The Three Things Far Left Liberals Fear The Most!

Bushmaster AR-15

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Folks, that pretty much sums it up – as they say a picture is worth a thousand words…

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  1. Libby77625 says:


  2. We just need reasonable restrictions on all three…its for the children after all.

    Why can’t you all just be reasonable.

    Your President.

  3. The Last American says:

    Isaiah 40:8
    “The grass withers, the flower fades, But the Word of God stands forever. NKJ/Geneva Study Bible.

    “the right to keep and bear arms will not be infringed”

    “From my cold dead hands!”

  4. Tactical G-Ma says:

    And these represent what DH and I believe in most. A fourth might be a garden hoe or some other tool that represents providing for one’s own needs.

  5. Amen! well stated to the point,no b.s.I like

  6. There is not logical reason to fear these.

    Except that if you have these in you’re life, they don’t have control of your life.


    Watch video for details and check out This is another in a series of many Calls to Action (CTAs) here in TNP as we work as a unified team to defeat anti-self defense gun legislation in 2013. The proposed AWB seeks to criminalize millions of good Americans is a power grabbing, Marxist attempt at people control. We stand and be counted NOW, not cower in our houses hoping for the best and ranting anonymously on the internet about crap that doesn’t matter. Time to nut up or shut up.


    ● Pledge not to use an Executive Order to restrict the 2nd Amendment rights of law abiding Citizens.

    ● This is a petition to prevent the Obama Administration from issuing Executive Orders restricting the 2nd Amendment rights of law abiding citizens.

    Secure the borders of the United States for the safety and security of American citizens.
    Secure the borders of the United States for the safety and security


    ➪ Disregard and Dismiss Senator Feinstein’s proposed Gun Control Bill.

    “A free people … should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government. – George Washington”

    ➪ PLEASE Share these links & Get over there & sign it!

    Μολὼν λαβέ

  8. Ah, The Simple things in life. We really only need one Law.

    Luke 6:31 Do to others as you would have them do to you.

    Simple just does not fit their plan.

  9. I guess I’m what you conservatives fear the most – a liberal with a gun.

    • Janet,

      No not really – I’m more of a Libertarian than a “conservative”…

    • Liberal [prepper]with a gun. huh. Sort of at least makes you a moderate liberal. not too shabby : )

      Most would call me conservative but the political representatives of liberals and conservatives tend to both be ignorant of what is best for America so I wouldn’t considder either label a compliment.

    • HoarseWhisper says:

      Much love to you, Janet. My question is, do you want others to have guns?

    • Hunker-Down says:


      I’m with you.
      The government should pay for our guns just like it paid for those obamaphones. Obamaphones cause brain cancer, guns don’t.

      • What’s an obamaphone? I’ve never heard of that.

        • Hunker-Down says:


          Obama set up a program, just before the election, where the government pays for a cell phone for folks who cant afford one. There was a uTube toward the end of the election season showing a person literally screaming about her 6 obamaphones and that was why she was going to vote for him.

          Where we live, taxpayers are charged $18 per month for each of those phones.

        • Janet,
          The Obamaphone is the latest welfare handout. Cell phone for those on welfare, ostencively for the folks to look for work.
          This is BTW a real thing and not some imaginary hateful invention of the conservatives.

    • Rider of Rohan says:

      Is it a muzzleloader? And why would I fear you?

      • I’m joking. I do have a gun, but I don’t get all hung up on political labels and I don’t categorize people. It’s a joke, really. I consider myself a realist, make of that what you will.

        • Janet:

          I run into the same problem with labels. I feel what goes on in your home is your business. My problem with self described liberals, is they feel that way about their house, but mine needs to be open to their inspection/judgement/control.

          • JP,
            I think you hit on the fourth thing that this article missed. They’re afraid that we may be doing something they don’t approve of (legal or not) or that we are having fun when they are not. Recently, I saw Juan Williams (formerly of NPR and now on Fox) discussing New Years Eve with some other Fox News persons. He said he didn’t especially like New Years Eve, because he always felt that other people were having more fun than he was. Except for the part about stopping what the other folks are doing, I think he showed us one of the lefts big problems which they will never admit. Envy.

    • axelsteve says:

      I do not fear liberals.If you are smart enough to own a gun , you are not the average lib.

    • Janet,
      I do not fear you I respect you and how you choose to live, I just want the same in return.

  10. Amen. The gun looks scary and might shoot something all by itself. The Bill of Rights isn’t a living document, subject to change at a whim. And the Bible isn’t of their religion of atheism (anything other than Christianity is okay, tho).

    Guns — they don’t know anything about them = Ignorance.
    Bill of Rights — oh goodness no = Do as we say, not what we do.
    Bible — umm, maybe lefties aren’t tolerant like they tell everybody else to be. Go figure.

  11. bwright1553 says:

    100% correct!!

  12. riverrider says:

    actually, i’m their worst nightmare, a veteran that believes in all three:)

    • RR:

      Amen, brother. Got 2 of those in our house!

    • And while I never personally took the oath… I believe 100% in protecting our constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic.

      Thanks RR for what you have given this country…. even though it appears most don’t appreciate it.

    • Rider of Rohan says:

      Thank God for you and the other veterans who believe like you. I do believe TDL is determined to take us over the cliff and into the abyss.

    • Alittle2late says:

      Right beside you brother. Semper Fi.

  13. Not to mention the fear of free will and common sense…lol.

    • I’m stuck with a bunch of elites (really, honest) in the DH’s family. They don’t believe in free will (except for themselves) and they have zero common sense. But their mantra is do as we say not as we do. They’re university educated and they’re smarter than everyone below them. Actually dumber than doorknobs, which makes them even more dangerous.

  14. MountainSurvivor says:

    I just heard that membership to the NRA has gone up an additional 100,000! The photo is very soothing to the soul. God bless us, everyone!

  15. MountainSurvivor says:

    If anyone would care to join the fight against the gun issues, you can go to They are promoters of firearms rights and they use education and are not afraid to step in a courtroom to fight for the right.

  16. private idaho says:

    i am a veteran of the first gulf war, i believe in all three, they can have them if they want to try to take them from me. but not gonna surrender them without a fight

  17. Rider of Rohan says:

    The NRA left the meeting with Biden and his idiot cohorts and issued a statement regarding the talks. Biden was only interested in one thing, and one thing only——GUN CONTROL. Wyoming is already fighting back as legislation was introduced there today to protect its residents from gun control rules from Washington. We will not go quitely into the night.

  18. you forgot the constitution and white people .

    • and that would be for the two things liberals hate the most .

      • Rider of Rohan says:

        Yep, white liberals hate whites. Mikey “Whale” Moore and Quinton “Beefsteak” Tarantino come to mind.

        • Tactical G-Ma says:

          Rider and T.R.,
          Everyone has preconceived ideas. I just think bigotry and hate is such a waste of energy. All Americans contributed to our problems to some extent. There’s just no room in prepping for that kind of thinking. Find some other forum for that.

          • YOU find another forum if it offends you . Its a factual observation , most liberals are actually much more concerned with race than conservatives . They will be the first to mention it in conversations , white liberals are very race conscious vs any other . It does have a bearing on this societies dynamics , therefore if we are going to post topics about liberals vs. conservatives , and current events , like it or not , that is an inevitable part of it . Liberals accept everybody …..except white people , that is a fact , and it is relevant because that way of thinking is shaping the way this nation conducts itself internally ……..which will affect YOU !

          • I would like to add a question for you ……have you ever lived in a border town ? Obviously not ………let me enlighten you . As you know our neighbors to the south are coming into the country in droves , have been for years , they have settled here . It is a fact that violent crime goes way up wherever they settle. If you have ever lived in a border town , you would know for a fact that it is indeed all about race on their part . On our part , its about assimilation and respect to the nation . Anybody that lives in the southwest has to prep for these conditions , these are not ordinary living conditions that people in other parts of the country enjoy . The difference between you and me , is that im not afraid to talk about the elephant in the middle of the room , its there and affects daily life , ignoring it wont make it go away ……I’m not in denial , nor have I been pc indoctrinated in any way . Enjoy the peaceful safety wherever you live , because its not that way in all parts of this country . Just sayin

            • Tactical G-Ma says:

              I have read your comments and agree with much you say. I certainly have some thoughts I don’t express anywhere on the internet especially on a blog I like as much as this one. I lived in San Antonio a few years and visited Laredo and Nuevo Laredo more than once so I have some idea of the problems the border towns face.

              The point I was trying to make is that any of our remarks could come under close scrutiny by you know who and effect every member of the pack. Your right, if the remarks get too extreme I should go elsewhere and will.

            • Tactical G-Ma says:

              MD and Pack Members,
              Am I being too paranoid? All you Vets with clearances, you remember that list of organizations and groups that were considered anti- govt?
              Who of us thinks it is okay to let it all hang out? I feel the less is said on some subjects the least att.

            • Tactical G-Ma:

              I remember those list, although they stopped being emphasized in in the mid to late 80″. Kept me from pursuing many “invitations” in the early years of my career.

              It’s one thing to read “radical” comments. It’s another to endorse them.

  19. I have to disagree, and I think the marginalizing and stereotyping this represents is unfortunate. I’m socially quite liberal but this caricature of someone like me being against guns, the bible or the bill of rights is completely wrong. Many Americans, like me, believe in “live and let live” and are happy to err on the side of extending rights to others that some conservatives would deem “evil” or “abominations” or “not real Americans” — we get tagged as “liberal” in posts like this. But what gets left unexamined is that this support of the many by no means that we don’t arm ourselves against those who might not be of the same mind and might wish to infringe on OUR rights or freedom It also doesn’t mean we don’t defend the constitution and bill of rights vehemently and vocally, and it doesn’t mean we have no faith.

    I am an avid reader but first time commenter. I’m disappointed in the narrow message this particular post represents.

    • Dee,

      Why do you think that you’re a liberal? If you’re for folks owning an “assault weapon” a Christian and support the constitution then you’re probably not a liberal.

      • Annie Nonymous says:

        Actually, if you were for those things… You’d be an AMERICAN. Consevatism or liberalism doesn’t get into it as much as Americanism. If you are against those things, or a person’s right to freedom to hold such things dear, then you may be many things, but American you are NOT.

        That there are those who are “in charge” that fear, no, HATE, what makes America what it is, and work hard to destroy it, should be setting off huge alarm bells and flashing lights to all those who are not Oathbreakers, but OathKEEPERS. Because…these Antimericans have not just broken their oath and promise to the American People, and to the nation, they have done so against the Almighty.

        They (and the rest of their athiestic Antimericans) feel its OK as since they don’t believe in God, they brush off what they reap, and instead work to destroy the soul of those they should be responsible for. I pity these lost ones, who have sold themselves out to the great lie.

        When you swear an oath to protect your country, not doing so should label that defector as a traitor, and appropriate punishment should well be meeted out. I suspect our Creator may weill look dimly on those who first swore said oath on HIS holy name, and then took His name in vein by not just breaking the oath, but doing so with the contempt of the evil one, thereby spitting at God. This from one who *did* swear that oath as a youngster, and believed it to be for life… and possibly beyond. 😉

        Sorry for the rant, but damnit, it flat p*ss*s me off. That they get away with it, and that the people seelm not just to give them carte blanche, but encourage and praise them for being Antimericans.

        God bless, and good luck!

  20. MD, I don’t believe the definition of “liberal” or “conservative” or otherwise ends with gun ownership, religion, or supporting the constitution of the country into which I was born. I don’t like labels but I can guarantee I’m tons more liberal than the general theme of most “prepper” blogs and websites, including this one. I don’t believe it is mutually exclusive, for example, to be a “conservative” and be against assault weapons or be an atheist or a Jew. Just examples, that’s all. I like your site for the resources, but don’t think it helps further the overall mission of having a more prepared America when we put people under assumptions or corners to this extent. Humorous, perhaps to some, but not helpful. Just my opinion.

    • ‘Dee,
      Unfortunately, there are a group of elitists and media celebrities that claim to speak for you. Sorry you have to defend yourself, but I understand.

  21. Tactical G-Ma says:

    You are correct. There are liberal people, like yourself, who maintain their allegiance to the Constitution and the American way. I have a tendency to clump all good caring Americans in with extremists. I do believe that diversity is a strength. Unfortunately, patriots on both sides of the aisle have been sold a dangerous methodology. But while I have tried to give Mr. Obama the benefit of doubt, his promises have been empty. Our rights are being eroded faster than anytime in our history. And I fear it will continue faster and faster than ever til all is lost. You can change every law on the books and it will not cure our sickness. We have allowed an unGodly , self serving, and moraless society to evolve. Our businesses teach that the only way to get ahead is to do business is by following “Rich Dad Poor Dad” ideology. The unions care only about its members and no one else. And charity is now mandated by the Federal government. It perfectly acceptable for kids to cheat at school, spouses to cheat on each other, and professionals to cheat their clients. It is time to tighten up and let truth,honesty, virtue, and the ideals, albeit Christian, this nation was founded on, lead our future decisions.

    It is easier to say it is the liberals who have ruined our country when in fact there were probably just as many crooked Republicans who have sold the farm for their pieces of silver. So maybe we should say Patriots and traitors. If you want the U.S.A. to be like someplace else, why not move there and leave our nation alone. (This was figurative,and not at you).

  22. Huh. Interesting! I am a liberal and I don’t fear any of the 3 – in fact, I believe very strongly in all 3. What makes me a liberal (and I’ll wager, a bunch of other liberals too) is my belief that everyone should start on a level playing field (but what we do with that is up to each of us). I don’t believe the rich should get special economic benefits. I also believe that everyone goes through hard times and deserves a little help when they need it (but only until they are back on their feet; certainly not for life). I don’t necessarily believe in immigration heavy-handedness – I don’t know what I’d do without Miguel who helps me take care of my yard….’cos I sure as hell can’t find any local neighborhood citizen kids willing to do it. And more than anything, I believe we are (and have been for the last 20 years, so definitely not a Democrat thing) spending the country’s money incredibly foolishly and that we would not be in nearly the mess we’re in (in fact, we would probably be thriving and could easily afford SS and Medicare) if we a) didn’t try to bribe and take care of the whole world while our own people starve, and b) cater to special interest groups and lobbyist agendas. I also believe that any citizen has the right to be happy, even if that means marrying a same-sex partner (not my cup of tea, but I’m also not the judge of other people, per the Bible’s instructions, so I’m not in any position to frown on it). I believe women have the right to do whatever they choose to with their own bodies…but I also believe we all will be judged by God for the decisions we make. I don’t believe in a gov’t telling me what I should or shouldn’t eat, smoke, drink, or medicate with, and I’m sick to death of the belief that when a societal problem exists, we should pass a law (or executive order?) to deal with it, rather than identifying and addressing the root cause and solving for that.

    Hmmm, now that I think about it, I don’t know exactly WHAT to call me anymore… 🙂

    • terrorist?

    • That describes me pretty well too, though my DH is conservative. I always described myself as a social liberal, fiscal conservative gun toting, bleeding heart, prepper. They will take my guns over my dead body. Someone told me I might be a Libertarian.

    • riverrider says:

      i think you’re misinformed about being a “liberal”. that monicker has been taken over by the progressives, and you clearly are not that. if anything you are libertarian. likewise we are using “conservative” too loosely. we are really closer to libertarian. so, you see we’re from the same cloth, just dif ends of the bolt.

    • Nanet Great point – everyone should stop, take a deep breath and THINK instead of react. RCFA – Root Cause Failure Analysis. That’s how GOOD companies deal with issues, not by jumping off the cliff! Maybe the government should take some lessons.

    • Nanet,
      Sounds to me like you’re a Libertarian. Welcome home.

  23. Annie Nonymous says:

    Soft applause coming from my hideout in the hills… 😉 Thank you!!

  24. Nanet, I tend to call myself “center-left independent” 🙂 but I’m tough to label. Tends to cause consternation. And G-ma, I adore the term “patriot”. I have traveled the world and that puts a certain amount of perspective on our land of opportunity. The diversity of America is huge for me, I have friends and beloveds of all hues, nationalities, religions, and origins. But I love WHY we gained that diversity precisely because of what we have stood for all these years: Freedom.

    Thanks everyone for the courteous debate – I appreciate it. I think the respectful debate is what we need to prove to the politicians, who are frequently disassociated way too much from the rest of us, that we expect them to serve US, not special interests with $$. Of any kind — left, right, or somewhere in between.

  25. Problem is: Almost no issue is black & white.

    I’ve been a member here for awhile — a contributing member, which I was told at the time is rare (so, “pony up, fellas” and “put your money where your mouth is”) — and yet I have recently been a liberal-leaning voter.

    The vast majority of your comments paint you (nearly all) with one big, broad brush. Just as you (presumably) have now painted me, having told you that I am recently a liberal-leaning voter.

    I am a 12-year USMC veteran. I own several guns, and intend to keep them. I have spent years practically planning for the inevitable “I dunno exactly what, but it’s coming and I intend to be as prepared as I can” SHTF scenario.

    I am now registered as NPA, after I left the Libertarian Party for a philosophical issue that seemed to have become a requisite part of party membership. Same thing with my interest in the Tea Party movement; if it’s all or nothing, then I don’t qualify because I have a mind of my own and don’t take well to be told what to think.

    It’s bothersome to me that a survivalist blog is so heavily focused on politics and so perniciously nasty about the perceived opposition. I am concerned, reading lately, that the focus here is more on political like-mindedness in pre-SHTF days than on practical, cooperative management post-SHTF. I suspect that no matter how much I have in common with you now — and no matter how much I want to share and exchange in preparation — that my differences now mean that you’d as soon shoot me as look at me then (heck, based on the hatefulness and lack of humanity in some of your comments, maybe you’d shoot me now!).

    The world and the people in it AREN’T black & white now, and they certainly won’t be any time between now and “then.” I definitely understand taking a stance on moral values (see above), but there will likely come a time when your ability to decide to focus on the strength of shared values, rather than being rigidly intolerant of people that aren’t just like you, may equate to strength in numbers … and therefore surviving, and even thriving again.

    I am prepared for the vitriol, just sad that it’s coming. Kinda my prepper philosophy …

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      I am not an insurrectionist. I am not a racist. I love this nation and the absolute last thing I would want is conflict on our soil. I am against Islam of all sects because the Qu’ran teaches to kill those who choose to not follow Muhammad. I believe in freedom and tolerance.
      There are comments on this blog that seem extreme, even hateful to me. And there are people of many colors, cultures, and religions in the Pack.
      So, I’ll bet many are stunned and offended by some of the remarks. I have been insulted more than once and I have insulted more than once.
      I do think some extreme remarks (either way) stimulate conversation and are thought provoking. Right now our biggest common fear is what is going on in our nation.

      I hope there continues an open and honest dialogue and I rely on MD to prevent us from going to far astray. Hope none of you quit making entries. Your opinion is certainly as important as mine.

    • I did fine reading your comments until you went sideways and accused commenters here of willingly shooting you in the back. Kinda blew the rest of your comments out of the water for me.

    • Hunker-Down says:


      You accused every poster on this blog of wanting to shoot you; “that my differences now mean that you’d as soon shoot me as look at me then (heck, based on the hatefulness and lack of humanity in some of your comments, maybe you’d shoot me now!).
      That’s painting ‘us’ with a very broad brush; are you looking for a fight? You wont get one at this site.

      Why don’t you come out from behind that ‘very broad brush’ your hiding behind called “a liberal-leaning voter” and clearly state your issues with all of ‘us’. You may find that our goals and aims are shockingly aligned with yours.

      Speaking for myself only and not for any other poster, my vitriol towards liberals is their ignorance of the damage they do to our country by their financial policies. That ignorance puts them in the category of useful idiots. A useful idiot with a gun in camo pants is still a useful idiot. Don’t get your shorts in a knot, that statement is not aimed at you, but just a “broad brush” attitude toward the 50 percent of this country wanting to ride on the backs of us who think capitalism is a good thing.

  26. "Big Jim" says:

    My 3 takes on these 3 items :

    The Bible…..Amen !
    The B O R ‘s…We the People !
    The AR-15…..Rataaaaatattttttaatttttaattttt !

    Neither of which , man or government , will ever take away from me as long as I breathe !

  27. to my brother marines, SEMPER FI and thank you , to my fellow vets thank you , to my fellow preppers thank you , and to all GOD bless Cowboy

  28. This whole discussion being to mind a question, maybe someone can help me with:

    Why are Liberals so loud?

    When having a discussion with one, and things are not going their way, the general tendency is for them to talk over you and in an ever increasing volume. Does loud win?

    (If I can outlast them I know I’ve won when they cuss at me.)

    • JP,
      It’s not just liberals. Anyone who loses a debate on facts has to either concede, raise they’re voice, or dismiss you with curses. When “think” overcomes “feel” or “believe”; i.e., logic over rhetiruc, the debate is always over, one way or the other.

  29. richard muszynski says:

    greetings. one should recall the lessons of the past. a not all of that far in the past either. Germany started on the road that our leaders have adapted as their own. the gun control law that was word for word the one that Adolf had put into law in 1935 or so, that disarmed the nation. the blind hate of everyone who wasn’t a arian. note now it is simply changed to “not a national socialist” (which is what the Nazis were) we are propagated against Moslems of any nationality. Against homosexuals and of course against firearms and self defense. i think that they lost the war because of how many people they were against instead of against the enemy they did have. trained Jewish vets were sent to extermination camps instead of to the military. if the people of America, regardless of color or religion could get together and stand, there is no American secret police or military that could stand against them and survive. but as long as they can continue to seperate us into smaller groups, as they did with the American Native people, extermination is easy. instead of taking on all of us, they only have to take on a limited number of people in the choosen for extermination. in that they can win. but never if we stand together. and it doesn’t matter if some are not armed and pacifists, there are many flowers in my garden, as it is written. and they should all bloom.

    • Richard, as a student of history myself…..truer words were never spoken. The more we divide ourselves into “groups” – they vs. us, the more danger we are in. I hate these stupid liberal vs. conservative, “Muslim-Americans,” illegals vs. non-illegals labels and divisions – it has nothing in the world to do with who’s who or what. It has to do with power. And when we post stuff about anti-whoever, we are playing into their game. We are all Americans, and you are SO right when you say that if we can’t stand together, they will rip us apart, one by one, group by group. Why are people too stupid to see this????

  30. are there really no non-believers reading this blog??

  31. OBAMA- Guns and Ammo salesman of the year!

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