Heavy duty adjustable wire shelf system

From John L

Just a quick heads up for those of you who have the Aldi grocery chain in your area. Once per year they have some special purchases. They have had this particular item every year for the last 8-10, right around this time of year (March April) and it is a good deal. What I’m talking about is a heavy duty adjustable wire shelf system. It has five 36 by 18 inch shelves, each capable of holding 350 pounds, which connect to 6 foot poles with about 1-inch incremental spacing, for $40.00, which is a great price.

Similar shelves from Home Depot or Lowes are 48 inches wide instead of 36; but, cost $80-90 each. BTW, the screw-in caster wheels to make these racks mobile are available at Home Depot, Lowes, and other hardware and big box stores. We just purchased the last 5 from our local Aldi, and put the last 5 at the Aldi in another town, on hold until tomorrow. Between the 48 inch and this 36 inch shelve; we have about 16 already in use.

These things sell out quickly, and are sold out when gone, and then unavailable until next year.


  1. Tactical G-Ma says:

    John L
    Thanks for the tip!

  2. Just a thought for anyone interested… I built my basement pantry and shelving units out of 2X4’s and 3/4″ OSB. All screwed together, no glue. Not only strong, but easily dismantled for the lumber in an emergency. The largest unit (10′ L X 36″ W) could be emptied and used as bunk beds if needed. Secured to the joists on the ceiling of the basement, they also add some additional structural integrity to the house too.

  3. Yes, Thank you. I never knew Aldi’s had this sort of thing!

  4. These type of shelves are excellent.

    I have a set that I use for ammo that is not in cans. Helps me keep track of what I have at a glance.

    I got an ebay deal on something very similar to that is described, They were 4 shelf units. One is going on the porch for my DW to use for her “garden” as a 3 shelf, the other is going to end up a 5 shelf with more heavy items for prepping.

  5. John L.
    Thanks for the tip. Aldi one of my favorites stores, their food quality is very good, some organic, great prices.

  6. Your local restaurant supply will carry a much larger selection of shelf sizes for this type of shelving. There are also several different manufacturers. Be aware that there is also some discount versions that use smaller wire and are not able to support as much weight.

    A piece of cardboard cut from the box and placed on the shelf will prevent items from falling through the wires, as well as providing a surface for equipment with feet like radios.

  7. I have quite a few of these in different sizes and they hold up remarkably well! Yup, the cardboard shelf liner is what I do to keep smaller things from dropping through. They have adjustable feet in case the floor isn’t perfectly level too. And they are so simple to put together!

  8. patientmomma says:

    THanks! I just saw them in my local Aldi ad; I’ll head over there today!

  9. My wife calls these “baker racks” and we have five for our preps in our basement, I have two different sized ones in the kitchen, three small ones at my re-loading bench, two in a storage room, and even one in the bathroom(it is white enamel coated), they are my go to adjustable store system, we used to move a lot with our jobs and these break down so easy , I even have drawer attachments on a couple. I highly recommend them!

  10. Thanks for the tip John L.
    I’ve used variations of these for yrs. When we were younger, I had a few cheap metal shelves. One day, our son, who was about age 8 or 9 then, wanted to get something on one of the top shelves & tried to climb up the shelves in a way similar to how one climbs a step ladder. The metal shelves bent under his weight.
    Note: The shelving unit on the Aldi’s link, are stronger & better quality, & would probably hold up better.

    But if u have children or grandkids of a certain age, warn them or keep them away from shelves, or tell them to ask u for help or use a chair/something else to stand on, to reach something on a higher shelf.

  11. Petnumber1 says:

    Sigh, I wish I had an Aldi’s nearby. I have to get mine at Home Depot and Walmart, and John’s right – they are about $70 each. 🙁

  12. Oldalaskan says:

    A few years ago my wife & I went thru the drive thru of a local Wendy’s and I saw the legs and wheels of some carts sticking up in their dumpster area. I asked and the manager said yes take them. They have a little rust on them but I got enough legs for 6 units and I have a bunch of extra shelves from some that I bought. I now have 6 more that I use as a stacking garden. You always gotta keep your eyes open.

  13. Check out your local scrap yard. Mine has the shelves themselves for $5 apiece. The rods are sometimes available also. I use these units to hold my tool boxes in the shop. They can really take the weight.

  14. Picked one up from Lowes this past winter, and assembled it, along with florescent shop lights, to create a seedling grow rack. We’re waiting a few more days for the weather to warm up once and for all, and then we’ll be planting some great tomato and pepper plants we grew from seed, that are as good as anything you get from the various home stores. Then it’s time to start round 2…

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