The Survival Pyramid : How to Survive The Coming Economic Collapse

by Spudfarmer

As many of us who are preparing for an uncertain future have discovered, trying to prepare to become self-sufficient for an infinite number of scenarios is overwhelming as best. More often it becomes a sort of anxiety provoking undertaking with no end in sight.

It is easy to become so overwhelmed that you just run around buying things you know you will need at some point in the future. A box of bullets here, some canned veggies there, and so it goes.

After all, these are things you know you will need and will be able to put to use at some point, why not buy and store? The problem with this is that is leads to prepping without method and it does not systematically satisfy basic levels of needs. You need a method to keep your efforts focused and deliberate.

The tool I constantly use to help overcome this problem is based on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. As most of you probably know Abraham Maslow (one of the founders of modern psychology) developed a pyramid of human needs with five separate levels. Each level contains different requirements that must be met before moving on to the next level.

Furthermore, each level is supported by the level below it and a person cannot move on to the next level until the previous level has been satisfied. The bottom level of the pyramid contains things like food, water, and sleep.

The top of the pyramid is a level called self-actualization which is the pinnacle of human existence. Many people strive to reach this level but very few ever do. (Think Mother Teresa and Gandhi) It is very simple to apply this same principle to building a survival pyramid with the pinnacle being truly prepared.

I personally like the pyramid analogy, but you can replace it with whatever you like. The basic concept is you are building a survival structure. This structure is all based on a strong foundation and supporting levels. Just like Maslow’s pyramid, each level rests on the previous level and if you try and skip levels or build on a weak foundation, the structure will collapse.

With this information in mind, there are a couple of caveats before we begin. First, the fundamentals of the pyramid are universal, but each person’s pyramid will be different based on their circumstances.

For instance, while my first level living in the Northwest would be food, water, shelter, and heat – someone who is insulin dependent and living in Florida would have a first level of food, water, shelter, and insulin.

Secondly, any item placed in a level will also by extension have things that allow us to use items on the list. So if insulin is on my level one, I must also have a way to refrigerate and use insulin on my level one list. If my food storage consists primarily of grains, a grinder must also be on level one. If my water supply is a year round stream, a filtration system must also be on level one. You get the idea.

So without further ado, here is MY pyramid based on my age, location, family size, financial status, etc… Again, this is extremely abbreviated and only some examples of items in each level, not a comprehensive list.

Level 1: Life Requirements

Water- My water will come from my well with a back up hand pump

Food- 1 year supply of long term storables like wheat, salt, sugar/honey, powdered milk, hand grinder, spare grinder parts, etc…

Shelter- My house

Heat- Wood stove to heat and cook with plus 5 cords wood storage, matches, splitting maul, ax

Level 2: Long Term Survival Tools and Protection

These are things that will be essential to any long term survival plan. This is not even close to a complete list, just examples. Things like toiletries, non-hybrid seeds, garden tools, seasonal clothing, canned fruits & veggies, guns, ammo, medical supplies, etc….

· A Side note – It was extremely difficult to place guns and ammo on level two instead of level one. I’m one of those guys who doesn’t go to the grocery store without my gun. My thinking is that in the purest sense of the word survival, a gun is not necessary. You have to have food and water to exist, but you can survive without a gun. The best part is you don’t have to debate this because it’s my list, you can just make your own.

Level 3: Quality of Life

These are things that would be very nice to have and would upgrade your status from merely surviving to living borderline comfortable. These are things like books for your survival library, chicken coop w/hens, goat for milk, taking an EMT course, vitamins to supplement your diet, antibiotics, etc….

Level 4: Barter/Trades

These are items/skills that will allow you to get the most out of a survival situation. Some things on this list will increase your value as a person in a true TEOTWAWKI situation. This will also allow you to live much more comfortably in this scenario. These are things like welding, mechanical, medical skills that you can use to improve your personal situation as well as trade for other items. Other things might be a beehive for honey production or solar panels to recharge batteries or power electronics. These are skills/things that everyone should be striving to acquire after meeting basic needs.

Level 5: Add to existing stores and luxury items

These are things that are not at all essential but would make life better. Things in here would be candy for children (and yourself), board games, DVDs, music, etc. You would also increase previous set levels of need. More bullets, food for barter, etc….

Your lists should be as detailed and specific as possible. How much wheat? What Kind? Extra parts for a grain mill? What kinds of guns? Calibers? How much ammo? It could go on forever. Furthermore you could have some guns on level two and others on level four.

Your list will also change and will cycle as you become more prepared. The point is to stay focused and purchase starting with absolute necessities and work up.

I don’t care how great a deal you find on another case of ammo, it doesn’t matter if you don’t have your water needs met. Ideally this should take the emotion out of things and make you stick to a budget of sorts. Not as much fun, but far more effective.

As it has been repeated ad nauseam in most survival blogs, everyone’s survival list will be different. We all have basic needs we share, but we also have uniquely different life circumstance that prohibits making a one size fits all list. It’s your list; you get to determine what the priorities are for you and yours.

We all know what we need to survive. In fact, we can even picture most items we need and compile a detailed list. However, the fact remains we need to start viewing prepping as a structure. We have to start with a solid foundation and build up.

We all know what a house looks like, but we wouldn’t start building without plans. We know it would be a futile effort. You would have no idea what the exact measurements were and it would be pointless to try building walls before the foundation was set. The clock is ticking so draw your plans and start building from the bottom.


  1. OwlCreekObserver says:

    Never considered a Maslow pyramid for bringing structure to prepping but it makes perfect sense. Good article.

  2. JP in MT says:

    I like the pyramid idea. I was doing this without the structure. I started to have 3 & 4 being co-equal, but I see that you can put up things now for later quality of life, and barter items are to cover what you forgot/can’t produce.

  3. I really like this idea and especially the structure. Like JP, I too was doing this but I was totally disorganized. Not anymore thanks to you. Much, much thanks for sharing.

  4. Thank you for this. I too was having a problem putting things into the right order of priority, this make very good sence.

  5. I believe you could also add the most likely scenerio to level 2 and least likely scenerio to level 4 or 5. That way you are alsoprepping for what is mostly likely to be your first and most common needs perhapsthis goes hand-in-hand with beginning with more basic items and as one advances through the levels, adding additional and more advanced equipment.

    I also have been trying to do this and organize my to do/purchase lists similarly, but it has been difficult to decide what goes into which level. This will help. Thank you.

  6. Great article, ‘Puts Prepping Plans & Procedures into Perspective’ (PPPPIP- ain’t that a pip, sorry 4 pun?)! I took courses @ state run institutes of degradation (aka college) eons ago. Maslow’s theories were part of the subject matter… it’s only shortcoming then felt was that each step in the pyramid ‘blends’ into the step above &/or below. Each step is NOT mutually exclusive. Well noted in this article. TY 4 sharing!

  7. recently rcvd an email regarding a flag designed to show support of the family from a group known as ATM….. a great standard for those of us who prefer the pro family line- top step in the Maslow hierarchy, but a part of all the other steps, nonetheless!

  8. patientmomma says:

    Good idea for those coming into prepping, it gives structure to building their preps. Life has a way of changing our priorities for us, so this was a good reminder to go back and reassess our individual/family needs and update our supplies. For example, the author mentioned medications. Depending on when you began prepping, you may need to add medications, herbs, etc.,to your stash, because all of a sudden, you are diagnosed with some ailment, you didn’t have 10 or 20 years ago. Thanks for the article.

  9. Clara A says:

    I woke up this morning unable to focus on anything and feeling like storing a winter’s worth of food by this fall was overwhelming and unattainable. After reading this I at least ordered some water purification drops MD recommended a few weeks ago for water storage.

    • Anonamo Also says:

      Don’t think of it all as a whole. We all started once too,
      Do it in parts, like beginning with the water. Next..look at what you have on hand, For example, lets just say you have 15 breakfasts on hand…example lg box oatmeal, raisins cinnamon, sugar, coffee,and a jar of peanut butter and a jar of Jelly. so the next logical would be to have at least 15 main meals..I do rotini, and spices, with cream sauce and chicken with canned mixed veggies,: spaghetti,ground beef, pasta sauce, spices, and string beans. If you get supplies to make 7 of one of these and 8 of the other, you have 15 meals: Do 15 meals of two more items, you now have 4 meals to rotate and 15 breakfasts+ 30 main meals. Add several lg boxes of raisins, prunes, a few bags of dehydrated fruit/snacks from the dollar tree or such… It all adds up. Put it in a place that others are not likely to find..( separate from the regular pantry) I don’t know of anyone on this site that is independently wealthy, we are all struggling to “put something by for a hard winter” Just do what you can. If I know I can’t re-supply, we will cut our meals from 3 meals and a snack to 2 main meals +a snack.and I will reduce the amount I cook each time… we will gather any sorrell, plantain, or other edibles as well. We will consider other meats available that are not usual, like wild birds,

    • poorman says:

      Don’t let the chatter here fool you we all feel overwhelmed at times. A few weeks or maybe a month ago BC and I had a short discussion here on that very thing and how we sometimes feel panic over what did we forget,what didn’t we do. You just have to start somewhere and keep plugging away. Myself I started with buying an extra bag of rice , beans , dried potatoes , mac and cheese or pasta ect every time I went to the store. With luck you won’t miss the couple of dollars you spent each trip and you will be surprised at how fast you build up some stores. Do not try to look at getting a year supply of food ect just keep making small purchases as you can afford them and you will get there. Just being here on this site puts you ahead of most out there. God bless.

    • Clara, I can sympathize with feeling overwhelmed, especially if you are trying to do this as a single person or by yourself. But, as others have said, one step at a time. You have your water tablets, now store some water. Let everything build on itself.

      When I buy canned goods I see whats on sale and my goal is 10 cans. So if cream of soups, great for making casseroles, is .45 each I’ll by 10 cans and will only have spent $5. If they have another kind of soup for the same price I’ll have 20 cans. Check the local store mailers as well. I was able to get 20 cans of tuna for .80 each a few months ago from CVS. For spices and such, check the ethnic section of the market they are usually much less expensive.

      The other thing I’ve done is lay aside $10 each time I take my lunch to work, which is at least what I would spend eating out. I’m not depriving myself, I’m reallocating my funds to something more important. You’d be surprised how much you’ll accumulate in a short period of time. Then I can do a larger stock-up trip. This works great when buying non-food items that cost a bit more.

      I also have held yard sales for the express purpose of using what I earn on stocking supplies. It helps declutter and gives me a chunk of money for one category. I just did this an was able to fill out my first aid needs and add to my toiletries stash.

      I think MD’s stock-up list along with others I’ve seen are great for helping you develop a plan, where you can focus on certain purchases and check off what you have.

      Lastly, try no to make yourself frantic to the point that being overwhelmed stops your progress. Remember…the journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step. We’re all taking steps forward…little by little.

      Hang in there:)

      • Anonamo Also, poorman, and JenMar, thank you for your encouraging comments. I have been trying to be more prepared and self sufficient for 3 1/2 years now. One month after my initial 2 liters of water and extra bags of sugar, beans and rice my 3 year old daughter was diagnosed with cancer. Prepping went on the back burner for a long time. We are out of the woods now and I have worked on skills like gardening, shooting and canning but still lack a very deep pantry. Or deep in some areas but shallow in others. With 3 growing kids it is just hard to keep food in stock. I like the idea of planning out meals and making sure I have ingredients for them, as well as a separate container to store additional stores in. So we have food, but more than once in the past week I have thought, we have NOTHING for supper! I have a tendency to feel overwhelmed a lot lately, I need to develop a plan to combat it because it can totally steal the joy out of my day. Maybe an inventory would help as well, to see how much I have and areas I am weak in and need to build up a bit at a time.

  10. Good article but I feel like I have read this before someplace.

  11. L.A.West says:

    I have concluded that PREPPING for SHTF or TEOTWAWKI is impossible. Long ago, powerful families with armies and law officials thought having self sufficient Castles would assure them survival against invaders, seasons, and the ever changing tides within political settings. It is no different today. No man or family is an island. Even bush people have a community and they must support one another for the good of their village or they ALL perish. When shit hits the fan – that means no law and order, or WROL, without rule of law… and that means total gonzo, out of your rational minds, Berserker times. There is no defense or preparation against that. End of times means money is worthless. So – once again humans will go back to their innate caveman mind sets. They will might trade, but, generally, they’ll just look for the opportunity to kill you and just take it!
    So that cute wife or daughter is taken and sold or claimed, the son is killed or forced into labor, and all of your assets are spoils to be divided up. Hence, the old world walled cities that were fortified. What brought down Castles was cannons and plague. What brought down kingdoms was ships with cannon fire, high seas piracy and port blockades. Now man uses rockets-bombs, computer piracy, and economic sanctions. The age old, tried and tested, Political Assassination still works too.
    Prepping for all that MIGHT happen is like trying to predict the weather for the next 50 years.
    No matter what you do – it will not cover every scenario.
    If the USA falls – and it looks like it is already headed towards that right now – everything will be hit by a typhoon from hell.
    You, me, all of us, will lose everything, including the possibly of our lives. No one is going to sit pretty on private land, well stocked, well armed, and untouched. Only those with Golden Willy Wonka Tickets, “might” fair better. The next reigning overlords of the former USA will be a Henchman Dictators. The type of governance will be Fascist Socialism. It might take 5-10-15 or 20 years, but their hell-hound forces will ferret out every resistor, partisan, and survivalist and execute them. I expect any New World Order of One Central World Government to last less than 10 years and then it will collapse!
    So the end point is; I will prep only to survive long term utility-power outages for a period up to three months. If it lasts longer than that – it is either time to move to a place where there is utilities and power, or the nation has been utterly destroyed which means we’ll all die within a year.

    • Anonamo Also says:

      L. A. West, This is for you and some others who may read,.. so don’t take it personal, because much of what you say is true, but I present this to show the other side of this coin.
      Your choice what you choose to prepare for… when you cover Your needs, for what time ,you choose, you are giving yourself some measure of control over that time, and placing all beyond that time in someone elses “hands”. Do NOthing, or do little, just don’t come to the poorest of the poor and expect any hand outs after you’ve wasted your money and resources now on nice vacations, and trips all over the world. Because what little I will have I have done without, to have and I did not take those fancy trips , vacations or buy the name brand clothing. There is nothing wrong with any of these, but I had to put my priorities somewhere.
      I pray that none of us Need the things we prepare for… but in LA they have earthquakes: here, we have tornado’s. To be unprepared for a tornado and having a shelter is foolhardy for where I live.

    • LA West,
      Thanks for the pep talk. Your motivational speech was… motivating.

    • PrepperDoc says:

      Sorry to hear you are so pessimistic!

      Three months might not even give me enuf time for my first crop to harvest! Data gathered this summer suggest that with a half acre I can feed myself and my wife for an entire year. Survival hinges on getting my neighbors to band together, we all have plenty of land, but getting them to join may be dicey.

      I can’t defend against mortars and artillery, but I have the ability to handle any reasonable size band of lightly armed attackers. We can make our own electricity with ease, or food, provide our own water, provide self-defense and security if the neighbors cooperate.

      Unless we have to face heavy armaments, I plan to keep on going for years and years.

    • Happy Camper says:

      I disagree because by living isolated, remote, a long way to even a sealed road and secluded theres almost no chance at all of having to deal with the human element that will come with a economic collapse or grid failure.

  12. Patricia says:

    Excellent article.
    I will say one thing though:
    If you have children, candy needs to be at level 1.
    Comfort foods are a must!

    • Cavtrooper says:

      In every deployment I was ever on we carried candy. Kids instinctively know that joes have candy on them and love to give it out. Unfortunately this led to some bad situations, but for the most part it was great to see those little smiling faces when they got their candy. I always have candy on hand. Whoever rated your post down goes to the end of the line and gets the black licorice.

      • Sorry Cavtrooper – I LOVE that black licorice so I’ll be first in line for that. Seriously, everyone needs some comfort food. Life would be so boring if we didn’t have the wonderful assortment of foods that we were given by our Creator. So yes, I will be stocking up on all kinds of food not just the beans and rice.

  13. TPSnodgrass says:

    L.A. West
    While I do understand the sentiments expressed in your post above, I am not in agreement with them at all. After raising our family in SoCal, we got out, yes, it involved some personal sacrifice AT FIRST, but the benefits have been incalculable. Personally, as a military veteran and former Federal gov’t employee, seeing first hand the gross incompetence, utter mismanagement and lack of leadership in so many different Federal bureaucracies, I can’t fathom Federal employees being ABLE to be “hell-hound ferrets of Facist Socialism” So I believe that we currently have many politicians engaged in that particular political disorder? Absolutely. I also firmly believe in God and as a practicing Christian, do not believe He will allow this Republic to be taken over by despots. Will this Republic teeter on the brink of self-destruction? Of course, we are well on our way now. Do we know historically that there were times of political, economic and food “famine” in the history of our Republic? Absolutely. Are their evil forces currently trying to re-write our actual history to fit their political ideology? Of course. Will I ever allow myself to turn butt-up in submission to a Fascist/socialist/Prog/Marxist regime? Not a chance. Yeah, I’m that stubborn and realistic. I see what is coming and know that when we give up BEFORE the fight ever happens, we play right into the hands of the “hell-hounds of Fascist Socialism”. As a military veteran, I know what the actual capabilities of our current forces actually are and what they are not. Giving up is utter defeatism, and tantamount to the Neville Chamberlin School of Diplomacy, as currently being practiced by the Organizer-in-Chief and his Puppet-Idiot-Secretary -of-State. I will never compromise nor admit defeat until I am long dead and cold. If that happens IN the fight, great. If it happens after or before, fine too. THose who choose willingly to prepare by their choices are not those who are willing to get sodomized for any political or ideological opportunist or regime. Therein lies the difference between us. I do wish you well, I sense your feelings of loss, but fear not, we outnumber the bastards by the millions and we will not go willingly like sheeple to be sheared, slaughtered or corraled in camps of re-eudcation ideology.

    • I agree that one can not give up with out a fight and it is my duty to fight not only for myself but mostly for my family I have long since believed that as long as I get two of them before they get me I have done my part, I have now come around to think I must do everything in my power to keep my family safe, will I be able too? who knows but I must give it my 110%

    • Overwatch says:

      Well said, TPSnodgrass, you echo the 240 year old sentiments of another patriot.
      ” If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go forth from us in peace. We ask neither your counsel nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May you chains set lightly upon you and let posterity forget that he were ever our countrymen.” – Sam Adams

    • L.A.West says:

      This old west, singing cowboy son’s of the pioneer’s, rugged settler, wagons HO!, saddle up, buckle on the six shooters, rally around the evening campfires and sipping on coffee with a nip of RYE whiskey in it while listening to fiddle and harmonica players, with lookouts watch`n for renegade Injun’s and coyotes….to protect the circled wagons – as the Train Master lights up his pipe, and makes his evening rounds to pay call and give a reassuring kind word of encouragement to those who are worried, afraid, lonely, heart broken, and sickly individuals , or to share a joke or some news from one the braver unflappable folks and maybe one of the womenfolk might offer a fresh hot biscuit with molasses or an invite to sit and talk a while … `cause he’s so brave, handsome, manly, self assured, experienced, and never shows fear in the face of any dangers – for not even a big ole Grizz’ can scare him… Because he’s a sure shot with that 44 Winchester! – – – is the same type of bullshit mindset of Preppers who still think this is the wild west, and they are Wyatt Earp, Davy Crockett at the Alamo, Sam Adams, George Washington Crossing the Delaware, General Grant, or maybe John Wayne or the Pale Rider – – – What load of steaming barrel full of OX shit!

      The USA is now more Hispanic, Black and Asian -with an increasing Middle East demographic – than it is White. Within 50 years, the Whites will be less than 15% of the population.
      You are already out-numbered, out-maneuvered, out-witted, out-played, politically. This is why white culture is being sold out, diminished, erased, re-written, and gagged via political correctness and punished and made an example of, if you dare to speak up and against the propaganda of mass media. Now, WHITE’s are guilty white privilege by birth right which means they’re racists and need to be humiliated and shamed. And this is not going to go away. It’ll only get worse as the demographics continue to crush the clout and power of Caucasians. When they start to label white married couples as racist, and that white women need to interbreed the whiteness out of their race clearly should betaken as the warning shots across the bow of white culture and what is about to happen to them.
      Maybe now you understand the unchecked illegal immigration of non whites into the USA. It is meant to cause a culture shift and a political front to take whites out of the Northern America’s. The last stand ground Whites now find themselves on is quicksand.

      Once the USA becomes a SOCIALIST STATE – no one is going to own private property. All property will become part of the collective owned by the government. Some might manage to cling on to farms or ranches, but they will pay a huge tax to keep it, and what they do on that land will be dictated.
      All of you singing cowboys up in the rocks or in some hidden enclave will be routed out.
      The USA as we knew it, is over. Gone are the Wild Wild West’s; Root’n- Toot’n, shoot `em up, yee hah, bronco bust’n, silver concho – and jaggl’n spurs wearing, Bowie knife tote’n, chaw chew’n, spend an ounce of gold dust on a bottle of rotgut, dance hall girl’s, boozy floozy bar -room whores, and get into a poker game to try your luck, good ole day’s.

      All I see within 95% of the comments and rebuttals is ” I’m an American Cowboy in a Red, White and Blue hat, sit’n tall in the saddle on my trusty steed Thunder, with my faithful wonder dog, Fang at my side. Any no good hombre who tries to take away what is mine is going face my Glock, Colt AR, or 30.06 Deer rifle. And I know how to use `em too, cause I was in the military and saw action!” “Yessir, yer had bett’r love Liberty and the Amurykin Wey, or we’ll run yer mangy flea bitten hide outta town!”

      Being ready to deal with some type of weather related upset is one thing. But thinking you going to be a gun fighter at high noon in the street to take on the NWO Jack Booted Comanchero’s – is just hogwash!

      Nuff Sed !

      • poorman says:

        Thank you so much for explaining to all of us why we waste our time doing what we do. We have all learned so much from you and your comments. I truly feel we will not be able to learn anything more so your work here is done and you can leave the site and not worry about having to return to teach us anymore

        • L.A.West says:

          I haven’t even begun to get started! :>)

          Peppers are delusional and have visions of grandeur about what their lives will be like during and after utter collapse of a nation, the society, the financial system, and the shutdown of all resources, health care, utilities and left with facing a fractured and rouge Military, invading foreign forces, mobs, gangs, unhinged individuals and war lords.
          The whole SURVIVALIST-PREPPER business has become a gimmick and a Rubes folly.
          No one should live payday to payday with just enough staples to last out three or four days and then there is nothing in the house to eat… so you panic and “MUST” get to the store.
          If you some how should find you’ve been caught with your pants pulled down unprepared because a major weather related storm has hit, or a natural disaster, or a terrorist attack ( of which 90% of them are planned, set up , funded, and executed by our own government against us ) or you went to work one morning and everyone found the doors locked with a sign that read:

          United Widget and Acme Component Company is sorry to inform you, as of January 201- , is no longer in business and has decided to suspend all production at this facility hence forthwith. All former employees can file claims with Dewey-Cheetum & Howe law associates for recompenses of any back wages. On behalf of the Owners and Managers, we wish to thank you for our egregious and obscene Golden Parachute Retirement Benefits! Now beat it!

          Sometimes – when it rains it pours, and what it pours is a shit-storm you may or may not have been able to do anything about. That’s Life!

          There is NO justice, no fair play, no real UNION benefits -only the illusion there is, and if you haven’t figured it out by now – Those in POWER do not give a SHIT about you, your family, or how your going to make a living or pay your bills. The system is rigged to sell the long Con game of indebted servitude to Banks.
          That’s it!
          As long as you find yourself in constant need of money to pay consistently accrued debts you willingly acquired – You’ll find a way to gain employment to repay with interest as well as all federal, state and local taxes, your debts off. The system will tell you that you need things that are always several steps beyond what you should actually be buying. To get them, you can make the E-Z monthly payments, with 33.33% interest for 52 months – on that item – But wait, there’s more payments… several more in fact, and your monthly expenses, and this and that and – You have taken the bait – hook, line and sinker! SUCKER!

          That’s the System and it wants you so over whelmed with debts that you wouldn’t dare to upset the manure cart of government by demanding massive reforms, revolution, or a civil war or Impeachment. Just when you think you might have enough political momentum to do something about the corruption – an ever new threat to to society has just been uncovered, a plane disappears full of people, or some well known unmediated lunatic with a gun goes nuts and attacks a gun free area, or some new scandal or plot is front page news as a false flagged event – – and you’re busy looking at the smoke and mirror show , the LYING DECEPTICON in CHIEF issues another executive order to erode your rights further so that you can’t take on the politicians. Now go sit down and shut the fuck up! Take another Selfie, look at Kim Kardashian’s newest BIG ASS BUBBLE BUTT photo’s or Get excited over Caitlyn Jenner’s new love interest – which is another Transgurl! My- how so very apropos.

          Adding further – because the BANKING system is corrupt, if one fails – all of it’s customer I.O.U’s are sold off to another bank so that they can get that money from you! NO debts just disappear or are expunged… EVER. Too big to Fail means – screw you! Pay up Jerk!
          And if you go Bankrupt – well, that’s just too damned bad – it isn’t the BANKS fault you can’t repay your debts – IT’S YOUR FAULT for being so stupid that you continually bought things you couldn’t afford. So, now you can liquidate and the Bank will take 75%-90% of any recouped value – and foreclose on the house, and repossess the car and truck! LOSER! If you’re still paying off all of the Christmas presents you bought back in 2013 – you’re more than a MORON!

          Since you’re a obviously Walmart and Best Buy shopper – be sure to stake your spot on the sidewalk outside one full month in advance, as you want to gang bust the doors on December 24th to get that latest gewgaw you can’t live without! Also, be sure beat, mug, tromp, run over, anyone who gets in your way! After-all, you’re such a terrific winner in life aren’t you?

          So now – do you see how we’ve been Duped by the System of buy, buy, buy, buy, buy, …charge, charge, charge, charge…. and everything you think you need today, is out of fashion by next spring, or designed to fail or break, or you haven’t lived until you’ve went here or there, or done this or that, plus you simply must have the newest latest $1000 electronic Thingy McBob. — be sure to stay sexy, trim, lush up those eye lashes, plump those lips, wear that Bra and Panty set, drink that trendy beer, Kvetch, hook up, hide that gray hair, and no man however old shouldn’t be able to get an Erection – so get back in the game Stud! She wants it!
          Our whole society is predicated on BULLSHIT needs, wants and whims that ensure you’ll go into debt. And that is why – Shit Hit The Fan – The End Of The World As We Know It – Without Rule Of Law – End Game scenarios now too, are being Billed as the next big disastrous events – to rattle your chains, upset you enough, that you’ll push yourself to the breaking point financially to BUY ever more excess goods to hoard – because the idea of going without in the mindset of today’s Hedonistic -Selfish Culture is the nightmare they couldn’t possibly face!
          ” WHAT ME!!! go without? ”
          Obama makes an anti gun or ammo supply remark, and panic buying ensues with retailers price gouging the cowboy gunners who act like chickens with their heads cut off!

          It’s all LIE’S. EVERY PIECE OF YOUR FAKE ASS FACADE LIFE IS 100% BULLSHIT. No one is real or honest. EVERYONE is living in their own version or some pretend, wannabe, put-on, self delusional, living in a bubble world life style they have chosen for them selves.
          They screw over and back stab their way to have CEO, CFO, Director, Manager and any other titles on the office that makes them feel they’ve achieved the pinnacle of success, and they have the half million dollar home mortgage to prove it as well as the Porsche and Cadillac payments. People who equate fortunes as Cash Savings, IRA’s, Stock’s and Bonds, Precious Metals as success are insane. More numbers with Zero’s is never enough for them. It’s a mental disorder.

          Those who’ll instantly come back and say, they aren’t fakers, are LIARS and they know it. Egotistical Christians are some of bigger scammers out there and always the first to jump down your throat to sell you how wonderful they are.
          HOW DARE I SAY YOU’RE FAKE! Yeah? – well go toss off with your hand, snort a line or two, light up the Bong or Hookah!

          Society has lost touch with reality and do not recognize it when it reveals itself. And if you happen to tell them anything at all that flies in the face of their grand self delusions – they become pissed off and don’t want to hear it, tell you stop posting, get off of the site, because they cannot face themselves and the LIES they’re feeding themselves daily about who they are, want they are doing.
          And it is this self same delusion that prepper’s hope to carry forth into any END TIMES lifestyle all neatly tucked away in air tight containers, bins, buckets, freeze dried packages, home canned goods, prepped, gunned up, and Ammo supplied.

          I bought into it – and I prepped too. For years. Until – I got to thinking about it all. Then, I realized – I am being played. Just like some idiot at the traveling carnival who falls for the flim-flam mans come-on to toss a coin, shoot the ducks, pop the balloons, hit the clowns mouth, toss a ring, and WIN that giant stuffed animal toy for just 50 cents… So easy – that any fool can be parted from their money.
          SO grab a NEW AR 15 for Christmas. Now on Sale at Gander Mountain – free 90 day lay-a-ways available to Dec. 15th. 25% deposit required. All Major Credit Cards accepted with approval.
          Just in – NEW Shipment of 223. – .308 – 22 cal. – 9mm – and all popular size ammo – Get it NOW while supplies last – Limited to three boxes per customer. Sorry. No Lay-a Ways for ammo. Limited to stock on hand. No pre- orders calls.
          And on and on it goes to sell the BIG PINK STUFFED UNICORN called Prepping
          As for me, I can withstand NOT going to the store in the wintertime for 90% of the day to day things I need for four to five months. That’s enough and it is all I intend to do. I am not going to stash way 2o years worth of long term storage foods and goods. I won’t be alive that that long. I’m 66 yeras old. So there are no guns, no ammo, no gold or silver – just my my basic daily necessities along with a car I maintain and keep in good condition.
          No 4×4 prepper truck either. ( which would be just one more added annual expense to contend with )

          What all of us are facing – is a new system of government that will replace the one we have now based up a Constitutional Republic. We’re going to become a SOCIALIST STATE with a fascistic DICTATOR. Your choice will be to comply or die.
          The people are going to become indentured slaves to the state to re-pay the debts they have as well as their share of the national debt. And that is what the FEMA or FUN CAMPS are all about. To reprogram the minds of those who refuse to accept it, and to incarcerate and eliminate those who are trouble makers or are mentally or physically unable to produce something of value to pay their debts. Even if you’re like me and have no loans or debts – the BILL from the World Bank will let you know how much you have yet to pay off. The new system is going to be hard nosed, brutal, extremely heavy handed, thug like, until it has all of the young marching in place like mindless Goomba’s – and all of the generations that were from the old system are long gone with the millions of black plastic coffins used and buried. Obamacare is going to select who get’s Health Care to survive, and those deemed not having worth to the socialist state. Forced Vaccines on everyone will help too. None of it good.
          Within five to ten years you’re going to see people selling off family heirlooms , collectibles, property and anything of value to avoid paying huge luxury taxes on the excesses they possess and to pay off debts.
          Of course – the mega wealthy and Elitists will flee the nation or be one’s in power to laud over the rest of us.

          All of this is why – I contend SHTF prepping is a fools errand. Keep life small, keep it simple, keep it low key, and do not go into debt.

  14. Really good article, spudfarmer. I wish I had come across a similar one many years ago and paid attention as I would have done better a lot sooner.

    Basically, define for yourself what you want to prepare against: TEOTWAWKI, very serious economic problems without a complete collapse, earthquake, hurricane, whatever. Then decide what that situation would require: foundation, really important stuff, useful stuff, nice to have stuff (all including skills etc as well). Implement.

    Using your hierarchy would force one to sit down and think though probabilities and appropriate responses and make a serious plan. We would all do well to do that and review it from time to time to see if circumstances or our thinking have changed. Thanks again.

  15. Very good article spudfarmer. Personally, given the crucial importance of water, I want to have at least 3 different ways of getting water. For ex. 1. from a well w/ a hand pump. 2. the means to collect rain water. 3. water purification tablets & 2 filters.
    I don’t know how many people are going to die from lack of water, but I believe water collection things are going to be in great demand & in critically short supply.
    Best wishes to all for a blessed & productive summer.

  16. Excellent analogy between Maslow’s Theory and prepping with a plan and a goal in mind. However, you left out one important aspect of Maslow’s Theory (besides the fact that it is just a “theory”). You mentioned the fact that you can’t skip a level and go forward, but you can indeed go backward through the levels, as far back as Level 1. Think housefire, serious injury or illness, overwhelming forces from the outside. I don’t mean to throw a wet blanket on the party, but not being aware of the possibility for backsliding could give some preppers a false feeling of security. There should always be a Plan B, a just-in-case. The pyramid is a great building scheme, but maybe it would be prudent to have a second or even third less-grand pyramid in standyby. Just in case.

  17. Great article! The basics in a well articulated step by step synopsis.

    A bit off topic, but not much, I am back from AK and enjoyed catching up on the week of article’s I’ve missed!!

    Venison, very important to gain the skills needed today before they are needed tomorrow after the big sunset. Can you hunt? Clean, butcher and preserve your harvest? Add no electricity and then you have the need for salt. Lot’s of salt. Brine, treat and dry your meat. The hunt is the fun before the work starts, but is also part of the memories and lesson in self sufficiency. Hunting can save money on the meat bill as well. Money that could be used for other preps.

    One of the reasons I have decided on meat goats is the amount of meat to be processed and preserved. Less than cattle and less than deer. Even if a batch of meat spoils I will lose only a little as compared to alot.

    AK was very good to me with beutiful scenery and lots of fish! Silver salmon and halibut! I brought back 40 pounds of fresh halibut. If I use the $18.00 a pound formula to guage my trip, Alaska cost me nothing at all, in fact, I came out ahead. One more reason to hunt, fish, garden and forage, quality food that pays dividends in lessons and memories!

    I did not get through all the comments for the week, but the one’s I read were of course quality, and filled with experience. Thankyou all for sharing your information!!

  18. Chuck Findlay says:

    Nothing new for most of us here, we have already been doing the right thing, or at least working towards it. Few of us may ever actually get there 100%, but we still need to keep striving to do as much as we can.

    Pretty much all SHTF situations come down to having enough supplies, doing things for yourself, have a sustainable supply of food (Working on this but not there yet) or a way to trade for it, having a way to protect your family, being aware of your soundings and a changing environment and flying under the radar as much as possible.

    And keeping your mouth shut so others don’t know what you are doing or know what supplies or food you have.

    This is what survivalist / preppers have been doing for years.

  19. Happy Camper says:

    Great logical article, it has made me realise that ive been chasing too many rabbits (pun intended) and need to get the basics sorted before levelling up. To have six months food rotation is my aim.

  20. Hummingbird says:

    I’ve been struggling with several projects started and no clear list of priority for finishing. Your article is helping me get better organized. Thanks.

    • Chuck Findlay says:

      Hummingbird you can’t possibly have as many unfinished projects as I do. As I learn more the list is growing faster then I can get to them. I do a lot of things project wise and am doing better at getting them done then in the past. If we do get SHTF maybe I will have more time on my hands to get stuff done???

  21. L.A.West says:

    This old west, singing cowboy son’s of the pioneer’s, rugged settler, wagons HO!, saddle up, buckle on the six shooters, rally around the evening campfires and sipping on coffee with a nip of RYE whiskey in it while listening to fiddle and harmonica players, with lookouts watch`n for renegade Injun’s and coyotes….to protect the circled wagons – as the Train Master lights up his pipe, and makes his evening rounds to pay call and give a reassuring kind word of encouragement to those who are worried, afraid, lonely, heart broken, and sickly individuals , or to share a joke or some news from one the braver unflappable folks and maybe one of the womenfolk might offer a fresh hot biscuit with molasses or an invite to sit and talk a while … `cause he’s so brave, handsome, manly, self assured, experienced, and never shows fear in the face of any dangers – for not even a big ole Grizz’ can scare him… Because he’s a sure shot with that 44 Winchester! – – – is the same type of bullshit mindset of Preppers who still think this is the wild west, and they are Wyatt Earp, Davy Crockett at the Alamo, Sam Adams, George Washington Crossing the Delaware, General Grant, or maybe John Wayne or the Pale Rider – – – What load of steaming barrel full of OX shit!

    The USA is now more Hispanic, Black and Asian -with an increasing Middle East demographic – than it is White. Within 50 years, the Whites will be less than 15% of the population.
    You are already out-numbered, out-maneuvered, out-witted, out-played, politically. This is why white culture is being sold out, diminished, erased, re-written, and gagged via political correctness and punished and made an example of, if you dare to speak up and against the propaganda of mass media. Now, WHITE’s are guilty white privilege by birth right which means they’re racists and need to be humiliated and shamed. And this is not going to go away. It’ll only get worse as the demographics continue to crush the clout and power of Caucasians. When they start to label white married couples as racist, and that white women need to interbreed the whiteness out of their race clearly should betaken as the warning shots across the bow of white culture and what is about to happen to them.
    Maybe now you understand the unchecked illegal immigration of non whites into the USA. It is meant to cause a culture shift and a political front to take whites out of the Northern America’s. The last stand ground Whites now find themselves on is quicksand.

    Once the USA becomes a SOCIALIST STATE – no one is going to own private property. All property will become part of the collective owned by the government. Some might manage to cling on to farms or ranches, but they will pay a huge tax to keep it, and what they do on that land will be dictated.
    All of you singing cowboys up in the rocks or in some hidden enclave will be routed out.
    The USA as we knew it, is over. Gone are the Wild Wild West’s; Root’n- Toot’n, shoot `em up, yee hah, bronco bust’n, silver concho – and jaggl’n spurs wearing, Bowie knife tote’n, chaw chew’n, spend an ounce of gold dust on a bottle of rotgut, dance hall girl’s, boozy floozy bar -room whores, and get into a poker game to try your luck, good ole day’s.

    All I see within 95% of the comments and rebuttals is ” I’m an American Cowboy in a Red, White and Blue hat, sit’n tall in the saddle on my trusty steed Thunder, with my faithful wonder dog, Fang at my side. Any no good hombre who tries to take away what is mine is going face my Glock, Colt AR, or 30.06 Deer rifle. And I know how to use `em too, cause I was in the military and saw action!” “Yessir, yer had bett’r love Liberty and the Amurykin Wey, or we’ll run yer mangy flea bitten hide outta town!”

    Being ready to deal with some type of weather related upset is one thing. But thinking you going to be a gun fighter at high noon in the street to take on the NWO Jack Booted Comanchero’s – is just hogwash!

    Nuff Sed !

    • Chuck Findlay says:

      Want to see an example of a fool?

      Read any of L.A.West’s post.

      • L.A.West says:

        Yuck it up while you can funnyman! We’ll see who is laughing by September 2016!

        • Chuck Findlay says:

          I think ahead, plan ahead and adapt on the fly very well. I will be doing fine September 2016. Or at least better then most people.

          I have had a motorcycle accident, lost a job, had a wife get pregnant 1.5-years after I got fixed, lost a home because she walked out. All within 2-months of each other. It was a personal SHTF situation and while it was unpleasant in the extreme, I survived. Since then (25-years later) I have paid cash for everything I bought. I have zero debt, I delayed getting a lot of things because there was no cash to buy them. I will never go into debt again and have rebuilt my life so it’s better then before and am happier not being married or in debt (Can you say MGTOW?)

          I can and do fix almost anything in and around a home, I have so many tools and supplies to do so I have trouble storing it all. I have built a growing business that I repair things for people, the phone rings with request for more work then I can possibly get done. I had 3 calls today (a Sunday) for work, I have a post SHTF skill that is now and will always be in demand as I repair just about everything people use. I charge 1/2 the going rate of others doing the work I do. I can do this because I have no debt to pay off, I live a lower simplified life that doesn’t require lots of money to support and I have no wife to keep in trinkets. I cook most meals at home.

          All this adds up to making a good living charging less then the going rate for my work so I get a lot of calls for work. I have more savings (US dollars and Silver) then I have ever had in my life.

          All this conditioned me for the coming tough times so I think I will still be here and relativity happy Sep 2016.

          And I wasn’t laughing at you, just pointing out how foolish your post / viewpoint is.

  22. Old Dog says:

    Here is a video from MainePrepper that I have found quite useful.

    I never heard of yourepeat until today…..

  23. given hollywoods commie background, yep they painted an inaccurate picture of the old west….those shootouts were rare, simply an eventual propaganda tool by which to outlaw 2nd amendment…..fear not, commie techniques involve class warfare by attacking the power base- EVERYWHERE they’ve targeted…..once we’re knocked off, they come after their ‘allies’, putting all in chains, indiscriminately…. except for the bootlickers they find useful, albeit temporarily.

    • Chuck Findlay says:

      Yep for the most part the gun most people had was a shotgun, it was much more practical then a 5-inch under-powered revolver.

  24. This is a good idea, but I think it doesn’t break it down far enough. Prepping for TEOTWAWKI is still an overwhelming task, as some people have expressed, and quite frankly, is not where people should begin. Similar to the hierarchy of needs, beginning preppers should also work with a hierarchy of time. Start with preparing for the short but frequent emergencies like your car breaking down. Then go on to a small storm knocking out power for a couple hours. Then a disaster that lasts a couple days. Then a couple weeks. Then a couple months. Then a couple years. Then you’ll be so adept you might even start to look forward to TEOTWAWKI.

    • Chuck Findlay says:

      Not that I felt overwhelmed but this is how I did it. I gradually bought extra items and saved for the larger items. It adds up faster then you think.

  25. TimeHasCome says:

    I would only add on word to this article under number one . That is a ” Honest ” one year supply of food . I can count many times that when I look at a persons one year supply it’s more like a 4 month supply . A women will eat about 700 pounds of food a year a man about 850 pounds . So if you have 500 pounds of dry goods it would be 1,000 pounds of table weight foods . Or enough for two for 7 months.

  26. other considerations regarding food storage in preps….. calories per day & nutrition…….. it’s like preparing for retirement….. the socialists state school systems are woefully over funded & are hotbeds of commies living off the American taxpzyer a child needs to be taught to invest (in different areas) for retirement as soon as they begin working…. a statist school system doesn’t teach its charges to do so, so they are more dependent on the state…. so if a child doesn’t start investing young, they have to acquire funds from other areas IF they reach the age of retirement. Otherwise they must steal, depend on handouts, or go hungry…. anyone remember the story of the 3 Little Pigs? The first built his house out of straw…. the second built his house out of sticks….. those 2 laughed & danced & partied all day; the third built his house out of bricks (& mortar) & had firepower to slay the wolf when he tried to huf & puff & blow ( a real hot air blowhard, 2nd story man who used stealth-aka political bs- to come down the chimney) the house down. The prepper needs to plan his ‘house’ & provide for his needs. Useful idiots (little pigs 1 & 2) are what the statist school system wants to churn out, God fearing & liberty minded pigs use brick & mortar materials. OK, enough analogies, make a list of everything you use during a day, month, year…. oxygen, water & food top the list get them as best you can (paper sanding masks are inexpensive will help- @ first, if oxygen supply is threatened)…. protection from the elements shares top billing w/the above…. there are many ‘wolves’ out there, well prepped sheep can ward them off! But they gotta stick together. Don’t cast your pearls before swine (aka banksters & their political toadies)!

  27. Chuck Findlay says:

    The Coming Economic Collapse seems like a very possible event in the close future.

    We see post about storing up food, ammo, silver or gold. But what do you do when these run out? And they will run out!

    I see almost no mention of how to make money, only post about stocking up.

    You can farm, have animals and grow a lot of food. We should do these things, but what about money?

    We all need money to buy things we don’t have, run out of, have stolen or simply didn’t think of to buy ahead of time.

    Every one of us should be working on developing a source of income to produce money.

    While the US dollar may go away (insert your country’s currency here) there will always be a medium of exchange as barter doesn’t work when you get more then a few people involved. Mankind always comes up with a medium of trade. And as much as I like silver I know I will never have enough to last for the rest of my life. So for my personal economic survival I have developed a set of repair skills that allow me to repair autos, some electronic items (electronic are a lot harder to do the last 15-years), repair almost everything in and outside a home. I can build just about everything you can imagine on a homestead or any property a person lives on. I practice and learn new skills all the time, I buy a LOT of supplies and tools to be able to use my own sources of supplies to do these jobs. I re-purpose and reuse things all the time giving them a new life and myself a bit of money.

    People need to not just think about SHTF like it’s a weekend event. What if it goes on for years? How will you make money if your job goes away? What skills do you have that will produce money in a drastically down-turned economy? It’s likely you may not have a job or if you do it may not make enough money to live on. We all should have our on income streams we can use to make money. And it’s better to start doing it no pre-SHTF then post-SHTF.

    I just don’t see this addressed by many here (almost no one talks about it) and it’s going to not go so well if you haven’t given this some attention and action. Key word is ACTION as things go wrong in any business and you need time to get a working system in place that does produce money.

    Don’t just think about it, move to action and start doing because the world at large doesn’t care if you have an income or not. You need to insure your future earning ability because no one else will.

    The Coming Economic Collapse is in fact coming, what will you do for money???

  28. L.A.West says:

    Everything will greatly depend on the severity and duration of any “glitch” in the day to day paradigm we operate in and depend upon.
    Other nations in history have had their economic systems go belly up and their societies convulse and sputter on for long periods until some reforms and new leaderships directs them back to some type of commerce and normalcy.
    But if the NEWER normacy is something hatched from HELL – like in the Middle East for instance, and that something wicked this way comes – ain’t NO BODY gonna be happy!

    Letting a known tide of wretched villainy and scum poor into the USA unabated through an unsecured national border clearly has nothing to do with tilting a demographic voting base. It is about creating a hostile cultural situation where the thieving, raping, murdering, disease carrying, benefit grabbing welfare dependent, non English speaking sycophants overwhelm and collapse the system and the tax payers revolt against the government – then they can issue full martial law and send the jack booted thugs out to use all of their new military toys against the people. Fema Camp employees are just waiting for their chance to beat, torture, rape, crack bone, listen to muffled screams of agony, and bury in unmarked graves people who never deserved such savagery.

    You can bet your sweet pink cheeks that FEMA is hiring all of the biggest most muscled up goons with a clear psychopathic bents to their personality to staff their Camps.
    History will someday show – FEMA Camps made NAZI Concentration Camps look like Adirondack Summer Vacation Hotels.
    The USA might be able to withstand a 30 to 90 day shutdown because of financial collapse. There “MIGHT BE” enough processed food, perishables, and drugs in warehouses or still on the farms yet to harvest that with careful rationing “might” carry the nation through until a new financial system is implemented. If that crash happens in the dead of winter when there is no full harvest of crops in the fields – the situation is then fixed with finite supply. The worse of scenario’s too.
    However – it’ll be those holding those goods who’ll determine not only where it goes and to whom – but also if egregious price gouging will take place as well. During the gas embargo – filling station owners immediately began to price gouge the public, until the federal government stepped in and put a stop to it and then fined those that were guilty of it. During an economic crash – the government will probably try to seize all essential goods and services then ration it like they did in WW2 with coupon ration books. However, the society we had then is NOT the society we have today. People back then were used to living with and having less – and they were willing to sacrifice for the good of the nation and the war effort. Today, people are greedy, selfish, hedonistic, sociopathic, aggressive and MEAN. The best examples of that are during those holiday door buster sale events where throngs of vicious rapacious hell-hounds storm a store opening to get that TV on sale, or the latest cell phone. They will stomp, run over, beat, claw, maim, and even KILL someone over trivial things. So, what would they do for bread, spam or mac `n cheese when they haven’t eaten in days and there is nothing anywhere to buy? I have a hunch the government already knows just how ugly things will escalate out of control once SHTF. This is why FEMA Camps do indeed exist, they are hiring for them, have gunned up and ammo upped, and brought in the heavy equipment by the 2.5 mile long rail car loads. Not to mention the Prisoner rail cars that have been shown and talked about on You Tube for years… Currently there are stories of the US government signing a bill to introduce and allow the usage of the Guillotine in the USA. If true, and usually where’s smoke, there’s fire with these types of stories – you have to ask – What’s up with that?
    HEAD CHOPPING on an industrial scale? WHY? For what reason?
    Keep in mind – as shown on YouTube – hundreds of thousands of stacked high, black plastic coffin/liners amassed and awaiting – something! A new deadly plague epidemic? Mass executions? Of who exactly? Christians? Catholics? Jews? Gays? Lesbians, Transgenders? People who refuse toxic Vaccines? Criminals who stole a loaf of bread? WHO? Further- who is going to do the executing? The Military, the UN, Mercenaries, or head collecting happy MUSLIMS?

    I have long asserted – and this is really insidious – that the federal government has NO intentions of ever making good on the Social Security Benefits to be paid to millions of now en mass retiring Baby Boomers. The fed’s will try to screw them out of it and of those who’ll go ballistic and riot and protest – OFF with their heads! Of course, that is only a theory. Yet, those running Social Security have done NOTHING to redress the situation of the FUND ACCOUNT being pillaged and plundered by the federal government – with nothing but worthless federal I.O.U.’s promising to make restitution – but since the government operates like an Old Fat Uncle Whimpy – who says; “I’ll gladly pay you tomorrow, or next week, or next year, for delicious Burgers today!” yet he never repays… he just keeps mooching by the trillions of dollars worth! So – I guess we can pretty much deduce, that Uncle Whimpy is a conning dead beat lair! Realizing as well that Uncle Whimpy has had the keys to our safety deposit boxes, IRA’s, Fort Knox and the Federal Reserve… well, I think you can figure that one out!
    During social chaos and upheaval – and that is what is currently unfolding daily… the intelligent KNOWING FULL WELL that the US government is 100% corrupt, and that it is being hijacked by a gaining tyrant who views the Presidency as a seat of un-deposed Fascist Dictatorship – who is also doing everything he can to SHIT ON the foundations of the republic and it’s freedoms … only a moron with their head up their ass would still give that lying, deceiving, conniving MUSLIM BASTARD a passing mark and continue to worship him as well.
    Most people are intuitive enough to know – a really shitty gift they do not want, is about to plop into their laps and they’re already pissed off at the gift givers too – being the god-damned politicians. It gets worse…

    The wizened face , fat-ass, cankle thigh, leisure suit wearing Lying Corrupt Witch Whore in Waiting who views herself as the next SHOE IN candidate for the office of grand high Poohbah is nothing more than a Malignant Cancerous outgrowth of the activist socialist campus hippies of the 60’s who has a criminal rap sheet several yards long of her very own. Her Husbands is longer still. That pair should been cauterized once and for all and the ending of his Rebuked-Censured and Impeached Presidency.
    Now they’re back like some foul stench wafting off the dead carrion of his presidency and her stint as a disastrous Secretary of State. Whats more – is they are dragging their Princess in Waiting along for the ride – after all the stinking steaming turd doesn’t fall too far from the asshole!
    This is indicative of just how much the complicit corruption of politicians, the supreme court, and the media has engaged in a massive clusterfuck of epic proportions. The only way to shut it down is to stop paying taxes to the government. To dare to even whisper such a thing is enough to cause people to disappear!

    You need to ask yourself – WHY hasn’t Obastard been arrested for high treason against we the people of the USA? Why hasn’t he been rebuked, or Impeached by Congress? Why hasn’t the Military marched in and arrested him for being a traitor? Why hasn’t the Military staged a coup? WHY? WHY? WHY? Because everyone and every branch of government is on the conspiracy to defraud and overthrow the Republic of We the People to usher in a New World Order of “death for breakfast” if you don’t comply to a life of austere poverty and servitude to the new master…Moloch and it’s 33rd degree holding Bohemian Groove,Bilderberg minions.
    So – again – just what are you hoping to prep for and to outlast?
    Once the final BIG COLLAPSE happens, it’ll be worldwide, long lasting, with World War Three waging on every continent.
    Everything indicates – that once SHTF – those who will not give up their rights, the flag, their guns, their stash, their religions, will become enemies of the state and “Kill On Sight” death warrants issued to make an example out of them.
    Are you willing to DIE for a lost cause? Because once the US Constitution is deemed null and void – all bets are off and it’ll never come back again. The Nation as we’ve known it to exist in the better days of the past – will cease to exist permanently. Freedom and Independence Lovers will be hard pressed to survive in pockets of Resistance Fighters as months and years drag on when they know – someone – or some mistake – will give them up and the individual or group is taken down.
    In my view – adding ti all up – these are the Last Days! Get right with your personal God. Get calm in your soul. Don’t do anything rash or stupid to draw attention to yourself. Learn to live well below the sweep of political radar. Be No One – the gray man, the ghost! Get off of social media and go to great lengths to just disappear off the grid of constant surveillance. If you do Prep – keep it covert – secret and hide it well. Be the last one anyone would expect to be a prepper. Keep your opinions of the government to yourself. If you go to church – you might want to start thinking about whether or not you want to keep associating with it and the members. Most churches are nothing but social clubs for the weak willed – so is it really necessary to go? You can have faith without some pomp and ceremony building. You might discover once it’s too late – that the church was your worse enemy once SHTF! Pastors are becoming leftist agenda mouth pieces. So is the Pope. That aught to give you a hint.
    KNOWING WHAT TO DO – right now – is a challenge. Getting out of USA is not an option for most of us. Hoarding supplies is a financial burden. Saving a touted viable currency like gold or silver too – could ultimately prove to be not a wise decision. If owning and using it is banned or outlawed – you’re screwed. Bartering will only work when there is something of greater or equal values to trade. “I’m here to Kill you! – So what have you got to offer me that I’ll spare your life, for today?” That’s the question none of us wants to face!
    “Run little rabbit – Run! We know who you are, and who your family is! You can run and hide little bunny – but we’ll track you and find you and then your ass is ours!”
    That my dear friends is what you, me, all of us will face!
    So you decide what you’re going to do – knowing that!

  29. Curley Bull says:

    Hey Fellas, while I disagree with L.A. West’s totally negative attitude and personally think him to be the bigger fool than I, the scenario he describes IS a very real possibility. If the Body of Christ doesn’t come together (and real soon), this country WILL go down. God has just about had His fill of being pushed out while we (as a country) become more and more like Sodom. We could very well see Mr. West’s description of the future play out. The greatest prep any of us can make is to get right with the Lord. If what I know to be true (not just believe) offends anyone, you know where the thumbs-down button is. I’m not concerned about my self, but my grandchildren and if my prepps can make the future a little less difficult for them, then, I have done some good.

    With a Brother’s Love,

    • L.A.West says:

      L.A. WEST is a 66 year old FEMALE with 16 years of military service – US Air Force during the Vietnam foulup – as a 4 star generals aircrew aide – US Force Reserve – as a services-hospitality liaison, US Coast Guard – as a Services NCO in the Great Lakes. She has a BA degree in International Business, and Hotel -Motel Management. So yes – I guess that makes HER a big fool doesn’t it! She isn’t negative – she’s a realist who doesn’t play make believe games.

      • Curley Bull says:

        My dear lady (and fellow service member), for the offensive gender error on my part, I apologize from the bottom of my heart. It was not intentional I assure you and I thank you for your service to our country

        However, you need to re-read my comment. I DID NOT say you were a big fool OR that I wasn’t! I SAID “I believe you to be a bigger fool than I”! Only time will tell which of us is more right and I am entitled to my opinion same as you are (we both fought for that right). I said nothing demeaning about your IQ, accomplishments in life, or ability to grasp, rationalize, and act on any given situation. You voiced your thoughts and so did I. That’s part of what this blog is about. Regardless of how much we differ, we can still learn from each other. You’re not that much younger than me and if you will chill out and re-read my earlier comment, I really believe we could be friends. Maybe not close, but we are brother and sister in arms (retired) and I pray in Christ.

        Again, for any offence you feel I have given you, I apologize from the bottom of my heart, but I (same as you), stand by what I have said.

        MSG, U.S. Army, Ret.

        • Curley Bull says:

          PS: Before any one else takes offense, “Fella” is gender generic.

        • L.A.West says:

          L.A.West says; we’ve all become FOOLS because we as a nation have done nothing to rectify the situation. If millions of people showed up in Washington D.C and clamored for the removal of the impostor in the Oval Office- we might see some movement. Nothing will happen until the populace stops giving credence to propagandized broadcast news, ( the latest Obama ass clown now being Lester Holt ) and begin to get right in the faces of their elected Representative and demand answers from them. Men like John McCain – is a warmongering RINO sellout and he should be removed from his Senate seat. Individual need to create their own investigative teams and go after the real stories and not only put on You Tube, but disseminate that information via all forms of communication – even going as far to publish hard copy and hand it out in the streets. Too bad if the lettered agency members do not want to be on camera – there is always a way to get the video and photos… Cockroaches never light the spotlights on them! Do you remember the underground newspaper from the 60’s and 70’s call the “Spotlight News; we report the truth without Fear or Favor.” They caused all sorts of mayhem with the corrupt politicians and thug cops. That’s what is needed again.
          Dare I post this = Men like George Soros and Henry Kissinger and their ilk need to be ferreted out of their rat holes and shot in the head! That list is long too! The Saudi Royal family needs to go bye bye as well… I could on and on – but the point is – we know who the criminal Banksters, instigators, trouble makers, and terrorist supporters are – doing nothing about it is the real crux of the problem. So as we sit and twiddle or thumbs and fiddle with smart phones and selfies – ROME burns!
          L.A. West
          W-2 Senior Flight Officer and Enlisted Aide W0-2 (retired )

          • Curley Bull says:

            Well WO-2 West, does this mean I’m forgiven and that we can agree to disagree on some issues?

            I do agree with you on this last comment, yet I haven’t changed my mindset.


  30. L.A.West says:

    to all;
    I think what many of the younger hedonistic generations do not seem to realize – is that older people put in their dues, via service to the nation, working careers, raising families, and looked forward to their retirements for their golden years without hassles, haranguing, arguements and being burdened with others problems.
    But that isn’t what is unfolding and they have found themselves faced with burning gunny bags of horseshit on their door thresholds constantly and their hoped for happiness -pissed on.
    We’re sick and tired of the civil unrest, the killings, rapes, robberies, shootings, riots, looting, muggings, car jacking, serial killers, terrorists, anarchists kidnappings, renditions, disappearances, murders, abortions, the drug culture and it’s human carnage, celebrity nobody worshiping, and sneering at people of faith, all because the 15 to 50 crowd cannot and refuses to get their acts together.
    Within the government – advanced age and treachery trumps all tenants of wisdom and history handed down to us learn by.
    The cabal of greedy cynical old men and women from the multi-Millionaires club who’ll lie and pander to any group to retain their lofty positions of power and influence peddling to enrich their Millionaire and Billionaire crony networks – all of this and so much more, we are all sick of it.
    And now we’re being threatened daily by a tyrannical effete man with a pen and phone, who hates this nation , it’s rule of law, it’s traditions, values, and religion. We’re SICK OF IT!
    And because we’re not going down without a fight – because we still value the old ways, the old rules, the old morality, and the old time faith – we do what we know best. Prepare for a long hard winters battle – and maybe an fashioned rumble in the streets if necessary because we hear the drums and see the enemies fires on the horizon. And those jackal headed scourge who hate us, and demand we be disarmed and rounded up – WE Stand Fiercely Proud holding our rifles high in the air and wave old glory hard won by gut and guile – scream from the bellowing lungs – “MOLON LABE !”
    And that is why any of us, prep. Not because of tornadoes, hurricanes, typhoons, forest fires, earth quakes, or name calling – but because of the hyena’s we hear laughing at us in Washington D.C. and the mangy pack that follows their lead.
    MOLON LABE! if you dare!


  31. …..figured L A West to be a female…. figured a longtime bureaucrat , taking an oath to the US Constitution on more than one occasion, but not adhering to that oath… after the elitist machinations @ end of WWII (screwing our allies, helping iron joe) & where Korea was won, but given away, it should have been obvious there was no intention to win in viet nam by the same elitists. Of course media trumpets/strumpets played on our patriotism & obscured their desire to promote socialism. For God’s sake, the UN aided/abetted the viet cong & administrations since have kow towed to the UN! Believe it or not, I agree w/much of LA West’s assertions. For these reasons…. during the Spanish civil war of the 30’s, many civic leaders were assasinated & trained commies moved in to fill the vacuum. Think of all the aliens brought here…. the medical profession has been ‘retooled’ w/aliens, engineers have been forced out of their professions, corporations have been taken over by off shore conglomerates & the oracle from omaha, apple computer ideas stolen by a globalist, no conservative is now syndicated on talk radio/ now it’s all potemkin, all the time….tradesmen are forced out…unions have pro socialist leadership….manufacturing is dead here, now carried out in sweatshops in socialist countries….shipping is carried out by multinational ownership…the coup will come & the plan is to keep the work being performed so the elitists will enjoy a minimally interupted income, dissenters are disappeared & life goes on, if you get under the bosses desk, send your children off to fight perpetual war w/o meaning & man the trenches (aka job).

  32. remember ….the pen is mightier than the sword & there is One who is the mightier than the pen & sword cabal! Ask His guidance when employing pen & sword. The vote is our weapon, convince others to use it judiciously! Do not only form prep groups, get w/political groups or form new ones & stop the beast in its luxurious lair.

  33. great points ALL…. we need to focus on solutions, lest we become knee jerk reationaries!!!!!!

  34. L.A.West says:

    Our, my AMERICA – the ONE in January of 1967 we swore an oath of allegiance honoring the US flag, to protect and defend the President and the Nation from all enemies foreign and domestic has ABANDONED US!
    Because we still believe in that AMERICA – of which 90% of American’s today do not – we – people like us –
    We’re labeled racists, haters, enjoy white privilege because we’re a heterosexual white couple… Now we’re too rich, have too much, and we should have to give it all up to redistribute to those who didn’t work for it…
    We are now being told we’ll have let low level, ignorant violent illegals, and poor people move into our city where the average house is $500,000,, with many being $1,500,000 or more and we pay high taxes to keep the city beautiful.
    Well, I am NOT Sorry to tell you- NO WAY is that going to happen.
    We have seen what those types have done to the eastern and western sides of cities near us… they’re nearly bare earth ghettos. Those were once nice areas in the 1950’s and 60’s.

    My husband ( Former Air Force Captain ) and I fly our American Flag, US Air Force Flag, Air Force Reserve Flag, US Coast Guard Flag, and the US Army Flag because my dad is a living WW2 combat Veteran who has 2 purple hearts. I had a ancestor Uncle who was a 1st Lieutenant UNION SOLDIER, who survived intact, and a great great grandfather who was a Sea Captain of a four masted Vessel and he made regular voyages from Europe to the USA hauling war cargo and passengers. I had a great uncle who was a B-24 Navigator and he was shot down over Romanian Oil Fields and killed- Another Uncle was a US Army Mail Train Postmaster- in Europe during WW2. Another Uncle was a Commissary Officer. One uncle was a combat infantryman in Germany – machine gunned and lived to become a Fire Chef. Another Uncle served States Side in the Marines as a News Correspondent. Later a younger uncle was Radioman in Korea and survived. Three years before my Commission, my youngest uncle went to Vietnam as a Paratrooper at the beginning of the war. He was a there to help with chemical warfare programs- he was achieved Technical Sergeant. He was well aware of Air America and CIA spook-ships because he dealt with them. He was just as crazy as they were. He survived and then become a County Law Enforcement Officer until he retired – then he taught cadets at the local community college.
    During my first six years of Air Force Service – I had three other cousins who enlisted in the Marines, Navy, and Army. All of this is just in my family…
    All in all – Both of our families have a long rich Military History with the USA… We’re proud of that. Only me and another female cousin served. She was a nurse. The rest were good men.
    We have copies of the Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights mounted, framed and hanging in our library along with our Honorable Discharges and awards and medals.
    We know where we came from and who we were then and are today. What we see around us everywhere -is sickening and disgusting. We’re old school patriot AMERICAN’S – but we have no idea who everyone else is!
    We ‘re both Sunday school raised kids, who went to the local Baptist and Presbyterian church, we went to Campus Services in College and on military bases.
    As kids we both were in Sunday School Plays, Jr. High Choir, High School Choir, High School drama club, School Band. He was in ROTC. I was a Girl Scout until I was 16.
    In grade School we always started off the classroom day with our hand over our hearts, looking at the American Flag if front to the Chalk Board, with Portraits of Washington and Lincoln overhead as we Pledged our Allegiance to the Flag.
    I think we’re about as RED WHITE and BLUE as you can get.
    We’ve never broken the law or been in legal troubles. We’re good citizens…
    Dealing with the public for over 35 years, I am well aware of the perverse insanity permeating society – and just when we think we’ve seen or heard it all – we all shocked to our core by something else.
    We’re fed up with it… It’s making me loose my cooler head, and swear more and more.
    Alaan is always telling me to stop the swearing… so I tell him;
    ” it’s that or I’ll just pull my hair out and your wife will be bald in six weeks!
    He says; “Just calm down – honey… you’re going to have a stroke if you keep it up!”
    I know he’s right……………..
    So I swear on line – – – I am sorry! I apologize.
    I never swore when I was a teenager. I didn’t use potty language in the Military. And believe me, back then there was plenty of reasons to swear —
    I didn’t really swear that much when I got married. Certainly not when our daughter was young and living home.
    I have only been with one man – and that’s my Husband. Before I met him I dated, but never had premarital sex… that was No! No!
    I’ve never had an abortion. We are not tattooed. We never did illegal drugs. We do not drink alcohol. We do not smoke. We’ve never been into any kind kinky perversions. We do not watch sexually explicit programming that shows anything that conflicts with our faith in God. And that is getting to the point where you are left with very little to look at lately.
    We like Conservative talk radio – Christian music radio, Christian Service broadcast radio and television, Folk Music, Classic Country Western, 1950’s early to mid sixties rock and roll except pot head rock and acid rock- we like some Rock-a-Billy, We LOVE classical Music, and we love Civic Theater and Picnic Pops on the lake front or at the Ski Lodge. We love to ride our bicycles around the Community and stop for a great waffle cone ice cream at the local old fashioned Ice Cream Parlor.
    We look for web sites that we think might have Patriots that might still connect to the old America –
    We’re still connected with my Hotel – Concierge affiliations and try to go to one convention each year –
    We’re both Libertarian – Most of our fiends are Republicans and business owners –
    However things began to eat at me – bite by bite –
    I have noticed beginning with- the O.J. Simpson trial and acquittal – he and his law team LIED – he got off with a double murder… a instantly created national holiday for Blacks! That set a sour tone in this nation that has gotten worse. Trust me, no one has forgotten it…
    Bubba Clinton’s sickening finger in the face of AMERICA and pointing to the camera -“Listen here America – I did not have sexual relations with that woman! – A LIE – a filthy cheating pervert and the US president. A National Disgrace. Now he and his equally disgusting LYING wife want to get back in the White House! No shame whatsoever- NONE –
    Since 9-11 – again – A LIE – Propaganda – deception – false flag
    Iraqi Weapons of mass destruction – A LIE –
    W Bush swaggering across a flight deck with MISSION ACCOMPLISHED declared on the Iraq war- we’re still there, dying, being maimed, and it looks like we’ll be going back – ALL A LIE – Haliburton and Xe make billions.
    The swearing in of Satan’s Bastard son – Barack Hussein Obama – Soetoro / using Lincoln’s bible without his hand actually touching it, because he wouldn’t, to faithfully protect the US Constitution – after he had said;“We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.” — Barack Obama, October 30, 2008
    then the gem from Michelle –
    “We are going to have to change our conversation; we’re going to have to change our traditions, our history; we’re going to have to move into a different place as a nation.” — Michelle Obama, May 14, 2008
    This is when I said ” what the FUCK?” out loud…in front of daughter!
    on to- Michelle Obama’s;
    “Barack Obama will require you to work. He is going to demand that you shed your cynicism. That you put down your divisions. That you come out of your isolation, that you move out of your comfort zones. That you push yourselves to be better. And that you engage. Barack will never allow you to go back to your lives as usual, uninvolved, uninformed.”
    then to – Barry’s smug; “It’s not surprising, then, they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.” thus his explaining white animosity toward his Anti-American positions…
    So yes – I’m angry. So is Alaan. Everyone we know is sick of the LIES and DECEIT coming from everyone.
    America is becoming a sewer – a cesspool. Maggot and Rat Infested. The US immigration is nothing more than a toxic waste landfill policy…
    Alaan and I live quietly, conservatively, honestly, in a very Conservative little city that is well known for it’s tranquil beauty surrounding twin lakes. We went to Sundays services up to last year – then we took notice of our Pastor selling the merits of US Socialist Polities. We had a talk with him about it and expressed our anger – considering our Military pasts. He commented that we might want to start looking for another congregation, because he wasn’t going to speak against current political policies or offend anyone.
    We could believe our ears! So we asked him, “Then WHY is the AMERICAN FLAG flying out front – if this is a house kneeling to Muslim Barack Obama’s socialism?” That question shocked him and he excused himself from us.
    Well – we were offended – yet it seemed that didn’t count.
    From what is being said on talk radio lately – this is now becoming a trend in the churches – becoming P.C. expedient and selling the congregations to accept the current waves of very creeping fascist social changes.
    America has lost it’s soul. It is dying right before our eyes. It is rotting from within. The evidence is everywhere.
    And what is the response of some who are aware of it – to prep for DOOMSDAY! When it isn’t Doomsday they should be worrying about – it’s the collective God worshiping, retribution fearing soul of the nation.
    My husbands favorite Star Wars quote is ; “You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. We must be cautious.”
    I laugh every time he say’s it, because it always seems to be appropriate in some manner. I say it too.

    Every AMERICAN – whether Christian or not, needs to watch this video and listen to what is said. Then look around you.
    Who are you?
    You THINK YOU KNOW ME – but you don’t ! What I am is angry! Probably bordering on furious. Resentful.
    So watch the video –

    • Chuck Findlay says:

      L.A.West you can get mad, rant about all the problems (at times we all like to rant about what we don’t like) but you really don’t change things doing so. Ask yourself has any rant against the government ever really worked? NO it hasn’t.

      I don’t like the direction we have been heading for the last 100-years. But I live in a place called realville and in realville you know you can’t change the world. So you focus your action and abilities inward to yourself and your small corner of the world.

      I do what I can to make my personal life better and try to minimize the effects of world at large upon myself. I also try to fly under the radar so I don’t draw attention that is counter productive to a peaceful life.

      I don’t get online and advocate action against the government for a few reasons. First it won’t work, and second I will become the focus of the government in a very bad way.

      If you piss of the government enough (and you are trying hard to do this) you get stomped into the ground.

      You seem to not have learned this.

  35. 1- thank you for your service; 2- military personnel, active & retired, get dumped on by those who wish to profit, socially or monetarily, from using military as tools, not give them the respect they deserve for putting it all on the line. The powers that be will focus on anything they can to cast anybody in a negative light (i.e., a person so defenseless or dependent on others is described as a mass of cells, not a wonderful human being)…. when veterans suffer from social lls, they are labeled as dangerous, not deserving he right to defend themselves…. @ best this is hypocritical, @ worst the pavement of the road to despotism. Even when a veteran speaks metaphorically, it may be taken out of context & used by tass-USA (aka MSM) to further the despots cause…. Bless you for your service & character.

    • JP in MT says:


      As a veteran, and worse a Military Intelligence veteran, I understand what you are saying. I do remind others (not so much here) that we provided the best service we could to our Country. But we are “lead” by civilians, and for a very good reason if you study history.

      We have always made poor decisions during a conflict. You can always second guess when you know the end results. And understand that “war is just politics taken to the extreme” (not sure where it was said first, or if I got it absolutely correct).

      I am glad to see the respect given to those that serve now. I personally didn’t experience much of it while my DW and I served. Most people have only limited exposure to the military and how it operates, so naturally they blame us for the political consequences of our leaders at the time. I wish it weren’t so, but that is reality.

      I don’t know what 2016 (or any other time frame) will bring. I am doing my best to insulate my family, both blood and extended, as much as possible. However, without being 100% sure of what the future holds and when, it is all a crap shoot. I have been and am willing to counsel anyone who is willing to help themselves. I am vigorously less willing to help those who won’t (help themselves or even listen). I have made both points abundantly clear to those I know.

      • 1- JP, thank you for your service; 2- I did not serve…. since WWII our military has been used as pawns in a great big game….even during that time civilian (& some military) leaders have come from, or are the front men for, The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)….all but 2 secretaries of state since WWII have been cfr…. every administration uses hundreds of these pukes in upper echelon positions- secretaries, undersecretaries, asst secretaries, etc. They run our foreign policy & TASS-USA (aka MSM) ‘trumpets’ their policies (w/o naming the CFR as authors)….. look @ how Bobby Garwood was treated when he got free…. he threatened their coverup by getting home! Take a look @ what Adm Chester Ward said about this group after he left….. rather damning @ best. These are the pukes who write policy for us to train foreign troops, give them our secrets, provide our weaponry, etc. Our slip in quality is THE result of these pukes. A few of their members over the years…. Bush sr, bill & hilary, kissinger (what he did to us during viet nam close out proceedings is henious! This is what I’m getting @ is our troops are used for purposes other than protecting us, when we do win battles, it’s pull back & do it again, or ignore bombing the stuff outta hanoi & haiophong… just go round in circles, helping the corrupt personnel we train. I don’t wish to correct you here, but our troops have been dumped on & deserve better!

  36. L.A.West says:

    SO then gentlemen –
    What do you think is likely to be the outcome for all of Northern America – USA&Canada considering:
    World Wide Financial Collapse
    USA insolvency – including a rigged and corrupt Stock Market
    BRICS dumping the American Petro Dollar banking system
    European & Middle / Far East Nations getting rid of their dollars and looking to un-peg economies from it.
    Nuclear weapon proliferation in nations that absolutely hate the USA & Israel
    Spreading Radicalized Muslim Terrorism throughout the Middle/Far East – Europe – Africa – and creeping it’s way into Caribbean/ South/Central/ North America ( and the seemingly ineffectual Western Nations ability to stop it )
    Constitutional US Government now going fully rouge as a Fascist Dictatorship & Socialist State ( suspension of constitutional rights )
    EVERYTHING associated with FEMA – National Security – and the POLICE STATE
    A NEW WORLD ORDER centralized government claiming ownership of ALL world resources including fresh water and air
    NWO’s push for world compliance on vaccinations for every human being and some type of identification system ( RFID )
    The coming FIREARMS confiscation – step by step – against every segment of American Citizenry all based upon labeling groups as Terrorists – National Security risks – when it is the Government that is the threat and risk to us – NOW the ATF and VA wants to take GUNS away from Veterans and Social Security Disability / SSDI Recipients… ( whose next ? ) hint; Christians
    The STUPIDITY of Political Correctness and a gagged investigative free press and information network

    All of this just for a conversation starter – as the list could nearly be endless…

    Myself – I think the world is facing a Cataclysmic ending because global war, genocide , environmental destruction, and
    unchecked extremism.


    • we r not to know the time or the place & we won’t expect it…. u may be rite & the fan blades are spinning……

  37. L.A. gotta agree with your last post (not saying I agree with all you have said before that) things at this point is so messed up none of us really know what if anything we could actually to change anything or outcome the best I can do is prepare the best I can do all I can to protect my family and pray to God for steady hands when the time comes, the rest is just a crap shoot.

    • L.A.West says:

      Rather unsettling to realize that our lives swing on the outcome of CRAP SHOOT by letting it all RIDE ON fixed Coronations of selected individuals picked by the SHADOW GOVERNMENT running the Casino Tables or voting booths.


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