LaserLyte® Laser Trainer Kit: When training is essential and bullets expensive

Jesse Mathewson – Review Editor

“In peace prepare for war, in war prepare for peace.” Sun Tsu

trainingRepetition in training breeds success in life. This is the mantra followed by the most successful warriors, businessmen and individuals in life. Whether they know it or not, habits learned well and with consistent, proper approach lead to a much easier transition when emergencies occur.

My life began on a farm in Illinois, my dad was for all intents a sharecropping field hand at the time, winters meant no work, no income, so we trapped muskrat, beaver and hunted raccoon for pelt money. In addition we often trekked far and wide for wood for the furnace. Mother canned food throughout the year and we took advantage of the overflow sweet corn, wild rhubarb, asparagus and a very large garden. These habits of storing for the lean months stuck with me as I grew older and moved out on my own.

You could say I have been a “prepper” my entire life, and yet, daily I learn something new or come across wonderful aids that easily fit a very well camouflaged hole in my own preps. It is quite easy to become complacent in many areas, especially training with firearms. The LaserLyte® Laser Training kit allows you to use your own handgun or one that is quite similar to yours in training both effectively and efficiently. Doing so within the confines of your house wherever that may be is amazing. All good firearms trainers will instruct their students to use dry fire practice regularly as the mechanics alone form habits, the good or bad of those habits are up too the trainee.

LaserLyte® allows you to gain feedback in your training, and do so while working on trigger control, point of aim and drawing your firearm. While the noise and recoil will obviously not be the same, the trigger reset and function are extremely similar to factory triggers. The movement of the firearm when pressing the trigger is also extremely similar. Your goal, is to put rounds on target and do so in an accurate manner. Accurate, smooth reaction or action will with consistent training evolve into accurate, smooth, fast reaction or action. This is where the LaserLyte® becomes essential to ones training kit. Rechargeable batteries, a small solar panel, and add 4lbs to a vehicle or house kit and you add thousands of hours of viable training to your families training. Be proactive, be smart and always look for advantages in even the smallest areas.

trainingAfter unpacking the LaserLyte® and the target, (I got the speed/accuracy drill set with the Glock styled handgun) it took less than 5 minutes to set it up and start shooting. Between myself, my wife, son, and daughter we have been enjoying this target setup and learning something as we do. Grip high and tight, smooth press of the trigger, bring the gun up and allow your hand to naturally point into the target, speed itself comes after much practice. The best part is, we can easily use the same holsters we already have.

My family carries Glock 19s, so our concealed rigs and OWB holsters easily work for the handgun itself. The weight is similar to a Glock 19, close enough to allow for solid training. Empty the Glock 19 is 23 ounces, 30 ounces loaded. The LaserLyte® is 15 ounces, having shot well over 200,000 rounds through my Glock 19, (replaced the barrel several times, and springs as well), the weight is close enough to easily allow transitioning from the training firearm into the carry gun. There were no complaints from anyone in the family when using it, in fact, they kept shooting for over an hour. Thankfully the kit is rated for 50,000 shots for the pistol (battery life) and the target is rated for 6,000 shots (rechargeable batteries tend to get a bit less depending on type purchased.)

trainingPricing for these kits runs right around $300 dollars, and shipping is quick. The customer service is amazing, responsive and direct. When you consider that handgun ammunition runs between $200 and $400 for a 1000 rounds you will re-coupe training costs in money spent before the batteries die the first time. They have multiple handgun types, from revolvers through automatics as well as inserts for some handguns that allow the use of your own handgun and get practice in racking and shooting. They also carry a training kit for your AR platforms, which I will likely be purchasing now as well. Overall this is a worthy addition for training purposes alone to my families kit.

And for the price, something I can easily recommend to others. Benefit versus cost, in the case of LaserLyte® the benefits easily outweigh the initial costs. Sticker shock is always fun, however remember, how much you spend on ammunition and how much you could save by concentrating your mechanical training using this setup and saving ammunition for marksmanship on the range. (As always I recommend minimum training of 50 rounds a month with all firearms, and 200 + with primary firearms, plus 2-3 hours a week of dry fire practice, take the guesswork and potential for danger out of the equation by using this system for your dry-fire practice.)

Quick list of benefits
Cost easily overcome when benefit is shown and experienced, useful for ALL family members, my 7 year old daughter who does shoot a Glock 19 but due to size is relegated to 20 rounds at a time, can, now practice function and ability and do so without the limitations of using precious gunpowder and lead.

Similarity to real firearm was well liked and mentioned by my wife, daughter, and son. Trigger pull was almost identical, weight felt good and they loved that they had feedback after shooting instead of needing to wait for a “Cold Range” to proceed to the target.

Mechanics and repetition, absolutely essential in all firearms, knife, archery related skills. This provides that at a reasonable rate and allows those who live in cities or states where restrictions to firearms use may be more severe. Highly recommended for East Coast, California, Hawaii preppers.

Quick list of cons
Initial price can be shocking, save for a couple months and make the leap you won’t regret it.

Batteries, yes they have a long life, however, when they run out what do you do? Carry extra batteries? Can you even get rechargeable A76 batteries? (A fix I would suggest is going with the same batteries for the firearm as the target, and doing it specifically for easily purchased rechargeables)

So in conclusion, I highly recommend this as a training implement for all pack readers. Honestly, you would only be adding value to your kit by doing so. Obviously, this is not a rig to stick in the 3-day pack or go bag, however, it is a great addition to your vehicle rig or house prep kit.

Free the mind and the body will follow


  1. Seems like a nice little training aid. Personally, I think I would buy the 9mm training laser to use in my Sig P228 and buy the target separately.

    I will have to ponder this.

    • Still a solid idea, I want to get a target bouncer…:)

      • Very solid idea. I’m a big believer in teaching and practicing the fundamentals. I think this laser trainer would help immeasurably with fundamentals.

        Having said that, I also think one should train with their own firearms, which means buying the appropriate caliber training laser separately. I think I know what I might buy myself for Christmas :-). Thanks for the idea, Jesse.

  2. I have one and love it!

    • Awesome, any particular ways you suggest using yours?

      • Other then the normal, practice to save amm0, we do tactical practice drills.

        We set it up at possible points of entry and then practice shooting at different points in the room and from different positions i.e., from behind the couch, on the floor in the hallway, from another room.

        We also practice ‘shoot and move’ so the intruder(s) can’t use the gun signature to ‘find’ us in the dark. Of course, how many times you shoot before you move varies by the scenario and how many people there are in the house that need to be stopped.

        • I have purchased a set of their bouncer cans…specifically for that purpose. Clearing rooms and bam- etc., as ultimately I would love a 360 shoot house, this is far less expensive. That or using airsoft. (Which I also use) for force on force training.

  3. I like the idea. Not just cost of ammo but keeping your ammo at hand cause it may be very hard to replace. Save your ammo for the real stuff and train with the lazer.

  4. There are many good exercises to do with lasers.
    Set the laser reactive cans around the house and use for room clearing using the pie method.Don’t forget about the mermen. Lol
    One of the laserlyte products can be used to bore sight rifles as well as being sound activated in calibers from 22-50 cal.Pretty cool and cost effective.
    Pellet guns also aid in ammo saving but outdoors only. Lol

    • Chuck Findlay says:

      A cardboard box with 3-inches of newspaper will stop a pellet fired from a 1,200 fps pellet gun. You can easily shoot one indoors.

      • CF, don’t get me wrong, I just don’t want any accidents in the house. 1 or2 large phone books can stop a 9mm.
        I have shot in the garage the same way you stated without cars in it. Lol
        I had an arrow stop in the house and my wife and I were shooting a pistol crossbow at it. She was a little high with a shot and it deflected and put a hole in the fireplace screen and broke the arrow. I’m glad it was her that did it and not me because I would have gotten yelled at. Lol

    • After reading their selections and available options, yeah, Im hooked. Truly a great product and really not that expensive.

  5. Chuck Findlay says:

    Can’t I just practice with my original 1980’s Nintendo duck hunt game?

    I actually use air pistols and rifles to practice, that and 22 rifles and handguns.

    In the past I bought a lot, I mean a really, really lot of 22 ammo and I’m set for my life and beyond. I worked at a gun shop off and on since about 1982 and never got paid any money, I took payment in reloading supplies, guns and ammo.

    In fact several times I have loaned ammo back to the gun shop during shortages and got extra ammo in return when it became available again. Did the same thing during the 1990’s primer shortage. Loaned out 30,000 primers and got back 35,000.

  6. The Handy Prepper says:

    This reminds me of the video game Duck Hunt. Which, I believe, is also, based around a laser. . Speaking of survival, I found this video on Youtube that I thought may be some help for preppers who are prepping with cans, and find themselves without a casn opener, etc. Just use concrete, the man in the video used a cinder block, I believe: He also has a video of how to open a can with a spoon., etc.

  7. American Pacrat says:

    Jesse M
    I read that some of the purchasers were having problems with it being a red light laser. Although it was only 14 percent, I need to know how you perceive this as training model? I am thinking about purchasing through Amazon so that MD receives credit for the buy, but I would like to know if can be used during the day light hours or is only at night when it is dark enough for this unit to work. Your thoughts as a recent purchaser of this product would be appreciated.

    • Ive used it during daylight and nightime hours. It will flash if it is too bright, indirect lighting hasnt caused any issues for myself. I have it hanging on the bedroom wall atm. But, we use it in the livingroom as well, and its Arizona. So, not dark. As long as it isnt directly lit up you should be fine! Definitely recommend it! Or one of the models, I would like to get some alternative targets and set them up through the house…do clearing drills- 🙂

  8. Chuck Findlay says:

    I have it hanging on the bedroom wall atm.

    I wish I had an ATM machine like you do…

    And someone that would keep it filled up.

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