Most important thing to stock for WROL or for the collapse.


  1. Babycatcher says:

    Good idea, but note that most of those seeds are only good for two – five years. I experimented this year with seeds from 2006-10, and had anywhere from 0-20% germination. These were kept in the cool and dry. Twenty percent, if you have nothing else is a triumph, but it needs to be kept in mind. You can do germination tests before planting to see what you might get.

    • Chuck Findlay says:

      Yea but he said he buys them every year for the next year. And he only spent $5.00, most of us spend that much for a meal at a fast food place.

      They may not be a long-term solution, but he’s setting himself up for next year with these seeds.

      Plus he talks about other long-term seeds he has.

      I think his 2-prong approach is good…

  2. Northernwolf says:

    Has anyone tried to store seeds in those vacuum seal bags for long term storage.i am looking to add one of those to my preps as soon as I can

  3. Thomas The Tinker says:

    No.Wolf: I store all my loose seeds, ammo, Rx, OTCs, strike anywhere matchs and more in food saver bags (beef, Buffalo, fish, foul and hog too). The air we breath is an oxidizer… any of it you can remove from your storage ‘space’ is a good thing. Will it lengthen the life of the seeds…. doNo!

    I sealed a good number of items in my “GetHomeBag” as well. Ya may want to wait on getting one just now as there will be alot of gently used ones and sales on them after the hunting season rush… Get all the bags and rolls you can afford.

    Good luck NorWolf……………

  4. mom of three says:

    Just go to a garden center, a local one that carries heirloom seeds. I would not waste $5.00 on tbe seeds at Dollar tree, Walmart. I have tried them they don’t do anything , I understand a bargain but not seeds, sometimes you need to spend the money to get something back.

  5. I ordered seeds last week and received them in very short order. Some were for next spring, to supplement what I already have on hand. The others were perennial vegetable seeds that I will try to get started right away for a fall and winter garden. Some, I hope will be permanent additions. We are fortunate in that we have two more months before we can expect a frost.

  6. Crazy Joe in South Jersey says:

    Well , the clarity and close up shots of the seeds was not the best but from what I could see none of the seeds , EXCEPT THE CARROTS , will store in a root cellar .

    Not to have a larger garden now and rely on it now seems a great loss to me . Will it be ” poof ” I now need 2 acres and it will be plowed ? Hope he is not relying on a gasoline rototiller or small tractor as what he prepares for will make gasoline history . Perhaps 10 friends with hoes and shovels will come to get that 2 acres plowed . Cutting through lawn sucks and is time consuming .

  7. Crazy Joe in South Jersey says:

    Hope this link works . Not the University Chart I had but this one is pretty much the same . 75 degrees year round is what they are basing seed life on . Tupperware is my go to seed storage container . A Nice dark closet or most basements , dry ones , have a steady year round temp .

  8. Chuck Findlay says:

    `Seeds give you the most food, value and for their size and weight. Nothing else comes close to giving so much food in such a small size.

    But you need to survive till the seed is able to deliver on the food.

    A few years of put-up food is needed before you get the food from the seeds.

    I always buy them (seed packages) at the end of the season sales. I put them in a tin can (I buy old cookie tins from thrift stores) and save them for next year. For the price and value they give it’s an easy thing to do.

    Prepping is about the future, seeds deliver on that.

  9. I only buy heirloom seeds. I have some called a seed vault that are supposed to keep for many years when stored in a dark cool area. I have them in my fridge at the moment. Have not planted any as I didnt want to open the package . I buy tomato and pepper seeds from penny’s tomatoes and pepper Joe’s. they sell great quality seeds and I have had great success with them. I have had 99% germination with their seeds and have saved seeds to use the next year with great results as well.

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