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mothers day

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  1. Texican says:

    Yes Sir, Happy Mother’s Day to all the Pack Moms. Hope you all have a wonderful day and it continues throughout the year.

    At my house, it is also my wonderful wife’s birthday. The grandkids are coming over and I’m smoking some ribs, sausage and of course a few chicken legs. Can’t wait for the bounty to be done.

  2. Thanks MD, DS is a firefighter and on duty today, I will see him next Saturday.
    Texican,,,sounds like you are putting out quite a spread, your DW is a lucky gal.
    Enjoy your family.

  3. Tactical G-Ma says:

    Thanks MD.
    Wishing MD’s mom a happy Mother’s day. You’ve done a fine job!
    All you other moms, have a great day, too!

  4. Thank you, MD. Same to all you other Moms. MD’s Mom sure did raise a goodun!!

    • Docj,

      Thank you. It took a lot of spanking with a belt to do it, when I was a kid I hated it, but later after I grew up, I thanked her for it. I’m also glad that I was raised dirt poor, because it made me who I am today.

      • mom of md says:

        Thanks Docj and Tactical G-ma for the kind words. MD got me a wonderful Mothers Day card and a new flashlight. He said he couldn’t see anything with my old flashlight. (smiles). He is a very good son. I love him dearly. Hope everyone is having a wonderful day. May God bless the Wolf Pack.

      • we were dirt poor and it makes you empathetic and also appreciative for everything that comes to you.
        people who have always been well-off cannot know how it is. they cannot even imagine it.
        i’d love for some of the politicians to be put in the position of poor people for a goodly while, so the reality soaks into them. might help them when it comes to making laws for the rest of us to obey and live with.

  5. Yes, it is great to celebrate Mother’s Day. Ditto re Father’s Day. The thing is, and please, I am not denegrating Mother’s Day. However my mother once told me just celebrating in one day a year is well, kinda “cheap”. What she meant was every day should be mother’s day. No..not in gifts and such. Just doing something for Mom one day a year….well….if one cannot honor their mother every day of the year….that one day a year thing doesn’t say much, does it?

  6. Big Bear says:

    Advice from an old guy ……….. cherish your Mom, Dad, and your grand-parents too cause the time will come when you won’t be able to give them a big hug! Tell them you love them every day ……….. and if they’ve gone on to that better place, they’ll still hear it in your prayers.

  7. Thank you, Mom, for raising me, my brothers, and sisters to be survivors. You worked so very hard to raise food all spring, summer, and fall to feed us all during the winter and early spring. I hope and pray that someday I will be a fraction of the woman you were. It has been 40 years since we lost you and I still miss you every day.

  8. Thanks, MD. Today is also the 30th anniversary of the day DH and I met at Lake Travis. Wedding anniversary comes up in September… Was telling some of DH’s coworkers last weekend that even though we are over 50, we are still their age (mid 30’s) in our heads!

  9. mindful patriot says:

    Thank you, MD, and a Happy Mother’s Day to your mum as well!

  10. Donna in MN says:

    Thankyou MD. I haven’t gotten roses in 20 some years!

    I want to thank my wonderful mother and best friend forever for all she had done for me, taught me how to make raspberry jam, sassafras tea, wild apple pie, how to sew, supported my talents, kissed my boo-boos, and the many things that we shared for all my years. There was no love like hers and I always miss her.

  11. mom of three says:

    I still have both of my parents, so does my husband. We try and spend as much time with them they are all in their 70’s now. I’m still learning from my mom, she is still finding family recipes, for me to keep and pass them down.

  12. Goatlover says:

    Well, I had somewhat of a Prepper’s Mother’s Day this year! My older son asked if he could take me out to lunch, but I said I would really rather that he help me by doing a project around the farm. “Sure, Mom! What it is?” I needed the roof repaired in one area of my buck pen–actually needed it extended to keep rain from blowing in their door when it comes down from the west (which is MOST of the time!) He had it done by lunch! WOO HOO!!

    My younger son and his wife sent me an Amazon gift card because they know I order stuff through them……I got The Creature from Jekyll Island, 2 replacement gaskets for my pressure canner, and the wide mouth jar attachment for my food saver! Yup, I would call that a Prepper’s Mother’s Day……. :o)

  13. Years ago I started preparing for the day. I am 70 now, and it just doesn’t make any sense to me to go through all this at my age, given my disabilities into account also. Most of what I stored were dried goods with long shelf life’s vacuum packed it, sealed it in buckets with oxygen absorbers which are probably useless now.
    I guess I am ready for the last canoe trip. I still stock ammunition and conibear 330’s. My preparation now seems to be oriented towards shoot until I am shot and done. The big tripper to this attitude is that my state has now made it legal for a township to criminalize gardens in a suburban setting along with small animals. Whatch gonna do when they come for you.?

  14. I had a great day with all my kids, my husband, mom and dad, sisters and other extended family. I got a girl goat to add to my herd of dairy goats, but God gave me the best present of all. I had been silently praying for The Lord to bring like minded individuals into my life. It’s hard feeling like I’m alone trying to convince other people that they need to prepare themselves for what’s ahead. Most people dismiss me as a “fanatic” because I tell them to store up some food, buy some preps, just look ahead a little!! But they see that ive been “putting things by” for years and nothing has happened so im becoming a bit of a family joke. (I am grateful nothing has happened, btw!!)Well, God was good and sent me some people who are on the same page. People I can trust and work with when things get rough.

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