Home Defense Ammo for Your AR-15


  1. JP in MT says:

    Although I have a quantity of 55 gr ball ammo, I prefer to use 55 gr frangible along with my 75-77 gr OTHP. 62 gr steel core has a tendency to go right through most things I would be shooting at (interpenetration issues), it is “longer ranged” that 55 or 75 grain, but it may not put your target down quickly enough.

  2. I am currently hunting a Wylie coyote who likes my chickens. Using military grade ammunition. Biggest hurdle for me is figuring out what he is going to do next. Has been a great match of wills, he and I, and instead of frustration, it’s been a training exercise. Judging from the number of rifle shots in the area, he has either been busy nearby or we have a bigger problem than we all thought. I am going to look for some of those XM193 ammo.

    • Leonard says:

      If you frequently see a coyote, your problem is not with a coyote. It’s with coyoteS. You’ve got more than one. You can set snares to catch them, which won’t hurt your chickens. Once a coyote is strangled with a snare in an area, others seem to shy away from the immediate area for awhile. Snares are easily attached to the fence surrounding your chickens…

      • Unless you can legally own a suppressed 223/556, use soft point or hollow point and have a night vision scope. At suppressed 22 also will work. Lol