Please look these over and vote for the one you like best

Below are a few blog headers that Joe from has been working on for the blog, plus two headers we have used in the past. Take a look at each (click on each to see a full-sized image) and then use the poll to “vote” for the one that you like best.

Also please leave your suggestions for Joe in the comments below… Thank you.

1. TSBHeader-1

2. TSBHeader-2

3. TSBHeader-3

4. TSBHeader-Wolf

5. TheSurvivalistblog.netHeader

6. TSBHeader-4

7. TSBHeader-6

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  1. Tomthetinker says:

    Expand the header top to bottom a wee bit. I’ve always liked this one. What would the logo plate look like with one of the other headers as a background? .. like no. 5 over the left side of no. 1

    • Momma Mc says:

      I agree. Picture from 1 with the wood cut logo from 5 in a transparent form would look sharp. It needs that, now famous, paw print.

    • I agree, the paw print needs to stay
      I’d like to see a combination of 1 and 5,, but I could only vote for one of them,, so #5 with the paw print.

  2. While I like the multiple wolves in number 2 I think that number 1 sends more of an identifiable message. kind of makes me think of MD calling to the rest of the wolf pack…:)

    • Mother Earth says:

      Angel, that’s exactly my thoughts.

      • Survivor says:

        And mine!!

        • Brearbear says:

          I love #1 the best as i love being in a dark forest…
          Hearing all the hidden night sounds…especially as i fall asleep!

          #1 is dark…mysterious…and scary…

          i have yet to hear wolves ….yet for real….
          (and can hardly wait)!!!!!!!!!

          Where I have been working they are around !

          But the wolf pack header gets my vote …cuzz…dats what da pack izzz…it a’int just one lone wolf…right?

          It is a community.

          But #1 is the bestest.

          Darn they are cute…i want one!

          • Brearbear says:

            Uhm…me bad i voted #1 because its so awesome!

          • Watchdog says:

            Hi Brearbear,

            I agree with you. # 1 takes it away. Alone in the dark forest calling out to your pack.

            If you want to hear wolves, come on up to the ‘Great White North’ and go into Algonquin Park. On a still night when you call out, just wait for a few moments and they reply. Awesome!

    • Ohio Surveyor says:


  3. I like 7 but for some reason I can’t vote for it.

  4. mindful patriot says:

    excellent job, Joe. They are all so good, how do I choose just one? I best leave this in the hands of those more qualified than I.

  5. Most will pick #1, as it is the first one the eye grabs a hold of when viewing. So do not be surprised if it is selected.

    They are all good for your site, my favorite of the ‘new’ ones is of course #1 followed by #2 then #5. One due the color combination, it attacks the eyes to the site, number # 2 as it represents us as a group. The wood designed one which took time and effort to develop and create,it will always be special. That is my opinion on them……..he did a really good job it was not easy selection.

    • Rocketmama says:

      I agree with Becky – 1, 2 then 5. I’d say to use 1 as a header and find a way to incorporate elements of 5. It is symbolic that the wolf in 1 is calling to the pack to warn or to gather. My fondness for 5 is because it shows the “work” involved to get ready for whatever comes our way. I love the group element in 2. What a talented designer. It was a difficult choice.

  6. Backwoods Prepper says:

    Number 3 for me. It shows a seriousness and that’s the way we should approach our prepping.

    • I like #3 too….that direct gaze

    • I agree, 3 is the best. A no nonsense wolf looking directly at the future. Everyone knows you don’t try to stare a wolf down, your only asking for trouble.
      I agree with prior statements that #1 grabs you when looking at all of them at once. But expand #3 and stare into the wolf’s eyes.

  7. Hunker-Down says:

    I like #2, then #7 which cant get any votes.

  8. Nebraska Woman says:

    I like #2. As an aging prepper, I can see it much better.

    • mindyinds says:

      Ditto, Nebraska Woman. I also like that the three wolves do not all look a like, just like us. #2, we stand together.

  9. #2 for me, we are a pack not a lone wolf. I also get the feel of a family unit which is what it will take to survive what ever is coming our way.

    Stay Safe

  10. #2. Shows that we are not in this alone.

    • Paylie Roberts says:

      That’s the same comforting thought that I had.

    • Linda Lou says:

      My favorite is #2 , followed by #1 and #3. I see us as a family and the wolf pack is the ultimate family group in the animal kingdom. God bless. (but I miss the wolf paw).

  11. Hobbitt of the Shire says:

    I like them all. Would there be anyway to do an auto-rotation of the headers, either on an hourly or log-in basis? That way it would contain the same info but be different each time for the viewers.

    We all appreciate all the hard work you put into the blog. Thank you Papa Wolf.

  12. Jersey Drifter says:

    Nice job Joe.
    All the wolves look soooo smart, aware, intelligent, all knowing, and prepared. Unlike me :). I like #1, and like Becky said #2 represents us as a group ( Pack ), #3, #4, #5, #6, and #7.
    But our Pack Leader is asking for us to vote for 1.
    Ohhh Crap. MD and Joe, the two of you don’t make this easy.
    I guess I’ll have to go with # hmmmm……..

  13. Rocketmankarl says:

    While I like the theme of #2, it doesn’t work visually. Putting the title across a busy background of similar tones makes the title harder to read, particularly for those with color blindness. To me, the header title should be in high contrast with its background, as used in#1 and #3, for example.

  14. I like number five the best. To me, the rest are showing a lone wolf. While they look cool, a Wolfpack is what we are.

    • Teresa Farrow says:

      #5 grabbed me, I had to make myself look at the others. Maybe because for me, plain and simple, get it done, stands out among the crowd.


  15. TrailGuide says:

    Tough choice between #1 & 2. All are awesome art work. I voted #1 just on personal appeal; but as someone said on prior banners – I honestly don’t spend any time looking at it and probably wouldn’t notice if it changed.

    That said ~ #2 states what I think this site is about – team work as a pack – and that would be the message to someone coming in new.

  16. First choice is no. 7. This wolf looks especially alert and wise. But I can’t vote for that one, so my second choice is no. 1 that I voted for, mostly, I think, because it pictures where I always prefer to be: in the woods. 🙂

  17. I like
    #2 – the group
    #7 – the picture of the single wolf
    #1 – The shivers I got looking at the howl

  18. seeuncourt says:

    so i liked #7, but there’s no poll button…?

  19. I voted for #3. I liked the wolf looking right at me.

  20. carlo n jacki says:

    Since there is no way to vote for # 7 ….. I went with #1instead.

  21. Urbancitygirl says:

    I like 5. My reason is that it doesn’t put off the beginner prepper. I have been reading for a couple of years and in the beginning I was drawn to this site for the approachfulness, the thoughtful articles and especially the comraderie. Keeps me going back. Some sites are just too survivalist minded (though can get some good ideas), I eventually stopped visiting those sites.

    If we want more people to prepare, I think a site like this is an important medium.

  22. I voted for #1 because I think it is the most striking. The lone wolf grabs your attention, but I do like the pack of wolves in #2 because we as a community are not alone.

  23. Since I can’t vote for 7, I’ll go with 2.

  24. Big Bear says:

    Voted for number 2. The wolves remind me of a pack.

  25. gbigblackdog says:

    I voted for #7 because it was easy to read but I really like the wolf pack on #2, so if you could change the lone wolf to the wolf pack then it would be awesome.

  26. Northern wolf says:

    Number 2 the 3 wolves would suggest family to go with part of the motto as wolves are a family group that stick together.would have liked to see one of the wolves be a very dark color

  27. TNfarmer says:

    I voted for #1 because a lone wolf howls to call its mates and also to warn of danger. I also like it because it is simple and direct. The wolf shows what the blog is all about. Even though I’ve been reading this blog for about a year, I never noticed the header before and could not understand why everyone was calling the members the Wolf Pack. Now I know. Duh.

  28. I like 5 best, 7 second best. A lot of folks who like #7 were unable to vote for it due to technical issues.

  29. Lake Lili says:

    Hey MD,

    I love #2 – looking for that group dynamic and not the lone wolf thing… But I love the “I’m prepared and not scared of you” thing that is going on with the wolf in #3.

    Excellent work Joe!

  30. In general I don’t really care, since I come here primarily to acquire and share information. However, I voted for #3 because I like the front on of the wolf, almost daring you to take him on AND the green and other higher contrast text.

    • +1 -what first struck me was how similar they all are -same headline words, & brief description & all have images of a wolf or wolves.
      I think most of us here came for the good content & ability to post comments or questions. One might see the header first, but the rest is what’s going to determine if one keeps coming back.

  31. I like the #1 Header that Show’s the Single Wolf Howling into the Air. It’s like the Lone Wolf Looking for others of it’s Kind other Survivor’s.
    This is What we Do. Just my Thought.

  32. I chose #1 for the following reasons:
    1. the dark, shadowy woods w/ the lone wolf seem to represent – the unknowns, danger, needing to be ready for something…..and the lone wolf seems to represent strength….and uniting w/ others
    2. the color combo works great – has interest w/ the colors used and it is easy to read
    3. the green color stands out well and represents growth and hope.

  33. I like the wolf howling in #1 but he needs a moon to howl at, preferably on a cold snowy hill with his breath as a visible exhale. Yeah, that’s the ticket!

  34. Rider of Rohan says:

    I liked #7, but couldn’t vote for it.

  35. I voted #2 because of the family. I really like all of them. Great artwork Joe.

  36. I vote for #1. It just speaks to me. A sense of being along and desolate.

  37. Suburban Housewife says:

    I voted for #1.
    I like the pack concept of #2 but the foliage in the background is too distracting.
    #7 would probably be my second choice – or maybe it shouldv’ve been my first..

    I see why you might be having a tough time deciding too MD – they are all pretty darn nice.

  38. Chuck Findlay says:

    I like # 1 the best, but they all look good. Is there a way to have them rotate periodically so you see a different one every so often or when you refresh the page?


  39. JeffintheWest says:

    I really like number one, but if that one is a no-go, then stick with number 5.

  40. I got my dh in on this. He an art director. He said 6 and 7 read the best. They are simple, easy to read and will download faster. The others have too much going on and hence don’t read as well.

  41. I couldn’t go with #1 as he is blowing OPSEC with all that noise.

  42. The 1st header is cool. Though I dont care to be the lone wolf standing. The 2nd header emplies a sense of family and community that more accurately portrays my viewpoint regarding prepping and survival.

  43. Jefferson Franklin says:

    Agree with Angel: “While I like the multiple wolves in number 2 I think that number 1 sends more of an identifiable message. kind of makes me think of MD calling to the rest of the wolf pack…:)”

    Keep up the awesome work MD. Been skulking for 3 years now, time to post. You are an inspiration. Jefferson in the American Redoubt.

    • Welcome Jefferson don’t be a stranger, there are no dumb comments, we would like to hear you thoughts & stories.

  44. Encourager says:

    Hard choice! Great work, Joe!

    Hmmm….I guess #2, because it shows that we are not loners but work together.

    But I like #3 and then #1 also.

    MD – YOU choose!!

  45. Nsaneprepper says:

    I voted #1…really like it…kind of reminds me of the comments about grey-man(wolf) if I understood them correctly…agree with TtT first comment…would pick #3 second.

  46. patientmomma says:

    I vote for number 2 as we are a pack; for the most part, we stick together and help each other. I think they are all well done, however, few humans or animals can survive alone.

  47. Country Vet says:

    Definitely #6- the composition on its far superior to all the others. #7
    is my second choice based on “merchandising criteria.”
    All ar nice, but #6 definitely the best if you “want to sell something.”

  48. I voted for #2, the “pack” gives a warmer family feel. Too many hear “survival” and think of a nutjob loner in the woods armed to the teeth ready to shoot anyone that happens by, when it really is you, me, family, friends, & neighbors. Its got a bright background, but its a little busy in the background. Would like to see the paw print logo worked in somewhere, maybe just in front of the tag line on the bottom. Also really like #5, with the items that represent different fields of survival. Perhaps use different headers at the bottom of the page.
    MD, it would be a good idea to number the comments, so a poster could scan to comments they made to check for responses.

  49. I like the looks of number 1, but he is not demonstrating good COMSEC.

  50. MD
    I think we need an unofficial theme song too. I nominate this one…
    Will The Wolf Survive? Los Lobos

  51. Methane Creator says:

    Joe, I like the picture with the three wolves as it signifies togetherness and teamwork. Not the Lone Wolf Survivor that is only interested in themselves. It takes teamwork to provide for the Clan.

  52. tommy2rs says:

    I went with image #1, I like 2 better but it’s over cropped. Two poor wolves had their ears sliced right off….lol.

  53. I like #7.

  54. Southern girl says:

    Voted for #7, but not sure it took my vote. #6 would also be an eye catching header. Love both equally. Great color combos! Can’t agree with others about #1. The wolf is too small & color combo is off.

    Excellent work!


  55. Petnumber1 says:

    I like the wolf graphic in #1, but the bright lettering in #2.

  56. Granny Em says:

    I like #2 the best because it represents the family or “pack” that we all are on this site.

  57. Debbi in Florida says:

    I would vote for #3 he is saying to everyone “Get Ready” listen up and get it done!!!!

  58. Hey M.D. I think you may be obsessing a bit over the blog header/banner issue. 😉 They all look good to me!

  59. I liked the #2 since it was the only one with more than one wolf. Most people are not alone.

    I liked the blue color of the words in #7

  60. Patriot Dave says:

    I like them all. Would it take too much band width or whatever it takes to post a web page to use them all on a rotating basis?
    IMHO It would make the website more interesting. I find it dull to see the same header over and over on sites and soon ignore them completely. I imagine most others do to. It becomes a backdrop. So probably to much effort into something that everyone will not pay attention to in a few weeks. My 2 cents.

  61. Ozarkana says:

    I voted for number 1. I think we all, at some time or other, feel like we are alone in this crazy world of prepping. We don’t see things like almost everyone else does. Just think of our voices all calling out to one another for advice and companionship ( and a bit of silliness, sometimes).

  62. I vited, but i am thinking along the lines that there are seven options, and seven days in a week, why not set up a rotation. Or come up with five more in the next seven months and have a monthly header. Not that the header really makes a difference, as i have stated previously, i come for the knowledge, not the header. although since you started with the header questions, i do look, where i had not previously taken notice of the header.

  63. Southern Blonde says:

    I voted for #7. Looks really great, and love the colors.

  64. I would surely go for the # 1. It has that real beastly character in it. Some may go for multiple wolf images, but in the first one – the single is the ideal. Don’t you think a big moon in the backdrop would have been great?

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