Reader Poll: How accurate is the “information” being broadcast on, Prison Planet, and the Alex Jones show?

I’ve had several readers send emails asking for my opinion  about the “news stories” that are being fed to readers and listeners of, Prison Planet, and the Alex Jones radio show…

Okay, here we go…

While some of the stuff they dump onto their audience is kind of “interesting” and have “some” basis in fact or in some cases are 100% true, I think most issues are overblown and twisted in an attempt to get more readers, rating, links and listeners. They’re kind of like the national enquirer for the conspiracy theorist…

Don’t get me wrong the federal government isn’t your friend, and will lie, terrorize and murder to stay in power and gain more of if. But to Alex Jones and his crew everything is a news worthy conspiracy.

I think he needs to slow down and get all of the facts and angles before reporting, but then that doesn’t always let you “break the story” or make for an entertaining show.

And Jones is entertaining and folks like to be entertained… Myself included… For example I loved the way Jones ripped Piers Morgan a “new one” on Morgan’s own TV show…

My advice is to take everything they say, with a grain of salt followed by doing your own research (and no I’m not talking about Snoops or the nightly news), do real research from a number of different sources and eventually, coming to your own educated decision on the topic or issue.

Coincidentally, I emailed the editors of offering to provide some real information (free of charge) that would actually help their readers to become better prepared to survive the type events that they’re reporting on their site, but so far I haven’t gotten a response from them.

Okay, you all know how much we value your opinion and the best way to do that is via a poll…

What do you think - does InfoWars provide accurate information?

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About M.D. Creekmore

M.D. Creekmore is the owner and editor of He is the author of four prepper related books and is regarded as one of the nations top survival and emergency preparedness experts. Read more about him here.


  1. This site continues to win me over. I want to prepare for catastrophic situations by engaging in intelligent conversation. The tin foil hat wearing portion of our demographic entertain me but I need real life information like how to keep my rain catchment tanks potable, not discuss wild accusations.

    Thanks for keeping it real!

    • TrailGuide says:

      Ebola: +1000. ‘Nuff said!

      M.D. I hope your site stays slightly off the radar. The residents are beyond approach, your articles are second to none… and maybe the trolls will; well troll somewhere and gather around the ‘news of the minute’ spools. You have quality that can’t be replicated,duplicated! I return here because it self-polices and provides real information;not off-the-cuff-I got something to say crap. It’s understand that you need providers to help keep the site up and running, but you have managed to not let prosper become a business…. much appreciated and it will matter in the long run.

      Prayers that you and yours are well and takin’ care of business. I wish I had such substantive info to share, but I’m just a worker bee. I gleam (gratefully) from the site and comments.

  2. I can’t vote in this poll, because it only offers extremes. Alex Jones has been on target with some things, and way off base on others.

    • JM,

      Alex Jones has been on target with some things, and way off base on others.

      Yep, if you throw enough poop against the wall some is bound to stick eventually…

      • And Jones doesn’t just throw it, he sprays it.

      • Prepping Wife. says:

        =( MD – that wasnt a nice comment =( I always admired your polite comments – you can disagree without those kind of comments right?

      • Imagine says:

        Your book is NO LONGER for sale on Infowars… go check…

        Post this you Hypocrite, Bully (thus coward).

        You’re welcome….

        • TexasScout says:

          I think the poll results speak for themselves.

        • Imagine,

          As for the book being removed because you emailed them – it’s no big deal. But take a minute to think about it – you’re not helping their (Alex Jones) credibility or character, with your “they removed your book because you do not agree with everything they say” comments.

          Like I told you in another comment, I’m glad that you have convictions and are willing to follow Alex Jones anywhere he leads you. I’m glad that you did what you felt that you needed to do to make yourself feel better about my post and my disagreeing with what Alex Jones what he has to say most of the time. Good for you.

  3. Remember,these clowns like Jone’s,hannity,Limbaugh and Savage make money by getting the crowd worked into a frenzy.They make wild accusations and predictions,fudge the numbers any way they can to make a point,then do an ad for gun’s,seed’s,whatever.They do anything to repeat what you want to hear.

    • You have a choice , Hitler or Stalin ? either way we loose , I would liken Obama as stalin if it were not for the fact that he isnt smart enough .

    • Please, there is no comparrison to those other people. Even Savage isnt half off the rail as Jones.

  4. Alex has some lagitamite info but some of it is crap. I still use his site just use common sense when reading.

    • Actually, from what little I listen to him, Alex Jones quite often gets a lot of good, often factual information. The problem is when he analyzes the information; he seems to always look at it with a conspiracy bent.

  5. And let’s not consider wikipedia as a news source, please.

  6. axelsteve says:

    I listen to Alex when I can. I recognize the fact that much of his concerns are not my concerns,I am though kinda glad that he is out there broadcasting.I do not believe that 911 was an inside job as he does.

  7. I know they use many other sources like USA Today, Reuters, Ap, and the like, which doesn’t make them all that accurate at times, some sources are based on opinion instead of facts. I sometimes find his sources questionable and when I look into any “news” to take seriously, I want reliable sources and check out the story to see how much is embellished. There wasn’t a button for what I thought of these.

    • Encourager says:

      I try to watch the BBC news at least 4 times a week just to find out what else is going on in the world. Do I trust them 100% as newsworthy and true? Of course not. But at least I get some info about other countries and what is going on there.

      As sad as what happened in Boston was, that was they only news offered here in the USA all week. Seriously? I hate the talking heads spouting whatever enters their brains…which is a lot of stupidity. Oh, there was one other story they touched on, the explosion in West, TX.

  8. MD:

    I agree. I do listen/read some of the posts, but mostly as a source of entertainment. It does start some interesting conversations.

    • Suburban Housewife says:

      I agree – it is entertaining as all get out. And it stretches my thinking – “what if” – I don’t buy much of his stuff but it’s fun.

  9. Most good conspiracy has some truth and false wrapped within so that anyone with a particular view may consider themselves correct and be able to vilify their objection. Divide and Conquer – Democrat or Republican…

  10. Mystery Guest says:

    I didn’t vote again.
    As M.D. said there is a lot of reasons to mistrust those in charge. Any more you have to think, think, and rethink everything that is going on, said, etc.
    We have to glean the fields for the truth. Even Alex Jones may/could be closer than one thinks.
    I do wish that they would report on the factual things going on and do a step by step breakdown of it. There is a lot of things they could keep us apprised of instead of the sensationalizing a grain of truth.

  11. Enzo Pamrona says:

    I listen to Coast to Coast AM very occasionally when I have to drive home late at night (no, it is not my “most trusted” news source). PrisonPlanet is frequently cited on that show. Most of the guests fall into the same category, take a potential event that offers hyper-catastrophic results but has an infinitesimally low probability then get worked up about so it becomes the focus of their lives (and book writing efforts). Interesting to consider, thought provoking for strengthening preps.

    As with MSM news reports “Stop, Look, Listen” then proceed with your own analysis and plan.

  12. It seems these polls tend to identify with one extreme of the spectrum versus the other, and little room for ‘somewhere in the middle’ and again do not fit my feelings or thoughts, so I do not vote.

    However, on the subject of the all-inclusive ‘Conspiracy Theorist Media’ I must agree that any information that is the ‘subject du jour’ has to be vetted and confirmed… it seems to me that it is about a 70/30 to 80/20 BS verses Reality. As with any exaggeration, there is some level of truth that lies at the foundation of the story.

  13. I did not vote on this poll. I believe you should have had a third column, I occasionally listen to Infowars and have found myself agreeing with “some” of his points. As with any opinion based program., i turn it off when I’ve had enough or just don’t agree.

  14. Hi
    Your book is on his website. I would not know about 31 days to survival without the plugs he gives you.

  15. TexasScout says:

    I have no doubt that AJ reports many, many true stories. However, he has the taint of a carnival barker and it will never leave him. Nobody with any credibility will source one of his stories. But, I will use one of his stories to research something from other credible sources and see if what he says is true. But I would never uses AJ as my only source for anything.


  16. Grumpy Smith says:

    I would suggest you follow they have the news first and follow everything the furthest…just don’t quot them until mainstream media catches up to them, they have a way of breaking information years before it becomes mainstream…GMO products are just one example.

  17. If you go on Youtube you can find a broadcast Alex Jones did on the eve of Y2K where he claimed that the Russians had nuked several US cities.

    That should tell you everything you need to know about his integrity.

    Most of his news about new government spy/drone/genetics and technogizmos and abuses of power can be found a day or two BEFORE he publishes them at either or at Most of the GMO stuff he republishes from Natural News. The rest is just him making things look worse than they are.

  18. Grumpy Smith says:

    Ready to burn books as well?

  19. TexasScout says:

    If you wonder why I say he has no credibility:

  20. thatAway says:

    Alex is in it for Alex.
    Do your own research like he even says to do..
    Gotta go away now

  21. #1 – Alex is making big money, that in itself makes me suspicious.
    #2 – It’s been proven that there are a lot of half truths and jumping to conclusions. In a way, this discredits the things that are true and real.
    #3 – Who exactly are these “puppet masters” and which ones are participating in which events? If you want me to accept this boogey man theory – give me names and addresses.
    #4 – I doubt he can say Good Morning without an extreme sense of urgency. I’ve noticed this high anxiety reporting from every news source, even the weather channel when the storm is still in the Pacific. I would love to hear the news in a monotone, the BS would probably float to the top faster.

    • I agree , This is a sad commentary on how far things here have gone downhill . My fiance is a Russian , when we are over at her house , we only watch Russian TV . Their news programs are very dignified and serious , the women are attractive , BUT they report the news in a monotone ……..they only smile ( briefly ) at the end of the broadcast , otherwise its just simply reporting . You know , no BS , like Walter Cronkite .

      • T.R.,
        I think the difference between Europe and Australia vs. the U.S. is a simple definition of the person on the TV news. In Australia and most of Europe these folks have the title of “News reader”, and that’s what they do. I assume Russia is the same. Here in the U.S. they are called “Anchors” and I think that title goes to their head. I don’t have to be educated or informed because I’m an “Anchor”, around which the show revolves and therefore must let everyone know how much of an idiot I can be, on a daily basis. Someone like Chris Matthews is the poster boy for this kind of thing.

    • This is funny

    • Myssteryyy says:

      #1 sure he probably is making some cash, but he lives and breathes his show… and it does take alot of cash to run the business, pay the employees, make films… etc, AND tho he gets a cut, he helps sell other peoples stuff to a huge audience that may have never found that seller (I found my way to this site through AJ’s site)
      #2 I’d be interested hearing about these so-called “proven half truths”
      #3 the “puppet masters” are the global banksters who control everything
      #4 sure, Alex can get a bit melodramatic at times, but seriously, I think that’s why people love him… he’s crazy~ I think because he sees what’s coming and wants others to wake up to what’s really going on in the world… to be ready when it comes.
      If he or anyone else had a monotone voice and no personality no one would continue to listen.

      • #4. if people would shut off their electronics and kill their TV , they wouldn’t have the attention span of a 4 year old . just sayin .

  22. JeffintheWest says:

    To be perfectly honest with you M.D., I was getting kind of worried about you for a while, because you kept posting links to this stuff…and well, let’s just say that most of it was so far out there that it looked like they were channeling aliens or something. I am mightily reassured by the comment “do your own research.”

    • JeffintheWest,

      I only remember posting one link to one of his stories in the “miscellany” links section of the blog. Like I’ve said before – just because I post a link to a story or article doesn’t mean that I agree with everything (or anything) that is said in the article.

      I post links in the “miscellany” section to all kinds of stuff that I think readers would be interested in reading and talking about…

      But then I could be going crazy…

  23. PGCPrepper says:

    Facebook needs another data center. What would A. J. think? 🙂

  24. I draw my own conclusions of what I read or hear, whether I agree with the author or not. Many things can be taken out of context and presented as truth, or sensationalized to attract viewers or a following of some sort. The way something is presented may be correct but not the whole story. Years ago during the Cold War there was a joke about a Field and Track meet between the Russians and the USA. The Americans won the meet. The Russian Media reported the results as such. Their reporters said there was a competition and the Russian team finished Second while the American team finished next to last. While fundimentally true, there was no mention of the fact that there was only two competitors. (this was a JOKE by the way) but it is an indicator of how things can be misconstrued by the media. Ron S

  25. I did not vote. I heard him a few times on different programs, I thought this man needs to be run through the “sheep dip” a few times.

  26. I’ve had the same experience when making contact with Alex Jones show to provide information. I think his programs serve a purpose of countering mainstream pablum. With his wide reach, it would be productive to present much more about what we all should be doing to make things right.

    • Replacing one load of crap with another load of crap …………leaving the reader to pick the corn out of one pile and pick the seeds out of the other pile . Either way your not left with much .

  27. My problem with any of these assholes is the fact that they are no better than anything you watch on TV . They just found an extreme right niche ………..but what do they really provide other than sensationalism ? they claim to be the voice of the liberty , freedom and information movement , yadda yadda yadda ………ok , my point is , any serious movement , any serious individual that actually believes the crap they are selling , has a plan , has an actual goal , etc . they dont . Where is their resource page and database if they are as concerned about everything as they say they are ? they dont have one . That speaks volumes . ” you need to take your freedom back , you need to prepare for government terrorism , you need to do this or that ” . Bite me !!!!! ok dude , every movement and every resistance group needs to know how to build the tools TO resist , they need the basic information on HOW to do these things once the ” vote ” and talking stop and the SHTF . nothing . Look at it this way , ANY conspiracy site that does not have at least the Anarchists cookbook ( obsolete ) downloads or any of the other partizan 101 information ………is not serious about the crap they are selling to the audience , and is clearly afraid , not worth your attention . You want to take your country back , you need the courage and the tools to do it ………these guys have neither . A lot of people survived Auschwitz , but I bet any of them , given a chance would have rather been in an American , Russian , or British uniform fighting back . Just sayin .

  28. I never listen to Alex Jones, or even read his commentary – I jump to his data or open his links and then check on it elsewhere. Right now Drudge has a link to one of his stories with a video of the door to door searches done in Boston this past week, and I have to agree that they were extreme. While the occupants may have consented to the search of their home when asked, I’m not sure they understood that it meant they would be frisked twice and removed from their home with their hands over their heads – the SWAT team seems rude to me, given that they don’t seem in a rush. I think I might have been very upset by it, regardless of the reasoning for it. This action seems very “military” but I don’t recall martial law having been declared. I would have wanted to be present just to ensure against theft, if for no other reason (I don’t trust strangers wandering thru my house). Am I out of line? Is there any reason for 4th amendment rights to be violated in such a situation? I think I might write in to Judge Napolitano and ask his opinion, as well as how to behave in such a situation. I can only think of the verse “A gentle answer turneth away wrath.”

  29. I think the best response is that we strive to be 100 percent correct–we don’t place ratings ahead of truth.

  30. Myssteryyy says:

    I started listening to Alex when the earthquake shook Japan in March 2011. I was on some other website (one of Alex’s haters), looking for info on the quake and on the side there was a link dissing AJ… out of curiosity, I clicked to see what the big deal was. I listened to his radio broadcast… I have to say, I was wowed… and aggrevated by his voice and the fact that he NEVER lets his guests speak a whole sentence without interupting. I thought to myself that these things he’s saying cannot posibly be true. I checked around and sure enough, what he was saying was true. He’s always got guests that are very intelligent and credible – and seem to like him, as well as agree with him.
    I would not be a prepper right now if it weren’t for that awful day in March, and AJ.
    I do listen to him frequently and have found that he’s been right on the money with alot of stuff… but I don’t agree with everything he says- just because he said it.

  31. He’s based in Austin, ’nuff said.

  32. I definitely need to build a BS meter for my computer – my poor monitor has been the recipient of too many surprised coffee splats and infuriated nail scratches. All from the news I read.

    I follow blogs and newsfeeds translated into English; from Israel to BBC to Asia, American, Canadian and South American, capturing the political range of far left, center to extreme right. So few sources can be trusted, so I read lots.

    But it is hard not to be swayed by seemingly-logical newscasters who are more actors than journalists, and who use the Fear that is constantly being perpetrated by so many, left and right. I remind myself when watching television news, just how much these people are paid to do their jobs. They make tons of money pushing what they are told to push – in my opinion.

    So I believe we have to be watchful when viewing all forms of news. Careful readers (those who think for themselves and do research) are much like the ancient “watchers on the walls”, where soldiers stood high on the castle walls to watch for enemies approaching. When they saw the enemy, they warned the people and saved the day.

    Somewhere in all the sea of news, is the truth, and if given enough time to research and vet, that truth can warn us of encroaching danger.

    However, a BS meter would certainly speed things up. 🙂

  33. Off topic but I thought you guys might find this article interesting:

  34. I agree. Alex Jones should be taken with a few grains of salt.I think the truth lies somewhere in the middle between the ” free ” press and Jones.

  35. Even Drudge has used some of Jones’ nonsense stories. 3 sources I will not fill my head with are Jones, SHTF Plan, and World Net Daily. All are garbage in my opinion.

    Also stopped reading The Blaze a year ago.

    I’ve found The Washington Free Beacon and American Thinker to be a reliable sources for news. The People’s Cube is always good for a laugh too.

  36. seeuncourt says:

    Sometime, Alex Jones and Infowars is like reading The Onion. Other times, he presents a perspective i hadn’t considered because i tend to trust too easily. If for nothing else, he makes you think and pursue your own conclusions through additional research. Just don’t blindly follow…anyone.

  37. I think the best answer I can give is a quote from Jack, “Sell crazy someplace else; we’re all stocked up here.”

  38. While it may be true that AJ is occassionally right, it is also true that sometimes even a blind monkey finds a banana.

  39. If it wasn’t for Infowars and Alex Jones I would never have found this great sight! There is a reason why Alex jones reaches millions of people a day, and its not because he is full of BS most of the time.

  40. john michaels says:

    human rights violations
    United States of America
    Obama Administration
    DOD scientists/DARPA/Illegal/nonconsenual human experimentation
    Dr Jun Chen (DOD research grant),Dr Richard Berk(Precrime),Dr Martha Farah(neurology)university of pittsburgh
    Dr. Arati Prabhakar(DARPA),Dr. Geoffrey Ling(DOD),Dr Walter J. Koroshetz(Department of Health and Human Services)
    genocide/murder and assault of adults,babies and children
    Drones/satellites/elf-vlf towers/cell towers
    equipped with MEDUSA and like technologies
    Microwave/electromagnetic radiation (neurological manipulation/torture/rape)
    voice to skull (V2K) mental torture/rape

  41. If only 20% of what Alex Jones says is true I’m scared.

  42. I can not answer this one, sorry..
    YOU need another line for me and people like me..

    How about.. Yes and No.. some is 100%, some is 75%, some is pure.. well……..
    Then I would have answered .. the Yes was too much, the No was to adversarial, sorry

    Yes – everything they report is true most of the time
    No – most of the time they are full of

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