JM Bullion is offering a $5 off discount with the code TSBNET

JM Bullion is offering a $5 off discount with the code TSBNET, and it is good indefinitely.  It’s only for $5 off any first time order – but five bucks in your pocket beats five out. I bought a tube of 20 American Silver Eagles from them a few months ago and was very happy.

Also Heirloom Organics now has a wider selection of Non-Hybrid Seed packs available for spring planting and long term storage.


  1. Dang. Had I waiting until this morning to place my order I would have saved like $50. I am beginning to regret my foray into PMs.

    • Thomas T. Tinker says:

      BB…. I know silver got another smack down last night. Check the Ampex or Kitco spot and Eagles asking price to see if the market actually made a disconnect here. SLV may have dropped but has physical made a drop? My Dealer here in Ohio is maintaining $28.00 plus 4points per oz. This is kinda funny as he has no silver in stock to sell. All the same, He is buying above current SLV but no one is selling. NO Regrets Bam Bam!

      • BamBam &TTT;
        As we all know it is not what you paid for it yesterday, it is a nest egg for the time when the paper money we have is not better than TP. We(dh & I)have seen it go up and down, if you will recall PCG Prepper thought something was going to happen in PM, if I recall the notation on line. We just saw ours take a hit, but it is not the first time, but as stated before better than TP money. Which I am stocking on, and NOT the stuff from the bank, the other kind….

        • PGCPrepper says:

          Chart and volume said it was going to go down. Remember, I said I would explain but would sound like voodoo. That’s why I still have all this cash in the bank. Will monitor chart and volume for next move but I decided to wait and see if it consolidates as opposed to what I said Yesterday about scaling in.

          I could change my mind in 10 seconds though. I’ve held stocks for less than two minutes in my trading account in the past but I closed that account. Buying physical silver/gold does not have such liquidity so I’m not catching a falling knife, as it were.

          • PGCPrepper,

            I so wish I understood what you are saying–you do sound like voodoo. Do you think silver is going to go lower?

            • PGCPrepper says:

              I have to wait to see the close, check volume which is huge and price action throughout the day on a minute scale and check fundamentals call/put action, etc. I can only tell you what I might do; I most certainly can’t give specific financial/investment advice here. I don’t even do that to my twitter followers anymore mostly 🙂

      • TTT,

        Yes, the same American Eagles I purchased yesterday for $30 are now $27. A role of 20 was $614 yesterday; it’s something like $560 today.

        • BK in KC says:

          Hold onto those Eagles. They are long term investment and the best hedge against inflation (or hyperinflation). Consider them a prep to hold for economic SHTF.

        • Thomas T. Tinker says:

          BB… What BK in BC said! It is a prep. Reexamine your world view and decide ‘why’ you prep…. then the PMs will fit in at the price you paid. PGCP follows the techs of the issue and has a far better picture of how the ‘system’ operates. I watch the shorts and longs ratio, supply, production. Works for me. Question in general….”what happens to production, supply, price…. the ‘market’ as a whole when 50% of the mining operations are shut down like a light switch for an unknown period of time.”??? Especially if you are a high margin short…. or a long about to roll into physical. I do so love the uncertain aire of it all and do so pity those in SLV paper and not Ag.

          • Thomas T. Tinker says:

            OHHHH …. Bam Bam…. if you want the deal… I’ll give you your $614.oo plus 4% and pay the shipping for those 20 eagles…. yepper I will. As of this morning there is NONE available at any price in this part of Ohio/Mich.

            • BB, TTT, PGC Prepper;
              Spoke with our PM dealer today. You can purchase what we refer to as slugs, silver units same size as an American Eagle for less than Eagle($1 to$2 cheaper). The Eagle holds more value in your buying an selling power.
              Now here is the catch for all of you looking or buying, the mint is only filling large orders(back orders that they have received from dealers). Our dealer only had 60 Eagles available for sale, we purchased what we could afford. Rough estimate was about $28-29 per American Eagle without the tax(yuck). If you can find Eagles for sale you are in luck. What we were told the selling was what they called paper shares in silver. Yes, I thought who would buy paper shares in a PM, but to each his own. I want to know it is in my possession especially after paying for it. BamBam, do not feel bad. You were actually lucky they had any to see to you.

  2. Linda Lou says:

    If you use JM3128 when your order is $300.00 or more you get $10.00 off your order. Gold and silver are now at lowest price in 3 years. The central banks are buying now. Some investors got gotten themselves in a “squize” which is when more sells of puts options against more calls options and the calls have to sell gold to cover their positions. Good hunting! God bless Linda Lou

    • Linda Lou,

      Thanks – I did not know about that discount…

      • Linda Lou, is that discount code for JM Bullion’s refer-a-friend program, where the friend gets $10 off their first order over $300 and the person referring gets a $20 for each friend?

        If so, who is the referring person for that code?

  3. I ordered last week too.

    But, since I would not have been a 1st time customer, thanks anyway.

  4. I don’t mean to get off topic. Actually, maybe I do. The PM discussion is just going to tear us all up today.

    How’s this for a distraction… Can anyone tell me how to change my picture when I post? I can’t find a profile link anywhere on the site.

    I feel like such a noob.

  5. PGCPrepper says:

    I just go to JM Bullion’s site clicking from MD’s ads on right side, a tad over halfway down. If you click on any coin page you can compare price of coin(s) with spot since they have current gold/silver spot on same page. Just refresh when you want it updated. Spot was down +10% also.

    • PGCPrepper says:

      Was supposed to be in reply to TTT above. Damn meds.

      • PGC,
        Would you recommend silver in coin or 5 or 10 oz bullion?


        • TexasScout says:

          numismatic silver will be the easiest to barter with, as it is the most recognized. most people don’t have the experience, time or equipment to tell if silver ounce rounds are real or not.

  6. well, as much as I know I need some silver, I just can’t afford 3-600 bucks out of my pocket Not when I have a car to repair, etc etc. But I do read the advice and wish. Especially right now while it’s dropping.

    But for how long, and then will it soar again? sigh

    • Thomas T. Tinker says:

      Grannyj…. “Soar again..” as the sun rises… Just don’t hold with the paper price. That Number is pure wind and bluster and should be used only to maintain a rough….. rough idea of what your stack would bring in ‘paper’ at that moment. Then… are you thinking investment… i.e. risk or… wealth cycles???

  7. riverrider says:

    jm is out of about everything, delays getting in possession. my guy still has in stock. i’ll have mine in a week, tho a tad higher per. i can live with that:)

    • RR,

      Who is your PM guy? Is it online?

      I don’t know hardly anything about PMs. But everyone here talked about silver like it was a good idea. And I know paper money is not a good idea. I am thinking that when paper money fails, American Eagles may be a way to pay for things like a trip to the dentist. So I bought a roll of 20 American Eagles. I think I paid $618 with shipping.

      • riverrider says:

        bam, take some time to educate yourself and come to your own conclusion about silver. eagles are the most recognized/trusted of the ounce rounds but you pay a high markup due to that. canadian maple leaf coins are second, easily traded, less markup. both however are for larger trades and no one will have adequate change, so as someone said if i have a chicken you want that i price at a silver quarter and you only have an eagle, the price just went up to an eagle. i buy silver with SAVINGS money, not my emergency fund nor bill money. its the way i choose to save. keeps me from dipping into it for trivial things and will likely gain value. maybe not, but it will never be worth zero. now, i’m buying junk coins to trade with also as part of my preps, but i have my beans,bullets and bandaids squared away already. just don’t buy something because everybody else is. the right thing to do may be buy more food instead if you’re short. food will be valuable too. its an individual thing. good luck.

        • RR,

          Good advise. We’ve reached the point where we are good with our preps. We’ve got 18 months of supplies laid in. We have a chunk of reserve cash (not our emergency fund or bill money). Our only debt at this point is our mortgage. Our main thinking was to put half of our reserve cash in silver. This means we are less likely to dip into it for unnecessary things. We are not so much interested in “making money”; at this point, our interest is in not loosing money to inflation.

          I think you are right. We need to read up on PMs so we can make an educated decision. We are still waiting for a call back from our financial adviser.

  8. Rider of Rohan says:

    Keep buying as it goes down, folks. I got some today at the coin shop for $28, which I consider a bargain. I don’t care if it drops to $5, I will continue to buy, adding more as it gets lower and lower. I have some silver I bought years ago for a little over $4 an ounce. I just regret I didn’t buy more.

    • riverrider says:

      roger that, me too. my buddy bought it every payday for 5 bucks an ounce and now he’s nearbout a millionaire. course he don’t know it, he’s senile now, but his kids are rich. imagine, 10 or 20 ounces every two weeks for twenty years……

  9. TexasScout says:

    I’ll bet they are offering a 5% off, since gold dropped over 6% today.

    • Athen Baxter says:

      The discount isn’t 5%, it is $5. Gold dropped $200 an ounce in two days. Gold has been overpriced. Every huckster in the country has been pushing gold for that reason.

  10. HELP!

    I had a long talk with my dh about PMs. He now thinks it’s a good idea to put some of our retirement in PMs instead of cash. Where is the best place to buy American Eagles online?

    • I am thinking of getting a monster box of 2013 Austraian Silver Philharmonics. I would prefer a monster box of American Eagles but JM Bullion is out of those. Does anyone know a reputable place where I can get a monster box of American Eagles?

      • PGCPrepper says:

        From the very first post on this thread, you said…

        I am beginning to regret my foray into PMs.

        …and now a box of 500 coins at once? Please think it through but if you have that kind of cash, it is your choice. Personally, I wouldn’t buy that much at once. What if it goes to 14 when another Euro country is forced to dump, or decides to dump, it’s gold like Cyprus and then Paulsen and Soros decide to cut their losses, or whatever? IOW, I’m not smart enough to predict “fundamentally” what may happen in the future. That’s why I read charts because real money folks leave tracks.

        Silver may be considered a “safe haven” or a bartering tool in this fine community when TSHTF but it’s still a commodity. It could easily go lower. This is my last post on this thread so good luck with your decision. Nice reply TTT.

        Good Luck.

        • LOL, PCG and TTT. Okay. There’s no reason to move this quickly. My dh has a call into his investment guy for advise. I am glad we know people (here and locally) who keep us from making hasty decisions.

    • Thomas T. Tinker says:

      Bam Bam…. We all bring a few things to a conversation. Our opinion, our emotions, our perceptions of whats to be or should have been.. based on the first two. Alone with the lot of them we all bring our Butt. There are always trolls that will tell us that we are just using the last one to express ourselves. You decide.

      A panic move into this amount of PMs……. Is it? I’d have to have a license from the Feds. to hand out advise with either my butt…. or the other end. Where is… your.. ‘Gut’ on this thing? As to where…. ?? the only supplier in my area that I ‘know’ has any ‘stock’… closed his doors. Which is what he does every time his product gets smacked below his cost average.

      Good luck you two……….Beans, band aides, bullets….. then bullion!

      • TTT,

        This is more of a gut feeling–silver is better than cash in the drawer. My dh made a few calls to friends who invest in PMs and they agreed. One guy who owns a pawn shop told is to check out a particular local PM dealer. So we are going to check that avenue. The main thing is that we are uncomfortable with cash on hand.

        • BamBam;
          That is why you buy a very large gun safe and have it anchored to a cement floor. If not a gun safe,then one that can be hidden into a floor.
          An old family friend had a concrete pour done to fit his safe, then they put block & safe(all in one job)into the floor of his home. It was a subject he an md talked about for a few weeks before they did the job(you see they were retired heavy duty construction carpenters). I guess the two were bored from retirement and did one last job together. Before decided fishing was more fun.

  11. My dh has a friend who has silver ingots and will sell to my dh “at spot”. (My dh helped save the man’s life. This is the same man who got our Glock 19 below market cost.) Are ingots as good as American Eagles?

    • riverrider says:

      bam, not so much, but some dealers trust them more than others. BUT you don’t want to dump all your cash in now, it might go evwen lower, plus in the initial stages of teotwaki cash will be king for a few days. anyway, you gradually funnel cash into silver to average the cost over time. i put a couple hundred a month in until times like this, then i might pick up a few more. that leaves me room to wiggle if it goes way down again, i’ll buy more and so on. remember, it went to 50 BUCKS in the 80’s but tanked to 5 bucks. could go to 5 bucks again. gold was 300 just a couple years ago, after it crashed from 1500.

  12. His price $29 per coin, Still almost $9 over spot this morning $586.00 (rounded off) per 20 one ounce coins. Silver is at about $23 per ounce as of 1130 WCT. So if you deduct the $5 you still leave $4 towards shipping not encluding the mark up. I can buy local Eagles at $1 over spot, better deal over all I think. What am I missing?
    Plus there have been some counterfiet Eagles showing up in Canada at shops so I like to examine each coin I buy.

  13. For those considering liquidating their retirement for PM’s.
    Is you retirement based on 401k’s or IRA’s ? Verify with your financial person the amount of income tax you will pay for withdrawal, either early withdrawal or liquidation.
    Employer paid retirements are secured by Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp., whereby if you employer funding is less than 80%, PBGC will guarantee your benefits.
    A very trusted and experienced certified financial planner, strongly advises investing no more than 25% of retirement funds in PM’s. Invest the 401k money, first.
    My grandpa said…don’t put all your eggs in 1 basket.

    • Lynn,

      Wow. The Pack is sage. We haven’t heard back from our financial planner. I am irritated that Obama is going to make responsible people pay a higher co-pay on Medicare. I seriously doubt there will be Medicare or Social Security by the time I get that old.

  14. The small amount of PM that I have is for one purpose and one purpose only… to have something to start over with when paper money is worthless! If the price of PMs is sky high when that occurs then that is great, if it is way down then I live with it. Either way my PM will be worth something unlike the paper money. That is the only reason I have any of it.

  15. We heard back from our financial adviser, who is also a close personal friend. It turns out he has been a prepper since 1980. He said that if the SHTF, trading with with PMs is not going to be a priority. He said that 3-5 percent of your nest egg should be in PMs–no more. He said that in a collapse situation, collapse will be king for at least two weeks. Liquidity is essential.

    I want to thank everyone for cautioning me to take it easy.

    • Bam Bam,

      Your financial adviser is not completely wrong – but he’s off base when it comes to investing for a long-term economic collapse. Having some cash on hand is a good idea, but when you start hoarding paper “money” you’re asking to lose big over the long-run. If he is only planning for two weeks, well he isn’t planning…

      Personally, I don’t want to have anymore than $5,000 in paper money on hand at anytime. With another $5,000 in silver and $2,000 in gold (don’t have the gold yet), the rest I invest in my property, and becoming more self-reliant, followed by barter goods and survival gear. After that buy more land – hopefully adjoining your current property.

  16. Pete, the Windy City Viking says:

    I buy American Eagles so that I have something to spend at the local saloon after collapse. Bartender–another whiskey! Gentlemen–Deal me in!

    Gotta plan to have some fun, folks…