LEO’s Opinions on Gun Control and your Second Amendment rights

By Scott G

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Image courtesy stock.xchng user tome213

I realize that many gun owners wonder if the police will be coming for their firearms. There is all the hype in the media about “gun control” measures and statements by high profile, high ranking police chiefs who advocate confiscation of weapons. There are some things you need to know about what real cops believe on this issue.

The first thing to understand is where you live will reflect on the opinion of a particular LEO. If you live in a liberal bastion like New York, Philadelphia or Chicago, basically a major liberal city, you can be certain that some police officers want you disarmed. If you live in a smaller city or a rural area, rest assured that 99% of the LEO’s want you armed. It makes their job easier.

Being a former LEO, I read the articles on Police One. Something that needs to be noted is that ONLY confirmed LEO’s are allowed to comment on articles. Here are a few of their comments regarding the right of citizens to bear arms:

“Why do people in the media keep saying that police don’t want citizens to have guns?”

“Way to go citizen. Now if a lot more “responsible” citizens took more control of their lives and start refusing to be victims; then all of the POS had better watch out. THAT is what really scares the gun hating Libtards; people standing up for themselves.”

“This is a dam disgrace, home invasions involve multiple people and having only 7 rounds or less for a good law abiding citizen are plain wrong and dangerous. This Governor is plain wrong in passing such strong legistaion and the NY Senate liberals are wrong in allowing it through. You just screwed the whole state of New York honest law abiding gun owners, the people who use guns for self-defense, target practice….”

“At some point “compliance” with these bastards is NOT an option anymore. What the hell does “Shall not be infringed” mean??? If a 7 round Glock isn’t Infringement, I don’t know what is???? Again compliance at some point is not an option, is that point when confiscation of what little is left comes?”

“What a moron. The National Socialist Democratic People’s Republic Of New York is now in session. Long live idiocy, Rest In Peace Liberty…”

“The militia are the armed populace…armed to keep the STANDING ARMY (which is not a militia) in check. “Well-regulated” means able to function. A militia able to function obviously has weapons, and of the type the government might use against them.”

These next comments are in response to Bloomberg’s assertions that LEO’s go on strike to bring in gun control. As a general rule, most articles on the Police One web site have on average about fifteen comments. This article generated 286 comments from LEO’s, most of which were sarcastic and/or outraged over Bloomberg’s suggestion.

“Hey Bloomburg, In the past it could have been presumed you are an Idiot. But in this case you opened your mouth and removed all doubt.”

“Enough is enough! I for one would rather see the NRA have to teach prospective gun owners how to shoot their guns and teach them when to shoot their guns. In our small community we have done our best to help educate new gun owners with the help of a local gun shop owner. 10 years later, not one of those students has used their guns in an unlawful manner. Did I mention in Wyoming in most households you would find a firearm of some sort! Yes, I have had a guns pointed at me and I have had to dodge bullets fired at me. I still say the current laws are good enough. How about we get the U S Attorney General off his butt and make him and his deputies work for a change! That would stop a lot of our problems. What am I thinking? We don’t want to violate the rights of the bad guys? Or do we?! No, let’s take away the Rights from the good citizens, they won’t squeal as much!”

“I urge all civilians that legally can to carry guns to assist our Country in the fight against violence. Everyone that could have legally carried a firearm into that theater did not because there was a sign that requested no firearms. Now imagine a Country where firearms are welcomed and law abiding civilians are encouraged to carry. Hopefully when we arrived on scene there wouldn’t be enough blood left in the bad guy for DNA.”

“None of the anti’s live in reality. We all know gun control only decreases one’s chance to defend one’s self. We with common sense know that a strong defense is the best offense. These victim’s had no chance to defend themselves. If the theater wasn’t “gun free” I’m sure Holmes would have caught lead, not just throw it. As for Bloomberg – never mind.”

“Bloomberg is an idiot. If people had a conceal carry permit in the theater the shooting could have been ended quickly. When the guns arrived the POS gave up and now the state will be spending millions trying convict him for first degree murder.”

“bloomberg (small case on purpose) do not care about LEO’s safety. All they care about is disarming the average citizen so they can turn this country into a full dictatorship and not face any armed opposition.”

“I suggest any of those living in liberal states…move. Now is the time, not later. When the lines are drawn you may not be able to get yourself and your families out of the liberal police states. Now is the time to move to conservative States and take up arms with other Patriotic Americans that WILL choose to defend themselves against tyranny! The government in it’s infinite stupidity chose to put many of it’s bases and military manufacturers in the south to keep a eye on southerners after the civil war. As a result, they swung any future civil war in favor of the south. When the lines are drawn, MANY MANY military resources will fall under the control of conservative states. Most veterans have conservative views and deeply believe in the constitution. The outcome of any would be war is almost a guaranteed victry for those with conservative views. After all, who is it that is trapping, hunting, growing produce, etc, etc? The ranks of liberals are filled with people totally dependant on the government which will surely fail once it loses it funding on the backs of conservative workers. Once starvation becomes a factor, the liberals will attempt to attack and take from others that can produce. It will become important for conservatives to group together to protect themselves and form militias once again to fight the government and settle this issue for once and all. The victory will no doubt fall on the conservative side, the liberals have already set themselves up for failure.”

The comments go on and on and on. The gist of the vast majority of these comments is that we need armed citizens, not victims. Keep arming yourselves and trust in God.

What do you folks thinks… are the majority of police out to take your guns or protect your Second Amendment rights? Let us know what you think in the comments below… ?:-)

About M.D. Creekmore

M.D. Creekmore is the owner and editor of TheSurvivalistBlog.net. He is the author of four prepper related books and is regarded as one of the nations top survival and emergency preparedness experts. Read more about him here.


  1. Where I live and my BOL are deep in conservative states. Matter of fact the state I live in is the ONLY state to have ALL it’s counties reject obama not just the first time round, but also the second. The former govenor of my BOL state has a radio show that blasts liberals and especially obama for being too stupid to exist without someone else paying the bills.
    The cops in both areas know the VAST majority of families are heavily armed and have been for hundreds of years. Many weapons have been handed down from generation to generation. They would have to come to my house en mass to collect my weapons. My neighbors, knowing they’re next, would stand with me as I would with them. No, the government ain’t taking anything the Constitution guarenteed me…for ANY reason!!!

    • They are sworn, first and foremost, to the Constitution. That, after all, is the SOLE source of their authority. Yet pathetically few even PRETEND to honor that oath.

      We shall soon see where “Law Enforcement” in this country actually stand. New York has passed an unconstitutional law, which their “Law Enforcement” shall soon be called upon to enforce. Yet the only “Law Enforcement” who seem to have spoken out are merely complaining that THEY will have to comply with that law as well. The stench is overwhelming.

      I vus chust doink mein chob!

      • I too live in pretty damn conservative state, but in the largest city in said state. They police force here is sworn first to their union, second to the politicians who support their union…citizens come far down the list. There are plenty of exceptions, but not enough.

      • The whole bunch of librales..want the constitution taken apart..they swear to uphold it, but try to re-write it saying it is no longer a relevant document.
        My concern in the rural, is the many, who will demand I share what, I may have with those who now, live, party and never think about any crisis…I shall introduce them to dandelion greens…
        .there is another relevant set of Books they attempt to say is no longer relevant, but they don’t get to vote on that God will exact his vengeance on” those who know not and obey not” ..What an awful existence…to suffer thru the vengeance of the Almighty.

  2. HomeINsteader says:

    I know from personal experience that LEOs are human beings, and they very often HATE what they have to do; they very often do not agree with what they have to do; and yet, they usually do it, because it is “the law”, and they are sworn to uphold it. Not so sure that will hold true in the future.

    • Hopefully their paychecks will stop by then and they won’t have a reason to come bugging us!!!

      • Mystery Guest says:

        My sentiments exactly. As long as they are bound by their job and the pay continues they will indeed do as they are told. Especially in a state that is so liberal they are greasy from it.
        I hold no hope in the LEO”s throwing down their guns to help the people.
        There will be a few but not many.

        • Yep… the only ones that do are probably gonna be preppers. If you’re living paycheck to paycheck and waiting for the next gadget to come out… I don’t see you doing what’s right. I see you protecting your paycheck…no matter what it takes to do so.

          • SurvivorDan says:

            As a former part-time LEO (reserve) I don’t feel as qualified as Scott G. on this subject . But i will say that the general consensus among the deputies I worked with (Arizona) is that they would not comply with orders to confiscate guns. I think 99% would be about right. However, as a student of human nature for nearly six decades, I believe that given the choice of doing their ‘duty’ (as ordered) or losing their homes , pensions and the ability to feed their families – the majority will cave.
            I hate to believe that as I worked with many amazing young deputies – but their own families will come first if push comes to shove.
            I can only hope that individual sheriffs, who answer to no one but their constituents, will stand up and refuse.
            I pray that will be the case.
            The cities are mostly doomed to experience confiscation of firearms as their police chiefs are generally political appointees. And we all know the political leanings of most of the major American cities…..

        • MG, Survivor

          I live in the suburbs of my state’s largest city and the state as a whole is conservative but, as told to me by a recently retired city LEO that the vast majority of officers would absolutely comply with a confiscate order. So I don’t hold out much hope for help from LEO in that case. But I think that is the line that most Americans will not let the govt. cross without a fight.

          • Oldokie
            The police in your state threw themselves a hissy fit when the open carry law was being considered. They didn’t want ANYBODY armed but them!!! Talk about STUPID!!! These days I don’t report crimes. I don’t help LEO at all.

            • Survivor

              That’s my point. Most LEOs in most medium to large cities all across the US would abide by federal, state or local edict to confiscate any or all guns from law abiding citizens whether it’s a red state or blue state. It’s not just here. Our officers did not mind concealed carry. Just for some reason they didn’t want to see a citizen with a sidearm. Since that bill was made law I have not seen one person with a gun on his or her hip.

    • Well , like in the Nuremberg trials , ” we were just obeying orders ” does not fly . There is a point where we are Americans before anything else , they do have a choice …..

      • There has been a huge number of people prosecuted by the military for obeying an unlawful order. You don’t hear about it because the military doesn’t WANT you to hear about it. The government is corrupt and secretive…just like the USSR before it collapsed. I guess this is the hope and change the libturds asked for…..

    • They are also sworn to uphold the constitution.

  3. “are the majority of police out to take your guns or protect your Second Amendment rights?”


    Our military has 2 jobs:
    1. To Shoot
    2. To be shot at.

    That’s why they wear Kevlar, camo, and have those scary black guns at the ready 24/7.

    While the LEO probably has Kevlar, blackout gear for kicking in doors, and a pistol, his job is not to be shot at or shoot someone unless he feels his life or another’s is in jeopardy.

    So, I’ll answer your question with two more questions:

    1. How many houses could your local sherriff’s department “clear” in a day with no resistance?
    2. How effective would your local police department be against 1 platoon of any branch of our military.

    • Here’s another question for ya… how many times has the local LEO kicked in the wrong door and killed the owner because the owner tried to protect his family?

      Until I have a LEO standing beside me in the fight… I don’t trust em. Sadly… that’s coming from a LEO. Also when the S really HTF… Im walking away from my job and protecting my house and my family.

      • as well you should!!

      • +10

      • I assure you. I am a LEO in a very large Texas city. When the order comes to take guns out of law abiding citizens hands I will turn in my badge and head home. I have talked a length with many of my co-workers and they have said the same thing. You may not trust us but you will be surprised by how many of us are on your side. I good chunk of my shift mates are survivalist and refuse to disarm people. The chiefs that advocate gun control do NOT speak for us. We dont choose our chiefs. City Politicians do.

        • Joe . Not meaning to be disrespectful, these days I do not trust the leo folks when it comes to gun confiscation. After what they did at New orleans. It seems these days allot of law enforcement is revenue generation.

        • I am a LEO in one of the western states and if the order ever comes to disarm my fellow law abiding citizens, I’ll refuse. And if it comes to it, I’ll be turning in my badge too. The LEO community is divided on this issue, but you are absolutely spot on in saying there are way more LEOs than people think that are on their side, and will absolutely not disarm the American people.

        • Millie in KY says:

          Well now here is a thought. Get together with the other officers. Go to the houses and ask if they have a very ancient weapon they can give up. Tell them that is all you want. Turn in these weapons. Pass the word. That will leave everyone armed, yet “complied” with the law. I say this because I fear that if you and others walk away, you will be replaced with idiots who will come in our homes, and wreck stuff looking for weapons. If we lose our conservative LEOs, what will we have left? A true police state…

        • The problem is that a few bad cops ruin it for the rest of the good cops.

    • Aim for their knees with a shotgun!!! This is the stated goal of islamic terrorists. They intend to inflict devestating wounds to our soldiers in the hopes those wounds will discourage new military recruits. Killing is easy, wounding soldiers and letting their comrades see those horrific wounds sends a better message.

      • Or if you want to get gruesome about it… turns one target into 3 cause his buddies are gonna come try and get him.

        • So does sending his head home to his family in a box with a note saying ” you raised a fine young traitor “

      • Just look at history says:

        Well, actually, it has always been a good idea to wound a solider instead of killing him outright. The reason for this is logistical in nature: For every wounded soldier, it takes two to care for and move him. It ties up many more vehicles, fuel, supplies, to have to tend to and move a wounded solider as well as diverting rations and water from combat troops. Anyone
        shot in the knees will not be returning to combat, either, at least not in uniform, IF he survives.

    • Just look at history says:

      The LEO won’t have to do house to house. There will have been many, many announcements, buy backs, threats, ‘amnesty turn-ins’, and snitches selling people out before they would have to go door to door to confiscate any remaining guns. I am afraid that when the constitution HTF less than 25% of the population will defy orders to surrender any outlawed weapons. Just look at the percentage of people in Europe during WWII who fought against even an occupying force. Talk is cheap, action dear. If there is a armed resistance to any possible gun seizure, it will be less than 10% of gun owners, and sure as LEO officers hosed, shot, sic’d dogs on, and beat fellow American civil rights workers, they will protect their ‘power’ base – the status quo, ‘cuz that’s were their bread is buttered. Unless you have reported a crime or tried to get assistance from a LE agency in the last 10 years, you haven’t seen the new ‘Blue Line’.

      • RLEmery says:

        Even in European countries with severe gun control laws like Germany and Belgium large numbers of people defy the gun control laws:

        “Regulations tightly control gun ownership in only a few European countries such as the Netherlands, Poland and the United Kingdom.

        In much of the rest of the continent, public officials readily admit that unlicensed owners and unregistered guns greatly outnumber legal ones.’
In Belgium, according to Swiss research, in 2003 there were 458,000 legal firearms, and roughly two million illegal guns.
In Germany those figures are 7.2m legal, and between 17 and 20m off-books guns (that is a German police union estimate).”


        Gun Restrictions Have Always Bred Defiance, Black Markets
        For reasons of their own, most people, in many countries, defy anti-gun laws J.D. Tuccille | December 22, 2012


        Lets review Australia.

        Although most jurisdictions released no details, Victoria did; their proportions should be close to typical. Although “military style” centerfire semiauto rifles were the firearms that were supposedly of primary concern to the gun control advocates, those types having been used in the massacres, only 3.2% of the firearms Victoria bought were centerfire (probably semiautos), other than shotguns. 47.5% were .22 rimfire rifles (“pea shooters”) and 47.8% were pump or semiauto shotguns.

        Gun controllers and bureaucrats proclaimed the program a great success simply because some firearms were taken out of circulation. They publicly proclaimed that compliance was high because the commonwealth had used the peoples’ money to buy a telephone survey that concluded that compliance was almost universal. The only problem was that the survey was only of people who had registered a gun in the past. Can you imagine the stupidity of people who would think that a person that had registered a gun with “the government” might tell someone doing a government survey that he or she had surrendered a gun when he/she hadn’t really done so? Naturally, people who had registered a firearm in the past will almost certainly surrender at least the registered firearms if authorities order such surrender. To do otherwise would invite arrest.

        During the year ending 30 June 97, more than 83,000 rifles and shotguns were legally imported. Between 1 July 97 and Mar 98 (midway through the buyback) 20,493 were imported. Hence, approximately 100,000 of the 643,726 that were surrendered in the buyback were offset during almost the same period by people buying new guns.

        [Australia had essentially zero domestic production of firearms, so all new firearms bought had to be through legal or illegal importation.]


        Funny how per import records, there were 2 million SKS & Ruger 10/22 rifles in Australia prior to 1996, yet only 643,000 firearms of all types were turned in, hmmmmm.

        Canada, compliance to their registration in 1997 was 52% at best, and that for handguns, rifles, way worse, then again, they repealed their long gun registry in 2012, such a consistent trend.

        So save us the resistance is futile BS as we already see how ineffective police are (no offense meant, you guys are essentially hamstrung by legalese and funding) at stopping the $50 billion a year in drugs coming from Mexico, much less the 40 million illegal aliens, yet they are going to take 100 million gun owners 350 mil firearms and FYI, thats only the ones they admit exist on the books.

  4. Impressive, that so many LEOs truly support the 2A. But if police chiefs rise from your ranks, what happens to them? Why do so many suddenly become avid gun control advocates?

    • Encourager says:

      Politics? If his/her boss thinks one way, most chiefs decide it is politically correct and good job security to agree with them.

    • In a word, politics. Police Chiefs are appointed by the Mayor; they don’t just “rise through the ranks”. By definition, it’s a political position, so the Mayor’s and candidate’s politics play heavily into selecting the new Chief. The Mayors tend to appoint someone with similar political beliefs. Anti-gun Mayor, Anti-gun Chief.
      The boots-on-the-ground LEOs and officers are usually pro-gun and pro-rights, but they’ll only become Chief if the Mayor is, too.

      • 100% right on the money. I know most LEOs will go by their oath first “to protect the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic.”

    • kinda off topic a bit.. but if you’re what I think you are you’ll understand.

      Im kinda partial to Crotalus horridus… had one for a pet for a while.

  5. Many people have at least mixed views of how LEO’s will react to orders to confiscate guns. The same goes for reports that their medical professionals are going to report them for firearms at their houses. After all the media hype I decided to confront the issue and start talking to them. My medical professionals not only know that I have firearms and fully support the 2nd amendment, but have asked for my advise on their own purchases and practices. My LEO contacts also know who I am and where I stand. One, who lives on my street, told me, in front of 2 other LEO’s, that if she needed backup (were a small town) she would look forward to a certain pickup showing up as she would be getting help right then. 2 of the others nodded (they all know my truck). The only decenter was a rookie who had not been weaned off the kool-aid from the “big city” force his dad was in (before he moved out here).

    So, my advise is to stop listening to the major news outlets and start asking YOUR LEO’s and medical professionals. Befriend them now, insure they realize you are not only not a threat to them, but are in fact than Militia that the Constitution talks about, and are their unpaid back-up. Make sure your medical professionals know that you are their patient by choice, and that the ones making these rules are not.

    Do the same with your kids educators. Ask them if they want to have the problems that they have in NYC, Chicago, or LA. If they want those problems all they have to do is to implement the same policies. Talk to them! Don’t be one of those that automatically blame them when your child is accused of being a problem or is doing poorly with their grades.

    The major media IS NOT YOUR FRIEND! Stop treating them as such.

    • Encourager says:

      +10, JP. I don’t know why people praise Fox News. They are just a toned-down copy of CNN, NBC, CBS and other major news outlets. Fox filters the news just like the rest, looking for titillating stories that sell, not necessarily that tell the truth.

      I watch British Broadcasting news as I can. At least I get a head’s up on what is going on elsewhere in the world. Not that I trust them either, BTW.

      • Every time I turn on BBC they’re running down the Constitution. They had some piece last time I bothered to listen on African countries that keep changing their constitutions due to upheaval, and how their constitutions didn’t protect them from upheaval, and then concluded that a constitution is just a fantasy about how the country should run, and that it can be changed by anyone at any time.

        When I listen to Fox radio it seems they go out of their way to report every shooting they get over the wire. Makes me wonder if they aren’t secretly anti-gun too.

    • Mary in mn says:

      I emailed my local county sheriff and asked what his stand was on the constitutional rights of the people. He wrote back and said that he would not confiscate guns even if an order came from the governor.
      ( we have a very liberal governor and liberal house and senate.)
      The Sheriff said he is elected by the people and will stand with the people. Nice guy. He does have the option to make that choice. I am glad that we at least have quite a few conservative Sheriffs in this state.
      Write or call your county sheriff and ask where he stands on the 2nd amendment. Each county could be different.

      • Call me a skeptic, but I wouldn’t put too much faith in what the sheriff says now. Ask him again after all his state funding disappears because he’s not playing ball.

    • S Barringer says:

      JP in MT,
      We’re good to go here with our pastor who is a CPL holder and doctor who is also a CPL holder and both refuse to give any info about their patients/congregation.

  6. I hope the local cops know that the federalies /globalistas are setting them up to absorb the first rounds.

  7. ihope and pray that all police officers will stand with the people they took
    an oath to defend the amendments and protect the people of the u.s.a.

    • Encourager says:

      Umm, bee… police officers take an oath to uphold the law. Not protect people.

      Those in the military take an oath to protect the Constitution of the United Sates from all enemies, foreign and domestic. So do all congressmen/women, the president, vice president, etc.

      Sadly, many, such as the president and those surrounding him, choose to ignore that oath and pass laws that expressly go against the Constitution. The oath means nothing to them.

      • Encourager says:

        Sorry, I should have said, pass executive orders, not laws. My bad.

      • Im a LEO and in my oath it said “uphold and protect the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic.” And I seem to remember a part about protecting the citizens too.

        What police oath did you hear from the movies?

        • St. Bernard says:

          The Supreme Court has ruled multiple times, that leo has no duty to protect anyone.

  8. Encourager says:

    Scott G, thank you, thank you for this article. You have no idea the relief I feel after reading it!

    Interestingly, I spoke to our local Chief of Police about a number of gun issues ~ concealed carry, citizen’s owning guns, etc. He stated as long as the citizens are trained and practice, practice, practice, he has NO PROBLEM with them being armed. In fact, he said it would make his job easier. He loved the fact we had a safe, secure gun range to practice at.

    It was all the other comments I have been reading that scared me so, such as the gubbermint sending local LEO’s to take our guns, etc.

    • I have always advocated that responsible citizens be allowed to carry a weapon. I have always loved seeing a citizen get the best of the criminal. I had no problem writing a report where I got to detail the butt whopping a criminal received from a homeowner.

  9. Even though I live in a VERY LIBERAL state, CA, I live in El Dorado county where the Sherriff has been very vocal against gun control AND the Board of Supervisors have passed a resolution defending the second ammendment – and still I worry that I may have to walk away from the property I love and my family if they won’t follow, and move to a more conservative state. My BF has suggested that we join the CERT in our area, and see if the Sherriff is suggesting forming a militia as well.

    • Encourager says:

      Becoming CERT certified is a good idea. You will learn many practical skills and organizational skills.

      • I grew up in L.A. I know that El Dorado County is a pretty decent place, but CA is a good place to be FROM. Leave as soon as you can.

  10. I saw four out of town Sheriffs officers stand in line waiting for their background checks to back to buy the last AR’s Walmart had in stock in December. These were personal weapons and they traveled 2 hours to get them.

    I have asked family and friends that are LEO’s what they would do. All said they would resign. They would not follow orders to confiscate firearms from citizens. I hesitate to say law abiding citizens because the law might very well change making us all criminals. Including LEO’s.
    They will not infringe on the Consitutional rights of the citizens.
    We are lucky to have a Sheriff that has publically announced that he will not honor Federal Law that goes against our Constiutional rights.
    He has also told us all along that he prefers and encourages all lawful citizens in his county to train and apply for Concealed Permits.
    Will he fold under pressure? That remains to be seen.

    We do not have enough officers to protect our schools. Take away our weapons? Ain’t gonna happen.

    One of the LEO’s I spoke to said his own father in law would shoot him on the spot if he participated in a confiscation order.

    All the folks I have spoken to in the military said they would refuse to participate. Under their oath, they claim that such an order would fall under “all enemies domestic”. The enemy would not be the citizens, but the person ordering them to harm their own people.

    All my firearms were stolen.
    And thats all I have to say about that.

    • Encourager says:

      I thought you had that horrible boating accident???

      • Encourager says:

        I tried to have a boating accident where all my weapons were lost, but the ice was just too darn thick…

      • We did? Oh gosh yes. But, then the rest were stolen. I think. Or did they?

        I have been having issues since the incident. My mind just hasn’t been right since the Mother Ship landed in my pasture and twitching is unbearable. Muddled in the head. Can’t remember too much.

  11. I don’t think utah will have any problems. at least for 28 of the 29

  12. Retired Cop says:

    LEO options ? All the commits I have read are people’s options about LEO’ s and not the options of LEO’s so here is mine.
    I just retired from a Southern agency with 700 sworn officers and still am a sworn reserve police officer.
    After all my conversations with officers (young and old)(new and veteran)
    this is my personal option:
    1. When issued a direct order for weapons confiscation and faced with termination many will obey the order(especially the newer officers)
    2. We also face the erosion if not the complete loss of our rights concerning Search and Seizure , Freedom of Assembly and Freedom of Speech.
    It seems the simple act of voicing deciension is enough to have all the forces of the government turn against a person.
    Everyone thinks that the first move to take guns will have to.be wide spread. It will not let’s use this example:
    The complete outlawing the possession of any type carbine with detachable magazine.
    The locial agency and Feds issue a warning with specific time frame for compliance. The time frame expires the police/fed execute a middle of the night warrant on a specific houses all over the country at the same time. One or two deaths of the household members and arrest of the others along with photos of the weapons seized.
    Then reissue the warning , most people will comply rather than face the above incident.
    Now I know most of us sleep with a firearm with reach all the time and this is good against the standard home invasion BUT A SWAT TEAM is a completely different animal (especially if they are being used to send a message).
    I hope and pray that this type of event will not ever happen .
    My comments are just my personal options and beliefs after 25 years in the business and I mean no disrespect to anyone.
    I have now taken the oath to protect and defend the constitution.of the United States three times as a member of the military , a full time police officer and now as a reserve police officer and I will just do that.
    Thanks Everyone for keeping the Faith.

    • Yikes! I am crawling under a rock now. Thanks for the info.

    • I think your scenario is all to real. As long as they can the Leftist willl try to take baby steps where they have to until they reach a critcal mass like CA or NY where they believe they can take a big bite out of the 2ndprocess Amendment. In our State the Left has tricked the RINOS into supporting a background check system. Even the SAF under Gotlieb have neen tricked this is all they want. History says once the infrastructure is in place the Left will just expand it step by step and raise the fees along the eay.
      Resistance? Everyone talks big,but how many will even realize what is happening before being overwelmed. New cops who were soldiers or raised in rural areas might resist orders, but inner city raised cops seem brainwashed by our schools and the environments they were raised in. It appears to me each action by the Left is adding one more brick to a bridge to another Lexington.

    • You have verified what I believe..will happen. ..Ways to throw a monkey wrench in this chain of events need exploration and immediate action.

    • Backwoods Home Magazine has an article about burying guns. Apparently the hardest part is finding them when you want to dig them up.

      • PrepPhoenix says:

        On an unrelated note, my local hardware store is about to have a shortage on 8″ PVC tomorrow.

  13. I just want to say that I am LEO and will under NO circumstances act under big brother’s orders to confiscate citizens firearms! I would most certainly fight against them. My LEO friends all over the country also agree with me. These are common discussions with LEOs as of late and we are for the most part on board with siding with the armed public as this author and the comments explain. This government has gotten too big for its britches and something needs to be done before they turn America into a grey state. I proudly support the 2nd Amendment and the Oath I took as an LEO!

  14. riverrider says:

    i can’t speak as to any other ao but my own. my bil is the sheriff of the next county over. he loves to see cc permits come across his desk. he sees it as another citizen standing up for themselves when his deputies are far away from the scene. he will make no effort to comfiscate weapons from otherwise law abiding citizens, nor let anyone else under pretext of an unconstitutional law. a friend in low places confirms this feeling even among state agencies in the area, though their leadership is far away. local NG colonel says its a matter of self preservation to keep “his boys” out of the business of gun collection. hell, most of his boys own the same guns that would be picked up and they are 2 and 3 time vets of the sandbox. i’m guilty of not getting to know my county sheriff. people say he’s “ate-up” but he is a shrewd politician so he will follow the local people to stay sheriff. i must rectify the situation at once…..i can see though that large depts have become too militarized, seeing citizens as insurgents to be destroyed rather than protected. they will not be our friends. when the shooting starts in ernest, whomever is still wearing the “blue” will not be there to protect us.

  15. i keep a shot gun loaded with flechettes just for the gun grabbers.

  16. I know that comparisons with Nazi Germany go overboard and are overused, but in the run up to and during WWII there was a strong percentage of German officers and men who despised Hitler and the Nazis and were against what he was doing. Unfortunately, most tried to “do their duty” and get along rather than openly or even secretly opposing the weight of the state. Their sense of duty, committment to the state and their jobs overrode the question of rightness. Most wound up dead on the Eastern front as a result.

    Besides, we had an AWB previously, NY has terrible gun laws to begin with and plenty of people have been zealously arrested and prosecuted for clearly unconstitutional gun law violations in DC for years now — even after DC v. Heller. No resistance and cops said boo about it other than to tout their arrests. If you are beholden to the state to pay your bills, you will do as told, by and large.

    • JeffintheWest says:

      I lived in Germany for a number of years (Berlin,actually, back in the Cold War) and have traveled back there on several occasions. The thing I note about Germans is that as a group, they are very submissive to authority. You simply don’t see Germans jaywalk. Not ever. They always assemble on the corners, and wait for the lights. German drivers do stupid things behind the wheels all the time, but you can ALWAYS predict what stupid thing they will do. Germans follow the rules. Americans, not so much. As a German general once said during World War II; “It’s pointless to read American military doctrine; they don’t, and they don’t follow it either.”

      Americans will almost always surprise you. LEOs will indeed follow orders — up to a point. At that point, some will become full-on Nazi stormtroopers and do whatever evil thing they are told to do, but many others will refuse — just as many soldiers will refuse to fire on their own people (and some won’t refuse). Don’t tar all of them with the same brush. To a large degree, they’ll pick their course of action based on their personal beliefs, morals, relationship with civilians, and so on.

      • I agree with your assessment of Germans. I lived there for a few months. They had red light cameras way back in 1994 when I was there, which would send you a ticket in the mail for speeding. It is illegal there to cut or trim a tree on your own property without prior permission. The cab drivers have to post their home address in the cab. Sometimes a cop will hide in a hedge to catch and ticket jaywalkers, which is why people are afraid to jaywalk. On a train, if you get on without a ticket (Schwarzra”der) and they come on for the tickets, you have to have the cash for the ticket or you go to jail. This means those who have the fare money can risk it and just pay if they are caught, and those who are too broke go to jail. The doctor had to give you both an allopathic and a homeopathic remedy, but they have regulated any herbal supplements down to a nontherapeutic dose. While I was there, a man showed up at the house I was staying in and said he was the chair lift inspector. The old lady had a chair lift on her stairs and it was required that she get it inspected yearly. This is in someone’s home. She owned the home and the chair lift. They don’t allow cars in the city center and there are public bike racks. Many people ride bikes because the gas there costs 4 times what it does in the US (but that’s because ours is subsidized).

        On the other hand, it is perfectly normal to drink beer at lunch and they serve beer even at McDonalds or at little street carts where they serve wurst.

      • Yup. I spent three years in Germany 1984-87. You forgot, however, the other reason Germans don’t J walk or walk against a red light. The way they drive, you’ll get your butt run over.

  17. I have said this before, many times. When the hammer falls, no matter what they may say NOW, the vast majority of LEOs will follow orders and protect their pensions. They always have, they always will.

    The gas chambers were full of people sent by their local police, just following orders.

  18. charlie (NC) says:

    I was at a meeting a couple of weeks ago where the county sheriff
    and a panel of gun shop owners and concealed carry instructors talked and took questions. One instructor gave a number which I don’t remember but it was in the thousands of students he had taught basic firearms and concealed carry to. He said NOT ONE of them has ever been arrested or charged for a gun related crime.

    Gun control is not about guns, it’s about CONTROL

  19. JeffintheWest says:

    I think it very much depends on the culture of the area where the LEO lives and works. If it is a rural, “good-old-boy” kind of place where guns are common, everyone knows everyone else, and not too much crime occurs, I suspect they will tend to side with the people. If it is downtown Detroit, they’ll be all over confiscation. Not maybe so much to do with politics as with how threatened the local LEO’s feel by the people they are sworn to protect. The more alienated the LEOs feel from the local population, the more hostile they will be. Sadly, out here on the left coast, I suspect that it will be totally about confiscation….

    • MENTALMATT says:

      Hey JeffintheWest, sorry way off, alot more than half of the department would’nt go for it, and the ones that did are to scared or to stupid… also downtown Detroit? Obviously you’ve never been here…

    • The more alienated the LEOs feel from the local population, the more hostile they will be.

      You could always flip the script. The more alienated the people are from the LEO’s the more hostile they will be.

  20. John h. Smith says:

    The last time the gov. took away guns were the native americans and i dont recall one sherrif,LEO or US army personal giving up there job or pention.
    And how did that work out for the indians

  21. I think most LEO’s are honost, law abiding citizens and gun owners also, and have found most to be quite OK with the public armed. Keep on keeping on guys

  22. Retired Cop says:

    To All,
    I only passed on what I have heard in the past. As far as sheriffs/chiefs not following orders it can only work if there is a united front. Each and everyone can be removed/suspended from office and replaced with someone who will do as instructed. There is always someone willing to work and follow orders.
    My agency just two years ago had 10,000 applications for 30 job openings and this is becoming the norm. Most hirees are collage grads who are already thinking to the left.
    I am lucky as I am salready retired but I will state again THREATEN to stop someone’s paycheck and the rubber will meet the road.
    Those who refuse will be releaved and someone will take there place who will follow orders.
    The non military hires do not have a strong if any background in the constitution (amenments)or the bill of rights and what they represent.
    There will be bastions of restiance who not enforceing the current or new laws but again the restistance will have to swell to a united front that cannot be ignored and to big to to take easly apart. Not everyone who voted red is pro gun and not everyone who voted blue is anti gun.
    For all officers/deputy’s/troopers out there ask your co workers what the 2nd amendment represents and what they think about the use of force to resis the government.
    Again thanks to everyone.

    • You make valid points…too many people are unemployed here, with a broke government printing more money to pay who ever and how many ppl they wish…bet they won’t do background checks on them either..if all they seek is someone to reduce the population.

  23. Retired Cop says:

    Sorry for the mistakes in typing I was using my cell phone.

  24. Suburban Housewife says:

    Interesting discussion. I live in SoCal – I have no illusions about attitudes regarding guns around here. The military around here are good with them – everyone else I know think they should be completely outlawed. I don’t tell too many people I have any or what I think.
    My biggest worry is – what will I do if confiscation becomes a reality?
    Where is my line in the sand? My SOL is a Marine, my nephew is reserve LEO. If military or LEO showed up to confiscate – would I lie? Cave? Shoot? Would I see them as some “kid” – some one else’s child or relative – just obeying orders, doing their job? Yes – I think I probably would and that would really effect my decision making process. I could shoot an intruder intent on evil deeds – but somebody who just thinks they are obediently obeying and doing their job? I just don’t know. I would love to think I would resist – but I just don’t know.
    What is the right thing to do? other than pray it never, ever comes to that.. Do you have a plan?

    • I hit reply and it seemed to have done “report”. Not sure why.

      I was going to comment that people breaking into your house to violate your rights (and perhaps murder you and/or members of your family) seem to me to be people “intent on evil deeds.” You might want to think of it in those terms as you ponder how you might react.

      • Survivor says:

        I was kinda thinking the same thing…government stormtroopers were innocently obeying orders to shove Jews into gas chambers.. Be very careful who you trust and tell no one anything!

  25. I’m new here – we moved to rural Maine last year to got out of the blue urban zone. If the laws changed, we would hide our guns on the property but I think we would leave one or two available for “token” confiscation. We need our guns here for safety and subsistence – have been visited by a bear already this spring. Our sheriff isn’t too supportive, but most of the problems are drug related and heavily tilted down close to the Mass border. If we had a home invasion, it could take hours for the cops to come ’cause of the size of the county.

  26. Thomas Collins says:

    There are a lot of questions of the nature “What would I do”?
    Generally people in law enforcement do what they’ve been trained to do without thinking, that’s why they train. Any hesitation could be fatal.
    Some will also train themselves their whole lives, to be true whether to themselves or to their God. They too will act on that trained behavior. The fight we might face will only include arms incidentally. The real battle is the one for the mind.
    Anecdotally, as the member of a national securities exchange, I was chosen once to arbitrate a dispute between the Exchange and a member. We were a committee of three. The first two members made their decision, it seemed cut-and-dried. Although technically the member was in violation of an exchange rule, I pointed out that the recently instituted electronic access to the floor had made that rule obsolete, and that the Exchange itself was in violation of the strict letter of the rule. The other two quickly assented, without further argument. My point is that most people will want to do the right thing, but they don’t always want to be first.
    From reading here, it seems that cops seem to take their oaths more seriously than do politicians. As one writer noted, many pols have even dropped the pretense of adhering to the constitution.
    God bless this great country.

    • Rider of Rohan says:

      Sorry, I meant to reply and hit the report comment thingy. There wasn’t anything wrong with your comment.

  27. It’s not ‘most of the LEOs’ that I worry about. Most of them I would let arrest me if they said it was necessary. It’s those badged Nazis you see on YouTube every week, threatening or abusing some citizen for not moving fast enough, or for asking a question. OK, maybe those civilians should know enough to keep their mouths shut, but beat-downs and tasers are just not required for those offenses. The cops who act that way will assault me wherever I’m at if they find out I’m carrying, and they will be the guys who will show up for 3 a.m. confiscation actions. THEM I do NOT trust.

  28. Jeremiah says:

    You know! “The South” Isnt just a place or a direction anymore. Its a way of beliefs, pride and convitions. And Southeners aint just south of the Mason-Dixie line. Were all over this country. And God help us get through these next 4 years. Were going to need it.

    Most ofnour volenteer firefighters carry, and our city and county LEOs know it and agree with it. They know if they should ever need help, its not far away.

  29. The part of town I live in has gone all artsy fartsy in the last 10 years. The politicians and the Ladies Who Lunch have gone past liberal to being like Agenda 21 heads most of them, and we used to have a mayor who wore pink all the time and rode a bike everywhere (but he moved away). But the cops are not that way. I caught a cop rolling his eyes behind the back of one of the poofier artistes at the last art-in-the-street shindig. As to guns, our sheriff turned out in uniform to glad-hand at the last Tea party 2A rally for the Day of Resistance. I think the LE contingent is definitely cut from a different cloth than the politicians. I don’t know what would happen with guns, but perhaps I should ask a cop.

  30. Take a look at that picture ……….didnt they teach those guys that bunching up that close is a juicy opportunity for a grenade or other thrown explosive to take out their whole squad ?

  31. In my openion if and when they do come for our guns we will lose that battle. they will do it in such a way that one by one they will pick us off and we will not even realise what is going on. They will likely make it appear that they are after bad guys. I feel we the people should be making our plans not to just resist and fight a bunch of LOEs` and military, but we should come thru their back door and go after the people setting in their office telling their people what they should do. If they knew that if they target us we will target them and we are many right now. If you remove the heads of the many headed snake it will die and if that snake knows what is in store for them we may never have to act. If we do not have a broad plan that is shared by many we will just see a lot of people killed. I believe that once any real resistance is put up the president will bring the power of the military with their drones and helecoptors and the many military people to get things under control, and they will be able to sudue (we the people) I know the higher up the head the harder it would be to get to but not impossible. I would hate to see this ever happening in this country, but we do need to have some plan in mine to prevent it from ever happening

  32. I have petitioned the White on this very Matter. Please sign the petition and share with as many people as you can. All be well! D.

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