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Who really runs the world? Video…

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  1. Northern wolf says:

    Go max go, learn a lot from him and get a great laugh,surprised he was so calm on this one of my favorites.

  2. “Who really runs the world?”
    Max makes it clear that international bankers are defrauding the US citizens and that the US govt not only protects these elite thieves but pays them through bailouts as well. (He often points out the similarities in all western countries). Double dipping if you will.
    Meanwhile, in Russia, Mr. Putin’s govt is investigating, arresting, trying, imprisoning, and seizing the stolen funds from the very same type of people – to be used to lighten the burden of the common man. Putin is a hero to the ethnic Russian people and a threat to international bankers.
    The ‘powers that be’ need a war in the Ukraine so the American people need a new enemy. There’s a saying in law enforcement, “Follow the money”. If you go back through history, you will find all of our enemies have been a threat to the oligarchs. In recent years, in the middle east, it’s been over the petrodollar.
    The question is now, “Can this shift (or retaliation for it) extend beyond Russia?” China’s position in the big scheme of things has to be considered. Our economy will not withstand a hit.
    “Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.”

  3. Oh NANN! –
    Thanks for the link.
    Just another ‘internal revolution’ and yet another new leader put in power. How about that interim PM Arseny Yatsenyuk? He’s pretty quick and efficient now isn’t he?
    In the big scheme of things, stealing 33 tonnes of gold really is a minor detail (sounds insane doesn’t it?). I have to disagree with the author when he says, “Needless to say, you can see an obvious pattern emerging here.” This pattern is age-old making the future fairly easy to see. The unanswered questions are 1) which country will be the next host for these parasites? and 2) what happens to the old host? We know how they usually handle the guy who attempts to contain the infestation (with the US as the battle ax) but Putin might have a more powerful fumigation method.
    If nothing else, it’s interesting.

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