Now that is a good idea!


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  1. Fantastic idea.

  2. Great idea!
    I bet that would also allow air in to keep mildewy smells from developing.
    Another trick. I put a whole roll of bags in the bottom. Lift full bag out and the next one is attached to the bottom. We have large trash cans all over, no searching for the bags.
    For the bathroom bags I recycle plastic grocery bags and put four or five folding lying on the bottom of the can for the next bag to be used.

  3. Another good idea that I use is to “install” multiple bags over the top of each other in the can. I saw this at work with our cleaning contractor. It works great at home for when I (as the only male in my house) am away at work most of the week. My wife can easily remove a full trash bag but does not have to hassle with dispensing and installing a new bag. I also use the trick of leaving a stack of bags in the bottom of the can. It relieves the suction, allows airflow to combat odors and mold, but also, creates a gap so that when the bag is full or even over full with trash… you can pull it out and all the trash settles into the extra space in the bag created by the gap. This makes sure you can always tie your bag closed.

  4. Great idea, and great ideas from commenters.

    Also, the header is a pleasant change. I now think I’m looking at a Swiss Chocolate catalog. Just kidding, and I love Swiss Chocolate. The chocolate is a great idea since it serves to calm your senses as memories of taste goes back a reminds you how great it is to have some chocolate. Plus, it reminds us to plan for some little luxuries even if the world goes to hell.

  5. This is so simple, it’s amazing.

  6. Now the insects have their own entrance and the mice know where to start gnawing.

    • JeffintheWest says:

      Sounds like you either keep your trash outside, or need to hire an exterminator! 😉

  7. j.r. guerra in s. tx. says:

    That is a good idea – pulling the big trash cans when filled can be pretty ornery. Another tip (say, that might be an idea, a thread with HANDY TIPS for all of us to contribute to) is when watering small plants with water hoses. Instead of turning water on really slow, you can get a finished coffee can, pierce the bottom with a nail and fill the container with water, allowing the water to seep around without runoff.

  8. Encourager says:

    My dh will love the new header! He is a wood worker.

    I like this idea; the only problem is sometimes things leak out of the bag…had that happen just last week. If the leak does not come out of the holes, then there will be a problem soaking the trashcan…the soapy water will leak out before the soaking is done. You will be forced to do this outdoors or in a large sink in the winter.

  9. MountainSurvivor says:

    I tried that once but static always affected lining and emptying my plastic cans. I like to put my hand down into the bottom of a freshly opened bag and lead it toward the bottom of the can. Then open the bag, pull a couple inches of it’s top over the edge of the can and secure the bag to the can with an elastic band. To remove the bag, I slide the band down so it’s out of the way, gather the top of the bag, slide a hand down between the can’s walls and bag’s side and proceed to extract it from the can.

  10. My father in law actually taught me this trick several years ago and it really does help. We also take a dryer fabric softener sheet or two and place in the bottom of the can. It helps control the odors.

  11. This works great! After fighting to remove a full bag of trash from a relatives can a few weeks ago, they drilled holes in the bottom of the can. No more problems!

  12. Nice!! Also sounds like a new category to begin, add to and archive!! Tips N Tricks 🙂

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