How to build a chicken tractor (videos by bctruck)

How to build a chicken tractor video 1

How to build a chicken tractor video 2

How to build a chicken tractor video 3

How to build a chicken tractor video 4

How to build a chicken tractor video 5

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  1. JP in MT says:


    Love your video’s!

  2. Judy, another one says:

    Like yours!

    I built mine out of PVC pipe (To get it light enough I could drag it around the yard.) and zip-tied a layer of 2×4 welded wire on. I was still having problems with stray dogs so I zip-tied a layer of chicken wire on top of that and haven’t had any more problems with strays.

    • Bctruck says:

      My problem was hawks. I let my chickens free range until the hawks got one of my chickens and a duck. This will give the birds access to the bugs and grass they want, but keep them safe from aerial attacks.

  3. Very nice series of videos 🙂

  4. Bctruck says:

    One more short video to come when I put on the wheels,make a nesting/egg laying box and a perch. I have a day off coming Thursday or Friday and ill finish it then and let the ladies go for s ride around the yard. If I had time, I’d paint it John Deere green and yellow.

  5. I love my chicken tractors. My new favorite thing is the plastic netting (like for gardening). It’s much easier to use than chicken wire for tops. You can get the netting much tighter than wire and it doesn’t droop.

    • Bctruck says:

      I’m so glad I found out about the plastic netting before I used chicken wire on the roof of my 16×20 chicken run. I found a 24×24 piece of netting on walmarts website in the garden dept for 32 bucks delivered! That’s about a fifth of what it would have cost me in chicken wire.

  6. Nice videos, Bc. Thanks!

    I was mighty disappointed, though, to find out that a chicken tractor doesn’t involve yoking up a few hundred chickens and cracking a well waxed chicken whip over their heads…

    Or does one oil a chicken whip? There is so much to learn.

    • Bctruck says:

      Chickens tremble at the mention of my name,and my waxy piled whip!

      • Bctruck says:

        Oiled! Auto correct to the rescue,,,,, said no one,, ever!

        • Either way, I still like the image of hundreds of noble feathered friends, purposefully pulling together against their hand carved mini-ox yokes, the self-reliant Prepper cracking his chicken whip as the sun slowly sets in the west. The work must be done ere any can rest. Cue sunset, cue inspiring music.

          I see Mel Gibson in the part. Dina Meyer (Diz in Starship Troopers) as his tough but loving, kick boxing, pistol-packin’ wife. Well, and grenade packin’, too, worn as a necklace. What proper prepper lady would be without her grenade necklace after TSHTF?

          I sense an Academy Award-winning screenplay already forming.

          • Bctruck says:

            Your mind works in a strange and bizarre way,,,, are we kin?

          • >>Your mind works in a strange and bizarre way,,,, <>,,, are we kin?<<

            Possibly. You build chicken tractors, I write weird stories about them.

            Thinking of which, what would you say to Angelina Jolie in jackboots as the wicked leader of the marauding Band of the Unprepared? They have their eyes on your chickens, she has her eyes on you.

            And she has her own whip.

            If not a screenplay, at least a best selling video game. The royalties would pour in.

          • Somehow that got truncated at the top, but never mind.

          • bctruck says:

            you had me at angelina jolie in jack boots!

          • Yep, I’m thinking of AJ along the lines of Franky in Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. Jack boots, eye patch, whip, a disarmament activist before the Collapse. Now we find out exactly why she wanted the masses disarmed.

            Especially you.


  7. j.r. guerra in s. tx. says:

    Great instructional video. We built our small tractor (3 – 5 birds max.) using the ‘A’ frame construction maybe 8 years ago. 2×4 ridge, 2×2 sides, 24″ wood siding egg boxes (2 compartment, split in middle w/ hardware cloth) and 6′ hardware cloth sides to opposite end.

    The hardware cloth is 1/4″ grid so birds are safe from being pulled from sides. My wife and I move it from place to place every coupla days in backyard to keep manure from building up. Its worked well, but as we age, moving it may become a problem – no wheels here.

    Thanks again for the videos.

    • bctruck says:

      im working on a pedal powered one but its been dificult because the chickens are not responding well to being trained to pedaling.

  8. Movin movin movin. Tho they’re disapprovin. Keep them chickens movin. Rawhide! Yeehaw!!! (Insert whip sound here)

    • (background)(Deep bass): Paawk! Pawk! Paaaawk! Paawk!

      Head ’em up! Move ’em out! Chicken Pride!

      Don’t miss the all too brief clip of chickens in Cows With Guns:

      It’s a paean to the armed Bovine American, but chickens have their place as well.

  9. I have 3 made out of emt conduit. The best is covered in 1/4″ hardware cloth. The other two in garden fence wire. 2nd season of use. The biddies wintered in the barn, its dry there. I made a wooden A frame, but its too heavy for me to move.
    Yours look well made! Something I have a problem with. (mine are hokey looking).

  10. Very nice design, I made a tractor that is pretty simple. I really like how clean yours came out. Check out mine on my site if you get a chance. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Botruck, I really loved your videos. It was easy to understand and follow.

    I have a request: could you email to me your drawings for your nesting boxes that you are going to attach to the tractor. Or could you let me know how to view your videso.

    I am just starting out raising chickens and I love your tractor. I am going to build one right now.

    Many thaks and God bless.

    Aubrey Parks in Bufalo, SC

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