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Letter from Valter in Brazil

Hi, I live in Brazil and here the gun laws are pretty much restrictive. We have no powerful rifles, and acquiring a simple .410 single shot is the same price or paperwork of a powerful 12 gauge pump (ok, almost… like R$ 800,00 (less taxes & paperwork) for the .410 and R$ 1.800,00 for the 12 gauge pump.). And we have a stupid caliber restriction here, and well as a limited supply of guns & ammo.

My own setup would be:

1) Taurus 82S 4″ .38SPL revolver (most powerful revolver caliber here is .38)
2) Boito/IGA/Stoeger Uplander/A680 SxS shotgun 28″
3) .22 LR CBC/Magtech semiauto rifle or Rossi M62 Gallery pump rifle (I actually own the later already, fine rifle, copy of the Winchester 62)
4) Hatsan HT80, 5.5mm spring air rifle (one may kill small game with this and blow eyes of attackers, if you’re under cover)
5) Boito 12 gauge pump shotgun, virtual copy of the Mossberg 590
6) Rossi Puma lever rifle in .38SPL (most powerful rifle allowed besides .44-40, but ammo would be a great concern on .44 — rare and expensive)

This setup would cost about R$ 7.000,00 (about US$ 3.500,00), but I’d stay at item “4” and add one or two homemade/illegal-non-registered-with-supressed-numbers single-shot 12 gauge shotguns.

Here in Brazil shotgun adapters or chamber reducers make sense, if you can get ammo from diff calibers. See. I have one 12 gauge break-open shotgun and I happen to come across some boxes of .380ACP/.38SPL ammo, but have no gun chambered for these. If I had one adapter for eache caliber, my chances get higher until I can get proper ammo/firearm…

I’d have these adapters: 12 gauge to: 1) 20 gauge 2) 28 gauge 3) .410 4) .38SPL/.380ACP 5) .22LR and 6) .32ACP/.32S&WL.

Ammo acquisition is restricted too, unless you get a membership of a shooting club, as well as reloading supplies.

See you later, please publish, comment and add ideas to my setup.

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  1. j.r. guerra in s. tx. says:

    It sounds like the battery you describe would be a winner for the jungle. Mainly shorter ranges, yes? What animals do you hunt in Brazil? I own several of the guns you mention, the Rossi lever gun is very handy and light to carry on the trail. Not easy to load quickly – this requires some practice. I own a pair of FIE single shot shotguns as well, one 20, the other a .410. Good dependable guns.

    I also own a couple of Ace Dube chamber adapters, my experience is not very good IF the bore does not fit what you are shooting (12 gauge / .22lr for example). The short adapter just does not provide enough length for accurate shooting. If the bore matches the adapter cartridge, much better performance. I have a .32acp / .308 Winchester that really shoots well in my favorite deer rifle, for example.

    If the adapter is a longer sleeve, much better, but heavier. I have a 30/30 Winchester – 20 gauge sleeve that shoots well enough, but the weight of sleeve alone is nearly 2 pounds, this added to the gun’s original weight. Also – slow to reload, you are effectively shooting a blackpowder gun under field conditions. You need a bore cleaner rod to push out the empty shell, they certainly do not just ‘pop out’ of sleeve chamber. That 20 gauge above is shot in a Savage 24, a combination rifle that has iron sights, vs. a bead only front sight. That helps too.

    Maybe adding a bow and arrow would be an option for you?

  2. J Stuart says:

    The Marxists/Fascists in charge here would like to do the same. If they had their way we’d have to get a permit to buy a C02 powered bb gun.

    • Rob in Ontario says:

      J Stuart here in Canada we have to show ID to buy pellets/BB’s to prove we are over 18 – 2 years ago I had to show ID at one of our smaller chain stores( Giant Tiger) to buy a 5 oz can of butane and I’m in my late 40’s

  3. axelsteve says:

    They would not permit us to buy a co2 gun. You would need a permit for an assult version of a bb gun.

  4. Charlie (NC) says:

    I’m assuming you can get 12 ga. shells for bird hunting or small game or shooting skeet fairly easy but would have a hard time getting rifled
    slugs or buck shot. If that is the case and if your 12 ga has an open choke barrel you should go on youtube and watch videos of how to turn bird shot or bb’s and was into a formidable round that will take down most anything within 100 yards.

  5. You are actually lucky. It may not seem so at first, even in the most restictive states here in the USA it is better. But compared to most everywhere else in the world, you’re not too badly off. IE
    Handgun +, Rifle +, Shotgun +. You can even have multi shot arms.
    Not so everywhere. Good luck.

    • You’re definetly right. Like most things it is all a matter of perspective.
      But push come to shove, a 12ga pump will get you through…

  6. JP in MT says:

    I am a big fan of lever action rifles. Some may think that the 39 Special is underpowered, but it will put a man down and much better than a 2″ – 4″ revolver. And I agree with the choice over the 44-40. 44-40 is had to get here in the US.

    All things considered you battery of weapons looks to cover everything but long range stuff. Shell shrinkers (one of the names you shotgun inserts go by, are available on the internet, so you may be able to get some there if there is other ammo available (I have 38 spec and 30-30 for a 20 ga).

    Keep up the work and the good thought processes.

    • JP – I have zip experience with inserts or shrinkers, so tell me, what kind of accuracy can you get with a 30-30 or 38 spc in a 20 ga?

      • JP in MT says:


        As we call it – minute of deer at 100 yards. I will get the job done if you don’t have anything else. A couple of us have single shot shotguns with inserts/shell shrinkers not so much for the accuracy but for the variety of ammo we can use out of one gun.

        There are ones with 8-10″ barrels and others with 12-18″ barrels. I have even seen a setup in a over-under with screw-in chokes that used the choke screws to secure the insert in place. Usually it’s held in place with a rubber washer.

  7. Uncle Charlie says:

    Funny (strange not ha ha) that Brazil is so restrictive when it manufactures so many more powerful handgun and rifle calibers through Rossi/Taurus. The only rifles we have here that shoot .38 special are also chambered in .375 magnum. I have a couple of Rossi rifles myself and they are pretty good. I’d go with the 44-40 IF you are allowed to hand load. I don’t supposed they let you get 44-40 through the mail from the U.S.

    • Brazil is a class based society. And it’s move left doesn’t help. I’ll bet dollars to donuts the political elites get any gun they want. And of course they can afford armes bodygaurds.

  8. MountainSurvivor says:

    When you can’t get any guns or ammo, maybe tasers, blow torches and Bolos would help you out.

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