Last Ditch Unarmed Self-Defense

This guest post is by Scott G and entry in our non-fiction writing contest .

As a cop, I gave this topic a lot of thought over the years and I’ve picked up a few techniques that actually work. I’ve been in dozens of fights and without a single exception every fight eventually went to the ground. Of course, for a cop, you aren’t interested in hurting the suspect (some of the time – it involves too much paperwork), but there are situations where it is life or death and you can’t use a weapon (I’ve got a couple wild war stories). However, as a civilian you don’t need to worry about not hurting your attacker.

In fact, the more damage you can inflict on your attacker, the greater your chances of escape and survival. The trick is to inflict sudden, immediate painful damage. A cop, if he can, usually gives an aggressor warning, “Police, don’t move.” Again, you don’t need to worry about doing this. Giving a warning only lets the other guy get set.

One thing an attacker relies on, either consciously or subconsciously, is surprise and shock effect. To the unprepared, it can paralyze you and make you a victim. The victim will simply strand there for a moment giving the attacker the necessary time to immobilize him. To the prepared, you can use it to turn the tables. By training yourself to immediately react, you can use your own surprise and shock effect against your attacker.

I’ve said this before and I’ll keep saying it: Mental Preparedness. Surviving is about being prepared ahead of time and mental preparedness will get you through the hardest of times. You’ve got to be willing to do whatever it takes to survive a violent encounter. If you are squeamish about inflicting damage on a person you’ll go the way of the Dodo bird.

The following ideas and techniques should be used only in a situation where you are in danger of serious bodily injury or death.

There are three things to remember about an attacker in an unarmed SHTF self-defense situation:

  1. If he can’t see, he can’t fight.
  2. If he can’t breathe, he can’t fight.
  3. If he can’t stand, he can’t fight.

Eyes, Throat, Knees/Ankles

In my not-quite-so-humble opinion, the eyes are among the most vulnerable and arguably one of the most defended external organs of the body. Nobody wants to lose their eye sight. I’d rather be deaf than blind. This is why it should be one of your top targets for disabling your attacker. Think about how bad it feels when you get a simple eyelash in your eye; it’s highly irritating. Now, think about how irritating it would be if someone jabbed his finger in your eye.

Use whatever you have at hand to jab into an attacker’s eyes: fingers, pens, pencils, car keys, etc. The idea is to see if you can tickle the inside of the back of his skull with your finger or write your initials with a pen. If it’s either you or him, it must be him, so do whatever it takes to come out alive. If you gouge out his eye, you can always hand it back. Also, you can always wash off your finger later or buy a new pen if it doesn’t work afterwards.

Striking the nose is another good way of blinding your attacker. I know the media and some martial arts experts say you can kill a person by striking the nose in an upward angle using the palm heel, but this is hyperbole and something you’ll only see in the movies. The nose simply isn’t made to have bones break off and go into your brain. However, if you’ve ever been whacked in the nose, you know that you forgot all about what you were doing because of the pain.

What you don’t want to do is strike the nose from the front. It is designed by the good Lord to withstand this type of abuse. Sure, it’ll hurt and may make the attacker stop for a second, but a more effective strike is from a 45° angle. With a strong enough punch, the nose will break, causing a ton of pain and tears. This will give you a chance to either make a follow up strike to the eyes, throat or knees, or run.

If your attacker grabs you around the arms from the front or back, head butt him in the nose using the forehead at the hairline or the back of your head. Be careful in doing this; you’ve got to be sure to hit the nose. In head to head contact, the person that initiates the head butt usually is the loser in this contest. You probably won’t break the nose with a head butt, however, it can cause enough pain to give you time to break his grip for a follow-up attack.

The throat probably is the second most defended part of the body. It is essential for breathing and if struck hard enough, can cause death by suffocation within a few minutes. Getting struck in the throat is painful and potentially life threatening, but it needs to be done correctly. Again, getting struck from the front of the throat will cause some pain, but again, the throat is designed to withstand some types of impacts. The 45° angle strike is best.

If you are far enough away from your attacker, use your fist and hit to either side of the windpipe in a hooking motion. If you hit hard enough, the larynx will break and swell, and it’s, “Saint Peter, open the gates,” unless you do an emergency tracheotomy. The other way to hit the throat, given the right circumstances is a knife hand or ridge hand strike. While these strikes can be effective, they usually will hit the front of the throat.

If you are in close and can’t throw a punch, my personal favorite is the elbow strike. This can be a devastating blow when done correctly. Hitting an attacker with an elbow strike is like hitting him a brick. Your hand is made up of a number of bones that compact a bit when it strikes an object. You also run the danger of breaking some of those bones. With your elbow, it is solid like a brick, and when swung in an arc, it generates some serious speed.

Lastly, the knees and ankles. Break either one of these on your attacker and you can stroll leisurely away. It takes about 20 psi of force to hyperextend the knee and unlike the throat or nose, a frontal strike will do the trick. What is nice, too, is that a strike from just about any point forward of the knee will work too, and you don’t need to be a martial arts expert to do it right.

You need to learn three types of kicks for hyperextending the knee: front or snap kick, side kick and instep. These are fairly easy to learn and take only a small amount of practice. The two tricks to an effective front kick is lifting your knee before you strike and pulling up your toes or using your heel. Pulling up your toes exposes the ball of your foot, which is what you want to use for striking the knee. There are plenty of videos out there to learn how to do an effective front kick.

Depending on your position to the attacker, simply strike the knee with the same force you’d use to kick a football. Make sure you follow through. Once you hyperextend the knee, you can stand back and call the police. You’ll probably need to stand back far enough so you can hear the dispatcher above the screaming.

Going for the ankle is also an effective strike and is useful when you are too close to your attacker for a strike to the knee. The only kick you need to use is one that little kids do all the time when throwing a temper tantrum: the stomp kick. Using either the outside or inside of your foot, aim at a spot about four fingers up from the ankle bone. At about a 60° angle, stomp down and listen for the bone to break. You’ll not miss it, since it is very loud.

Learning these strikes and kicks is very easy. YouTube has tons of videos out there showing you just how. Remember: Practice makes perfect.

Something to think about. If your attacker is drunk or high on drugs, you will need to damage him much more severely to stop him. I once arrested a man for DUI, who had cocaine and THC in his system in addition to the alcohol. His BAC was .227, so he wasn’t feeling any pain. The fight was on when I told him he was under arrest. During the fight, I broke his humerus clean through in two places. It was so loud it could be heard more than 200 feet away. The suspect didn’t feel it and continued to fight. It took two of us about two minutes to subdue him after I broke his arm.

One last thing. In any type of unarmed self-defense SHTF situation, be prepared to get hit and/or injured. In all the fights I’ve been in, I escaped getting hit only five or six times. You’ve got to be willing to take a punch, get hurt even to take out your attacker. However, your body already has a solution for this: adrenalin. In one fight, I had my ribs caved in by a man and I didn’t feel it until two hours later. I was able to stay in the fight and take him out. Of course, later, I got a free trip to the emergency room, but he went to jail and I went home.

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About M.D. Creekmore

M.D. Creekmore is the owner and editor of He is the author of four prepper related books and is regarded as one of the nations top survival and emergency preparedness experts. Read more about him here.


  1. Tactical G-Ma says:

    Scott G.
    Thanks for the refresher. I studied MA and competitively kick boxed in my younger years. I really suggest people of all ages put on gloves and mix it up on the mat or in the ring. Learning to take a punch, in the face and to the body and learning to fall has served me well. Self defense techniques can be taught to all ages and all levels of physical fitness.

  2. Scott g:

    Although I was never formally trained our motto was “inflict the maximum damage in the minimum time”.

  3. I think every mother instructs her daughters to “knee” the attacker’s groin.

    • I’ve not. I have said it is effective but only if you are sure you will properly hit the target. Otherwise it will only piss off the attacker and make the situation more dangerous.

      • Combine the knee to the groin with a chop to the neck or whomp down on their collar bones. Stomp on their instep after kneeing them, since you have to put your foot down somewhere after. That’ll larn ’em. Have your daughters practice this on a heavy bag.

        Heavy bags are great for all kinds of abuse and combination practice.

        • I remember the foot stomp from the class I took. I think my daughters would benefit from a class and the hubby wants us to all have concealed carry permits eventually.

          I saw a review of a video for teaching women self-defense techniques that was pretty interesting. It’s called “Stilettos and Self Defense” – I didn’t give the whole name because I don’t want it to be considered advertising. Even the reviewer said you’d be better off taking a class, but it’s a good beginner guide.

          • Tactical G-Ma says:

            If you have never been grabbed, punched in the face, or knocked down, it is important to know you can survive without much injury. The trick is with older people with brittle bones and weakened musculoskeletal tissue. Injury can be more depending on venue.

  4. SurvivorDan says:

    Good advice Scott G.
    As a former reserve deputy I got in my share of fights. From that experience and having a martial arts background I appreciate that you mention knees and ankles for targets of kicks. I studied TKD for many years which has a lot of fancy/high kicks, none of which I ever used in a serious social encounter with criminals. They are pretty kicks but not very practical. They often open you up to an injury by a trained attacker. Keep it simple and keep yourself ‘closed’ off as opposed to wide open.
    My backgrounds in Hapkido and Jujitsu were far more useful as I avoided strikes and attempts to grapple with me and generally targeted the nose, throat, solar plexus, brachial plexus and various joints. Any grappling done by me was because as an LEO I needed to restrain and cuff the attacker/fleeing-criminal. One should know how to take it to the ground but civilians should avoid such. There may be other attackers or one’s inexperience may allow the attacker to draw a hidden weapon while grappling. Your article emphasizes striking eyes, throats and breaking joints so the on-the-ground fight is avoided. Very sound tactics.
    I only take exception to one statement:

    “Also, you can always wash off your finger later or buy a new pen if it doesn’t work afterwards..”

    Now come on! Almost insulting. Of course I keep handy wipes for that very purpose. And I wouldn’t want to re-use a pen that I had embedded in someone’s tissues (blood borne pathogens, ya know). Always replace the ‘used’ pen with a fresh uncontaminated one. ;)\

    Very useful article. Good job brother.

    • SurvivorDan says:

      Always clean your extendable baton or other bludgeon thoroughly after any deployment (cleanliness is important).
      Check your shoes and other clothing for any tissues or fluids after compound fracturing someones bones pathogens/evidence – don’t ya know).
      Always replace any dented MagLites.
      Use a pillow or other insulating material to suppress the bone breaking noises.
      Carry a medium size rawhide bone for your attacker to bite down on to reduce the screaming to moaning.
      Remove any pen you have stabbed your attacker with (increases fluid loss). Re-insert elsewhere if necessary. 😉

      On a serious note – I like that Scott doesn’t emphasize a groin strike as it will be the most highly defended area of a man’s body.
      Also, I have used my knees striking a number of targeted points when necessary to drop a drug-hyped-up attacker.
      I think Scott omits this ‘weapon’ as it does take more dexterity and practice (to use effectively) than the average individual may have.

      All his very useful and practical techniques and targeting involve minimal practice and dexterity to perform effectively.
      I was just a part time LEO and appreciate the knowledge and experience of a professional officer. Thank you sir.

      • Tactical G-Ma says:

        You do bring up a good point. We have to be concerned with bio-hazard. Body fluids (blood especially) needs special attention immediately. Many drug users have become infected with HIV, hepatitus, and Lord knows what else from sharing needles.
        Maybe someone knows the best way to decontaminate after exposure to a contagion?

      • I’ve been kicked in the knackas four times as a LEO. I remember every single kick, the angle of attack, whether or not I partially blocked it, the time of night, etc. I didn’t go down on any of those occasions, but I did some deep breathing afterwards.

        I was dispatched to a domestic one memorable night and upon my arrival, I saw the wimpy male on the front porch holding the hands of the buck naked, roaring drunk female. He was literally screaming at the top of his voice like a little girl, “Get her off me!” After snickering for a minute, I ran over with my partner to “subdue” the woman and the fight was on. She immediately kicked my partner in the knuts, but he, like a good partner, stayed in the fight (although not with extreme enthusiasm). She managed to get in a kick to my knuts, which I partially blocked. It’s hard to do deep breathing in this situation. About thirty seconds later, she kicked me again (which gave me pause, but my partner had recovered somewhat).

        The upshot of it all was that we finally convinced her to come peacefully by bodyslamming her (rather enthusiastically) off the hood and windshield of our unit a number of times. I stayed in the fight the entire time in spite of the nagging ache between my legs, so again, adrenalin came to the rescue. Of course, I had trouble being intimate with my wife for the next week. :o)

        I cannot emphasize enough the advantage adrenalin gives you in a SHTF situation. It has saved me a couple dozen times, although I paid the price later.

        • SurvivorDan says:

          Ah the memories….
          I too have fought with a bucked naked person on a domestic violence call. At first, he kept me at bay by waving his ‘member’ in a threatening manner in my direction. Besides being naked, he was sweaty. Not a good combination when trying to subdue and restrain a suspect. Fortunately I was wearing tactical gloves that grip anything like an octopus. Despite his several attempts to crush my testicles with badly aimed kicks, I was able to grapple with him (no jokes please) and cuff him.
          Most sober naked people do not fight well as they feel vulnerable and the slightest contact with the ground more easily causes injuries/pain (and thus submission) when the puny human body has no covering/protection.
          As Scott G pointed out, a ‘high’ or drunk person will disregard his/her nakedness and may fight like the devil.
          Scott also mentioned that despite receiving several kicks to the nether regions he was able to remain in the fight. Academy training, experience and the will to persevere. Police officers can’t afford to (nor enjoy) losing.
          Several strikes to the eyes or throat may have been more debilitating.

          • I just remember my one fight with a drunk….never hit them in the hard. There’s not that much going on up there. Besides it’s hard on the hands, it hurts. I like grabbing the exposed collar bones. The last “fight” I was in was very short because of that.

          • Buuurr in Ohio says:

            I fought naked once. In Oregon. Answring my door to an apartment after a shower. Not cool. It was winter too. I kicked his ass though. While unsucessfully holding a pink towel. No joke. Fire away folks.

          • SurvivorDan says:

            Fighting naked in the winter time…hmmm. Hence the name, eh…..Buuurr? Thanks for sharing. Glad you persevered.

            A towel can make a useful exigent circumstances weapon. Even a pink one. 😉

          • Personally, I would have dropped the towel…but that’s just me. You can survive embarrassment.

          • I actually think that’s a requirement to live in Oregon. At least in Greshabama or McMinnville.

          • Only if you are running for Mayor, or bike near schools in Ashland.

          • Mexneck,
            On a different subject. I just noticed your name now has a website link, so I clicked it. Very nice, short, sweet, and to the point.

          • SurvivorDan says:

            Hit your educational site. Nice post Mexneck!

      • I saw a fight once where fighter one just lifted his knee like he was gonna land one in fighter two’s man berry patch. His fighter two reacted and did the double hand block for his tender spot, and left his throat, nose, solar plexus wide open for just about anything fighter one wanted to do. It was all over very shortly after that.

        Thanks Scott G!! Very informative!!

        • I would add that once an attack has started, if one has the presence of mind, start screaming and hollering. Make as much noise as you can while stomping your attackers guts out to attrack attention and help.
          My wife keeps her car keyless entry fob handy and has it out long before approaching her car in case someone accosts her. She simply has to push the horn button to start making noise. She ran off some homeless bum who wouldn’t leave her alone in a dark parking lot that way.

    • Double tap center mass. Less sweaty then the kung foo stuff.

  5. akalls001 says:

    A good friend of mine once told me “the bigger they are the harder they fall”….meaning when ya strike first and hard they hit the ground harder….and one thing Scott forgot….a well placed, HARD kick to anybodies groin is extremely painful….enough time to finish the job…

    Lewis in MN

    • I would not put all my faith in a kick to the knackas. Adrenalin will cancel out pain. I know since I’ve been kicked there just a couple of times. Yeah, it hurts and you will do a bit of deep breathing afterwards, but you won’t feel all the intense pain until later. A good kick to the groin is a good distraction, though.

    • Buuurr in Ohio says:

      Yeah, no. A kick in the junk will do a lot of harm but not right away. A lady kicked me in the junk so hard one time in class that I shat my Gi (luckily I was wearing a jock). But I still had her in a submission at the end of it. What you want is the eyes, even if only to distract. And then the throat. Even if you hit the eyes you may have time to get yourself away. The point is to survive. Not Rambo someone and stand tall. Hit and move away or run if possible. Not Holywood but there it is. Who knows? You kick someone in the balls and they shoot you? At least if their eyes are irriatated they don’t have a decent shot.

      • Buuurr in Ohio,

        My advice is that if a shot hit to the groin presents itself take it but don’t just stand there and wait for the attacker to go down – keep attacking vulnerable points until they are out of the fight. My favorite strike is a quick palm heel strike upward under the chin of the attacker followed by a hip throw and a kick to the head.

        • SurvivorDan says:

          So if any of the WolfPack plan on a friendly but surprise visit to MD …. tuck your chin in, keep your hips back and center of gravity low and wear a helmet. Better yet….. call ahead.

        • Buuurr in Ohio says:

          Oh, yes! Take all the opportunity given. My point is that one should focus on far more weaker and debilitating points of interest. And always remember, hard to soft.

          Some examples: soft open palm slapping the hard side of the head aiming for the ear/where the neck joins the base of the head. The reaction is golden.

          Fingers in a curled fashion down as hard as you can into the clavicle or base of the neck where it meets the chest with that little hole. No one likes feeling connective tissue separate inside them.

          Just saying…

  6. Great article, this will get my contest vote. Hope I never have to use anything from this article, but “si vis pacem, para bellum”

    • I knew what “para bellum” was, but I had to look up the rest of it. I like Teddy’s saying, “Speak softly, and carry a big stick.” Good advice.

  7. When the office where I work moved to a location where there were some questionable folks roaming the vicinity, the ladies were offered a self-defense course for free after work one evening. It was a really good class and we all learned a good bit, but I think practicing what we learned would be helpful too.

    Thanks for the article – good information!

  8. Buuurr in Ohio says:

    I studied self defense for eight years when in University. I also trained and was often the attack dummy during women’s self defense classes during that time.

    For me and my experience the only attacks that should be considered are to the eyes and throat. The groin to loosen any grip or attempt to drag one back into a fight.

    We struck over and over to the eyes and when we got the wanted result only then did we go for the throat.

    Many people simply cannot defend against someone trying to slash into their eyes with fingers or nails. It is a savage attack if done without hesitation and you really (as the OP states) have no want or desire to lose your eye sight… so you have no choice but to defend.

    Whether I was simply demonstrating with my sensei or having a woman go at me full tilt (no matter her skill level) if he or she went for my eyes (and they did) I went on full defense and was not happy. It is a terrible flinching feeling of not knowing if you can get away or not. It really is.

    So, we would use it unerringly. Only when we hit the spot ( and trust me, if the spot is hit – eye or just a scrape to the outside of it) and you are out of the fight for at least as long as it takes to make sure you are not blind – did we go for anything else. We basically referred to it as pausing an attack.

    But when we did hit to the eyes then we went for the throat. Often if someone is hit hard enough in the eye they cover up and curl up on the ground. Then we simply stepped in and stomped the head or neck. It sounds nasty (and it is) but it was the only surefire way for our women in our class to run away safely. If the person was hunched over feeling their face or whatnot instead of on the ground we would elbow or forearm with all our weight into the neck. A lot of people will talk about pinpoint and accuracy but if your attacker is indisposed a follow up shot like this just needs to be brutal. Anywhere it hits will snap a bone (jaw, neck) or the trachea…

    I’ve had the pleasure (sarcasm) of being in four fights like this in one night. I was merely picking up an drunk friend from a bar (her and her BF had been fighting). I walked down to get her and was jumped by two East Indian guys in the club. I did my thing and was thrown out before they came after me. Outside the one drunk was so cocky that even while holding his face and completely smashed drunk he came at me again. I punted him in the junk so hard that all you could her was everyone on the street within a hundred feet going ‘OHHHH!!!!!!’ and of those the men all held their groins in mock pain.

    Getting her into the street we encounter an ex boyfriend of hers. He and his friends were going to take her safely home (which ironically was in the house me and her ‘upset with her BF’ lived). I told him this wasn’t possible and he and his buddy decided to swing at me. I flicked my hands twice and both of the got at least a finger in one eye. Both swore and tried to flinch away while I simply stepped in and elbowed one in the neck and the other in the side of the neck. This again drew ‘Ohhhhhhhsss!!!’ from the crowd.

    Saying ‘Screw her’. She was loaded and completely insane at this point (she actually thought I was going to let these two guys come to our house) I left her to the vices of whatever she wanted or got. I headed up between a club with a large deck called… yes, you guessed it Dexas. Low and behold two young men tried to rob me. Not my night. One had managed to get me in a headlock and his friend pounded my back and ribs. The guy who had me in a headlock got the meanest thumb to the eye I had ever given. I wanted it out. It didn’t come out but he instantly let me go. His other friend got a smack in the face and a kick in the junk. A bouncer came out to check on the commotion and was appalled to see the two on them on the ground crying. I quickly explained myself and he got me a beer. After he kicked one of the kids in the stomach. I didn’t care.

    In short… using one simple tactic that anyone could do and being as savage as I could did I get out without a bruise. I recommend any woman or man to try out self defense. Not sport Karate or Taekwondo or anything like that. But real self defense.

    • Great post ! sounds like you need to live in a different part of town 😉

      • Buuurr in Ohio says:

        I didn’t live in a bad part of town. I lived in a great part of town. It was up on a hill and the place this happened at was called George Street. A infamous drinking/whoring street in the downtown area of St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada. Everything happens there. I’ve seen people stabbed. Had the pleasure of watching one friend sucker punching another friend and seeing that friend twitch and die from the severing his brain stem on a side walk. Great fun that. I’ve seen women who’ve been ruffied and had the pleasure of helping a friend (a bouncer at a place called Kelly’s) carry her naked and screaming to the stretcher on the back of an ambulance when she woke. I’ve seen guys piss on guys who had been fighting and the loser rolling on the ground. Booze and drugs having permeated my once loved culture. A night downtown used to be fun. I am talking about the span of time from 1997 to 2001. A massive change happened to that area once the drugs started to come in. The real drugs.

    • My son is a black belt in both Tae Kwon Do and Kuk Sool Won. He took TKD for fun and KSW to destroy. TKD helped increase his confidence. It does give you the ability to stand off out of grapling range and inflict damage in an ideal situation, but I would never use it in a SHTF situation. I only recommend techniques that emphasize infighting and the ability to inflict damage. Jiujutsu or Aikido is ideal for infighting.

      • Buuurr in Ohio says:

        Yep. Agreed. Kicks are useful in a sporting event when they net you three points instead of a punches one and when they are to the head of an opponent who won’t give up.

  9. I think that’s why the mountain men of the 1800’s feared the wolvereine over any other animal for the most part, because they hit hard and hit fast with all they had. Don’t have any formal training in any skill but have been in my fair share of bad sitiations in places I should not have been probably and have always hit first and hit hard and 98% of the time go me out of the sitiations with no to much damage to myself, luckily the other 2% i had some good backup.

  10. PGCPrepper says:

    love when folks talk about martial arts training. It’s kinda gay. I grew up in an environment where I had to beat my father’s ass at 16 after he finally came and picked me up at Myrtle Beach after I was in jail for two weeks after I hitchhiked there when his drunk ass was going to whip me with a belt after I spilled a little milk from my dinner of sugar pops. I have had two brothers murdered by guns, one who was released from prison for the third time and he was 33. He was the coolest dude I’ve ever known and he walked up to the biggest African-American I’ve ever known who failed like 20 grades and slapped him upside the head. They fought to a draw. It was a matter of respect. White folks were tougher back in the 70’s. My other brother was shot by his own wife at 39. Imagine what my mom has gone through. Or don’t. But tough talk to me is silly unless you’ve seen what I’ve seen.

    I have served 21 year in the Army and got my degree while there. I just played the hand I was dealt, but do not talk shit about what you will do unless you’ve faced the issues. I am personally not afraid of death as I believe in what I’ve heard by personal testimony about death and the after-life. My preps work is for my beautiful wife who is 15 years my junior. As for me, I’m not afraid of death but will take out the scourge in this world to make your life easier in a minute..if pushed. Go Romney!

    • PGCPrepper,

      I don’t think that your brothers where “murdered by guns” as you said, but by people. One thing is certain, and that is that I’m sorry for your loss – I only have one brother and would be lost if something were to happen to him.

    • Like you, I’ve been over the mountain and seen the elephant. It was kinda exciting as a kid to listen to my dad’s war stories. I wanted to be just like him until I had to fight for my life the first time. He never mentioned the terror involved nor coming to the resolution that you would possibly need to kill another person. He never said anything about having the shakes afterwards and the feeling of wanting to throw up (at least after my first knock-down-drag-out fight). It ain’t no fun.

      I’ve got some fun war stories, but the fact is, it isn’t any fun when the SHTF.

    • axelsteve says:

      I was tougher in the 70`s. I was 30 years younger.Not that I am a earringed quiche eater now or anything pansy like that.I do not fear death cause of my faith but the timing of the event can be dam inconvienent.

  11. PGCPrepper says:

    Maybe, when I’m not drinking, I’ll write my own article to make me fee all better. Ask yourself this, if you believe in God and the after life, why are so concerned about survival. Death actually sounds like a better deal for a believer. Just food for thought. Discuss.

    • I, too, have no fear of death. I do want to live, though.

      • As the saying goes – “everyone wants to go to heaven but no one wants to die”. The way I see it I’m needed here, so I’m going to stick around as long as I can.

        • PGCPrepper says:

          Some folks want to die. The reason I was talking smack in all my previous comments was that I have raging ringing in the ears (tinnitus). It’s a very loud debilitating high decibel type. Three ENTs, physical therapy, acupuncture, drugs, emergency rooms, CT scans/MRI etc for seven month and know one knows why or how to stop it. It’ 12 midnight as I type and it’s so raging that I can’t sleep.

          The only thing that stops it or diminishes it is a few shots of vodka or rum. So, I sit here with my masking sounds on my computer having a few shots to see if I can get some sleep. I barely ever sleep. I apologize if I said anything inappropriately earlier tonight as I was finding some relief in alcohol….something I would barely touch if I were not going though this. The thing is, I promised not to write or correspond when I’m drinking but I did. Point is, I have wanted to die recently but I’m too big of a coward (maybe to your point) and it’s a selfish act considering how much some love me especially my wife.

          Yes, MD, my two brothers were killed by people. I only mentioned the guns as simply the tool that was used…which is also the easiest and most effective tool. That’s why we own them to protect our families. Good night. God bless.

          • The hubby’s tinnitus has gotten better as he has left off gluten/wheat. Just a thought. His has been known to keep him awake at night too.

          • PGCPrepper says:

            GA Red,

            I don’t eat gluten and haven’t since way before it was cool not to. I’ve studied nutrition my whole adult life. I’ve tried so many different things for seven months now. Thanks though

          • Try buckwheat … gluten .

          • Tactical G-Ma says:

            What a relief to hear you were drinking for relief of tinnitus. I prayed really hard for you last night for fear you might be in real trouble. Hope you find a more permanent treatment soon.

          • PGCPrepper says:

            Thanks, so much. It are a dilemma. 🙂

          • Hey Pgc have you tried some of the noise canceling headphones for the tinnitus?? I have a friend who got some relief with them, at least enough to get some sleep, may depend on the cause but worth a shot..

        • Thats the problems with all religions ……promise the moon and the stars …….the catch ? you have to die first . just sayin

    • PGCPrepper –
      I’ve actually wondered about that.
      If a Christian (Muslim, whatever) believes there is a God who made the universe, and sustains this earth, and that God has a personal interest in fulfilling a plan for his life, I do not see how he could possibly approach concerns with the same gravity as those who do not have those beliefs.
      Is it like a video game? You may die but does that matter to a true believer? Don’t you get to “start over” in an even better place than that which you left? Don’t you become reunited with family and others you love in a place of no worries or pain?
      For those who do not “believe”, this life is it! No “do overs”, no forgiveness, no Elysian Fields, no Pearly Gates.
      I can’t help but feel for non-believers that makes life a bit sweeter, sorrow a bit deeper, and mortality a bit more precious…

      • Proverbs 27:12“A prudent person foresees the danger ahead and takes precautions. The simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences.”

        Proverbs 6:6 –11“6:6 Take a lesson from the ants, you lazybones. Learn from their ways and become wise! 6:7 Though they have no prince or governor or ruler to make them work, 6:8 they labor hard all summer, gathering food for the winter. 6:9 But you, lazybones, how long will you sleep? When will you wake up? 6:10 A little extra sleep, a little more slumber, a little folding of the hands to rest—6:11 then poverty will pounce on you like a bandit; scarcity will attack you like an armed robber.”

        • “Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal.

          Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns.

          Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear.

          Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life?

          See how the lilies of the field grow. They do not labor or spin.

          Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.”

          Matthew 6:19-34

      • I believe the gravity is increased as those who have found God understand the value of each day. It is God given and should be cherished. Before my first tour I was agnostic. Although my faith is not conventional it is my faith and I believe that the Lord Jesus Christ is my Saviour. That in itself compels me to do my best everyday. Although I can’t quote scripture, I can attest to some miracles. There is just no other way to explain why I’m still here.

        • Mexneck: After reading only the first few words of your reply I thought I’d found the reason for my weight gain. Then I read on and discovered it was about something else, I had to agree with that too.

          I just wish my 1st assumption was the correct governmental answer that way I would not have to take responsibility for my excess weight.

          • JP,
            Actually you are kind of right. God gives man the will to resist temptation. I myself have recently got into shape by resisting temptation to the tune of 40lbs. Enjoy the fruit of the earth and resist the fruit of companies that spend a lot on advertising selling foods of little substance. While you resist temptation the gravity of corporate sponsored $1 meals that have no earthly substance will gradually be decreased giving you added strength and stamina. God bless.

      • I do believe in an afterlife and the existence of god . One must remember that religions are man made , and my take on the universal of being dead to get whatever the final outcome is was just an observation .

        • Another thing I found interesting is that out of the ” big 3 ” western religions . Judaism , is the only one that believes that you dont have to believe as they do to get into heaven , as long as you follow the 7 mitzvah ( rules ) for non jews .

    • Buuurr in Ohio says:

      I don’t think martial arts training is gay I used my lack of hesitance to beat the crap out of my dad when I was 15 based on that training (though it could be argued that it wasn’t marital arts that I was about but rather self defense – mainly a rape victims take back class is what I taught).

      Dad lost his job, he was drinking, he wanted to take it out on someone (before this he had never laid a hand on me). I kicked him in the shins and elbowed him so hard in the ribs when he tried to choke me that he had broken ribs and was bed ridden for a two weeks. He wouldn’t go to hospital for it because he was scared to death of child abuse charges and that I would be taken away (I am adopted).

      What you call ‘gay’ made me the guy I am today. Not some push over that champions the anti-bully cause to make myself feel better. I sorry that compels you to use insult.

      I believe in God. I love God. You wanted to discuss why survival should be such a strong thing and that death should be what Christians want. This is plainly not what Jesus would have wanted. If I were to go today I would have failed. I too have a beautiful young wife (God says to keep her safe and protect her). How do I do that if I am dead?

      How am I to teach my two year old daughter the love of Jesus Christ? Who will school her? Some douche in a public school with a penchant for molestation? Not on my watch.

      I intend to live as long and as good as possible so that when I go I can say that I did all I could do with the time I had to watch over and keep my family on the path to heaven. That’s why I will fight tooth and nail, because God wants me too.

      Temptation comes in many forms. The temptation of heaven can be one. The want to die sooner than ones time could be construed as one wanted death to gain heaven. So let’s say you live recklessly to gain this feat of death. You’re a good Christian but you have a death wish – could that not be viewed as a form of suicide?

      Just my thoughts on the matter.

      • Aye , dig in and keep going the best you can ………and trust in god , thats not an easy thing when shit is piled up and things are falling apart around you …..but it is critical to believe things will work out the way they should . God is a lot smarter than we are 😉

    • I do not belong to a death worshiping cult like islam. I am a christian and it is a religion of life,eternal life not death. Personally I cannot understand why some sects get so sad when a believer dies. They hit the jackpot by going to heaven they should be happy for them. my hope is in the resurrection and to live forever.

      • My gf is jewish , and after going to one of their weddings …..I have to admit we have it all wrong , except for the clothing our weddings and funerals are interchangeable lol . we are way too stiff in all aspects , we are supposed to be happy right ? I guess showing it is a sin .

  12. PGCPrepper says:

    …and imagine….I was the guy who worked at the Pentagon on the very same corridor where the jet flew into the Pentagon on 9/11. When I came back from korea in ’97, I tried to get the same job/billet which would have been a four year assignment.

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      No one should have to go thru what you have.
      In spite of your beginnings you have overcome and suceeded in living a productive life. I am biologically programmed to survive and to avoid peril except when protecting my off-spring. The spiritual side of me believes that I am given rules to live by, and although my life may have difficult obstacles to overcome, ever night I can say I have done the best I can (sometimes I fail). God loves the world, his creation. It is my responsibility to take care of it, to populate it, and to teach my offspring to do the same until I am taken from it. Yes, we are promised paradise but only if we live by his rules.
      Thank you for your faithful and courageous service to our nation.

    • SurvivorDan says:

      Dodged a bullet there bud.

  13. When it comes to your life …..anything and everything goes .

    • My dad taught me that there is no such thing as a “fair fight.” You fight to win…period.

      • What do you think of Judo ?

        • SurvivorDan says:

          Thought I’d pipe in as I have trained in Judo many decades ago. Nothing wrong with it and elements of judo can help in self defense. But it is primarily a competitive sport and not a fighting discipline. And no thanks, I don’t wish to tussle with any judo masters!
          I would recommend combatives, Krav Maga, jujitsu, aikido/hapkido and all their derivations. Aiki-jitsu comes to mind.
          I once had a principal who was not very ‘physical’. He was small and rather weak and did not want to risk high impact activities. But he wanted to learn to defend himself. He began training at an Aikido dojo at the age of 45. Five years later I worked out with him and he was quite skilled.

          Besides as Scott G points out, a lot of successful self-defense is mental preparation to act decisively and the willingness to do whatever it takes…. Throw in a little boxing, judo, wrestling, (knives, pepper spray, Taser, kubotan, gun, Asp, whatever) and – all the better. It’s all good T.R.

          • SD,
            I concur with all of your points. For an older guy Aikido can be effective and a little less hard on the body than some of the other arts.
            One thing everyone needs to be aware of is the psychology of violence. When startled a human will first freeze, during which the situation is evaluated, and then the fight or flight will begin. The more physical and mental practice we have, the better, since it decreases the freeze time, and allows us to get into action ASAP. The time from the start of incident to some type of action can often be the key in deciding an outcome.

        • Buuurr in Ohio says:

          We had a Judo black belt in our class for a few weeks. Said he wanted to test himself. He was on his way to his second rank (whatever that meant – we didn’t have belts or ranks, we had best fighter down to the worst). I was fifteen when I kicked his ass handily. He was twenty-eight. To me he was no more a threat then anyone I had met, less then anyone in the class. This includes the women.

          • Buuurr in Ohio,

            Judo combined with western boxing can be a very effective fighting “style”.

          • Buuurr in Ohio says:

            Not in my experience of dusting this poor guy. He didn’t have a chance. While I appreciate martial arts and whatnot ( I used to Wrestle, did Karate) but nothing prepares you for a real, true to life fight like a rape class.

            Basically take a bunch of women – some who have been raped and are taking all measures possible to not be a victim again and add to that a lot of women who were not raped and have no intention of it happening.

            The atmosphere is tense to say the least. You (me in this case) are often the direct focus of life changing pain and regret for these women. You are the direct focus of ones greatest fear in the later. Anyway you look at it these ladies are out to kill you as the few males in the class whom their anger and frustration is directed at.

            Add to that that there are men as well. You would be surprised the amount of men who have been raped or molested until you attend one of these groups.

            Then go ahead and have your sensei tell them that you are the rapist. That you have to attack these men and women and actually do some harm to them. If I didn’t really fight and chase he would kick my ass. No joke. The only rules he gave me for the women was that I was not allowed to kick them in the head or close fist punch them in the face (the men did not get special treatment but honestly the women were the threat). I could choke them to the point of ‘out’ and a few of them did go out. I could twist them and poke and pinch all I wanted. The whole point was to show people how vulnerable they really are – even these grown men to me at the time a 15 year old who was there because his girlfriend was raped.

            In time many of the women really became a force to be reckoned with and many of the men (and some women) went on the competitive events as open/non-affiliated competitors to test themselves and ultimately get confidence back and kick ass.

            I was there for my GF and picked by my sensei because I was in his Karate class when younger. For me, after eight years of doing it, I am as calm as a cucumber but I fight super dirty. I just don’t think there are many other ways to get the real emotional feel and anger of a real, fight for your life situation outside of a self defense/rape class.

            BTW, these are held at many Universities all around the country and are in need of support – not money usually, just men that can take a hit and a few nasty scratches.

          • I asked because I was watching an international service boxing series , and the Spetsnaz guy wiped the floor with the US army guy , he almost got tossed out because he flipped the guy on his way back to his corner .

          • Buuurr ,
            I always thought lesser of this country for in my mind for being so weak as not to have the mandatory death penalty for rape . Its one of the few times I agree with Islamic law .

          • Tactical G-Ma says:

            The reason is. If you are a rapist and the penalty for rape is the same as murder, why leave your victims alive? Leaving them alive increases your risk of getting caught. There are lot of us who would hate being raped but being dead sucks more.

          • I hear ya but a public head chopping makes a big impression also .

        • I took a year of Judo as kid. It came in handy in a couple school yard fights. It’s good for a LEO what with all the grapling techniques, but I wouldn’t use it for a SHTF scenario.

      • Buuurr in Ohio says:

        The fight became unfair as soon as the other guy went from thinking he could kick your ass to attempting it. The fight was never fair because he thought he had the upper hand and could win. Who plays poker on the night knowing that they would lose a thousand dollars? Nobody. Fight to win. My sensei told me he never wanted to see a kick to an opponent above the height of shins. He told us that because his students didn’t lose and were to kick someone when they had put them down. But again, this was a rape class for women and a few men.

  14. Uncle Charlie says:

    Useful information, but alas I am a weak old man and a 12 year old girl could beat me in a fair fight. so I don’t ever plan on being unarmed. After seeing “Unforgiven,” I will even go to the outhouse armed.

    • A good firearm is the ultimate equalizer.

    • SurvivorDan says:

      Let’s see…TP? Check. Donut cushion? Check. Newspaper? Check. Large caliber handgun? Check. Ballistic vest? Check. Ready for the outhouse. Lol.

    • Buuurr in Ohio says:

      Awesome movie. I home carry, so I see his point.

    • PGCPrepper says:

      Hahahaha. It’s sort of ironic in a way. Back in the day we settled disputes with fists and we reflect on that today by ridiculing the kids today who use a gun to resolve whatever conflict they have or perceive to have (bullying, for example). I never even heard of a gun incident in any of the schools I attended or any schools in the region, for instance all of our regional football opponents. Once you fought back, the bully would just decide to leave you alone mostly.

      I went to high school with Randy Travis, real last name Traywick. We were best friends and I spent many nights at his house. He was wealthy in my eyes because he had horses and the little Honda 50’s we called them. We became friends because as we integrated schools in the 70’s, he was being bothered by a black dude that just constantly bullied him. He came to me, mainly because I had a tough brother but i told him to just fight it out and get it over with. He finally did. He didn’t win or lose but the guy never messed with him again. Homeboy had power over him as long as Randy was afraid. I never got why he was afraid because he was tough as nails. If you research some of the recent events in Randy’s life, you can see that he is not, at least, a guy that backs down. Funny that we hunted rabbit, squirrel or whatever as mere kids but never used guns against each other under 21 in my history at least.

      So, martial arts is cool but we have evolved to the point where you should just have a weapon. Folks are not the same and if you do not have the weapon you stand a good chance of being on the receiving end of one. My wife has applied for her concealed carry after taking the mandatory class here in VA. Mind you, I am pro-gun but cannot help being amazed at the changes over the years. I’m not sure if we are evolving or devolving. I think the latter. The selfishness and expectations of younger folks today is truly astonishing. Picture Occupy Wall Street; just in the sense of entitlement and not whether our society is corrupt and all of a sudden everyone is on to it.

      When I used to look at my somewhat close neighbor; who was a businessman and had nice cars, I thought that that is what I aspire to and I could attain that with hard work and some luck. Now days, there are more folks that want it but do not want to earn it. These takers have multiplied to the point that there is no turning back and therein lies the reason we are going over the fiscal cliff. I cold give a shit less about whether I can kick you in the groin other than the advantage it would give me to get to my weapon before you surprised me with yours. Now run and tell that, homeboy.

      • IMHO the reason we now have the gun problem is the politically correct way we treat violence. I only dealt with real bully’s twice in my school career. Once in Jr. High was an all out fist fight where I technically lost, but not before bloodying the guys nose. He gave me wide berth after that incident. Today that same incident would have gotten the bully (a failing student) and me (a nerdy A student) both suspended or expelled, and some counseling for the bully. The bully would then have continued being a bully and the nerdy student would continue to be picked on, and after realizing that no one was going to help, finally take the situation into his own hands.
        The current folks in charge from teachers to the government administration don’t seem to realize, that some bully’s can be talked to, but most require a good solid butt kicking. It’s the reason IMO we have school shootings and why Iran is working on a nuclear weapon with impunity.

  15. Good article – Would be interested in a followup article about potential unarmed self-defense for handicapped or elderly persons.

  16. Ok…….I do agree that the kick may not disable anyone…..but like has been said, it will distract them for the one or two seconds one needs to do other damage….like the chop to the throat….what else my friend said was “cut no slack, keep on fighting or run”…hit first, hit hard and give no quarter…

    Lewis in MN

  17. Pineslayer says:

    Short and sweet summary. I will send this link to all women in my life. Thank you.

  18. Tactical G-Ma says:

    More than once I have been places where I have had my gun in my hand inside my purse. All I have to do is cock the hammer and shoot through my purse. I always have one in the chamber. Old people and women are easy targets. If grabbed from behind a shot to the foot would break their grip. When you are weaker it is best not to engage unless you have to. If already in a confrontation stand your ground and fight…unless they are naked… then run like hell. Some kinds of drugs cause the body temp to go way up and the user is super strong and out of their mind literally. They strip and go on a rampage. Not good.

  19. MountainSurvivor says:

    Pretty good information, Scott G. I do not want to get into talking about myself here but since your article has reminded me…I once had the opportunity to put my “skills”, I guess you could say, to use. I had a friend who had a problem with alcohol and they could get pretty testy because they did not have the money to keep theirself supplied. One day, we ended up in their small bathroom, not more than a foot was between us with my back against the wall and their heels a foot away from their tub. They decided to use an open hand in an attempt to strike either my ear or head somewhere so I had no choice but to push their hand out of the way and then push upon their lower centerline with the ball of my foot to back them off. They stepped back, pulled their towel rack off the wall and their shower curtain down and then, rather hard and noisily, they sat down on the floor of their tub. They got upset at that point and it looked like their eyes might be saying, “You can’t do that to MEEE!” or “You shouldn’t have done that to MEEE!”, and they proceeded in a goofy-looking struggle to get out of their tub. Before they were on their feet, their friend entered the room, looked at them, at me, back at them and then quickly talked them out of whatever they were thinking to do. The blood from the towel rack causing a good wound was dripping and they had somewhat of a mess to clean up. I was glad that was the worst of it because the second round would have brought about some form of irreversible brain damage or been lethal due to their wonderful drunkard’s attitude which would have been the deciding factor.

  20. Uhm…that was the best post I have ever read!

  21. As a young man I boxed. Then it was ju-jitsu then a lot of Judo and Karate.Then a LEO for 25 years. Maybe 300 fights (the murder capitol of the world) My thoughts were a fight that lasted over 5 seconds ment trouble. Broke many bones. Hospitalyzed many a-holes. Only hurt once. Pro wrestler broke some ribs. I was only 5’10” and very polite. Being under estimated was my advantage.

    • Believe it or not, I had one fight that lasted for nearly four minutes. It was in a Marriott Hotel. At the time, my department didn’t carry any type of spray or TASER’s (really stupid). At the time, in PA, they believed in getting physical with a suspect, so using a baton was discouraged. The guy didn’t want to come and the nearest back-up was about five minutes away. My partner and I figured we could take this guy, but boy were we wrong.

      When back-up finally did arrive, we had been fighting for four minutes. The only thing we’d been able to accomplish was to keep him from escaping. It took seven officers to put the guy in cuffs.

  22. I think this was already posted on another site or was it a coincidence?

  23. oops sorry my bad I just realized it was yesterdays post still.

  24. Tactical G-Ma says:

    I haven’t seen anyone bring up that in a situation where you are fighting for your life, that fast is slow and slow is fast. In otherwords, make certain you get maximum effect when you strike. Make rapid but deliberate action and always strike like you are trying to drive your hand, knee,elbow through your attacker.

  25. When I was 8, an older male student at school attacked me for no apparent reason that took me by surprise. I didn’t even know the kid. It was a frontal attack and after he kicked me in the gut and hit my shoulder, I hit him in the right eye to give him a black eye and did a 40 degree nose punch for a bloody nose and he stopped and held his face while he walked away. Then out of the blue another boy jumped me from behind, knocked me face down on the ground and put his fingers in my eye sockets, trying to make me permanently blind. It was a good thing a teacher pulled him off me right then. When a bigger person body-jumps from behind to put you on the ground face down, there is little to defend yourself in a matter of 4 seconds. Both boys were kicked out of school.

    Self defense should be taught to children (and girls) at a very young age, given the environment of kidnapping/murders these days and bullies at schools who scour the grounds in gangs. I learned to defend myself by watching cowboy shows in the 50’s…but it wasn’t the same in real life situations. I learned to watch my back from then on.

  26. I’ve tended bar off and on for the last sixteen or so years, and as a male bartender, I’ve often been the bouncer as well. I never was formally trained, just the stuff Uncle Sugar taught me along with a smattering of other styles I picked up over the years. I agree with going for the head, but you want to watch out for the mouth especially. I had to eject a gentleman who was more than slightly reluctant to leave and we ended up tusslin’. Usually I just tried to wrestle them out, to avoid trouble on down the line if I walloped one too hard.

    It ended up in a slugging match (which I barely won, and even then I needed the assistance of some of the other patrons). He lost a couple teeth, and I found out the human mouth is a very, very bad place. I got a very stubborn and debilitating infection that resisted treatment. This is with full access to a functioning hospital and pharmacy. If this happened post-SHTF, I imagine it could have ended up with me losing my right hand, arm, or dying of the infection.

  27. Nice articles and comments, i may recommend checking out The Shredder concept on youtube created by my bro Richard Dimitri. It will allow you to resolve any extre close quarter situation quickly and effectively.

    I’m still working on that article about my childhood in Beirut, Lebanon during the civil war here, but once that’s done and if M.D is interested, i can write some articles on self defense.

    M.D, is it possible to share the articles i posted on my site here? I dont care about winning a prize or anything, just wanna do my part to make people safer. Let me know if that’s doable brother, thanks.

    • GZF,

      I try not to post articles here that have already been posted going instead for exclusive content and information for the pack. If you want to write a post for the blog then you can add a link back to your site in that post, but it will not be eligible for the contest.

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