How to make a pre filter using an inline RV water filter


  1. Great idea. I’ve been looking at something along these lines for my RV to filter creek water for use in my system to be able to use it with the outside shower feature.

  2. Thomas The Tinker says:

    Nice….. got me thinkin right here and now…… stacked gravity sand filter…… I made a 30 gallon barrel filter but this idea has that beat….. I loves the symbiotic conversation in here MD!

  3. Babycatcher says:

    BC, you are a genius, that’s all I can say! I learn tons from you! Bless you and your family! Did that hedge ever grow back that burnt from the neighbors yard last year?

    • No,and Ill tell you a short story about those folks. When they had the fire (which they lit under a burn ban), I went over the next day and told miss hattie, (she is 85) that there was no hard feelings and we still loved her. A couple days ago her son come over and told me that hhis momma had asked him to replace the rubber inserts in their thresholds, and he has them all screwed up. They had called a contractor and he quoted them 200 bucks to pull the thresholds and put new rubber in. I went over and found the thresholds had never been screwed down. I brought my hammer drill over there and drilled holes for both thresholds after installing the new rubber. Then I had to take both doors off and and shave about 3/16ths off the bottom. she offered to pay me but I didnt accept any money. The next day her son comes over and offers to sell me a harbor freight grinder. I offered him 20 bucks and he said he could get 10 bucks more at the pawnshop,and to the pawnshop it went. Ive made up my mind that I’m not gonna help those folks ever again. If it was life and death, of course I would but im tired of doing stuff for free for those folks and freindship being onesided.

  4. BC,
    Who’s filter do you use in your Berkey? Would you care to say why you use them. I haven’t purchased a Berkey yet I was looking to get one for my family for Christmas.

    By the way this is a great idea….Thank You for sharing..
    and about the neighbor…your right to stick by your guns, I wouldn’t help them either.

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