Home Invasion Tools and Go Bag

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  1. Interesting discussion, but I think I’ve learned more from the people here on this blog than from a video. If you can get past a set of good doors, a dog, 3 handguns, and a shotgun…well I guess you’ll win that round. Not real sure I would take on those odds.

    “Beware of cranky old guys! They won’t be impressed with your appearance or attitude; they’ll just kill you!”

  2. Seasoned_Citizen says:

    Preaching to the Choir here, Friends, BUT take this self-defense to heart. A few stories are coming out of Canada on the various firearm websites I frequent that home robberies, vehicle thefts, and other thievery are, in many cases, no longer being pursued by Canadian law enforcement! The reason they give are budget cuts, lack of personnel, more pressing cases, etc.

    I thought this was bad enough, until my friend, who owns a large HVAC company (been around since 1930) in a fairly major city in Ohio had one of their vans stolen from their fenced parking lot a few nights ago. Since the van had GPS, my friend went to the police with his iPad and showed them in real-time where the van exactly was minute by minute.

    The metro police’s response? “We are too busy–call your insurance company–they can retrieve it.” (!) So that’s what my friend did; the insurance people hired a repo man to go to this shady area and hook the van, which they did.

    When the repo man reported to the insurance company that the men at the house where he hooked the van were well-known car thieves and he knew their names, my friend the HVAC business owner, went back to the police station, spoke to a sergeant there to have the van fingerprinted and the two perps arrested, the police sarge said “We are too busy, leave us alone. We are not doing anything.”

    My friend’s business is a 3 gen family-owned one and has been a fixture in the community, giving out a lot of free work to seniors,
    contributing to city functions, and have paid a ton of city taxes.

    TAKE HOME TO ME: if a solid business who pays $$$ to a city in payroll taxes, income taxes, franchise taxes, permit taxes, etc. cannot get the local police to assist them, even when the police are given evidence, suspects, names and proof-what chance does a measly homeowner like me have with theft issues?


    • I can’t help but ask, “If you won’t do an investigation, will you at least come pick up the body?”

      • Now, JP- you know darn well the three words are “shoot-shovel-shutup” (I know: four words, but I married the last two) 😀

    • Hunkerdown says:

      Seasoned Citizen: If the LEO’s retirement benefits had been in tht van, they would have had it surrounded before went a mile. What an absolute disgrace that we have arrived at such a sorry state of affairs. No wonder half of all the murders in America go unsolved. Sickening, especially when indexed to the taxes we homeowners pay each month to live in our own homes. Sickening.

  3. PrepperDoc says:

    Wow, he sure puts a lot of stock in having three of everything!

    For my money, good Doors, 3 inch screws, deadbolt locks. Ability to lock our bedroom door and a peep hole through it, ability to turn on the light remotely on the other side. Our cell phones are ready beside us charging for the night!

    We don’t see that many gunshot victims at our hospital. Outnumbered probably by 10 to one by motor vehicle accidents.

    If you get hit in the head, no tourniquet is going to help.
    If you get hit in the chest, the last time I tried to do needle decompression, I caused a pneumo! Knowing exactly how deep to push the needle in, is tough even for me with 30 years experience. I’ve seen exactly one tension pneumo-in my entire medical career. If you get hit in the abdomen, and you are unlucky enough to get a major blood vessel hit, you better just hope they get you to my OR quick.

    The good news is that arteries generally constrict unless they tore a huge chunk out. The vast majority of lung injuries that I see do fine.

    If you get an artery in an extremity cut, just put continuous hard pressure on it until you get to the operating room. I’ve seen Gore-Tex graft arteries cut (being polyester, they don’t constrict!) and people holding pressure riding in the stretcher for quite a while to keep the person alive until they can make it to the OR.

    If it’s your own family member, you don’t need gloves! If it’s the home invader, well that would be an ethical dilemma….. I’m really not sure what I would do. Cuss myself for not having better aim?

    Anyway, I need to put a flashlight on at least one of my pistols for sure.

    • Chuck Findlay says:

      Basically what you are saying is try real hard to not get shot as it will be bad for you.

      • PrepperDoc says:

        Good summary.

        And try real hard to be sure the invader DOES enjoy lead poisoning until no longer a threat.

    • “… If it’s the home invader…”

      The French have a few words for that: coup de grace…

  4. He lost me when he said that 5.56 doesn’t penetrate obstacles like sheetrock and drywall.

    • Eric,

      I noticed that too… 5.56 / .223 will penetrate sheetrock and drywall like paper, unless you’re using specialty ammo like 223 40 Gr V-Max or Liberty Silverado 50gr rounds and even then it’s iffy…

      • PrepperDoc says:

        Think one of those myth buster sites showed 223 going thru NINE 2×4’s…

        Pretty sure I’ve put 22LR they a 2×4

        My house is very poor protection against rifle fire but I did recognize that & have alternative plans.

        • Hunkerdown says:

          The following is not as much trouble as you might think, but it is hard work (for a day). But it will dramatically pay off in home protection value. Number one, discard everything but the 12ga. and 00buckshot. Pistols and rifles have their place, not in home defense. Nothing recovers from a 00 12ga at close range. If something comes through your front door that 00 12ga won’t kill then for God’s sake, please don’t shoot it. Second, you can rent a concrete saw for an afternoon and cut a hole in your bedroom floor if you have a slab foundation. If you have wood or pier and beam then just cut the hole you need with a skill saw. Then, start digging yourself a foxhole in your own bedroom. Outline and brace with treated lumber and put a door on top so nobody falls in. When the bad guys/gals show up you got a great big surprise for them. I nicknamed mine my “Infantry Basement.” PS: If you have a slab foundation try to find out where the copper water lines run through your home. But if you cut one you can always have it fixed. Folks, you can laugh at the foxhole in the bedroom as far fetched, but you have to stay alive through your first encounter. It’s a great confidence builder, and it sends a clear message to the intruders as to who is in charge!

  5. Chuck Findlay says:

    40 grain solid 22 long rifle bullet will go through drywall with no problem. A 222 Rem will certainly go through it.

    Through my work I generate a lot of old drywall and have saved some of it for testing bullets and drywall is not much of a protection from bullets.

    I have not trusted what supposed experts have and do say for years. I almost always do my own testing to get to the real facts.

    • Hunkerdown says:

      Chuck: 22’s are great weapons. Most all the ‘experts’ say they are no good for self defense. WRONG! A 22 also simplifies other areas. A prepper can buy four good quality 22’s with money left over for ammo, for the price of a stock AR-15. No, a 22 won’t give you the Hollywood blood and guts blowing across the screen that a higher powered rifle will. But in reality, for efficient usage of prepper time, assets, and resources isn’t it much more efficient with less prepper-trauma, to get the kill without having to clean up such a big mess. Thanks

      • Hunkerdown says:

        Mr. M.D., I’m getting lots of service unavailable from your website this morning. Without this site, prepper world could be wiped out, back to zero, gone with the wind, or neutralized. Get this fixed, or our blood is on your hands. “please”

        • Hunkerdown,

          Been working on it with the hosting company, they said it’s fixed, nothing else I can do.

        • sometimes when I am having trouble like that use disk clean and cc clean to free up disk space then turn your computer off then back on and see if that helps.

        • Right now there’s a lot of solar activity that’s causing problems with all communication systems. Which is a good indicator of what could happen when we get the “real” solar shot that is coming (called an EMP).

      • .22LR 40 grain at 1150 fps is not even close to .223 62 grains or 55 grains from a rifle. The .22LR will maim and kill when placed correctly, but it’s not much of a “show stopper”. Look at the size of the unfired cartridges in your hand, size tells all.

        +1 on the posting concerning shotguns firing .32 lead balls. It doesn’t matter if it’s a 12/16/20 ga shotgun when firing 00 pellets, as long as you can handle the weapon, it’s effective up-close. You can MISS with a shotgun so AIM.

        Aim at the pelvic girdle. Good stopping and misses hit the ground. Lots of howling to bring out associates for additional ambush.

  6. Chuck Findlay says:

    I meant to type 223 not 222, but a 222 will also go through drywall, and it will do it more accurately as it a better target round.

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