May 13, 2016 Miscellany News Brief

1.) Russian’s Son of Satan – Sarmat RS-28 AKA Satan-2 Missile – The Most Destructive Missile Ever Made: And on top of that, it will have a number of countermeasures built in to help it dodge enemy radar systems as well as the ability to avoid detection the use a combination of decoys, a number of countermeasures and its sheer speed.

2.) Meanwhile… Russia Calls New U.S. Missile Defense System a ‘Direct Threat’.

3.) US defense shield goes live in Europe, Russia condemns the move: Russia has reacted strongly to the deployment of a US missile system in Romania, calling it a “threat” to its security. The defense system became operational Thursday amid increased tensions between Russia and the West.

4.) It’s just a matter of time before the U.S. and Russia go to war and if Russia and China team up… well we all better start learning to Mandarin Chinese. But most likely the Chinese would wait it out while the U.S. and Russia destroy each other and then step in an take over.

5.) The San Andreas fault is about to crack – here’s what will happen when it does: The San Andreas fault appears to be in a critical state and as such, could generate a large earthquake imminently. Of course, the reiteration of the seismic hazard to Californians will be nothing surprising, but what is new is the warning that the southern portion of the fault “looks like it’s locked, loaded and ready to go”.

6.) Barack Obama’s Martial Law Plan: The march towards martial law is something that is often ignored by the general public, often labeled as Quackery or something belonging on conspiracy websites.But what’s happening in this country is exactly what our founders warned us about,and martial law is something they took very, very seriously.

7.) HANFORD RADIATION LEAK REACHES CHICAGO & MILWAUKEE! Heading East toward Indiana and Ohio: An enormous “spike” in radiation which the EPA confirms leaked on May 5 from the Hanford Nuclear Waste Facility in Washington state has reached Chicago and heading east…

8.) Yellow fever: World on brink of global emergency over deadly outbreak, academics warn: Nearly a billion people in Africa and Latin America are at risk, Asia could be next and even Europe and the US have had outbreaks of the deadly disease in the past.

9.) This Number Shows U.S. Is in a PERMANENT Economic Collapse: There are only a handful of ways to grow an economy, and the U.S. doesn’t have any of them.

10.) The New Dark Ages?: While new barbarians threaten Western Civilization, the Sun also threatens a New Dark Ages by the advent of a geomagnetic super-storm, like the 1859 Carrington Event. The Congressional EMP Commission, NASA, and the National Academy of Sciences estimate that if another Carrington Event happens today, natural EMP from the Sun could collapse electric grids and life-sustaining critical infrastructures worldwide, putting at risk the lives of billions.

11.) The EMP threat: the U.S. is unprepared for a total power blackout: The nation’s power grid could be knocked out for months at a time, and the cause could be either natural or manmade. In fact, unless something is done to secure the power grid, it becomes a “when,” not “if,” scenario.

12.) Selling the apocalypse: America relies upon less than one-percent of its population to cultivate enough food to feed our nation and others around the world. That food source requires multiple forms of power to maintain growth and distribution. We are completely dependent upon our electric grid to help us sustain, not only food distribution, but also water, sanitation, heat, and most life sustaining essentials.

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  1. JP in MT says:

    #5. My question is: If Southern California breaks away from the continent, will the rest of the US still be responsible for covering it’s massive overspending, or can be let another country have it?

    • Axelsteve says:

      That may not be a bad thing. Hollywood would be a bad memory and we would not have to pump our water for those putzes anymore.

  2. JP in MT says:

    #6.. Most people think of Martial Law as when there is a disaster and the government comes in to help, but suspends certain laws to insure fair treatment for all. IMO, it is nothing like that.

    During a “disaster” (whatever that my be), the government will come in, suspend certain individual liberties and their controlling documents, in order to enforce their will. It will be for the government’s benefit. Individuals will receive only enough that appearances can be maintained, media controlled, and the enforcement arm(s) of the government are kept fed, clothed, equiped, and happy to “do their job”.

    This will not be a fun time. Learn what you can now. Make up your mind how you will act and react when it comes to your town or neighborhood. Remember there will be relatively few government people involved and without our voluntary capitulation they can not gain or control the situation.

    Choose wisely.

  3. JP in MT says:

    8. When you are not confronted with a problem, most of us don’t see one. Communicable diseases are in that category in this country. Because of our medical system, our immunization push in the 60’s and 70’s, and our sanitation system, we have virtually eliminated these “public health issues”. However, as our population gets older, more people are refusing immunizations for themselves and their kids, and our infrastructure breaks down (due to age, neglect, and overuse) we will see more of this. Add to that if our “fresh” water system and sewage systems loose power. Things could get messy quick.

    One of the reasons why the 90% death rate of an EMP is such a popular number. Most people don’t have the basic understanding of what causes these diseases to occur and what sets to take to avoid them, and correct them if they do happen.

    • I know a lot of people are against getting immunizations, but I get every shot I can. I grew a a military brat and then served myself and traveling around the world, we received every vaccine available. After I got out, I continued to keep my shots current and insisted that my kids and grand kids stay current on theirs. People don’t understand that we are living in a time that the only thing keeping these disease from running rampant is electrical power. Our water purification and sanitation systems are fully dependent on electrical power and for that matter the internet. When they go down for good, we will see these diseases running rampant just like in third world nations. Anyone who considers themselves a prepper or survivalist and doesn’t stay current on all vaccines are kidding themselves. We are already seeing outbreaks of several diseases in this country and will likely see more with all the refugees heading this way and our own people not getting their shots.

      • JP in MT says:


        I’ve got more holes in me than I care to think about. Including when I lost my shot record and the NCOIC decided that he would “teach me a lesson” and make me get them all again.

        I am not against immunizations myself. I hear what some have to say (mostly Hollywood). I agree that you should not have to get immunizations if you choose, however then I fell that you should self-confine and keep their potentially contaminated/carrier children away from all the others in public schools or day-care centers.

        But, I am a bit of a radical on this. No more than some others on the other side.

        • Axelsteve says:

          Just think of all the unvacinated hispanics and koran readers who are swarming in of lately. They will be bringing back all the stuff that was cured decades ago.

          • JP in MT says:


            One of the unspoken issues with mass undocumented immigration. Things are about to get worse.

            8 months, plan accordingly.

        • No We Didn't says:

          JP if the vaccinations did not contain mercury and aluminum, and other contaminants it would not be so bad, but they are there for a purpose and people like…Bill Gates , told those who are listening.who has stated that ” with vaccination programs and “health clinics we can lower the population.” If you have not done a metals detox I would urge you to look up a heavy metals detox. Aluminum, Floride and chlorine all combine to give a deadly effect on the mind, and those who are the ones to care for them are tied down as well… so you have one man sick and at least two or three taking care of one who is mentally incapable of caring for self. I have family and friends who served our country. They did the very best and gave their very best, and have been rewarded with pain and suffering in some manner ever since. all because some elite decided to take someone elses oil and change the government the people wanted, to a puppet gov.

          • Red Tower says:

            Flouride and Chlorine in overdoses can cause trouble with your teach, too, by leeching the calcium from them. It always appears that your teeth are fine until one day they aren’t. Lived in Portland OR for just a few years, and they dosed the municipal water supply so much that dentists were always seeing the results of it in people. Living a so-called healthy lifestyle (no sodapop, koolaid, etc.) and drinking only water, milk and juice didn’t guarantee it, because the water was so full of stuff. We could smell the chlorine when they put it in and avoid water for a few days, but it wasn’t enough. No one realized back then, being just ordinary people, the damage it could do.
            Doctors there recommended a woman breastfeed for two years for each child, to avoid the dangers of water-based formula, koolaids and concentrated juices, but they never said why. It was so the teeth could form strong to begin with, instead of seeing so many children getting major fillings and root canals at age 4.
            My teeth began falling apart about 15 years ago because of this, and I had been away from Portland for 10 or so years already. I really wish I had known, I might have been able to use the calcium-added toothpaste when it first came out to help prevent some of this. Course–most of that also contained YET MORE FLOURIDE!

  4. Axelsteve says:

    I happen to live on that fault and have most of my life. Projections,theories, and models. Another way of saying garbage garbage out. I am not denying the problem, it is just I do not trust mankind especilaly when they may have an agenda or ultieror motive. We also have a bunch of dormant volcanos I also happen to live on the rim of fire. Problem with valcanos is that it is harder to legislate controls over those.

  5. justjane says:

    I study Chinese about 4 hours everyday and I believe you should learn to read, write and speak it all at the same time. Many people will tell you to only learn to speak it and that it is hard to learn. It’s not that hard. Chinese has only 400 actual words, (spoken sounds) and so each of these words match many symbols. The word Ma can match many symbols and each has a tone. The tones seem daunting, but are really not once you get the idea. One of the best free sites is Yo Yo Chinese, which has a free beginners program, the list of the 400 words and she teaches words and sentences. (words are sounds, characters are writing) (there are between 3,000 and 4,000 characters used in the modern language). —Don’t be temped to use Rosetta Stone. It’s expensive and doesn’t teach in a usable format. — To read 90% of Chinese newspapers, you need to know between 600 and 900 characters. You can read easy books with less than that. Really that is not too hard, as I learn 500 characters a year. To do the hardest exams, one should know about 2,900 characters. I encourage anyone to learn it, as they may be the enemy some time or just buy-out all of our properties and businesses. (at the worst case scenario) I study Russian for the same purpose. Russian may be easier for some because it has an alphabet and words can be sounded out after you learn to write. I do study Arabic because I want to know stuff I may over hear, before it happens. I have the hardest time with Arabic simply because the books and tapes are not a well done as the Chinese and Russian ones. YouTube is a the best place for language lessons. Spanish will be a great language for barter or trade, if not just a great language to use in the U.S. If you have any other questions about the best way to learn a new language, just ask me here and I will reply either personally or on this comment section.

    • IdahoBob says:

      I can’t even order from a Chinese menu. Give me a number 2 please. What’s an egg roll? No just the number 2 please.

      I can see learning Spanish but Chinese?!

    • Anonamo Also says:

      Redneck hillbilly is a language in the souf. Have trouble with all languages , including southern.Tone deaf does not even begin to cover it.! Glad someone has time and effort to dedicate to these persuits, but ain’t my cup of tea!

    • many thanks.daughter is learning several laguages and the yo yo chinese will be great for her.

    • Red Tower says:

      Arabic might become a little easier if you understand that there are regional differences. Try to find a source based in Saudi Arabia or north of there, rather than Egyptian. Egyptian-accented Arabic seems to be to middle Arabic as Texan-accented english is to middle american english. I don’t have four hours a day to devote to language studies, but I try a little each day. Am working on Arabic and Spanish. Would like to add Russian and Chinese and restudy my Japanese (just for fun). Someone said “why Spanish?” Because enough of us are close enough to that southern border that it will be an issue. Because enough of them have come in-country with unknown purposes as to be worrisome. Because even as far north as I am, we might get some of those Spanish speakers who are fleeing their own madness down south because they’re basically good people who want nothing to do with it.

  6. No. 7. There is so much wrong with that article. I don’t have the time or interest in covering it all but I will tell you this… CPM or Counts Per Minute is a measurement for Alpha Radiation only. A Coleman Mantel releases as much as 1,000 CPM when initially lit.

  7. Thinking that if Martial Law is imposed UNJUSTIFIED, then it is our obligation to eliminate as many of the forces enforcing it as possible & pretty soon they will start to fear the people again, as it should be.

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