M-CARBO Trigger Springs and parts: Weekly product review

“When the enemy is close at hand and remains quiet, he is relying on the natural strength of his position. When he keeps aloof and tries to provoke a battle, he is anxious for the other side to advance. If his place of encampment is easy of access, he is tendering a bait.” Sun Tsu

Understanding the intent of Sun Tsu and the various authors of the Art of War is not like understanding the modern legal system. It is more a matter of reading it as it is and taking it the same way. For all of the metaphor’s what is written is actually quite literal. I use Sun Tsu and the Art of War for most of my reviews simply because it applies to almost every area of life in some form or another.

mcarbo.com AR-15 hammer springIn this case a solid set of springs or parts in a firearm allows it to be reliable as a firearm. This promotes the ability to remain quiet and better able to easily win in battle or hunting. I found M-Carbo as a result of looking for better trigger set-ups for my Mossberg 702’s. When the recoil and trigger springs arrived I installed them and immediately went shooting to test them out. After all, even though you can easily test springs by measuring their resistance with a scale, there is a better way.


This is the best part of testing new parts, is the shooting, Smelling the cordite, burned powder and feeling the recoil, it is truly therapeutic! With the new springs, I realized right away that the reset and initial squeeze was much smoother and easier. The reset was very crisp, which of course is very important to me. Now, the Mossberg 702 is an inexpensive yet reliable, accurate and extremely fun firearm to shoot. One of its major drawbacks is the gritty trigger, it’s not a nice trigger, I know this and freely admit it. Of course being a .22lr it is not the largest issue, however, it is definitely something that can stand improvement. The M-Carbo trigger most definitely improved the quality of the shots made. The recoil or main spring itself is similar in quality to the factory spring, however, it did make the action less sluggish as well.

Customer service with this company is spectacular. Honestly, there have been several recent companies that are made up of former soldiers that are failing quite spectacularly and doing so at a large cost to the overall integrity of other companies run by veterans. One of those is Inter Ordinance, customer service is great but product refinement and honestly overall quality control is really pretty bad. M-CARBO goes several steps further; packaging is amazing, shipping is fast – as in extremely fast, and instructions for installation, easy to follow with accompanying videos as well. As soon as I found out they carried enhanced AR15 trigger springs I had to get a couple, I mean, my newest addition has a CMMG trigger parts kit and let’s be honest, it is a rough kit even with a fluff and buff. After putting this spring in I found it was much closer in feel to a solid drop in setup. For just a couple of bucks I easily made a less than $500 carbine build into a much more enjoyable package to shoot.

Accuracy is a by-product of a solid grip, steady firm press and good mechanical parts working in synchronization. This trigger will allow you to be more accurate with a rifle without a huge amount of money being spent on a drop in trigger. So what other products does M-CARBO make? They are really shining in the trigger spring world. The various firearms that they have springs and other parts for are as follows,

  • Keltec Sub2000
  • Keltec SU-16
  • Keltec PLR-16
  • Marlin 60
  • Marlin 795
  • Remington 597
  • Remington 870
  • Mossberg 500
  • Mossberg 702
  • Mossberg 715t
  • Savage 64
  • AR-15’s all milspec brands

For between $9 and $29 you can add triggers, springs, recoil springs, barrel nuts and more to your firearm of choice from this list. The best part is that over the past few months since I first grabbed a spring for the Mossberg 702 they have added to the product lineup and likely will be adding more. I would not hesitate to recommend them for several reasons. So here are the pros and cons as with all the reviews, we have to look at the good and bad if there is any.


  1. Pricing, honestly these parts are very affordable and easily installed.
  2. Customer service, amazing, as in really amazing! They are responsive, within 24 hrs most times and overly helpful!
  3. This is a company that values the American work ethic that we were raised to appreciate and embrace as children. Something severely lacking in other companies these days! So GOOD JOB M-CARBO!
  4. Product line, they deal in areas that have largely been overlooked by some of the larger manufacturers. Having a place to get great triggers for your Savage, Remington or Marlin .22lr as well as springs and more is pretty awesome, they make great guns and its nice to get solid after market parts for them now!


  1. They are a smaller company, without a long track record. For some this may be a con, for myself it is an opportunity. I have seen dozens of smaller companies come and go, this is one I truly hope continues the excellent path they are on and profit as a result!
  2. They don’t have a new trigger for my Mossberg 702 yet…wait, that’s not really a con, but, I couldn’t resist!

Overall I highly recommend this company and their products and while I have not used every single product, I have used several and have been extremely impressed with the results. So thank you M-CARBO for actually keeping the motto you have as a company, “We take pride in the fact that all of our products are made here in America and we stand behind everything we make with at 100% Lifetime Guarantee. M*CARBO leads from the front as we have completely redefined customer service within the firearms industry by treating customers as Brothers. We’re constantly collaborating with the M*CARBO Brotherhood who is just as passionate as we are to completely revolutionize the firearms industry with affordable solutions to real factory equipment problems.”

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  1. It’s amzing what changing the springs does to trigger pull. Although for my AR I prefer to just go with a 3 lb. Timmney (DW likes the 4 lb.).

    • Jesse Mathewson says:

      I dont blame you, love Timney triggers, however, since I have a couple; more than one and less than 1000. I cant afford Timneys in all, and this makes them much better all around. So for your backups, and or .22lr rifles that are not ruger 10/22s- definitely a good place to go.

  2. I know many people who have them in there Marlins and they are very happy with them. This article reminded me how I should put one of the kits in my marlin

    n 70

  3. Chuck Findlay says:

    I have a Timney trigger in a Mauser 22-250, (it’s set for about 1.5-oz) woodchuck gun and I love the thing. The woodchucks don’t love it so much…

    There is a local gunsmith that tunes up triggers, I’ve had him do a few of my guns.

    The trigger can make or brake a gun as far as accuracy and ability to hit far away things.

    As far as Sun Tsu (there is a bit of a question as to if he ever existed) and “The Art of War” a bit of looking and you can find a free PDF download.

    • Jesse Mathewson says:

      Sun Tsu was in reality, or at least what they have been able to discover a collection of writings from several dozen Emperors/resses, generals etc spanning around 1000 years compiled together. And yes, there is one good copy available online…suggested Lionel Giles

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