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The winner of our most recent non-fiction writing contest will be announced this coming Saturday (June 11 2011) in our weekly “What did you do to prep this week” segment (man I love that segment:clap: ) the winner will be sent a postal money order for $100 courtesy of yours truly:-D

The winning entry will be chosen by a number of factors including but not limited to post length, usefulness, depth of coverage and number of comments.

Below you will find links to what I think are the top seven posts and a poll below that. I want you to go back and read each post then cast your vote in the poll for the article you feel offered the most to you personally.

Survival and Diarrhea What You Should Know by Anonymous Nurse

What Everybody Ought to Know About Bow Hunting For Survival by JimShyWolf

A Road Trip with BOB by Frank B

Operations Security (OPSEC) Considering Family And Friends When TSHTF by Sheri

Why We Do What We Do by Aunt Bea

How To Put Your Food Storage Into Hyper Drive by Survivalist Woman

Unusual Plants for The Survival Garden and Yard by AZ Rookie Prepper

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(Please note) The results of this poll will be used as another criteria when judging only and the winner of the poll may not be the final winner of the contest… Please let us know in the comments below why you think the post you chose should be the contest winner…

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  1. Lint Picker (Northern California) says:

    MD, you received many great guest posts. I wish everybody could win, but I chose the one that I thought was most useful to me personally as well as had the greatest general appeal.

    Good luck to all the entrants, and let’s keep on preppin’.

  2. I picked Aunt Bea’s ‘Why we do what we do’ because it addresses the concept of prepping from a philosophical POV rather than a ‘what to do’ situation. I got a lot out of all the entrys, as I always do on this blog anyway, but I liked that Aunt Bea reminds us to do what we can as we can when we can. And if we can smile at our foibles as well, then we’re doing OK.
    Thanks Aunt Bea.

  3. Really? No comments? C’mon, it’s not that bad….

    Gotta go with the article on diarrhea. Unpopular subject but it kills more people than car accidents around the world. We forget how much we owe to “everyday” modern health care like running to the ER to get rehydrated. You get the serious crud and dehydrate when there’s no sterile IV setup handy and no endless bags of normal saline with a side of minerals, you got some trouble. Ditto if you need to be alert/move around and you’re batty, weak and exhausted from electrolyte depletion. Great article on a really unpleasant fact of life, especially if/when the water no longer appears, fully chlorinated, at the turn of a faucet.

  4. Nor Cal Ray says:

    I picked Jim Shy Wolf’s article on Bow Hunting because of the op-sec it provides. It gives the basics and seems to be well thought out. If we could have picked the top 2 I would have added Aunt Bea’s article on diarrhea.

  5. all the articles where interesting,thought provoking and above all USEFUL. the one that had the biggesst impact on my level of preparedness was sheris article on opsec. i tend to ramble and gab and talk an awful lot (just ask my wife) and sheris article reminded me how important it is to keep a lower profile where it concerns what i have and how prepared i am. i am making a much more concerted effort to blend and be the “gray man”. thanks sher!

  6. wi mama says:

    This is a very good way to pick the winner. All article were winners tho.

  7. MD, you keep surprising me. Great articles and a great way to have help deciding on a winner.

  8. blindshooter says:

    Hands down, Survival and Diarrhea What You Should Know, was the number one for me.

    I get something out of them all and they are all appreciated.

  9. j.r. guerra in s. tx. says:

    I picked Shywolf’s bow hunting article as well, but am not slamming any of the choices above. All of them had nuggets of information to mine – just depended on what you consider important. All of them should be congratulated for the effort – its not easy writing articles, I don’t know the bloggers keep up with the daily entries . . .

  10. Lake Lili says:

    Survival and Diarrhea What You Should Know was superb and I recall a huge number of “Wow… not knowing this would have killed me” comments. Although I thought that OPSEC was also invaluable.

  11. Hunker-Down says:

    Sheri did a lot for the future security of my family with her Operations Security (OPSEC) article, and she gets our vote.
    The combination of her article and the many comments posted about it opened my wife’s eyes to the fact that once you disseminate knowledge you can never erase it from the mind of whomever learns it. In an environment where OPSEC is critical, that out of control information you spoke last year could get you killed next week.

  12. My first visit to the site and I got to read all those great articles! Good job to all. I picked, by a narrow margin, the Road Trip with BOB. In one way it was the simplest of the articles – know what’s in your BOB and what you’re capable of doing with it. On closer inspection though, how many of us just get caught up in the “list” of items but not break it down into “scenario” items. What could happen, what is likely to happen, what is the worst case? How will I get along in each of those cases? I think it reveals the weak spots by looking at it from the perspective Frank B did.

    • Thanks!
      I am happy that you got something out of my article.
      It was intended to get us all to think it out.

  13. Diarrhea for sure. I enjoyed and learned from all the entries but diarrhea dispelled some common myths and spelled out in a precise way how to deal with this issue that may be over looked by most people… Bow hunting was well written and is my very close second choice…

  14. mountain lady says:

    I voted for Aunt Bea’s article because for me it was the close to where I am. I loved the other articles, but have been rooting for her to win since the day it was posted. I did learn a lot from all the articles, but you were asking for my favorite and so there it is.

  15. AZ rookie prepper says:

    I must admit, I’m slightly biased towards my own post :-), but all of them were great reads and I learned from each post. Thanks M.D. for this great idea, and thanks to all who entered the contest, I truly enjoyed reading each one.

  16. I picked Bowhunting, because if ya don’t have a long term solution for feeding and defending yourself, nothing else matters…

  17. Art-e-Mouse says:

    I chose the article regarding OPSEC due to a recent experience. I’ve managed to get my Mother involved in ‘prepping’ and have sent her some of the articles from this site. She also read about “cultivate like-minded individuals” as potential allies and spoke to one of her neighbors about ‘survival planning’ and ‘food storage’…. to which the ‘gentleman’ replied his only plan was that he had a gun and was going to get his supplies from others who didn’t have a gun. I don’t think she let him know of her own supplies, but now knows to be wary when TSHTF if he appears at her doorstep. We live in a world where the veneer of civilization is about 3-4 days without creature comforts, then it will be everyone for themselves. Be very careful as to who you entrust your plans to… OPSEC is a priority.

  18. Survival and Diarrhea was the greatest for me. What I didn’t know about it would have been certainly death if having to deal with that situation. I have downloaded and printed “Where There Is No Doctor”, “Where There Is No Dentist” and the one about Women’s Health Issues from Hesperian.

    I enjoyed all the articles, learned a lot from all of them!

    Keep up the good work MD. I really appreciate having this site to come to and increase my knowledge.

  19. STL Grandma says:

    Survival and Diarrhea What You Should Know had to get my vote, even though it was a hard hard choice. I learned something from all of them, but this is the one that got printed out and handed out to my daughters & sons with a heartfelt, READ This, It Might Save Your Life One Day Or The Life of One of The Grandkids! And it’s the one that went into my own personal survival binder.

  20. Really good guest posts to read. Thank you MD for providing this and the ‘take away’ from most of them was information, another perspective, or a tidbit.

    Several of the posts jumped out at me for good content but the single post that kept on shining was Jim Shy Wolf’s article on Bow Hunting. Not only was the article a great one, the subject of bow hunting is not as commonly found as other SHTF subjects.

    The follow up comments that Jim Shy Wolf provided to the readers/followers of the post, though, were outstanding. He spoke with both knowledge and experience. Each of his comments provided even more information and his encouragement was fantastic. All around, an excellent piece!

  21. The diarrhea article was excellent added to my “book”!

  22. I chose OPSEC, besides prepping it is the most important feature of survival. Well a gun or two thrown in for good measure sure doesn’t hurt.
    All of the articles were fantastic. It is hard to choose, glad it ain’t my job.

  23. The most informative was the entry on Diarrhea…it has been, and will be forever a problem in the SHTF or not. If you weren’t informed before you now know how to deal with the dilemma.

    The OPSEC was the most controversial and illicted the most comments. It made me think differently about the subject and at minimum proved to be cathartic and a good sounding board for many of the commentors. When you get that many people to air the “laundry” on a subject is has done it’s job.

  24. NMPrepz says:

    Have to say the OPSEC article wins because without it everyone you casually tell about your preps when things really do turn bad WILL be at your front door. Think about it, if it were to happen right now, you pick the scenario EMP/Economic collapse etc. the power is out you have no food stored but know exactly who does what are you gonna do? Sit around and hope the government will help you out? Or do you go make friends with the guy/gal who told you a month or so ago that they have 2 years worth of storage and supplies? Without OPSEC most of the other preps, skills, and equipment will soon be compromised. My vote is for the OPSEC article due to how important it is and also how many responses and the great commentary that followed. As almost everyone has said the other articles were GREAT and I agree.

  25. Jennifer (Prepping Wife) says:

    This was a hard pick for me. The Diarrhea article was wonderful and I printed the entire thing out because I learned so much while reading that and I know I won’t retain it should SHTF and we are in crisis mode. That being said though I had to pick OSPEC because loose lips can sink those ships. I have two kiddos who are starting to notice our stock and my oldest asked me if I was afraid of 2012 or something while looking at me like I was nuts. OSPEC gave us some great tips and pushed me over that little edge to let the kids know what was going on and using the information and scenerios that can come up to make sure those kids keep it underwraps.

  26. "Big Jim" says:

    I picked wolf’s post on bowhunting .because that is a subject that I have been considering for a while. He really helped me with a lot of questions that had gone thru my mind. Shy, thanks for the help …your
    a winner in my book. Fred Bear would have been proud!

  27. oldguy52 says:

    I have to say, I thought all of these articles were well worth the read and good food for thought.

    That said, JimShyWolf’s article on archery was one that caused me to jump up and spend some money in an area that I had been neglecting.

    So thanks Jim, I think. (Ha ha, that was about a 1000 dollar article 🙂

  28. chabias says:

    These were all great posts, but I had to go with the diarrhea article. Anonymous Nurse shared alot of info I knew nothing about, and all my prepping wouldn’t save me.

  29. I voted for the OPSEC article since it is relative NOW. The other articles were great too. Although, most will come in handy later, the OPSEC discussion is something we have to do now.

    Also have to buy a bow, now…

  30. Opsec, ok in the process of reading your book and OMG I never realized having kids have made a book that use to take an hour to read and am already on day 2. My attention span has gone to cr*p from being interrupted to trying to understand solar and generator power (big headache from that chapters) .

  31. Florence Nightingale says:

    I vote for jim shy wolf and bow hunting.His was the only info you could not get of of a book!!!!Good going to all who participated and gave all of us valuable information.It is extreamly hot here and we found nuun tabs in water a nonsugar electrolyte to be a great pick me upper.

  32. MD,
    Wow, what a job it is to judge a lot of great essays. If I were teaching and these were my students I’d be giving out a lot of A’s as grades, but having to pick just one is hard. Lots of good information, but after re-reading each several times I came to the following conclusion: The essay “Unusual Plants for the Survival Garden and Yard” made me look at some additional ways to make my garden produce higher or better yields, but the fact that I’m going to plant my garden this weekend, while I read about others already harvesting, points out to me the big differences in each of our situations. Shy’s essay, “What Everybody Ought to Know About Bow Hunting For Survival” was in my opinion one of the best ones written, both for prose and content, but for those city dwellers, perhaps not as relevant as some of the others. After a lot of thought, I ended up choosing “Survival and Diarrhea What You Should Know “, which although a kind of taboo subject, has truly universal application in how it can affect any of us, no matter our situation. Kudos to everyone who entered, because in all cases you made this community think and interact, and that makes us all better at what we do.

  33. riverrider says:

    md, i like most of them but i thought the travel with bob was the most thought provoking and generated the most useful discussions. i know it really got me thinking out of the box and remembering many things i had forgotten over the years as well.

  34. The 90% Guy says:

    All great posts, with a ton of useful and thought-provoking info. My vote goes to the Nurse who not only gave us the straight scoop on loose poop, but also laid out some key medical supplies we all should have handy. That prompted me to approach a Doc friend of mine and ask him to write out some scripts so that I’d be prepped as best as possible with some key meds – and this was the area in which I felt least prepared until that post motivated me to catch up. Thank you!

  35. GardenMom says:

    MD – I enjoyed all of the articles, I even started to research areas that I didn’t know as much about in an effort to “write” an article to myself. Maybe we are all the winners because this has inspired us to look into bowhunting, learn about diarrhea, check our BOB, etc.

  36. SrvivlSally says:

    The reason that I chose the one that I did was because it is something that every person across the nation may be faced with at some time. Whether it be for water, food or gas, it is something that everyone would be wise to think about.

  37. gartersnk says:

    The article on diarrhea made the biggest change in my prep plan

  38. Survival and Diarrhea got my vote. Thanks to all who wrote the articles each was thought provoking and useful. I’m printing out S&D article for my planner and going through our BOBs this weekend.

  39. Tomthetinker says:

    Survival Diarrhea!!! MD.

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