ITEOTWAWKI -And I Feel Fine survival CD is Sold-Out!

The last copy of the ‘ITEOTWAWKI And I Feel Fine” survival CD was just to Jeff in TX and no more copies are available at this time. :-/

Please note that it will take me a few days to get all of the orders mailed out, but they should all be on their way to you by the first part of next week… :yes:


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  1. Tommy Helms says:

    Yes!!! I’ve got mine!!!

  2. riverrider says:

    oooh, oooh, mr. cotta, mr. cotta! i had a great idea. why don’t you print up a bunch more, grab a box or two of yer books and set up a booth at the chat’nooga expo? they’re have’n one in nashville a week or two later. pac members could “drop by fer a spell”……just a thought, i have those once a year or so.

  3. I ordered one. Foot tapping. Waiting……….giggles.

  4. I seriously just saw the ad today! It’s 2/14/13 Would be fabulous to put on my portable HDD and have it for use on my rechargeable Laptop,(imagine having 2 points of access for information!!!). Any plans for another run? I imagine this happens every time they sell out? That is a good thing for you then?!

  5. i have ordered one, cannot wait for it to arrive, hopefully it gets here soon 😀