July 15, 2016 Miscellany News Brief

1.) French-Tunisian truck terrorist Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel is gunned down after killing 84 including 10 children at Nice Bastille Day firework show: At least ten of the victims were children, with young girls and boys lying dead covered in a blankets with their dolls and buggies still next to them. Footage taken at the time of the attack shows bodies piled up in the roads and people running from their lives as they tried to avoid the zig-zagging lorry while paramedics treated the injured and dying in the street.

With all of the terrorist attacks and senseless killing in the name of Islam, why aren’t the good peace loving Muslims condemning the actions and calling for peace? Why aren’t they organizing large gatherings and marches to promote peace and demanding an end to killing and violence in the name of Islam?

2.) ISIS truck killer was KNOWN to police: He was already known to police before the attack for allegations of domestic abuse, theft and ‘use of weapons’, and had been arrested following a pub brawl on January 27.

Why aren’t the “authorities” blaming the truck that he drove and calling for bans on trucks? Using their previously displayed logic on guns after one is used in such attacks then they should also be calling for restrictions and bans on trucks and truck ownership…

3.) Meanwhile… Clinton to Resettle One Million Muslim Migrants During First Term Alone… while calling for bans on those “violent” guns and demonizing gun owners so we have no way of defending ourselves against the invasion of course.

4.) Russia Prepares For World War against NWO and aggressive U.S.: Russian President Vladimir Putin revealed that Russia is preparing for war after firing nearly 50 senior officers for refusing to confront NATO ships and warning that the world is “being pulled in an irreversible direction.”

5.) Silver Price Will Explode Much Higher Than Gold: Investors need to understand an important fundamental reason why the silver price will explode much higher than gold. Here is what you need to know.

6.) 28 pages on alleged Saudi ties to 9/11 to be released as soon as Friday: he long-classified pages detailing alleged ties of the Saudi Arabian government to the 9/11 hijackers will be released by Congress as early as Friday, sources told CNN Thursday.

7.) Venezuela army deployed to control food production and distribution: In a decree, President Nicolas Maduro has ordered the army to monitor food processing plants, and co-ordinate the production and distribution of items.

8.) Black Lives Matters protesters go full retard; demand closing all police departments nationwide and no limits on criminal behavior: It’s news events like this that convince me “social justice” philosophy isn’t just rooted in lunatic leftist philosophy, but also mass mental illness. A group of WHITE, guilt-ridden Black Lives Matter protesters has now jumped the shark, insisting that the answer to a few isolated cases of claimed police brutality is to thrust society into total chaos by ending all policing nationwide.

9.) Toddler injected with 37 vaccines before the age of two left paralyzed and wheelchair-bound for life: At just 17 months of age, Otto Coleman’s life changed drastically and suddenly. After receiving a shocking number of vaccines – 37 to be exact – he ended up being paralyzed with transverse myelitis, and will spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair.

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  1. trapper dave says:

    #8 is the most ignorant thing I’ve heard , law enforcement not only protects the law abiding but also the criminal . Can you imagine how crime would drop when the bodies started to pile up . Are these people really that stupid ?

  2. #8 — I think they should do a test in the towns of the advocates, see how it goes and get back to us.

    I have no doubt that they will be screaming from the roof tops after the first 911 call goes unanswered.

    What is that quote: “never over estimate the stupidity of the average american” or something to that affect.

  3. On #4 I for one admire Putin for the stand he has taken to preserve and protect his country, the man has kahonas the size of grapefruit, if by any chance lying Hillary gets elected this country is doomed, I’m not sure no matter who gets elected we can survive from the damage obummer has done.
    #8, let the police pull back from the interior of say Chicago for a month and let them live there with no social controls and see how it turns out, I have no problem with it.

  4. mom of three says:

    #8 the real purge, I only thought in the movie’s, what are the idiots thinking out their crack pipe!!!
    #9 I don’t understand all the vaccines either my children never received that many ever to much is just that to much. How the Dr. do it is they order the shots and you have to say no and mean it. I would not allow the Dr’s, give my kids the gardisal shot for the sexual cancer in kids, she had ordered it
    and I said ” No” he is 11 and is not having sex, and unlike
    many parents we do talk to our children about sex, and they
    don’t need three extra shots in their system

    #5 This should be interesting to see how high up Silver, goes .

  5. Egad. where to begin….. Re the mayhem in France… it appears to me that the root of the problem lies in insecure borders. That, and the rediculous idea that befriending and sheltering those refugees will alleviate Islamic violence. Say WHAT?! All one has to do is look at thier history, those people have been throwing rocks at their neighbors since man climbed down out of trees. Also, while some muslims do profess to not doing violent things…..they aren’t helping things. I mean, when is the last time you heard any of their clerics damming muslim terrorisim? One thing is clear….take all those “refugees” and ship them back to where they came from. Ditto all illegals who jumped our borders. It would also be a great idea to get the U.S. out of the UN and get the UN the hell out of the U.S.

    As for those vaccinations….I can see it for things like small pox or polio. For measles and the like? You have got to be kidding me!!! When I was a kid we all want through measles, chicken pox mumps and the like. And guess what? We still lived without those vaccines. To me, it is all a damm racket. For the most part today, the average american is some kind of health freak. Afrais of getting this, afraid of getting that….not to mention this thing about males needing some sort of spray starch to spray on their privates so they can have sex. Sheesh…… It used to be the medical profession was a profession….not any longer, IMHO it is nothing more than a business. Pill pushers, etc. It has been over 20 some years since I saw a doctor. I have no idea as to what my blood pressure is, what my cholesteral is, and so forth. Know what? I do not give a damm either!!! If I want some doctors opinion I will unscrew his head and dip it out. Grrrrrr…

  6. tommy2rs says:

    And then today in Turkey it was coup-coup day. First it’s on then it’s over, give it an hour and like the weather in the south coastal plains of Texas it’ll probably change again.

    #8 Best idea I’ve heard in a while, there’s a lot of people that are only alive because it’s illegal to kill them. 😉

    • Curley Bull says:

      “there’s a lot of people that are only alive because it’s illegal to kill them”

      I almost got fired this past school year for telling a student that!

  7. Crazy Joe in South Jersey says:

    howdy all !

    The Progressive , Socialist , liberal & left made up the term
    ” moderate muslims ” because in their way of thinking it must exist . They cannot comprehend any kind of group that does not have a right , middle and left . It is beyond their understanding .

    There are secular people who were raised muslim and they do not get involved as it could ruin their health & life . This is why so many came to Europe , the US and other modern secular countries a few decades ago . Alcohol , casinos , short skirts , nudie movies , no more bowing on a carpet , etc. .

    There are Ramadan Muslims who are like the Christmas Catholics … once a year religion . This is a small group worldwide .

    Muslims do not get involved in the who , how and whys some decide to go jihad . It is not in the interest of their good health to go against it .

  8. cgbascom says:

    Well, Mike Adams certainly tells it like it is. Refreshing, informative, delightful. I, too agree that we should test these idiots’ idea of no police with Chicago. Then they can report back to the rest of us how it worked out. That is if they can. Besides most of us know that unicorns and fairy wands really do work………in fairy tales, which is where I believe these people live.

  9. #8…..THEY, don’t want that!

  10. IdahoBob says:

    If the vaccines our children get caused them to be paralyzed then wouldn’t they all be paralyzed??? But yet ONE child gets a disease that leaves him paralyzed and his father concludes it must be the vaccines. Hey, why not the milk or the gluten free cereal or maybe it was breast milk or Mexican food, or candy or any number of things the child has consumed. Most likely it was a case of bad luck and genetics. But the father (who coincidently is a well known anti-vax activists) decides it was the vaccine…

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