Friday Poll: How many people know that you’re a prepper / survivalist?

How many people know that you are a prepper?

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Please let us know who you’ve told (no names please) and why in the comments below…

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  1. I have 2 very close friends that also prep. They are the only ones I share this with. I checked only close family members because they are more like family to me than most of my relatives.

    • JeffintheWest says:

      Same with me — only two friends know — no one else needs to at this point. My family is either dead or long gone and out of touch, so they aren’t really my “family” except in the related-by-blood sense.

  2. Mystery Guest says:

    I don’t know anyone to tell. Thank goodness.
    My kids and myself are the ones that know I prep.
    Now one of my offspring has friends that they talk about what they are doing but they keep hush, hush about my crap.

  3. There are those that know I promote preparedness, but only my daughter living here, my grandson’s who live here, and my fellow prepper/handyman know for sure what’s here.

  4. What preps, I read this site for entertainment. I prefer to live one meal at a time from the local sub shop. All my assets are in an IRA tied to bank stocks, and I am afraid of guns. The economy is thriving.

    Sorry: you caught me channeling your average low info. voter.

    • J Stuart:

      The safest IRA would be in only Government Bonds. I’m sure that a requirement for IRA/401k’s to be 40%+ invested in them is coming. Get you portfolio in order now! 😉

    • Petticoat Prepper says:

      Thanks J Stuart, I just shot coffee from my nose! After I finish ROTFL I’ve got to mop up my computer screen.

      • Petticoat Prepper,

        Thanks, now you made me spit coffee all over my computer screen and keyboard.

        • BlueCaribDreams says:

          I love it all! The great investment advice and coffee spiting!!!


          • Thanks folks! I needed a good laugh.

          • Babycatcher says:

            On a more serious note, I’m thinking if I wait much longer, I won’t be able to do anything with my Roth IRA…should I continue sitting on it, or what are the signs that its better to cash it in despite the losses?

          • Sw't Tater says:

            We just changed one to a large insurance firm that guarantees a gain…straight transfer, no extra costs. No costs to transfer either.

          • Encourager says:

            Wouldn’t that be coffee snorting then spitting??

  5. Diana Smith says:

    Only our two sons and a dil know we are preppers. They all have valuable skills and we have plans for them to move to the farm when necessary.

  6. worrisome says:

    My family, all of em. We are all involved. We have a plan and for the most part follow it.

  7. I voted none.

    I have never met anyone that ever took being a survivalist seriously.
    Too many, years back and in a different area, would all be “Yeah, let’s do it!” and they basically did nothing.

    I’ve never found anyone willing to commit.

    • Encourager says:

      Never saw you post before, MICoyote. Welcome to the Pack.
      Without blowing your OPSEC, where in general in MI are you? I’m a troll. (HEY! A nice troll folks!! That means I live UNDER the bridge!!)

  8. I have been doing this since I980’s. My parents went through the depression as children, as a child I remember times of hunger. For me it was ingrained in me, that I keep supplies in stock at all times. My husband went through hunger as a child. Of my siblings my oldest sister calls it my mini grocery store(she likes it), my brother thinks I am nuts for having supplies on hand, and the youngest sister wishes she were able to acquire the stores we have on hand. The nieces of my oldest sister are in training through me (their dad thinks it is a waste of time and money) I guess you could say it was through mutual design. They knew their aunt was a Prepper(new terminology), but I just like to be prepared, go hungry, an you learn quickly. Close friends in the valley whom I trust(like family).
    In a protective way I try to spread the word you should be self reliant but so many say “yah, or OK”, and it goes in one ear and out the other, if I get that oh, another nut job attitude I drop the subject. Lost cause so why waste my effort to get through to them.

  9. My wife and kids know we have a large pantry, she knows I worry about the stability of the economy and our society. I don’t think she has ever heard the term prepper (at least not from me). My parents and the metals dealer know I bought some silver dollars for my boys for Tooth Fairy gifts.

    Besides that its only maybe Sam’s Club, Augason Farms, NSA, FBI, etc. who have me on their lists.

    What does it mean when the government knows more than a loving spouse that you trust.

    • When the agencies know more than your spouse……I would say you are in deep kim chi (pronounced kim chee). It is a fermented cabbage dish. That is what I tell my husband when he is in trouble with me.

    • richard M says:

      greetings. I used to be a historical re-enacter portraying a 6th SS Mann (private) so it is to me simply a history comes alive sort of thing now. something to remember though. was a story about a French resistance fighter that got picked up by the Gestapo, (not our watered down version but the real thing back then) and taken in for interrogation. he assumed, as most people did, that the Gestapo knew everything so he was lost. they questioned him for a few days then kicked him out as being one who knew nothing about the resistance. he finally realized that the secret police did not actually have a file on everyone. only on some. Same now. the government has enormous files that they are adding to daily. thing to remember is there is so much info coming in but only a limited number of people to check everything. and they have super computers, but no matter how super the rule with a computer is Garbage in-Garbage out. lot of meaningfully actual dross or garbage.

  10. axelsteve says:

    Some people know that I am a gun guy, I never discuss prepping though.

    • Orwellian States says:

      I am doing things now that I thought were paranoid 5 years ago. My wife is with the program. My daughter has reservations and her husband (a lawyer) doesn’t say much, I I can tel he thinks we are loons. He is an Obamabot. I have some lefty friends who know that I HAD guns, but I “sold most of them at a gun show at White Pine, TN just as I was getting out of my truck with them.” Perfectly legal in TN. What’s the express — OPSEC? I am getting more closed about my beliefs and activities. I will be 67 this month and I NEVER though I would see this nation is such shaky condition. It scares me because of my grandchildren.

      • Babycatcher says:

        Waving hi at you from the Eastern Mt redoubt(aka tn hillbilly and proud of it ) we almost went to that show, but I got busy with a lady…;)

        • Orwellian States says:

          Back at ya from Rocky Top. There wasn’t much at the show. Very little ammo. The “convention center” is actually part of a community college off Interstate 81. I enjoy walking around.

  11. Too many! My family, a few friends and neighbors know how serious I am. I have conversations with others in general about the subject of prepping, without admitting or giving too much detail of our personal readiness. I do make sure to emphasize the fact that I have ‘a couple’ firearms and practice with them.Unfortunately, my children have no concept of OPSEC. My 15 year old daughter was telling her friends parents about our preps, and I had too explain to her,again, why that was a bad idea with the phrase’ shoot them if they show up at the door’ included.
    I hope it never gets that bad, but it made my point.
    Heard on the radio one of the criteria DHS uses to identify ‘right wing terrorists’ is if they stock more than 2 weeks of food, but then FEMA came out with disaster plans that call for the stocking of at least 2 weeks food and supplies to be ‘on your own for 2 weeks’.
    Glad the government is here to help.

    • Yeah, that’s just about how long it takes for FEMA to show up. Gotta make sure flood waters are gone first, and won’t go in until states activate their National Guards. The scary part is sooner or later there will be an “emergency” whereby they can confiscate whatever they want from whomever they want.

      • Survivor says:

        I’m afraid there will be some dying. It’s one thing to disarm New Orleans residents, and we all saw the fiasco that followed, to trying to disarm rural folks. Those good ole boys that hauled hay, milked cows and hustled pool used that hard earned money to buy some pretty hefty hardware and they ain’t gonna take kindly to a hostile ‘gub’mint’ what’s coming to disarm them. Those boys are talking about this stuff over a cold one someplace and they ain’t liking what they’re saying. These boys work for their living and are beholden to none, if ya catch my right leaning, conservative nuance.

        • TG for the country folk. Most others might as well practice the position of kissin’ back end adios.

  12. BlueCaribDreams says:

    Only my “live-in” GF and my 7yo DD know. The GF knows only because she sees it. I am teaching DD about preparedness and sustainability/homesteading, as we slowly venture into it.


  13. How did you know that I was just thinking about this last night? The only ones I have to talk to about prepping is the Wolf Pack. Sometimes it gets pretty lonely around here. As far as who “knows” that I have a lot of STUFF—UPS, FEDEX, the postal service and my credit card company certainly have no doubts.

    When I e-mailed to an old friend, who lives 100 miles away, that I am pressure canning hamburger, she said the phrase most often heard by persons of the prepping persuasion, “I can just come to your house if something happens.” (insert heavy sigh here).

    • I’ve mentioned it to a few folks at work. Suggested that they have “stuff” set aside for more then a few weeks or months. Usually I use the food insurance approach. But it now and eat it cheaper later.Meanwhile you are prepared for emergencies big or small. A couple have said they were coming to my place and I was very clear to them that had better not show up empty handed. None know where I live so I am not worried about it.
      I told my kids to start getting prepared two years ago. Explained why and all that reasonably happen. We dont discuss it. They are adults and there is nothing I could do besides warn them and urge action.
      My youngest brother and I have discuss some. My mother lives with him and she has mentioned a few things. He is well prepared and has some doable plans.
      None of the above have any idea of our actual preps.

    • UPS, FED EX, post office, grocery store, walmart,BJs, google, they all must know…which means the government knows!

  14. Preppers? We just come from long lines of folks whose priorities were God, spouse, parents & children, neighbors & extended family and the less fortunate before personal desires and wants.

    That seems to have gotten them through wars, depressions, social turmoil, job losses, financial reverses, bereavements, health crises, personal troubles and more–and given them some wherewhithal to serve and help others along the way.

    So we thought we’d try it. So far, so good.

    • Which is tomsay that, in talking with family and friends, the conversation is more about family stories and remembering how much we learned planting a garden with grandfather (hey, your kids are about that age–want some of our extra seedlings?) or cooking bean soup from scratch with granny (here’s the recipe; it’s so much tastier than Campbell’s, cheaper too!)

  15. Just my 24 cats, 12 dogs, and my Parrot Pico. I’m not too sure if I should have told Pico, you know how Parrots talk.

    • you got a decent supply of meat should the shtf

    • Stealth Spaniel says:

      Great comment! My grandfather got a parrot when he was 12-that bird lived through 2 marriages, 17 kids with wife number one and 12 kids with my grandmother. The bird knew every family members secrets. When the bird finally died, one of my aunts said, “Thank God.Now the police can’t interrogate him!”.

    • SurvivorDan says:

      Good thing that I don’t have a parrot.
      The %$^#&FEDs comments alone would get me on a list of seditious enemies of the FEDs. Oops…too late.
      F*** ’em if THEY can’t take a joke.

      I simply have 200…….er…….2 weeks of emergency supplies.

      Thank the Lord that THEY can plainly see that I’m just a crazy, harmless, little old man. And a minority. And a Progressive from Hawaii. And a Democrat (….too much?).

    • SurvivorDan says:

      Who knows if you prep? Maybe almost no one, huh? it doesn’t take many to blow your Opsec.

      How many of you have heard from family and close friends who don’t prep or don’t have weapons; “I’m coming to your house if something Real bad happens!” ?

      I know most of you have heard that at least once. I tell them that I would have to repel them or put ’em in the stew pot and then I walk away.
      Hope that gives them pause.
      Don’t come here….. 😉

      • Survivor says:

        My wife has a large number of siblings who think we are nuts, not for prepping, but for wanting to live where and how we wish, which is a self sustaining farm on a plateau mountain top. They are not ready. So what do you tell them when they knock on your door begging food for their babies… Man, it’s gonna be tough… This is the kinda stuff I think about sometimes. I think though, when I build my permanent garden I’ll make it large enough to share with family. That act alone will probably invite folks I won’t share with…I won’t mind telling them to go away.

  16. Other than us, only our two grown sons,( both live hours away),
    know that we prep for the long term. Since we are in hurricane country we tell others, remember Ivan and no power for weeks and the Katrina disaster. We just don’t let on that we are prepared for a very long storm.

    Told our sons DSYI (Don’t signal your intentions) and treat what you know just as you did with classified in the military– need to know and no one else needs to know.

  17. SurvivorDan says:

    I made the mistake of trying to expand my group from two very close friends to include other like minded people including one from work. That attempt to create a bigger more viable group failed but in the process the fella from work (who was a useless blow hard) let everyone at work know that I am a prepper and so I am soured on any expansion of the group as it wiped out my small amount of privacy.
    Would never do it again. Have little Opsec now.

    • Survivor says:

      Dan, I successfully recruited my members very slowly, over a period of a coupla years. I hunted with them, camped with them, watched how they treated family and learned who they were in their heart before I began the slow process of inclusion. Don’t give up on a small group for security and help, man. In any fight with an entity bent on taking from you what is yours you’re gonna be outnumbered and outgunned. They’re gonna get more of you than you’re gonna get of them. With a small group at least you’ll have a fighting chance.

      • SurvivorDan says:

        Perhaps but one of the potential group members was a brother officer who I have been in the sh*t with and known for 15 years. The other was a 20 year hunting buddy of my other hunting buddy. Another was a combat vet – Marine- whom I thought highly of. Bad enough they couldn’t follow through on the simplest prep assignments but then they blabbed to everyone. Swearing to honor everyone’s privacy regarding this issue meant nothing.
        I do have to agree with your assessment about needing numbers.
        But I can’t imagine where to recruit any others that I would trust.

  18. I’m somewhere between telling only my friends and family, and telling too many people. But then there’s my blog, so I might as well be telling everyone.

    I have gotten more careful person to person in the last year. Some people I thought I could trust, have since proven to be liabilities. Including my family, which are mostly liberal with their heads in the sand. There is no convincing them.

    If they start coming for the guns, or if they start acting like Stasi, there is a whole other set of liabilities. I think then we’ll find out who our real friends are real quick.

  19. Copperhead says:

    Only DD, SIL and 2GS know what all I have and they help me with it. They also are following governments orders and stocking up for 2 weeks. “Grin” We always do what we’re told, don’t cha know! I do know of maybe a couple of other families since they talk about it, but they don’t know what I have. Need opsec for my area.

  20. I am a single mother and have spent quite a bit on my preps. My family (myself, mom & dad) works together to put up what we have and we all have our special area of skills and interest in which we prep. Food, medicine, hygiene, guns, tools, etc. Most people act like you are nuts if you say anything about prepping, although slowly but surely after trying to inform some close friends as much as possible, they are getting on board. That I am glad to see because if the SHTF, I really would hate to lose lifelong friends due to their lack of preparing. Sorry folks, but my family will come first. We may discuss prepping and survivalism with others, but noone other than my immediate family knows what we have or are capable of in the event. We prefer to keep it that way. Happy Prepping All! 🙂

  21. My dh suspects but wants nothing to do with it. One of his brothers suspects and started a nasty scene about my having too many glass jars. One of his nephews suspects but is smart enough not to ask. Even my daughter doesn’t know, especially ’cause she’d get mouthy about my being “negative.” Good conservative she is, but getting indoctrinated by the DC crowd.

    At some point, I’ll probably touch (not elaborate) on the subject with a certain neighbor who has many good skills.

  22. livinglife says:

    only those I prep with and those I can count on know. Too many takers in this world to let them know.
    People I don’t really know well have made comments of “I have a gun, I will take what I want if something happens, let other people prep.”

  23. I am one of the few that have the luxury of “preaching” the survival/prep gospel. My job requires extreme SHTF, EOTWAWKI, preparations, and I am one of the few that will still have a private sector job after “whatever” happens! Our company preparations are impossible to hide, so we “hide in plain sight” and attempt to encourage our employees to prep for themselves and their families because only a chosen few will be able to be covered by our plans. Do I disclose everything? Of course not! Do I talk about the basics and try to frame my conversations to fit the situation of the person I am talking with? Yes. Some of my preps involve things that the normal person would have no need for, yet are crucial to mission success for my company. Many of them are the same as everyone else. I care about my fellow employees, and want the best for them, and if a bit of what I have learned will help them, I am more than happy to share that knowledge.

    • Yowza, Ron, good for you!!! And to think I got happier to a minor extent at my workplace simply because my new boss is in with firearms. The rest of the company (except in Finance) is screwed up left-wing nut jobs who fall complete for the BS wellness stuff. Only one would-be prepper whom I simply had to tell to shut up and then I explained opsec to that person.

      A big “yes” on having to hide some things in plain sight. Some things can be obvious to anyone who’s paying attention, but those same things can often have dual purposes. (Thinking along the lines of those giant hunks of concrete to keep someone from crashing in a large vehicle can also be pre-planned as giant planters.)

      Hope you have a high % of employees who “get it.”

      P.S. I’m a highly skilled, highly intuitive exec admin asst in case ya ever need one of those.

  24. I try to keep it quiet, I have just started and don’t have enough supplies to help a lot of other folks. We discuss things among friends and coworkers in general conversation. I brought up prepping to family and it scared my sister so bad she refuses to talk further. Some people are just not ready mentally.

  25. As a copywriter in the emergency preparedness / survival niche (i.e. I write sales pages, video scripts, emails, etc. for some of the survival products you might see on the Internet), I “went public” as a prepper after deciding to fully pursue this niche (I wrote primarily for natural health before).

    Do I have concerns about Opsec? Absolutely. It was a tough call for me to publicly announce “I’m a prepper” for the same reason many here won’t share that they are – concern over who may come to the door unwelcome during a crisis.

    I did have conversations with trusted friends and family before going public but now I’m completely open about prepping in general and actively encourage others to take steps for personal liberty and security. It is satisfying to make an impact on others that may allow them to survive a crisis and help our society as a whole to become more self reliant. That said, I still don’t divulge all my personal preps to anyone.

  26. I have shared my concerns with a few close family members and am working on stores. My grab bag is almost complete, just in case…I have a detailed plan and I am working on enhancing my position. Someone recently asked me how much time we have to prepare…that’s the $64,000 question, isn’t it…

  27. Mother Earth says:

    Only my children I prep. Others know I have a garden and can but that’s all. If they knew, they’d be at my door and I have enough of my own to worry about. I figure they could’ve been putting back too and not expect others to take care of them.

  28. We don’t consider ourselves to be “preppers” but we do consider ourselves to be people who are trying to be more self-sufficient. We buy in bulk when possible to save money. We are looking at the lessons taught to us by our depression-era parents to re-evaluate our priorities and consider that no one knows for certain where his/her next meal will come from unless he/she finds a way to provide it.

  29. I made the mistake of letting my liberal sister and her loud month husband, see some of what we have. They laughed and more or less implied I was foolish for wasting the money. She started sending me prepper joke e-mails. My other sister knows but if I try to talk about what might happen in the future her eyes glaze over and she just nods a lot. She just can’t handle the thought. Her husband actually told me “I don’t need to stockpile anything, I have a gun!”. That told me pretty much everything I needed to know about him. My mom knows but uses me like a convenience store. Can I borrow this? Do you have any of that? SOOOO, I guess it’s down to me and the boy. It sucks having any empty circle of trust.

    • Randall,

      The “I don’t need to stockpile anything, I have a gun!” statement can be answered by saying; thanks now I know who to shoot first

      • I thought about saying “I have more and I’m probably a better shot” but it was Christmas and in keeping with the spirit of the season……

    • I don’t dare tell my liberal sister and her nut husband. They voted for Obamanation.Her husband made death threats on my life last time I mentioned that our country shouldn’t spend more than we take in. Guess who is not coming to dinner?

      • Her husband made death threats on my life last time I mentioned that our country shouldn’t spend more than we take in.

        What? I don’t think I can comprehend that mindset. How could someone consider deficit spending to be so important it’s worth making death threats over?

        • Encourager says:

          And to his sister-in-law on top of it? That guy is dangerous. Forewarned is forearmed. Pay attention!

        • Akcowboy says:

          The scary thing is that they vote also, I am afraid I just don’t see a realistic way out of this mess.

          So with that being said I say only talk to like minded individuals about what we are doing to prepare for the inevitable!

      • I know what you mean. My sister and her husband voted for him both times. They REALLY took offense to my “Ron Paul Restore America Now” yard signs. Last Christmas they gave me a big roll of tin foil as a gag gift. I just smiled and when they left I put it with the rest of my “supplies” 😉

      • If you think he is serious, then get a restraining order or something. Not that a restraining order can do much, it’s only a piece of paper, and might enrage him. Sigh.

      • Well, at least you don’t have to worry about him having a gun. bahahaha

    • Your sister’s husband sounds like a guy I met prior to Y2K. He said the same thing. He was asked “don’t you think they thought of people like you?” By the way his eyes glazed over, I would assume the answer was “No”.

      • LOL, JP- talkin’ about Y2K gives me a smile. I didn’t figure anything was going to happen (but sure hoped it would be as feared) but filled the larder just the same.
        Last month, we had to move my mother to a nursing home and were cleaning out her apartment. My brother was cleaning the cupboards and throwing food in a garbage bag and I asked what he was going to do with that. “Throw it away- who knows how old it is?” he replied. I laughed, told him to throw it in my car, I’ll take it.
        “Too old, it’ll make you sick,” was his reply. I laughed and told him he’s been eating food bought in the last century when he comes to my house for dinner and he isn’t dead yet…
        Seems strange, but now my brother talks with me about food prepping, and has been collecting ammo for his guns (and lamenting that it’s getting scarce and costly around here). And he bought a rifle at my suggestion. Hmmmm… convert?

  30. I used to tell everyone, until I discovered it was futile. Since all my guns were stolen, we gave up and ate all our food stores. We plan on becoming the Walking Dead and infecting everyone we can. wink wink

    • I’ll be the theives had ATF or DHS on their jackets didn’t they?

      • Dan,
        If they did, they did it when we weren’t home.I just had a visual of real thieves stealing those jackets and wearing them to steal guns. LMAO.
        It is funny that the whole town was plastered with lost and found posters about stolen guns in early January. Seems more than half the people in the county are missing firearms.
        I heard some fell out of boats. Some got lost in moving trucks. Some were stolen out of gloves boxes and racks of pickups.
        Some went missing for no apparent reason. The Sheriff has been very cooperative and generous with giving everyone a copy of the report for their personal records. Very handy when the real goons come looking.

        • I’m sure glad I don’t own any weapons to steal. They can search my house and our property and no, I don’t have a BOL. Just lots and lots of empty fields, woods and ponds in the area thankfully.

          • Orwellian States says:

            We live at our bug out location 50 acres and a new house bordering a national forest. In an earlier post I mentioned ‘selling’ mine at a gun show in East Tn. Needed the cash for Christmas.

          • I sold my AR to that famous astronault guy whose name I am not supposed to mention.

        • Encourager says:

          I am jealous of your Sheriff! What a great guy!

  31. Momturtle says:

    Guess the cat’s out of the bag here. We teach classes (gardening, herbal, primitive skills), have events and in general carry on as usual here. No one knows the extent of our self reliance and if questions are asked, well, you know we were without power for 3 weeks one time and it pays to make sure all is well for that period of time. Have led quite a few to the light as far as being able to take care of themselves and their families, working together as a community and self-reliance skills. If there are MZB’s that want to take advantage of that, well, that is an issue we are prepared to “discuss” vigorously.

    • Momturtle,
      I also teach growing, butchering, canning and food preservation and Native Plant Master classes. However, I do not let anyone see our food stores or other preps.
      Nice to know that someone else out there is expecting MZB’s. LOL. I love the “discussing vigorously” part. We say, they would be ventilated in the most grievous fashion.

  32. Outside our immediate family we haven’t told a sole. We are afraid of too many people knowing, even other preppers because you can never be sure of their adherence to opsec. They might be well intentioned but still give too much info away. At the same time we realize it’s absolutely necessary to have the numbers once SHTF to provide defense and so on. I feel like we are in between a rock and a hardplace about the subject.
    I guess we are hoping when SHTF we can quickly recognize who is prepared and band with them. Of course you then face the problem of who can you trust and do they share the same goals you do.

    • Orwellian States says:

      WHen I first started prepping I talked about it. Not now. It’s amazing the steps we are taking since we moved to our mountain property. Two weeks ago I purchased 1949 8N ford tractor. “Green acres is the place to be… .” My wife and I are in late 60s,but we are not deterred.

      • Survivor says:

        My 8N is a 52 model. She ain’t fast or pretty but she works all day without a problem. Well, I do have an issue..I gotta rebuild her hydraulic pump and the parts are about 200 bucks. You done real good buying that tractor, they are workhorses!!

    • worrisome says:

      Dan, you might be interested in doing what I have been doing in the last couple of years. Due our land backing up to BLM, the neighbors (with the exception of 2 homes) got together for better “crime control”. BLM land in Nor Cal means trying to not be impacted by cartels and others growing large marijuana gardens in close proximity to our properties. For a couple of years, our dogs were being shot; there were bullets zinging around as these cartel types shot at deer out of season, the creek was being diverted up the hill and they were living in a truck camper and crapping in the woods. We put up an extensive camera system, built double and triple fencing, put up an electric fence, put in motion sensor lights and even some trip wires in some areas. We got dogs, big ones and trained them. All in the effort to be less impacted by illegal grows..What it did was get us all knowing each other better, finding out what our characters are and learning to trust each other’s skills. None of us has spoken of prepping, but everyone has guns, mobile radios between our homes, have learned some skills from each other…………..We even talk politics once in a while, but no one ever mentions prepping…..It just isn’t done. I have taught two neighbors to can, because I give canned goods I have done all summer as presents. The little old lady across the street dehydrates most everything and makes wonderful soups, bags it up and gives it as gifts. My neighbor on the right takes his dog and my dog to guard dog training, takes hikes with the dogs around the dirt roads up in the BLM land and has helped the sheriff by locating where the cartels drop off their supplies for those hiding up in the woods growing stuff. He was able to locate one garden, called in the LE and they ran them out, then we all went up and cleaned up the camp, including calling someone to haul away the camper. We also made the trail that they were using much more difficult to traverse on anything but their feet. And again, no one mentions prepping. Everyone has an extra frig in the garage…and no one mentions prepping 🙂

      • breadmomma says:

        sounds like my south oregon neighborhood…back up to Indian Rez land…BLM land…few cartel growers in comparison, many elk and game…neighbors know nil about this prepping crap…but most hunt, can, fish, and share jerky recipes…all watch when a new person moves into the neighborhood…anyone that looks like a druggie in this land of meth soon learns that none of us neighbors want that kind and they soon move out..a couple of LEO’s and a Firefigher or two keep it all safe and cozy…..all are friendly and many are growing gardens this year because we started a nice flower garden a few years ago…lots of flowering plants that …oh conversely are food grade…
        and many in the neighborhood have started raising goats, rabbits and chickens…so we swap greens and herbs for eggs and idiot plotthound thinks chickens are playtoys…sooo….elk for get the picture….lots of friendly swappers…

  33. My best friend and her family are preppers. I told my family, and they want nothing to do with it. I have told young people I know (most receptive) in the hope that if the SHTF they’ll be ready. Most of them are preparing in one way or another.

    • I have noticed that there is now another one of me. Since you came on board I have closed all my mailings as Linda Lou to make sure other bloggers don’t confuse us. Welcome to the Pack. God bless, Linda Lou

  34. My dh, youngest son and a friend know what we are working on. Friend wants to try to organize a group of like minded people to work together, each bringing their unique skills to the group. We will see how that goes. I live outside of town and want to “educate” my neighbors a little bit. No one except for my dh and sons will know the extent of our preps though.

  35. My close family and this group knows it, meaning they know my user name but not my address)

    I live rural and have told people to prepare, but I never told them I have food storage, so they don’t know I am a prepper. This is so the whole neighborhood doesn’t show up at my door come a disaster.

  36. Wolftracker says:

    I will only tell family, the ones who ask what to do to prep. The rest can become the sheep that they are. all savings are in ammo and guns, and tradable goods, I grew up a survivalist in the forty’s and fifty’s ,then the army

  37. I’ve have only told close family members that I’m a “Prepper”, now I wish I hadn’t, because I’m sure a couple of them may have told others about it.

    So I’m sure people I don’t even know probably know now.

    Remember out there “Lose Lip’s, Sink Ship”s”…..

  38. SHHH!, Only my spouse, son, and daughter know that we are putting back a few things in case of an emergency. We don’t use the term prepper. My daughter (age 14) knows less particulars, she then can not divulge what she does not know!!
    Our next immediate family, husband’s brothers and parents, and my sister and her family, know that we have a “place” in the country inTN that we are going to split the time between TN and FL SOMEDAY( though someday may never come!) when we “retire.”.
    I imagine that FedEx, UPS, Emergency Essentials, Amazon, and M.D. (bought his CD TEOTWAWKI) and anyone that wants to keep track of “unimportant” people know too.
    We are probably on a lot of lists. We belong to conservative organizations such as Tea Party groups, Americans for Prosperity, John Locke Association in NC, are delegates in NC, attended rallies in DC, also evangelical Christian organizations, Focus on the Family, Alliance Defense Fund, American Family Association, we homeschool, we belong to the NRA. We contribute time and $ to these organizations and others such as Landmark Legal Foundation that filed amicus briefs to fight Obamacare last summer, and Patrick Henry College that are filing amicus briefs to the Supreme Court this June in the DOMA case and the Prop 8 case from CA. So, I am sure that we are on some lists. I hope that a lot of “unimportant” people are on lists. I hope that they have so many lists of so many people that they can’t keep track of them. “When government fears the people, there is liberty. When people fear the government, there is tyranny.” I can’t remember who I can attribute the quote to, sorry.
    My point is that we divulge through our daily activities and purchases lots of info about ourselves. We can be wise, but not fearful. The elitists in both parties wish us to be fearful, intimidated, and to shut up! I chose to not shut up.
    We are going to be moving from a medium-big city to a rural location in TN. It is paid for, so we just have to come up with the property tax.
    We are learning self-sufficiency skills. We are doing our best to honor our God, our family, our communities, and our country.
    We chose to not stay in the shadows. “If not now, when? If not me, who?” a quote from another famous person. My prayer is that many more “unimportant” people will decide to put aside items in case of an “emergency”, that they will wisely be involved in the return to our roots of our constitutional republic, and that will come to know the love of Jesus, if they do not already. I have come to terms to prepare to the best of my ability for my family, if we do not survive, we know where we will spend eternity.

    • Orwellian States says:

      We moved to the mountains of East Tn — not far from North Carolina (15 miles). THe people here are proud and independent . They make great friends, but tough enemies.

      • Sw't Tater says:

        My grandparents were origionally from there..the road to some of our distant relatives houses is self named and the end of the road. If you don’t know ’em it ain’t wise to go there.

  39. Randy Jewell says:

    Even though “prepper” is the newest buzz word, people have been stockpiling things for years. For the Mormons, it’s almost a requirement to be a member (well, that might be stretching a bit), but I dont’ think there is anything wrong with having extra food around the house. I am not overly zealous about this, but do have several weeks of food available in case of emergency. When I tell my other christian friends, most of them just tell me they “trust” in God, like using common sense is a sin. I wonder how many of them will be beating down my door when they need to eat.

    • Encourager says:

      Randy Jewell, here are a few Bible verses to share with your Christian friends:
      1.Even Jesus told his disciples to pack a bug out bag (BOB) Luke 22:36.
      2. Proverbs 27:12 “A prudent person foresees the danger ahead and takes precautions. The simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences.” (My Favorite)
      3. 1 Timothy 5:8 “If anyone does not provide for his relatives, and especially for his immediate family, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.”
      4. Proverbs 6:6 –11 “Take a lesson from the ants, you lazybones. Learn from their ways and become wise!Though they have no prince or governor or ruler to make them work, they labor hard all summer, gathering food for the winter. But you, lazybones, how long will you sleep? When will you wake up? A little extra sleep, a little more slumber, a little folding of the hands to rest—then poverty will pounce on you like a bandit; scarcity will attack you like an armed robber.”
      5. Genesis 6:21 “You are to take every kind of food that is to be eaten and store it away as food for you and for them.”
      6. Proverbs 28:19 “In the house of the wise man are stores of choice food and oil, but a foolish man devours all he has.”

      There are more; look them up!

      • Encourager,
        Thanks for the verses, I have spoken with a couple of people from church and they acted like it was a sin to not “Trust in God”. My mom always taught me that God helps those who help themselves!

  40. I tell evrybody with an ear to listen. They jump right on the bandwagon of “you one of those survivalist”? I tell them absolutely not. I am a self sustaining/sufficient person who loves his freedoms and chooses not to follow the herd. I choose to be self-reliant as much as possible and that has different meanings to different people. The more people who are made aware of this train of thought the better for all. I am not afraid of the future and what it holds for me and hopefully this relaxed tone shines through. I tell people I just don’t want to be hungry.
    I’m not afraid to die or to live. Just don’t want to be hungry in the proccess.

    • Jeff 5 or 10 years ago I might have had that attitude. Now with three mouths to feed depending on me, I better not die if it is simple to prevent it.

  41. Miss K in MO says:

    Only my husband, kids and a couple very close friends know the full extent. Most people just think that I like to garden and stock up at the grocery store when something is on sale. I guess all of you fine folks know my little secret now too. We all agree to keep our lips sealed. Right?!?

  42. Made the mistake of telling one neighbor a couple of years ago about prepping and what I was doing to prepare. Upon realizing that made me the “go to guy”; my psyops plan was to “fall on hard times” and consume everything I had stocked up, wink, wink, nod, nod. I even went so far as to invite myself for dinner because I didn’t have anything to eat for the last 3 days. That favor has been repaid many times over (I’m not a moocher), however: the thought remains that all of my stocks are long gone.
    I have been getting the weaponry needed to protect my, now unknown, supplies and family. Hand guns, long guns, and shotguns with enough ammo to make a stand and capture more from fallen enemies. Purchase weapons with the most commonly used ammo such as 9mm, .40sw, .22, 5.56mm (.223) and 12 gauge (#4 shot is best in close combat) 30/30 is also a good choice for those that prefer larger caliber, as is the old standard, the 30/06
    Joining any “militia” or prepper organization is a mistake. The leadership and known members are the first ones they’ll be coming after. One of my customers is trying to assemble a 2,000 man “militia”. I said “NO THANKS”. You never know if someone like that is one of the “alphabet boys” (FBI, CIA, DHS, FEMA). Develop a neighborhood “watch group” that appears to be open, and acceptable to “law enforcement” with a real (underlying) mission of defending the constitution against all enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC! Vetting interested parties should be slow and deliberate; back stabbers and slackards should reveal themselves long before TSHTF, those types don’t need to know anything more than watching out for the uninvited criminal types who do show up from time to time.
    The most important thing in prepping: STAY INFORMED!

    • Survivor says:

      Kim, please don’t make the mistake of shooting 5.56mm ammo in a .223 cal rifle unless you make certain the .223 has the WYLDE chamber. Contact the manufacturer’s customer support to make certain.

  43. Only my wife knows…

  44. Judy, another one says:

    I live a depression-era, agrarian life-style because that’s the way I was raised. You garden, have a few chickens, a cow if you have room (I don’t), If the power goes out you have lanterns and extra blankets, a generator is nice but not necessary. So my family knows and a few close friends only because of the garden and chickens. We like to go camping so there is camping equipment laying about, too. You don’t discuss what’s in your bank account so why would you discuss what’s in your pantry or junk room?

  45. Babycatcher says:

    On a more serious note, I’m thinking if I wait much longer, I won’t be able to do anything with my Roth IRA…should I continue sitting on it, or what are the signs that its better to cash it in despite the losses?

    • Sw't Tater says:

      Transfer it straight to another protected account…perhaps thru an insurance firm…the is at least one that guarantees gains. Does not cost to have transfer done.

  46. Don’t knock the liberals. I am a liberal who believes in being prepared for all eventualities. I am not that prepared because of lack of money. I have to grow food in buckets. I don’t think the country/government should overspend anymore than an individual should. I am appalled at what the Democrats in DC are doing, but voted for Obama.

    That aside, I think preppers are awesome and wish I could prepare better. However, I am doing what my parents did, canning, growing food, and being creative in all areas of life. They had huge gardens every year.

    Even though I am not doing enough to be called a prepper, I have two male friend who have followed my lead. I taught one to can. I convinced the other to have more food on hand. Both have money but are so frugal in their lives. They never let anything go to waste and latch onto anything they can store, actually more than I can store.

    I can for the County Fair and tomatoes for winter soup. I learned not to reveal my hand in anything to the world or most close friends.

    I have only revealed things I do to the two guys help me with things around the house that as a disabled senior I am unable to do. I have to prove I am a senior with id for many things. And, my new doctor does not believe I have a 100% disability. I feel like I am in limbo and in danger all the time, sort of prepared but with no safety net. What little I have, I don’t want disappearing if someone decides to take from me.

    My daughter is vaguely aware of what I do. She lives 1000 miles from me, so she is not so close that she sees what goes on. I mail food to her because she is struggling. The other two children, 1000 miles in opposite directions are not aware of anything at all, but they would not be surprised or tell anyone. .

    I trust no one with any aspect of my life!

  47. Patriot Dave says:

    EXACTLY. right after I tell them they just admitted to planning armed robbery and murder.

  48. I couldn’t vote accurately, because I have family and friends that know. But I am not a tell-all kind of guy.

  49. Backwoods Bulldog says:

    I live in the nanny state of NY where the politicans know better and think we are their servants. Unfortunately NYC seems to control the way the voting goes in this state and everyone down there seems to think the government will fix/take care of everything. SOOOO my usual response usually goes……. Prepping, you mean like for a test in school….. Guns, no I lost those in a boating accident….. How do I apply for those food stamps again. Sometimes you have to act like the Zombies when you are forced to walk with the Zombies….lol

  50. My immediate family which is wife, son and daughter. Plus 5 or so people at my farmer job who I have always tried to get to open their eyes and see what is steam rolling straight at us. I’ve actually been successful in one case and partially successful in two others. I have probably let more people know what I’m doing than I should but the ones I have I care about and would help as much as I can. As far as neighbors go none of them have a clue even if they would see what I have. They are so lost!

  51. Stealth Spaniel says:

    I tried to talk to family members-you already know the end to that futile conversation. I have several friends that I share info with that live OUT of California. Most of the people I know in-state are bewitched by Obama and of course, vote Democrat in every election. One is stupid enough to “like” Feinstein on her Facebook. I cannot save these people from themselves.
    The garden is growing, I can, I stock up and stack up anonymously on what I know is needed by my immediate family (kids and dogs), and my lanterns, candles, mylar blankets, etc are all under wraps. I have guns, but I discuss this with only one close girlfriend who also owns guns. (Incidentally, I haven’t done a count lately, but I fear my guns grew legs and walked to Mexico for the tequila.) I try to be as gray as possible. I have tried saving the world in my younger years-it doesn’t want saved. Now, I just want to defend what I can defend.
    Has anyone read Glenn Beck’s “Agenda 21”? It is a frightening book, and I see us going down this ugly path.

    • On the book “Agenda 21”, yes I have read it. It is gives you the visual future of what is to come, to bad many others did not take the time to read it. Great story and book.
      Not all of us who live in CA are nuts, we in the true north part of Ca did not vote for el presidente. We live in one of the few counties that is conservative. Nor do we support Ms. Frankinstein, and her lack of support for the U. S. Constitution and the Bill of Right. Shows if it can happen in our state where the majority of the population are dumber than a box of rock. It could come to your area…. just let the progressive in to teach your children. We would leave but we can not sell our place for what it is worth, next to nothing.

      • worrisome says:

        Ted Cruz got a ration of Feinstein, but in the end held her to answering beyond her indignation that she knew she was demanding something she has no entitlement to do……….not following the constitution. Personally, I am in Calif and I loathe her and Pelosi and Babs Boxer and Mike Thompson………..They are all traitors. You are right, there is not much you can do to try to educate the followers, that means they would have to think………oh dear, what an idea………..think?

        • worrisome;
          Yes, “thinking: what a totally new concept, for the bodies(no brains)listed above on your response.:-)

    • Yes, I have read Agenda 21. It is an easy read and sickening (frightening). I wish more people would read it, and then become engaged to find out about Agenda 21. Behind the Green Mask written by Rosa Koire is also good, because it lays out a plan of action to combat Agenda 21 in our communities. BTW, Rosa Koire is a Lib from CA and now actively combats Agenda 21.
      On a side note, we have an old stationary exercise bike that my son said we should keep to generate power. Read Agenda 21 to find out how they used exercise bikes.

    • I read exerpts from it. If it comes my way, I hope I see the future of it coming before they confiscate my home and force me to live in a communist style apt. in abject poverty and take all my possessions. I will disappear.This is why I am learning to live off the land.

  52. Only my son. No one else knows and it gets a bit lonesome doing all this alone. The most important people in my life that should know, don’t. Trust issues.

  53. Only CLOSE family members and one coworker and one family friend. Others that I’ve had a bit of a conversation with about it are living under a mushroom so best they don’t know our storage plans!

  54. Although I do not dress in fatigues or have a crew cut, everyone that knows me knows I into preparedness. The clerks at Walmart know it because we have talked due to my purchases. All my care providers at the VA know I’m into preparedness, and most of the people that live around me know that I’m into preparedness just by looking at the stuff I do and word of mouth. And of course my brothers, sister and parents know I’m into preparedness. I don’t preach it, I just live it.

  55. My life is an open book. The govt. took my guns, my car and my home and now want to put me in prison. You can read about it if you want in my web site After having to plead guilty to two felony’s I am exploring alternative ways to defend myself. After having to tell my midwifery clients about my travails the last three years and that their midwife was a felon the last couple of months
    I had a revolution in thinking. No one cared. They just cared about my 38 years of excellent care that was the record that counted. So after facing them I find telling people about prepping is a breeze and as usual honesty wins out over fear. I have learned a lot thru these conversations. I do keep most of my preps locked up in a secret location that is easy to get to if needed. I am an educator and the only thing the govt. hasn’t taken from me is my wonderful family and friends and my BIG mouth.

  56. i have wise food canned goods a well for water and a shit load of guns and ammo friends and relatives know Semper Fi

  57. Encourager says:

    I couldn’t vote; no choice fit me.
    Those who know I prep: husband, both sons (one got me to start prepping; the other rolls his eyes but is closed-mouth about what we do); a friend who replied that God would provide…yeah. Oh, and, unfortunately, my niece, who said she knew where she would go if SHTF. To which I replied “Say hi to your mother…” She has been estranged from her mother for 20+ years. I then told her no one would be welcome here who could not provide for themselves and provide our group with a skill. She went off in a huff. Then later called to ask who was in the ‘group’. I just laughed and wouldn’t answer her.

    And then a weird thing happened two weeks ago…a neighbor who has not been at our home in years (she and her husband have two houses, one on a lake that is 4 hours north and is rarely here but mid winter) shows up and starts asking questions rather slyly…”What’s with the security gate?” “People are wondering about all the shooting they hear back here.” “So, what do you guys do if you get snowed in?” “How old is your generator? One of the neighbors could hear it running during the last power outage.” COMPLETELY creaped me out! We said little, but remained friendly. The more she chatted, the more she revealed. Apparently, she was sent over by one of the clan that lives here (has about half the houses in this area). Great. Now what?

    • worrisome says:

      Be completely honest with her? Ask her why she thinks she needs to know all that stuff and then tell her she is creeping you out!

  58. button crazy says:

    The only people who know are my husband and my brother, one friend of my husbands.

  59. ozhillbilly says:

    I didn’t vote on this one but my family knows I’m a prepper. My immediate neighbors do. You would assume the folks that attend the prepper meetings I occasionally attend do. If the subject comes up and I feel comfortable with the person I’m talking to, I might discuss it, but certainly keep security in mind. I guess with conditions all the above apply to me???

  60. Can prepping be done successfully in a city? Our neighbors can see into our townhouse yard. We had aquaponics and a permaculture mandala garden last summer. They poisoned our fish and one duck. They called Animal Control and had our remaining 2 ducks removed because the Medical Officer of Health declared them a vector for bird flu. The neighbors also destroyed most of our vegetables by spreading tobacco mosaic virus via cigarette butts. They stomped our fruit bushes and set fire to our fence. They stole our lights, trellis, and other equipment. Safe prepping requires a remote rural property and plenty of man-traps.

    • worrisome says:

      You need to move

    • FarmerKin says:

      Wow, I thought I had a bad neighbor, but he looks like a pansy compared to what you are dealing with. It’s easy to say you need to move, but I know from experience that is not always an option. Have you considered setting up a hidden camera to try to catch this behavior on tape? The police could probably do something with evidence. Wishing for a miracle to happen for you and that situation. Mean people suck!

      • Yes, we installed a camera. The new neighbor across the street, a drug dealer, demanded we take it down the day he moved in because his buyers come mostly in identifiable cars from 7:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. We refused. Our lights were then stolen. Camera can’t pick up much in the dark, unless we want to replace it with one that costs $200 more. Basically, we can budget for either seeds or for security, not both. We’re not allowed to have weapons in Canada, nor to set a dead-fall that would catch the perps in our garden. Law enforcement is just not interested in our petty problems, although we did report it 3 times. Best plan is to save up and get to a rural property.

        • FarmerKin says:

          What a shame. If they are not interested in the vandalism, they should at least be interested in the drug activity. Good luck, hope you’re able to get out soon.

        • Survivor says:

          How’s about putting up official looking signs that suggest video surviellance equipment has been deployed along the streets leading to your neighborhood? We put up a fake video camera and that has kept my wifes crazy dil off our property for a year now. We can allow her in, and have on several occasions, but she behaves herself because of what she thinks.

    • Encourager says:

      Terry, you need to move before they burn you out. WTHeck is wrong with people?
      Safe prepping does not require man traps. You just need to move to a safer area. Do not give up; do what you can. There are so many ways to store food – under the bed in roll-boxes, one row of cans on every shelf in any closet, then put clothes or boxes in front, end tables made from 5 gallon filled buckets or large boxes filled with goods covered by a piece of plywood and then a tablecloth, you get the picture.

  61. I tell everyone who will listen, because maybe it will wake them up to the fact that they, too, need to prepare for a worst case scenario so they don’t wind up in a ditch somewhere when SHTF.

  62. My mom knows that my dh and I prep. My brother is a quasi prepper himself. He is more interested in self-sufficiency–hunting, gardening, etc. I am going to show him how to can pickles this year and he is going to grow the cucumbers. I have not found a cucumber that does well here in Florida. But they do fine 100 miles north. We have a good friend who knows that we have guns; he has guns too. And he knows that I can and make soap. He knows that I stockpile groceries to save money. But the only one who really knows the extend of our preps is my mom.

    She was down last weekend and confided in me that she thinks we are headed for civil war. She also said that she wanted to go shooting. So we took her shooting and got her a gun of her own. (She doesn’t like my dad’s .45.) She is going to see some stuff on Ebay and start a food storage program. She doesn’t have a whole lot of space but I suggested she store it at my brother’s house. And she liked that idea.

    The biggest news was that while my dh was in Texas for a funeral he learned that his entire family were preppers. He said it was like a gun show. He was impressed with his nephew’s food storage and AR-15.

    My little brother is not a prepper but he has land and grows a large garden every year. I talked them into stockpiling groceries as a way to save money. So they’ve started doing that. His wife puts up. So they will be in okay shape.

    • Survivor says:

      “My brother is a quasi prepper himself. He is more interested in self-sufficiency–hunting, gardening, etc.” Bam Bam, this sounds like the very essence of prepping 🙂

  63. recoveringidiot says:

    My Sister and BiL know how I feel about things and that I have a bunch of food stashed. They do what they can with the funds they have. They are in better shape than I am as far as location and growing food/chickens so we work together a lot. I have just started dating a nice lady and I’m slowly trying to learn how she feels about prepping, she is very conservative and Christian but I’m going slow with that whole thing. She knows I was a competitive shooter in the past and that I owned firearms before that terrible boating accident some years back.

  64. Only two people know about my prepping, one is my husband, he finally caught on and is slowly joining me. It took awhile before I caught on that my own kid was a long time prepper. I just thought he collected a lot of stuff. However, we never use the word “prepper.” But we share advice on fire making, food storage and such. It is like the elephant in the living room. It is sorta fun, like working undercover or belonging to some secret organization. Ha, perhaps we should have a special handshake.
    If someone does nose around us, we make reference to hurricanes Katrina or Sandy. We let everyone think we have just stored a few candles and some canned beans.

  65. I’m not a ‘prepper or survivalist’, I’m simply a man who tries to be more independent and self reliant. I’m sure there are lots of folks who would label me as such, but that’s their issue, not mine.

  66. Ready or not says:

    Only a couple of our friends know what I’m doing but not to what extent. I will try to can almost anything butter bacon hotdogs you name it if shtf I want to be ready for almost anything

  67. I haven’t seen comments about church friends. But, You can’t pick your family. You can pick your friends!! I’ve got a group of 8 guys, (men of the house). that go to my church, that know !!. We get together and really have become a band of brothers. We do life together. I pray that others would have this type of relationship. We know what’s coming down the track. We are preparing for “IT”. Pray that we are spared. Prep as we will go though it.

  68. My son knows, ’cause he grew up with it 🙂 Hubby, and my closest cousin, who also preps. That’s about it.

  69. WV Mt. Momma says:

    I have been following this blog for awhile now, but never had the nerve to comment on anything until now. Originally from the WV hills, I have mountaineer blood running through my veins and a natural need for survival. After having moved to NC several years ago, my DH and I started learning how to can food, dehydrate and generally prepare. I have come across a few co-workers who are also of the same mindset and originally from WV also, so that helps. We can openly talk about prepping and just doing little things to prepare. Even though it is serious business, we can talk in generalities to others and make reference to learning the “lost art of canning and preserving”. The non-preppers have no idea how determined we are! Thanks for listening to my rant. 🙂

  70. k. fields says:

    I’m not sure how to answer this poll, am I still considered a “prepper” if I simply live and speak of my life the same way an accountant or a teacher would speak of theirs – or must I be doing something “in secret” to qualify.

    I grow my own food – I can the bounty, I save seeds, I have stocks of food in storage. What reason would I have to try to hide that? It is a normal part of my life.

    I have livestock that I raise and butcher, chickens for eggs, a cow for milk, butter and cheese, and a mule for fun. I’m proud of them all and gladly speak of them given the chance.

    My water comes from a well and my sewage is disposed of on site. But that’s nothing to hide as there’s only a few small areas in this entire 4,000 square mile county that are serviced by municipal water/sewer systems.

    I’m “off-the-grid”, but I have been most of my life so that doesn’t seem something I need to be wary of stating. A lot of my friends/neighbors are also off, many because they can’t afford to have power brought into their property, and others currently on-the-grid, would like to be off if they could only afford the infrastructure necessary to cut themselves free.

    I have firearms, but so do a lot of other people in this country, I have an NRA sticker on the back window of my pickup under the rifle rack because I support a lot of their ideas of safety and training, and I carry a licensed firearm daily. This has never been an issue with me, I’m not ashamed of owning firearms but I don’t feel the need to flaunt the fact that I own them either. Discussions with non-firearms owners usually end with them saying, “I don’t mind that YOU have firearms, it’s those other people I worry about.” When they show me some statements in blogs or clips on u-tube – I have to agree, those folks worry me too.

    I’m not of any religious faith, but that only seems to bother a small percentage of zealots so I share that fact if asked and will gladly discuss why.

    I don’t feel the need to hold “precious metals”, but I do hold precious wines. If you know me, there probably has already been an occasion that I’ve offered to share them with you.

    I moved to this location 40+ years ago and began this life because I wasn’t happy with the state of the country and the state of the world. I felt my happiness lied in being as self-sufficient as possible and being able to flow with whatever changes that might occur. Turns out, I was right and I’m happy – sharing that fact with folks I know is a joy and not something I worry about hiding.

  71. Hi Pack

    Can I please ask a very random question as I think I may find myself in the company of people who might have a better grasp on the matter than me…..

    Are any of you concerned by the fact that there are ‘much abuzz’ regarding a potentially huge earthquake on the calendar for 2 April….I stumbled upon this info today and it scared the liver out of me.

    Today there were reports by NASA of possible CME heading our way…

    As if that was not enough there are also astro weather watchers that project that the earth may be on a collision course with a rather large celestial body. If we do not collide we may face a polar shift.

    Speak about TSHTF!!!

    All this on the website: ‘before its news’

    Has any of you read this info before?

    Keep a hard hat and compass handy 🙂

    • Encourager says:

      7LC, Welcome to the Pack. Hopefully, I can give you some peace of mind.

      First off, no one can accurately predict an earthquake, tornado, or CME. The solar flares are slowly tapering off; and even the big ones we have had have done little, if any, damage.

      When you are on the internet, do not believe everything you read. There are so many nutcases out there ~ I call them the Doom and Gloomers.

      The only thing to fear, is fear itself. It will paralyze you and can make you physically and mentally ill.

      I believe God loves us and wants the best for us. He sent His only Son to the earth to pay the price for our sin. Believing and trusting Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior is the only way to heaven. I may not know what the future holds, but I know Who holds the future in His hands. He said ‘fear not’. So I don’t fear.

    • Every newscaster worth the name has been trying to pinpoint some cataclysmic event since Adam was thrown out of the garden.
      Can the St Andreas Fault slip into a cat 8 quake? Sure- any day now. But trying to pinpoint the exact date of ‘April 2’ is kind of like saying ‘someone’s going to set off a nuke bomb in the Fault on April 2’.
      Can the New Madrid Fault slip and become a cat 8 quake? Sure- why not? It’s happened before. But to say ‘April 2’ is the day is akin to saying ‘there’s gonna be a ten foot fall of snow blanketing the entire country on April 2’…
      Is the earth on a collision course with another celestial body? No: the earth is in its own orbit around the sun. Any collision will be caused by something running into our orbit.
      Polar shift? Ha- the poles have been moving since… ever. There’s a noticable shift in the magnetic poles ever since they’ve been reading them. Natural occurrance, and why all compasses don’t point ‘north’ but have an angle of declination worked into the readings.
      CME- we’ve been getting them since the sun started shining. No biggie- be prepared as you can for it. If you’re going to be ultra paranoid, build your house into a giant Faraday cage for 24/7 electronics protection.
      In short, put your faith and trust where it will do you some good- God and the preps He has inspired you to gather. Don’t worry about things you can’t control, just be ready for them.
      In short, to answer your question: “What? ME worry? HA!”

      • JSW and Encourager… thank you for your sane responses. I must admit that I known just enough about anything to be dangerous to my sanity :-).

  72. A lot of people know, I constantly talk to people about prepping, Using Katrina and now Sandy as good examples of why they should. We live in an Earthquake Rich environment, I remind them of that. What they don’t know is what I have, how much I have, or where it’s stored. Where being Not My House. I like my house well enough, but I purchased it long before I started thinking about sustainable living. If it hits the fan it will be a big cold dark box with almost no redeeming features. Once I finish a few projects the house goes on the market, if I’m lucky it won’t take more than a year to sell. Once it’s gone I’ll build from scratch either close to my current BOL or I’ll move everything to a different state. I live in WA state, and the politics here SUCK the entire state 39 counties are controlled by the 8 or 9 counties around Puget Sound, Seattle being the worst from a Big Brother/Nanny Gun Grabbing point of view.

  73. I am new to prepping, but it just makes soooo much sense to me. I have told my best friend, and there is another prepper that knows and that is it for now. My family (what is left of them) may be told at some point, but right now, no need. Thank you for all the website, and all the info.

    • Encourager says:

      Welcome Mavis, to the Wolf Pack. Wow, there are so many newbies here lately! May you all be blessed by this site.

      • Thanks Encourager….
        I’m so pleased to find this website/blog. The info if very valuable, common-sense and can save your life. I’m in….

  74. We dont tell folks we prep. It has just got too negative. if anyone asks about my canning/drying etc, I just say I do a little home canning as im used to it, because I grew up on a farm in nc. (and we always did so) No one except my husband & one granddaughter really know what is hidden around in & under the house & in storage. (hehe 😉 ) a couple of years…. no no my mistake, a couple of weeks worth of stuff! per FEMA & the alphabet soup folks reccomendations) (snicker….. snicker….. a long couple of weeks, really really looong weeks 365 day type)

  75. For 7LC that is why we prep. to be ready for “whatever may come”!

  76. FarmerKin says:

    I’ve told no one. Everything I do is under the guise of hurricane supplies, or a really good sale.

    My son lives with me and he knows I buy extra groceries when they are on sale and keep hurricane supplies, but I have never shared with him my intentions or fears. I was watching a couple episodes of Doomsday Prepper’s last weekend, and he actually got up from his computer and came over to watch them with me, sooo … maybe I could get him on board? Will continue to share bits and pieces with him and monitor the responses.

    My BF knows I’m a bit of a “country girl”, having raised chickens and goats in the past and currently have a garden and live in a rural area. He gets to sample my experiments, as I teach myself the skills I wish I had been smart enough to have learned from my grandmother. He and I go to the range to practice together, but I’ve never shared with him in terms of “prepping”. He gets critical of some of the things he sees me purchase, I can usually defend them as hurricane supplies, but occasionally he gives me a look like I am crazy. I was watching a DDP episode at his house one night and was surprised to hear him say that he thought that he could get in to that, but was afraid he would become obsessed. So I’m getting mixed signals from him, but maybe there is hope with him as well? Will just have to wait and see.

  77. Sw't Tater says:

    The ones I most often speak to about preparing for some unknown problem are members where I worship…No one except Mom,and DH have an idea of amounts we have. ..even tho it is not where I think we need to be, there is a slow progress. We will be better prepared than most. I prepare, because I am allergic to hunger. I am continually getting ready for the next season..
    With the economic problems of several years,(1+ yr, no income) we have been struggling to live on what we have coming in monthly, some months are harder than others.
    Just after I got started with some LTS methods, I got the same reaction from one long time friend that said she’d show up at my house. I told her to bring what she needed, because we are having trouble making it now. I asked her who would provide for her beautiful grandchildren? She has no reason not to do some preparing. I have given her information and since discussed the basics of securing water without electricity, and food for several with a minimal or non existent income.
    I have tried to choose whom I discuss food and supplies very carefully. Some have tried to put a little back, some haven’t been able due to job losses…one family has seen the light..made a start..has a well,..and taken other steps.
    I didn’t vote..nothing seemed to fit.Limited family and friends I have discussed putting back a little..a few who ask how to prepare things I give the info..needed..If I need to I look it up. I try not to have all the answers, but learn.

  78. Black rosé says:

    My family knows I am a want to be prepper and They have said they will show up at my house. They think I have more than I actually do. I’m up to 9- 64 oz apple juices 10 lbs of beans, some soup cans and 2 baby chicks. 🙂

  79. OregonMike says:

    I would think the Feds, in their interest to know where supplies might be located, would be collecting LDS membership lists.

  80. Candy In Nebraska says:

    Only a few family members know. Only the one’s who we can stand to be around.

  81. Have to be careful. Kids are old enough to talk to their friends about “the magic pantry” and all the cool stuff mom and dad are teaching them. We suspect many in our neighborhood are prepared we just don’t know to what degree. Neighbors see UPS coming and going. OPSEC is getting more and more difficult the closer we get to “the event”. Take care all, and pray for Colorado they are going down fast.

  82. Sirvivr2010 says:

    I voted to tell no one, when infact really, only one person knows. So, ya know what that means? Double up on EVERYTTHING cuz people are gonna come knocking when ITEOTWAWKI+1…LOL and just smile. 😀

  83. breadmomma says:

    my husband, daughter and oldest son..and in turn, my oldest son” wife… smart folks like the wolfpack …the less in your face the better…just quiet folks with mad hunting and outdoor skills don’tcha know…and of course the young grandsons can fish and hunt like no others…

  84. Crazy Stevo says:

    To answer the question 6 households know of my prepping.

    1 Household is helping some of us prep at our bug out bug out location. Its our last stand location. That indivial has said if anything happens he won’t last to long, he claims to be to old.

    1 other Household knows what some of the people in our group are doing and we decided that since that household refuses to do anything to prepare we will not help and if they show up to give them a copper migraine, that household has military experience or we would just turn them away.

    1 Household is getting help from another because they can’t afford and I know for a fact that they can’t.

    The other 3 Households are putting stuff away and gathering as fast as we can. I pray everyday that we get just enough or even more before anything happens. We are putting up barter items also at every location we can.

  85. Survivor says:

    My goal is to create a group of like minded individuals who can co-habitate with me at the BOL. Hopefully, I can change that in the near future so that the BOL becomes my BIL 🙂 Anyway, soon I will have the means to make that goal a reality. To ensure our commune runs smoothly I’ve included a mixture of family and very close friends to my inner circle. Those folks have a range of required skills that make a village work. Don’t start calling us the Village People 🙂
    Paul Rand made a prediction recently that, considering world events thus far, our economy could collapse by Autumn. Now, I know doom and gloom has been predicted, especially by obama, and nothing came of it, but Mr Rand isn’t given to pulling an obama – say one thing, do something else, blame Mr Bush, go golfing. I take his warning pretty seriously. And even if nothing happens,… again… what do I have? A whole pile of garden produce I can store and share, a calf ready to butcher and the promise of one hellofa deer season. Life is good so far…

  86. NE prepper says:

    Me and my BiL are on the same page with prepping I’ve been doing it longer than he has cant ignore whats been going on in the country no longer he lives two doors away from me a little slow on food storage he is so I’ve been putting extra food away for his family well need his help with security and long term survival he has three sons teens I have one and two daughters that will give us good odds for security running out of room will start storing food at his house soon that he can keep don’t want to be moving food after shtf opsec don’t know how much time left tried to get another neighbor on board but they are just living for the moment and not interested so keeping away from them for know keep prepping never enough ammo

  87. Ole'Wolf says:

    Wife (Horse owner & trainer)
    Kids (one a former Marine- both Master Plumbers & Electrical contractors)
    I’m an AF Vet with 31 years as a Firearms and Tactics Instructor and specialist in Base Defense along with amature (sp) gardener-naturalist, herbalist.
    3 other Vets. Former USN Medic. Former USMC Logistics Officer & Local Game & Fish Officer. Retired USA Sniper/SF. One single, two with spouses & 2 kids each. None have bug-out destinations for various reasons.
    Pre-arranged common calibers, common basic training & skills, inter lacing specialties…conservative-libertarians in outlook…spiritual but not iconoclasts… former Sheepdogs gone back to wolves & warriors born…. looking for a place to den up…

  88. Julranieson says:

    I started buying food over 2 years ago as prices starting creeping up. A few lady friends got together and did group ordering of FD foods, sharing local supermarket sale tips, etc. My husband is barely on board. He used to think I’d lost my mind (used to?) but now asks a question now and then about water, cooking, etc.

    I downplay how much I have stored, and I don’t think my husband realizes that under-bed boxes in kids’ rooms are stuffed. Love my vacuum-sealer! 🙂

    Like others here, I am concerned about the door-knockers. The alphabet kind are especially worrisome if the gov’t decided the people would be better off if everyone had only 3 days of supplies, so dear, you must share.

    I follow multiple blogs and saw this post recently about The Doorstep Problem

  89. Anothermom says:

    Since I live in the great state of NY, we only discuss weapons with two like minded households. As to family-my SIL, who was told that she could not tell a soul, and my husband mentioned to my brother that we put things aside for power outages and such.
    Now, I was upset when found out about my brother, he was 20 years in the military, and is clueless, but, he now has a generator and some food supplies so the last time they lost power they had an easier time.

  90. Only my immediate family knows and they don’t really think it’s odd. We live in a rural area and many of the other folks in our “neighborhood” are like minded. There are four and five generations of families that have ties to other families, etc. That really holds communities together. Around here, prepping, gardening, plowing with mules, and hunting they are just a way of life. If you weren’t doing these things you would be the odd ball.

  91. SCAgrannie says:

    I’m old, Creaky, Cranky, and Cussful so my son helps me with my beginning garden. He put the raised bed frames togethr for me. Because I’m old and CCC, I live with him and we share bills. He doesn’t want to hear the stuff that is coming, he plays computer games after work with his head firmly in the sand.

    Son helped me with some canning of AppleButter. Fortunately it doesn’t taste that good to him, so I get to eat it. Got 8 pints out of 15 pounds of apples. Unfortunately the apples came from the store and no telling how old they were or how much poison had been sprayed on them, but I washed with vinegar.

    Do I tell anyone I’m prepping? No. The one person I spoke in front of, is son’s friend, and it was about gardening, canning and trying to have food if the electricity went out and he immediately said He’d come to my house. I do know he is no friend of mine; his bud’s mom or not. My clue? The look in his eye.

    Unfortunately, my garden is visible to the entire town. There are no fences around my yard and we’re on a corner. My cover? Cranky old lady who used to garden and is demanding to be allowed to do it again.

  92. shadylady0335 says:

    I have tried to put together a group in my area of Southern Oregon, but not having much luck. my family knows but they dont believe it will ever happen and they all live in Calif, and refuse to make plans to get out of dodge. I have prepared enough for them here but if they dont get out in time , I dont know what to do. I’m a single m om my youngest son is here with me but its hard to do all alone. this sight and others have been my life line to keep me going and helps alot .. thanks

  93. Southern Girl says:

    Just started prepping in past 8 months. You guys have provided a weath of info. I thank you. No one knows what I am up to, not even the DH. He asked me if I was becoming one of those survivalist types when I asked for a 9mm Smith & Wesson for Christmas. I got this IPAD instead. Not happy. When he asked if I liked my gift, I let him know it didn’t shoot bullets & wasn’t on my list. I have a room full of food & supplies and he just makes jokes about never going hungry & my “food pantry”. No matter how I try to approach the subject, he just doesn’t get it. I have no other family except a daughter that only eats organic & is disgusted by that processed stuff I’m hoarding. I just let her know when her fresh organic food is not available, she will eat that canned “s—” when she gets hungry. Sometimes their attitudes make me want to give up! Nah. You guys keep me going. Thanks again.

    • I suggest just laughing it off with “Hey, a least I don’t collect sportscars”…and keep right on prepping.

      Personally, I’m not a prepper at all, whatever gave you that idea? I just a “country girl” who happens to love organic food and has a LOT of prepper-related hobbies (gardening, chicken-raising, shooting, canning, ect).

      My husband and I have never had the “end of the world discussion”, but he pretty-much supports my “hobbies”…especially in recent years as the economy has started taking a header. He’s not dumb. I figure I don’t really need to say anything outright. Heck, for Christmas he got me a gift certificate for defensive pistol classes at the local range…

      I’m reasonably open with others about my individual “hobbies”, but I say nothing “doom-and-gloom”, and I don’t breathe a word about any preps I have. I have some hurricaine supplies and a few flashlights, but that’s it…OPSEC and all. Folks who are preppers can pretty much spot other likeminded people by their “hobbies”, anyway.

      The only people who really suspect I’m a prepper is a friend who introduced me to the “SurvivalBlog” website with a casual “Hey, have you seen this website?” (thanks, by the way, if you’re reading this!).

      I’d always had prepper tendencies, I just didn’t know what it was called or that there were other people out there with the same thoughts. So I pretty much “woke up” fully at that point and got with the program. Prepping is a LOT of fun, anyway, and I’d do it even if I didn’t think there was a high likelihood of TSHTF at somepoint during my lifetime.

  94. BC Mermaid says:

    Only my Hubby and Brother know the extent of my preps, other family and select friends know that we prepare but don’t know how much . OPSEC is a constant worry with 2 small boys to protect.

  95. LucentInsanity says:

    My wife is Mormon and I’m Muslim and both of our religions, as well as our state, teaches a lot about prepping so before we even know about ‘prepping’ we had food storage, emergency kits, cooking kits, a generator, etc. So most of our family and friends know that we prep.

  96. I’ve told my close family, all 18 of them, the rest are dead.
    I told my Doctor…..Super close friend and very helpful.
    I’ve told 6 very close friends, and they are preppers too.

  97. Doris Jones says:

    Have you really thought “storage for me and my family” through? What happens when the next door neighbor (who has two small children say 4 and 6) comes over, they are starving and he just asks for food–doesn’t try to take it? How will you really react? Are you actually capable of watching the kids starve while you eat??And if there are people around even in a rural area how long do you think it will be until they notice you are NOT starving and MUST have a stash of food? Keeping your food and goods will be a LOT harder than you suppose. It is one thing to think about (and a good idea really) to keep an extra amount of food on hand for emergencies but it will be very different if something like the power grid goes down and suddenly millions have NO food! Even kind and nice people will do whatever they think necessary to feed their children. And they may not come to your place in one’s and two’s. There may be many at a time and even having a weapon won’t stop them as they could attack from several directions. For most of us “survivalists” our own often generous nature will be the real enemy. I am not certain how I will react –are you?

  98. USA PATRIOT says:

    Store up for the warmth and norishment of your bodies.
    Store, hide & prepare.
    If it is least you do……get one 12 gauge shotgun…..shells for rabbit & bird hunting, also deer slugs for deer & for against human trying to bring harm on you & yours.
    A deer slug from a 12 gauge shot will do what needs to be done better & cheaper that a high powered rifle.
    Also a .22 caliber pistol & a .22 caliber semi automatic rifle.
    A Marlin/Glenfield holds 18 shells & 19 if one is in the chamber.
    Always use hollow point in .22 caliber.
    The reason I say use 12 gauge deer slugs & .22 caliber hollow points is that they are the most plentiful & cheapest.
    And they both will do what needs to be done.
    That is to kill game for food, kill the enemy that is trying to kill you & yours & to kill for your Nation’s existance.
    You never can have too many shells & bullets.
    But, start out with at least 1,000 rounds of shells & 5,000 rounds of .22 caliber hollow points.
    12 Gauge Shotgun, .22 Caliber Semi Automatic & a .22 Calber Pistol Will Surfice.

    • “The reason I say use… .22 caliber hollow points is that they are the most plentiful…”

      Where or should I say “when” are you living? If they are plentiful to you, maybe I could pay you up to $25 for the big 525 or so boxes.

  99. We used to prep, that is to buy extra groceries, household supplies.
    Two people found out when they had a real crisis and we offered them
    some ‘extra groceries’. They took the bags of food, and hygiene items.
    Later each of them, two different people, two different times, asked us if we were one of those preppers. We laughed and said if we were, we would have given them lots more stuff, it was just extra that we had bought on sale.

    We discussed this, and a couple of weeks later, our truck had to go to the garage for repairs, then the car, then had to have the washer repaired too. Oh my.

    We had extra unplanned expenses, and good thing we had a few extra cans of food, by the way, did they have an extra can of coffee we could borrow?
    We have not done any more food giveaways, or mentioned anything about having extra anything.

    My garden? you mean you can eat that kale? I just thought it was pretty, how do you cook it? Oh, why don;t you take some of the leaves then, and make some soup, and we will come to your house for dinner? I’m not much good at that kind of cooking.

  100. When you order from Emergency Essentials, you can request that they use a plain unmarked box. They will ship your order in plain cardboard
    boxes without all the green printing all over it.

  101. No one knows exactly what I have (including me). One cousin has an idea and I will help her (she is going to be going thru cancer treatments again ((second time in 6-7 years))). Her youngest is getting ready to move into his own trailer so provided him with a start on a food pantry – not sure how it will work but I tried. So many think that there is no use in doing anything because it expires or isn’t going to be enough – in this case something is better than nothing and it is important to learn the reasons behind the expiration dates.

  102. My immediate family knows, I am the latecomer, they prepped heavily for y2k but it seemed strange to me until after I had kids to provide for. Suddenly it seems very important. I have talked to many people in question form “Wow what would we do if the power was out for two weeks?” One thing that has encouraged me is that alot more people than I realised are at least thinking about or making some short term preps. Most people I talk to have a feeling that something just isn’t right- not a specific fear just a general uneasiness- and I get the feeling that they are saving back but don’t make a big deal of it.

    No one knows specifically what I have( Not even me). I have been just adding a little extra here and there and if the fan starts slinging the stuff I know I will be very short, I really need to take an inventory and make a more specific plan. One more thing on the to do list…..

  103. Texanadian says:

    Gardern is coming along nicely, ate some carrots and parsnips this weekend. Fencing is almost done so we can turn the goats out to clear the bush. When people ask why I am bothering with all this self-sufficiency I just tell them I’m cheap and don’t want to spend the gas to go the grocercy store or the high price of tasteless stuff that’s in the produce section. Everyday we get a little more self-sufficient. No fanfare and as we live in a hurricane zone having a little extra and a generator raises no eyebrows. Of course they don’t know I have two generators and could sit out a lot of hurricanes.

  104. Billy , in WI. says:

    Hello; I’m pretty much alone. I have a wife and two youngun’s and they think I’m crazy because the pantry is full. But i have been through tough times. Being disabled, I still as a father and husband have a couple of responsibilities. The first to PROVIDE for there health and welfare. Food, shelter, and clothes, to keep them warm and safe, and to keep a roof over their heads.. I am a gardener, a canner, a sewer a baker and chief cook and bottle washer, the mechanic, and bee-keeper. I have always had this way of thinking and planning. Am i a “PREPPER” or “SURVIVALIST”– no–, I think I am a ” THRIVALIST “. Not only do I want to survive but to THRIVE.
    Thanks, I’ve been watching and reading for about a year now..

  105. SL from So.Cal says:

    Greetings from my apartment deep in the heart of Southern California. The only one that really knows the extent of my prepping is my elderly mother who lives across town. If anything happens I am the one responsible for her and my two teenage sons. I am not prepping to bug out unless I figure out how to take an 80 yr old woman with me. I have a bucket filtration system to filter pool water if nothing comes from the tap. My sons’ only know about “earthquake” supplies that they are not supposed to tell neighbors about. I have enjoyed coming to this site off and on for the last year so I don’t feel alone in what I’m doing.

  106. I have only one daughter and a son who I have visited with about putting stuff back in case of emergencies. One daughter lives on the East Coast said they didn’t have anything put back because they thought it was cheaper to ust eat out. When i visited with the other daughter and her husband, his comment was that they are prepared because he had one of those booster packs that you can use to start a car with and they only live 2 blocks from the grocery store, so why put away extras. The only other thing that he said was that they only buy groceries every other week, so they did have some leeway if “something were to happen.” Ron S

  107. Once upon a time, some of my friends learned I was “kinda-sorta” into this, and mentioned this to me, usually also adding that if “something” happened they’d be coming to my place. I blame myself for not keeping my big mouth shut.

    It’s taken years, but I’m at a point where I doubt any of my circle would show up on my doorstep now. I’m not kidding, I’m at one of the times in a person’s life where things aren’t going as well as they should. Not that I couldn’t hang tough for awhile-this isn’t the first time. I use that as psychological camouflage so my circle won’t bother me in a crisis.
    I’ve gotten rid of most of my guns simply because if I ever did need to pick up and leave, I’d eventually be doing it on foot, and more than one or two with attendant ammo would be impractical. The money’s helped, and my need to stock different ammo types is done. This process began long before this nonsense in DC happened. No hyperbole, simple truth. One rifle, one pistol, same caliber with a little single-shot .22 foraging rifle. Altogether, the three weigh ~10 lbs without ammunition.
    Believe it or not, when I did the sell-off, it actually had the unintended consequence of giving people the idea I’d quit prepping. People who’d hinted they be camping out at my place stopped mentioning it, I knew something had altered their views, because when 12/12 was coming up, a couple of folks I knew hinted I may not be welcome if “something really happened”, implying they thought I’d be the one showing up with my hand out. Not bad, huh?

  108. Schametti says:

    I’ve been prepping about six months now. I told everyone who would listen in the beginning, because I didn’t know the risks. Everyone made fun of me, many still do, but I’m much more tight lipped about it now, and only talk about it with a couple close fiends, (who are also interested in prepping eventually), and close family, who ask me how it’s going, just so they can tease me some more, lol.

  109. I am on again/off again at prepping. Not that I don’t believe in being prepared, but work requires regular moves, so there is little that can be done…other than what will fit into that back of the truck. Not wise, I know… not really sure what I am able to do.

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