Prepper News Brief Feb 17, 2017

1. EMP: Technology’s Worst Nightmare…
Given the current state of U.S. unpreparedness for an EMP event, it is estimated that within 12 months of an EMP event, two-thirds to 90 percent of the U.S. population would likely perish from starvation, disease, and societal breakdown.

2. North Korea, the real threat…
The regime’s irrationality makes a catastrophic missile strike plausible. An EMP that blacks out the national electric grid would be a far greater catastrophe than blasting a city. A North Korean 10-kiloton warhead blasting a city might cause about 200,000 casualties. However, the same warhead making a high-altitude EMP attack — though there would be no blast, thermal or fallout effects on the ground — could knock out the electric grid and other life-sustaining critical infrastructures for more than a year, killing 90 percent of the population through starvation.

3. You’re about to see a big change to the sell-by dates on food…
It’s totally fine to eat a product even well after its so-called expiration date. With canned foods, if the seal isn’t broken or the cans bulging then I’ll eat it regardless of the “use by date” and I’ve never had any issues. This is a good article for preppers who are unsure about the dates and what to eat, store or throw out.

4. This Terrifying American supervolcano could trigger an ICE AGE when it erupts…
The risks from an American supervolcano with the potential to cause worldwide havoc “should not be ignored”, according to expert geologists. It would be a yuge mess… Get it… yuge?

5. And another disaster waiting to happen in North Korea…
A HUGE volcano in North Korea could be on the brink of erupting, and if it does, the explosion could be so severe that it would cause devastation around the entire globe, scientists have warned.

6. And yet another one…
Supervolcano ‘worse than Vesuvius’ that could kill MILLIONS and bring the world economy to its knees ‘ready to blow’.

7. And more about super volcanos and what will happen when one erupts…
A supervolcano lies under Yellowstone — here’s what would happen if it erupted. The explosion likely wouldn’t totally wipe out human life, but it certainly would be destructive, especially to the western half of the US.

8. Current Pandemic Threats…
With global pandemic threats, it’s a question of ‘when’, not ‘if’,” said Andrew Natsios, former USAID Administrator and current Director of the Scowcroft Institute at Texas A&M. “The best way to prevent a pandemic in the U.S. is to stop it overseas, so the strategies shared today speak directly to America’s national security interests.”

9. Looming Economic Crisis to be Blamed on Trump, Experts Warn…

An economic crisis of potentially historic proportions appears to be just around the corner, and the establishment may be setting up President Donald Trump and other anti-globalist forces to take the blame for it. So says former congressman and GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul and other economic experts with a proven track record of accuracy who have studied the issue. And at this point, there is probably nothing that can be done to stop it.

10. Peter Schiff: ‘Inflation is headed up’ on both producer, consumer level…
Rampant inflation in the United States is just around the corner, warns one financial guru. And you’re already beginning to see signs of this in many different areas of the economy as well as on a consumer and producer level.

11. U.S. household debt at highest level since 2008: Federal Reserve study…
According to a new report from the United States central bank, household debt levels have surged to their highest levels since 2008 as households added $226 billion in debt in the fourth quarter of last year. The U.S. now has a total household debt of $12.58 trillion.

12. U.S. Economic Collapse Looms as Bankruptcy & Debt Rise, Savings Plunge…
After years of declines, bankruptcies are on the rise again in the United States. Commercial bankruptcies have been rising since late 2015, while consumer bankruptcies posted back-to-back increases in January 2017; the first time since the financial crisis nearly seven years ago. Is this an anomaly or a warning sign of a U.S. economic collapse?

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  1. #3.

    We go by the condition of the container, for the most part. I like Honey Cornmeal for biscuits and such, but for us – our storage and climate – it stores the worst. Not that I’m whinning, I’ve only lost 3 #10 cans in the last 19 years, but it is the only storage food that we have lost.

    I also try to avoid pull-top lidded cans, except for the short-term pantry. If they freeze (or bulge) they make quite a mess.

  2. #9.

    I suspect that we will have an economic issue in the next 4 years. I don’t believe it will be directly attibutable to Trump, but he will get the blame. The Left needs to do something to discreadit him soon or they will loose all their political standing.

  3. mom of three says:

    Doom and gloom, I can’t read any more news it’s just depressing to me, I’m just going to live each day to it’s fullest and if the Volcano’s blow they blow, from dealing with Mt. Saint Helens, people had lots of warning to leave those whom, did not died. #8 & 9, Debt, usually “I said usually” is the consumers fault for buying stuff that is out of their pocketbook, never bet on next months check, because it may not be there for you to use. We had to personally crawl out twice in 15 year’s some debt you have to do other like shopping you can curb. It makes me angry that the bank prey on the young people too. A way to long of a story but my step son, would not listen. Just teach your kid’s not to spend more then they have $39.00 over draft adds up fast. All we can do is pray for our country, and President, and hope the other leaders, don’t do anything stupid.

  4. If you are interested in the possibility of volcanic destruction.
    Eruption, All Fall Down and Things Fall Apart are novels by Harry Turtledove about the Yellowstone Caldera blowing. They
    give a pretty good account of what survivors face. He is a rather prolific writer and does lot of alternative history books. The above novels are available used on amazon and very cheap if you buy them used.

  5. I am not a believer in the theory that 90% of Americans would die following a EMP. Humans are resourceful and America, probably more than many countries, has many designated organized groups that jump into action. Anyone out there a mechanic or electronic technician? Me too. Yes I could fix your EMP’ed car so it would run, ditto for the delivery trucks. Sorry, probably not your computer, because simply if your chips get fried the only possible fix is new chips. Within minutes of the electric grid going down there would be teams of experienced and very effective repairmen fixing them. IMHO even given the worst case scenario of the EMP SHTF event we would begin right away to fix it and within days at the most power would be restored to hospitals and within weeks at the most power would be restored to cities. It might take months to restore all of it but within a short time we would begin the process and have some success.

    • i read once that all the transformers for the grid are made in south korea and they would probably be busy fighting north korea if something happens here especially if north korea is responsible for the attack. generators for hospitals run on fuel, no trucks driving either from being attacked or not having fuel for their own trucks, hospitals would run out.

      • There are some of the really large power transformers that are made in China. Most of these large power transformers are not. For example in the 1930’s Boulder dam was built and a number of these large transformers were installed. All of them are still there. They don’t wear out and they rarely malfunction. So it’s only a handful of new power generation facilities that use these really large transformers that are manufactured overseas.

        The next level of transformers are the transmission transformers connected to the transmission lines. These too rarely malfunction and almost all of them are built here and can be repaired here.

        The last types of transformers are used in the distribution lines and these are the ones you see hanging on poles or sometimes in big green metal boxes near the curb in an area where the lines are underground. These occasionally malfunction usually from prolonged overload. They are actually easy to repair and I have watched guys with high school education take them apart and fix them when I worked for a utility company.

        Usually transformers malfunction from long periods of gross overload, I mean 200% of rated workload. It might take a few hours or even days depending on the conditions. All of these transformers are built very robust and are not the weak link in a electric grid. Also all grid transformers set in a heavy metal container a EMP protective container if you want to refer to it that way. It would be difficult to take them out with an EMP device and far more likely that the weak link would burn out first. The weak link is where the power line connect to the transformer and additionally most distribution transformers are protected by a fuse.

        When the system goes down, it could be a storm, tornado, accident, sabotage, etc. The repair crews have a priority list of which areas and sites need to be fixed first. Hospitals and government (police/fire) come first. These crews can actually repair anything and everything in their part of the system, including the distribution transformers.

    • Mona Everett says:

      Dream on. An EMP would take out all the big transformers, for which there are few spares, and greater than a year manufacturing time, usually by someplace like China. Do some research.

      • I worked in the industry, I’ve done the research.
        First it is unlikely that an EMP will “take out” a transformer. It might blow the fuse attached to it. It might open the circuit where the primary or secondary lines connect to the transformer. But the transformer will survive the EMP intact.
        There are a couple reason why this is true. First the transformer sits in a sealed metal EMP proof box. Second as I said the weak link is the fuse or the physical external connection so it would go first and save thee transformer. Third they are built so robustly that it takes a lot of current to burn one up, a LOT of current. Usually when they do go bad what has actually happened is over a period of hours to days they are overloaded and the oil inside the containers reaches 600 degrees or so and explodes and burns up. This takes a long time and an EMP is seconds at most and possibly a fraction of seconds. And forth a transformer has what is called inductance. What this is, is it resists current and voltage surges. In America transformers are tuned to 60 cycles a very low frequency and at that frequency their inductance is negligible. An EMP would simulate a very high frequency and the inductance on it would be so great it would ‘impede’ the flow of current which in turn would negate the effects of an EMP. What all of this means is in most cases after an EMP everything inside the transformer box would be intact and all you would have to do it reconnect it to use it.

        • GeorgiaPeachie says:

          One Guy,
          I hope you are correct, but I am not going to count on it. Two Congressional Reports disagree with your assertions. Their experts say the grid could be taken down and the 300 most needed transformers across the country destroyed to the point of requiring replacement. These experts put replacement time of 1-2 years…if not longer.

          Since this is not my field, I have no idea and only have to rely on data and information from experts in this area.


          • The transformers in question are a high tech version of the traditional power transformers. Their construction is complex and the transformers themselves are quite large (as are all of the power transformers) I would agree that these particular transformers are going to be problematic if they are destroyed in some way.

            Here is my response to both congress and the doom sayers. Congress is pretty much run by the elite and for the elite. Congress creates these crisises and then proposes solutions which always require more spending and favorable contracts to cronies.
            Secondly do not underestimate the ability of American workers. I made the point in one of the previous posts that I watched a high school graduate rebuild a distribution transformer. My point in this is we, the workers and doers out there can do this. We are not stupid and to assume we will all collapse and cry when the SHTF is a mistake. These transformers are not rocket science. The reason this guy was doing this work is because he was a low paid laborer and the linemen were needed to keep the system running. The point I was making is these transformers are easy enough to repair that a laborer hired off the street could do it with minimal training. I have a high level of confidence that no matter what the disaster that our American workers will rise to the occasion and do the job. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not saying that there won’t be a disaster or that it will be no big deal. I am simply saying that we, the people will stand up and do what we have to do to restore our communities.

        • I hope you’re right. I too, believe in AmeriCAN’s. Unfortunately,everything I have read, says that under the best of conditions, it takes a year or more, to get a transformer built and transported to where it is needed. Also, anything “plugged in” will be useless after an EMP. If you like to eat have a farm; or at least a place to go. Or, have the equipment and mind set, so that a farmer or rancher, would want you on their team. At harvest time, wheat from my grain elevator is about a dime a pound, if you get 3/4 ton. Cheap insurance.

          • The numbers of these high tech transformers is not large. Typically these transformers are installed when the facility is built and last forever. So the only new high tech transformers made over seas are at power plants built in the last 10 years or so. The transformers at Boulder dam are 90 years old. We built them and we can repair them

            It is probable/possible that whatever is plugged in when and EMP hits will indeed be zapped. It is certainly possible that they won’t. Because it is likely that a true EMP will simply open the circuit at the transformer on the power pole outside your home and instead of a spike in electricity at your plugin you will simply lose power. On the other hand the EMP will pass through your walls and it can indeed destroy electronic even if they aren’t plugged in so this is an unknown and will produce different results for different people in different places.

            I agree, the thing to do is be prepared. Have food, alternative cooking, lighting, electronics, etc. IMHO the secret to survival will be: training/practice in survival skills, planning as in food and supplies stored, positive attitude and cooperation with others/family.

        • Thomas The Tinker says:

          42 years in the industry…. I agree with ‘OneGuy’. This is a long list of “Fear Porn”.

  6. 3) I have only had one can of soup go bad and Walmart milk.
    The Walmart milk went bad a week before the expiration date or did I buy cottage cheese? Lol

    The volcanoes and economies will probably all blowup at the same time. Only worry about what you can change.

  7. Txndeplorable says:

    1the emp threat makes for great stories and when telling a tale you want to make as many conflicts as possible for your characters to face. I do believe it is a big possibility in our future but agree it will not be quite so devastating. We Americans are great about coming together I a crisis. I do think we should be . Prepped but I want to believe we would have better survival statistics then suggested.

  8. No one really knows what the future holds so my comment here is just as good/bad as any. I most fear an economic crash or WW III. Let me define WW III; I mean something less then a massive nuclear war. I would expect that Pakistan and India may trade nukes, or Iran and Israel and even North Korea and Japan. I do expect some kind of war to break out that either quickly or eventually evolves into a WW. Less scary but more likely I would expect a economic collapse like the Great Depression. I don’t see how we can avoid it. Our Fed has essentially been fighting it for the last 8 years and arguably longer with everything in their arsenal and the best they can do is keep kicking the can down the road. Our government choose to borrow on average $1.3 trillion a year just to keep government running but all it has really done is made the problem $10 trillion worse. In the fall of 2008 a mortgage crisis triggered a full blown recession which we are actually still in. Anything can trigger the next one and we are out of tricks up our sleeves to deal with it.
    Someone will most certainly disagree with or not accept that this economic disaster can be as bad or worse than the great depression. Let me just offer a couple of facts to support and explain why it will be: 1. We are $20 trillion in debt. We cannot and will not ever pay it off. Seriously do you think we will ever pay it off? 2. We borrow about a trillion every year just to keep our government running. We can’t simply stop borrowing, we are as hooked on this money as a crack addict is on crack. 3. We pay about 1.5% on our borrowed money. During and following Jimmy Carters “malaise” our interest on debt raised to about 12% Do the math; 12% of $20 trillion is $2.4 trillion a year. Seriously do you believe we will continue to make payments on the debt if rates rise even back to the more normal rate of 6%? All of these thing spell bankruptcy and sooner or later that will happen. We have set ourselves up for this inevitability for 50 years of bad politics and bad governing. It will happen and my gut tells me that the elite behind the curtain who pull the strings would dearly love this to happen on Trump’s watch. When it happens it will be sudden and unanticipated and it will rock your world. Prepare for it, it’s coming ready or not.

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