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Someone needs to talk about the serious threat that Drones pose, when the SHTF. With their scopes and cams, one can read a Milk Carton at 60,000 feet. When the Gov starts it’s Decontamination Phase, even the best Survivalists won’t hear, or see a thing. Something will just go, “Boom,” in the night.

No need to send in Troops; or, anything else. The Gov’s Drones; and, if you are a pain in the ass, their Bunker Busters, will silence one and all, forever.

And, Survivalists, you may be taken out by Robots. Humbling isn’t it? A Machine Smarter, and more capable than you/we, are, will end it all.

Someone needs to explain how one can survive modern day technology. Survivalists move backward with old Technology; while, the Government skins our asses in an air conditioned room with a Starbucks and a Danish, in hand.

Suppose a warning is issued; and Survivalists refuse to come out of hiding? Those that do, go to detention camps for their own safety), and those who don’t, face the Drones and the Mini-Bunker Busters.

How do Survivalists beat the Machine Robots, and their Evil Operators? They have heat detectors, motion detectors, camera’s and state of the art, “eyes;” not to mention their deadly weapons. Could years of planning be all for nout – – or nothing? Inquiring minds want to know.

I, personally find this prospect terribly deflating and depressing. All the older books about movements on the Ground, become of less importance. That is, unless. One is talking about one’s Neighbors, or bands of Zombie’s walking the area.

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  1. Homeinsteader says:

    Some say our best hope is for an EMP Strike of sufficient magnitude to take out everything for a very long period of time – no satellite, no drones. It would certainly alter “life as we know it” immediately and completey…and we’re supposed to be ready for this, are we not?
    Just sayin’….

  2. So “Skynet” is active and we will have to fight the machines.

  3. To use a common statement… it is what it is!

    If you are a survivalist in hiding, what is to say you are even aware of any issued warning? What are we talking about here; Judgment Day and beware to the Terminator T-2013? I would venture those in the position [fearless leader et. al.] would use the drones to sit back and watch the ‘zombie’ attacks so the majority of the work is accomplished for them before they take any drastic action.

    Even if an EMP does occur, do you not think that plans have been in place to secure “hardened” equipment buried deep underground in extensive Faraday Cage systems? Sure the immediate period following would be without most electronic devices, but many at the fed level will be back online within a couple of weeks after the initial impact has diminished.

    All anyone can do is the best that they can with the circumstances they are faced with, and based on whatever preparations they have made for them and theirs. The ONLY guarantee with life is death, what is in-between only contributes to the quality of life the individual experiences until that final day. My father always told me, “The day you stop learning is the day you die.” So you learn to deal with the current circumstances, whatever they may be as best as you can… until you are no more.

  4. JP in MT says:

    I believe it was in the series “Enemies, Foreign and Domestic” where drones were used to track “resistance fighters”. They gave a pretty good description of what it would be like.

  5. axelsteve says:

    some computer hackers took out a drone a while ago,I read it on drudge report. if I remember right they were colleg kids.

    • They did it with DHS’ blessing. Thinking about it, DHS was present for the test. With roughly $1,000 in equipment the students took control of the drone through GPS spoofing. Essentially the students tricked the drone into taking a different flight path.

  6. I understand your anxiety. We can only prep and train for scenerios that we know and hope we can survive. I think this is right up there with aliens, the mother ship and War of Worlds. Only our lives are in danger from our own country.
    If this comes to pass, there is nothing we can do about it. You can’t hide. You can’t really live. A persons last decision for themselves and family will be to die fighting, or be a prisioner in your own country.

    If these drones are so effective, are they effectively using them on the drug cartels and the war on terror? The picts they “showed us” of Bin Laden’s compound didn’t look so great.

    Can we really do anything to stop them? Now or later? Can we come together as a nation and demand that they don’t use them against their own people? Will they deem them classified, urban legand? Use them anyway?

    • Mama J…I distinctly recall reading an article on how some cities in the USA, whole blocks of houses have had their front door ‘painted’, as in marked as a target – all computerized etc…yet, when I went looking for the article, yet again, haven’t been able to find it.

      The author of the article mentioned why would anyone want to do that…well, as time has passed, and drones are now over the USA…it is clear to me – and to probably others on this site – that drones have been used by some police departments to locate/track ??criminals…and what will be the issues in 12 or even 24 months time…there have been some frightening developments with the new EO’s these past few months.

      Now I am wondering, will those ‘painted/targeted’ houses etc be used in a false flag event – and no doubt broadcast on every channel – because with digital TV – no one can be sure anymore if the background in the screen is true to the people/events that are also depicted in the TV screening…misinformation and disinformation is already rampant in our news –

      and now they are trying to pass a law, that propaganda is okay to be used on USA citizens…some weeks ago a link to that article was posted on this blog…we sure live in interesting times.


      • Good Grief!
        That sounds like the Hunger Games! The more I learn, the less I want to know!
        I think will go stand out in the yard and moon the Drones! Or Google Earth or whomever.

      • Homeinsteader says:

        If any would like to read about this, just do an internet search for “propaganda law” and you’ll get lots of hits.

    • SurvivorDan says:

      While the likelihood of being hunted down by a missile firing drone are remote for many reasons; drones are virtually useless without human intel. Stay low profile. Narrow your ‘trusted’ circle.

      That said. The gov’t will more likely use drones for aerial surveillance to scout remote farming communities, supply depots, ‘suspicious’ vehicles, mass rallies by the citizenry, etc. THEY will use them primarily to gather intel.

  7. benjammin says:

    There are relatively unsophisticated ways to produce man-portable emp devices that have a directed or localized effect. I should think a highly collimated man-portable emp could take out a drone at 60k feet elevation.

    But long before we get to the point of the government firing on citizens, we will be at a full scale civil war. There are myriad conditions that have to be in place before that sort of action can be taken; most of the prerequisites being sufficient cause for general insurrection themselves, fomenting large scale domestic armed conflict.

    Drones aren’t hard to beat, and aren’t exclusively the domain of the government either. It takes a fairly low tech device of similar nature to defeat one of their high tech ones.

    • Hunker-Down says:

      How many more prerequisites do we need?

      How about submitting an article to M.D. on how to build the device you describe?

      • SurvivorDan says:

        A ground based system that will generate an EMP that reaches 60,000 feet? And one that civilians could build? I think a lot of countries would have such a device if it were practicable. Tremendous power requirements and the necessity to be highly collimated (by what means) seems unlikely. Such a device would have to be large, require tremendous amounts of electrical power, costly and risks producing collateral damage to friendlies in the area.
        I mean, I wish it were possible. Though if it were easy than terrorists around the world would be bringing planes down.
        Wishful thinking (though with good intentions) I’m afraid.

    • Who by and large operates the drones ? the military . That means there is a thinking person at the controles , in a civil war , the military will also be divided .

      • Its a damn shame half the military is from Cuba. They will fly black heliocopters, spray white streams of “stuff” from high altitude jets and wear blue helmets as they pour out of the FEMA camps to kill us.

        Look this is just a question, rhtorical in its nature, so you dont have to respond. Why do people need to make up bogeymen?

        • Your correct , that was one of the reasons the Roman empire collapsed , when only 1 in 10 soldiers in your army is actually a Roman ……………..you have serious loyalty issues . Why we allow that is beyond me . Non citizens should not be allowed to vote either .

        • Bogeymen are how the government gets the sheeple to willingly hand over their civil liberties in exchange for ” protection “

      • SurvivorDan says:

        God, I hope you’re right T.R.
        Sometimes if folks get paid enough and can feed their children, they will carry out any ‘lawful’ orders. “Lawful’ can be in the eyes (and the self -preservation instincts) of the beholder.

        • Well in most civil war situations anywhere , their are defections to the rebels , how much is always a question

  8. riverrider says:

    they can’t be everywhere at the same time, this is a big country…..that said, i prep for what i can do something about, forget the rest. no need to waste time/energy/money on something i can’t beat. there are countermeasures but i’d be breaking the law to reveal any that i MIGHT know about. on another note, they are expensive to build, run and arm. why would they send all that after little ol’ me? thanks for the post, something to consider.

    • SurvivorDan says:

      Indeed. I am but a fly speck. Why waste valuable hardware on me?
      If they did ever send a drone for me then I will have earned the targeting. I can live (or rather die) with that.

    • Be interesting to know what other nations have developed . They know we have them and Im sure have come up with effective counter measures . The Russians and Chinese in particular know they will have to deal with them if conflict comes with us .

  9. Greetings,
    The prospect you describe does sound foreboding and depressing. BUT for those of us in Christ Jesus there is hope. Read Psalms 91. We will be protected and live. God may take us through a Drone attack or provide His shield around us to suernaturally protect. Either way we are the winners. In Him there is hope. We will live forever with Him.

    • Homeinsteader says:

      Greetings, Marilyn! I ain’t skeered! Psalm 91: The Warriors’ Psalm

      • SurvivorDan says:

        “I will be strong and courageous. I will not be terrified or discouraged; for the Lord my God is with me wherever I go.”
        Joshua 1:9

        Have this inscribed on a dog tag hanging around my neck.
        Good stuff.

        • Homeinsteader says:

          Bless you and all that is ours, SurvivorDan. (You have been a blessing!)

          • SurvivorDan says:

            I doubt my pastor thinks that. More like a headache of a reprobate, but thanks. I need all the blessing I can get. 🙂

  10. Uncle Charlie says:

    I feel like Mr. Rogers. Can you say “Paranoia?” I’m slightly more concerned about this than I am the sun exploding. You can only prep for so much. But my fall back position is to crawl into one of the caves on my property and live on mushrooms and grubs and never see the light of day again. That might be surviving, but it’s not living.

  11. brush_81 says:

    If the govt. turned drones and other such resources on us, what could we do? Being attacked from an elevated position that is beyond the reach of anything we may have spells doom for us. However, why would they even use the resources on us? Some survivalists in the middle of nowhere is no cause for concern for them. They would most likely let us die from natural conditions, unless we became a regular problem (direct attacks, subterfuge, assisted liberation, etc). I’m sure their attentions would be directed elsewhere. Otherwise, caves are a wonder to behold…….

  12. Hank Hill says:

    It’s shocking that nobody has mentioned the tin foil hat yet.. it’s the ultimate defense against evil government, lizard people, black helicopters etc.

    • Tinfoil Hat says:


      I scoff at drones. Lol.

    • JP in MT says:

      Yeh, but all I can find is aluminum foil. Real tin foil probably works!

      Just like blue food bestows immortality!

    • SurvivorDan says:

      ….”.. it’s the ultimate defense against evil government, lizard people, black helicopters etc.”

      Ridiculous claptrap!!!

      Everyone knows that tin foil hats protect you against the insidious, mind controlling messages beamed at us by the aliens orbiting behind the moon.

      • SurvivorDan says:

        Seriously though………I suppose if I were part of an organized militia with a base back in the hills, I might worry about observation drones. Cheap way for the gov’t to increase aerial surveillance.

        • SurvivorDan says:

          I will expend my ‘worry chits’ on getting a new generator and more water storage. And more ammo….and more med supplies….and more fuel….and more tools…. and a deuce -n-a-half …..and some of my missing hair back…etc. 😉

      • mine has the early warning alien detecting spikes.

  13. Wow! I don’t know anything else to say, just wow! That is so depressing to fathom!

  14. Michæl says:

    Relevant XKCD article from today: http://what-if.xkcd.com/5/

  15. I heard if you wear “tinfoil hats” it will block the signals and they can’t see you!! Just a rumor but hey you never know, looks like I need to buy some more heavy duty foil, think I will run to sams and get 2 or 3 of their big giant commercial rolls!! I think they are like 1500 sq feet so a couple should cover the roof and then the govt. won’t know I here , kind of like a romulan cloaking device!!!

  16. wheelsee says:

    This (earth) is NOT my home……..I’m just passing through….so when I AM called home, I’ll BE HOME……….

  17. The drone thing is disheartening, but it does serve to keep me focused on God, my only hope. Here is a mainstream article about drones being used between North Dakota and Washington state – spokesman.com/stories/2012/apr/30/drones-patrolling-washington-border/

    If you have the stomach for it, a search for – natural news drones – will bring up a slew of articles by Mike Adams. A good start is article 036488_spy_drones_weaponized_countermeasures.html. It’s a good idea to follow the sources, or research your own to verify the info.

  18. Patriot Dave says:

    While reading the novel “The Patriots”, written back in 1990, I too was thinking about this. There have been a lot of technological advancements in the last 22 years. Not just drones. I was thinking how much different the book could have ended. One thing that is comforting is that God is in complete control. This may not help me personally, or our county in general, but His judgment is perfect. At some point we will look upon the minor sufferings of this world and inconsequential compared to the blessings of the next. Still I don’t like the idea that this could be the end of the American Dream and the end of our experiment in Liberty and self rule. It would be sad for all the coming generations who would have to be surfs again to serve the elite class. Second is the oath keepers movement among military and civilian law enforcement. I think that many would not follow unconstitutional orders. Third, the old saying, the more complicated something is, the more likely it will break down and easier to sabotage. Fourth, if drones and other high tech stuff were so great, we could have finished Afghanistan in months, not 10 years with no victory in sight. I have to admit, I do not know how much effort was really put into winning by the politicians. I think the best plan on this issue is to avoid it. By repenting and praying for revival, so that God will relent from His judgment, like with Nineveh. Second, we must, must, take back our representative form of government and find citizen statesmen to represent us, not career politicians who are statists. (I don’t care what party they are.). Third, keep sharing the Gospel that Jesus is God and died for our sins and forgiveness is a free give from God, not based on good works. People under the power of the Holy Spirit tend to loot less and willing to work instead of getting handouts. Fourth, keep trying to educate those you know about what is happening to our country. I feel often I am talking to a brick wall and can get discouraged, but, we have to keep trying to get through to them. For instance, with the Aurora shootings, this is a good time to talk about CCW and being able to protect yourself. The blackout in India, is a good starting point to talk about government inadequacies and getting regulators off our backs. I used Japan to tell people about runs on grocery stores. Prevention is the best form of prepping.

    • I like your view on this! Makes me feel much more optimistic. Nice perspective, thanks!

    • Homeinsteader says:

      Patriot Dave, “herein is wisdom; let him who has ears to hear hear what the spirits says”.

      Blessings to you, and all that is yours, in the Name Above Every Name, He Who Was, and Is, and Shall Be Again, Y’eshua/Jesus Christ. The ONLY name by which ALL men MUST be saved.

  19. serfsup says:

    Here are some good low tech ways to beat modern surveillance.


    • serfsup..just say your post…great minds think alike…hahaha…cheers.

    • serfsup, thank you so much for this. i have been stressing for awhile about these things. I sent it to all my other eyes and ears (one person just cannot keep up with all this).

  20. Homeinsteader says:

    Way cool, serfsup – thanks!

  21. jr from ar says:

    Maybe they will have some really good beans in the detention camps

  22. westernMdDan says:

    Keep in mind “If one man can make it, another man can break it”.

  23. Fellow pack member, Brandon Smith wrote an article a few weeks back addressing this very issue…hope this helps…cheers.


  24. Pineslayer says:

    Sorry if someone else already said this, Who are Survivalists? Us, farmers, ranchers, ex-military, hunters, and many others. That’s a lot of targets, and we are the best hope for rebuilding and restoring. Maybe they will target gang-bangers, stockbrokers, and used car salesmen. It’s good to dream.

    • Homeinsteader says:

      Starting my day with a laugh…and you give me a “fresh hope”! : )

    • SurvivorDan says:

      “Maybe they will target gang-bangers, stockbrokers, and used car salesmen. It’s good to dream.”

      Shame on you Pineslayer!

      You forgot the politicians.

      • Pineslayer says:

        SurvivorDan, I didn’t forget the politicians, I think Obamry, Rombama, whatever, are two great used car salesmen. They have most of the voters believing that they can put you in a new car for nothing. The gang- bangers could most of the congress. Stockbrokers…The Supreme Court?

    • Nope… them “politicians” probably plan on using the gang-bangers, stockbrokers and used car salesmen as the “Zombie Apocalypse” to fight off the Survivalist/Preppers to whittle us all down before they send in the UN forces from other countries

  25. recoveringidiot says:

    Our county tax extractors use satellite pics to catch folks building un-permitted decks and such. They can make you take down the structure or if you have enough money to pay off lawyers and back taxes you can keep it. I figure they’ll get the drones with infrared soon so they can tax us on how well we heat/cool the house or fine us because our insulation sucks. They will never be enough tax revenue to satisfy the beast, the more it gets the more it has to have and they already will take it at gunpoint. Don’t take a bunch of cash with you to buy a car or some equipment and get stopped for any small violation, they will confiscate your money because they can. Every time they print more money its the same as taxing us more, they buy US debt with the little value left in the dollar in YOUR pocket. They don’t even have to take the cash away from us, they can do the same thing just pushing buttons at the FedR. Buy food, ammo and maybe silver. A few bicycles and parts might even be a good bet.
    Sorry, sometimes I let my mini-rant off the leash.

  26. SurvivorDan says:

    I was tempted, just now, to debunk the whole concept of armed drones seeking out survivalists and ‘taking them out’. I felt a rant rising….

    Then I realized that there are folks following this site (and participating) who are genuinely concerned about such possible, albeit unlikely, hostile actions by the Feds post-Collapse.

    Those folks are my fellow preppers and generally anti-Big Gov’t. To them I would rather say that I am with you. Don’t let the threat give you sleepless nights. The things which we cannot affect are pointless to fret about. Stay focused and work on the problems and scenarios that you can envision yourselves overcoming.

    I know the Collapse is coming and I am comforted knowing that I will go into it somewhat prepared. And that I will take with me my Faith and the knowledge that there are folks out there that share my hope for the future. I will not be alone.

    Keep prepping. Stay low profile.
    And know that you are not without kindred spirits going into any Collapse.

  27. Give it time and a counter-measure will be developed which is available to all. Researchers have already proven it can be done.


  28. Uncle Charlie says:

    Amen Survivor Dan. I had attempted to say that but not nearly so eloquently or empathetically.

  29. Drones are operated from ground stations..
    Those ground stations are in known locations..
    The operators don’t stay on the base 24/7

    Attacking the drones is pretty near impossible so in a SHTF situation, I’m sure someone will figure out how to deal with the problem.

  30. lateToTheParty says:

    I don’t understand people’s problems here. UAVs are basically remote controlled jet airplanes. They require constant signal. They send back constant signal. They require fuel. They require clear airspace. They require camera equipment to work well enough that the humans and machines can read the images sent by radio type signal.

    Stop and think: sure a remote controlled plane or helicopter may not be able to shoot one down but I bet 100 can. You con broadcast a moving or false signal to nearby UAVs. Or you can drop chaff or use dry ice clouds to change what is perceivable.(Thermal cover) If you built a strong enough transmitter you can overload/override the remote operator (at least shortly and that’s all that’s needed.) Heck, just dropping quick drying black paint over the UAV (either ‘cropdusting’ or explosive packs*) will reduce visual camera’s effectiveness. A series of phosphorus/magnesium flares dropped like a rain cloud near a UAV will blind it, maybe burn out some equipment.

    Sure this will take a concerted effort but you mentioned the war in A’. They don’t have technology and resources lying everywhere. Within 3000′ feet of my neighborhood, you’ve probably got 100 computers/PCs and who knows how many other processing boards? Do the rebels in A’ have black paint just lying around? Or bunches of metal foil for chaff? (they’re using it all for hats!) There you are comparing people who have to import all ‘technology’ from outside: the U.S. citizen is soaked in it. (Not that we make it, but it’s everywhere.) How many UAV crashes do you think will happen by accident? How many gov’ entities really will share airspace and work together?

    * Maybe high speed paint/chaff launchers? Think the skies over Bagdad in Desert Storm? With a combination of these things, UAVs will just become expensive targets. Another thought is non-metallic balloons up in the atmosphere – enough cheap ones and you’ve got a spy network to rival the satellites.

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