1. Red, Divided and Blue Fly This Independence Day : “It seems entirely revealing, if dispiriting, that the days before the July Fourth holiday showed Red America and Blue America pulling apart at an accelerating rate.”

2. Eleven revolutionary ways to celebrate your independence from the system on this July 4th : “For this July 4th — Independence Day — you’re going to see a lot of articles reminding us about the real history of Independence Day and how America fought for freedom against a tyrannical empire. Those articles are valuable and useful, but this year, I’ve decided to take a different approach: Let’s celebrate all the ways you can achieve independence right NOW, today, in 2013.”

3. U.S. Postal Service Spying on your Snail Mail : “As the world focuses on the high-tech spying of the National Security Agency, the misplaced card offers a rare glimpse inside the seemingly low-tech but prevalent snooping of the United States Postal Service.”

4. Freedom Lost : “Many times I hear the ostriches among us exclaim, “What freedoms have we lost? America is the freest country on earth.” We have all heard that, right? Of course, part of the problem is that, thanks to our education system, media, and churches, many Americans do not even know how to define liberty and freedom.”

5. Freedom under siege in America today : “Thanks to political correctness, environmental over-regulation, and socialistic/fascist ideology running rampant in Washington, D.C., and even many State capitols, “the land of the free” has become “the land of the oppressed.”

6. Freedom Lost: Life In Top Secret America : “For more than a decade now, too many lives and too many freedoms have been lost in a battle against “terrorism”.”

7. More Americans View Blacks As Racist Than Whites, Hispanics : “Thirty-seven percent (37%) of American Adults think most black Americans are racist, according to a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey. Just 15% consider most white Americans racist, while 18% say the same of most Hispanic Americans.”

8. Obama’s 2013 Air Force One bill $24 million — $6.5 million for Africa alone : “President Obama, already the most traveled chief executive in the modern era after internationalist former President George H.W. Bush, is expected to run up an Air Force One tab of at least $24 million this year alone, according to the National Taxpayers Union Foundation.”

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  1. seeuncourt says:

    Happy Independence Day, Wolf Pack! Make a commitment today to become as independent as possible.

  2. Happy Independence Day, Pack.

  3. tommy2rs says:

    Got this email from my youngest this morning:

    I am understanding this more and more everyday.

    “When asked “Why do you need X?” where X is a firearm, ammo, book, religion, speech, encryption, or any other freedom the Constitution gives us the answer should always be:

    That is a totally inappropriate question. The proper questions are:

    Where does the government get the power for infringing upon this right?
    What justification does the government have for infringing upon this right?
    Where is the evidence that this infringement will be a net benefit?”

    Sometimes it’s like water on a rock but eventually the water wins.
    Happy 4th y’all!

  4. Hunker-Down says:

    Good Morning Wolf Pack!

    Happy 4th!

    I wish for you every freedom stated in our constitution, this day, and every day of your life.

    For those of you who hold the constitution in contempt, or are indifferent toward it, I wish you a speedy one way trip to N. Korea.

  5. Doris Jones says:

    Re: #4. Freedom Lost. This 4th of July it is difficult for me to get out the words “Happy 4th of July” when so many of our freedoms are evaporating faster than we can count them. Both the far left and the far right want to take away freedoms–just different ones. Each group is power mad wishing to “make” the other side do what they “think” is right when actually it is up to EACH individual American to choose what THEY believe to be right for THEMSELVES. With so many attacks happening simultaneously it makes it even harder to defend our freedoms. Then if the other two groups aren’t after our rights–it is the government doing it secretly. And most of our country seems oblivious or paralyzed.

    I do wish everyone a great Holiday with family and friends and pray that we each renew and recommit ourselves to regaining and maintaining our freedom. History teaches us it is much, much more difficult to regain lost freedom than it is to keep it in the first place.

    Thank you MD for the inspiring thoughts and good links to read on Independence Day. Freedom is kind of like health, you know how they say “once your health is gone nothing much else seems to matter.” Same for freedom.

  6. Happy Birthday America and my beloved family, the wolf pack. I just hope it’s not the United States of America’s last birthday.

  7. oldgoat says:

    Good Morning Wolf Pack. Happy Independence Day. Run across this web page sent to me in an e-mail by my FIL. I just couldn’t believe that the head clown in charge would say something that stupid (oh I really do believe). So I thought I would share this with you. You can all make up your own minds what to think, but for me this guy has got to go. Hope this doesn’t put a damper on anyone’s day. Yawl have a nice day.


    • worrisome says:

      OldGoat, that link certainly got my blood pumping………….Now to settle back down and enjoy the day………….family and friends and fireworks and music and some great Northern Cal Wine country wine……….Thanks to Chace Waters for that! They are my new fave!

    • You I am all for being a Christian and helping those less fortunate than myself , I just want the FREEDOM to chose who gets my help!!! Not some govt. that takes from me and gives to those who choose to lay on their lazy ass and not help themselves.

    • Hunker-Down says:


      Thanks for posting the link. I hope someday it will be used in classrooms as an example of treason. That guy is evil.

    • Lantana says:

      Y’all, there are reports that this was a satirical post.

  8. Happy 4th of July everyone!

    Good articles with food for thought.

  9. Happy Independence Day to all you Patriots!!!!

    Just love the example set by Egypt yesterday, elect someone to Office and if you do not like the job they do, take them OUT of office. Wish it were that simple here…..Let’s hope they can get what they want and someday we may also.

    • Orwellian States says:

      Ditto! We need an amendment allowing for a national recall. Someone needs to give President Fubar the boot.

  10. A happy and patriotic July 4th to all from the soggy Florida Gulf Coast.

    All the above articles make for gloomy thoughts to match the weather.
    We are rapidly becoming the home of the watched and the land of the controlled. With all the alphabet federal agencies watching us on cameras , listening to us everywhere, including in our homes when they want the federal and state governments are becoming all present. all knowing and eventually all powerful. Soon our leaders will say since they are omnipresent. omniscient and omnipotent they will replace God. The amount of control we have surrendered or has been taken from us would make the German Nazis or the Soviet NKVD and KGB green with envy.

  11. TrailGuide says:

    Happy 4th… skies are partly cloudy and I can’t complain that we might not pop some fire-works. Thunder on the horizon is a blessings this Texan appreciated – music to the ears.

  12. Papabear says:

    Happy 4th of July Pack. May you all have a happy and safe day.

    Here are a few pics from the other side of the world.


  13. Happy 4th of July!
    Well sounds like a Liberal to me… Just go along to get along… NOT! on my Watch… I do what I can but with the new health scare bill I have just learned about guess I will have to watch my $ to get by….. Just love people who want to sit back and Hope for
    Change… WELL WE ARe Getting it if or not we voted for the Crap….. That’s for letting me Rant… Brad

  14. Shotgun6244 says:

    We all need to remember the hero’s we celebrate that have returned from guarding our freedom and those who have not. God bless them and God bless America. Pray for our return to our values that made this country great. Proudly clinging to my Bible and Gun, Amen

  15. Hope everyone had am Amazing 4th!

  16. Not that anyone asked, but I will tell you. Do you know what I did today? Not an F’n thing. I sat on my increasingly large butt and watched TV. I scratched my dog on the head and threw his toy for him. I deserved this one day of laziness, and I enjoyed it. Here’s why…

    In 1986 I signed a contract that said, for all intents and purposes, my life is expendable. I can be used for whatever purpose my country needs me for. I am cannon fodder. I enlisted in the United States Military. I met some extremely GOOD people there, and I met some extremely BAAAAAD people there.

    Christmas is for my family. Thanksgiving is for my mother. Independence Day is for me. I made it through those years and I survived. During those years, I have been shot at, beaten, kicked, and left for dead more than once, and I survived. I have gone without food or water for days at a time and I survived.

    Today is my day and I enjoyed it!

    There are many, MANY! like me who will never, ever admit to what we did, or what we had to endure. I feel like I am betraying my brothers and sisters by saying this but “F” this.

    Today was my day and I did nothing. And I was safe to do that. I was safe because of all of those who went before me and those who followed me to keep me safe.


    Brothers and sisters… I shed tears today for those of you whom I will never see again on this plain of existence. I mean no disrespect when I say “I hope I won’t see you soon”. But I will see you again.

    I give an honest salute to all who have served, and stand at attention for all who are serving with my most heartfelt thanks.

    Today I cried for every single one of you who I lost. I remember each and every one of your names. Rest easy brothers and sisters. I’ll take this watch.

    • Doris Jones says:

      Thank you for all you did–and I so much appreciate your honesty. I don’t think any true patriots will begrudge you telling it like it REALLY is. My own family have been heavily involved in the military and in service to our country–and our leaders have often put them in situations that abused and misused their trust. It is not on our military, but on our misguided and power hungry leaders. I, too, watched and cried when a much loved wonderful brother returned from 3 stints in Viet Nam and he still bears the scars, most of them internal. These type wrongs deserve all our tears–and our gratitude for what our troops try to do and sometimes do in spite of bad situations for them. I hope you take MORE than just the 4th for yourself–you deserve it!

    • Sirius,
      I want to thank you and all of the others that have served our country.

  17. axelsteve says:

    I saw a nice video on u tube. A veteran cut down a mexican flag that was flying over the American flag in Reno at a Mexican resteraunt.The guy showed up,stated his intentions and cut it down with his Kabar .Pretty ballsy yet pretty cool!

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