How to save money on entertainment so you can invest more into your preparedness preps

by Ronald W

This is an entry in our non-fiction writing contest

I thought the wolf pack might be interested in a way to save money on their cable or satellite bill every month like I and many of my customers do. I save over $100 a month by not paying for cable programming and “cutting the cord” with the cable companies, who continue to rip off the American public, by overcharging for their very poor service, and continuing to raise prices and use deceiving tactics into luring in new customers. I use my savings to pay for survival gear extra food storage, generators, etc.

HOW! I use a streaming media center that has been reprogrammed to receive all the cable channels (including HBO, Showtime, even PPV) without paying any monthly fees! This is all available via the internet, using one of these devices. Some people promote them using terms like “jailbroken” “unlocked” “unleashed”, regardless of the term, these are streaming boxes like the Fire TV, Roku, etc. However, if you go to the store and buy one of these, you will essentially be able to turn your TV into a smart TV, meaning you will have access to things like Net Flicks, VUDU, etc. BUT, you will still have to pay Net flicks rental fees, or amazon rental fees or join amazon prime for a yearly fee and you will get to watch older movies a few weeks or months after they come out on DVD.

That is not what I am talking about here. I am talking about the Streaming Centers that are mostly sold on independent websites or eBay, these devices allow you to watch NEW Movies long before they come out on DVD, and much sooner than Net flicks, Some Movies are on these boxes within days of their release to the theaters (I actually watched American Sniper 1 day before it hit the theaters!) You will be able to watch all of your favorite Cable channels like FX, History, HGTV, Discovery, etc. along with NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, and all the networks live or recorded as each show is automatically recorded in case you miss it. These boxes are actually mini computers so you can view your email, YouTube videos, or any website on your large screen too. You can also download video games from any android site. Sports!! Any game, any sport anytime, From NFL, NBA, MLB, NASCAR, UFC, Soccer, NO Blackouts, any team live or recorded. Even Pay Per View is free!

How can this be? Is it legal? Yes, the reason for this is you do not download anything, all of this is available to you free using your streaming unlocked box and the Internet, you are viewing everything via the internet thru 3rd party vendors, thus no copyright violations. All you need is high speed internet, and a TV and electric of course. And you will get thousands of channels even ones specific to survival, and specialty channels not available on cable like Conspiracy TV.

Warning! There are many sellers of these devices on eBay, and others BE CAREFUL! The cheap ones are under $190 and are a rip off in my opinion, they are cheaply made with plastic, have slow processors, causing a lot of buffering, they make you find all the links and channels to the various sites which can take some non- techie months to find, and they offer no support or help at all. Remember this is a one-time purchase to eliminate your HIGH CABLE BILL. “You get what you Pay for” If you are interested in this way of saving money you can view video demos, more information, and purchase a High Quality Streaming box designed and programmed by an original founder of this Kodi system right here in the USA Please visit to learn more or to purchase this very high end media center MOREPOWERTV with ongoing support from the programmer himself. I hope you enjoyed this informational piece on saving money.

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  1. Just because you aren’t intentionally downloading something doesn’t make it exactly legal. Be very careful with these streaming services. Remember, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Look into what happened to Popcorntime. Also, if you tap into an illicit streaming server without using a VPN, your IP address will be logged and you will receive a cease and desist notice from an attorney’s office by way of your ISP. Enough notices like that and your ISP will eventually throttle your bandwidth or cut your service altogether.

    • here is our response:Our copyright attorney has looked at the this technology and stated it does not break any copyright laws since it is not downloading content. He said attorneys won’t write a letter to this fact even if its true. Deemed “illegal” but not ; Although the act of downloading does infringe copyright laws, the act of streaming does not simply because you’re not distributing that stream or making a permanent copy thereof ; transient copies are not considered as an infringement against copyright. (To rule otherwise would be to break the Internet. You might refer back to SOPA and the reform bill that Harry Reid is/was trying to enforce but once again when you refer to the bill, it states that the provision is for people displaying the content, not the person watching it. The prosecuted would be the ones uploading the links onto the hosting site, not the people clicking. This is the same ruling the European Union made last year.

      The Internet provides access to many surprising things, including the means to enjoy copyrighted content without paying for it. Whether it’s movies or TV shows, music, books, games, software or other protected digital content, the Internet offers users ways to get their entertainment fix free of charge. Naturally, copyright holders are right to try to fight piracy, which they do on a regular basis, but a court in the European Union on Thursday ruled in favor of a certain type of copyright infringement.
      As long as an Internet user is streaming copyrighted content online, GigaOm reports that it’s legal for the user, who isn’t willfully making a copy of said content. If the user only views it directly through a web browser, streaming it from a website that hosts it, he or she is apparently doing nothing wrong.
      The ruling is part of a complex legal battle between a European media service that used to include headlines and leads from various news stories in daily digests sent to readers via email. Copyright holders including the Associated Press sued Meltwater, the company in question, in the U.S. and U.K.
      In Europe, one of the case’s matters also concerned regular Internet users. The group suing Meltwater argued that recipients of Meltwater’s emails had to pay license fees for the content they received, and the court basically ruled that Internet users who see content online, without actually willingly making a copy of it, should not be held accountable for any resulting copyright infringement.
      This doesn’t mean that website owners who host copyrighted content illegally, which can be accessed and streamed by Internet users, are off the hook though. It’s just the end-user that’s covered under existing law from having to pay any fines for streaming any kind of illegally hosted copyrighted content from the Internet. This should be good news for all those German Internet users who received fines at home for streaming certain porn videos from a site last year.

      • yeah- I respect what your saying here as truth, but that is for now…if what they say about the TPP is true, even linking to a site with out permission will be against the law…
        I have this thing locally called a library, where with a card I can borrow any movies they have or any books, they can order/find for me all for the low price of free- and there is little or no risk I’ll get busted on the internet watching movies that I want to see but decided I won’t pay for …
        btw you gotta see DeadPool, that movie rocked. 😀

      • thats true!

  2. My cable company kept going up and up and up on my bill,and putting more and more infomercials on channels I was paying more to have. I finally cut my cable back to basic,just so I can get local channels and Internet. It’s 70 bucks a month and if my wife didn’t want the local Channels, I wouldn’t have TV at all. Git to have internet though and that’s 40 bucks of the bill.

    • BCTruck; you could get rid of the “cable supplied” local channels by putting up a digital antenna. We scrapped the satellite/cable thing a couple of years ago and even mounted the digital antenna on a pole to the satellite mount, so reusing the junk they left behind. Still get our local nbc, cbs, 2x pbs, abc, home shopping, ion, fox, wb, etc. but they all have secondary digital channels for movies and other programming. All-in-all, probably 30 channels available, tho some have been blocked. We spent about $150 for antenna, poles, etc. but used the existing coax from the satellite dish for signal into the home. Works great. Went with a local carrier for Internet thru the phone line.

      • I have to have the cable internet to watch and upload videos. We have copper phone lines and they just dont support speeds high enough to manage a youtube channel. I dont even care enough about tv to spend the money on local channels. I have a smart TV and watch a lot of youtube videos on it. Gotta keep the wife happy though and she just wont be happy without DR,Phil.

      • We live in one of those places that no longer has any broadcast TV. Sometimes, we can get Casper, but it’s four hours away drive time from here. Basic cable gets all those, but even they just give the digital form of the broadcast, so it’s still iffy. Seeing as our income didn’t cover our outgo, we dropped even the basic. We’re down to DVD’s now. Kept the internet, though. DH needs it to log in and out of work–when they have work

        • patientmomma says:

          I live in a place where even ATT cable is not available even though my neighbors’ land line phones are serviced by ATT. I am 5 miles too far from any cell/microwave tower. My only choice is satellite and it is expensive; I have the basic service for TV and internet and streaming movies is out of the question. It’s OK, it is self-inflicted because I wanted to be in the country. We just do the DVD route.

    • this option allows you to get it all not just basic channels, any news channel listen to what Russia, China and other countries say about us and our politcal enviroment, stop being influneced by just usa bought media. in addition for no monthly fees (other then internet) you get updated movies any news station you want, off the cable tv networks, use it as your computer for watching you tube videos on your tv, your email etc. in addition to movies that are current. instead of paying netflicks, also all your sports no blackouts.

    • Crazy Joe in South Jersey says:

      Hello BC Truck ! My wife needs the computer for work . She also wants the basic cable @ 12 bucks a month . So 50 a month for internet access and basic TV @ 50 costs 62 a month to Comcast Cable in the Philly area . If not for her I would have turned both off a while ago . I am happy with the radio and CB base . If both of those were gone I would not care either . I am easy . But it is pure joy to check out Creekmore’s site .

      • $50 a month from Comcast? They’re screwing me for $114/month for INTERNET only–I don’t watch television and don’t want or have cable TV. Of course, I have their “blindingly fast” internet that never has to buffer a Youtube video that’s shorter than 10 minutes in length. If it’s longer than 10 min, then of course, I’ll have to wait for it to load in segments…

  3. I’d say that option is highly illegal. My wife and I have even got rid of our cell phones and cut the cord. I myself have done the following, with a Roku stick:

    High speed Internet
    Land Line
    Amazon Prime

    The monthly cost for all of those including taxes is right about $83.

    You can get several other free “channels” or “apps”:

    Newsmax TV
    Several Western/Cowboy ones
    Popcorn Flix
    Popcorn Flix Kids
    Pluto TV
    Hasbro TV
    Jim Henson TV
    PBS Kids

    The list could go on and on, if my wife and I did not have small children I’d probably go with all the free stuff. But Netflix and Amazon (I pretty much have this one because of the free 2 day shipping) do add a lot of variety to what the kids can watch, they also know what shows are allowed. Plus no nearly satanic and sexually perverse commercials. In my opinion it is a great way to go.

    If you already have high speed internet a one time investment into a Roku stick is $50, not a solution to cut cost. Plus you can choose all the time what to watch and not have the liberal agenda shoved down your throat consonantly.

  4. I don’t watch alot of television but the DW does so…..

    I am perfectly happy reading news on the web, reading a book or watching one of my many DVD’s (rewatching Deadwood now). Were I by myself, I would not have a television subscriber service at all, I doubt I would even have internet service.

    • I’m with you. No tv in my house. I can watch weather reports at DS house (next door) via antenna tv or on cell phone. I don’t miss it a bit. I read the news and informational articles, or just DO something else. I don’t get bored, and I like the quiet.

  5. We went “cableless” for a while, still maintaining our internet. It was okay, but I do like watching baseball and football and I was unsatisfied with the results.

  6. mom of three says:

    We cut our cable down to $39.00 we bought our own router it was over $200.00 for an ASUS. Comcast, does not charge us any more for a router we bought the Roku 3 all most 3 year’s ago and we pay the $ 7.99 for Netflix. So between Netflix, and Comcast, we are paying $ 47.00 a month.

    • with this option you get movies and shows way before netflicks and for free, all your premium chanels for free like HBO and showtime roku three still charges to watch your movies, etc.

  7. Many of us are rural and get TV and Internet via satellite. Satellite Internet is capped and slow so any video service is out of the question. Living in a pine forest means I would need a 100 foot mast to over the air channels. One year with Dish network would pay for that but my college football addiction means I have to have ESPN.

  8. We have ten months to go till our direct tv contract is up. When we switched from dish we were told the bill would be $52 a month then after a yr $74 a month, after a yr our bill went up to $104 so I called to complain, I could not believe all the legitimate reasons they could give for such high prices. Finally I told the lady that I would rather just pay the penalty and cancel, wow did I find out some things, she was authorized to discount my bill by $20 a month and tweak my service and now I’m paying $52 a month again, what rip offs, January 2017 direct tv is gone and back to digital antenna.

    • if you have the high speed internet this s $0 a month i have been using it for 3 years with only a internet bill I can watch much, uch more then what any cable or satelite program can even offer at any price. Again $0 a month. and all the sports, movies, news, you tube videos even pay per view is freein addition they are all recorded whenever i want to watch them

    • @WxNW; yeah, we went round and round w/ direct tv. Prices kept going up and up after we were out of contract, but wouldn’t give us a new customer rate until we cancelled for 30 days then re-upped. What a joke. Was with them for best part of 10yrs, & constantly got the raw end of the deal. cancelled completely and went with the antenna, internet/phone line, & Netflix. Much cheaper, much happier, not the newest movies & programs, but not any of the b.s. from directv either!

  9. Northern wolf says:

    I use hot spots like McDonalds and the place I work has access and they don’t mind me using it and I also have Internet when house sitting.i also don’t do online banking or any thing that involves info I don’t want to be hacked.and when I do buy online I use a pre paid credit card to tied to my bank.

    • patientmomma says:

      Thanks! Using a prepaid credit card from the bank is a great idea for paying for online orders! Next time I go to town I am going to get one as my credit card was hacked, but USAA stopped it within 12 minutes.

  10. We cut tv cable maybe three years ago now but still have internet cable. We have a simple indoor antennae for local stations and and roku to stream sling tv through for ESPNn, cnn, hgtv etc for 20.00 a month. Love sports, hate regular tv. Also, no netflix as we seldom watch movies but we can stream amazon movies if we desire as we automatically get that as we are amazon prime members. Works for us.

  11. We cut the cable a year ago, watch some TV shows online & don’t miss much. I do miss watching football & a relative said I could watch my weekly fix at their place. So much is available online these days. But TV & www can be big time-wasters too.

    I’ve read of some who “fast” from e stuff for a day, a week, even saw one who stayed off it for 6 mths & used her cell ph for just ph calls. Been thinking of trying that for a while.

    • I watcch football with a very inexpensive indoor antennae. I luckily am able to get signals from local fox, abc and cbs. Just an idea maybe someone can use.

  12. VintageGams says:

    We have a regular over-the-air antenna for local channels, Roku and Netflix for movies, etc. and pay $15.99 per month for cable through They send me an email invoice each month and I pay them through PayPal. We’ve had pretty good service, although once in awhile, some of our favorite channels are unavailable or pixelated. For the price, we’re quite happy with it.

  13. You can watch just about any movie and TV show for free. No downloading, nothing to install, just go to the web site and enter the show or movie and watch it. It has just about every movie ever made and almost every TV show ever aired. You just need net access, and you have it if you are reading this.

    Here is the site

    • i was intriqued by your site when i visited it and tried to watch an older movie like american sniper which i had watched 1 day before it was released in theaters, i got a very stern warning from microsoft that the site was infected with various viruses and would not allow me to proceed due to my security program. it looked good but i wasnt willing to take the risk. thought you might want the warning.

      • John Smith says:

        I have been using it for over a year with no problems. I have Norton AV, Spybot, Malware bite, a Cookie Management Program and Addblocker Plus and they have never given me an alert.

        Don’t know what to tell you other then it works for me and has zero bad things it puts on my computer. Before you say the programs I am using missed something, I have been on it for a year with no problems so I trust my programs as the one year of no problems says they in fact do work without sending out false alerts like maybe Microsoft is doing…

        Might it be that Microsoft just doesn’t like sites like this and has their program tell you it’s bad to keep you away?

        Something tells me Microsoft’s program is hinky.

      • Anonamo Also says:

        Thank you for posting this! We don’t need extra bugs or virus…

    • I went and tried to use the Putluck site but they want a credit card (of course promising not charge). Left there quick.

      • John Smith says:

        No they don’t, I go there enter the name of a movie or TV show and hit enter and the movie comes up and I click on the video and it plays. Nothing could be simpler to use and there is no hidden problems or request for a credit card.

        I use it all the time and I don’t now and for the last 15-years haven’t had a credit card.

        I’m starting to see that there are several posters that may actually be the same person here that is trying to knock anything non- wolfe den electronics.

        • John Smith says:

          Just went and purposely looked for a place to enter a name and credit card number as I never looked for it before because I have no credit card.

          It’s not there, it’s also very clear you didn’t go there or are hoping to stop people from even looking at the site.

          Stingray (or is it Cap Wolfe?) why would you do this? What is your agenda putting forth this lie????

          • John I assure you it is not me capwolfe, i never saw anything about a credit card either, i just got the warning from microsoft. That is all i said about this. I think if you have been using it all those years as you say and it gives you what you want great enjoy it. I have no agenda here as i have responded to others I could care less if you buy from me or someone else who is reputable, I was just making people aware of options and warning them not to go to a cheap media center as they do not give what you want . I dont know why everyone here is so paranoid or worried about my agenda I dont need any of your business i do just fine if you check my site and comments from those who bought from me you can see that they are happy and that is all i care about. I just thought this was an option and people here wanted the link to my site so I listed it. My intention was not to push my product on you or anyone else here if you are happy with what you got and you are aware of free options that is all that matters, I use the money i save on cable and the money i make on survivial items including many that are listed here on this site, that i have been a member of for about 2 years and enjoy. don know who stingray is. please dont make assumptions.

            • John Smith says:

              (My intention was not to push my product on you or anyone else here)

              That’s funny as the original article and EVERY one of your post are sales pitches.

              As far as people not trusting you. It’s because we understand what a salesman will do and say to make a sale.

              You say you don’t care if people buy from you, but then you keep selling in every post. You must think us stupid to not see this as less then honest as it’s clear you do hope we spend money with you even when you say it’s not important to you that we do so. You say one thing while doing just the reverse.

              PS” It’s not closed minded, it’s that we see right through you.

              • obviously you dont know what a sales pitch is if i wanted to sell i would reall sell it this is no sales pitch you dont even know what one is, My honestly is easily reflected on my web site from my customers who really KNow me.. I will let my record of total 5 star reviews speak for themsleves when i sell I sell like the 100 this sat. at a show. Enjoy what ever you are doing other then putting people down here.

                • also of note we are totally sold out now any way after several here saw the value and did order and commented on how negative some people are here, Those orders and the 100 from Sat. emptied us so I really dont even want your orders now as we are sold out and will have to wait to get more in. point is everyonne on this site sales look at the sides both sides of the site and all you see is ads.. You dont have to believe me I really dont care and i am unsubscribing to this feed as it is a waste of my time>

  14. T.M.R.s Grandma says:

    I turned off the cable and satellite garbage about 12 yrs. ago, didn’t like what the grand kids were being exposed to, (although now they are showing worse than that on network T.V.) I use a sm. in-house antenna to get CBS news. And I got Netflix last year. (wish I could get FOX.) Needless to say I don’t waste a lot of time watching T.V. There’s not a lot to choose from. But that’s a good thing. Frees me up to do more important things.

  15. PrepperDoc says:

    An antenna is an antenna.
    There isn’t any difference whether it is receiving “digital” or “analog” signals…….
    What is important is its gain, resonance, etc.
    If you know what band your cell phone uses, you can buy a “repeater” (I have one) and a high gain antenna for it, point it in the direction of a tower, put the “inside” antenna somewhere in your living space, and you should be able to have cell phone.

    My wife and I are somewhat addicted to “fox news” which is only apparently available on cable….so we have the minimal package….. oh well, if the end comes we’ll not have much TV at all, will we now?

  16. If you haven’t got the idea yet, this entire article is on big advertisement for wolfe den electronics. No matter what you suggest, cap wolfe is going to have a response to your solution to shoot it down. I don’t mind people advertising, but make it clear that that is what is is. On the bright side though, I got a lot of ideas from all of you about how to get around some of the tv issues. Thanks

    • MsBlindSpot says:

      I’m with you on this JAS. And kinda bummed that there’s such an ad as this posted as an entry in the contest. Definitely an ad and kinda sketchy website also.

      • just allowing you to have access to the best there are many others out there go get the cheap ones on ebay , I was just offering a way to save and get EVERYTHING and morewithout any monthly costs, If your not interested Fine. BUt many people are unaware this opportunity exists. There are even many sites such as Miraclboxcom go there if you want a fancy web site they sell the box for $389 We dont put a lot of money into our site it works just fine for us read our customer remarks on our site, What is sketchy about it?? It is run by shopify a well respected provider. If your happy with about 20 channels and that does it for you your entitled to that and more power to you you dont need our box and its 8000 channels, web browser etc. This is just one option to save money I have sold hundreads of these over the past 3 years and have never tried to push this on any one (no need to) Just thought you might like to get all of this for free thru my site or someone elses. I love having so many options and not being tied to our Politically bought Media here in the usa. But thats just me. To each his own.

    • sorry you feel that way. I was just sharing How i get more then cable even offers and for free. Many of my hundreads of customers were never aware that this exists, I was just trying to make you aware of the option, and Yes I do sell the box, only after i was a customer my self first. There are many ways to save money and many of them here are great ideas too.. It did open up a lot of ideas. I only offer my site as I know what i use at my home and what i sell. I also know their are many others out there on ebay selling very cheap boxes that are not programmed to receive anything..I dont need to push my site it is just one of many. If you want other sites I will gladly give you them also. And if you are happy getting 20 channels on local antenae that is great but that for some of us who are far from anything including tv stations this is an option that some do not know about. I am disabled and unable to do anything physical, so I am relegated to e commerce by choice. I am proud of our steaming centers and I love mine not just for movies, tv shows but viewing youtube and emails on a big screen tv is much better also. Sorry to offend you if that is how you took this.

      • The Cap Wolfe response to my Putlocker post above makes much more sense now as it seems like a way to shoot down things you won’t make money on.

        Your trust factor is not too high…

        • your intitled to your opinion, check my site comments i have a very high trust factor, Maybe it is a matter of a closed mind.

          • If your product is legal and legit, even with the worst marketer in the world you should be able to hit 25mil in sales in 2016.

            • Sold 5 today and yester day one of the guys sold 100 at a electronics show, yea, thats why i tried to let you know i am not trying to push to sell the product here just making everyone aware, enjoy I am.

    • Not to mention his sales pitch is just plain terrible. I feel like I am listening to an infomercial.

      • it works for me hundreads of sales read my feedback, but some just cant see it that is fine i dont need a sales pitch, the boxes sell them selves to those who see the value and dont go thru life closed minded.

    • Advertising your site shouldn’t be allowed, at least not this way. This guy is probably posting at every survival site trying to sales without paying advertising costs on a product that may or may not be totally legit or one that my isp will block eventually making it worthless.
      Next week I’ll be selling boxes to get free electricity from the bad ol electric companies, not really illegal because im streaming the electric straight to things that like to use electric, and currently looking at getting electric from Russia, its faster and better.
      Watch for my sales pitch, i mean my super helpful post on free electricity.

      • your ignorance is showing We have sold hundreads for the past 6 years no one has had anyting blocked yet we have 100%customer satisfaction and i posted my site because it was requested to be posted I have also sold many to this group but have not tried any others I just respec this site. I don’t need to push it I make plenty in fact we are currently sold out. Envy is hurtful and sinful. I will be looking for your electric post as yes i pay to much for electric but it is off set by my solar power, and generator. hope you someday can look on the bright side and not be so skepticle and criticle

  17. Another thing that’s cool is my wife can livestream something only available on the innerwebs and project it on the 55 inch tv from her samsung galaxy…similar to what I think you can do with apple tv and an I-gadget.

  18. Ahhh…when you said save on entertainment I got really excited until I realized you were just talking about television.

    Haven’t had it in years because there was never anything decent to watch. Don’t care about gold diggers snaring some bachelor, who survives what on some staged island or who dances with who.

    My idea of saving on entertainment is the FREE chamber music concert I went to last week, followed by the nationally acclaimed college choir the next night. Or, the classical guitarist that played at the local library last year. Then there’s the FREE

    Museum days
    Bluegrass jams at local watering holes
    Tail ships in the harbor, with a picnic lunch by the shore
    Concerts in the park, merlot anyone?
    Gallery openings, great conversations with the artsy crowd
    Street fairs, festivals and art walks
    Craft shows, quilt shows, quilt shop hops
    Open farm days or ag events
    Local horse shows or team penning practices

    I don’t do sports so haven’s a clue. But, rumor has it a pro ball team is coming for summer work outs.

    There’s so much out there that’s cultural, educational, fun and entertaining. Why park yourself in front the boob tube miss out on fresh air and sunshine …and a little exercise with all that walking around:(

    (opsec not considered:)

    • Crazy Joe in South Jersey says:

      JEN MAR ……….. AMEN .

    • just allowing you to have access to the best there are many others out there go get the cheap ones on eBay , I was just offering a way to save and get EVERYTHING and more without any monthly costs. If your not interested Fine. But many people are unaware this opportunity exists. There are even many sites such as Miraclboxcom go there if you want a fancy web site they sell the box for $389 We don’t put a lot of money into our site it works just fine for us read our customer remarks on our site, What is sketchy about it?? It is run by Shopify a well-respected provider. If your happy with about 20 channels and that does it for you your entitled to that and more power to you. you don’t need our box and its 8000 channels, web browser etc. This is just one option to save money I have sold hundreds of these over the past 3 years and have never tried to push this on any one (no need to) Just thought you might like to get all of this for free thru my site or someone else’s. I love having so many options and not being tied to our Politically bought Media here in the usa. But thats just me. To each his own.

    • Thanks for all the free ideas on how to get out and enjoy free entertainment that does not tie you down inside and does give you exercise that is the best advice for most people, I am disabled and unable to do a lot of physical things, in addition, I live in an isolated area, there is nothing along those lines within 30 miles of where I live. So I do rely on TV a lot more then I like too. I also like exploring the internet, and reading information books.

  19. The day broadcasting went from analog to digital, at twelve noon, my screen went blue and that was that…until. Last year my 2 oldest decided I needed a new flat screen (my old tv was just fine) and Roku. It is unbelievable how much I can get on Roku. More than I will ever be able to watch. Other than my WiFi, I don’t have another bill to pay.

  20. I use prime wire(free streaming),no sign up/nothing.I get all movies/tv shows ect.I do this on me for lack of better term disposable laptop,same thing I use to reach all sites.I do not run windows/apple but linux with basic security.I have another laptop (or 2 or 3!)that do not ever connect to home/e-mails ect/personal ect.these are dedicated to other uses.Till the net drops(and it will/print all the manuals ect. you like!)will never have cable,the net drops still won’t have cable,enjoy your weekend all!

    • VintageGams says:

      I went to the site and it looks interesting. However, I won’t sign up for an account. When I got to the part that says,” I have read the legal terms, and I agree to them. I also surrender my soul.” … Sorry, I won’t do that… not even in jest.

      • i have found that the case on most sites. Most people just agree and never even read the statement they are agreeing too. It could say “after 10 days you owe thousands of dollars by agreeing????” just saying! Dont sign up or if you do be sure to read the fine print.

  21. We went “cableless” for a while, still maintaining our internet. It was okay, but I do like watching baseball and football and I was unsatisfied with the results.

    • you can use a unllcked media streamer like I wrote about with high speed internet and get all of that and more. with no monthly fees as many of your colegues have.

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