they still might not answer LOL. Therefore, have not been polled. Women love to talk on the phone and women are 50/50 supposedly with Obama/Romney which has improved since debates. Discuss.

    • PGCPrepper,

      I was not basing my prediction on the polls but by the feeling deep down in my gut. It is an dreadful feeling to be sure…

      • PGCPrepper says:

        MDC, Have you been sneaking a peek @ MSNBC again? Step away, step away from the TV. 🙂

        Gut feelings are usually based on some input, perceived or not. I hope you suck at gut feelings when it comes to politics at least. I know you would be happy to agree with that but I’m sure you’re set for such an “obamanation.”

        • HomeINsteader says:

          “gut feelings” do not come from the intellect of a man – they come from his soul or his spirit.

      • I get the feeling that tdl may steal the election. I do not think that he con honestly win it.

      • Mary in GA says:

        I have that same gut feeling M.D., I sure hope we’re both wrong.

      • HomeINsteader says:

        And I’m basing mine on the Word of G-d and fulfilled prophecy – and I still agree with your “gut”, and that it is a “dreadful feeling” (to be sure)….

    • As a white conservative male living in Ohio, all I can say is thanks for talking caller ID.

      I personally think that Romney will win handily, perhaps even in a landslide. Traditional democrats like unionized coal miners see their jobs disappearing under TDL and are not stupid. They may not become republicans, but they will certainly not vote for TDL this time around.

      • OhioPrepper,
        I agree with you even to the extent of a possible landslide. It reminds me of Reagan in 80. Not that I think Romney is Reagan, the man who stared down communism vs. Captain Momjeans, just that most people are really sick of O.

        Don’t think it matters either way as the lesser of two evils is just different evil, but thats my bet.

      • SurvivorDan says:

        From your mouth to God’s ear, OP.

    • Encourager says:

      Tonight I had a live (vs taped) call from someone saying they were calling for the Republican party. They called me by name and asked if I was going to vote; we were eating so I tried to cut it short. She then asked ‘when’ I was going, morning, afternoon or evening? What?!

      DH picked up on it saying they were probably trying to find out when we would be gone so they could show up to help themselves. So heads up Wolfies!

  12. recoveringidiot says:

    MD, hope you are wrong on the election prediction! But again I can see Mr. R trading off gun control for some other pet project legislation.

    I’m afraid the election results will be close and the argument over it goes long and ugly.

    • recovering,

      I hope that I’m wrong too – you never know I’ve been wrong before.

      • Thomas T. Tinker says:

        Whom… else has seen the artical and video on voter fraud in Cleveland Ohio? One brother is up on 75 counts of fraud… he got one free cause he only voted 76 times. MD…. ya may be right.

  13. Alittle2late says:

    Its been a while since I’ve commented on anything,still here everyday though.
    YES,M.D. you should archive and put on a CD. I do hope your wrong, but I have the same gut feeling.
    Stay safe everyone.

  14. Soggy Prepper says:

    My DH was commenting the other night and he thinks obummer will be elected again no matter what. He said the day after the election he’s going to the gun shops he frequents and going to buy up as much ammo as he can and he listed a couple guns as well he thinks will be blacklisted. (yes, we are stocked up on everything, but you can never have too much in the way of protection).

    Him and everyone else will be making a mad dash to their gun dealers. Molon Labe then dark lord!

    I’m still hopeful that Romney gets in. (I wanted Allen West 🙁 But here’s the rub. All of you that are followers of Christ. WE KNOW how this is going to end! It will NOT get better. However, my hope is that many have REPENTED for this great nation! God says in 2 Chronicles 1:14 “if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.”
    Is our Nation seeking His face? or at least enough believers that God will have mercy on the United States and continue to bless us. Or is He going to let America wallow in her sin and decline with a hideous “king”?

    That’s my rub. Do we decline slow with mercy or fast while God removes his blessings for what America has become? We find out on the 6th. And keep an eye always on Israel. For those of you who follow end time prophesy we are in an Amazing time!

    I pray everyone gets their own house in order and hopefully it’s before November 6th. The ride is going to be bumpy no matter who gets in.

    Stalin- “It’s not who votes that matters, it’s who counts the votes.”

    • PJ Prepper says:

      Soggy Prepper

      You are correct, it really doesn’t matter (in the big scheme of things) who gets elected. The debt will continue to grow and all of the problems that face the world and our country will roll along no matter what.

      The Fed is printing money (QE3 most recently) in order to prop up our economy along with keeping rates near zero. Unplug that lifeline and we will see big changes (bad ones). Keep it going and we make the end game worse with each passing day.

      When I hear either candidate talk about reigning in the debt I laugh, because it’s a completely unrealistic notion. We thrive on debt, there is no way to reign it in. Our country has a yearly deficit of *around* 1.2T, a national debt of *around* 16T and our unfunded liabilities are easily over 100T. Reign in the debt you say…? Our government almost shut down over 30B last year when our lawmakers played bitter politics which eventually led to a Credit downgrade. Not to mention we the people don’t want to see real solutions to this problem any more than Greece wants to take their austerity medicine.

      From a Christian’s perspective, I don’t see what there is to worry about. Romney, Obama, or Andrew Dice Clay as President….it simply matters not. The plan is the plan and it will move along how He has deemed necessary, we are passengers along for the ride. The end game is already written and we have already won, it’s just the middle which is uncertain and that’s why we prep.

      Ok off of my soapbox for now, but thanks for your comment. I think you might have given me an idea for another article.


      • HomeINsteader says:

        It ABSOLUTELY DOES matter.

        True, neither candidate will accomplish much in just four years given the state of our union toward making us whole as a nation, but that was NEVER TDL’s mission: his mission has been to destroy us as a nation and rebuild us in his socialist, Muslim-friendly, anti-Israel (Gen. 12:3); oil-producer financed, image; his motivation has been one of personal power; he doesn’t give a flyin’ flip about you or me or anyone else – he cares only about fulfilling his own greed and power-monger desires, to an evil end, and HE DOES NOT CARE whom he destroys in the process.

        If you truly believe that it does not matter if TDL (Barack HUSSEIN Obama) gets another four years running our nation, where the blankety-blank have you been the last four years?

        Rant may have just begun; too soon to contribute to the rant fund.

  15. Tactical G-Ma says:

    I am saddened by what I see on TV of NY and NJ. DH and I moved to Long Island in the 90s because DH’s parents and family were there. When DH became so sick in 2006 and we could not help his family, we moved closer to my family, where I knew how to take care of him. I am saddened at the loss of property and lives but it is not like they didn’t know it could happen. And some get on TV screaming for the government to help them. This pulls at your heartstrings but all I can say is “what were you thinking?” You were told to leave and you didn’t and chose to stay unprepared. Oh, you had a dry run when the east coast lost power back in 2004? 2005?
    Location is important and staying on the beach during a hurricane is insane. Driving a car in pouring rain, tidal surge, and 80 mph winds w/ 2 babies in your car is insane. We see it in every disaster but at first I felt guilty for having moved and avoided this hardship. We have sick and elderly family still there with no heat, no food, and still refusing to leave their homes. We must do what we can and not regret what we cannot do because we prepared for such disasters. when the gas runs out, when there is no electricity, when there is no McDonalds or Burger King there will be those who survive and are saved from certain kinds of hardship. I feel awful but I thank God we have made the choices we have made. We all are going to see more suffering. Sometimes we will just have to turn our backs and thank God it is not us.

    • Mary in GA says:

      Tactical G-Ma,
      Glad you and your husband got out and are not in the mess that so many others are. You can’t feel guilty for people who make up their own minds, we all have free will. I hope your family will all come through well and safe. Praying for all of the victims of Sandy.

    • Backwoods Prepper says:

      I do not understand why these people can not see the writing on the wall. they go through this event unprepared to say the least and then expect the goverment to help them out. This is bigger than Katrina these people are gonna be suprised at the little help they get. I mean after all this aint the welfare hood of New Orleans. These folks are going to expect more than a bus ticket to Dallas and Houston.

      • Tactical G-Ma says:

        And these people aren’t as gracious and accommodating as the Lousianans. On top of that the dollar amount will cause one or two insurance companies to go bankrupt. It isn’t over by far.

    • I’m in southern NJ, well inland, and we were spared. It was quite obvious that anyone on the islands or low-lying areas close to the bays should get out. Damage closer to Philadelphia when a natural berm gave way and flooded at least 4 communities. I listened when I was a kid and my daddy told me never live below water.

      Many of the smaller on-shore communities are of the watch-each-others-backs type. The police went door-to-door in an effort to get everyone out. A lot of elderly were taken out. The entitlement bunch in the larger towns/cities figure the govmint will take care of them. I’ve been to most of those islands and areas, and only a complete idiot or befuddled senior would stay. Some of my co-workers live in Ocean City, and they all left. One reported that he had a group of friends who stayed (yes, dumb 20-somethings) so they could take pictures.

      More shelters should have been set up, which is rather obvious. Many were only short-term, meaning now a lot of families who are scrambling for hotel rooms are SOL until they hook up with insurance agents. A hotel owner (2 hotels) on Staten Island refused to toss out the locals from his rooms to make way for marathon runners. Not hearing anything about Red Cross, they might still be hanging out in lower Manhattan. Doctors Without Borders sending in medical help. FEMA opened loans/claims centers Thu afternoon. Oh, bless their pointy little heads. Ummm, anybody with a mortgaged property on the islands MUST have flood insurance. Off-island would likely be covered on their insurance from wind damage. Probably a few still around with small homes in older areas w/o insurance; it never fails. I’d rather hear that the insurance companies are bringing in claims adjusters from other states. The Gov was granted regular military loan of large generators for getting power to gas stations. Hey, gens suck a lot of gas. It’s really cold here for late Oct/early Nov, and we have a nor’easter coming Wed & Thu. National Guard, as usual, gets in pretty quick. One of my beefs is that electric and natural gas isn’t shut off to the islands and low-lying areas just before such a storm. Would save a lot of grief, property, and likely some lives. Utility workers out in full force, moreso than last time.

      One of my sales managers (old enough to know better) didn’t bother to put gas into her almost-empty vehicle, lost power at home, drove to her mommy’s, and has been bitchin’ that she can’t get gas. Awww. Lay off the coffee and think for once, dummy. A sales rep escaped Hoboken the next day as soon as the water went down a bit. Two head-honchos more toward eastern central NJ, both inland, are without power for at least another week but have generators. Gasoline is their big problem. One did a gas run on Thu and was terrified having gas cans in the back of his vehicle. The other probably lost his vacation home on one of the islands, and fortunately lives in his off-shore home. He was slick enough to get a big gen after last year’s storms, but he’s only got about 20% of normal stuff working. Guess he doesn’t have gen wired into circuit box. I’ll have to talk with him about that. Gasoline, again, is the problem. I emailed him to bring his rechargeable stuff on Mon, along with his shopping list. He’s got some elderly plus other family at his home. No heat, which is a problem. Bet his next investment is a fireplace!

  16. MENTALMATT says:

    Awsome posts, I pray that Romeny wins, I already own an AR-15, ande the LR 308 version. I got quite a few clips for both but I may try to buy more as I think the clips may be worth there weight in gold. I try to buy physical silver as much as I can because if Obama wins I really think the prices will sky rocket. Be safe, Be careful, Be aware……

    • PJ Prepper says:


      Check out for magazines for your weapons. Not sure what a “clip” is? 🙂

      Your thought process is right on though, if the grabbers can’t directly go after guns they will regulate the s–t out of everything else, to include evil high capacity magazines.

      As to precious metals, I would make sure all of your other preps are aligned with a good well rounded strategy before worrying about gold or silver. Lots of people advocate owning precious metals so that once society resets post SHTF, they will be able to barter. I would say you have to get past SHTF first. Ask the people in NYC or Jersey who are dumpster diving for food what they would rather have: an ounce of gold or a week’s worth of food for their family…

      Just something to consider, each person must prep according to their own preferences and needs but there should still be some general prioritization. Precious metals are way down on the list of “necessities” when it comes to new Preppers.


    • riverrider says:

      matt, they have said they will pass a new tax on cashing in silver and gold if re-elected. they are tossing 50% out there to see if it sticks. glad i never intend to sell it. but then again i may have too. obamacare benefits are taxed as INCOME!

    • Mentalmatt, I just asked my husband to do exactly what you doing. I suggested he have at least three mags/clips for each weapon, more for the ones he would choose for first line of defense.
      He just bought a neat item which holds two mags and slids on to his belt.

  17. My understanding is that there will also be either monthly or quarterly filings to verify you have health care coverage.

    • Might as well tatto of a barcode on your wrist and go and get it scanned every month. I for one will NEVER have any kind of govt mark put on my body!!!

  18. I tried to post a reply under the article but was unsuccessful. For what ever it’s worth, the story about the voter in Texas was denied opportunity to vote until she altered her appearance(t-shirt)….well, I was a voting ‘Official’ in both Colorado and Illinois…as so, the instructions were real clear: Banners, Signs, People attempting to influence voters were forbidden within 100’+ from voting locations. There appears to be no voting irregularity here, instead just voting officials trying to keep polling location neutral.

  19. Too bad americans won`t snuff people anymore,we had to give that industry to the Mexicans. Now you can find a triggerman at the home depot.Tdl mandates us to give our health info to the irs. I mandate that they can kiss my you know what.

  20. Ohio Prepper, if you are employed by a small business owner, it will be quarterly. If a large business, quarterly, if you are buying insurance through the exchange personally, the insurer will be doing the reporting. And yes, at years end, it all goes down on your taxes and then a part of the Federal Gov’t you have probably never heard of named DataMatch will take over and try to refine all the info for ya.

  21. MD please archive your data on CD? I would buy it in a heartbeat! I have to agree from here right now, I think the direction for the next four years will be Obama. It is that deep dark feeling in your heart. I can only say, I am praying and that I pray for all of us that we prep well and survive well. It was the hurricane in New Orleans that woke me up to how little help was available, if anybody watches what is going down in NY and still doesn’t get it? What is truly apparent is that major media is too cs to get out of their towers and tour the environs around where they are there in New York, it is like even the news of the devastation is being “managed”. We are all back to being prepared and deciding who we can and who we cannot help along the way. One has to wonder if we are watching our last election. Take care everyone.

  22. Nort'Dakotan says:

    i would definately pay to have this website archived on cd! would comments be included too?? those are the biggest percentage of knowledge..

  23. NorCal Ray says:

    Please do make an archive disk. I will be the first in line to get one. I sincerely hope you are wrong about Obama winning.

  24. MD, archiving the Survivalist Blog on CD is a cool idea. Even though, I usually print every article that appears on this blog and put in a binder. When I first started reading your blog, I printed out tons of older articles to keep, even if it was something I didn’t think I’d need. Such a wealth of information, and I never know when I will need something that I didn’t think I was ever gonna need!

  25. My husband just received his employee healthcare insurance pkg. for year 2013 from the company he retired from four years ago. As a retired employee, he is still offered group healthcare insurance at a cost of $8,000.00 a year for his part. This doesn’t include insuring me! Of course, he is declining their offer as he has over the past four years. My husband has excellent health and requires no prescription drugs. It would take almost half of his company pension income for that premium. Isn’t that insane!! Come 2015 he will go on Medicare, in the mean time we will pay the “tax” for refusing to be fleeced.

  26. Also, I unplugged my landline today. I have had 10 or more campaign calls a day for a least the last 10 days. I can’t take any more and I will not be held hostage to these callers. We are retired and don’t get many callers other than family. We have also planned to eliminate a landline when we move and we will not register to vote until the deadline for 2016.

    We were unable to vote early. The lines are insane, wrapped around the library building with a two hour wait at least. We will vote on Tuesday.

    • a little late but…

      Political Robocalls are exempt from the Federal Do Not Call Registry. In fact, all political calls are exempt.

      Now, for the first time you can register your phone number with the non-profit non-partisan National Political Do Not Contact Registry (NPDNC) so we can add you to the Political Do Not Call list.

      Helped with the nationals, still get a few local morons.

  27. ConnecticutYankeeinGeorgia says:

    Unfortunately I think Obummer will win -perhaps by unconventional means. You can be sure he and his ilk won’t give up power that easily.

  28. HomeINsteader says:

    Obama Silent As His Supporters Promise ‘Riots In The Streets’ If Romney Wins

    • HomeINsteader,

      It is sad that he is no better than that and even worse approximately half of the country supports him. He should have already made a formal appeal to his supporters to respect the election process and American no matter who wins the election.

      • HomeINsteader says:

        The great deception of the last days has begun. Actually, it’s in full swing.

        • SurvivorDan says:

          I too, fear the worst is coming.

          • SurvivorDan says:

            I am tired of being depressed. But I really fear the dirty rat bastard, Barry, is going to win and he will rain a shit storm down on all of us. Finishing off the economy, military, and everything else with it.
            At work I am outwardly the ‘sunniest’ happy-go-lucky person. Everyone comments that i appear as the happiest person at work. If they only could read my thoughts….. some would crawl under their desks and hide (even though I am a pussycat).

            • SurvivorDan says:

              A fool potential prepper group member told folks at work that I am a prepper and so they always ask me about guns and such. I play dumb. {It’s not hard for me}. I make sheeple at work nervous. As a result, I have been ‘randomly’ drug tested six times in 3 years (twice any other worker). Watch who you approach to join a prepper group. better yet, never try to form a group.

  29. worrisome says:
    • Encourager says:

      And the woman in the same state was told to not wear her Vote the Bible Tshirt? And the NAACP folks when they were told to turn them inside out refused and were allowed to continue moving people to the front of the line??? What the He!! is wrong with Texas??!!

      • worrisome says:

        I don’t know what was wrong with those running those polling stations that is for sure……..And the ACLU plans on being at 2,000 of those stations on Tuesday. Hope they don’t all fold and give in to this kind of intimidation! Sux!

      • SurvivorDan says:

        If I meet any ‘helpful’ poll ‘watchers’ like that tomorrow, I will not stop agitating until they (or I) are arrested/ticketed/evicted.

      • SurvivorDan says:

        Not saying this is significant but the police chief of Houston is an African-American. Perhaps there is a slight chance that he supports the Prez and has given orders through the brass to wink at such activities.

        • SurvivorDan says:

          And if you call me a racist, to my face; you will only do it once.
          I just researched the guy and am speculating. That’s all.

          • SurvivorDan says:

            Since I already got a hate e-mail from someone who frequents this site ( whom I thought I knew)….I will clarify….I mean no offense to African-Americans. Just pointing out the possibilities.

            • SurvivorDan,

              Trust me it dosen’t take much to start getting hate mail and even threats of violence.

            • SurvivorDan says:

              Yeah I posted the same comment about the police chief in a message to my daughter on a social media and within ten minutes the aforementioned ‘friend’ ranted about me being a racist. Apparently, I am a divisive race-baiter because I disagree with Obama and his surrogates. Who knew?

            • SurvivorDan says:

              If I ever get depressed about my hate mail, I will try to imagine the volumes you must get just because you host the site. Gotta have a really thick skin, huh?

            • HomeINsteader says:

              I was once called a “racist” on facebook for my anti-Obama stance. To which I replied to the young, black female calling me such, “Yes, I AM a racist – which is why I WAS also a volunteer on the ‘Mississippians for Herman Cain’ campaign!”. I still believe he would make an EXCELLENT choice for running our country.

              Well, and then I did explain to her that Native Americans have no allegiance to anyone, in particular.

              • HomeINsteader,

                “I was once called a “racist” on facebook for my anti-Obama stance”

                I’ve received a bunch of emails and comments (that I just delete) calling me the same for my views about Obama policy. And everyone wonders why there is so much hate along racial lines in this country, could it be because some folks keep bringing up race and pointing figures at others all of the time.

                • Encourager says:

                  M.D. I think the “race” card is played when there is no logical thing that can be said. It is the card to fall back on, to make a point. The “they can’t top this” card.

                  But let us remember who is behind all the race hatred and strife. Satan hates the entire human race, no matter the skin color. He likes nothing better than to divide us, cause dissension, hatred and strife. Frankly, I am sick of all the ‘skin color’ issues. It is not what a person is like on the outside, but what they are like on the inside that counts. Man looks at the appearance, God looks at the heart. We should do likewise.

            • SD:

              I personally find it humorous now that some terms are racist only when spoken by people of a certain race. Many years ago I was attending a race relations class (I think it was in 1979) and was told by the black instructor that I was racist. I asked what made him think that, and he said because I was white. I said “That sounds like a racist statement.” I almost got an Article 15 (non-judicial punishment) because of that.

              Those that new/know me understand that I’m not. Not now or then. I just expected the people I worked with to do their job, race was no reason/excuse not to.

              Now you are labeled a racist when you point out the obvious.

              • JP in MT,

                Yep, there is a huge double standard in this country when it comes to what is considered racism. Only white folks can be racist or at least that seems to be the contention of most of the population. This type of thinking only drives the wedge deeper dividing everyone further apart along racial lines.

                • The hubby and I have discussed the way people identify themselves (or the way the media identifies them) – i.e. African-American, Japanese-American, etc. Have you ever heard someone say they were Irish-American or Scottish-American? The only people I know that I would consider to be true African-Americans were born in Africa, emigrated to the U.S. and have some of the palest skin I’ve seen next to mine (the hubby calls me the pale princess). If they were to say that they were African-American in front of a group of black people, they’d have some serious problems.

                  • GA Red,
                    I have a good friend whose daughter is married to an African American. He’s Egyptian (northern Africa) as were both of his parents who immigrated here. He’s not pale, but a bit swarthy as you would see from someone from perhaps the Mediterranean area of the world; however, I think you’re correct in that stating he’s African American among certain groups would not be treated well.

    • And you wonder why there is racial hated .

      • Encourager says:

        During dinner yesterday, our son related a conversation with a fellow worker. During the conversation, the fellow worker said “If you do not vote for Obama, you are a racist.” (son said he was black). Son replied “I don’t vote or choose friends based on the color of someone’s skin. If that is your criteria, YOU are the racist, not me.”

        Couldn’t have said it better. I wonder how many others have this same racist thinking and decision making?

      • SurvivorDan says:

        The Powers-that-be foment that hatred with THEIR divisive politicking.
        I thought (a few years ago) that America was moving away from skin color issues, but the political parties (mostly the Dems but not solely), Hollywood and the mainstream news media do everything to keep the old fires of hatred burning. Now, it may be too late to avoid a racial Apocalypse. I wish to see the Hollywood movers and shakers and the pols and the news media get destroyed instead of us killing each other. They will make more movies, get elected and win Pulitzers (while getting richer) covering a race war.

        • SD:

          Again, I choose not to define others by something they can not control; skin color, ethnic background, parent’s issues, sex, etc. Life is a “do it to yourself project”. In this country if you don’t like your conditions, YOU can change them. It’s not always easy, and someone doesn’t owe you anything.

          There are lifestyle issues that I don’t agree with; so I don’t live my life that way. That does not mean I have to agree that they are “right”, deserve “special protections”, or that I should financially support their choices (ie. via taxes).

          “Hate crimes” is an oxymoron. Ever seen a violent crime committed upon someone the perp liked?

          • SurvivorDan says:

            “There are lifestyle issues that I don’t agree with; so I don’t live my life that way. That does not mean I have to agree that they are “right”, deserve “special protections”, or that I should financially support their choices (ie. via taxes).” JP

            Well put, my friend.

            ‘Hate’ crimes as defined by the FEDs is from the viewpoint of whoever is in charge. Very subjective. Too subjective for Americans. A violent crime is a crime. Why the special labels and punishments for something that is subjective? Someone’s agenda I suppose….

        • SD,
          There are certain black leaders who were contemporaries of Dr, Martin Luther King Jr. who have completely betrayed his dream, and use the racial issues to enrich themselves. If we could erase the racial issues and truly end poverty, the folks would be out of business, and they know it. The Democrat party also tends to pander to certain groups to trade goodies for votes.

          • HomeINsteader says:

            I personally do not believe Dr. King would be at all pleased with how his name and his legend have been exploited. He was imperfect, like all of us, but I DO believe he intended to make things better for ALL people, and I do not believe his priority was “don’t look at anything but skin color”. That’s not the Dr. King I see what I study him.

  30. Encourager says:

    Please, M.D., cut a CD but include all our comments. I learn so much from them! Let us know how much $$ you will need and if we can help by giving the money before you cut the CD.

  31. Sw't Tater says:

    MD ,
    It would be really nice to have the blog and comments on CD..
    .We are concerned your prediction is right,but pray it is wrong…concern for the change in votes/defective machines…and provisional ballots. We were both able to vote, with relatively short lines, the election officials said they were constant and busy the days we voted. I checked the info and one out of 8 registered voters (in TN)had voted by the end of October.
    I have nothing but prayers to offer for those in the northeast. I feel bad for those people who have lost their belongings and homes, ….they were given adequate warning to have gotten well inland, I believe that someone would have assisted those who needed to relocate to an area of safety…the storm people in England predicted it 7 days out.
    Each of us chooses a location to live for various reasons, whether it is where our family has lived, or where our spouse needed to be. We made those choices, just as surely as those people in the NE, and those in the gulf coast areas. You make your choices and then you live and die by them. (You can change them, but those become the new choices)
    We make choices daily demonstrating our values and our belief system. Each of us must make certain we live the values of God,for we will all make the final judgment, and not one soul will be late.

  32. HomeINsteader says:

    Found a new website I’d like to share; some of you may know about it already, but, I just found it. Looks like a better deal on long-term food storage items than what I’ve been getting, AND you can buy a PDF long-term food storage download for $1.99 (if you need the How-to on long-term food storage).

  33. HomeINsteader says:

    Could be, M.D.

    When I made the remark about Native Americans, pointing out that I am as much Native American as I am WASP, the accuser asked me what tribe. When I answered, she answered, “well, thank goodness! I thought you were going to tell me you were Cherokee!”. I responded, “XYZ Native Americans ARE Cherokee – and then I named my Tribal Federation” – and let it go at that. Ignorance comes in all colors.

  34. HomeINsteader says:

    OH, if only we all WOULD, Encourager. In the Millennial Kingdom, perhaps, but not in our fallen world.

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