First Aid Tip : Medical Tape

by Becky B

We prepare our medical supplies with the normal gauze, tape, band aids, medicinal creams. Most of our supplies are those we have seen our parents purchase and use. Rarely do we see what the medical field receives for a trail run before it is offered, if ever to the general public. When was the last time you found a medical tape that had longevity and endurance? Where the over the counter medical tapes wear out, fall off, or never adheres to the body. Then you have medical tapes that causes the body to react to, those who break out with blisters from the plastic tape or have a reaction to the type of glue used.

At Christmas time the 3M company distributed a new tape for the hospital staff to try (great PR). Along comes 3M blue tape with unique logo on the packaging (blue feather) on the interior side of the roll. What brought it to my attention was the staff was using this blue tape on my husband. His bodies reaction to the other medical tapes they were using caused blister during his long stay at the hospital.

It peaked my interest when I saw them take the tape off and reapply it to the body, and it stayed. That is when I started asking questions, why they did not throw it away and put new tape on. One nurse explained the properties of this new material. You can cut it or simply tear it as the material will tear without difficulty, you can use smaller lengths to seal an area. This adhesive seems to work on those who have allergic reactions to the glue used on most medical tapes sold today.

This specialize blue tape was not easy to locate, yet I found a distributor through Amazon that carries it. It will be under 3M blue medical silicone tape. I will try to get the link to attach to this article, if not you will be able to locate it with the information I have provided.

At first the price of this tape appears to be expensive, yet when I broke the price down per roll, it is no more than buying medical tape over the counter for higher quality tape. The package contained 12 rolls with shipping was about $65.00, which worked out to be $5.50 per roll, and knowing it can be used over and over again made the purchase worthwhile.

Last thought to those who purchase this tape…….hide it. When your family and friends have the opportunity to test it. Yes, they will want a roll of their own, so be prepared to order two boxes so you can ‘gift a roll’ to those whom you love.


  1. worrisome says:

    Thanks for the tip Becky…………on it.

  2. Tactical G-Ma says:

    Fantastic find. Thanks so much!

  3. nwohio says:

    Thanks Becky. And speaking of medical needs, found this free download for Kindle on Amazon. Haven’t read it yet, so no opinion.

    Home Remedies: Natural and Herbal Cures Straight from Grandmas Pantry (Home Remedies that Stand the Test of Time – Treat Hundreds of Common Ailments with Everyday Items) [Kindle Edition]

  4. EthanP says:

    I found out about this ‘blue’ tape when it was used to cover a swab after a blood test. It’s great. I get a roll at Dollar General every chance.

    • Is it the same ‘blue tape’ Becky is talking about. And is it available at Dollar General cause they can sell it in a single roll more ecconomiclly? I’ll have to stop in next time I’m passing one.

    • EthanP
      If it is the same tape, it will have an additional logo on the inside packaging besides the blue feather that I did not mention. Please check to see if there are two alphabetical letters on the cardboard liner in the product you purchase at the DG. Then let us know what you find, thanks.

      • It seems to be the same stuff. I have not needed it so I haven’t tried it. This is called “Sports Wrap”. It’s a self sticking latex wrap to support sprains and bandaging by compression. So I don’t know it’s the same. It looks and feels the same.

        • Latex FREE wrap. Sorry. A typo.

        • EthanP,

          I think the stuff you have is different from the stuff Becky is talking about. The sport wrap you are talking about is also called vet wrap. It’s great stuff. It saved my dogs tail from being amputated by keeping his wound clean. Vet’s love it because its constriction properties allow it to stay on over fur.

          I’ve used the tape Becky is talking about. It’s a blue paper tape made by 3M that has a silicon adhesive. It’s about an inch wide and in my case, stayed stuck to my hairy arm even while I was sweating. The best part is that it didn’t rip all the hair out when I removed it. I got a couple of rolls at the urgent care when I got my stitches.

  5. Encourager says:

    Any chance this is the same blue tape 3M makes for painters??

    • Encourager
      Same company but the material is totally different. The tape used for the home is a use once an toss it away.

      This was specially developed for the medical field, looks like cotton tape, tears like the cotton tape but the composition of the material is a minute square webbing material for endurance.

      I contacted my niece, she is in the pharmaceutical field, she had not seen nor heard of this material so I am sending her the link. To my knowledge and those I spoke with at the hospital it has only been available since Christmas time here on the west side of the Rockies.

  6. tommy2rs says:

    Thanks for the tip, got the order in and amazingly Amazon has already shipped it.

    • tommy2rs
      Let myself and the pack know what you think of this tape.

      It is amazing, and for those allergic to plastic/latex, please consider it as a solution to your bodies reactions to the old fashion tape(s).

  7. PhotonGuy says:

    Becky, that was a really great entry and you explain how to be resourceful with medical tape. Being resourceful is very important, not just with medical stuff but with everything although its especially important with medical supplies. So, you seem to have a specialty with medical stuff, good for you. I was once certified for CPR and First Aid back when I was a lifeguard and I did get the First Aid merit badge back in the day. Now days, I do find full automatics to be a bit more exciting than medical stuff and I will hopefully get to shoot a full automatic, again, when I go to take another shooting class at the end of the month, but a good medical background and supplies is nonetheless crucial to survival. And I will say it again, being resourceful is of utmost importance!

    A scout is thrifty.
    !!!BE PREPARED!!!

    • PhotonGuy
      Thank you, I am not a medical professional.
      Personally I am a pansy when it comes to the sight of blood. 🙁

      • PhotonGuy says:

        A person needs to get over certain phobias such as the sight of blood if they want to get through a crisis.
        A scout is brave.
        !!!BE PREPARED!!!

        • PhotonGuy
          Blood from someone else I can deal with after all that I have been through the past 5+ months.
          It is usually my blood that upsets me.
          Go figure…must have been something from childhood that I do not remember.

  8. 3M blue medical silicone tape


    • Mary,

      They did when I posted the article – apparently, we (the wolf pack) bought them out of stock…

      • MD & Mary
        I will try to find another supplier at Amazon.

        • MD & Mary
          I went back they are offering it under the Nexcare label, I found only one roll for less than $6.00, but that does not include the shipping. It might assist those whom are looking for this specialized item to check Nexcare via the Amazon link on your page so you receive a stipend.

  9. ChristineM says:

    Thanks, I’m going to Dollar General tomorrow.
    Another good item to keep on hand is Vetwrap. It’s a thin elastic wrap that sticks to itself. It’s a necessary item in my animal vet kit for wrapping leg cuts/scrapes and I’ve used it more than once for myself. The rolls are 4″ wide and (I think) about 15 feet long. There are several brands and costs between $2 and $3/roll. You can get it from Tractor Supply, Atwoods, and other farm stores. A fun bonus is that it comes in many colors, including camo.

  10. Hi Pack
    Just checked you can purchase what I believe is 3 roll pack of this tape through the Amazon site…….don’t forget to link using MD’s site!!!

    It is sold via the {Robertson/Roberts Supply company} it was $15.15 which might help you locate it and shipping is FREE!!

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