Item of the Week : Helikon Wolfhound Light Insulated Jacket

Solid gear and a place to get this gear is an essential part of any camping, prepper, survivalists toolbox. Many times we find ourselves perusing Amazon or Ebay and crossing our fingers when the gear we see doesn’t have a good number of reviews or is stuck in the limbo of the 50/50 world, where half love it and half hate it. Since no one likes to flip coins we often find ourselves out searching the web/local sporting good stores and even yard sales and pawn shops to locate gear we need so that we can ensure the safety and comfort of our family.

While I am and always will be a dedicated bargain shopper, with some items bargain shopping is not beneficial overall. You can get the less expensive pullet or the less expensive knife and still have a solid tool. With jackets, tents, sleeping bags and the like, less expensive sometimes means the difference between relative comfort and uncomfortable, soggy days. So where is the middle ground?

Military 1st is a great website based in Great Britain with reasonable pricing and relatively quick shipping. To test them out I ordered the Helikon Wolfhound Light Insulated Jacket in “coyote” or light tan. Upon receiving the jacket less than 10 days after ordering it, I was quick to try it on, for we Arizonans, this is a perfect jacket to have, as layering is essential given the large temperature swings that occur this time of the year.

Over the weekend we had a group (local friends/family/like minds) get together and did some shooting, training, eating and all around enjoying of each others company. The jacket soon found its way on to one individual who promptly fell asleep only to later waken and state, wow, that’s a nice jacket. The next morning my son grabbed it on the way out the door to school, he is 14 and stands 2 inches taller than I do, it fit him well, (though looser in the waist than with myself) and after wearing it all day he came home and sheepishly stated, “dad, I grabbed your jacket”…smiling he said, “can I have one now?”

Now I cannot vouch for the other products on the site, I can however, say that with myself they were prompt, extremely well mannered and as is usual with our British cousins explained exactly what was being received on the site. Very punctual, solid material and worth the money spent. Again, I do not always spend lots of money and truly do enjoy looking for the bargains, however, there are times when finding both or possibly spending a bit more will in fact, get you a better product. This is one of those times, I think that this Online Product Portal would make a great addition to your repertoire of places to shop.

Pricing is in British pounds, however, this is easily changed to dollars with any number of online currency conversion tools. Shipping is quite quick and reasonable as well. It will come via Royal Post, made me feel quite special, maybe silly but heck it’s the little things right? Regardless, I hope that they are able to stay around for a bit and keep supplying solid well-made equipment and clothing for reasonable prices.

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  1. Thomas The Tinker says:

    Jesse: Zitcome in 2X?

  2. What does via Royal Post mean? Will they ship to the boonies?

  3. Looks like a nice jacket.

    I found a lightweight, lined jacket in like-new condition at the Thrift Shop. Not my prefered color, but hard to beat $0.50!

  4. I bought a toasty warm parka w/hood from Coleman’s for $39. I think it was from the Polish military. It is not a heavy coat, but the liner keeps me very warm and dry.

  5. I just had to check the exchange rates. WOW….the pound has dropped. Time to buy some sterling pounds.

  6. Chuck Findlay says:

    I’ve been lucky in that I had a customer give me a bomber style jacket (Down filled and it’s been bleeding the occasional feather for the last year.) and I picked up another leather jacket (think The Marlboro man commercials from the 1970’s and that’s the coat.) for $2.00 at an estate sale, it looks almost new. I haven’t used it yet as the bomber jacket has been doing it’s job, but it’s a nice coat that I’m sure I will use at some point. I also bought a watch winder at the same sale for $4.00, and I use the winder every day.

    I’ve been looking at Milwaukee powered jackets, I already have 1/2 doz batteries to power it. They are $200.00, I’m going to buy one this Spring when they go on sale to make room for Summer stuff in the stores.

  7. Oops, that is similar but not same jacket

  8. Can’t comment on this jacket. But layering is the way to go! A good light down inner jacket w/a Carhartt type over it is awesomeness…. Wore this configuration when work winters outside during career.

    A few days it was -20F outside. NP, old man winter met his match. When warmer, the innet jkt comes off, the Carthartt stays. They’re durable & block the wind well.

    BTW, during such weather I wore 1-a stocking cap; 2-a hoodie; & 3-a hoodie attached to outer jkt. It’s said 80% of a person’s heat is lost through the head. Extreme cold bears this theory out rather well.

    Carhartt bibs the best on those days….. Given dexterity needs climbing poles, I much prefer bibs over a 1 piece.

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