Friday Poll: How many people know that you’re a prepper / survivalist?

How many people know that you are a prepper?

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Please let us know who you’ve told (no names please) and why in the comments below…


  1. No one knows exactly what I have (including me). One cousin has an idea and I will help her (she is going to be going thru cancer treatments again ((second time in 6-7 years))). Her youngest is getting ready to move into his own trailer so provided him with a start on a food pantry – not sure how it will work but I tried. So many think that there is no use in doing anything because it expires or isn’t going to be enough – in this case something is better than nothing and it is important to learn the reasons behind the expiration dates.

  2. My immediate family knows, I am the latecomer, they prepped heavily for y2k but it seemed strange to me until after I had kids to provide for. Suddenly it seems very important. I have talked to many people in question form “Wow what would we do if the power was out for two weeks?” One thing that has encouraged me is that alot more people than I realised are at least thinking about or making some short term preps. Most people I talk to have a feeling that something just isn’t right- not a specific fear just a general uneasiness- and I get the feeling that they are saving back but don’t make a big deal of it.

    No one knows specifically what I have( Not even me). I have been just adding a little extra here and there and if the fan starts slinging the stuff I know I will be very short, I really need to take an inventory and make a more specific plan. One more thing on the to do list…..

  3. Texanadian says:

    Gardern is coming along nicely, ate some carrots and parsnips this weekend. Fencing is almost done so we can turn the goats out to clear the bush. When people ask why I am bothering with all this self-sufficiency I just tell them I’m cheap and don’t want to spend the gas to go the grocercy store or the high price of tasteless stuff that’s in the produce section. Everyday we get a little more self-sufficient. No fanfare and as we live in a hurricane zone having a little extra and a generator raises no eyebrows. Of course they don’t know I have two generators and could sit out a lot of hurricanes.

  4. Billy , in WI. says:

    Hello; I’m pretty much alone. I have a wife and two youngun’s and they think I’m crazy because the pantry is full. But i have been through tough times. Being disabled, I still as a father and husband have a couple of responsibilities. The first to PROVIDE for there health and welfare. Food, shelter, and clothes, to keep them warm and safe, and to keep a roof over their heads.. I am a gardener, a canner, a sewer a baker and chief cook and bottle washer, the mechanic, and bee-keeper. I have always had this way of thinking and planning. Am i a “PREPPER” or “SURVIVALIST”– no–, I think I am a ” THRIVALIST “. Not only do I want to survive but to THRIVE.
    Thanks, I’ve been watching and reading for about a year now..

  5. SL from So.Cal says:

    Greetings from my apartment deep in the heart of Southern California. The only one that really knows the extent of my prepping is my elderly mother who lives across town. If anything happens I am the one responsible for her and my two teenage sons. I am not prepping to bug out unless I figure out how to take an 80 yr old woman with me. I have a bucket filtration system to filter pool water if nothing comes from the tap. My sons’ only know about “earthquake” supplies that they are not supposed to tell neighbors about. I have enjoyed coming to this site off and on for the last year so I don’t feel alone in what I’m doing.

  6. I have only one daughter and a son who I have visited with about putting stuff back in case of emergencies. One daughter lives on the East Coast said they didn’t have anything put back because they thought it was cheaper to ust eat out. When i visited with the other daughter and her husband, his comment was that they are prepared because he had one of those booster packs that you can use to start a car with and they only live 2 blocks from the grocery store, so why put away extras. The only other thing that he said was that they only buy groceries every other week, so they did have some leeway if “something were to happen.” Ron S

  7. Once upon a time, some of my friends learned I was “kinda-sorta” into this, and mentioned this to me, usually also adding that if “something” happened they’d be coming to my place. I blame myself for not keeping my big mouth shut.

    It’s taken years, but I’m at a point where I doubt any of my circle would show up on my doorstep now. I’m not kidding, I’m at one of the times in a person’s life where things aren’t going as well as they should. Not that I couldn’t hang tough for awhile-this isn’t the first time. I use that as psychological camouflage so my circle won’t bother me in a crisis.
    I’ve gotten rid of most of my guns simply because if I ever did need to pick up and leave, I’d eventually be doing it on foot, and more than one or two with attendant ammo would be impractical. The money’s helped, and my need to stock different ammo types is done. This process began long before this nonsense in DC happened. No hyperbole, simple truth. One rifle, one pistol, same caliber with a little single-shot .22 foraging rifle. Altogether, the three weigh ~10 lbs without ammunition.
    Believe it or not, when I did the sell-off, it actually had the unintended consequence of giving people the idea I’d quit prepping. People who’d hinted they be camping out at my place stopped mentioning it, I knew something had altered their views, because when 12/12 was coming up, a couple of folks I knew hinted I may not be welcome if “something really happened”, implying they thought I’d be the one showing up with my hand out. Not bad, huh?

  8. Schametti says:

    I’ve been prepping about six months now. I told everyone who would listen in the beginning, because I didn’t know the risks. Everyone made fun of me, many still do, but I’m much more tight lipped about it now, and only talk about it with a couple close fiends, (who are also interested in prepping eventually), and close family, who ask me how it’s going, just so they can tease me some more, lol.

  9. I am on again/off again at prepping. Not that I don’t believe in being prepared, but work requires regular moves, so there is little that can be done…other than what will fit into that back of the truck. Not wise, I know… not really sure what I am able to do.