Will Martial Law Be Declared before Trumps Inauguration to Stop Him from Being Sworn in as the 45th President of the United States?

Well, folks, it’s almost here… the day that Obama and his family are supposed to leave the White House and a new president is sworn in as the top political figure in the country, however, it may all be brought to a halt via martial law.

Today, Hollywood has-been Rosie O’Donnell calls for martial law to stop Donald J Trump from being sworn in on January 20th, 2017 and why most of us could not care any less about what this washed-up “celebrity” has to say about anything, she is still seen as “the Trump nemesis” in Hollywood and in far left liberal circles, and I’m thinking that she might be “spilling the beans” regarding the plans of the far left and the powers that be.

“FULLY SUPPORT IMPOSING MARTIAL LAW – DELAYING THE INAUGURATION – UNTIL TRUMP IS ‘CLEARED’ OF ALL CHARGES,” O’Donnell wrote in response to a Twitter user who suggested the U.S. military take control of the government until the president-elect can prove he has no financial ties to Russia.

After all, they have tried every other plot and maneuver to stop Trump from being elected and when that failed they have tried everything else to stop his being officially sworn in and taking office as the 45th president of the United States.

What else can they do to stop what they view as their worst nightmare come true and that is a U.S. president that can not be controlled by the super wealthy elites such as George Soros and Bilderberg attendees who really pull most of the world’s political and economic strings for their own power and greed.

A quick look at the news being spewed forth by the media overflows with headlines and details of different groups who oppose Donald J Trump being sworn in that plan to cause civil unrest before and on inauguration day and my thinking is that they may be planning to use that planned mass civil unrest as an excuse to have Obama declare martial law which would stop Donald J Trump from being sworn into office.

Donald Trump may have won the presidency, but if the throngs of demonstrators across the country who oppose him have their way, his Jan. 20 inauguration will be fraught with disruption and massive civil unrest.

And let’s not overlook that Madonna has shaved a Nike check mark into her pubic hair as a call for women to join the 1 million woman march against Donald J Trump, yep that will get the marchers going, really, what are these people thinking?

They throw temper tantrums claiming that Trump objectifies women and then they tweet stuff like that, really! How’s that going to prove your point? It’s just silly but shows how crazy and out of touch these used up has-been Hollywood celebrities are.

I think that it’s mostly, a call for attention from the useful idiots who knowingly or unknowingly help further the agenda of the wealthy elites such as  George Soros and Bilderberg attendees.

Will the planned protests be used as an excuse to declare martial law and deny or postpone Donald J Trumps Inauguration?  I don’t know if it’s going to work or not but I think that that’s what they are planning on – it’s their last hope to stop a Donald J Trump presidency.

One thing is for certain and that is that we will know in a few more days…

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  1. Chuck Findlay says:

    MD I take you to task on one thing you said, that being Rosie O’Donnell is a has-been. You have to be somebody (a Hollyweird somebody) before you can be a has-been.

    She is now and always has been a nobody…

    • CF, I saw a post of Rosie saying stop Trump and someone else posted, how will you stop him, eat him? Lol

      • Martial law should be declared cause of blm if nothing else.

      • Anonamo Also says:

        If you want to affect Hollywood and those who keep making negative comments against the freedom our country was founded on it… the easiest way is to STOP listening to their music and Stop watching to their movies. Do not give them any money and any audience. And for those patriots who stand up in Hollywood- give them more business, buy copies of their movies to give for b-day presents…so they benefit. Same applies to fake news, the real fake news don’t turn it on.

      • Support Ted Nugent though and movies with Tom Seleck.

      • Support Rush Michial Savage and Mark Levine,Mark Steyne and etc. Buy Guns and ammo. That will piss off the snowflakes.

      • I hear you, but unfortunately, The Christians who support you also refuse to support the Christians who make good movies. Allegedly, Scorsese made a “Christian” movie. It bombed at the box office. If we really want God in this country and God in Hollywood, then we have to support ALL attempts at getting God IN.

      • Many Conservatives won’t go to movie theaters or other crowded and confined places (myself included), but will by the DVD instead.

        But yes, none of us should give one cent to any liberal ‘celebrity’, liberal product or leftist-tainted venues.

      • Anonamo Also says:

        Closest movie theater…is far far away. had one 20 miles, but last I heard it closed. No jobs. No movies except at home… DVD,You tube etc. No one will miss me watching their movies. I rarely watch Any.
        NEED more lists of the good actors so We can support them. Must be clean. If every sentence contains curse words , Off it goes. Same for music. One cuss word and I mark that song and don’t listen to it again If i have control.
        WHY? Garbage in= garbage out. I don’t even want to begin to think it.

      • Anonamo Also; The last movie I saw in a theater was “The Passion of the Christ”. I have religiously refused to support Hollywood. I quit buying DVDs years ago as well. Listen only to talk radio. And I have plenty of CDs for music…or YT for oldies.

        In fact recently, I was so mad at Meryl Streep, I took her movies from my library and donated them to the thrift shop. Along with several other actors/singers. Have to put our money where are mouths are.

      • Thor, I read your response after a long day. Funny. It made my day.

      • cm, she should keep her mouth shut. Maybe she could lose weight. I keep thinking of that outer limits or twilight zone, when the lady sewed her mouth shut because she could hear food talking and see them moving. I think it was glasses and a hearing aid. So she sewed her mouth shut.

        Rosie learn a lesson from a show that did much better than anything you did, please !!! Lol

      • Alan Hastings says:

        I thought that fat ugly hog said if Trump got elected she would leave the country Why is she still here???????

    • Gloria Guerta says:

      Martial law can be declair with a state of emergency. Obama can delair martial law. Once that happens the FEMA camps will round out the protesters. But if people not cause riots we will keep the FEMA camps closed.

  2. As far as Madonna goes, skank is as skank does. It’s deplorable (heheheh) that such a voice is wasted on the likes of her.

    There will be 5000 National Guard and 3000 security personnel deployed. Just saw this, last minute sneak attack by Obammy the Traitor where he fired the current head of the DC National Gaurd effective Jan 20 @ 12:01 pm. Right in the middle of the inauguration.

    Head of D.C. National Guard to be removed from post in middle of inauguration
    When Schwartz steps down on Inauguration Day, he will be replaced in the interim by Brig. Gen. William J. Walker, the commander of the D.C. Army National Guard’s land component. Makes me go hmmmmmm…

    Who is Brig. Gen. William J. Walker and what will he do , who is he beholden to?

    • Obama didn’t fire him. Schwartz submitted his resignation (which is customary when a new president takes office) and Trump accepted it.

      • Dang it, don’t go actually reading the article and getting facts out of it. I’ve still got 40 gross of tin foil hats to move before the 20th and I’m heavily invested in tin foil factories. Not to mention what it will do to the poor little Chinese maiden immigrants living in cargo containers on the docks that hand fold each hat. Oh the humanity!

    • Madona was a skank 35 years ago.

  3. Ouch! What just hit my head? Oh, I know….the sky! The sky is falling!**

    ** see Jade Helm

    • Larry Gardner says:

      The Blaze this AM reported the Trump admin wanted him to stay on but the Pentagon ordered him down. Not saying it that is true but lends credence to an Obama tie.

  4. 80,000 future Americans fought the British for independence. 59,000,000 voted for Trump. Rosie O and the snowflake brigade are going to impose their will on 59 million Americans?

    • He did not win the popular vote. Always remember that.

      • Placret,

        Would have been nearly impossible to do that with millions of illegals voting for Hillary.

      • Amen md and our healthcare system is going to be overran with muzzies with tb and etc and spreading that stuff to citizens.

      • American Pacrat says:

        MD & Placret
        How very true, an the majority of them live in LA or San Francisco where the libtards let them move in, get a drivers license, the liar & bs’er BO tells them via radio programs they could vote….yah
        CA is a cesspool of has beens & .govs living off the working man’s money. Yes, we are in this [email protected] state know it first hand, and hoping it will be better once we are our own separate entity from KA.

      • Owl Creek Observer says:

        Political parties understand the rules and play the game according to those rules. Democrats whining about the outcome because the popular vote went to their losing candidate is like saying the home team should have won the football game because they had more fans in the stadium. Sorry, but you don’t get to change the rules after the game is played.

      • Yes maybe so, but ALL those supposed popular votes came from the overcrowded cities! Where most of the sheep dwell.
        Not from the other hundreds of counties and areas that actually Grow the FOOD they eat! Or raise the beef, chickens, goats and dairy they consume! Or maintain factories, water treatment plants, water works, or other items!
        Where in the heck would all those ‘popular vote’ people be without the working class, or rural Americans who PROVIDE the items in their grocery markets? Or the Americans who DELIVER it?
        I’d bet 10 to 1 that none of them could make it on their own without the necessary stores that provide their food, places that pump their sewage and provide their water, or god forbid their electricity!!!
        They are used to having it accessible, not actually working for it!
        No offense, but I’d take a plumber, farmer, electrician, or other trade person, over an actor, stock broker or lawyer.

        If the crap were to hit the fan we know who would fair better in the end…and it wont be those from the city waiting for Big Brother to help them!!
        So ya those popular votes can stick it for all I care. I know where my stuff comes from and am grateful for all they do!!!

      • Almost There says:

        And votes from all those illegals…. Amen to that TQN.

    • LOL Remember our side has the guns and most of the military.

  5. Seems highly improbable that Obama would have the nerve to declare anything like martial law, no matter how pissed off he is about the Trump victory. Only way would be a massive black swan event that threatens a whole lot of us citizens, or kills them. Otherwise he doesn’t have the balls to do anything.

    • Jason Robbins says:

      On January 20 at noon he leaves office regardless if he wants to or not the oath is a civil showing pretty much the new president takes power at noon of the 20th no March or crying going to stop it. He’s going to be president and mike pence is going to be running the country case closed

      • Thor; An interim head of the NG is taking the place of the “resigned” General. As for the ‘Sgt’ in your other link? I have always found him to be a little on the side of fear mongering.

        There is NO doubt in my mind we will see some riot type activities, but with Sessions at the helm….you better believe he will not fool around with all the dimwits.

        I also believe there is going to be some serious ‘private’ guards/spotters all around this inauguration. Trump is no fool and I honestly believe he has taken steps unbeknownst to govt. agencies. Let’s face it, he has the bucks to buy mercenaries…of sorts. They wouldn’t give 2 s***ts who they put down.

        I honestly believe ObaMao will quickly lose his standing when he has no authority any longer, Nor will he have miscreants like Jarrett, Lynch and the rest of cretins to back him up. He will darn sure try, but he will eventually fade as America becomes stronger again.

      • What amazes me is how overtly arrogantly ignorant the masses who lost the election are, concerning the Electoral College. They thought that the EC was a way to sneak a “baddie” into office, and that it was evil and should be repealed. 😛 I had to send a link to someone so that they could read first hand, an excellent explanation as to why the Electoral College was necessary and established.

  6. azrealityprepper says:

    While I hope you are wrong, it is certainly possible that this administration would do such a thing…after all, they have done much stupider (is that a word?) things. At least, we can hope that the American people don’t fall for the idiocy of morons like O’Donnell et al.

  7. Wouldn’t be very good for the left, in my opinion!

  8. Almost There says:

    I think anything is possible. Obummer would do anything to keep us from getting America on track.

    Here is a post from Judicial Watch, talking about Mexico and ISIS not wanting the new regime either… Nothing will surprise me.


  9. Not sure the National Guard would respond….

    Not likely to happen since it would be likely to initiate an insurrection amongst the conservative “natives.”

  10. Senile in the PNW says:

    I believe there are plans to swear him in, in private, if things go south; but the process will go forward. Donald J. Trump is the 45th president of our country.

  11. Owl Creek Observer says:

    I don’t think that martial law is likely. My greater fear is that the promised “hundreds of thousands” of demonstrators (Marxists, anarchists and other rabble) will actually descend upon Washington and manage to disrupt the peaceful transition of power. The only reason it worries me is that it could well result in deaths or injuries, which of course is what these groups are really after.

  12. Sisterjudi says:

    Focus on being positive
    Don’t let the dark side take over your thoughts and time
    Let’s keep praying
    Gods Will be done

  13. That’s a rumor that’s been going around the black ops and other military circles since Obama’s Africa speech I believe in 2013. He’s signed a bill allowing him to declare it if there is a crisis. It brings up an interesting question, will the current military fire on civilians? And secondly how will they do against veterans? Or even just hunters. Remember, these will be kids woefully lacking in experience.

    On a different note, thank you OhioPrepper from one buckeye to another. That little trick with the LifeStraw may double it’s life.

  14. C. Stewart says:

    The people voted, if you or I don’t agree we are free to leave..they would have scooted Hillary right on through no questions asked too..it’s only 4 years can’t get a hole lot worse..not from where the poor are anyway.

  15. Mere Brucee says:

    Can’t wait to see you guys in several months with no health insurance, drugs sky high, no jobs, and no wall. Open your eyes: Trump’s cabinet is full of Rich Rich Greedy people. “Trump Elite.” Trump is dupping us!

    • Well, right now drugs are sky high, there are no jobs and no wall. Obama is the one who duped us. Get back under your rock, troll

    • Owl Creek Observer says:

      The problem is folks like yourself who actually believe that government is the solution to everything, when in fact it is more of a hindrance. Most of our nation’s problems can be traced directly back to some government program that seemed like a good idea at the time. Most of us just want to live out our lives in a free society and be left the hell alone.

    • Insurance? $1600/mo. with a $5,000 deductible IS being without insurance. What’s the difference between no insurance and insurance that you can’t use?

      Drugs are already higher than most people can afford.

      According to a man that was in the administration, 95% of the jobs created were part time.

      We already have “no wall”, ie. an extremely porous boarder.

      It seems that when a left-leaning leader is elected, people are told to live with the differences and don’t judge the person before they have a chance to show what they can/will do. What about your side doing that?

      • JP, you are exactly right on the insurance. People have insurance they cannot use to get healthcare, so in effect have no healthcare.

    • Northernwolf says:

      Hey merc where did you come from,you sound like the very person who I could sell ocean front property in Az to.
      Back to the topic I don’t know what will happen if anything but the loonies are running wild and there is both the new NDAA and Ex order 13603 if I recall the Correct number.if Barry wants to start something within or without concerning Russia or he could just turn his dog Sunny loose to bite people, quick everyone run.

    • Encourager says:

      Mere Brucee, why are you on this site? Just curious… Are you just trolling around?

    • Brucee poo; Trump’s cabinet is looking a LOT better than the Marxist and commies in Obamao’s cabinet. Not to mention the so called Czars like Van Jones.

    • Chuck Findlay says:

      Can’t wait to see you guys in several months with no health insurance, drugs sky high, no jobs, and no wall. Open your eyes: Trump’s cabinet is full of Rich Rich Greedy people. “Trump Elite.” Trump is dupping us!

      Trump has created / moved more jobs back to the US before he has even taken office then Obama has in 8-years.

  16. I am praying daily for the safety of the new administration. The people voted. Now is the time for a peaceful transition. I fear the present PTB. They are capable of anything to bring this country down. Military has 4000 troops and 2500 tanks and other equipment at the Poland/Russia border. Anything could happen in this country.
    At this point all I can do is pray. Once Trump is in office, I will continue doing what I have done for the last 8 years; write and call every legislator to keep them on their toes. I expect the legislature to begin legislating again. No more Kings!

  17. IMHO, Rosie is a legend in her own mind. I think she sees herself as a spokesman for most of Hollywood on this issue. What I really wish is that those in Hollywood who kept saying they would leave this country if Trump was elected, would go ahead and leave! An a Nike logo shaved where? Really? I don’t think that is what Nike Corp meant when they said, ‘Just Do It’!
    On a serious note, I like most of you hope there is no Martial Law envolked. It could happen, but I feel what is more likely to happen are protests, disruption, hawkers, disruptions and groups being organized just for this event with hopes of keeping as many people away as possible. The media will have a field day for some time.
    As for me, I voted for Trump, he is not perfect, but it was the choice I had for the values and the direction I want this country to go. I just pray there are no deaths resulting from this event. They should arrest Rosie for her bird finger alone!

    • Encourager says:

      Jean, I spit out my coffee…’just do it’??? Brohahahaha!!!

    • TPSnodgrass says:

      Madonna has always had to resort to sexually explicit Hijinks, to get any attention at all. Hers is not a crotch I would care to be in close proximity to for any reason whatsoever. If she chooses to adorn her pubic region with a corporate logo, maybe she “thinks” having the Nike branding on her private bits makes her special.
      I think Nike should immediately sue for copyrighted image infringement. Even Nike brands doesn’t want to be associated with a suppurating crotch, even when it’s attached to an alleged “celebrity”, they can’t be that hard up for marketing.

  18. Utter nonsense, the liberal media is continuing to lie and generate fake news. There will not be martial law, a coup or anything else, we have 6 more days of this crap before a real business man takes the helm. I heard some of the same doom and gloom when Ronald Reagan was elected in 1980.
    The democrats, liberals, leftists you name the group know their reign of influence and terror is about over. These are the last gasps of a dying movement. The next couple of months will turn around many things that these fringe groups have been pushing for years. Keep on your senators and congressman to move things forward, support the new president and actually do some work for a change. I’m so tired of the excuses of how they can’t do anything without controlling the white house, congress and senate. Well they now have all three branches of power, and they better be about the peoples business or they will be voted out of office.

    • Col D,

      Glad that you have the inside scoop. But that is what the far left liberals, Soros, BLM etc are hoping for, that’s why they are planning to cause disruptions, riots, and marches because they hope that if they can cause enough trouble that Martial law will be declared and that will stop Trump from being sworn in. I didn’t say it was going to happen, didn’t say it wasn’t either because I don’t know because I can’t see into the future, but I know that that is the purpose of all of the planned protests riots.

  19. Encourager says:

    There is going to be a woman’s march the day after Trump’s inauguration. I can see some leftwingnutjobs hurtingkilling some of them just to get on the news. I know personally a few women who are going and they are all excited. All I thought was “make sure you hug and kiss your families, you may never see them again.” You would not get me anywhere near DC much less a march of this size. Cannot fathom what they think they are going to accomplish!

    • I didn’t hear about the women’s march until a couple of days ago. What is the purpose behind it?

      • The “Code Pink” women think they have some influence. They need more attention cgbascom.

      • cm, the right to kill babies !!!

        Hmmm , the Constitution doesn’t say that !!!

      • Encourager says:

        A relative (falling off the far left side) and a moderate left winger relative and another acquaintance who is going are claiming that people need to learn that Women Rule!!! They are protesting Hillary not winning…never mind the majority of Americans did not vote for her, but what the heck. Also, making statements against Trump because he is 1. A racist 2. A womanizer/molester/rapist 3. Hates minorities. So you see, they are believing and perpetuating lies they have heard as if they are the truth. Scares me, frankly. You can’t talk to them about it; if you do not agree with them you become the enemy. The venom and hatred that spews from their mouths is truly of the devil. Makes no sense to me at all.

      • Encourager,
        I agree you cant talk to them logically whatsoever!
        The Sad thing is my sister is just like that and its like shes been brainwashed by a cult or something.
        We have always been close, but since this election?
        OMG you cant talk about any of it without her, or even some of my other friends, just going ape over it!
        They all just TALK right over anything that is said from the other side. They DONT want to listen to ANY OTHER point of view…because to them your completely wrong!
        Its actually frightening the almost zealous nature of it. Scary…there is no calm logic…no ‘other’ opinion or input. Its all them, and nothing else.
        Really Sad…I lost friendships over some of it, have been called names and other things…and these were friends!

        Something is wrong with this world when a normal friendship can turn so caustic simply because I dont hold to their point of view.

      • Almost There says:

        That’s how it’s been in my office…. I can’t mention anything about Trump or try to point out facts against Obammer…. They won’t even listen to reason. Most of the time, when they are talking about it all, I just keep quiet.

    • You know one of the reason’s for this event is the hope that they can create havoc and keep people away for fear of violence. That’s been the plan for a lot of these marches we have watched this Fall. You watch, there will be traffic disruptions, yelling, throwing items, and they might even burn a CVS drug store, so I hope they are all closed in the vacinity of the capital.

      • Encourager says:

        Maybe they will just burn their bras…since it is a woman’s march. Oh, wait…wrong generation. *snicker*

    • American Pacrat says:

      Encourager or anyone else, hope you are not drinking coffee right now.
      When I hear of the term “Code Pink” , it reminds me of that pink goo…or slim in hamburger.
      Full of it and a WHOLE lot of fat with nothing in-between. 🙂

      • My father used to call that “Going in one ear and out the other, without collecting dust in between,” BTW, I had to look up “Code Pink” to find out the significance of the phrase. Decided that I didn’t really need to know that much about it. Unfortunately, I had to look up what a “Golden Shower” was, too. Wish I hadn’t. As my daughter says, “TMI.”

      • ROFLMBO cgbscom. I am glad I wasn’t drinking at the moment. You are toooo funny. LOL @ daughter too. She is right.

  20. To me, the most interesting thing about the calls for martial law to prevent Trump’s inauguration is just how nakedly authoritarian the Democratic Party has become over the past several decades.

    Heard any Democrats denouncing Rosie O’Donnell? I haven’t. The party appears to me to have morphed from a legitimate political party with which I disagreed on almost every issue into a giant dysfunctional therapy group for the severely undermedicated and the committed old school Mussolini-type fascists.

    These people are not going away, and if the Republicans do a quarter of what they campaigned on, there is a good chance the Dems will make some very big gains in the mid-term elections, because too many, including businesses, have too much to lose to allow that to continue.

    Fascism is about politicians determining which industries will prosper, and which companies within those industries shall prosper. “We will bankrupt any power company which uses coal” is fascism. We will subsidize wind power: Fascism. We will subsidize solar power: fascism. We will subsidize electric cars: fascism. ALL fascism because the government, not the consumers, are determining who wins and who loses.

    Once that is clear, companies put their best and brightest to work in Washington, writing laws, because THAT is how to make money in a fascist economy, not by producing better or cheaper goods and services people want to pay for.

    Guess what: The best and brightest are already in Washington, using government to pour money out of their less connected competitors’ pockets, and out of consumers’ pockets, into their own undeserving pockets.

    The only way to cut back on fascism in America is to cut back the regulations which are used by corporations to steal money.

    If that begins to happen, we will see a mighty reaction come the mid-terms.

    • PrepperDoc says:

      I’m reading a book, the problem of socialism, and it is saying exactly the same thing you were saying. Socialism leads to fascism. We’re a lot closer than I realized.

  21. There is no sense in having a pissing match about what may or may not happen in the near future. None of us really know! All you can really do is say a prayer, buy a few extra boxes of bullets, make sure your weapon is clean, and hope you don’t have to use it!! I’m not going to lose sleep over a possibility of all hell breaking loose and I suggest everyone else does the same…If it does happen you’ll need the rest more than the worry! I wish you all the best and hope things pan out good! Until next time…..GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!

    • I don’t think any of us on this site is having a __*?,– match man. For me personally, it has been a very hard 8 years in this country watching all the things Forefathers fought for and worked so hard to groom and build be sold sold for special interest groups and to just allow anyone to enter our way of life to take, take, take, and never give back. The future is just that….the future. The future for our children, the future for our form of government, the future of those wanting to come to this country to have a better life and be able to do so without fear. The only p——ing I do is in the porcelain bowl man.

  22. Real American, Actual Brain says:

    No. We’re stuck with the urine-drenched orange weirdo, that’s already been decided. A year from now his drooling Trumpies will be cowering in shame over what they’ve done, they’ve handed the presidency to a Russian puppet.

      • Metacomet says:

        Giving money is one thing. The Russians have been playing financial footsie with every American presidential candidate either openly or clandestinely for forever. The difference with Trump is his open personal support of Putin. Trump may be a good businessman, but he is dangerously naive when it comes to foreign policy. He is in over his head with Putin and Putin is already playing him like a cheap kiddie piano.

      • I doubt Trump is anywhere as naive as you say. He was smart enough to get elected…

      • Metacomet says:

        True – he is very intelligent – I believe he has a genius IQ level. Naivete is something else though. It is inexperience, and he has zero experience with US foreign policy. I remember early on in his campaign, when asked by a reporter what he would do with the Syrian civil war and ISIS, etc., he said he would wait and let them fight it out and deal with whomever came out on top. This is beyond irresponsible, but it does show the level he is at in this regard. We can only hope that he has people around him who can guide him. But I still say he has to get more of his ducks in a row when dealing with Putin. Putin is a master manipulator and is way better at it than Trump is.

      • Encourager says:

        Metacomet, he has surrounded himself with advisers. And he listens. So there is hope he will become wise. I have been praying, not only for Trump but for all of Congress, every adviser, every Secret Service person who is charged with protecting all of them, that God will give them wisdom, discernment, protection from all evil, the knowledge to discern between good and evil.

      • My hope is also that he will gather those who have lived and studied, foreign policy together for what he and this new administration will need to handle situations that are existing now, brewing and bubbling on the horizon etc. A wise business man will gather himself SME’s (subject matter experts) to make the best decision possible for the good and safety of our country. I think that once the swamp has been drained a little, he will be able to find his way in the foreign policy maze. I’m hoping that will be the case anyway!

      • Metacomet; What we see or hear is not always what it appears.

        I agree, Putin is a manipulator and very good at it. However, so is Trump. You don’t get where Trump is by being naïve. Considering he has international business connections, I’m pretty sure he is familiar with foreign relations. Perhaps not to extent we would like, but Obamao was even less knowledgeable….and totally stupid.

        With respect to his comment, “he said he would wait and let them fight it out and deal with whomever came out on top’, I tend to agree. America has a bad habit of sticking it’s nose into situations where it does not belong. Muslims have always warred with each other since their inception. They kill each other off. Why does the U.S. need to be involved?

        Since Vietnam, congress (and LBJ) have micro managed wars. The majority of congress doesn’t have a clue. We have lost some great generals because of the politics. When generals become suck up politicians….America loses. Hopefully Trump will let the military be the military and tell congress to quit micro managing war. Let generals be generals again instead of pandering fools. I don’t think that is too much to hope for.

    • Well, I’ll take a chance with Trump that he is a businessman and he will put the right people around him to help him in this learning curve. As for Mr. Obama, what exactly were his credentials outside of debate club? I won’t sling mud at his appearance as your comments to describe Trump is exactly what would be called racism if you were saying this of our current President. Give it a rest man. Obama lost.

      • Almost There says:


        I’m headed to FL soon to help with my dad and BIL. Depending on what’s going on at the time I’m near Atlanta, you mentioned meeting up a few posts ago, wondering if you wanted to send MD your approval to give me your e-mail address?

      • Sure! Would love to do that! M.D. If you are reading this, I give you permission. I’ll also email M.D.

      • Almost There says:

        Great. I’m down here now, so hopefully we can talk offline soon.

  23. Some of you will remember, some of you are too young.

    Back in the 1960’s….64 and 65, we were in a cold war with Russia and a song came out by Barry McGuire. The “Eve of Destruction” was very telling although some conservatives wanted it banned. We also had our first big pushes into Vietnam in April of 65 and McGuire’s song was first heard in July, though actually written in 1954.

    Fast forward 51 years later and we are definitely headed toward another eve of destruction. If Obamao can manage it, he would order troops to fire on any Russian troops in Poland. Hence, he could and would declare martial law.

    The only difference between then and now is; we have ObaMao vs LBJ. We have snow flakes vs the hippies. We have BLM vs Black Panthers. Remember 14th & U streets in D.C.? Oh and the Hollyweirdos popping off much like Fonda and her gang did.

    History does indeed have a way of repeating itself. We can only hope and pray, that in a mere 6 days, we don’t have a catastrophe. I don’t believe for 2 seconds that neither ObaMao or Hillary are done creating chaos. They are so full of hate, it is to the point of being viral. This has me more worried than anything.

    • Chuck Findlay says:

      History does indeed have a way of repeating itself.

      That’s because many American’s on the coast’s (where most libs live) have a room temperature IQ and can’t think for themselves.

  24. Metacomet says:

    I do remember that. The Cold War was still very much in effect, people were building bomb shelters much like today with people building bug-out locations. I remember when that song came out it was played again and again on the radio and we were all at least mentally preparing for The End.

    So in a way I hope history does repeat itself. We lived through all of that and came out okay. We will continue to have crises of this magnitude of one kind or another starring different issues and characters. I suppose it will always seem like The End in some way – heck, we’re all preppers here, right? But I also believe in America and Americans. I know that somehow in our crazy but determined way we will ultimately come out of this okay, Democrat or Republican and everything in between. It’s going to get bumpy – make sure your tray tables are in their upright and locked position.

  25. I am more worried about Obama starting WW3 with Russia and China before Friday at noon than I am martial law being declared. The left thinks they can cause enough uproar to cause martial law to be declared, but the swearing in doesn’t have to be public.

  26. Fate whispers to the warrior,
    You cannot withstand the storm,
    The warrior replies…

  27. Now we see the true side of the covert Nazi’s & Communist try to stop Donald Trump, a true American, from taking his place of the office of the President of the United States of America. I never knew that there were so many people of that nature is the USA. I put up with this president for 8 years. So you cry babies will have to put up with PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP!

  28. Chuck Findlay says:

    Trump’s presidency is the gift that keeps on giving.

    Seeing all the libatards come unglued is wonderful to watch.

    I think I’ll go pop some popcorn and sit back to watch the show.

    • Chuck:

      I’m going ammo shopping on Thrusday and doing the same with my new popcorn popper on Friday.

  29. Penny Pincher says:

    As to whether the NG change of command has anything to do with a coup plot or whether it’s normal for an inauguration, I suspect it’s probably the latter. I suspect both commanders will be on duty that day.

    As for protests, you see what happened at the RNC despite all the warnings… Nothing much. I was there to observe, and there were more police and feds there with vehicles tagged from every part of the US, than protesters. They did a really good job of containing the marches and of sneaking around and blending in… well sort of, since muscular men with short hair and ear wires who keep looking everywhere don’t really look like hippies no matter how hard they try. The lefties were just not out in numbers, though that was a mid-week and this will be a weekend. BLM or other paid rioters might be somewhat of a problem at night but they’re not going to be allowed “Space To Destroy” in downtown DC the way they were in Ferguson.

    I would be more concerned with the possibility that jihadis could sneak into the protest crowd and blow them up like in Boston. This would be my top concern if I were in charge of security at that event. Gotta keep people safe.

    Other than that, I think everyone is free to organize and protest as is protected in the 1st Amendment, and that this protest will fade away into memory after it’s done just like all the rest, maybe the lefties will get reorganized as the underdog to nip at the administration’s heels, and life goes on.

  30. Talk about a has been….that would be Ted Nugent. He crapped his pants so he looked like he was “nuts” and dodged the draft. And his biggest “hit” song was “Cat Scratch Fever”. Give me a break. The no talent loser is performing at Trump’s ceremony. Wow!

    • Encourager says:

      Hey watch it!!! You are talking about a friend of mine, Markiah! What rock are you trolls crawling out of?! Go back under your rock.

    • Well, Markiah, if Trump is using no talent losers to perform at his ceremony, does that mean we’ll see you there? What talent do you perform?

      • Chuck Findlay says:

        I always liked
        Journey To The Center Of The Mind


        Not a big fan or detractor of Teds. I like a few of his songs, nothing more.

        And I agree with his political views and think he should voice them if he wants. I don’t agree with most celebrities views, but they have a right to make their views known.

        All the libs hate Ted for being outspoken and a conservative.

        I suspect Markiah would love him if he was an outspoken lib like most of the Hollweird people.

  31. Erick Von Spegiel says:

    In case anyone wonders… My family was deeply involved in the Nazi so called “final solution”, they were part of the Nazi machine that so expedishously handled some of the millions of Jews who were sent to the gas chambers in my native country of Germany.
    I know how many of my family members felt about their jobs and I can tell you this… Not one of them was ashamed of what they helped the Nazis do, not one of them! Even in their old age those who survived the war just didn’t care!
    So I know from experience what I mean when I say that Trump is leading many in America to have in ways that haven’t been seen since the rise of the Nazis. It may feel good to some of you who are racist pigs, but just remember that when the war starts you will just be anothed target to those who want to fix the country try of your kind.
    Do not forget the past or you will be forced to repeat it, so far by your choice of Trump as your new leader you are well on your way to a fast and merciless death.

    • Erick:

      Were you addressing this to someone in particular, or just those who regularly visit here?

    • Chuck Findlay says:

      Erick Von Spegiel you are really F’ed Up, you imply we are Nazi-like and racist pigs because we are fed up with the march to socialize the USA and see Trump as a way to at least slow it down a bit.

      You are a fool.

    • Dude did you just compare Trump supporters to Nazi war criminals? WTF? Seriously? The ONE GUY who actually wants to allow us to live under the Constitution and you call him a NAZI? And those that support him the same? OMG seriously?
      Are you out of your mind?
      What because you dont like some of the things he says? Or does? That gives you the right to call him something as heinous and horrible as that?
      THIS IS WHATS WRONG with the liberals these days!!!
      You dont like another’s point of view and you LASH out and call names!!! You who are “supposed’ to be the Tolerant Left? WHAT a CROCK!
      The left side is having a conniption like a spoiled child who didn’t get the dress they wanted, or toy they asked for!! And they think the world is ending and everyone is gonna hate each other! I got news for you dude, the hate and division was there WAY before Trump came along. You can thank the current Pres for making that division worse that it ever was, thank you very much!!!
      And for you to spew your horrible vitriol just proves the point that the left cannot meet in the middle and even TRY to come to some type of rational understanding for the better of this nation.
      Enough already. You should be ashamed of yourself for stating such horrible, nasty comparisons.
      The NAZI’s and their party were horrible monsters. And you my friend coming from that side, as you state you have, should know that! And be better than that.
      ((or is it just that your behind a keyboard so you think you can safely trash the other side? hmm? ))
      Awful. Just awful!!!

      • Tell us how you really feel TechQN. 🙂 You were however, spot on. Thank you for your candor.

      • Izzy–LOL!
        Well he kinda pissed me of, ya know?
        I really dislike those that preach all ‘holier than though’…especially when most of the anger and hate is coming from THEIR side!
        I dont troll the lib blogs, so why do they come and bug on our nice quiet, mellow site? LOL

      • Yes I do know TechQN. I have been angry for days over the announced coming protests. Sheesh….I had to start scrubbing walls to work off steam. We are mellow….most of the time.

      • Almost There says:

        There’s going to be a BLIZZARD in Washington… and its going to last at least 4 years. Snowflakes better hunker down. ☺

    • Yo Erik; Fahr zur Hölle aus unserem blog. Narr!

      • American Pacrat says:

        Had dh translate this for me…ROLWL..

      • I just couldn’t help myself….another synapsis misfire….sigh. 🙂

      • Chuck Findlay says:

        Trump is a mans man … he is strong & aggressive when he needs to be in order to win … he’s not a quitter … he’s a winner. And the left can’t deal with it.

        They can try to shame him and insult him all they want and it’s not going to go anyplace. He digs in and fights back and in then wins and drives his point through. Just ask CNN how it worked out…

      • A good place for him, Izzy. Thanks to you and TechQN. Actually your synapse misfires aren’t half bad. 🙂

      • LOL cgbascom. Thanks.

  32. Living in DC for 15 yrs I have been there on The Mall when they have closed the subways and sent the crowd whether they wanted to go or not to buses. Had to leave our car that was 5 blocks from Mall and made it to family in Bethesda. DC and Federal police where not nice. All this happen after Fourth of July celebration.
    Martial Law is not something that those celebrities want to happen. They have no idea what Martial law involves. With all the security unless the nut jobs cause massive trouble everything should be fine. There are sniper hides thru out the city. From what I have heard there weapons that are hidden around the capital.

  33. Chuck Findlay says:

    Here is video “Dobbs: Trump has outmaneuvered Congress” that seems like a preview of what we all hope Trump’s time in office will be.

    2.23 min long

  34. I suggest that we all celebrate the end of the current pres by buying an extra box of ammo, as a fitting tribute to this gun control pres. & that we actively prep this week of inauguration, & if the martial law happens on Fri, & protests, etc prevent trump’s inauguration, we be prepared to talk to those we know, who may be open to the idea of beginning to prepare for whatever bad things that may happen. If Trump is not allowed to take the oath of office, I believe it’d be the first such time in the history of our USA, & thus be enough of a big event to get people’s attention that things are not going well in our dem republic. If the inauguration does NOT take place as scheduled, would that be a step toward civil war?

  35. Someone made a comment warning the snowflakes about a blizzrd in DC.

    I would think they would be more concerned about Global Warming!

    • Almost There says:

      What I meant was figuratively, changes will be coming so fast, that the snowflakes will be in a tizzy causing a blizzard. Lol.

      I don’t agree with fracking and some of the environmental changes that may occur, such as selling off national parks to greedy oil companies and only allowing oil companies to bid on the land because of the way the auction rules were written.

      • We were both a little tongue-in-cheek, but we are coming at the same problem.

        I just laugh at the hypocracy. In Oct, they were up in arms that Trump might not accept the election results. And now??? What changed, if it was unAmerican then…

      • Almost There says:

        Just shows what a sad state of affairs we have. It is disgraceful and shameful what the congressional dems are doing by boycotting. It’s like they want the pilot of the plane to not succeed in successfully landing the plane. They need to put on their big boys and girls panties on and grow up.

  36. There is not ONE legitimate source calling for martial law or anything other than a peaceful transfer of power. Are there people not happy about Trump? DUH!?! But there has been ZERO Congressmen, Senators, Generals, Police Chiefs, or anyone with any power that has remotely suggested such an idiotic conspiracy theory of Obama declaring martial law to keep his power.

    The claim of “I wouldn’t put it past him” is just a foolish thought with no basis other than your dislike for Obama.

    We need to be diligent at keeping our eye on the new President and his over trust in Putin.

    • Joe; You can’t call for martial law till something happens. If enough chaos broke out Friday morning, it could still be declared. Do I think it is going to happen? Not particularly. But then, I put nothing past Obamao’s puppet masters.

      As for Trump’s over trust in Putin. I think Trump is trying to remain civil. Why start hostility just before the inauguration?

  37. If all of the following comes about, there if going to be some seriously ticked off socialist/commies.


  38. Time to start reeeaaally praying for Trump. I am truly beyond shocked at the amount of hostility being promoted and organized. Go to Drudge to see what CNN has put out. They are beyond disgusting and I hope Trump bans them from the WH news corp.

    • Ban CNN? LOL….so Obama is able to deal with Fox new for 8 years, but Trump can’t deal with CNN? I forgot how thin skinned Don-the-Con was.

      Trump needs to stop being a crybaby about the news outlets and just prove them wrong. Grow the economy. Improve trade. Improve/replace Obamacare. Be a President for America, not just the rich!

      Reagan had plenty of critics when he started, but he didn’t whine about them. He focused and worked to prove them wrong.

  39. After Trump was elected as the nation’s next president, many of his supporters alleged that Obama would use his victory as an excuse to declare martial law and extend his presidency. The president’s supporters, on the other hand, have joked that such a move might save the country. Starting at around 8 p.m. on election night, Google saw a spike in searches for the term martial law.

  40. ……and your ridiculous fears and paranoia fantasies can now move on to the next topic. LOL….SMH

    • You haven’t been watching the news? There are riots taking place and a couple were getting pretty violent.

      • Oh yea! Mobs are about to take over DC!!! Thank goodness we have Don-the-Con and his stripper wife to save us!

  41. Ronald Beal says:

    WELL, It is 20/Jan/2016, 1600 hrs. I don’t think martial law will be ordered at this time. It may be ordered if Obama does not leave the country and hit the golf course in Hawaii. I seem to like the stark contrast between Trump(s) and Obama(s). Can’t put my finger on it, but just seems more like royality vs. ghetto, but that is just a feeling, and may be personal as well. Glad the darkness is almost over, no pun intended.

  42. well, I just got thru watching fox and cnn and it looks like Madonna and Michael whats his face are getting everyone stirred up. I just don’t believe this stuff is happening. I don’t know where these people have come from. can someone explain??

    • 007; I cannot explain where these fools come from. They think their star status is influencing. Sat. night, Sally Field and Robert De Niro were protesting with all the other idiots in front of the new Trump Hotel.

      What is so strange to me is, these actors have forgotten it is the common people who made them wealthy by going to their movies. Without the masses, they would be nobodys. Which is why I refuse to step foot in a theater.

    • This should make you laugh 007. I sure did.


      I love Mark Dice.

  43. I totally agree, I have not been to theatre in I don’t know how long. Of course the Hollywood elite always want it to be.. do as I say not as I do. but also, over the years I have tried to keep abreast of what is going on by watching and listening to different news organizations, and I just never saw this coming. usually I think if a group of people are going to start problems they will start to advertise a long time before they do it, but this thing to me just came out of the blue. it just boggles my mind.

  44. I was just reading some news reports on Freedom Outpost. So far, Trump has had deleted…

    Press 2 for Spanish.
    Removed all the civil rights rubbish from the WH website.
    Fired every foreign ambassador Obama hired.
    Removed climate change from WH website.

    Proposed 10.5 trillion in cuts so far which are laid out in the link.


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