Glock 19 Perfection in a 9mm Handgun

Ruger 10/22 and Glock model 19 Gen 4

The Ruger 10/22 and Glock Model 19 are a good combination and starting point.

Some prefer revolves over auto loading handguns, while others simply want a simple .22 for target practice and recreation on the weekend. The “perfect” handgun for me may not be right for you or your needs, it is a personal choice that only you can make.For me the perfect handgun is the Glock 19.

I bought mine a Gen 1, (I now have a Glock Gen 4) years ago from a local gun shop, and immediately fell in love. It is just the right size and fits my hands perfectly. The Glock 19 is small enough for everyday concealed carry without pulling your pants off, yet large enough to serve as a full-size weapon, offering accuracy and magazine capacity of 15 rounds which is comparable to full-sized auto pistols.

Glock pistols are capable products right out of the box, but can be made even better with the addition of a few choice accessories, most of which are also offered by Glock. The first thing I did to mine was replace the standard synthetic sights, with the more durable Ghost Ring Ameriglo Tritium Night Sights that are proven to give shooters quicker accurate follow-up shots and greater accuracy at night.

The next thing I did was add the slug plug to the grip, this helps to keep out dirt and other unwanted gunk. Some folks don’t like the slug plug but with the introduction by Glock of the drop-free magazines, manually extracting the magazine isn’t an issue.

And even if the magazine did not drop free there is plenty of magazine to get hold of and pull in out from the grip. So it’s really a non-issue that boils down to personal preference.

I also installed the extended slide release, even though I never use it, I just pull back the slide with an overhand movement with my left hand to chamber a round from the magazine. My main reason for installing the extended release was to aid in one-handed operation, if needed.

Over the years, gun writers have spent countless words debating the stopping power of the 9mm round. Most of this has been a waste of time and print. The number one element of stopping power is shot placement, not whether the bullet is 230 grains or 115.

If you do not hit a vital target the outcome will be the same no matter what handgun round is used. I am a big fan of the 9mm for survival usage and much prefer it over the .40 or .45 even-though I have a Glock 41.

Keep in mind I am not talking wilderness survival here, but about a break down or collapse of the current system, or TEOTWAWKI if you will. For price and availability of ammo the 9mm is hard to beat and offers plenty of “stopping power” to get the job down with proper shot placement. My everyday carry round is the 115 grain Cor-Bon +P at 1,308 fps.

Like I stated at the start of today’s post, everyone has their own idea of what makes up the perfect handgun, let us know what you think and your choices in this matter.

Cor-Bon 115gr 9mm JHP +P – Ammo Test

1000 Round Glock Torture Test Part One

1000 Round Glock Torture Test Part Two

Over to you… what do you think is the perfect handgun for you? Let us know what you think in the comments below…

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  1. OldSoldat says:

    I have the G-19, Gen 4. The wife and I love it. DW is a newer shooter but she handles and fires this weapon superbly.

  2. I guess I’m gonna have to try shooting a glock and see what all the fuss is about. I have a pocket pistol that most gun gurus would laugh at,but it is in my pocket every moment that I’m wearing pants,which is nearly always and after that last run in with security,all the time in walmart. I do have a 92fs that will pull your pants down so maybe I should give a flock a try.

    • axelsteve says:

      Pack a pistol that will pull your pants down.Folks will just think that you are sagging which would be a act of op sec since no one would think a pistol is making that happen.

    • OldSoldat says:

      BC, I also have a Ruger LCR in a .38. Five round little guy but light and easy and preferred at times.

      However; I don’t know if the “Gentle Giant” of Ferguson, MO needed six shots to bring’em down but thinking the cop was glad he had them. Moreover, shot placement may be important but under duress, or a smashed in head in this case apparently, I like the idea of about 15 rounds. I’m no expert and couldn’t even fake it but it makes sense to me.

    • Hi bc, I don’t carry because the People’s Republic of Paradise requires a permit but doesn’t issue them, but several people I know on the Mainland who do carry every day carry little dinky .380 things like KelTecs. They figure that the best tool is the one you have with you, not the great one you left home because it was too big and heavy.

      Seems to me it is a bit like a Swiss Army knife versus a good tool box. No one is going to claim the tools on a SA knife are great examples of their types, but they get the job done and who carries a box of full size tools around on their belt? I have no arguments with the Dinky Gun Brigade: it works for them.

      • Penrod,
        I’m often part of that dinky gun brigade with a Bersa in .380 on me a lot of the time. I also carry an S&W J-Frame in 38 Spl and a Ruger P-89 in 9mm although I’m trying to find a P-95, which is the same gun but a lot lighter. Choice of gun has to take into consideration the ability to hit what you aim at, and here in the temperate zone, the clothing you may be wearing. Concealment in shorts and a T Shirt is a different thing than Jeans, a sweater and a jacket, and like the changing of the car kit and BOB for the season, carrying quite often takes into account that same set of parameters.

        • That makes a lot of sense to me, Ohio Prepper. I’ve thought a bit about how I would carry if it was legal, and it would be a problem. I usually wear denim shorts and a t-shirt, now and then nicer shorts and an aloha shirt. neither are great for carrying a full size handgun.

          I love the J-frames, and have them in .38, .22, and more recently in .357. They fit my hands a lot better than the bigger frames. Wonderful guns, and snubbies can just go in a pocket if need be. The .22s are are so similar to the bigger caliber guns that they are great for cheap practice.

          • Canyonman says:

            OP, I take the blame for the run on Ruger P95s. I liked mine so much I bought a second one, and blabbed about it to everyone. Now, not even Bud’s in Kentucky has them.

            • Canyonman,
              Bought my P-89 in 1990 and it is by far the gun I’m most accurate with. I have some vision issues and shoot mostly point shoulder NPA, and I can hit nearly anything with that gun. Had some folks bring P-95’s through a class a while back and I got to try them. Identical fit, feel, and operation to the P-89 except for the polymer which makes the gun a lot lighter. Even tried the P-90 magazines and they worked fine. They no longer make them; but, I suspect I’ll eventually find a used one somewhere.

        • I am a huge fan of the Ruger P series. My EDC is a p94 9 mm. I use the Mec-gar 17 round flush fit magazines. I like them better than the factory 15’s.

          • +1 on the dinky gun. I sometimes carry a S&W Bodyguard 380 for a pocket pistol. I get lots of “compliments” from my brothers, ya know big guy with a tiny gun 🙂

            • Canyonman says:

              Yeah, but brother Penrod is over there in Speedo country. That’s a bad AO for dinky guns…

              • One just has to be creative about where to keep it, Canyonman….

                Possibly behind the ear, covered by a plumeria blossom.

    • Hey B.C., I thought you said you wore shorts just about year round ???

  3. I guess if we’re talking about total collapse, the Glock might be the way to go, but I really prefer my 7-shot .357 Magnum revolver in every other case. As in all firearms, it’s a matter of preference, and that’s what I prefer. I’ve never liked the way the Glock fits my hand, or the square design of the thing.

    And maybe I’m old school, but again, I think my Marlin 781 bolt-action .22 that shoots everything from shorts to long rifles is more accurate and more versatile than a 10-22. And a much better rifle if one needs to practice ammo discipline.

    No criticism here on your choices, MD, they are good, solid firearms. And I wouldn’t feel bad if I had them.

    • axelsteve says:

      357 magnum is a darn fine gun.357 was never a nato round however nato were never man enough to shoot one anyway.

  4. Thomas The Tinker says:

    Bought mine in 2002. Sent My Baby Girl to TD I with it that summer. She proved to be a naturally aggressive shooter. Had David Bowie trick it out in.. 2004. Baby ran it at IDPA. I Sent it with her when she moved to Florida after Graduation from UT. She and her new hubby run it once a month. It is the pistol I have trusted the most which is why I sent it with her. The 19 is a good tool.

  5. axelsteve says:

    I have never owned a Glock,not my cup of tea.I have shot a xd in 40 and it was not my prefered gun either. I will still go with a 45 over a 9 a miss with a 45 is and a miss with a 9 is still a miss. Get the Glock if you want freedom of choice is a wonderful thing.

    • I think that’s worded incorrectly. But if you think a HIT with a 9mm is a miss then you wouldn’t mind being hit with a 9mm?
      I bet your tune would change a bit.

      • Alan,
        I’ll often jokingly ask someone who has the superior round if they would like to test it. From 20 feet, we both get 3 shots to center mass on the other; but, I go first. I’ve never had any takers.

        • axelsteve says:

          I once challenged a Marine with a pace off. He said my o3a3 was a relic and his poodle shooter was the hot setup. I told him that we could pace off 7 or 8 hundred yards and see who as left standing after 10 rounds with his poodleshooter versus my springfield. He declined my offer.

  6. axelsteve says:

    Maybe I have not had enough coffee yet. I meant to say a miss with a 9mm is no better then a miss with a 45 so training and practice is needed.

  7. Texanadian says:

    here is an interesting (scary) off topic read

    • Yep, I bookmarked it after reading the intro. Sounds interesting, thanks for the head’s up.

  8. Canyonman says:

    There may be a record number of replies to this thread, M.D. 🙂

    I’m not anti-Glock, but like brother Wolfman, I just don’t care for the way they fit in my hand. I tried to explain it once as driving a car with a triangular steering wheel.

    I’m for anything that works, fires and puts down bad guys, including Kidnapping Looters, Transforming Ransackers, and Water-Stealing Zombies (sorry, I get my ‘Conflicted’ gangs confused sometimes). I believe folks should test guns before they buy ’em, and find the gun they want/like so they’ll enjoy shooting it.

    I am a tried and true, dyed-in-the-wool 1911 Colt .45 lover. Mine’s a gubmint MkIV Series 70, and it’s my APGTBGK (All Purpose Go-To Bad Guy Killer).

    Out and about on the town, mingling with high society and attending the latest social gala, it’s a Ruger LC9. Holster optional. Great little 9mm, 7 rounds plus 1 in the pipe.

    But on my property day after day, it’s the Ruger P95. Doesn’t get nearly the press of the Glock or S&Ws, which may be what has kept the price down. 15-round mag. I really enjoy this pistol, and after many thousands of rounds it has yet to malfunction. Heck, I even bought another one.

  9. They’re a good gun , but I don’t like the way they feel in my hand. To each there own , I don’t feel like I have a good grip on one. My oppen.

  10. They’re a good gun , but I don’t like the way they feel in my hand. To each there own , I don’t feel like I have a good grip on one. My oppen. thanks

  11. D@?! €¿¤§£ computers . M.D. I said them things hated me . Prime exaple two posts. Sorry

  12. I have gone through several Glocks. My personal preference is the Glock 34, although it is not idea for a concealed carry gun.

    (@ Amazon:

    I have not yet tried a Gen 4. Mostly because of being retired military I can get one of the LEO specials at a reduced price and when I have checked, no 19’s or 23’s have been available.

    I do not have large hands, but the web of my hand does “stick up” when gripping a pistol. Without adding a beavertail to a compact Glock, my hand has a tendency to ride up and the action of the slide tears the skin. In the heat of a shoot, it didn’t show up, but as soon as I noticed it, every shot hurt. I have the same problem with a Browning Hi Power (damn).

    I don’t have that issue with the full sized frame (17, 22, 34/5, 21). So I have other guns for concealed carry, these go into a thigh rig, their presence prominent, or a shoulder holster if so required.

    There are 2 changes that I make to all my Glocks. The first is simple and cheap. It is a ESLL – Extended Slide Lock Level. This silly little piece of metal is only 1.5mm longer than the factory part. But that extra length makes all the difference in getting my stubby fingers to hold it down to remove the slide. Cost is about $15 and it does not interfere with any holster I’ve tried to date.

    (@ Amazon:

    The second is the sights. I am a huge fan of TFO – Tritium Fiber Optic sights. They glow prominently both day and night! It actually makes finding my pistol in the dark easy, 3 glowing green “eyes”. These run about $100 plus installation.

    (@ Amazon:

    My home defense pistol has a x300 light on it, the brightest I’ve found for about $200. It also has an extended switch that allows me to activate the light with my middle finder on the grip without having to change my hand position. If you are going to use a light (which I recommend) this set up is the best I’ve found. You can go cheaper, and I do until I could get another of these for my BOV/Trailer pistol (a Glock 17).

    @ Amazon:

    The Glock has become the “Barbie Gun” of hand guns, after the AR-15 and Ruger 10/22. Meaning it can be “accessorized” as much as you want. Many items are personal, many are useful, most add to the cost of the gun. An out-of-the-box Glock will serve most people well.

    • Additionally I agree with the Corbon DPX ammo, except in a close area inside. These are designed for extreme penetration, and are what I use outdoors. I prefer a frangible round for indoor use, such a Pow’r Ball.

      • Hi JP: “frangible round for indoor use” Yet another thing which is illegal in the People’s Republic of Paradise. Hollow points are OK, any kind of frangible: No No No No NO!

        I don’t remember the last time I actually saw any hollow points here, though.

        Hawaii would be a great place if it weren’t for the people.

        • Penrod:

          I spent my last 3 years in the Army in Hawaii. They do have some strange gun rules. But then it is pretty liberal.

          I found it was expensive to live, so even though my DW had 3 years to go until retirement, without a “good local job” I’d have to move into cinder block quarters from our nice 4 bedroom house. Ended up in Montana, best move ever.

          Plus, for a guy used to seasons, you had to live your life on purpose or 4 months would go by and you’d wonder what happened.

  13. I too like my 9 mm glock, but will have to ck out a few of the add on’s mentioned. Thanks MD.

  14. My gun is a S&W 629. Legal for big game hunting as well as home defense using 44 special rounds. Also have a 1894 marlin in 44 magnum so 1 ammo fits both.

    • Good choice Frank. I pack the same combo. I’ve looked at the Glock but it just doesn’t feel right in my hand.

  15. I used to be a dyed-in-the-wool G19 fan…until I picked up a Walther PPQ-M2. Fit and finish is superb and the grip, well the grip is about as perfect as you could ask for on a pistol. Excellent point of aim, great trigger, all around a pretty special shooter. Yes it is a little more expensive the Glock, but if I add up all the work I did to the Glock to get it shooting how I like, the PPQ is still the better deal.

  16. I bought a first generation G17 for the sole reason it was in my price range and I wanted a piece to have for PPC at my club. While not ‘ideal’ for my hands, I’ve trained myself to overcome that, and I’m perfectly content with it, even with the ‘7/10’ mag restrictions here in NYS. If nothing else, it makes me concentrate on shot placement all that much more.
    9mm is still cheap and available, and I reload it as well, because I can get tons of it for free simply by going through the brass buckets at my club. Just this week, I had a reloading party with one of my associates there and did some math, and it worked out to a little less than 2 cents per piece.

    It’s tough, simple, and goes bang each and every time. Magazines and parts are easy to come by, and my only gripe is it isn’t US made. I can live with that for the moment, though. Since I’m a larger-sized guy, I can actually carry it IWB without it printing too much (although it makes my drawers droop a bit, which makes me look ‘urban’, yo.) I’m happy with my purchase, and reluctant to commit to anything else at the moment.
    I carry a PF-9 daily-daily, but all that means is I have another piece which uses the same ammo. It was inexpensive enough and durable enough (save for one small issue which has been resolved) for daily carry, but if the chips are down, the G17 will be my primary sidearm.

  17. Love the glock pistols and have several. For my bug out bag or TETAWAKI I’m going with my beretta 92fs 9mm and the storm carbine. Same mag, same ammo.

    • F4phantomgib says:

      I bought a G19 gen 3 knowing I would buy a Keltec Sub2000 a few weeks later for the same reason, compatible magazines and caliber. I decided on G19/Keltec Sub2000 after studying the caliber issues for months. I knew I wanted a carbine in the same caliber and magazine. My wife shoots a Springfield XD and we are looking for a pair of JRC carbines in Glock.

      I carry a Ruger LC9 and I’m looking forward to trying the LC9s (I love Ruger but just can’t conquer the LC9 trigger). If I had known about the Ruger P-95 and their companion carbine I would have bought that.

      Like MD I believe in the 9mm as a great all round cartridge for Partial or Without Rule of a Law situations. It will stop anything man or beast east of the Mississippi River.

  18. j.r. guerra in s. tx. says:

    I’ve owned only one Glock in my life, the full size .45acp (Mdl. 21, 1st Gen.) purchased very early in production. I like it so much, I haven’t purchased any of the others Glocks models. I have shot several of my friend’s G19s and the smaller more CCW model (forget the model number) and its pretty sweet too. I get the love affair with the 19 – nothing fancy, just works and they are easy to maintain.

    I do own some 9mms. Most natural comfortable gripped 9mm I own is a TZ-75, the Italian clone of the Brno CZ-75. It was purchased nearly 25 years ago, when Cold War prevented Eastern Bloc importation. It and the Browning HP have a very similar feel, they are most comfortable to me.

    I’m not going to fault anyone for their preferences – go with what you brung and take care of business.

  19. Although I don’t own any Glock handguns, many friends do and I’ve gotten to shoot just about everything in every caliber (including suppressed). My big thing is that I’m old school and actually like the safety and external hammer, it not only shows the condition of the firearm; but, adds one more layer of safety. It all comes down to what works for you in form, fit, and function.
    My biggest problem with the Glock and no real safety is that all of the AD’s I know of, either in video or personal life, have been with Glock. Holstering the gun and getting something stuck in the trigger, can and does occasionally allow the gun to fire while holstering or at other inopportune times. I would count this as about 10% the design of the gun and 90% the carelessness of the operator. Although ultimate gun safety is in the hands, the mind, and the habits of the operator, getting tired, or sloppy can sometimes be forestalled, avoiding an accident with an added layer of safety in the hardware.

    • Canyonman says:

      Amen, amen, brother man.

      “New ain’t always improved.” ~ Canyonman, 21st Century Pundit and 1911 Colt .45 lover

  20. I like my sig sauer p220 and my pa 63 . The sig 45acp and the pa 9by18. Just my pref.

  21. g19 good choice- any glock for that matter. if [when] the shtf the hand gun is in all liklyhood gonna be secondary to the long gun anyway,,,, soooo buy a enormous pile of ammo and train – train-train til ur hand gets sore and then train some more. regards to the craft,, plm

  22. Chuck Findlay says:

    I think the Glocks are extremely good firearms, But I had almost all my guns already bought before Glocks got popular. And I like a hammer on a handgun.

    If you have a Glock you will be handing it down to your kids and they to their kids. That is if Berry lets us keep them.

  23. Crazy Stevo says:

    I use a Smith & Wesson M&P 9. I can’t use a flock (no spelling error, it is my name for glocks.) From the tip of my thumb to the tip of my pinky, fingers spread is 10 1/2″. I also like the 92f.

  24. Backwoods Prepper says:

    I carry a Glock 22 because I have to but I love my Taurus 24/7 PRO DS in .40 caliber. It’s one of the most dependable guns I have ever owned. The DW’s preferred self defense weapon is a Taurus PT-111 Pro millennium in 9mm. Years ago I went into a gun shop and had planned to walk out with a S&W M&P. The gun was there I handled it and liked it. Then Bobby looks at me and say’s take this Taurus and S&W back to the range and try them out. The rest is history I’ve loved Taurus ever since.

  25. Talk about a timely article. After receiving a small windfall I am in the market for a 17 or 19. Will go with the 19 unless a great price presents itself on a 17. Gonna invest in a couple extra mags and ammo then set my sights on a light, might have to wait for Xmas. Saw a cheap leg holster and shoulder holster that I will add eventually too. Everybody I’ve talked to say the things are practically bullet proof, shoot forever, and will shoot any ammo. Got several cheap guns and really wanted to get this done before any ban or time runs out. It’s one glaring hole in my preps, and one of the more expensive ones, that I can finally close. M.D. You just confirmed my ambitions, thanks.
    Found one for five bills that has fiber optic sights, what are you thoughts on those? Also gonna try to buy from an individual to avoid getting on the register, know what I mean?

  26. Good choice Frank. I pack the same combo. I’ve looked at the Glock but it just doesn’t feel right in my hand.

  27. Glocks…… Love them all. One of the cool things about them is being able to buy a smaller frame, (G19, G26), and being able to use the full size mags (G17). I have a G30SF. It comes with 10 round mags. But at Glock they sell sleeves to make the larger mags flush with the grips. So I also have a few G21 mags that hold 13 rounds of .45ACP. I also put in an adjustable trigger and Trijicon night sights on it. I plan on trading my Ruger P95 in on a G17 or 19, not sure which one yet. Good call M.D.

  28. I bought a Glock even though it didn’t “fit my hand.” I think that phrase is now useless because my hand has adapted quite well.

    I use a Glock 26 for EDC. My IWB carry does not allow me to carry a G19 without the corner of the grip printing ever so slightly. I have no printing with my G26. I enjoy my G26 so much I bought a G27!

  29. Now into my 8th decade and somewhat of an old fart, I’ve put literally hundreds of thousands of rounds through all manner of handguns, both autoloaders and revolvers, As an old Special Forces hand and a two-tour veteran of Vietnam, I’ve used all manner of handguns, rifles, submachineguns, and various other instruments of mayhem and destruction. My personal favorite for home defense is a S&W M57 4″ .41 Magnum revolver, loaded with 170 gr. Sierra JHP bullets at 1,500 fps. One, it’s a sure stopper, and two, if you need more than six shots to get the job done you’ve already lost the argument. Second, nothing’s faster or more instinctive for the first shot than a double-action Smith. Notice I specify S&W – Colt’s are pure dreck in all respects. Rugers are totally reliable and indestructable but lack the S&W’s perfect trigger, both SA and DA.

  30. I’m a DA/SA guy personally. I get the appeal of glocks, but I don’t like the grip angle.

    CZs, Sigs, Walthers/Bersas, Canik CZ Clones, etc, are all great and equally reliable options as well. CZ metal and Sig Polymer, and Walther, options are same $ as glocks. Canik and Bersas you can get 1.5+ for the price of 9mm glocks.

  31. OK, I’m late to this debate. I apologize. I just hope the commenters here subscribed so they can see my comments.

    In my military career, I’ve carried and used a number of handguns… S&W Mod. 10, Colt 1911A1, Berretta 92F, S&W 6946, S&W 686, Sig P220, Glock 17&19, HK P2000. Of all of those, I have to say that the ones that I can hit the target with CONSISTANTLY are the Glock, S&W 686, and the 1911.

    I’ve fired expert with all, but those were at paper targets that didn’t shoot back, or when I had to fire on the move. A lot of people have said things like,”it just fits my hand”. Great! You don’t have to learn how to hold that firearm. You can learn how to hold any firearm. But learning how to hold a firearm takes time, practice, and lots of ammo and range time. Since I’m paying for it and not Uncle Sam anymore, I’d rather cut the learning curve.

    I’ll go with a Glock, the 686, or 1911 depending on what I’m wearing. After all, the idea is concealed carry. You don’t want to telegraph to the bad guy that you are just as dangerous to him as he thinks he is to you.

    M.D. I think the question you should pose in the future would be, what is the best, easily accessible, quick draw holster, or what is your “Every Day Carry” holster for your chosen firearm and why? Seriously, if you carry your .380 in some “Thunderwear” but can’t get it out (oops, that sounded dirty), you might as well be throwing rocks. If you’re wearing a shoulder rig and it’s not tied down correctly, and you are yanking your shirt out of your pants, you might as well be throwing rocks. If you’re wearing an ankle rig (and skinny jeans) you might as well be throwing rocks.

    I propose that we take the conversation away from “my gun can beat up your gun” to “what is the best way to deploy your weapon of choice”.

    Respectfully and sincerely submitted,


  32. TPSnodgrass says:

    I have multiple G-19’s, yes I like them. No, they are NOT good looking, in fact they are Fugly. However, they go bang every single time. My EDC is in fact NOT a Glock 19, but it’s little brother the Glock 26 with Glock 19 mags in it.(A&G grip adaptors on the extra mags as well) It’s just a combination that works so well for me. I’m not a .40 fan at all, never have seen the “need” for one. I also am fond of the 1911, have a few of those in ,45 ACP as well. When I started out in law enforcement in 1976, we had a “choice” of carrying a Colt, Ruger or Smith & Wesson .357 magnum period. Then came the transition to 9mm and high-cap magazines. I was issued a S&W and did well with it and liked them enough that I still have my issued 6906, left(with it) when I retired from that career. However, I think the “perfect” handgun for one’s personal survival, is the one THEY feel most comfortable with. They will hit what they are aiming at, and only hits count, in reality. So, with the huge choices to choose from now, it’s impossible for me to say which I like better. But being “old school” my favorite is the Browning Hi Power, loaded with Cor-Bon anything. that combo just plain works. So, enjoy the hunt for your favorites. It’s mind-boggling now.

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