Are You Prepared For Disaster?

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The world after a societal collapse will be difficult to say the least. The so-called “light at the end of the tunnel” (in this life at least) would be a return to some sort of societal norm or civil atmosphere on the outside of the bunker door that would allow for free trade and a safe environment to do so.

This “safety” might come from a relatively local source such as a local militia or security force or a larger regional or state government but from where ever this safety is derived it will become an absolute necessity for small groups who hunker if we are to survive longer than our stored provisions would allow.

Trusting your fellow-man after the collapse might prove to be a difficult thing to do. Our home/retreat is fairly remote to most folks but not so remote to hunters. We have our land posted but still have hunters and fisherman coming through like they owned the place. All of them carry weapons and all of them know they are trespassing on our land. I have confronted them when I can (some run when I approach).

Those who stick around to discuss the situation almost always make statements like, “my grandpa hunted here 50 years ago and I have every right to be here too”, or “John Smith gave me permission to be on this land”. Of course John Smith has no phone or address and grandpa has been dead for years too (as if that really mattered). All said, if you are headed out into rural Amerika to find a retreat, be warned that the perfect location has been the secret hunting spot for everyone in the county for generations.

The locals in these rural areas that you will meet on your land are generally poachers and trespassers that would rather shoot you in the back than ask your permission to hunt on your land. I have been threatened by several when I asked them to get off my land.

What will they be like after a collapse?

Do you have enough man power at your home to field a security force 24/7, or is it just you and your honey? Who will watch for stalkers while the garden gets tended or you chop wood? Who will stay up at night so others can sleep tight without fear of night stalkers? Do you have enough fire-power to defend your home? Have you put up a perimeter fence?

Do you have a dog? Are you expecting others to join you? At what point do you expect them to arrive? Have you discussed alternative communications with them? What radio channel and recurring time did you set for communication?

Have you established a “rally point” for friends and family to meet at a future time? Is your information library safe from EMPs? How much planting seed do you have? Can you survive a winter of no outside food source? Two winters?

How much food do you have? Have you done a real count of meals and figured how many days food you have for the number of people in your home? Do you have a defense plan? Have you discussed a “retreat” from your retreat (bugging out).

Do you plan on living to fight another day or going down with the ship? Have you cached guns, ammo, and food, around your property for retrieval after an attack or bug-out or is it all neatly tucked away for its next owner? Do you personally know other like-minded people who you could count if your life depended on it? How far away from you are they? Would they consider joining you at your location? Would you consider joining them?

The questions can be overwhelming. The answers can be difficult at best. Most of us are limited to a level of preparedness based on financial constraints still, there are many other things we can have more control over.

If you are feeling less than prepared after asking yourself these questions, you should! Few can ever be totally prepared but, you can be reasonably ready for most issues you will face if you prepare.

Remember that “you are what you train for”. And training begins with a goal and a plan.

Sitting down with a legal pad, a pencil, and a clear head you should write down all the issues you expect to face once a collapse has begun. After writing these down, you’ll be better able to consider your current state of readiness to meet these issues and define a plan that will get you through the issues you had not yet considered. Play the “what if” game with each of these issues and follow the developing events to their end.

Having a contingency plan for what others might call “unexpected” gives you the edge in a survival situation and having the edge can make the difference between life and death. Having more contingency plans pushes failure farther away. Don’t be making knee-jerk decisions as the world turns bad in front of you. Know ahead of time what your plan of action will be and follow your plan.

I have a good friend who is also a prepper. He has it all; a great retreat fully outfitted with food, guns ammo, workshop, garden etc, etc, etc…. I stopped by one morning un-armed when he was playing the “what if” game.

He looked me square in the eye and said, “Frank, I can not believe you walked in here without a sidearm. What if I pulled my gun on you? You’d be defenseless! “

Knowing my friend well, I knew this was no real threat. I had been in his home many times before and subscribed to most of the same catalogs he did as well. I told him that I was far from unprepared, knowing that if he did indeed pull a gun on me, that I would see his movement and easily reach up to my right and pull down the face of the clock on the wall where I knew he hid another gun in the ready and draw bead on him.

My wife was upset with me for spoiling his hiding place.

Are you prepared?

About M.D. Creekmore

M.D. Creekmore is the owner and editor of He is the author of four prepper related books and is regarded as one of the nations top survival and emergency preparedness experts. Read more about him here.


  1. If you maintain a rural retreat on land that you own, and the locals keep using your land, watch out for someone pulling an Adverse Possession on you. This trick can be accomplished by them by “improving” your property, which can be as simple as mowing it or putting their own fence up on it. Usually the remedy can be to send them a letter (certified and regular mail) stating that you know they have been trespassing and either that you do or don’t give them permission to occupy your land. That stops their adverse possession timetable. Here’s my post on it

    • Lake Lili says:

      Interesting addition Penny… I went and took a look for the Province of Ontario. Adverse Possession is a legal mechanism here as well. But you have to have prove that you have been on the land/in the house (paid hydro, telephone, tax receipts) for a minimum of 10 years, there seems to also be a requirement that the community views the property as yours, and even with these measures the “squatter” may not be entitled to the entire property only the portion that they have used.

      There is also something called “colour of title”. If B had entered and remained on the land under the belief that he was the holder of an estate in the land his occupation of the small portion of the land would include all of the land described in the grant. This doctrine only applies where B believes that he has legally acquired a property (perhaps by purchasing it from someone who had no legal right to sell it) in the land, but in fact that property was held by A. In any other situation A would only lose the right to remove B from that portion of the land that B had occupied. I have seen this written about in the news papers here and is usually applied when an heir has inherited property (most often a cottage) purchased decades ago (ie they have deeds, paid taxes, been issued uilding permits, etc) and the family has used the property for decades only to find out on someone’s death that the property was never legally theirs. This prevents A from trying to gain economically from the work of B. If it is within the 10 years, to regain the property A will be required to compensate B for the work done to improve the property.

      If it is Crown Land then the time period is 60 years.

      However, you are looking at it from the point of view of someone trying to do this to your land. Check with your lawyer but an annually published notice on three successive Saturdays in the local newspapers that state that “Please be advised that Lot X, County Rd Y, Twp Z, County V in the Province/State is closed to hunters/fishermen/campers. No right to do so has been grant to anyone. No adverse possession exists. Trespassers will be charged.” And then once again post your land. It won’t make you popular and when the SHTF you may still find yourself kicked off your land by the local population…

    • Who Is A Prepper says:

      I had a relative’s father that thought the neighbors were being nice to mow a section of his property. This was not in the country either. In a court battle they lost because they had not stopped it. The problem arises when you try and sell.

      We had a neighbor start mowing on our side of the property line, which was surveyed. We sent them the certified letter as you shared. They probably were just being nice but you can not be too careful.

      • Who Is A Prepper says:

        I should have added fences are nice permit property line markers even on 40 acreas. But if the land was not surveyed correctly there is problems there as well. We had to “give” away property to another neighbor because the fence had been in place for 30 years. The survey we paid for revealed the error. The lawyer suggested just knocking the fence down but that would have caused more problems. We just gave it to them so we could continue moving on our short platting process. Good information!

  2. Your comments about trespassers got me to fuming again at the trouble I had with trespassers. They would show up in broad daylight park in my grass cross a fence with no trespassing signs every 10 feet and help themselves to my mayhaws from my may haw trees. It was the same type of excuses you got. It usually went like this” well mr Sherwood always let us pick the mayhaws when they where ripe”. My answer was this ” I bought this land from Sherwood 11 years ago and hrs been dead for 10″. It happened so often and made me so mad at the audacity of some people that I cut 133 (all of them) mayhaw trees down to the ground and planted a few oaks. When some one knowingly ignores a no trespassing sign ,that automatically give you some insight into Thier character and as well a potential for an unpleasant confrontation when demanding they leave. I to have had Bielefeld threats against my home by trespassers.

    • Why my phone would think I wad trying to spell belefeld instead of veiled,is beyond me.

      • axelsteve says:

        Never trust a phone Bc. Remember the phone was probably made in China. Ya think the average chineese can think what we are trying to say? Steve

        • Well in defense of my phone,when I typed that ,my wife was behind the wheel taking us out of los Angeles and I was in the bunk again without my glasses. So I may bare some of the fault in that typo. I’m up now though and wearing my specs.

  3. Matt Stephens says:

    With reference to trespassing, Missouri has a “purple paint” law. According to the rules, you are not required to personally notify anyone to stay off your property. Purple paint must be placed with sight around the perimeter of your property. If someone is on your property, there are no valid excuses for them to use—they are violating the law and you can easily prosecute them. Check with the State you reside. Maybe they have a similar law already.

    • I had the same problem with trespassers when I live here. And no matter what the youtube video said it is not haunted…. The house is on 178 acres and I had people coming in from all sides’ right past the signs. After running several off at gun point (that cut the fence) word spread and I was left alone.

      • I lived in an Apartment in Germany,
        the guy across the hall was a total Idiot and caused lots of problems in the building. One day I went to the range with a nice Man Silhouette Target.
        With each of my weapons, I shot the target in a different area, then beside them I put the distance in meters. So 9mm at 40mtrs, 45 cal 60 mtrs and 12 Gauge at 15 & 40 mtrs etc. I then Put my name on the top, the unit number and stuck it to my door. Said leave packages at door in German and English.

        The building had no problems every again with this guy after only 2 days of it being on my door. I also got 2 free meals from the families that lived there! They really liked my little sign for quite in the halls 😀

        This might work on fence posts on your property, along with range and distance indicated with the Top of the Sign reading Private Property PLEASE Respect my Privacy, just a thought.

  4. axelsteve says:

    Holy cow I never knew. You can then pay taxes on a piece of neighboring land then own it.Or expand your fencline onto you neighbors plot and if they are absentee owners they could come by and see that there lot is halfe of what it used to be.Then you can say what? The fence has been there over 5 years.Dig a well and put in a few fruit trees and there ya go.Thank you pennypincher,I never knew Steve

  5. Luddite Jean says:

    Tell me to butt out if you like, but here in the UK, rural locals tend to mistrust strangers moving in and will often trespass and do all sorts of nastiness to get rid of you, right up to vandalism and even assault in some rare cases.

    Often, they really have been hunting/fishing in a spot for generations and resent newcomers changing the ‘old order’ of things.

    The only answer, when you move into an area like that, is to keep your head down, join in some local activities then after a (sometimes long) while you become local yourself, and have a circle of people who will watch your back if you watch theirs.

    Obviously, wholesale stripping of orchards, fishing out a place and assault are right out and need to be stopped, but is there room for a compromise?

    Or am I being hopelessly English?

    • These type of people are everywhere, Canada, USA, England etc. what is another name for these people.. zombies!
      They drive by you on the road cutting you off, sideswiping cars, rude in parking lots, rude in stores; Zombies. Maybe the introduction of weird meds or outbreak of disease will make the look different, but for now Zombies just look like us!
      Compromise takes a long time for people to come around to thinking about, and even then, they kick and scream till the end.

    • Lint Picker (Northern California) says:

      Hopelessly English? HAH! No, more like hopelessly optimistic. Far too many of these yahoos (do you know what that means? It means idiots.) will never compromise, and many of them aren’t from the local area. They are druggies or poachers or some other lowlifes and won’t listen to reason. Best way to deal with most of them is with a firm stance and a mean dog.

      Plant some thorny bushes at the most frequently used trespass spots along the fenceline and always have a mean dog by your side.

      • Luddite Jean says:

        If they’re druggies etc, then yes. Druggies here tend to infest towns and cities.

        Over here, trespass is just a civil crime and I grew up in an area where the countryside was open to all (but poaching and gathering are not allowed). Many farms have public footpaths running across the land, and walkers’ rights are rigorously pursued. The right to roam is even enshrined in law as The Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000.

        I think the difference in attitude might be because we are so very overcrowded and the difference in law.

        So, I was being hopelessly English!

        • Lake Lili says:

          Jean – friends of ours here in Canada come from Glasgow and have an apartment there. They were saying that they have to pay someone to check their place twice a week and that person has to sign in and out with the property manager to legally record the visit to ensure that no squatters have moved into their unit. The person visiting then establishes their “continued legal residence in the unit.” They told me that decent housing is so tight in Glasgow that squatters can move into apartments owned by foreign residents and that they can then not be legally evicted because the owner does not live in the property fulltime. You heard anything about this sort of nonsense?

        • The only thing that nakes the persons in a country truely free, are property rights. As these rights are diminished, so are your freedoms.

  6. GoneWithTheWind says:

    100% of what is mine is mine. I may choose to give someone something. I may overlook a child who tresspasses or picks some fruit. But I would prosecute any adult who tresspassed or stole something from me. My “compromise” is if you turn and run off my property I will not shoot you. If you stay I will call the police.

    • Lint Picker (Northern California) says:

      AMEN!!! I don’t trespass and I don’t tolerate trespassers.

    • Here in Ohio, at least from the hunting standpoint, one of the things that the game officers pay the most attention to is hunting a property without permission. Doing so can get you arrested, and in severe circumstances, get your guns, license, and other hunting equipment confiscated. It’s not done that often, but the threat seems to work on all but the most arrogant and foolish people. Since 90%+ of all Ohio hunting lands are private, bad behavior can get large chunks of land posted as No Hunting, and everyone including the officers understand this.

      • Papabear says:

        We have the same thing in Texas, only it is persued every time. In some situations they can even confiscate your vehicle.

  7. Lint Picker (Northern California) says:

    Frank Bohan, are you also known as Frank B? If so, you sure must want that $100.00 🙂 Is this your 3rd article?

    People need to harden their homes and their retreat locations. You need a way to deter people from your land. That can be done with nasty range cattle or llamas or mean dogs (like Great Pyrennees) and also with a well-maintained fence with a barbed wire topper and a barbed wire lowline. Also, be sure you have a way of boarding up your windows when you are gone. Rock piles and dirt piles can also act as deterrents, especially for unwanted vehicle traffic. If you can’t secure your property today, you will never be able to secure it during hard times.

    If I had several acres, I’d plant Scrub/blue Oaks & Jack Pines about every 5 feet on the perimeter so cars and trucks can’t get through even if the fence is down. I’d have big boulders placed between the trees. I’d have an extra boulder to push onto the driveway so nobody could drive in even if the gate was crashed. I’d have about 3 Great Pyrennees dogs to watch over the place if I lived there fulltime. And I’d have some geese because they raise a ruckus when strangers appear. Thorny bushes would surround the house and there would be those big security mirrors like you sometimes see in stores – placed strategically around the property so I could see behind me while I’m chopping wood.

    Study the most secure frontier forts of the Old West and medieval castles in Great Britain and you’ll get some good ideas about security measures. Good security won’t be easy and won’t be cheap, but if you are serious about security, you will do whatever you can manage to make your last stand your safest stand.

    But to answer the first question: Are you prepared for disaster? I’m working on it. It’s never going to be done – it’s a work in progress from now until the day I die.

    • chemman says:

      I live in what is classified as frontier (1-5 people per square mile). I like a number of your ideas but the thorny bushes around the house would create a bigger problem for us. Several versions of rattlesnake live in our area so need to keep areas where we frequent clear. The trees and boulder idea is something I’ll look into. It will take awhile since I have 5400 feet of fence line.

      • yep , you do have a challenge but Im sure you will come up with something . We Survivalists are some of the most resourceful people on the planet 🙂

      • Lint Picker (Northern California) says:

        chemman, I throw out all kinds of ideas. Some fit, some don’t. Some work, some don’t. All I hope is that people will think outside the box or learn from history or take care of themselves instead of relying on govt. We share ideas and information here, and therein lies the greatest aspect of MD’s blog as far as I’m concerned. Happy to help, happy to learn.

    • History is a great instructor for how to do things that are effective , it at least gives you ideas on how to make things tough on people you dont want around . Example : WW1 trench warfare barbed wire patterns( both high and low in the same area in layers , very hard to pass through under fire ) , civil war stacked log rifle ports ( your at ground level , your extremely hard to hit while allowing you clear field of fire ) , Medieval castle trip steps ( random steps were a little higher than the others , calmly walking up them you dont notice it , but just try to run up like an invader would ) spiral staircases usually spiraled clockwise ( most people are right handed and your sword arm is into the wall giving the defender an advantage ) Viet Cong booby traps , Trip flares ,planting nasty natural plants ( cactus , bramble , cat claw , etc.) . whatever you use just be sure that either you or your loved ones aren’t going to accidentally run into your own traps . Easier said than done .

      • Guinea hens and geese dont like strangers and will sound off if they detect anything .

  8. I’m prepared to shot trespassers either at my current location or at my future location. I view most people as a threat. When I am out in the country I know most people in that area are drug users mainly meth, and right now I am around of stuck self centered “rich” people that will lose everything when the dollars dies very few prepared. If locals are correct only 10% of the community are preparing for the collapse and since we are a less than hald a tank from dallas I know gangs will be headed to the “country”

    • I was going to tell you to be aware of your laws on use of lethal force until you mentioned Dallas. You still need to be aware, but you have a lot more latitude than most of us. God bless Texas.

  9. Who Is A Prepper says:

    We had the same problem when we owned the 40 acres. We posted signs. You would think your neighbors in a rural area would be helpful people. We found some very helpful. Most did not want anyone living in the area but themselves. Getting the right fit is important when moving into a rural area.

    Now on the subject of a Societal Collapse. Like you shared it takes looking at many angles to feel prepared or at least think we are prepared. When comparing the 40 acres which seemed to be so “perfect” for preparation, I will take where we live now. Part of my neighbors are military and sheriffs. This gives me security. The neighbors watch out for each other and even though I know they are not as “prepared” as it would be good. They would pull together and keep helping each other. Our development is on the edge of town with a cattle farm across the street and lakes near by. We are also close to services if they would get back up and running. Good questions!

    • Keep in mind that even if you manage to fit yourself into an area by attending local church and civic functions, if you are the caretakers and have plans for a large group to move in, be aware that they may not fit in, just when you need them to. YMMV, but it is something to consider.

  10. I always like and hate at the same time the saying ” People dont plan to fail , but rather fail to have a plan “

  11. First I’d get to know them. See if perhaps they aren’t neighbors ?
    Making enemies of the locals is not a very good long term survival plan.
    Indeed you are the trespasser to the locals, a rich man whom has intruded on land that has always been free range . Integration into the local society is best for long term survival.
    Locals do not like Yuppie Scum….

    • Lint Picker (Northern California) says:

      Oh yeah, Yuppie Scum is a whole nother category. Down with Yuppie Scum – seriously. Plus, I can do without the tweekers and the tokers and the libs and the….hell, I don’t like anybody. 🙁

  12. Its interesting to see how other cultures handle this kind of matters.

    I’m from Sweden and we have a law which states that everyone are allowed to pass private property (and actually also stay there temporarily), pick mushrooms and berries freely and so on. Of course this demands responsibility and comes with the parole of “not disturb, not destroy” freely translated.

    Of course Im not saying that a system is applicable everywhere but of course the mentality of the population as a whole, plays a huge factor. Look for example at the Japanese population after the tsunami hit, with food and water shortage as a direct result. Everyone stands in line waiting for there turn at the store. I don’t think this would happen in many countries…

    There has been so few legal cases where the extent of the law has been tried (and this is probably in pretty extreme situations aswell) hence my conclusion is that apparently it works rather well. Everyone is allowed to enjoy nature even if you live in the city and doesn’t own land.

    And just to make it clear. This was not ment to show what is right or wrong, I dont judge anyone who feel the need to protect their property. Its just an interesting observation of a different system which, empirically seems to function quite well.

    • Lint Picker (Northern California) says:

      And this is one of the reasons my ancestors left Europe long, long ago.

      • Im sorry to rain on your parade but I think you are misinformed of the reason for their leave.
        This is something very unique to scandinavia and the law regulating it was passed after ww2.

        So if you arent of scandinavian decent, and your “ancestors” didnt emmigrate in the late 1940s, they probably didnt leave because people were allowed to pick mushooms in the forrest.

        • Lint Picker (Northern California) says:

          Sweden, isn’t that the country that helped the Nazis in WWII? Yeah, a great place to be FROM.

          • Haha, what?? Sweden is the oldest neutral country in the world. We havent fought a war since 1814 :).

            On the other hand, if you really want to talk about our dark history (which is kind of ridiculous since we have sausage wagons older than USA), we did infact randomly attack most of Europe and are guilty of slaughtering, enslaving many of your ancestors and stealing the most attractive women. This was around the 800-1100th century, and Im truly deeply sorry for that.

            (And by the way, I never stated that its a great place to be from, thats your own words)

  13. Wow, did I ever touch a nerve! The usual problem with adverse possession is the neighbor who mows part of your yard, or who puts up a fence a couple feet into your property. Sometimes when you buy a property you’ll discover the fence is in the wrong place afterwards. It does pay to have the place surveyed before you buy. It’s easier to avoid buying something with such a problem than to get the neighbor to take the fence down. Also if someone puts up a fence later, you have your survey already.

    Insisting on your property rights can make for bad blood with neighbors. You have to judge for yourself whether the neighbor did it knowingly, whether they did it specifically to you with an eye towards stealing your land, or what. If that’s the case, then the neighbor had bad blood to begin with and playing nice isn’t going to make them any nicer. Also get a feel for how much clout they have in that town. Then weigh it against the price of the land they’ve annexed, how psycho they (and their friends) are, etc.

    As far as harmonizing with the neighbors when you’re new in town, then bringing in a crowd goes, keep in mind that most people are fine, but some neighbors will act nice to your face and then complain to the local gov’t behind your back if they don’t like your lifestyle. Chronic false complaints to various agencies by neighbors could end your retreat right quick. Look at Ruby Ridge, which got started over a stupid neighbor dispute.

    Some people, it’s their modus operandi to try to use spurious agency complaints in order to coerce their BS on you, or rip you off. Landlords call them “professional tenants”, but that mentality isn’t limited to the landlord-tenant relationship. Although with tenants, the judge has heard it all before and will usually favor the landlord, there are some agencies that are forced to open a new case every time someone makes a complaint. Family law tends to be that way. It is possible for others to use spurious complaints against you to wreck your life. Therefore be very slow in letting anyone know anything about you except the very minimum, and unless you’ve got your stores hidden real good, don’t have the neighbors inside your house, or at least “sanitize” the part of your house someone would see if they were at the front door.

    Blending in is basic OPSEC: When you are first going to your retreat town, it may be a good thing to first hang around a nearby, same-sized town and get a feel for the way people are, and then try to blend in with that before you get to the actual destination and make a first impression you regret later. i.e., if they are all wearing worn out plaid, dirty work boots, and feed caps, then get some instead of coming in in your city clothes. If the women have different grooming and accessories than you, then come as close to that as you can even if it seems tacky to you. Avoid going to a pickup-truck type town in an Escalade SUV with city plates. Etc.

    If you feel it would help, make up a cover story as to why you are there. For even halfway attractive single women, they always ask where the man is, and you might want to lie if you don’t want suitors, or take a “beard” (friend posing as fake husband) with you when you go to your retreat. I speak from experience. Also, it’s unusual for women to look “handy”, so if your usual appearance is more butch than most, you may need to tone it down slightly to blend in. At least until you’re out of sight and about to get to work chopping wood or whatever.

    In this way, camo might consist of hairspray and eye liner, rather than army green clothes.

    When you bring in your crowd, it may pay again to have a cover story. Family reunion springs to mind. Company retreat. Anything but “we’re survivalists here to survive with our stores of stuff”. Might want to bring your peeps in several times, if you can, just to get the locals used to them. And of course your secrets are only as good as the blabbermouths in your group can keep them. (which might be the kids).

  14. I am posting a little more than what I would normally do. With Solar Flare Season in Full Bloom and the recent one pushing the need for preparation for a disaster, I thought again how questions brought up here are so helpful. I found it so important that I posted on my blog about it. It is entitled Solar Flare Season in Full Bloom Are you Ready? Even PC Mag and PC World have got into the act.

  15. Jax Haus says:

    I was born back during the great depression, not to a poor family, but one which was destitute. As I look back, I can see that we were thought of by some as “poor white trash.” I left town after graduating high school to seek my fortune in the big city. In a way, I found my fortune working for the Federal Glovernment (Postal Service) and, by keeping my nose clean, did very well and managed to return to my home town as Postmaster. Just a little background. Now comes the gist of what I am getting at. I bought a home in the better part of town and began to try to fit in. One of my former neighbors from when I formewrly lived here, told me that “they” (he and some of his neighbors) were’nt too happy that I moved into the neighborhood. I thanked him for his comments and told him that I was not too happy to have him for a neighbor either (he was a heavy drinker). Oh well, back to the subject at hand which has to do with moving to a new location and fitting in. That was 32 years ago and I proved that I can be a good neighbor. I have been retired for 26 years and have outlived him and his buddies who lived here when I moved in. I now live alone as my wife passed away nine years ago. So, enough about me and my problems. I have been prepping for a little over a year but am still not as prepared as I want to be. I would like to have a rural retreat back in the boonies of the Ozarks but I’m too old for that now so will stick it out here in town.
    My home is paid for and so are my two vehicles. I am indeed fortunate
    and I thank God daily for what He has provided me. I can’t get out by myself except to the local Wal-Mart and grocery stores so have to wait for my daughter or son or a friend to drive me to the city to Sam’s Club
    or ALDI to stock up. It’s a slow process for me but I need to stock up to take care of my daughter and son-in-law who can’t afford to stock up and my son and youngest brother who thinks I’m “going overboard” on my prepping. Oh well, I’m enjoying it as I have lots of spare time to plan and put into operation my preparing for TEOTWAWKI. My best to you all and God Bless.


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