How many people are murdered with guns each year and what types are used most?

From the “FBI Uniform Crime Reports” 2007–2011

Weapons                 2007       2008     2009     2010       2011

Total firearms:      10,129      9,528    9,199      8,874    8,583

Handguns:              7,398       6,800    6,501     6,115    6,220

Rifles:                         453          380        351        367       323

Shotguns:                  457           442       423        366       356

Blunt objects:           647            603       623        549       496

Notice that according to the FBI report – more people are murdered by people using Blunt objects (clubs, hammers, etc.) than by people using rifles of all types. So why the public and political outcry over so called “assault style” weapons, that are used in fewer than 100 murders each year?

Here is another interesting one from the report:

Personal weapons (hands, fists, feet, etc.)

2007    2008    2009    2010    2011
869       875        817       769     728

Yep, according to the FBI more people are punched, kicked and stomped to death than are murdered by folks using rifles! So, I ask again why the public and political outcry over so called “assault style” weapons? It obviously isn’t based on fact or stopping violent crime and murder, if that were the goal they would be going after other objects that are used far more often…

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  1. The problem with the logic that you are using is that it’s, well, logical. There are two problems as I see it:

    1) A group of higher ups with an agenda that understand the facts and are pushing this agenda for various reasons
    2) A group of sheeple who buy the propaganda hook line and sinker based on emotional anecdotal ‘evidence’ presented by the #1’s control over mainstream media

    So, group #1 doesn’t care about logic, and you can’t use logic on group #2 because they are motivated by emotion.

    Anyways, that’s the way I see it….

    • You are correct. The facts don’t matter. “They” have been conditioning “us” to hate guns, gun owners, hunters, and anyone not part of the government authority that has a gun.
      There are, fortunately some of us on whom the conditioning doesn’t seem to take. The MSM and Hollywood call us dangerous idiots. Look at how gun owners are portrayed on TV and movies.

  2. Buuurr in Ohio says:

    I can explain it in one word… moo.

  3. Because there is a large segment of our population that is completely oblivious to the facts. These are the ones that hold true to the belief the gub’mint is gonna take care of their every need… Sorry if I got some disgust on ya, that last comment was dripping with it.

  4. You’d think they would go after handguns. And, the Sandy Hook shooter was found with 4 pistols on him and he apparently never used the rifle in the trunk, but they are all about the rifle.

    Well that whole thing is a hot mess anyway.

    My guess is this: rifles are more effective weapons in general. If they are expecting a civil war, then taking the rifles makes more sense strategically. And I don’t think they are going to stop with rifles, they’re just using whatever looks scarier to uninformed people to take that first.

    • Petticoat Prepper says:


    • Penny Pincher,

      This is my thought as well. Go after the assault weapons because when the civil war hits, assault weapons will be our primary mode of defending our homes.

    • They won’t go after the handguns (right now anyway) because they can’t/won’t disarm the gangbangers. They created and are riding a wave of hysteria over scary-looking things. Which is fine by the gov’t because certain persons (politicians and their puppetmasters) don’t want average citizens to be armed with anything “heavy.”

      • During WW2, the various resistance/partizan groups found handguns largely irrelivent for dealing with trained professionals.

    • Rider of Rohan says:

      Indeed you are correct. If one is to disarm the populace, one must begin with rifles. Semi-auto handguns and semi-auto shotguns will be next, then revolvers, followed by pump and other shotguns to complete the job. That’s the plan, you know it, so don’t hesitate to get “rid” of yours by selling them(by coincidence, I sold all of mine but one on the day of the Sandy Hook shooting), throwing them in a lake somewhere, or melting them down for plowshares. There are lots of gardeners here.

  5. The problem with this report is there’s no “flash” to it. What exactly is the media supposed to grab hold of and rant about. Some newscaster going to show off his corns and say “This is deadlier that an evil black fully automatic, single shot, 50 caliber rim-fire, pistol gripped assault rifle, with a 250 round, internally detachable, clip”?

    This has never been about the truth, it’s about control.

  6. Hmm, when I looked, there was something like 3,200 or 3,900 that were with other things.

  7. GoneWithTheWind says:

    The rush to gun control is no accident or even a result of the latest nutaces shooting up a school. It is a carefully planned attack on the 2nd amendment that is intended to end in confiscation. Why? Obviously not for greater public safety, so why? There is only opne possible answer and history provides it. First disarm the public then take over the government. It has never happened the other way around.

  8. I remember reading that Jesus told us to sell our coats and buy a sword in the book of Luke.
    1# Is anyone interested in a 14 year old 4XL, red and blacked checked coat that has a faint odor of cat pee, and a stain on the back where one of my 12 dogs had her puppies?
    2# Does anyone know of a good online sword shop?
    3# What good will a sword do against Drones and Armored Personal Carriers?

    (Now before anyone gets all pissy with me, this is a goofy joke, I’m not working for the CIA, Russian Mob, or James Rawles) O.K?

    • Downeaster says:

      You know I have been reading this site for quite some time now and one of the things I have liked is the fact that the people here are accepting of many different ways and styles of prepping and generally encouraging of others who share the general prepper mind set. That being said, tossing JWR in the same category as the CIA and Russian mob is something I wouldn’t expect to have seen. While his style certainly doesn’t suit many people, myself included, unless some one is putting out seriously wrong or bad information slamming another source of information that has something to offer people who seek to be prepared strikes me as counter productive.

  9. First let me say that I own three handguns and a rifle. That being said, the statistics don’t show the full picture. If they would show the number of deaths caused per individual weapon you would see that assault type weapons have a higher ratio of deaths per weapon whereas the rifle is probably closer to one for one. Bottomline, you can kill more people in a shorter period of time with an assault rifle than you can with a rifle or handgun. (speaking of the average shooter, of course). A trained shooter with a handgun and multiple clips can also do a lot damage.

  10. Three times more people are killed each year because of cell phone use than guns and drunk drivers combined .

  11. It would have been tough for that D-Bag to kill 26 kids with his fists and feet.

    • G,

      So what would you do to guarantee that something like that never happened again? Would it have been better if he had walked into the classroom and detonated an IE device strapped to his chest. I don’t think so… If some crazy person wants to do bad things such as mass murder there are plenty of ways that they can do it without a gun, and be even more deadly in the process.

      • And that’s coming. A few teenagers have already been caught messing with the pipe bombs.

      • M.D. is right. People are resourceful (for good and evil purposes). In Australia they disarmed the populous and people just switched to using other weapons; the overall murder rate did not change.

        One problem with this “national conversation” has been that it is usually left unsaid what it is people want to stop/prevent/decrease. The statistics are pretty overwhelming that the #1 contributor to violent acts (total number) in the U.S. is alcohol abuse (even more so than elicit drugs or serious mental illness, in large part because alcohol is used and abused at a higher rate). But this factor does not appear to be very prominent in the recent mass killing events. Preventing violent crime in general and preventing mass shooting/killing events are two different things.

        • SurvivorDan says:

          Having lived in Australia I would like to add that ,my Aussies buddies tell me that violent crime is way up and intentionally under-reported in Australia. Places we used to go to with our wives and children in complete safety are now free-mugging zones. And yes the criminals still have all those ‘forbidden’ guns. And they know that few honest Aussies have decent weapons in their homes so they are not too concerned about gettign shot while breaking into homes. Besides, they know that the honest citizen must retreat even in his/her own home. I’m disgusted….

  12. Sw't Tater says:

    In England they are NOW trying to outlaw knives..saw it in a parliment debate this weekend..take the guns then knives, then what hammers, baseball bats, sharp sticks (literal here)?
    Society can’t legislate behavior. behavior is regulated by teaching a moral system. Many of us know this means teaching our children from cradle. Once you turn children over to public school system-you are at a disadvantage to teach them your morals, right, truth. The teacher who is in charge of their care for more than 2/3 of their awake time, becomes their authority, right behind those stripped down text books, that keep changing history.

    • With the muslim problem that they have , I would think that they should have better things to worry about . Besides , talk to any prison guard , they will tell you all kinds of interesting ways and implements the inmates use to stab each other with ……..knives are illegal for them as well ………but that stops nothing .

    • I believe that you need a Dr.s prescription to carry a cane in the UK. Never ever assume that logic is involved.

  13. Richard J says:

    Maybe I didn’t see the whole video, but I recall that the helicopter showed the cops unloading a shotgun in the trunk not a rifle.

  14. Unfortunately for the ones that were killed by hands or feet, I would bet that it is mostly from child and domestic abuse.
    A look at human history shows that human beings has not really been valued very much. Even in the Bible the violence is horrendus and before anyone gets upset I am a Christian but I am not blind.
    Gun control will not stop violence! I am at a loss for words right now. I cannot think of the right words to use to express myself so I will stop right here.

  15. The CDC came to our Fire Department and wanted us to collect data for them. They wanted the info. on anything with a Gun. We asked if they wanted any info. on Knifes, Blunt objects, Fists or any other way. They said no they only want info. on Guns. So most of these Studies are flawed because they don’t want the real info.

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