Is the Police Officer Your Friend?

BCtruck’s encounters with police by you guessed it BCtruck

cop-kicking-assWhere do I start? Is this even of any interest to people on a survival blog? Have I been perhaps a little to open and vocal about my hatred for bad cops? Have I insulted cops that didn’t fall into that category? The answer is yes to all those questions.

I’ll start at the beginning. I grew up in the 60’s. I grew up believing that the world was a good and happy place, that people were basically honest, and that there weren’t people that derived pleasure from harming others, whether that harm came in the physical form or financial form. I also grew up believing that the police were your friends and would help you if you were in danger and protect you if you couldn’t protect yourself.

Then, at 17, I joined the army and was attached to a mobile military police unit as a truck driver. Being a mobile unit meant that nearly every month, at a moments notice, we had to be ready to load our gear and roll,in as short a time as possible.It was my job to secure the equipment,like small arms,ammo, C-rations, water buffalo, and a 500 gallon tanker with potable water. We would load up and head to the field for a night, or several weeks.

It was during that time that I became aware of the fact that these policeman I was Breaking my back to feed, water and haul around, thought of me not as another soldier,or even equal on a human level, but as a sub human entity that wasn’t worthy of the respect or decency that they treated each other with. I passed off my 3 year experience with military cops as not being indicative of the way real cops were. Civilians wouldn’t be like that. They had far more stringent requirements to be accepted as police officers in the civilian world.

I returned to the states and bought a motorcycle and traveled the country following my nose and enjoying Gods creations of mountains and sunsets and people i would meet.I was constantly pulled over though, often, for nothing other than the fact that I had long hair and a bushy beard. Those early years of being on my own taught me the delicate dance one has to learn to do,around the giant egos of police officers. Rule number one was never make direct eye contact, that was a sign that you were equal and cops wouldn’t have that kind of bad behavior. Rule number two, don’t use big words or appear to have an intellect that was equal to or God forbid, exceeding theirs. Cops entire psyche is centered around a belief that they are superior to non cops.

I eventually went into trucking around 1982 and that was when i started coming into contact with police on a daily basis. Police at scales, at every weigh station, at every state line.You had city cops, county cops, state cops. Cops that were in charge of making sure you had a permit for their state, cops whose job it was to make sure you bought fuel in their state, cops that wanted to check your load to make sure it was “secure” (that usually meant it was something they wanted). You had federal cops that would check your trucks for equipment violations.You had state cops whose job it was to feed the coffers at any and all expense,including the expense of honesty and integrity.

My first memory of just how despicable and dishonest cops are, was when i was pulled over for my first “inspection”, which is just a code word for open your wallet. I had heard about the inspection on the CB radio and pulled over about a mile from the inspection site, to crawl under my truck and adjust my brakes. I got in my truck and went the one mile to the inspection station,feeling pretty smug that I had cheated them out of a ticket.

I pull in, we do the lights, the log book, the permits, and finally he crawls up under my truck. I’m feeling great because I’m certain they cant find an “I” not dotted or a “T” not crossed. He comes out from under my truck and informs me that my brakes are out of adjustment. Of course I told him it wasn’t possible since i pulled over a mile up the road and adjusted them myself. As he is telling me which brakes are out of adjustment, I notice the 9/16ths wrench in his shirt pocket, which just happens to be the size that adjusts the brakes. I realize whats happened and that was the very first experience I had with a cop that was a liar and a thief. Over the years I ran into dozens that were just as dishonest as him.

The last state police inspection thief,was in El paso Texas, headed west, at the pull off right before the flying j. By this time in my career, I knew all the dirty tricks and I expected to pay something at these “inspections” no matter how well maintained my equipment was.The name of the game was not safety, or a concern for the well being of other motorists. It was solely and singularly devoted to the extortion of money from companies that were thousands of miles away and couldn’t possibly justify sending a lawyer to defend against crooked cops who wrote crooked tickets for infractions or violations that didn’t exist.

This cop in El paso, told me my fire extinguisher was in violation. I asked in what way was it in violation? He said its mounted to far back in your side box, I cant reach it, I maintained that the law didn’t require I place it where a 5 foot 4 cop could reach it, but that it was accessible in an emergency, and it didn’t say accessible by who. I could access it, my 5 foot 8 inch wife could access it. I asked if he could show me where it said what height I had to have it accessible to .

He finally gave up on that ticket and wrote me the usual “your license plate light is out”, ticket. It never is, and it wasn’t that time either but its a 75 dollar ticket versus a 300 dollar ticket and its the cost of doing business in Amerika. I pulled into the flying J to replace the license plate light and low and behold,its working fine. Its a miracle!!

I could literally tell you 100,s of stories just like this,but i wont.

Ill just tell you one more story, and its only because I want you to understand the type of egos, bullies or downright mentally ill,you might be encountering. I was looking for an address and had made a couple turns up and down this road and couldn’t find the building I was looking for,when up beside me at the red-light pulls a cop car with its passenger window down. I yelled over my engine, SIR! CAN YOU TELL ME WHERE ACME KNUDLER VALVE IS? The cop leans over and looks up at me, and says Pull over to the side of the road. Not that it matters, but it was a lady cop.But I couldn’t tell that from looking down into the cop car.

All I could see was from the knees to the feet.I pull over,thinking, this must be a really complicated place to get to if she cant just tell me its down the road on the left or right. She walks up to the truck, I shut it off because you cant hear over the engine,and I climb down and walk towards her. She yells for me to get back in my G damn truck. ?????? What the hell is this about?? I get back in my G damn truck and she gets to the door and starts yelling at me for disrespecting her by calling her sir. I’m completely at a loss for words.

I’m totally blown away at how angry she is,even when I invite her to sit in my truck and see what I see. She didn’t care that all I could see was from her knees down and couldn’t possibly see she was a women. She had some how taken this as an insult to her woman hood and an attack on her as a police officer. Friends, these are the kind of nutty loons, dishonest crooks, and blatant lairs, that I have encountered in my 30 plus years as an over the road driver/business owner.

My reason for writing this article is because I’m sure there are people who have not encountered the police like I have. Maybe even some who have never had an encounter at all, and some that are still under the misconception that what we were taught to believe as kids,still holds true. Police are your friend, police are there to help you,police will protect you,and your rights. I’m here to emphatically warn you,and to tell you that without a doubt, its not true and it is dangerous not to recognize that fact.

Blissfully ignorant, is the way I would like to describe those that feel like we all did as kids, about police. Preparedness and survival cover a lot of topics. One of those ways of being prepared is to realize that cops are not your friend and use every opportunity they can, to advance their careers or their arrest stats. Some of the ways they do that are by escalating simple things into something you can be arrested for.

Like the nutty lady cop who found it to be insulting enough that I mistook her knees and shoes for a mans. Mad enough that I was threatened with arrest when I tried to explain that no disrespect was intended and that I simply couldn’t see enough of her, to recognize her as a woman. Cops pose more of a danger to your health, wallet, freedom, possessions, than any other organized criminal group. That is what survival is all about, recognizing potential dangers and forming a plan of action or defense.

When I emailed MD and asked if he would even publish an article on this subject, he said yes, but asked me to be fair and include things that cops had done to help me. I was certain I could think of something. I’ve sat hear idle and thinking for 20 minutes going back through the jasmine in my mind (sorry seals and croft), and I cant find a single solitary time, that I came away from an encounter with a cop, a better person or befitting from the encounter in any way.

For 30 years, my best friend was Jim. Jim and his wife were long-haul truckers like me and my wife. Jim was killed two years ago in June by a frac tech truck, texting. I called her before sending this to MD. I was certain she had a story or two that she cold relate, were her or Jim had a positive encounter with a cop. She pondered and thought through all their police encounters, and she was surprised to say that she couldn’t think of a time when an encounter was good or positive.

In all fairness, my interactions with city cops has been on a far smaller scale then state or county, so perhaps, just maybe, there might be a good and honest city cop. I will say this about “good cops”. If you call yourself a good cop, and you allow other cops to break the law, behave dishonorably, lie, cheat, steal, abuse, bully, or turn your head and allow rights to be violated, then you are NOT, a good cop. Thanks for your time,and I am, from this day forward going to keep my opinions on the matter of cops to myself. I realize, its a very polarizing subject and I certainly don’t wish to alienate anyone from interacting with me here ,because our opinions and personal experiences differ. Love you long time!

M.D. Adds : If you’ve had any good interactions with police (or bad ones) please tell us about it in the comments below…


  1. Curtiss says:

    I have had two encounters with cops, first I knew I needed to turn left but was not sure where exactly. I was in a dodge sprinter with a raised roof, bumper to bumper rush hour traffic, in the left lane. The cop pulled me over into a parking lot on the right side of the road to write me a warning for being in the left lane and obstructing traffic.

    The second I was on my way through a small Florida town and was pulled over. They had covered a 45 mph sign with a 40 mph sicn, using c-clamps, the cop wrote me a ticket for failure to obey a speed control device. $185.00. Be afraid, very afraid!!

  2. hmmmm, angie & craig have lists, should there not also be the same 4 officer not so friendly’s? jus sayin…..

  3. 46 years ago, on my 16th birthday, I was out driving by myself for the first time ever. It was April, I was on a (then) major two-lane state road. There was nobody behind me so I slowed from 55 to 20 mph to look at a restaurant on the side of the road, that a tractor-trailer truck had accidentally driven THROUGH at speed a few days before. Coming the other way was a State Policeman. He turned around, chased me down, pulled me over and gave me my first ticket ever, for “stopping on the highway”, even though I assured him I had only safely slowed and never stopped. When I got home, I told my father about it. Turned out he knew the cop, telephoned him,. and read him the riot act for ticketing me. I never knew what the outcome of that ticket was – although I suppose my father paid it for me.

  4. Bctruck says:

    I completely got your point. You’ve had great encounters with cops. My observation was that a lot of your contact with them was somehow related to alcohol my personal belief is that with alcohol,comes trouble. Even if you don’t drink,being among those that do can draw you into the web of trouble that alcohol instigates. That was all. Just an observation I made.

  5. provingpossible says:

    I wonder if this is just US cops? Don’t get me wrong, in Canada we do have some real “special” cops – they exist and, as one woman in law enforcement stated, the good ol’ boys network is as strong now as it ever was. That being said, we’ve (my mother and I) had several run ins with the local cops (city only in our cases) – everything from speed traps (one where my mother got caught twice in the same trap and mouthed some nasty words when she realized she’d been caught, the cop burst out laughing and lowered her ticket, it was her third though and required some major fines), to being where I wasn’t supposed to be (took the car to the car wash – went in, had a fiasco when I left the car in gear first, then tried to drive forward to “catch” the stupid guides – when I finally got through there was a cop waiting on the other side because 1. the wash was closed > no signs and the wash went through no problem and 2. I was in there so long they thought I might be hiding *rollz eyes* I kinda don’t blame ’em… they laughed and let me go and told the gas station owner to put up “closed” signs at night – it was 11:30pm), to having an ex call in because we were going to dump his furniture on the lawn (they waited a full 6+ hours before bothering to come out, suggested counter-complaining, left the visit off the record and told us to dump the ex-hubby because his own file was so large – we managed it eventually), to just recently having our license plate called in for “suspiciously loitering” in the parkade where we’ve worked for more than 3 years – can you say harassment? (They left in 2 mins flat, laughing about the stupidity of humanity, and didn’t bother to make a record of pulling us over). All in all, we’ve always had good encounters – even when I forgot my N sign (graduated licensing for new drivers) when I switched cars they gave me the ticket but also went looking for an N sign for me so that I could keep driving when no one was able to come and pick me up or bring me my blinkin’ decal.
    That level of corruption is both heart-breaking and sickening, I’m sorry you had to deal with it. Cops are egotists, but then so are doctors (remember that ex-hubby – who won everything in the divorce proceedings despite being married to my mother for more than 18 years… good ol’ boys again!).
    God Bless!

    • Thats just it , its the Homo’s club when you try to complain , thats why its better to have civilian review boards , but most of the time anything gets swept under the rug …..the homo club again .

  6. When I was 16, back in the 70s, I took a friend to a baseball game, & on the way home, the radiator sprung a small leak. The cop who stopped next to us on the interstate off ramp, offered to call someone for us, or if he could help us in any way – He was obviously there to serve & protect the public.

    In ’06, I was involved in an accident on a 2 lane hiway that I caused. The cop spoke to the other driver & then to me. I admitted that it was my fault & he wrote me out a ticket. Did not try to extort any money from me. Was completely fair.

    About 3 yrs ago, our daughter was on her way driving to the high school she attended. A lady drove thru a stop sign & hit her driver’s side, totalling the car. Our daughter was very shook up & scared, & the female cop talked to her in a calm way, to calm her down. Then they called the tow trucks. IMO, they could not have handled the situation any better.

    I have no law enforcement officers in my family. My wife’s bro is a sheriff’s deputy. one time, he told us of a guy that he pulled over, who was speeding. He was intending to give the guy just a warning ticket. But when he went the guy’s door, the immediately started complaining about how he didn’t deserve a ticket, yada, yada, yada… He said: Sir, when I pulled u over, I was just going to give u a warning ticket, but from what u said, I can see that u haven’t learned anything from this. So I’m going to have to give u a ticket. He told us the guy’s attitude was the decisive factor.

    I could on & give u another 6 ex’s of personal encounters w/ law enforcement that have been fair &/or showed that they truly serve & protect the public. Are there bad cops? Sure, but I wish that this article & prepper sites in general were fair & reasonable in their reports about cops. Instead, we seem to get a steady stream of bad cop stories which makes one wonder what the agenda is.

    • JP in MT says:

      I have a friend who was with the State Police in NY. He used to get yelled at about not writing enough tickets. He was old school and didn’t if he didn’t feel it was necessary. One day he pulled over a car from Ohio who was speeding to the point it was getting dangerous. As he walks up to the car, the guy flips his cigarette butt at him and says “Haven’t you got anything else better to do than give me a ticket?” My friend said “Nope, not now.” flipped open the ticket book and started to work.

      Attitude, I’ve seen it cause more problem no matter where I was. Civilian, LEO, military, whatever. You walk around with a chip on your shoulder, think you deserve special treatment, and you generally will run into someone who will see thing differently. Your idea of special and theirs may be totally different.

      • If someone is a cop in a community where they see thousands of drivers everyday, & don’t write at least some tickets, I doubt that cop is doing his/her job. I know I wouldn’t keep my job for long, if I didn’t show my employer some evidence of being productive. Yet, whenever talk of police tickets come up, why is that some people consistently promote their innocence & can never admit breaking a law while driving? That’s what strikes me about certain posters here, & the Bible doesn’t have good things to say about those who refuse to admit their guilt.

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      I don’t doubt that what you are saying is true. There are fine people in law enforcement, medicine, the clergy, law, teachers, etc. And there are professionals who think ethics is for suckers and then there are some who are down right evil.
      These professionals we trust with ours and our loved ones’ safety and wellbeing, must be held to a higher standard. One bad apple is one too many.

      • tactical G-ma – ah, so true, which was part of my pt in the last paragraph. There are bad & good cops. & our limited experiences w/ some, do not prove that all are good or bad. If only some here had the humility to acknowledge this, rather than promoting their own agenda.

        • Bctruck says:

          By “some” I’m assuming you mean me. Your funny.

        • Tactical G-Ma says:

          I’ve had mixed bag of experiences but I don’t drive OTR. The more opportunity to be exposed to LE, the better your chance of meeting the bad ones.
          I also hate driving in GA. If you think the staties are bad, try driving thru small towns. Yikes!
          I like being diplomatic but like BC, I hate police and assume any that approach me are going to be bad. To do otherwise could be detrimental to my health and safety.
          And police are not to prevent crime. Rather their duties are traffic control and investigating and documenting crimes and complaints.

        • JeffintheWest says:

          “Their own agenda?” I can see by that statement you’ve made up your mind on the issue too, in which case accusing others of rushing to judgement seems to be a bit ironic at the very least. As I recall, being judgmental came in for a bit of criticism in the Bible too….

  7. BC
    I don’t doubt anything you say. I know there are good cops out there although I’m sure most of them get jaded working with the public everyday. At one time I installed 911 systems for a living all over the US and met a lot of them. Most seemed to be good people doing their job but there were some egotistical jerks that were so full of themselves it was hard to imagine them having friends or anybody who liked them. (Cops tend to have a higher rate of divorce than the general population but that is another subject.) While working at a site in Alabama I met a cop who transferred from the road to a desk job in administration. We hit it off and after a week I felt confident enough to ask him a pointed question. “Why does it seem like most cops I encounter are arrogant bullies? Don’t they have to pass a psychological profile before they give them a gun and a badge and turn them loose on the public?” This is what he told me. “They do have to pass psychological tests and are evaluated, but to do the job well they need to be aggressive, confident and have a take charge attitude”. “There is a fine line between a good cop and a psycho.” “Unfortunately, some of them are clever as well and slip through the screening process.” This would explain the power mad bullies that are out there but in no way makes up for the dishonest cops that wear a badge and gun. I understand where you are coming from.

  8. Janet D. says:

    My son who is 23 years old and drives a beat up, super souped up, classic Camaro is always getting pulled over. The other day he got pulled over for a cracked windshield that wasn’t. A few days later he was pulled over because he had a different states license plate on the front of his car, our state doesn’t use front license plates. He has been pulled over 4 or 5 times and nothing was ever said. He was then asked if they could search his car, he said no. So they said the passenger in the car was acting funny and called the K9 unit. After the dog went around the car once, the cop said something to the dog, who promptly sat down. The cop said he now had a reason to search his car. They searched my sons friend, two more different cops, and after the first one said he searched my sons friend, but not my son. After they searched the inside, one of the cops, there where now 4, reached into my sons car, removed his keys from the ignition and opened the trunk, they found NOTHING! If anyone nows how we should handle this I would love to know. So I would have to agree with Brad that there seems to be more on the wrong side of the law. God Bless You and Yours

  9. MD, this thread is an ex of why I prefer prepper sites that focus on practical skills, rather than promoting political views, fear, or certain attitudes toward other groups in our society. If I continue to see these qualities on your site here, perhaps I’ll have to seek to learn from other quality survivalist sites. Thanks & hope u’re having a good weekend.

    • RedC,

      That’s your decision – you need to go to where you feel is the best for you…

    • RedC,
      It’s easy enough to read the title and determine if it may be political or prepper. This one, “Is the Police Officer Your Friend?” probably falls into the former, so you can just skip it. Some of us like the interaction.

    • People telling their personal stories of why you can’t trust the authorities to respect your rights and obey the laws that we are all held to, but they often aren’t isn’t political. I personally didn’t start out with a bad attitude toward any particular group, but as I have gone through life and learned more and been faced with a preponderance of evidence I have developed certain biases against certain cultural groups. For those who have been drinking the PC cool aide, prejudice is when you have a judgement with no reason or facts, but a bias often comes from legitimate intelligent judgement based on evidence and experience. By the way Politicians fall into the same corrupt culture as the Police with honesty and fair conduct being the exception and corruption simply a matter of degree. Bottom line is get over yourself this isn’t a political thread it is an experiential thread and a be aware, be cautious thread.

  10. Bctruck says:

    M.D. It seems there are two distinctly opposing thoughts on the subject of “are the police your friends” My sole intention was from a prepper standpoint,to get those that blindly believed that the police could be counted on to be fair.honorable and trustworthy,to give that some thought. It’s seems that some people are not only content to live with their head in the sand,but become enraged and adamantly opposed to considering an alternative point of view. It’s been extremely interesting to read the comments and it gives real insight into people mind sets the we must coexist with. Thanks for having the “boys” to allow controversial and polarizing subjects to be discussed here.

    • Brearbear says:

      Agree this is and has been interesting…
      …i really appreciate M.D. for allowing this article and for B.C.Truck for writing it.
      …i still think careers chosen by those who wish to hhelp serve and protect others are not just admirable, but necessary.
      I do not take this with my head in the sand but hope and trust within reason that an officer has good within him/her but fully knowing
      that i could also have a bad situationexperience.
      This goes for and with everyone you meet…always be on guard.
      When around strangers keep your guard up…and for me i have a line in the sand where even life long friends have only so many chances.

      I yet again have food for thought…and will be way more careful
      From now on wwith authorities…

      Rreading others experiences is so important and as usual this blog is a teacher.

      As for articles about damn well any thing M.D. has written…
      It is HIS blooming site and can print whatever he wants!
      It is always interesting and thhere is much to learn.
      The community learns from each other…teaches each other and hipefully we all get stronger and better able to deal with
      Life now and …

  11. Wow, this one brought out a lot of comments. I can only add this_ I have spent over 15 years of my life As a LEO (Local Police). I have watched the change in mentality of recruits coming out of our local academy and the attitude of younger officers and those they are now training- And it IS NOT good! They are trained to have the “us vs them” attitude, told that “you can trust no one but other officers” and instructed on how to violate civil rights without incurring consequence. The entire attitude was changed during my tenure and that is a major reason I changed careers. Today’s police ARE NOT your friend, are NOT there to help you. I’m sorry to offend anyone but IT IS true! I’ve seen it and I’ve lived it.
    There may be a few small towns with older officers as Chiefs who are still holding off these ideas, but they can’t and won’t last forever. Amerika has become a police state and you (And even me as a former LEO) are the enemy. Truth is a painful thing!

  12. I have had mixed luck with cops. I really try not to look like a “profile” they might notice or want to hassle when I travel. I’ve done away with bumper stickers, for example, and I dress like a dowdy office lady or generically preppy/schleppy.

    I have only gotten pulled over while: speeding a lot, going a little too slow, driving in the wee hours, forgetting to put my headlights on, and one time I ran a red light in front of a cop (oops). The most that happened out of these was I got a ticket. Note: If someone slows down in front of you for no reason you can tell, it’s usually because they have radar so don’t pass them right away. Also go the going rate of traffic, you’ll stick out less.

    One of the things I think is important is not to look nervous in the least if pulled over. Be polite, too. Don’t tell them anything of substance. Play a little dumb. Keep your temper. I like the idea of a dash cam, apparently they are everywhere in Russia because the cops there are largely corrupt and the dash cam keeps them somewhat honest.

    I agree that if you call the cops on someone you’re going to make an enemy of them and maybe the cops too. Best to try and work that stuff out yourself, and avoid dramatic people, although that’s not always possible.

    I have a couple cop friends, one local and one fed… they seem like “good cops”. I’m what you might call a bit self censoring around them, but not to the point of paranoia, for example they know I’m in Appleseed. I’m not sure if knowing these guys would be any kind of insurance against harassment by other LE who get uppity. They might be a good early warning system for weirdness.

    I do not understand the glut we seem to be having of cops lynching people. Was it always this bad but the reporting of it is getting better; or is it really getting worse statistically? If it is indeed worse then why? Is it budgets, fewer job candidates, poor training, psychopaths not getting weeded out, or what?

    There also need to be better ways to deal with people who have PTSD. The other month a local veteran recently returned from the sandbox had a stand-off with cops who were called to SWAT him for basically no other reason but some high school frenemy of his calling the cops and claiming he was acting up. He was sitting at home watching TV by himself with his kids upstairs sleeping when the SWAT team showed up, and he went into siege mode. They made it even worse when they put a flashbang through his door. Nobody died but there were shots fired, mostly at street lamps. There was a long standoff. They claimed afterwards that he had kidnapped his kids, but they were at home asleep in their beds, and he lived there too. It’s just the cops trying to cover their butts. I don’t understand how someone can kidnap his own kids at home while they’re asleep in their beds.

    Maybe the cops could have a negotiator for the occasional PTSD situations instead of escalating violence. Even a polite “wellness check” would have sufficed in this case – sending SWAT was really overkill and sort of a self fulfilling prophecy in terms of triggering his PTSD.

    Some countries like Greece are using paid foreign security contractors to replace cops who were joining xenophobic political opposition groups. (in other words to avoid having gangs of racist cops). Whatever your feeling about mercenaries, perhaps the alternative was worse in that case.

    If the US goes all unrestive with maybe a split in the LE in some areas will we see mercenaries used to keep order?

    • ou know,im convinced the quality of people in general is declining. Its not just cops,though they are the only ones that can kill ypou and get away with it,its truckers, clerks, nurses and dostors. A couple years ago, i called my mortgae company to see how much i owed. I sort of lost track because my payments were always more than the monthly amount,and sometimes a lot more. So i knew i had shaved some years off my mortgae. Would you believ e they wouldnt tell me how much i owed them? NOT EVEN A BALL PARK FIGURE!!!! I got so entaged at the fact that the people i owed monet to,wouldnt tell me how much oi owed them, that I sold a stock that i had been holding for 20 yeqars, and payed my house off. turns out i owed the $54,000,they sent mem back about 3 grand. I shut my serius radio off the other day, they told me i couldnt have it shut off over the phone,i had to go online and sgut it off. I told them i didnt have to go online to turn it on, i didnt have to go online to pay them, and by God i wasnt going to go online to have it shut off. I went throughj 3 mngrs before they shut it off. Its not just cops,its everybody. A steep decline in the quality of people and a complete absense of common sense.

  13. happily I haven’t had too many experiences, but my last was poor. The officer gave me a ticket for trying to avoid an entrance ramp for a closed highway. I’ve known a few as neighbors or relatives of neighbors and found the local cops (be it city or Sheriff) to be upstanding people just trying to do their jobs. At the same time I’m sure that there are local cops who bend the rules, have become jaded working the job, have inferiority complexes that manifest themselves with superiority behavior, have bosses that performance objectives that lead to bad behavior, etc. My experiences suggest it is worse at the state level, but that experience is local. I think the problem goes back to who is attracted to becoming a cop. I think it attracts people with a law and order, black and white, conservative, follow the rules type of view of the world. I also believe it attracts a personality type that may feel average or inferior and that enjoys the power of being a law enforcement officer, that power over others. It helps them feel good about themselves. I’m sure some are just grown up bullies. They always think they are right, even if wrong, and they appear very confident of themselves. What I’ve said is really just a stereotype from my personal experiences and observations from the news and other sources. There will be exceptions and the number of those exceptions could be quite large, even beyond a majority. It’s potentially possible that a small percentage of cops actually cause most of the bad will by the public. My experiences have been bad enough that I won’t let a cop into my house unless they have a warrant or I called them asking for assistance. I’m also going to be very cautious about answering questions. Too many innocent people have been convicted of crimes.

  14. BC is 100% right on this one! If you are a prepper,and you think there might be a SHTF situation, then you shouldnt expect to deal w/ nice cops!

  15. Two weeks ago a local (southern) city police officer tried to trick me into punching my brakes as if to increminate myself right into a speeding ticket when I wa driving well within the limits. On the otherhand, my wife and I received some well needed drections very dark early one morning while lost on the South-side of Chicago by two very polite city police officers.

  16. Encourager says:

    Okay, here is a story where we were treated well by cops. We were coming home from vacation pulling our trailer. We could not find the campground where we wanted to stay. We were in New Mexico. We decided to stop and get a bite to eat at a local place. As we were eating, four cops came in to eat (one was a tribal cop). They joked with the staff and each other. After ordering, one walked up to our table and asked if the trailer was ours. He wanted to know what kind of dog we had as he had never seen one like it. We chatted for a few minutes. He was very nice.

    On the way out I stopped by their table and asked them if they knew where this campground was. Turned out the book was wrong and we had another 150 miles to go. They all recommended one nearby that was just down the road. I thanked them and then said “I realize that your jobs are sometimes hard and thankless. I just want to tell you we prayed for you tonight. We felt welcomed by you (speaking to the one that stopped at our table).” They thanked us for praying and one even said ‘Praise God!”

    When we got outside and my husband was backing up the jeep and trailer, so I could get in as we parked pretty close to a building and I noticed we had no backup lights on the trailer. Somehow the cable had gotten cut by the hitch. Just then the cops came outside. They came over and we pointed out the problem. One of them followed us to the campground just down the road and then asked us if we needed help fixing it. Dh said no, he had the tools but thanks.

    We could have gotten a hefty ticket for driving with no trailer lights. Instead, he followed us to keep anyone from running into us and offered to help. That is a good cop.

  17. One last post, we just had an entire city’s police department purged in our county by the FBI because somehow they got wind of corruption and upon investigation found it was true. The cops were illegally seizing peoples cars who they knew wouldn’t be able to pay to get them back and then selling the cars or taking them and driving them as their own. I imagine they were doing some other things too, but the crooks in that department have family connections in other local police departments and in the Sheriff’s department which makes me hope that they are checking those out too, just to be sure it was restricted to the one city.

    Of course there are plenty of instances of abuse by the FBI and the ATF and now the NSA.

  18. Here is a story that clearly shows police officers care.

    This story involves the police department in the small town of Kerrville ,Texas who reported finding a man’s body last Saturday in the early evening in the Pedernales River near the state highway-87 bridge.

    The dead man’s name would not be released until his family had been notified.
    The victim apparently drowned due to excessive beer consumption while visiting “someone” in Fredericksburg .

    He was wearing black fishnet stockings, 10 inch spiked heels, a red garter belt, a pink G-string, purple lipstick, dazzel dust on his eyelids, 2 1/2 inch false eyelashes and an Obama T-shirt.

    The police removed the Obama T-shirt to spare his family any unnecessary embarrassment.

    See, police do care.

  19. Reminds me of what the lady said on the movie Dragnet. Its about time you GD pencil dicks showed up, or something like that.