Make money doing something you enjoy…

I’m interested in publishing a few prepper / survival related infographics here on, unfortunately, my design skills are awful, I’m just not good at that sort of thing, but I know that some of my readers are.

So here’s the deal, you design a prepper / survival related infographic then email it to me, if I use it I’ll pay you $25 for your trouble.  Not to bad for doing something that you probably enjoy doing anyways, and you might help someone along the way…

Topics can be anything as long ad it’s related to survival, homesteading, self-reliance, self-defense or prepping.


  1. Finn Mahone says:

    What’s an infographic? Not joking.

  2. Happy Camper says:

    I will send you an email MD

  3. userError says:

    If I have any spare time, I will take this on. My problem won’t be designing the graphics, it would be coming up with what information to make it about.
    Do you have any desired specs? resolution, size? Will it be for print as well as interweb viewing?

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