Please look these over and vote for the one you like best

Below are a few blog headers that Joe from has been working on for the blog, plus two headers we have used in the past. Take a look at each (click on each to see a full-sized image) and then use the poll to “vote” for the one that you like best.

Also please leave your suggestions for Joe in the comments below… Thank you.

1. TSBHeader-1

2. TSBHeader-2

3. TSBHeader-3

4. TSBHeader-Wolf

5. TheSurvivalistblog.netHeader

6. TSBHeader-4

7. TSBHeader-6

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  1. Methane Creator says:

    Joe, I like the picture with the three wolves as it signifies togetherness and teamwork. Not the Lone Wolf Survivor that is only interested in themselves. It takes teamwork to provide for the Clan.

  2. tommy2rs says:

    I went with image #1, I like 2 better but it’s over cropped. Two poor wolves had their ears sliced right off….lol.

  3. I like #7.

  4. Southern girl says:

    Voted for #7, but not sure it took my vote. #6 would also be an eye catching header. Love both equally. Great color combos! Can’t agree with others about #1. The wolf is too small & color combo is off.

    Excellent work!


  5. Petnumber1 says:

    I like the wolf graphic in #1, but the bright lettering in #2.

  6. Granny Em says:

    I like #2 the best because it represents the family or “pack” that we all are on this site.

  7. Debbi in Florida says:

    I would vote for #3 he is saying to everyone “Get Ready” listen up and get it done!!!!

  8. Hey M.D. I think you may be obsessing a bit over the blog header/banner issue. 😉 They all look good to me!

  9. I liked the #2 since it was the only one with more than one wolf. Most people are not alone.

    I liked the blue color of the words in #7

  10. Patriot Dave says:

    I like them all. Would it take too much band width or whatever it takes to post a web page to use them all on a rotating basis?
    IMHO It would make the website more interesting. I find it dull to see the same header over and over on sites and soon ignore them completely. I imagine most others do to. It becomes a backdrop. So probably to much effort into something that everyone will not pay attention to in a few weeks. My 2 cents.

  11. Ozarkana says:

    I voted for number 1. I think we all, at some time or other, feel like we are alone in this crazy world of prepping. We don’t see things like almost everyone else does. Just think of our voices all calling out to one another for advice and companionship ( and a bit of silliness, sometimes).

  12. I vited, but i am thinking along the lines that there are seven options, and seven days in a week, why not set up a rotation. Or come up with five more in the next seven months and have a monthly header. Not that the header really makes a difference, as i have stated previously, i come for the knowledge, not the header. although since you started with the header questions, i do look, where i had not previously taken notice of the header.

  13. Southern Blonde says:

    I voted for #7. Looks really great, and love the colors.

  14. I would surely go for the # 1. It has that real beastly character in it. Some may go for multiple wolf images, but in the first one – the single is the ideal. Don’t you think a big moon in the backdrop would have been great?