We Have Until July at Latest Even a Caveman Can See It

A must watch video…

Good take on the disaster in Japan and the affect on the GDP and the global economy…

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  1. I had heard on Fox news from one of their financial whizzes that July was the tell all month. So we have a little over two months till the hammer hits our heads.
    So I guess I will have a little time to get some Bayer to get rid of the headache the hammer will give me.
    Prep on soldiers. Even when it get’s worse keep doing as much as your finances will allow. Do not stop till you can’t do any more.

    • I wish I had visibility to see if that Fox ‘financial whiz’ had any preps any order. I’d bet half my food storage he hasn’t done a thing other than “diversify his assets into commodities, energy stocks, international stocks, and government bonds”.

      And knowing this, I let out a small sigh of relief knowing that even though it’s coming, it will be after July…


  2. Matt in Oklahoma says:

    Awesome then in June I’m going to get a platnum credit card and run it up and buy a ferarri with no intentions of paying for it!! No not really before the herd jumps on me.
    Pretty ballsy calling the date of the end

    • agreed!!!

      what’s teh saying… pride cometh before the fall?

    • I don’t think he’s setting a date for any end. Seems to me he’s just saying that our economy SHOULD hold together until July and after that a collapse is likely. He knows a whole lot more about it than I do so I’m going to take his advice and prepare as best I can for as long as it holds together. If the economy doesn’t fail, and that’s a big IF, I’ll have most of the things that I’ll be needing anyway for a long time to come.

  3. templar knight says:

    We also have QE II ending on June 30th, I think. With the monetary stimulation stopped, the stock market was going to tank anyway, so the Japanese Effect will just add to the uncertainty in the markets. Corporate profits, given that corporations are flush with cash, might not sink the market in and of itself, but the culmination of all these headwinds could cause a collapse. When I think about oil and food prices, and the inflation that is to come, I am very nervous. One thing you can be sure of, QE III will be instituted very soon after these events manifest themselves. Look for a quick tanking of the dollar, and a massive increase in prices, in the range of 20-25%, before the government intervenes with price controls. Then all bets are off. This is how I see it unfolding. I could be wrong, I hope and pray I’m wrong, but the prudent should prepare for what is inevitable given the political situation in our country. May God bless us all, and may God bless America.

    • Lint Picker (Northern California) says:

      Completely concur with your assessment, sir. May God have mercy on us all.

      • templar knight says:

        Lint, there is one more possible scenario, but the chances of it occurring are very slim. If the Fed could keep interest rates low after QE II, and the economy was to take off, there is a small window of opportunity for the air to go out of the monetary bubble very slowly, and thus a soft landing. This would require a lot of luck and some smooth political moves by Obama and the Congress. Oil prices would have to settle into the $80 range, food prices would have to fall due to bumper crops worldwide, demand for treasuries would have to hold steady, and the US economy would have to take off and grow in the 5-6% range for the second half of the year.

        If the Congress and the President agreed to real budget reform, and the deficit was cut significantly, and if regulations were loosened to provide for maximum energy production in the US, there is a chance. The Gulf would have to be opened fully, Alaska would have to be opened up also, and regulations for coal production and use would have to be loosened. Other countries would spend money on these projects as well, and we would see a boom. Add in the corporate cash(over $1 trillion) now sitting on the sidelines, and we might just live to fight another day. But I think there is too much luck and too much good will necessary in this scenario, and it is highly unlikely, maybe a 5% chance. I do have a tiny bit of hope, but very little confidence that we could come through this.

    • I suspect inflation will be up 10 to 20% by July, and if things go badly we will see the added 20 -25% increase. We live in NW Florida , two retirees, so our eating habits are very predictable.

      We can shop at Wal-Mart, Sams Club, Winn-Dixie, Publix and the two military commisaries. Since our diet is predictable and I am good with remembering numbers I can tell you that canned goods, grain products and coffee have all gone up. We are being nickeled and dimed, but the constant trend for the last three months has been up.

      Our neighbors, both on strict diets per the doctors complained to me last week that what once averaged about 97.00 a trip was now at 108.00., and this was since Christmas.

      We are doing a food inventory tomorrow and Friday for anything we may be short of for our 6 month supply and will probably add another month of non perishables to our pantry this Saturday.

      • Lake Lili says:

        Canned goods have got a tad scary here… Was at Costco and a tin of corn or peas worked out to $0.29 each. 100 miles north where I live, the same tin is now $2.29 at the grocery store!

    • Right on the money.

  4. Maybe, we’ll see. Living in southern CA we could have THE BIG ONE today or any day and being as prepared as one can only makes sense. I have been preparing and will continue…………..I may not have until July.

  5. sheeple_no_more says:

    Ok, now what do we do. Continue on or ramp up the prepping schedule?

    • Sounds like a good plan to me.
      Shy III

    • SrvivlSally says:

      Just continue on. It’s far better not to prep with stress as a motivating factor but to keep cool and keep on keepin’ on. The stress could cause you to do things you would never think you could, which may not be a pretty scenario overall or when all is said and done. A happy prepper is also a happy camper. You need to break out the marshmallows and build a fire, kick up your heels and enjoy those golden brown delights. If you’re diabetic, just don’t eat them.

  6. Wouldn’t there be some blow-out going-out-of-business sales?

    Will gold and silver take a dip like they did the last time the market crashed or will they explode in price as investors look for somewhere to park their profits?

    And I thought last year was the Mother of All Garage Sales, this year might even be bigger.

  7. Michael Ruppert is a former LAPD officer and a conspiracy theorist.

    • i think he may have some decent street credibility as a cop and journalist. i just think he, and everyone else in the entire world, are crazy to try to predict and make specific date or time frame claims.

      • “Conspiracy Theorist”, NO, Conspiracy Realist!

        Get your head out of the sand.


  8. Sheeple_no_more said “Ok, now what do we do. Continue on or ramp up the prepping schedule?”

    There have been a lot of predictions (Y2K, etc.) that have not come true over the years (decades, millennia, etc.).

    You have to use your own judgement of the local/national/international conditions and your own financial position, but, if you don’t have the basics, ramp it up so you have at least 3 months worth of food, ability to obtain & purify water, a fallback shelter (friends, relatives, RV, cabin in the woods, etc.), and the basic 4 weapons (shotgun, centerfire rifle, centerfire pistol, .22 lr) with adequate ammo.

  9. charles said “Michael Ruppert is a former LAPD officer and a conspiracy theorist.”

    I think most cops (who are honest with themselves) are conspiracy theorists. Because we’ve all seen how corrupt the justice system is, and how power corrupts even the best of men. “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely” I’d say that if you were in the LAPD or NYPD or the Chicago, Miami, or Philly PD you definitely know corruption and conspiracy.

    • You don’t have to be a big-city cop to see corruption. Sad to say that it’s everywhere.

  10. This doesn’t sound like a conspiracy. This sounds like pretty well thought through financial information. Certainly excellent food for thought.

    No matter what, I don’t see how things would or could be BETTER in July. Bailouts are happening all over the globe. By the end of this year the United States will be operating with the largest deficit in the world. Oil is going up & up. Food is going up. Japan’s economy is toast. Wages are static or declining or disappearing. All of our manufacturing jobs are in India or China. The USA is in THREE wars now. The middle east is falling apart. The BRICS nations have a big conference later this week, they are smelling blood & smiling in delight. Our borders are so porous I swear a nuclear missle could be walked across the border in broad daylight. Riots are everywhere – including here in America where our govt workers & unions are rioting & protesting to keep their bloated salaries, benefits & pensions. And to top it all off, we are being led by total and complete idiots in Washington DC!!!!

    I’m just going to keep prepping as I have been though I might speed it up a little bit now. I’ve been putting off getting some solar panels. I guess I need to do that now. More ammunition too. Some extra clothes for my growing son. I’m already out of the stock market. All our funds are in guaranteed options or money markets. I might pull out a bit more cash to have on hand – though it probably won’t do me much good.

    If I owned a Toyota or a Honda, I’d be taking my car in for service before all the parts are totally gone. Just sayin’.

    • GAdixiedarlin says:

      I agree with you GA Mom….but you forgot about all this crazy weather we’ve been having….I think that just gives them another reason to raise the price of oil…..we have a farm in south GA and just trying to get a crop in the ground I have already spend several thousands of dollars for fuel just in the past month……I, too, am already out the stock market. Not really sure anything is “guarenteed” at this point but would like to know what you have put your funds into…………..

      • GAdixie. We’ve got our money spread out pretty well. We have a checking account that gives us 2 1/2% interest. We’ve got lots of precious metals (most bought a while back so our return is great so far). We have all of our retirement plans diverted into money market or “savings” type accounts in case the market tanks. We own some property but not in a good bug out location. Our kids 529 plans were moved into the guaranteed option. We do still have some stock but the company is in bed with the current administration – they will be the last to fall.

        I am wanting to buy some land in Georgia. I think land is a great place to shelter your money.

        As you said, nothing is guaranteed but I know that if the stock market crashes we’ll fare much better than most.

        And our best investment so far (other than gold/silver) is our food & prep storage. With inflation rising it is money in the bank!

        I hope you can get your farm going. You’ll have to raise your prices to recoup your cost. You’ll be one of many doing it. It may end up being cheaper some day very soon to farm & plow with people & animals. Sad but true.

    • Lake Lili says:

      I wouldn’t be too worried about your northern porous border… truly we only want to come in the middle of winter and then Florida and Arizona are the primary destinations. For too many years your dollar was too high for us to stay too long and now that we are at par, we still can’t afford it. But if you keep on producing those Extreme Couponing shows we may all be tempted! Are those types of deals really available?!

      • Lake Lili. Our northern border is not a concern its the one to the south that (rumor has it) has middle easterners sneaking across. You are welcome but you must make a stop in Georgia some time. Try Savannah. It’s warm almost year round & beautiful. They have a beach too.

        Extreme couponing is a good show. I can’t imagine being able to do that well more than once or twice a year (i.e. saving up your coupons for one big trip).

        The one thing that drives me crazy about that show is they don’t tell us where they get their coupons from. Our Sunday paper only has a few. I’d have to buy 25 Sunday papers to get the multiple coupons those folks always seem to have.

        And, I do find it odd when they buy diapers or antacid and then announce that they don’t have kids of don’t need the antacid. Why pay anything for it then? It’s more hoarding than saving in that case – LOL!

        • Lint Picker (Northern California) says:

          According to one of those coupon ladies, she gets free newspapers from the delivery service. Apparently the delivery service doesn’t want to spend the fuel to take their excess papers to the recycler so the lady takes them, cuts out the coupons, and then recycles the newspapers herself. Good deal if you can work it out.

          As for the diapers and other stuff those people don’t use, I think they trade or give away a lot of their stuff. It’s more like a hobby than a necessity for some of them. Good show, though, and I am glad it’s only on for a few weeks – seems it would get boring after awhile.

    • Love your way with words, GA mom. I feel ya’.

  11. Jumbo.I would not listen to him for any economic information.

    • Lint Picker (Northern California) says:

      Why not? Because he’s a former LAPD cop? Or because you disagree with him politically? You don’t have to agree with anybody or anything, but that doesn’t mean economic collapse is not coming. Even the progressives believe it’s coming – because they are doing everything they can to force it to come so they can rebuild the world the way they want it to be.

      Wake up and smell the coffee – the coming economic collapse has been planned for a long time and Japan’s problems only sped it up. But, hey, don’t listen to anybody here – just keep drinking the Kool-Aid.

      • Lint Picker (Northern California) says:

        I just finished watching all 12 of his videos on YouTube. He said some things that I find troublesome, but I tend to agree with his general viewpoint.

        1)Last summer he predicted 5-10 million people would have to leave the Gulf Coast due to the PB oil spill. That didn’t happen.

        2)In a later video last summer, he claimed that he predicted 2-5 million people on the Gulf Coast would have to leave the area. This is half of what he predicted only a few weeks earlier. I find his failure to admit his change in numbers a blow to his credibility.

        3)He predicted that the East Coast of the USA would be rendered inhabitable due to the Gulf Oil Spill. Of course that is not true.

        4)Last summer he predicted that the federal government would end unemployment payments. That didn’t happen.

        5)He predicted last year that Hurricane Earl would devastate Long Island. That didn’t happen.

        He said he lives in Sebastopol. I am fairly familiar with that NoCal town and am aware that it is a haven for anti-nuke progressives. Another thing I find troubling about him

        He attended the Harmony Festival (Santa Rosa, CA) which is another venue for progressives to get together and smoke a little pot, talk about green energy, and feel smug in their superiority. His attendance at that event is further damage to his credibility, IMO.

        Michael Ruppert claims to be a journalist. Never heard of him before. He is now CEO of CollapseNet.com, which appears to be a subscription website.

        This dude likes to make predictions. Anybody who makes several predictions is likely to get one right from time to time. Even a blind pig gets lucky sometimes. So he may be right in his prediction of economic collapse, but he’s been wrong about all the other predictions he’s made. Just my assessment. YMMV.

        There’s another guy who likes to make predictions. He runs that other survival website. He’s always bragging about his preditions being correct, but he fails to mention the times he’s wrong. Such is the human ego, I suppose.

        I predict that those who make lots of predictions will be wrong more often than they are right. 😉

        • OhioPrepper says:

          Years ago our local newspaper would print a full page of predictions from Jean Dixon sometime during the first week of the year. I always read the predictions, usually for the humor, and then tacked the page to my office wall. As the predictions came true I would highlight them. She never failed to get less than 20 or 25, but when you look at the trends and list 200+ predictions, statistics alone would give you that number on a coin toss. Like Lint said, the predictions that came to pass were hyped, while conveniently ignoring all of the others. I already made an event in my calendar to remind me in August to check on his credibility. I’m betting he’s wrong.

          • OhioPrepper,

            That is the main reason I don’t get into a lot of the what if and collapse predictions in my posts, because I don’t know what will be the trigger point that will push us over the edge or the exact date. Wish I did.

            • OhioPrepper says:

              My primary plan is shelter in place, with secondary to BO to one of my local group (or them coming here), and finally to our boonies retreat. The boonies retreat is remote and some distance and not really completely ready for occupancy by those other than the current caretaker. Obviously anything but the SIP option means more work and less stuff with you at the destination. What this lead in is all about is the trigger event. I just recently had a discussion with one of the local group about which events would cause us to do what, and while it’s probably one of the more important things we should have determined, it is the one with the most variables an therefore the hardest to pin down. Opinions on “likely” trigger events might make another good topic, because at this point, we’re still looking at it.

      • Charles needs to return to the regular programming on his television, and hoist another cold one.


  12. Is he a conspiracy theorists?
    Or is he a conspiracy factualist?
    A conspiracy factualist is only concerned with the facts, as I recall.
    I don’t know about the man, never heard of him, the facts on the other hand, those I have heard of before.

    The way some People act, it’s as if there’s no such thing as conspiracy and they never happen or that unrelated individuals and groups don’t behave in a similar way to achieve a desired outcome.

  13. j Stuart says:

    At least it’ll be warm when things come apart. Get your guns now.

    • Bad for 95+ degree Georgia 🙁

      Also bad because more crime happens when things are warm – at least around us.

  14. ‘Conspiracy theories’ used to be what we call ‘facts’ or ‘actualities’ today.
    Even reading science fiction from fifty- or more- years ago, some would consider them ‘conspiracy fiction’. Like Orwell’s 1984. Some may call it ‘conspiracy’. I prefer calling it ‘truth’ now. There is no science fiction that can be written that would be more bizarre than how events are shaping up in the world of today.
    Shy III

  15. We shall see ….

    1. This worldwide economic train is so huge that for to it halt suddenly as Ruppert claims is …. idiotic at best. Hell, they couldn’t stop the Titanic from hitting the iceberg!

    2. From 1960-2005 there was a company called Clark Foam who literally controlled over 90% of the market for manufacturing surfboard foam (the interior product that causes surfboards to float called “blanks”). That company produced over 350,000 blanks annually.

    In Dec of 2005 that company – WITHOUT ANY WARNING WHATSOEVER – ABSOLUTELY NONE, permanently closed their doors which, crippled the surfboard industry … temporarily. To make matters worse, they crushed all of their injection molds – ALL of them.

    Very few others made blanks or could ramp up to meet the demand. What happened? It took less than a 6 months to readjust, use different products & combine the “mom & pops” to start filling in the gaps. Eighteen months later, everything was back on queue & the prices rolled back. Today, the industry is healthy & fantastic inventions came of it.

    Point being, Japan is not the only manufacturer of cars & computer chips in the world. China, Korea, Taiwan, India, Mexico, America and on and on will fill in those gaps & hey guess what? They will be hiring.

    Remember, necessity is the mother of invention.

    3. The economy has no place to go but implode? Please, this guy has no clue how things work. He is a sensationalist nutcase & will like to see how he spins it come June & July.

    There is a documentary called “Collapse” in which he is the subject. Chris Smith, the film director said:

    “What I hoped to reveal was … that his obsession with the collapse of industrial civilization has led to the collapse of his life. In the end, it is a character study about his obsession.”

    That about sums my opinion about Ruppert. Thank God I am not a caveman…..

    • Jason said,
      1. “This worldwide economic train is so huge that for to it halt suddenly as Ruppert claims is …. idiotic at best…”

      It’s been a slow motion train wreck since 2000-2004, it seems like it’s got to stop at some point. The growth was never sustainable or built upon solid fundamentals. Or do you suppose it will go on forever?

      2. “…Japan is not the only manufacturer of cars & computer chips in the world. China, Korea, Taiwan, India, Mexico, America and on and on will fill in those gaps…”

      Do contracts affect this, or limit things? Tooling up time? Quality? Price? Patents? Not just any ole body can produce certain chips.

      3. “The economy has no place to go but implode? Please,…”

      Ok, so what then? What’s your take? From bonds to monitization many People say there is no where else to go except, pop!

      If it weren’t for the Socialization of The Fed and the other shenanigans such as T.A.R.P. the whole thing would have corrected then. There is no way to avoid the correction, it can only be postponed.

      Many People say we’re just one black swan away from the house of cards coming down. And that’s a good thing, the correction needs to happen to get rid of the deadwood so a better base can be established and the rebuilding can occur.

      Of course the mainstream media is going to do a hatchet job on anyone who doesn’t spew the government line, it’s their job. Or didn’t you know?

      Or is there something else you wanted to add?

      • Bookmark this page & let’s revisit this subject & see how much life has changed come this Aug 1st.

        It’ll be real interesting, bordering upon humorous, to see how Ruppert spins things at that point.

        Gee, wonder why Celente has not responded in like …..

    • OhioPrepper says:

      Speaking with an authoritative voice on a YouTube video doesn’t make you an expert. I think he tries to pick a few points from an extremely complex situation and assert a definitive answer. I think we’re in for a rough ride on a long rocky trail, but I don’t see anyone just turning the switch in July.

    • While 1 and 3 are partially opinion based, I would definitely have to agree with your second point.
      There are plenty of other manufacturers around. Will prices go up and will there be part shortages? Absolutely. Is it likely to engineer the collapse of that portion of the manufacturing industry and link into the rest of the worldwide economy? You’d have to show some hard empirical data for me to follow that logic.
      Look at the reaction to the devastation to Japan’s economy after the earthquake: worldwide markets dropped in the wake of the disaster for a few days, but quickly recovered to their (current) standard levels. I find it difficult to believe that a shortage of parts and manufacturing capabilities would have such a widespread effect in such a short amount of time, such as July.
      Gotta agree with Matt from Oklahoma: pretty ballsy to attempt to call the date.

    • Hey Jason, Nice comments. I don’t know much about Ruppert, but it seems like a lot of guys who have trouble balancing their checkbooks or keeping themselves out of bankruptcy seem to believe they have some amazing ability to understand and project the world economy.

      By the way do those of you who are so sure about a collapse in the next few months (including Ruppert), know that you could leverage yourselves, and sell the market short on margin? You could make a huge amount of money when the market goes down. Then you could take all that money and put it into ammo, gold, or silver that many seem to favor around here. Really, for everyone who is so sure about these things you could put your money where your mouth is and find yourselves sitting very pretty. But, if the market goes up you would probably be wiped out. Hmmm…

      Folks “the economy” that so many seem to consider a piece of fragile bone china, is just a summary of the overall actions of billions of human beings. As long as some portion of the population has some intelligence, some liberty, some creativity, and some self-preservation (self-interest) we will keep rebuilding all the collapses. Surfboard core manufacturing disappears – someone will take over and make some nice cash. Japan can’t make the auto parts – I know thousands of trained, out-of-work, folks in Detroit who’d like to get in on that action. Of course war and a totalitarian government can do a good job killing such natural human ingenuity, but come on folks do we all have such a poor view of our fellow man?

      I mean that as a serious question for the folks here at survival blog. What percentage of your fellow human beings (lets keep it in your home country) do you believe have enough intelligence and creativity to pitch in rather than tear down in a challenging (great-depression-like) economy?

      • Mike, you are a breath of sane air – thank you.

        What I find alarming & amusing at the same time and believe you were alluding to is the global economic problems are not linear, nor are the solutions – yet so many try to jam that oversized square peg into whatever round hole that materializes & fits a particular bend.

        As a hobby, I am an inventor & a bit of a mathematician (yea, I know – strange hobby but got to keep my mind active until death do us part). I’ve invented many things, several that have gone to market and discovered very early on that there are boxes which contain beliefs & there is an infinite number of possibilities that reside just outside of those walls.

        However, most sit within the seeming comfort of that box & care not to have their world rocked by any exposure from any possibilities because, change can be quite fearful. So those residents have no choice but to keep running in circles, scooping up as much information as available within those walls to justify their life beliefs in order to TRY to keep stable – are they right? If only life was not a highly fluid process ….

        Forty years ago if I handed you an electronic device the size of a pack of cigarettes with 1/4 the thickness & told you that you could compose letters, send them around the world in seconds, take a picture or movie & do the same, find information about any subject by pressing a couple of buttons, compose complex math etc. you would have fitted me with a long white coat with belts on the sleeves. Today we don’t think twice about such a thing.

        Point being things are not static & wrapped up into a nice, neat & predictable package.

        Now here we have Michael Ruppert, zooming somewhere out in la-la land and quite frankly, that scares me that he is unleashed to the public & some actually believe he is lucid. I guarantee you, 50 years ago he would have been banished to a remote island for our protection if he spoke only 1/2 in the same manner & conviction as he does here.

        Please don’t believe me, watch the “Collapse” movie & read a couple of his books and draw your own conclusions.

        How in the hell did we ever get here to actually consider this to be normal? Unfortunately, this is the new normal.

      • Matt in Oklahoma says:

        @ Mike
        “What percentage of your fellow human beings (lets keep it in your home country) do you believe have enough intelligence and creativity to pitch in rather than tear down in a challenging (great-depression-like) economy?”
        I’m hoping quiet a few actually. If they are all as dumb as me, a guy who lost his house when his wife lost her job and who does “struggle to balance his checkbook” sometimes, we will be in real trouble.
        One thing I see happening is as things worsen is that preppers, survivalist or whatever title you use, are getting rather mean with each other. Folks we will never all agree but we are in this together so take an easy on each other a little, ok?
        Take a jab but don’t smash the throat!

        • Looks like I put my foot in my mouth – again. Yep, I’m feeling about 12″ tall.

          Just so you know, when I said “it seems like a lot of guys who have trouble balancing their checkbooks …[can] project the world economy”. I was taking a shot at the people like Ruppert who set themselves up as the experts with websites, video lessons, books, foundations, etc.
          When I said people who have trouble balancing their checkbooks – I really meant doing the math, not taking a shot at normal folks who are struggling. Well… I’ve never been the great communicator type.

    • Jason I agree with you about Ruppert’s obsession leading to the collapse of his life. I watched his doc. Collapse and he was on the verge of being homeless. I don’t think he has much credibility either.
      My question is who financed his big recovery up to Sebastapo
      on 2 acres of land . I would be curious to know who his partners are.

  16. Lint Picker (Northern California) says:

    This is the first time I’ve watched any of Collapsenet’s videos. I’ll be looking for others and watching them.

    Around the 1st of May, the commies are planning a protest. Look for the start of rioting with it. Then May 5th will see some protests by illegal aliens. From then on, it will be a summer of riots as food and gas prices escalate and food and gas shortages occur all around the world. The coming economic collapse will bring about hardships that haven’t been faced by mankind since the Dark Ages.

  17. Be watching in May also when Iran is supposed to bring Bushir (sp) on line again. I think they have the stutnex worm under control now, hope not but… Russia this week has started helping them with it again. Also the leftard/pinko flotilla is supposed to be poking Israel as they float into Gaza. That could turn out VERY badly. Also the UN is waiting to find out when Obummer is going to indorse Palestine as an independent state. PA only wants to push Israel back to it’s 1967 property lines. Middle East is not done yet. That’s also going to impact us in a very real way. I went this evening and got 24 cans of green beans, peas, corn, peaches, pears, raviolio’s (kids like em), oil, chili and kidney beans and black beans. 25 more pounds of rice too. Making another trip to the lds cannery next month also just to top things off. The question I do have is… Does anyone have a berkey filter and do u use it now or just store it for tshtf situation? I still gotta get one of those.

    • I have a Berkey and we use it now because our water at home contains arsenic. I had planned on buying extra black filters, but I’ve heard the wait now for a Berkey is 3-4 months due to the catastrophe in Japan. If anyone finds out different, please post as I would love to have extra filters on hand.

  18. axelsteve says:

    Lint picker. My oldest son will turn 21 on may the fifth also.He will be protesting with another beer.I know things look bad . Steve

    • Lint Picker (Northern California) says:

      Steve, a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your son. I’ll be drinking a beer (not a cerveza) on his birthday in celebration of May 5th(not Cinco de Mayo). God bless America.

  19. Have you seen today’s headline news? Unemployment claims spiked up and inflation is rising (duh). We are living with rising inflation yet wages are going down. I don’t know if anyone whose gotten a cost of living increase at their job. Instead their commissions & bonuses have been slashed. Or they are working less hours. Or they are unemplolyed. If they own their own business, profits are down or they are close to closing down.

    This financial crisis is intentional. The Progressives/Radicals have very dark & underhanded plans for the USA. Plans I believe they have been working on for YEARS. They hope for & are planning for social chaos, riots & unrest. They are planning to go after banks & the stock market. They are pushing our government to spend more & more, knowing that bankruptcy or QEIII are the end game. Either way, we lose. There is no way out.


    Something is brewing. It may not happen in July. But is is coming. Our lives are changing – and not for the better.

    • Right you are. The irony is that the very players haven’t yet figured they’ll be part of the suffering. But don’t tell them that their elitist-ideology won’t save ’em. I’d rather watch ’em suffer. Slowly.

      You wrote, “Either way, we lose. There is no way out.” We do not lose! Our lives will be redefined and reordered but this is why we prepare for upcoming problems and catastrophic events.

      Never succumb. Never give in. WE are the way out!

    • I just don’t understand why. Why would anyone (except foreign entities) want to destroy this amazing country? Why, why, why???????? Is it class envy? Greed? What? I just frigging don’t understand. Soros, Piven,BO and the rest of them. Why? Can someone please answer this….. God it’s so frustrating…..

      • Cathy,

        It’s disgusting isn’t it?
        Here’s why:
        Entertainment (on the part of Soros). Just because he can.
        New World Order.
        Power. (listed twice because I believe that is what’s behind it)

        • templar knight says:

          Cathy, what you have to understand is that many in the World don’t see the USA as you do. This country is standing in the way of the Islamists(The Caliphate nutballs), the Communists, the enviro-global warming nutjobs, the strongmen/dictators like Chavez, and any number of others who want more power and control. They now have us tied down with wars in three Arab/Muslim countries, and seek to bankrupt us through war and economic attacks. The sad thing is that they have so many allies in the US, including most of the Democratic Party, many Republicans, and any number of other fringe groups.

          Now, they do have a problem. The US is well-armed, both as a nation and as a people. So scumbags like George Soros are trying with much success to destroy the dollar, and disarm us, especially nuclear weapons, but light weapons in the hands of citizens as well. His thoughts are that a superpower that has been economically destroyed might just lash out at the people who did the destroying. Duh!

          But Soros has other plans. He wants to feast(make billions) on the carcass of a dead United States, and he wants to be among those who will make untold riches selling the resources of this country. Think trillions, yes trillions, of dollars of oil, shale oil, natural gas, shale gas, coal, rare-earth minerals, gold, silver, copper, uranium, and the richest agricultural land on the planet. I think it is greed, jealousy, and hate that drives these people, and power. Think of the thousands of nuclear weapons which could be cut loose from real security if we had a complete collapse. I hate to even contemplate such a thing, but I’m forced to by reality. Interesting times, aren’t they?

          • It’s just hard for me to understand how an American can want total chaos in this country. What do college “professors” gain by enciting young kids to rise up and rage against the nation? and that’s what they are preaching and teaching.
            Templar, you have given me something to think about regarding the untold natural riches of this land. I think you are on to something. 🙁

          • Templar, that was one of the best summaries of what is happening that I’ve ever seen. Thanks for that and I agree.

      • Lake Lili says:

        Cathy, we have won the equivalent of an evolutionary lottery. If you have been born in the US, Canada, Western Europe, Australia, or New Zealand after WWII, you have it made. No where else on earth do you have as much to eat, as much to drink, as many rights, freedoms, education, opportunity, access to medicine… do I need to go on? We have been so blessed and we have extended a hand to so many to offer them the same. But the truth is that some one has had to pay the piper. We can’t take in everyone, which means that some don’t get in and frustration turns so easily to hate. When you are at the top of the heap, and your government borrows money to keep you there, eventually the day will come when the debt is called in. When other governments can’t give their people what you have, then you have to become the target. If we have cheap goods it is because someone else made them and got paid almost nothing to do so. The bigger question is what are you willing to pay to continue to have it all?

      • Cathy,

        They aren’t going to destroy this wonderful country, they do not have enough power besides, there is far more at stake – globally, to allow this country fail. I don’t care if the financial debt clock runs at a million dollars a minute – it simply can’t fail. It’ll reorganize, recreate, innovate & become something leaner & better.

        Think about it, there is nothing that by allowing the failing of this country can contribute. Remember, things are generally profit driven & as THE largest consumer based country & economy in the world by a million miles, we have an impenetrable value. Do you really think it is beneficial to allow it all to be flushed down the toilet?

        IF & I mean a gigantic big IF, it does fail, there is not enough prepping in the world that will not save us because it will be the end of civilization.

        • Jason, WITWCT, Steve or whatever troll name you are going by now. You have to be one of the dumbest, brainwashed sheeple to ever walk on two feet.

          We are too big to fail, it can’t happen here, they won’t let it fail man you are a dumbass for sure. They (the government) have been notorious at screwing things up, look at the history of this country. Contrary to what you have been led to believe they can not control what happens anymore than Russia could before their fall.

          It seems that every one of your comments starts off with some line of bull about how you were involved in or done whatever, apparently in an attempt to give yourself some credibility. You sound like some poor pathetic loser whose wife left for another man, now your mad at the world. Get a life.

          • Thanks for the peasant thoughts & you made a perfect name choice for yourself.

            I apologize if you have issues with my abilities & capabilities of doing more than working at WalMart.

            I happen to think the world & America is a pretty great place, especially since my wife decided joined forces with you.

            Ah, the sweet taste of freedom – bless you my friend.

          • Lint Picker (Northern California) says:

            Dude, I do wonder how many different names a certain person is allowed to use here. The use of multiple screen names on one blog is known as Online Borderline Personality Disorder. Nuff said.

        • Jason,
          I pray that you are right…..

  20. The end is near. Where have I heard that before? We will survive, maybe not as nicely as before, but that is life after all.

  21. SrvivlSally says:

    The video is a good reminder that at any time something could happen and we should be prepared and ready for it. A world wide collapse can happen but so can a world wide earth quake. Why listen to some man or woman predict an/the end and be left with wondering what to do when life routinely dishes out endings. Endings of one’s financial stability on the home front, endings of one’s savings due to a fire or health problem, endings due to auto or personal repairs and endings to buildings and structures due to disasters. Endings are normal and natural but those who do not see that have not been lucky enough to know it. What is prepping all about? Survival. Surviving what? Times of hardship in some form. They may revolve around the homefront, surrounding one’s place of employment, within their government, within their community or in any number of places. I would rather live with the mentality that something can happen on any front than to live my life falsely believing that I am always going to be safe and never undergo a hardship. Currently, the USGS and other entities have arrived and they are taking many people’s homes from them. Many of them were not ready, not financially nor mentally, so you can imagine how they may likely be surviving right now. Although I have not been able to verify it, I have learned that the taking of all of those acres of land may have something to do with our government. What is more disturbing is that no matter how long the red and white signs stay up which state “Stop taking our homes (or land)”, the entities still continue to do what they have intended. Now I can see what the bible meant when it said that their land would be taken from them NO MORE once everything is done and said. It’s happening in many states and if the government takes every square inch of land then where are people going to go? Will there be so many wandering that when they are caught, because there is nowhere to put them, they are shot on site and/or eaten because their is a lack of food? I’m glad that I don’t have to pinch myself any more to find out if I am awake.

    • SrvivlSally says:

      Almost forgot about this, but lets keep in mind what some of our politicians are doing right now. Cutting wasteful spending in order to save our land from the destruction that our president and his cohorts have committed their hearts and minds to accomplishing. If enough waste is cut and our headmaster does not continue BEING out of control then we may just stay afloat. All of us should cut our budgets, put away what we can and prepare for a rainy day just like this day that our great leader, with a swollen (never mind), has created and provided for us and for the future of our generations. I think Whitney Houston had it right, the children are our future because when we are old and can’t take care of ourselves anymore, because the government won’t be able to do it either, all that will be available to us are the young ones. I say that we vote for those people that are working to save our country right now. Thank God that there are budget cutters.

  22. Amateur Gardener says:

    A good friend who is a financial advisor, a very savvy person, told me that the economy will still be bad for at least two more years, and of course, the MSM isn’t telling folks the truth because people would be very frightened if they knew it. No surprise to those of us who read this blog. Listening to the news on a local Los Angeles radio station, the commentator said more and more people are getting into ‘food storage’ long term.

  23. Amateur Gardener says:

    One more interesting item that caught my eye earlier today, posted on CNBC via Reuters:

    US Spending Cuts Fall Short of $38 Billion: Budget Office
    Published: Thursday, 14 Apr 2011 | 12:58 PM ET Text Size By: Reuters

    A U.S. budget deal that includes $38 billion in spending cuts actually would reduce government spending by only $20 billion to $25 billion in the coming 10 years, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office said ahead of a vote in the House of Representatives.

    Many of the cuts included in the budget deal would have little or no effect on how much money the government actually spends, the CBO said, because they come from programs that normally lie beyond the reach of the annual budget cycle.

    • Lint Picker (Northern California) says:

      Obama is using smoke and mirrors with the “budget cuts” and the Republicans are too dumb to see that. Or maybe both parties are working together to bring the “little people” down? All I know is, I don’t trust any smiling, hand-shaking politician from either party. I’d vote for Rand Paul (not his goofy dad) in a heartbeat if he ran for Prez in 2012. He’s got more experience than Obama did when he ran for prez in 2008.

      • mountain lady says:

        LP: I have more experience that BO, and you probably do, too. The man is a bad joke that was played on this country, and a lot of people fell for it. I cannot watch videos, on a land line connection, so have not commented on it. I do believe there will be an economic collapse, worldwide, in the near future, so I prep accordingly. Only God can get us through this, so I will pray for the good people to survive.

  24. cruisin68 says:

    LOL !!!!
    When I was a young lad around 11 or 12 years old…( 1961-1962) there was a newspaper article about some guy saying the world is going to end on this one particular date.
    I asked my Mother about this in great despair ,,,she answered … ” look at the Obituaries part of the same newspaper” .. I did just that , I then asked my Mother,, Well now what ?.. she answered ” who has passed away ? ” I mentioned one fellow’s name my Mother said.. ” For that Man,, the World came to an End on that Day for Him” ! My Mother …God Bless her Soul ! … taught me to be a God Fearing Man,, and to put my faith in God’s hands Only ! I have done so through out my 61 years now,,, seems to work for me ! Yes…, THINGS ARE GETTING WORSE GLOBALLY these days as it has since the League of Nations decided long ago about forming the One World Order so a small amount of people can rule the globe . I believe this and I can see this happening only,,, tee- hee -giggle- giggle – roar…! , God has His hands on what the TRUE Ending will be ! So Hype or no Hype,, I just keep humble on my knees praying and thanking the Good Lord’s blessings he has blessed me with and have been preparing for any disasters that may occur .
    ( never was a Boy Scout but I like their motto ” Always be Prepared”)
    But,,, my life ,,, ( I can not speak of all you other folk’s ) is in God’s hands and when he calls me home,,, I will know that I have done my best to be ready for a natural or governmental disaster. I have hardly any money… some food,,, and other items for survival needs that may be incurred to my best abilities . All we can do is PREPARE,,, and be Quiet and HUMBLE ! and most of all,,, FEAR GOD’s WRATH !!!!!
    America’s morals , principles, and standards have decreased so much through out the years that I can see God taking WRATH on America !
    I am a Viet Nam Veteran and did Three tours of Combat duty for God and Country as well.
    I know I sound like a ” Nut – Bucket” but after reading though all these posts,,, I just had to put my” two cents” in” lol lol !!!
    Just make it a Great One,,, and Keep the Faith !

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