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Well folks so far only four (4) people have entered for my most recent book and DVD giveaway – so doing the math they each have a 25% chance of winning. Folks those are great odds!

But unfortunately, due to a lack of response from readers for my last two book / DVD giveaways this will be my last one. I simply can’t continue to giveaway $300-$500 worth of products and prizes when so few are participating.

With a contest like this, that costs nothing to enter and is so easy, we should have already had 100 or more entries  and a lot of buzz on the web from other blogs about the contest, but so far we have 4 entries and no buzz.

Anyway here are the details for this contest…

If you participate in other forums or have your own blog feel free to mention to other forum members or your readers if it pertains to the conversation and you think it would help them.

For example suppose another forum member asked about where to start with their preps and food storage, you might respond by mentioning our “Preppers List : 10 Things To Do Now!” post or the blog homepage.

Doing this will help you become and “authority” on that particular forum or blog and help other readers with information that they need. It’s a win for everyone.

Also if you use Facebook or other social media please mention us there when appropriate.

If you do decide to mention us on any forumssocial media, in the comments of other blogs, in a blog post or review on your personal blog or other sitesend me a email with a link to where you mentioned us and I’ll put you on the list for a random drawing for an assortment of books and DVD’s (list below) to be held on July 29 2013.



Good luck…

About M.D. Creekmore

M.D. Creekmore is the owner and editor of He is the author of four prepper related books and is regarded as one of the nations top survival and emergency preparedness experts. Read more about him here.


  1. Repair Mama says:

    M.D. Count me in!!!!
    I will get on this. I mostly write the blog address on paper and pass out to friends. My latest was to my secretary. I dont think she has posted though. We have had many discussions about GMO food, food storage, canning, and the like. She is caring for aging and disabled parents. she also has a 1yr old baby boy and the world events are starting to close in around her.

    I even have the guys in the local meat department at my grocery store interested in canning meats. They loved the samples and I just keep telling them that is easier than ever to can it and then they will know exactly what is in it and who handled it.

    Have a wonderful 4th (even in the rain) to everyone
    Happy Prepping

  2. seeuncourt says:

    MD, I would love to post and brag and go on for days about the blog…i just don’t belong to any other blogs! I also wonder if others don’t post on other sites due to their need for or feeling of “op-sec”. Instead of ditching the fun alltogether, how about asking the wolf pack to do something, submit the answer to a question, etc. ??? I would love to have these resources, but sadly can’t post anywhere else.

    • Seeuncourt,

      “How about asking the wolf pack to do something, submit the answer to a question, etc.”

      We do this just about everyday, with our questions and answers with The Wolf Pack segment…

    • seeuncourt says:

      I meant more like a “riddle me this” question from you that is a challenge to the pack.

  3. Bam Bam says:

    I would love to participate in the contest but this is the only blog I post on. Hey, I find the love here–why look elsewhere?

    • Bam Bam,
      I’m with you 100% I’m not on any other blogs. I checked out a few when I first started looking around, but then I found this one and this is where I’ve stayed.

      MD,, maybe you could offer less of a prize,,2books/DVDs for participation What you offer now is VERY generous. I understand you want to get the word out there, and having more members in the WolfPack would benefit all of us,, but I just don’t read other blogs!

  4. ladyhawthorne says:

    I’m with Bam Bam, This is the only survivalist blog I read, all others I have dropped. And sorry, I don;t do forums, have quit facebook, never done twitter and pretty much keep to myself. Hey I must be a hermit! Love this blog though, it is family.

    • MD… I’m a whole lot like ladyhawthorne. The more I read about what’s going on… the less I end up saying in the digital world (gotta make it harder for the gestapo to track us). I never got into twitter, and I haven’t logged into facebook in about two months. I read a few other blogs via my email feeds but only comment on this one. I only go to one forum for homesteading info, but haven’t even been there in a month.

      Seems like every day I get more proactive about my OPSEC because of what I read. Seems like the less folks know about you (and where you go) the better off you will be in the long run.

  5. farmmomwannabe says:

    MD, I, also, would love to participate but only post here…..and seldom at that. I don’t even “do” Facebook or Twitter. Opsec seems to be more and more essential as time goes on……or am I just imagining this?

  6. Winomega says:

    I just shared a link to your blog today, but I usually only comment here.

    The books seem worth a look, but I figured someone else would like the DVD’s.

  7. Lantana says:

    MD, there are a lot of blog hops for linking posts on homesteading, gardening, DIY projects, herbal health remedies and recipes from scratch–but the post needs to have a picture that can be used as a thumbnail link.

    I was able to link GatorGal’s June post on herbs for a BOB to several blog hops this morning because it had a photo.

    A lot of the Q & A with the Wolfpack posts would be good for blog hops too. A stock photo (say, a bowl of chickpeas for a hummus recipe) is great.

  8. D from Michigan says:

    I don’t do Facebook (too invasive), Twitter, etc, nor do I post in other forums. Rarely post here, but I do read every article! Keep up the good work M.D. We notice, even when it looks like we don’t. Happy 4th everybody.

  9. worrisome says:

    Hi MD, I give out this blog to folks about once per week. Don’t know whether they respond. I don’t do anything but quick peek other blogs once in a while..and what Bam Bam, said the “family” is here. I will do better though now that I think about it, because we need you to be able to keep your blog going and that requires a bigger crowd. I understand. As far as the gifts? There are others behind some of us that need them more. And I looked over the list and bought a couple of them that I thought would add to my library. Thanks for all you do………..

  10. Like most others , I only post on this blog. But will try and see if I can put this blog out to others when appropriate opportunities come along.

  11. This is the only blog that I have time for. I do get on fb once every few days just to check on family and friends as most are out of state. I do not know how many of my “friends’ would be interested. I fear that many are sheeple.

  12. This is the only prepper blog I read, but I’m happy to include this in my mailing list and have done so already. Now how the heck can I join your contest???
    Happy and Safe 4th to all!

    • Ivy on the wall,

      It doesn’t have to be a prepper blog or forum – to be honest I would rather it not be, because 95% of the folks reading those are already reading here also. Just send me an email letting me know where and when and you’ll be good to go…


    During any disaster one thing that is critical is communications. For instance on 9/11/02, all, repeat ALL, of the emergency communications were either out or so overloaded that emergency communications were impossible! All the cell phones were out, the wired landline phones were out – The fire chief couldn’t communicate with the firefighters, the Sheriff’s dispatch couldn’t communicate with their units, the ambulance dispatchers couldn’t communicate with their vehicles – it was the same all over! (New specifications have been added since then so that not only are communications are more reliable, but the police, sheriffs, ambulances etc can talk to each other without going through their dispatchers.) This is a step in the right direction, but there are only so many radio channels to handle all the traffic. Trunked radio systems help, but they still have their limitations.

    Hams to the rescue! As soon as word went out that a disaster was in progress, the Hams reacted! Many grabbed their “Go-kits”, food water, extra fuel and other necessities, and headed for the disaster area, not to gawk, but to provide much-needed emergency communications! Others got on the air in many different networks – There’s ARES/RACES, (Amateur Radio Emergency Service / Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Corps), other nets were for MARS – the Military Auxiliary Radio Service and SHARES, a low-profile emergency communications service which includes specially trained Hams, many state and county government EOC’s, (Emergency Operations Centers), and certain Federal government agencies. All of these services put their networks on the air, often within minutes of the first attack! When a hurricane hit and flooded Louisiana, the Hams reacted the same way. More recently when a super-storm went up the East coast, Hams were there. Why are Hams so active in emergencies? First, most of us are very public-oriented, we want to help whenever and however we can. Secondly, we can provide reliable, life-saving communications where none exists! (I have been in such a situation myself, when a super rain storm hung over Waterloo, Iowa for six hours, causing major floods. We provided communications for several days, including going around with the authorities inspecting the damage, and getting help where needed as well as answering a special phone number for people needing help.)

    What does this have to do with preppers? A lot! Using little Handy-talkies, we can talk for up to several miles direct, and using a repeater, our range can be extended to over 100 miles in many cases! When “the fit hits the shan”, our cell phones will not work, our wired phones won’t work either. The only answer is radio communications! It gets through when nothing else can! If you are thinking about C.B., that uses A.M, (amplitude modulation),. Which is very prone to static and other interference, but Hams usually use F.M., (Frequency Modulation), and on much higher VHF and UHF frequencies. These radios are almost totally immune to any kind of interference, and a weak signal is just as loud as if the person you are talking to is standing in the next room! (Hey, it’s a GREAT hobby, too!) A C.B. Is limited to 5 Watts, (actually 4 Watts output), while Hams can legally use any power level up to 1,500 Watts! (Most Handy-Talkies put out around 5 Watts, and mobile / base radios usually put out up to about 50 Watts!)

    I mentioned repeaters. These are automatically controlled equipment located in a high location where they can “hear” and “be heard” in large areas. Whatever they “hear” on one frequency, they retransmit on anther frequency. Many of these systems run on solar and/or wind power, so they are totally independent of the power grid! This is how a couple of little 5-Watt hand-held radios can talk for dozens – sometimes over 100 miles over mountains where a C.B. Wouldn’t have a chance! (Some repeaters are “linked” to other repeaters, which gives them even greater range!)

    In the lower-frequency bands, between 2 and 30 Megahertz, we can talk for hundreds or thousands of miles – even around the world! Typically, the antenna on a Handy-talkie is only a few inches high. (The higher the frequency, the shorter the antenna.)

    So I would suggest that if you want to be prepared to communicate in a disaster, go to Radio Shack or logon to the American Radio Relay League at – get a Technician study guide, and if you can find a Ham to “Elmer” (instruct) you so much the better, and get a Technician Ham license. Then you can use all of the bands from 144 Megahertz all the way up to “light”, (everything above 275 gigaHertz!) You can get a low-cost “2 Meter” (144-148 MHz) Handy-talkie for around $100, and you can go up in price from there. Most of these radios can also receive – but not transmit on – the 7 NOAA weather radio broadcast frequencies around 162 MHz so you can get weather reports on them!

    So there you are. Folks, when emergencies happen – and they WILL happen – you have certain needs, including food, shelter, and COMMUNICATIONS! I’ve told you the best way known.

    Good Luck and God Bless you All.
    Ivy On The Wall, (Extra-Class Ham radio operator/instructor).

    • Doris Jones says:

      Ivy on the Wall,
      Getting a Ham Radio and starting up just went to the top in my “Prep list”. Thanks for all the great information.

  14. I read your blog daily and have found your site to be one of the better ones that are online. I like it so much I have given the link to a number of different individuals that say the same thing. I have posted your link to a FB group I belong to: East Tennessee Preppers Club. Thanks for a good source of information.


  15. I have passed along this blog using face book and word of mouth but have nothing that you can link to. This is a great site and I wish everyone would check it out!

  16. Doris Jones says:

    Count me in. I had shared information about this blog–just had not reported it to you. I will go on some mainstream type websites and share this and get back to you. (Maybe you could keep up the contest until it catches on and make the prizes much smaller?) I wouldn’t really be doing it just for a prize anyway–just sharing this site because it will save people’s lives and help them everyday as well. (Improves their thinking and helps them focus on priorities.) We can all use THAT every day.

  17. As I talk to people, I hint at prepping. If they respond, I let them know about this site & encourage them to visit.

  18. MikeTilson says:

    No better site or ideas about prepping,surviving or links to these ideas than here.

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