Why I Hate Shopping at Wal-Mart…

Around this time of year the local Wal-Mart starts displaying products for spring and summer sales, such as mulch, compost, topsoil, fertilizers and riding mowers. Although I usually buy my gardening products from the local hardware store, I decided to stop by the Wally world to see if they had anything interesting on the shelf.

After driving around the parking lot for what seemed like 10 minutes, I finally found a parking place beside one of those shopping cart corrals. After getting out and locking my doors, I started walking toward the front entrance of the store, when some nut nearly runs me over with a shopping cart, as he rides it down the parking-lot like a skateboard.

What really ticked me off wasn’t being nearly wiped out by the cart, but that this guy was a grown man with a wife and two kids following behind. I mean, come on, grow up already. This guy needs to spend more time being a father and setting an example for his children, not acting like some ill mannered teenager.

After being nearly ran over, I noticed a child sitting in the middle of the parking lot screaming and crying at the top of his lungs while his mother stood about 5 feet away talking to a man. I have to admit wanting to walk over and slap the crap out of her. I mean hey, if you’re going to be flirting with a man at least have enough sense to put your child in the car away from danger.

I finally made my way into the store and over to the lawn and garden department. As I walked around the area trying to decide if there was anything I needed, several employees walked by – not one asked if I needed help or showed any kind of courtesy.

After looking around for several minutes, I made my way to the sporting goods department, where I picked up a bottle of Hoppes number 9, Remington oil and one of the Winchester 555 round boxes of .22LR ammo and headed toward the checkout counter.

The lines were backed up with only four or five counters open for checkout. I got in line and waited. I’d been waiting maybe two minutes when some skanky looking 40 something blond got in line behind me. She looked like she’d been on a crack binge for several days, with her hair uncombed and clothes that had obviously been worn several days without washing.

And the worst part, she insisted on standing as close behind me as possible – so close that I could feel her stinking breath on the back of my neck. Why stand so close when you have the whole store open behind you? Apparently; she thought by pushing me, she could speed up the checkout process.

Making matters worse the clerk didn’t even say “thank you for shopping at Wal-Mart” after totaling my items and receiving payment. And that’s why I hate shopping at Wal-Mart – how about you?

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  1. The walmart in minden Louisiana,is my favorite walmart. It’s not any different inside.the prices are the same as Shreveport or Marshall tx. But the one in minden has a long gentle slope in the parking lot. You can mount the shopping cart right at the door and ride it clear to the end of the parking lot. It’s almost as much fun as riding a motorcycle. My wife gets a kick out if watching me ride and think of the joy I bring to those who get to see a huge aging fat guy ride a walmart buggy across the parking lot.

    • Nebraska Woman says:


    • BC
      You are to much 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • seeuncourt says:

      Why this hasn’t been made into a video and posted to your youtube channel is beyond me… 😉

    • Thank you for my morning laugh.

    • Funny Man!

    • Hunker-Down says:

      Watch out for that toddler strap in the top of the cart, it may get caught in the straps of your cut-off bibs.
      Is there a speed limit?

      • There is no speed limit to my knowledge but you have to be careful of the people backing out of parking spaces because they just have no respect for right of way for fat guys on buggys. I keep checking the people of walmart to see if I’ve made the cut. So far no luck. I’m thinking my cutoff bibs aren’t showing enough butt cheek.

        • “I’m thinking my cutoff bibs aren’t showing enough butt cheek.”


          Next we will be seeing you on “people of wal mart”

        • “I’m thinking my cutoff bibs aren’t showing enough butt cheek.”

          Oh geez how am I gonna that image out of my head now? Imagine Hillary, Pelosi and Boxer naked? Arrrrrgh

          • “Imagine Hillary, Pelosi and Boxer naked?”

            Oh please, having this thought planted in my brain just made me throw up a little in my mouth! I would much rather be imagining a free-wheeling, cut-off bib wearing, big guy prepper having fun at wally world!

            Thanks a lot, tommy2rs 😉

          • PGCPrepper says:

            “Imagine Hillary, Pelosi and Boxer naked?”

            Eye bleach! Stat!

          • tommy2rs:

            Look I have enough therapy from just the pictures of the customers, now you do this to me…..What I do to you?

  2. MD:
    Good morning, thought I was the only one who felt the drags of society at
    Wal F*rt. I avoid that place as if it had the plaque! Since dh has been down an not needing his powder donut fix I have not been in that store. Yes I have seen the zombies that shop there, makes me prepare more than ever.
    What happens when there is NO welfare check in the mail for those grew up with it in their households? No money No W*l M*rt.

    • I live near one of the walmarts that made national news when the limits on the EBT crads had a glitch. This was the walmart in springhill Louisiana. Its actually closer to me than shreveport or marshall texas, but the one in springhill has nothing but the free shit army shopping there and they have some violent attitudes,the store itself is a frekkin disaster and the people working there are the laziest stupid people ive ever met. If your not able to hurry across the walkway going in, they will flat run you down,and of course thay dont have insurance. Its amazing the differance in some walmarts,like night and day.

      • I agree about the different conditions of service in Walmart. I can’t stand to shop in any of the local ones, they are dirty, disorganized, customers, clerks and even pharmacy staff’s age, temperature and IQ all match. There is one in West Sac that is well stocked and spanking clean………..shockingly so. And the clerk that waited on us was a cordial, friendly, knowledgeable and took some initiative on an item that was ringing up wrong. But as a rule, I rarely shop there due to the fact that they foster the made in China philosophy. However, Mike Rowe says that they are going to be changing that with a made in the USA push and putting their money with their mouth is………we will see.

        • Pragmatist says:

          What is a ‘West Sac’? (I am almost afraid to ask given the timbre these comments have taken…)

        • This is our experience too – there are certain stores we don’t visit and certain ones we do. Our favorite Wally World is two ours north of us. The one closest to us is more like the one MD visited. There is a police precinct office next door and there was a shooting in it a several years ago. We only go there if absolutely necessary.

      • “Its amazing the differance in some walmarts,like night and day.”

        I guess so, bc. The one near us is always clean, well lit, neat, and the staff is helpful. If I ask one where an item is, they usually take me to it, sometimes quite a walk. And if it isn’t where they thought it was, they try another location or ask another staffer.

        Now…if I could just get the image of a Fat Old White Guy (FOWG) in cut off bibs and a violet thong, riding a cart over small children while Mommy chats up a new guy out of my head.

        • Our walmart is clean, neat and I can find what I want. I like it! I can count on one hand the number of times I have been in a Target.

          Most of the people I see at our Walmart are not welfare/EBTcard people, they are people just like me.

          However, I rarely go to a checkout with a clerk. I opt for the self-service checkouts whenever I can.

          • The criticism posted here seemed to be of the people’s behavior and not of the store itself! The store where I live is clean, the people who work there are polite and the parking lot has always had a spot where I could park! Yes, the items have to be chosen carefully, (just as Target’s items [Chinese-made]), but it’s a choice the individual has to make…If you can afford local…please do! – I wish I had a hill, though 😉

        • Penrod,
          Pretty much the same here. Perhaps it’s more the neighborhood they’re located in and not the store itself.

      • seeuncourt says:

        My brother claims that walmart is like the Catholic church, the same everywhere!

  3. seeuncourt says:

    Unfortunately, walmart clientele are a snapshot of the increasing joblessness and poverty in America. The walmart nearest to me is two hours plus away. When I do go there, it’s seasonal like you, MD. It motivates me to prep, and to pray for our country.

  4. As I recall, they said the same thing about the crowd Christ hung out with that some now say about Wallmart shoppers. Go figure?

  5. buttoncrazy says:

    I shop at Wal Mart. My husband drives a truck for them. I have a discount card, that gets 10% off the bill. Over a years time that money adds up. I dislike a lot of things at wal mart, but 10% is whole a lot to us.

    • My wife always tells me,if i die before her, she is gonna marry a walmart driver. When we were longhaul truckers, she would aleways threaten the walmart drivers that as soon as they parked, she was gonna go shopping in thier trailers.

      • PGCPrepper says:

        Meh, I never go to Walmart but I’m looking for some land next to a Walmart or Food Lion distribution center. Easier than all this prepping and storing stuff myself.

  6. My experiences at Wally world have been different. The employees were helpful and courteous and helpful. The customers, while there were quite a few who were ‘interesting’ looking, weren’t strung out on crack and we all kept our halitosis to ourselves in the line up.

    Maybe because it’s a Canadian wally world?

    • “halitosis” Is that a candian thing? we here in the lower 48 have nothing but the freshest minty clean breath,ill have you know.

    • Have to agree Mike. The Wally World here on the west coast of The Rock is pretty good (lack of alternate options might have something to do with attractiveness – I’m sure MD’s crack whore looks good to someone with a thick set of beer goggles at closing time). Staff at our WW is friendly and helpful. Lack of stock has more to do with prioritizing shipments when the ferries are not crossing the Cabot Strait due to bad weather than anything on WW’s part. Would like to blame WW but Colemans, Sobeys and Dominion can be just as bad.

      As for halitosis, might I recommend as solid round of Listerine – good for resolving foot issues too.

    • You guys crack me up. The halitosis brings to mind the worst thing about out WM. My kids and I nicknamed the optometrist in the vision center, Dr. Halitosis years ago. You would think that someone that gets that close to your face, on purpose, would pop a Tic Tac now and then.

      The staff is generally helpful in most departments. The cashiers could use some customer service training though.

      I like to go on Saturday night after 11:00 pm. There is usually only a handful of shoppers in the store, but the night shift is busy stocking the shelves, so they always have what I want. They seem to be more helpful than the other shifts as well. Navigating the aisles can be fun when they start their pallet parade, but they are very accommodating to me.

      I like to look at everything on the shelves in the hardware, sporting goods, & kitchenware aisles and imagine what I might be able to do with, or make from, this or that. I can do that easier at night without someone running over me with their buggy or me not wanting to get in someone else’s way.

      I would prefer to shop at a local grocery store or hardware store, but there aren’t any in my rural area anymore. We are rural, but not far enough off the beaten path to keep those stores alive in competition with WM. They all closed years ago.

  7. Heck, I was probably the dude riding the cart across the lot. Lots of fun and certainly a good way to practice balance.
    Having been one of those ‘floor walking employees’, I can understand them not stopping to ask if help is required. After a while, floor walkers learn who wants to be helped and who just wants to complain about not getting any assistance, especially those in the ‘man’ aisles- tools and equipment.
    I recall a time- the only time, too- that one of my sons decided he was going to throw a hissy fit n the middle of a parking lot. His mother and I kept walking and talking, ignoring his tantrum. By the time we were thirty feet away, he realized how futile his antics were and decided to join us. (I can hear people shouting how cruel and bad that was and how we should have handled it differently. Well, the tactic worked as well or better than a hand across the backside while telling him he wasn’t going to get his way.)
    Those people who have to drive in circles to find a parking spot drive me nuts. Grow up, already, park the ** car and walk- the exercise isn’t going to hurt you.
    Spent a period of my life helping out in soup kitchens and emergency shelters… Wait ’til the SHTF and tell me how skanky smelling the woman was. When people don’t have the means to clean every day, there’ll be lots of odorous people wandering the bread lines. A lot of people who now take showers once or twice a day, have access to deodorant and laundry facilities have no concept of what it’s like to be poor and living on the street, in a shelter or group home. I know, I used to be one of those who would hold my nose around those people. Then I became one.
    It’s easy to whine about why a person should not shop at a particular business, but the people ain’t one of those reasons.
    Now that our rants are over, let’s be friends again and be happy, praise God, rejoice in all things, walk in the Spirit and have an ever increasing Faith.

    • JSW,

      Good thing you didn’t run over or into someone when you were riding the cart, or hit a car or got ran over by another shopper driving through the parking lot. Not really a good example to show children that might be watching, just because you can do it and not get killed doesn’t mean an 8 year old can. Sometimes we have to grow up and act like men and set an example of how an adult should act.

      • True, MD- I could have been killed or killed someone else with that cart… or while driving into the lot with my van.
        OK- I do agree it’s not the ‘best’ thing to teach an eight year old, or a ten year old, but it does show them you’re never too old to have fun, and that is part of being a man. Were it one of the boys riding the cart, I’d have been close enough to grab them (they have and I was), and they’d be warned to be observant for others and to not hurt someone. If they get hurt doing foolish things, that’s part of growing up and accepting responsibility for our action, also part of being a man.
        You’re right also, in teaching our children to not do foolish things, and if we do, don’t be a wuss and whine about getting a lawyer to get even for the stupidity of our action.
        Thanks for the chastiseing. 🙂

    • Hunker-Down says:

      While we were standing in a grocery store long checkout line my2 boys, then ages 3 and 4 both decided to run and yell and play. The DW gently pushed each one toward me and I “briskly’ swatted their bottoms 3-4 times. When the boys saw the disapproving looks from all those strangers staring at them, they immediately quieted down and stood in line as they knew we expected them to do. For the rest of their lives, they never repeated that behavior in public.It takes a village.

      Today, I would be arrested for swatting them in the behind. Todays youth are the result of that kind of “protection”.

      • Buddy of mine had his 4 year in a store and got behind this large woman in the check out line. Well, she ripped one..

        My buddy immediately buried his face in the box of cereal he was carrying and did everything he could not to laugh out loud. Joey was not a quiet person.

        When Joey finally composed himself he looked up. The woman and his son were gone!! He threw everything down and ran off looking for his kid. The child was found quickly. He was following the lady around the store tugging on her skirt, yelling, “Hey lady, yer ‘sposed to say ‘scuse me when you fart.”

      • “…wouold have been arrested…” and your children removed and delivered to social services and you’d have spent most your vacation time in court defending your action.
        Ain’t we living in a great nation?

      • we broke our then two year old from throwing,laying down screaming,fits,… by laying down on the floor and screamin’ ballin’ and flailin’ along side her.(at home)..at the same time…then talking to her about how stupid it looked.and that she had to ask for things she wanted and allow us to make the decision. Once she knew we were on the same page and united that she would not make the rules,we had a well behaved child…at home and away

    • I was at a “local” shop just looking…and four employees (not having much to do, I guess) asked me if I needed help…it kinda got annoying! I like to look a lot and read labels before buying and if I need help, I usually ask! It seems Us humans are never satisfied!

      Most gum at Wallies, though, has aspartame in it…so I brush my teeth instead and my breath is very nice!

  8. I have wondered over the years, where did the “people of Walmart” shop before there was Walmart?
    When I have to go to Walmart, usually as a last resort, I just brace myself when I cross into the parking lot, I keep my head down (to protect my eyes), get in the store and get out as fast as possible.

    • TR from CA says:

      K Mart. At least that is where I saw them in SoCal. Lol.

    • Nostalgia & Tradition says:

      And there were also dime stores, and hardware stores, and drug stores. Places like that. Not a one of them took up much space and none required a big parking lot with carts to ride on. Most folk knew those who worked there, and we had a nice chat along the way.
      Small places, but it worked out just fine. I was just a kid then, but I remember.
      I remember.

    • SmellTheRoses says:

      Sounds like the perfect stance to get ‘knocked out’ on the way across the parking lot (or run over by a large man riding a shopping cart with a big grin).. If you are that easily offended, shocked or disgusted, you might as well stop prepping, cuz you will see things in the first 48 hours after the shtf that will make anything you see at Wal-Mart laughable (which, actually, it already is) Seems to me that a lot of you folks take yourselves waaay too serious – it’s life, NOBODY gets out alive, and all will stand before his maker
      for judgment in the end.

  9. The Walmart in my town is always crowded and not really clean. It is also always messy too. There are a few items that I must purchase there, but I purchase in large quantities when I go. And if I get a chance to visit another Walmart while out of town, I will do my shopping there.

    In my experience with various Walmarts, the one in West Knoxville, TN, in the Turkey Creek shopping area is the cleanest, nicest, most enjoyable Walmart. The employees are friendly AND helpful. I just wish I lived close enough to visit regularly, instead of 6 hours away.

    • Nostalgia & Tradition says:

      but they don’t have fabric any more

      • Well, at least the Hobby Lobby is just down a few stores.

      • My WM also took out the fabric department, but they built one about 20 miles away and put one in. Also the same with the live fish in the pet department. Maybe a beta in a plastic cup now and then. When they grandson wanted a fish tank for his birthday I had to drive 60 miles to the nearest pet store to get fish.

  10. I just don’t go there any more. I can find what I want elsewhere, Maybe it’s a bit more ezpensive but I don’t care.

  11. Hobbitt of the Shire says:

    After seeing the Dr. about ED, he told me that if the urge hit I needed to strike while in the moon. One day my wife bent over the freezer to get something. I just couldn’t resist. That is why I am banned from Walmart. 🙂

  12. Mother Earth says:

    I absolutely hate shopping there. I will drive further or pay online shipping costs to avoid it. There are two items I can only find at Walmart so I buy enough for 6 months or more. I try to pick a time when it’s not crowded too much and just know I will be in a bad mood after shopping there.

    • Nebraska Woman says:

      My sentiments exactly. And I find that when I did shop there, most of the stuff I bought was shoddy and had to be taken back. I do buy 2 or 3 items, and like you, I stock up.

      JSW, I hear you. My faith commands me to be nonjudgmental of people; I do not know where they are coming from. But please do not leave a screaming child in the parking lot. Mine did that just once. I took them to the side of the building and let them scream. You’re right; it didn’t take them long to figure out I wasn’t going to play their game. They never pulled that trick again.

  13. mom of three says:

    I believe it’s how we raise our kids it’s not just schooling, but parenting too. Our Wal-mart, is very clean and I have not had any problems, but I won’t go after dark, but I don’t go after dark to any stores. Our police, in our city stay on top of gangs, but if our damn city council stays all liberal, then I see us becoming a lost cause in the future.

  14. Chuck Findlay says:

    Not to buck the warm fuzzy hate Wal-Mart trend going on here but I have never had any problems there. There are 3 or 4 Wally-Worlds in my city and I only shop at the one by me (in a better part of the city) not at what you could call the inter-city one that I would has a much lower class of people shopping there.
    I don’t shop there a lot, only once a month or so and NEVER during the Christmas season and I usually end up there at odd hours when the traffic in the store is down.

    Most of my shopping is done at Menard’s, Meijer and Kroger. And again all these stores have been a good shopping experience.

    Might it be a good idea to shop at off hours as to avoid the problems you experienced?

    • Absolutely don’t go shopping during the Christmas season- fastest way to a heart attack or stomping by stampeded crowd. Even our local Menard’s has stampedes at times- like when they’re having a 11% off sale on Black Friday.

  15. You know you can shop online and if you spend more than $50 you get free shipping.

  16. Walmart LOL. Where else can you see drug deals in the parking lot and crazy drivers all looking for the closest space because most of them cannot walk the length of the lot. Sometimes greeted at the door and given a dirty cart that always has a bad wheel or 2. Inside you see a sometimes dirty always funky smelling store and a real sociology experiment looking at the cross section of shoppers, people just hanging out and a few shop lifters. Hey look out for that spill, wait not a spill, it’s puke. Wow I found my items now the trick is to find one not broken or open. Time to check out with and stand in line way too long and finally get to a barely literate cashier. When, finally made it out to the parking lot and better be careful as quite a few mugging take place in this lot and even though I am armed I still don’t like walking here. Yahoo, made it to the street and back to the real world!

    • Why pay to go to some fancy-smancy tactical school when you can run the course at Wal-Mart?

    • PGCPrepper says:

      I love how people drive around forever to find a close parking spot to the entrance of our outdoor mall only to walk around the mall for hours. I think it’s just a competitive thing vs. common sense.

    • mott,
      You and I have access to totally different Wal-Marts. Ours is clean, well lit, and full of happy helpful employees. Our local K-Mart OTOH, makes you feel like you’ve stepped into East Germny during the cold war.

  17. You’d have been treated like gold if you had the magic Government assistance card!! Carts full of groceries (mostly junk food) being paid for with SNAP card (Access cards here in PA) by 20-somethings with 9 children..>ARRRGGHHHH….. LOL I hate these Wal mart troglodites as well, dregs of society.
    Yet they are spreading, I have begun seeing these type of people at a local Wegman’s grocery. Blocking the aisle talking amongst one another – Yes I do think there are too many people on the planet and ,unfortunately they are ALL in front of me all the time!! Welcome to the welfare state that DIDN”T work for Europe so let’s bring it to AMerica… Crap, now I’m all fired up…..

  18. Hunker-Down says:

    In our Walmart we are greeted with a smile by every checkout person who is not busy with a customer. If we ask an employee in any one of the isles a question, they all immediately stop what they are doing and either answer our question or take us to the item we are trying to locate. The Home Depot employees treat us the same way. Come to Wisconsin!

    • Be trying to get there since October, but the roads have all been blocked with snow…PASS.

    • We have access to three good ones..carrying a slightlydiferent line,dependingon the direction I need to go at the time.but I try to avoid peakhours and avoid during holidays as well.

    • I love Wisconsin and hope in time to move back!

      Hey MD.. I accidentally hit the report button . SORRY

  19. Having worked retail most of my life I understand your frustration. I shop Walmart because I can save money on certain items, I hate the long line wait, and I never tolerated that in any of the stores I managed. Since I have worked retail so much, I look at thing differently when in the store, and I end up drawing customers to me that need help, and I do help them if I can, but let them know that I do not work there. As to the employees that do not offer assistance, it is do to the management in that store that value tasks over customer service. They punish staff that do not compete their task lists, it takes a good manager to train people to get their tasks done and take care of customers.
    I also agree with you that there is a bigger problem, one that is ruining this country(and one of the reasons we prep) and that is the failure to teach our children values. the rude behavior, the thoughtlessness, bad manners is all due to parents not holding their kids to any standards.( IMO, it is caused by people turning away from their Creator.) This is one of the causes of our nation to fall apart.

    • RobberBaron says:

      I have a similar background, and I have the same experiences of ending up helping people who, God help them, lose all common sense when confronted with SIGNS.
      You are absolutely correct: it is the management that sets the tone for the quality of service that you receive in ANY store. If the person who passes out paychecks say “forget the customers, keep the shelves stocked and zoned” then an intelligent employee forgets the customers, and stocks the shelves as told. So, if you have complaints, don’t take it out on some hourly employee – find management and corner them until you have spoken your mind. They probably won’t change anything based on your suggestions or complaints, but the CAN’T STAND being cornered, and don’t have the time to do it often, so rather than deal with you more than once (sometimes twice, you DO have to be persistent to change the world, don-cha-know) something will change. Wailing at the sky never got anything done, if you want to make a change you have to ACT! If you are uncomfortable entering their store – TELL MANAGEMENT. If you find the store dirty – TELL MANAGEMENT. If you are tired standing in line at one of the 2 or 3 registers open, when 27 stand empty, and employees are standing around talking and drinking coffee – TELL MANAGEMENT! If you really want to make an impact, have a small digital recorder in your hand while talking to them, and fidget with it just enough to get them to clearly see what it is, and the red light that is shining on it, indicating that you are, indeed, recording what you are saying and how they responds. This is promised to get their full attention, and will go a long way toward making sure he does what he (or she) says they will. Having spent over 20 years with the world’s largest retailer (at the time), I know where of I speak. ‘THE SQUEAKY WHEEL GETS THE GREASE.”

  20. It has been my exact opposite experience. Years ago I shopped at the supposed “higher classed” stores and could not believe the insufferable behavior of people every time I went. I started going to Target, Kmart and Walmart and once again, I was astounded by the friendly, helpful people. I was NOT prepared for that, given their reputation. It must depend on everyone’s location.

  21. I have to agree with the posts on this one. The DW and I hate shopping or even going into wally world. Don’t like the poor customer service, the dirty store, non-existent staff to ask questions and dare I say it some of the clientele that patronize that place. Not that were prudes or stuck up but we like to shop at stores that are clean with courteous staff and local when / where possible. If you want a laugh watch this you-tube video produced in a Walmart in Tennessee by some local residents near where we reside. It’s funny but at the end of this video, Walmart employees had called the local police as the performers were ‘dancing’ back to their cars. They got out ahead of the police and no one was arrested thankfully but it’s funny.

    • I watched the Video. Absoletely hilarious. I live in an area with some pretty unique folks to start with( perhaps me included) and they all seem to frequent the Walmart, which is why I now avoid the place like the plague.

      • mom of three says:

        Again lack of what a brain? Oh my gosh, I laughed so hard but these are real people how can they dress like this?

  22. I have two main gripes with wally world #1 not enough checkout lanes open and #2 not enough Made In America products.

    One time when on my lunch break and trying to get what I needed. I went to one line and was told sorry I am closed, went to 2 line and again I heard sorry I am closed, went to the 3rd line and when she told me she was closed I took the buggy full of stuff and told her that this was the 3rd time I was told that and that they could keep their stuff and I proceeded to walk out and did not go back for quite a while.

    My DH used to get his meds filled at Wal-Mart but they have had issues with people in the pharmacy. One pharmacist was stealing pills from the patients. My DH started opening his bottles and counting them right there before he left. They got rid of her and another employee was downright rude, she acted like anyone getting meds was just a junkie. We moved all prescriptions to another pharmacy and the people are so much nicer, we have not had any issues since then.

  23. I get off work late at night so that makes an interesting time to go shopping. The one in the big city near a big university has lots of college kids. They dress funny and some act stupid.

    The small town store where I live is quiet mostly. Shopping there is easy, safe and sane. At night the stockers will offer assistance when you don’t ask.

    Don’t like shopping during the day, especially weekends.

  24. Walmart is a gold mine for the city. A cop sits a few lanes over from the handicap parking and writes tickets all day to violators.
    It’s a politically correct (Minnesota) Walmart, doesn’t sell firearms – to distrubing for people to walk by. Back when it used to have ammo I purchased a brick of .22. I had to answer all kinds of questions (am I going to use the ammo in a hand gun or a rifle ?), show an id, the check out guy was so nervous having to touch the box I thought he might piss his pants , and was told that I may be searched on the way out of the store, wtf? No other store I know of does that around here.

    • What Wally World was that, Wilson? Dang- if I’d been asked all those questions I’d have asked them if they were writing a book and told them what I’m buying is none of their business. Dang- did you still buy the brick?
      If I was told by a clerk that I might be searched on my way out the store, I’d have told them to call the manager and a cop and arrest me on the spot ‘cuz I ain’t being searched because I bought some ammo. Then said manager and cop could spend some vacation time in court defending themselves against my lawsuit.

      • Suburban Minneapolis, Wally, bought the brick. The clerk looked to be under 20 so he was probably just a drone of the communist school (fools) system. I was more amused than anything, although, I would have call the police if anyone had tried to search me on the way out.

    • A few years ago when 22LR was plentiful and quite inexpensive, I bought 5 boxes at one time. I was checking out in the garden center and the female teen age cashier asked me if it was for a hand gun or a rifle. I looked her straight in the face and said, “I don’t know. This is a redneck birthday present.” I figured she was just curious why a short, fat, little old white woman wanted over 2,500 bullets at one time.

  25. I had that type of Chinamart that you write about in the city I moved from in Tennessee.
    I now have a nicer, more consumer-oriented Chinamart in Ky.
    The employees will take you to the product or help you look for it.
    Nice change.
    I still only shop there if I am desperate and don’t wish to travel 25 miles for an item.

  26. 1MoreBoyScout says:

    I’m right with you M.D. I dread walmart. Living in a very small town, surrounded by other small town’s, everyone seems to flock there. I’ve found alternate place’s to shop, and would rather drive a little & go to them instead. I avoid “it” walmart like the black plague. No matter what, it’s always the same experience. Bad service, Never the ammo I want or need, & everyone in there is meandering around at a snail’s pace, like it’s their 1st time on the moon. My wife & I get along great, but 30min’s in wallyworld, & were ready to file for separation! We decided it’s not worth going there under most circumstances, because “it” is: (A) managed by a demonic presence, and (B) their probably all built on the 33rd parallel. {i’m joking of course, sort of..} It’s best just to avoid “it” like FEMA!!

  27. Walmart is my primary store for groceries, especially now that they price match. Our local Publix grocery store chain offers lots of BOGO deals that I use at Walmart. The store is clean and usually well stocked. The fact that I live in the county in FL with the 2nd highest percentage of over 65 may help. Seniors have to shop somewhere and we normally pick the lowest priced stores.

  28. My wife works at Wally World, so whether I like it or not, I have to go there occasionally. Thankfully, mine is one of the nicer ones. I have to admit I rarely interact with the employees, unless I know them, since I usually know what I want and where it is, or I’m just killing time until my wife clocks out. She, on the other hand, has now accumulated a whole lot of retail horror stories, from the other side’s perspective. I have to agree, however, that I get really tired of having only 2-3 lanes open during prime shopping hours. To me, that’s indicitive of management that doesn’t know how to schedule, and doesn’t care.

    As to Wally World’s non-US made selection, I offered a challenge to my two youngest kids the other weekend. If they could find 20 different items (excluding food and ammunition, and US companies that have their products made in China) that were made in the US, I would take them out to the restaraunt of their choice (Chick-fil-A) nearby. So off they went, and an hour later I called the contest. One had found 9, and and one had found 12 (total, 21). I had meant 20 items each, but as I neglected to say that, off we went for chicken sandwiches. My wife tells me that now much of the food items are coming from China too. So now I pretty much just shop local for everything except ammo (which nobody has), and just those few things I can’t get anywhere else. I figure the gas saving makes up for the price difference. Once her discount card kicks in, that may be a hard decision to stick with though.

    • Last time I was at my local Walmart, they had two new types of yarn that are made in the USA. I do think people are beginning to look more closely for Made in USA and that some retailers are beginning to respond. I personally look for American made first, then Candanian, then any where but China.

      • Same here – USA, Canada, then US-friendly countries, on down the line. China and US enemies (and yet we trade with them???) are out. Retailers are responding, but slowly at the big box style stores, I think. Local merchants are much quicker, I’m finding, not having to enter into huge buying contracts so far out, and having a bit more flexibility.

  29. Wallyworld is the only game in town in our rural area. Contrary to popular myth that it forces all the small businesses down we’ve had the opposite happen here. For every small business that has closed 2-3 have opened in their place. Sorry you all have had horrible experiences at your Walmarts but ours has been just the opposite. The employees for the most part are respectful and pleasant. Once in awhile you get a disgruntled employee at check out but they don’t have the job for very long. Our store is also very clean. Sure we get people in bib overalls but then we are in the country and do have a lot of farmers. You guys can tell my wife she can’t go in her bibs anymore.
    In fact our Wallyworld has started carrying freeze dried veggies and such in #10 cans. I believe it’s the same company that provides their Sams line of survival food.
    I really think the fact that it’s Wallyworld has nothing to do with the clientelle and employee attitude. I think it’s has to do more with the region your in and the general population in the area.
    The only time the parking lot is crowded is Friday night and Saturdays. The rest of the time you have no trouble finding parking.
    The only other major store in town is Lowes and I was so glad when they moved in. Till then I always dreaded needing any lumber. The local lumber store was way overpriced and if you weren’t a contractor they treated you like crap. The same goes for our local Southern States farm store. It’s much more pleasant to shop at Lowes.

  30. First off – thanks for skipping the pictures! I swore the last time I got one of those emails I would not open it up, and did anyway. Now I need therapy.

    We do have a Wal-Mart, and I go there several times a week. Prices on cereal, beans, and storage items are lower than anywhere else close. Sometimes I’m able to get ammo, this week I finally got a slip on recoil pad I’ve wanted for a month. It was almost $10 cheaper than elsewhere.

    Our problem is with decreased sales, they have cut staff. By cutting staff, they have less items out for sale. This decreases sales, so they look at cutting staff. Vicious cycle.

    Plus it is now after Christmas, and around here that means cutting retail workers hours. It happens every year, but the employees feel the need to share their woes. Plus, although not as much as some areas, our earning power of our workers has slipped, so more are looking for cheaper items. The Dollar Tree seems to have twice the customers than last year.

    I was in Hawaii in the early 90’s when they built a Wal-Mart 3 blocks from my house. The employees were very friendly and seemed very happy. After I left there and moved to Montana, I went to work at the one here. Totally different employee attitude. A lot of “I deserve….” showed up. The manager at the time was all over the department managers about empty shelve space, saying Wal-Mart spends a lot of money for that space and if there is nothing there to sell, the store doesn’t make money, so keep it filled. The current management staff seems, to my viewing, to be busy having 3-5 person groups going around the store, moving things, but not keeping them stocked.

    At least we don’t have to many “special outfit” people here that I see in those pictures! If that’s what it takes, I’ll keep the cold! We have our share of “trendy” college and high school styles, mothers and daughters with matching tatoos (shopping with their SNAP cards). But for the most part no worse (or better) than most of the other stores around here. Our JC Penney is closing, so again options are going to be limited and jobs will be lost. Plus a major hotel has closed along with another 50 jobs.

    My solution to many of my personal shopping needs is the Internet. I know it does little for the local economy, but if you are not competitive, you are going to loose anyway. At least I keep 3 people employed. The FedEx guy, the UPS gal, and the USPS guy.

  31. SD in Maine says:

    Saw a cool T-shirt in our local W-M last night, “Welfare is NOT a job!” Most of the customers and staff are pretty scary though. We have two to pick from, but the largest is always half full of “refugees” who choose not to assimilate. Unfortunately there is much money to be saved shopping at W-M as long as you can put up with the culture (and be aware of what you’re buying). We’d love to shop elswhere, but save too much to make the switch.

  32. ladyhawthorne says:

    Walmart is one of my least favorite places to shop for many reasons including the China made crap. However in a small town and having a limited budget there are not too many choices. Our WM carries little groceries, just dry goods, and it is small so there is always front door parking in this little town.

    All the employees are local, lived here all their life and most are over 40, so they mostly still have manners when they notice you. The manager is wonderful, even gave me a free piece of fabric just because he didn’t like how he cut it (even though it was fine).

    I have issues with the pharmacy girls who look and act like they are 16 and would rather talk to each other about their recent date than help the elderly folks in a line 10 deep that need their meds and no place to sit while waiting.

    I also have issues with the employees standing in a group talking who see you standing at the ammo counter looking longingly at the locked cabinet and back at them and still ignore you because it’s not their dept. and they can’t be bothered to call for the person who CAN open the case for the ONE box you are allowed to have.

    If I had a choice and had the money I would definitely go elsewhere.

  33. And this pertains to survival in what way?

  34. Suburban Housewife says:

    Well – who’d have guessed this topic would have such a reaction?!
    When I first read the article – not paying attention to who wrote it – I thought – “Wow, what a grumpy old fuddy-duddy!” Then when I realized that M.D. wrote it I was shocked! – I never pictured you that way M.D.! Are you a grumpy old fuddy-duddy?

    I do agree with the kid sitting in the parking lot – that is a a safety issue. Put the kid in the car or somewhere safe and let them cry. As far as what she was talking to the man about – that really isn’t anybody’s business. Maybe flirting – maybe not – so what? Maybe the kid is autistic and she just ran into the dad of another autistic kid – or the kid’s pediatrician. Who knows? What’s it to you?

    And what’s with letting a questionable looking woman get that close to you? That is another safety issue. One step backward – bumping into her good- (not enough to knock her down) – then apologize saying you didn’t realize she was that close. That should back her off, and if not then nicely tell her she’s too close please step back…if that doesn’t work – deck her – no wait – I didn’t mean that. LOL. Keep a safe space around you – maybe she’s a pick pocket or something.

    And as far as the unfriendly and not helpful employees go – what did you do to brighten their day? Maybe they have miserable working conditions, too many hours and not enough pay. Maybe the manager just yelled at all of them.. Maybe their dog/cat just died. Did you smile and say “Hi – how are you?” Why does everyone have to be all nice to you – when it seems to me you just might be projecting “grumpy-fuddy-duddy-keep-away-from-me” vibes? Try being smiley and nice first and see what happens…

    So what I’ve learned from this post (plus my life experience) is that Wal-Mart comes in many different flavors- just like people – and reflect the community where it is located. From now on – before I move any where – I will visit the nearest Wal-Mart and check out the clientele before I purchase a home.

    In the meantime – if I ever get the chance to go to Wal-Mart with you and BCtruck – I’m riding a cart in with BC -and you Mr Grumpy-Pants can wait in the car!

  35. PGCPrepper says:


    When I first moved to Richmond, VA I bought a rehab for $256,000 cash. I only say that to say this… I would go to, say, a tile store to do some bath room work after working on my landscaping or whatever. Problem is I would have on some Carharrt shorts, some dirty shoes and a “life is good” baseball cap or whatever and some fake blonde driving a Tahoe yapping on a mobile would walk in after me and the sales people would go help them first and with the most amicable personalities ever seen. Me, no help. Guess where they could have made an easy sale with just a tad of good customer service, etc? LOL.

    I agree with Cat above somewhere. High end will treat you like crap unless you are in debt, drive an oversized SUV for your needs and act as pretentious as one can imagine. Richmond was the worse I’ve seen and I saw it over and over.

    What you saw in WM is no different than what others see in the world we live in today, but not always. Prolly a TN thing. j/k.

    • PCGPrepper,

      Wow! Do I agree with you! I lived in Richmond, VA for 10 years and I HATED the fact that if I needed help in a store, I needed to be wearing business clothing to get anyone to notice me. The malls were the worst for this treatment.

      I am much happier now that I don’t live in VA anymore (nor do I shop at malls!) Hooray for online shopping!

      • Kate in GA,

        It’s amazing actually but you truly would have to be there. :-X Especially the West end of the city and the Far West end out towards the mall. I lived a block off Monument. I moved to the Fort Lee area after. “PGC” Preppa if you will.

        I’d rather see folks in Carharrts and stuff and deal with the occasional cart surfer than dem.

    • Very true. DH and I went car shopping once on a Saturday afternoon in tshirts and shorts with 2 pre-school aged kids. We were serious car shoppers looking to go from 1 car to 2 cars. Had the loan lined up already at the CU so all we had to do was write a check. We were at the Toyato place and I guess we didn’t look the part of serious car buyers, so the sales guy who came out to help did not take us seriously. When we asked questions, he acted bored. When we wanted to test drive, it took him 20 minutes to find the keys. We ended up at the Honda dealership mext door where they take care of us with smiles and provided drinks for the kids (juiceboxes). Guess where we bought our new car.

  36. Almost believed it all till I saw the line where you found a box of 22LR. Good fiction read.

  37. Rider of Rohan says:

    There is a strategy for Wal-Mart shopping, and here it is.
    1. Go from 8:00 to 9:30 am
    2. The floors have just been cleaned
    3. The items have just been restocked
    4. No one is shopping at that hour
    5. There are helpful clerks everywhere
    6. There are 2 checkers for every customer
    7. I found .22 shells there yesterday at 8 am, first time in months
    8. The lazy, drunk, drug-using psychos are still in bed
    9. I’ve never seen a cheeky man riding a Wal-Mart cart at that hr.

    • I’m surprised – having a bad day MD? I don’t recall all the judgment attitude. This is America, you are free to follow a different drummer if you so desire, and should not be judged by others, particularly just on appearance. I personally see nothing wrong with riding a shopping cart across the parking lot if you so desire, provided you don’t run over anyone or damage anything. I imagine that you can get out of the way of a shopping cart in plenty of time if you are staying aware of your surroundings. Believe it or not, more people think that living in a small RV in the country and prepping for the end of the world is much more bizarre than riding a cart across a parking lot. Remember what the good Lord said – “Judge not, lest ye be judged.”

      • MacTex,

        I’m surprised that you are so far behind that you think that I still live in a travel trailer… I suppose that their is nothing wrong with driving down the highway at 125 mph as long as no one is ran over or property damaged, at least according to your way of thinking… Grow up, clean up and set an example.

        • Calm down, calm down – I wasn’t attacking you. You’re right, I do not know what you currently use as a home or shelter, just that at one time you did reside in an RV, the point is that I was merely using that as an example of people being judgmental of things they do not know or understand. My surprise was the manner in which you judged people who you did not know other than by appearance, just as you advised me to, what was it… ‘grow up, clean up and set an example’ based solely on a few comments in a forum, or was it because I held a somewhat contrary view as you? None-the-less, when I first started following this site, I was impressed by your efforts and felt you were a good person to run it based on what you had been through to get where you were – living off the grid, or near it, making it work after a struggle. You sounded like one of the people. But now I am ‘behind’ because I don’t know what you live in? … other people need to be told how to raise their kids, and the mother, because she was talking to a man, was ‘flirting’? Could her car not be broken down and she was trying to get help? But, without knowing, your urge was to ‘slap the crap out of her’? And finally, anyone who is young at heart and rides a shopping cart across the parking lot is not being a father and needs to ‘grow up already’? I have seen many ‘People of Wal-mart’ treatments, and all that I have encountered have been done in a humorous vein with no ill intent. I choose to believe that that was your objective, and that the humor merely got lost in translation or a particular burst of ‘sometime grumpiness’.

    • Out of curiosity – what did the .22s cost for how many?

  38. Chuck Findlay says:

    Don’t blame Wal-Mart, there is a legal reason for asking if you are going to use 22 ammo in a handgun or rifle. I use to work at a gun shop through most of the 80s to about 2002. At that time it was against the law to sell handgun ammo to under age people. You pretty much knew what ammo was going to be used in other then 22 ammo. We were supposed to ask and if they said handgun we were not to sell it to them. If they said rifle they could buy it.

    I don’t know if this law is still in effect, but I would guess this is the reason for the rifle or handgun question.

    My Wal-Mart is clean and the employees are friendly and helpful.

    I have to agree that I would like it if more check-out regesters were open, but it’s that way at most stores.

  39. Chuck Findlay says:

    With my customers (from various businesses) I have found the high-end customers to be the most friendly and nices people around. But them I’m a nice person.

    There is a saying
    If you growl at a mirror, it growls back.

    Maybe some of you are growling and don’t know it.

    I work and have worked in homes that are worth well over 1 million.

    But every time I get into a lower income home the people act like the world owes them something. I try real hard to not even work for these kind of people as they never seem happy and watch you like you are going to cart off some of their junk.

    In the better homes they treat me with respect (as I do them) and let me work.

    One time I got called for a job, I never seen these people before I came to the house to do the job. They asked for a price, cut me a check and said to lock up on my way out as they were leaving for Aruba. They had the SUV packed up and backed out of the drive and drove off to let me do my work. Many times I have well-to-do people leave me to do my job while they take off. Not so with the lower income people.

  40. In the course of my 75 years and since Sam started his first of many walmarts, I have experienced the total of all of the comments and did not learn to appreciate what walmart was providing for me until the year we spent on a job in Lincoln county Wyoming. Local very overpriced business except for the one Pamida who never had anything I was needing and tne grocery which for some reason was affordable. Closest walmarts were in Evanston, a 78 mile drive from Kemmerer (where JC Penney started his empire) and Green River, a drive of 82 miles. You learn to appreciate what you have and the ability to get everything you need and in the appropriate sizes although fashion was western style on our monthly or semi monthly trips.

  41. MD:

    Although it wasn’t Wal-Mart, I did find 22 LR AND 357 Mag JHP’s today! Federal 525 for under $21. The JHP’s were $30/50 but I’ve only seen them on the shelves 3 times since last Jan. here.

  42. Nobody Atall says:

    I shop Walmart regularly, and have done so in 3 different towns in 2 different states. I have never seen anyone there who looked like “People of Walmart.” Nor any obvious drug addicts/prostitutes/etc. I only see ordinary-looking people there. Do kids throw tantrums – yah sure! Do parents fail to keep their kids quiet and obedient enough and out of the traffic lanes — heck yah! I am at the point where I will park far out in the lot, where I can find a pull-through, just so I don’t have to worry about running over some tyke when I back out. But let me tell you, the Amish children are the best-behaved children you ever saw — spooky, creepy well-behaved. Even though I enjoy the peace and quiet, it makes me glad I’m not Amish, it don’t seem natural to me.

    I agree with the person above who said to go early in the day. I’m usually there by 8am and it’s mostly empty of customers. But at 4pm it’s a seething madhouse. Night and day.

    As for the Wally employees, most of them have been great to me. I don’t look for a lot of help, so when I need it, I really need it. Sometimes it’s not what it could be, but usually I get what I need. It’s not like anyone there is getting $100 a day in tips, after all.

    I remember a couple-three decades back, Walmart’s marketing spiel was “Made in the USA.” That disappeared, I guess when they decided to go for low price, hence “Made in China.” I just read that they’re veering back toward USA-made stock, it will be interesting to see how that pans out.

  43. Good one MD.

    I still don’t get how people can shop at the place that is mostly responsible for the gutting of the middle class, gutting of manufacturing…etc.

    Read the article in Fast Company where they sat down the president of Snapper and suggested he shut down his factory in Tennessee, offshore to China, and ONLY then will they carry his product.

    The Waltons, for their disgusting greed should be imprisoned, instead they live a sordid, limitlessly wealthy life while Americans and Canadian suffer. Treasonous…

    Oh, and I agree. The People of Walmart are gross. At least North of the border. Big corporations have, by cheap crap ‘stuff’, bad food, and welfare…etc turned the dignified lower classes into overweight buffoons (think Honey Boo Boo). they don’t bear this burden- its the working classes that do. Brilliant tactic, really. Emasculate the lower-classes ability to rebel, and heave that burden on the shoulder’s of the working people. Offshore your money, buy up farmland, live in castles…

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