Will We See ISIS Attacks Like the One In France on U.S. Soil?

By now everyone is probably aware of the terrorists attacks that were carried out in Paris France on Friday the 13th that resulted in over 120 people dead and many more wounded – ISIS has claimed full responsibility for the attacks.

Aside from the tragic reality of innocent lives lost, France is now in lock-down and under what is essentially a state of martial law after the attacks. Unfortunately, closing the borders after the event is not going to change what has already happened and will have little effect at preventing any future attacks, because the country has already been infiltrated and those individuals are no doubt planning follow-up attacks.

A lot of people here in the U.S. are probably asking “why ISIS have not carried out similar attacks on U.S. soil” after all our southern border is wide open and all ISIS fighters or anyone else has to do to get into the U.S. is to go into Mexico and then simply walk across the border and into the U.S. and even if they do get apprehended by border patrol they are taken to a processing center and then set a “court date” and subsequently turned lose on U.S. soil to plan and do whatever…

So why has ISIS not already perpetrated similar attacks like the attack in France inside the U.S.? Are they waiting for a certain time or event to trigger them into action? Are they still getting all of their fighters equipped and into positions around the country and coordinated for a large simultaneous attack in several major cities at once?

Or could it be that their leaders want to continue to receive the same U.S. government support via training, money and weapons that they’ve received in the past.

Via Infowars:

The people of Iraq are increasingly blaming the United States government for the spread of ISIS in their country, a Wall Street Journal report reveals.

While interviewing Iraqi refugees in a tent city in Baghdad, journalist Yaroslav Trofimov discovered that a growing number of residents believe ISIS is receiving direct support from the American government.

“We all know that America is providing ISIS with weapons and food, and that it is because of American backing that they have become so strong,” said Abbas Hashem, a 50-year-old who recently fled Ramadi.

Others, such as prominent lawmaker Alia Nusseif, made equally striking comments, accusing the US of using ISIS as a proxy army to split up the country.

The U.S. government did it in Iraq and they are trying to do the same thing in Syria… Only this time the Russians have stepped in with direct military support of the Syrian government, and this is causing all kinds of problems for the ISIS army and their backers.

Via The Guardian: Vladimir Putin accuses US of backing terrorism in Middle East

The Russian president, Vladimir Putin, launched a stinging attack on US policy in the Middle East, accusing Washington of backing terrorism and playing a “double game”. He said that the US had attempted to use terrorist groups as “a battering ram to overthrow regimes they don’t like”.

He said: “It’s always hard to play a double game – to declare a fight against terrorists but at the same time try to use some of them to move the pieces on the Middle Eastern chessboard in your own favour. There’s no need to play with words and split terrorists into moderate and not moderate. I would like to know what the difference is.”

So will we see attacks like the one in France here on U.S. soil… that’s hard to say, I certainly hope not, but it is a possibility, even though they have received training, weapons and support from the U.S. government, they are still not completely under U.S. control and are also extremely unpredictable.

Plus a similar attack on U.S. soil would be a perfect excuse for the Obama regime to declare martial law and thus effectively suspending the upcoming presidential election which would set Obama up as a U.S. dictator with full dictatorial powers.

News of 10,000 Syrian refuges being brought into New Orleans makes me wonder if that isn’t the plan – via The Conservative Treehouse:

First load of Anticipated “10,000 Syrian Refugees” Has Arrived in New Orleans… It would appear most of the “refugees” are economic jihadist males between the age of 18-45 years old. They have recently arrived courtesy of President Obama, Secretary Kerry and the State Department.

And now it’s being reported that a Syrian Passport Was Found Near Body of One of Paris Suicide Bombers

Please pray for the victims in France and their families and for the safety of the U.S. people and other people of other nations that could be targeted… We are living in dangerous times plan and prep accordingly…


  1. think4once says:

    Your ally is your enemy…………your enemy pretends to be your friend…….he is your enemy and he always has been in spite of 3 billion a year you spend.
    Wake up sleeping sheep………bbbbbbbaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!
    Your ally controls your enemy…your ally is no friend of me….your ally will be the end of thee. Your ally laughs and is full of glee…..Your ally is glad you cannot see. Keep you looking at the decoy, keep you fooled you silly goy.

  2. Of course the United States can not discriminate against immigrants because of their religion.
    Speaking a man who has lived and worked in Muslim countries, I would like to point out a few things about Islam.
    Islam is a religion to be sure, but it is much more than that. It is a judicial system, a legal system, a social system, and a vast world wide “old boy network” bent on world domination.
    Something I have noticed. On the news shows I watch there have been no articles on the “moderate Muslims” speaking out against ISIS. No Muslims standing in solidarity with the French people at the attack sites. I don’t remember any Muslim organizations expressing outrage at 9 / 11. Is the press simply missing it? Or do the “moderate Muslims” privately support ISIS? Did they secretly celebrate 9 / 11?
    The ISIS leadership would be stupid to pass up all the opportunities that the mass migration has presented to them.
    We Americans should be open minded and allow in immigrants. Can’t we find worthy, starving people in South America, Asia, and Africa? Why should we take in anyone form the Middle East? The world is full of needy people who would benefit by moving to the US. Allowing immigration from the Middle East is insanity.

  3. We’re not forcing anyone to come here. This country had done more humanitarian missions, and great acts of kindness, than any country in the history of the world. We have made grave mistakes in our short history. But, I personally, am more concerned with the abuse of the native Americans than the rest of the minorities put together. But the American Indian people are not whiners and freeloaders, as a couple of other minorities seem to be, by virtue of a predisposed belief system. And by all means, you critical whiners that feel we are deserving of any and all tragedy that comes our way. Feel free to load your a$$e$ up and leave. In fact, I’ve really been blessed, I will sponsor a couple of you folks. Anywhere you want to go.

    Always Vigil.

    • I am so sick of the people who use this and other sites to bash this country and its people. When this country was founded it was the people who told the politicians what to do. Somewhere along the way our elected officials sold their souls and our country with its people to the highest bidder. Politicians are what is wrong with this country. It is not the average citizen who puts in a 40+ hour workweek trying to feed and care for loved ones. Yes there is corporate greed but remember they are selling products somebody wants or they would not be in business. It is the politicians who start the wars usually at the request of somebody else and they do their bidding usually obtaining a payoff somewhere under the table. Wars are started because it is easier to take what is somebody else’s than to work for it. You see the end result in all these organizations that are popping up everywhere bashing the people of this country. The real source of the anger and frustrations people are feeling comes from jealousy lying in a persons heart the greed takes over and wars start and young innocent life’s are lost on both sides. Our anger should be directed towards our elected not the electorate. Need I remind you the profession of almost all of congress and the president is. Yep attorneys. They have screwed the system up and have made it so it is their playing field and rules everybody must abide by. My two cents worth. Now let the haters respond

  4. hmmmm…. latest jerk in oval orifice trained & supplied is…. then they turned against us….now 2 groups I rcv emails from say is may be our allies someday…. wasn’t ussr our enemy, then ally, then enemy, then trading partner (‘tear down that wall mr spot’- jeesh another traitor in oval ofc?), now our enemy. It appears council on foreign relations- cfr (all but 2 secretaries of state since end of WWII, hundreds of its members in EVERY administration since that time, & numerous snakes in oval orifice since) has been blundering our foreign policy for quite some time. Omg, we soooooo need foreign entanglements, so says the cfr. So what if tax dollars & debt is put on our unborn to fund tyrannical regimes (aka foreign aid)? Yeah, they’ll become our allies. When I hear oprabama saying we must accept the refugees (after he/she & cfr created the issues) I think of Lord Chamberlain telling the world old adolph was really a decent chap…..

  5. This blog has really raised some hackles. Which is healthy, as long as the brain stays in gear. And personal emotion, and anger, are kept in check. I have only started posting here in the last month or so. But, I skulked around MD’s site for a @ 2 years. It was good info, and I’m not into fantasy. The folks I found here were always respectful, helpful, and courteous to a fault. And they were working people with a very independent philosophy. Which, I admire. With that said. When folks get hateful, judgemental, and stay on the attack. I automatically assume their not to bright, immature, and have issues that need to be addressed elswhere. Now with all that said. You know who you are, if your doing it for entertainment, your a troll. If not a troll, then see descriptions above. So, grow up.

    • Amerciana pacrat says:

      Love your response.
      Some where along the way they forgot to read the section for posting on this site.
      No personal attacks are allowed, and if they do, they are requested to take their nasty comments some where else.

  6. ….history tells us ( REPEATEDLY) that where different ethnicities are put together, there is strife or tension…. How does government deal w/this strife? The POLICE state!
    Jolly old Pope facist ( & his cabal of bishops- American bishops are foremost on this cabal) are facillitating this recipe for horror. Seems to me they are looking for the globalist ‘world religion’. We know the type, follow only the written laws which may be’ stretched’ to fit an occasion. Who cares about the resulting ‘stretch marks’?
    What is the result of stretching the truth?
    We are seeing an assortment of ‘agenda driven’ administrations, courts, legislatures, msm, etc.
    Might they all be ‘marching in lockstep’? Silly me, suggesting conspiracy. After all Eve was the only useful idiot, then Adam, then?????


    -Being a Cradle Catholic, I’m neither surprised nor pleased w/the above. I do like the story’s source, but see them being neo con ish too often…
    I do have to wonder about theses facets of the issue: 1- why are the UAE Kuwait Saudi Arabia, etc. not taking in the refugees? & 2- Why is pope facist in lockstep w/u.n. on this (antonio gurreres- former pres of socialist international- & anthony lake -denied cia directorship when bill & hilary dual presidency nominated him…..seems this bird had far too many left wing attachments to ignore- Thank God!) are the ‘fearless leaders’ on u.n. refugee committee. Maybe the refugees are used for a ‘political purpose?