Home Made Portable Solar Charging Station

Hi M.D.

We talked a while ago about a solar charger I was building. I did get it built and I put together a short video on it, which you can find below:

I forgot to touch on a few things. First is I mentioned that I put the batteries in series until I reached 12 volts. I forgot to mention that when you reach a 12 volt pack of batteries, you wire the packs in parallel to increase your storage. There are 6 x 12 volt battery packs wired in parallel. Also, the solar panels are 12volts each so I wired them in parallel to the solar charge controller.

I did a poor job of discussing the costs, so here they are broken out:

Case: $35 sourced locally
Solar Panels: $20 each from alixpress.com
Battery holders, 10 x AA x 4 units: $2 each from aliexpress.com
Green battery packs x 2: – $13 each from aliexpress.com
Solar charge controller, 30A: – $12 from aliexpress.com
410 watt inverter: – $40 from amazon.ca
40 x AA NiMh rechargable batteries: $2
Odds and ends like bolts, wire, electrical tape, hockey tape, etc. – I had
them at home so I’m not sure, but pennies.

Total cost: $241

Now, the batteries were a lot of that cost. That’s part of the problem, when you make it portable having decent battery power is going to cost you, as apposed to sourcing some 12v deep cycle batteries. But the nice thing is that if I ever needed some AA’s quick, I can remove one of the 10 pack AA’s that I have in parallel, use them when I need them and still have a working unit.

Feel free to publish this as you see fit, I’d appreciate the feed back and criticism (good or bad) from you and your readers.


  1. patientmomma says:

    I can’t access or see the video; it might be my satellite internet connection. I’ll check back later.

  2. Bctruck says:

    Cool build! Very neatly done.

  3. JP in MT says:

    Again another great, usable idea from the Pack!

    I am very interested in these type of solar projects. This one is now in the archives!


  4. Great idea, can you post the plans for everyone to see.
    I will be checking of your sources for more information.
    Thanks. .. . .

  5. alixpress.com does not work for the web site.

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