A few interesting books and a DVD for interesting times…



  1. Hate to ask on this site, but has anyone else had difficulty getting on http://www.shtfblog.com today>

  2. I have added AGI gunsmithing videos to my collection too. They run about $40 each and are made for a particular firearm. Excellent presentation of the topic.

  3. Tina LaBelle says:

    A newbi to this site.So far I’m jazzed by what I’m learning.Seasons Greetings from the Pacific Northwest!

  4. The Last American says:

    Interesting list for interesting times, I should say. Went into my local big box Sporting Goods store today. Customers at the gun counter were stacked up 2-3 people deep. According to a friend who manages the department, they were sold out of “assault weapons” by last Sunday. Also gone were the Riot-type shotguns, pump action rifles, and lever action carbines.

    Only thing left were Saturday Night Special handguns from Brazil, hunting rifles, long barreled shotguns and 2 Ruger scout rifles in .308 at $900 ea.

  5. This one doesn’t get mentioned much, but I liked it.

    War of the Flea: The Classic Study of Guerrilla Warfare by Robert Taber