A Message to Police

Something you need to consider if you work in law enforcement–a question of life or death that you need to answer, and answer now.

When Resistance Becomes Duty

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  1. RB in Alabama says:

    Excellent videos! Go Josie!

  2. After the Nuremberg trials, there were a lot if folks executed fir just “doing Thier job” or ” just following orders”. I hope the same will be done with these new para military police who have gone way beyond what America wants from its police force. They will be held accountable for the old man reaching fir a cane to the chihuahua defending its front porch. I hope I’m on that jury.

  3. Donna in MN says:

    Albequerque NM had a demonstration turned riot over the excessive force the police have done to innocent people. Latest incident they shoot a homeless man as he gathered his belongings when he was told to move. In the demonstration crowd were former police officers.It’s not looking well for the current police administration. I hope they are prosecuted for murder..

    • Richard J Medicus says:

      I believe that was AZ

      • Missy Taz says:

        Nope, Albuquerque is definitely in New Mexico and there was a riot over police shootings that ended late last night. Tear gas was used to disperse the crowd.

  4. Hunker-Down says:

    Best video ever!!!

    I saved it in a favorites folder titled “government”.

  5. Great videos!

  6. Things like this have happened before, think about the civil rights movement, all of those police and sheriffs used by politicians to keep cities,towns and states segregated, a lot of those L.E. types had to have moments of personal reflection, “Do I do what I am told? or what is right?”

  7. axelsteve says:

    That young lady has more spine and balls then most men that I know of.

  8. The DH and I have watched several of her videos. Everyone of them has been spot on.

    • What I cant figure out , is why she still lives in NY ? Thats kind of like a person that hates Nazi’s , living in Berlin in the 1930s

  9. Tom Arnold says:

    Don’t history classes still teach that “I was just following orders” isn’t an excuse or justification doing the wrong thing or has that gotten lost in the political correctness of social studies?

    • Tom Arnold,

      I don’t know if they teach that in history classes, but it was hammered into my head when I was going through the law enforcement academy in the Air Force 25 years ago.

      “You are required to follow lawfull orders”. “You must know the difference between a lawfull order and an unlawfull order”. “It is your duty to disobey and apprehend those who would give you unlawfull orders”. “You will be the same as a Nazi if you follow an unlawfull order”.

      The instructor who taught me that was a Marine. I was Air Force. It really makes me sad when I see these kids today wearing badges who are only about writing citations just to generate revenue.

    • They only teach Marxism , and kiss thy minorities ass in school. instead of the constitution , and smear the queer . .

  10. Northernwolf says:

    I can’t get out of my mind the guy who was beaten to death by police crying out for his dad and not one as far as I know were held to account
    Here in my town our police chief is retiring so will be having an election for a new chief and I am going to do what I can to find out just what he believes in.
    All these stories I have seen about the out of control police and the comments after on people who are really tired of it really cause me to be very worried that it is only going to take one more spark and it’s on.so my hope is those in positions to do or say something get the message knock it off,get back to protect and serve not so called law enforcement,note enforcement……peace

    • Northernwolf,

      That incident you are speaking of was Kelly Thomas. The father he was crying out for was a retired L.A. County Deputy Sheriff. I guess the thin blue line stops when you get retired.

      That happened in my back yard (geographically speaking) so I’m pretty up to date on it. Unfortunately, the officers involved were acquitted of any wrongdoing in that murder.

    • Thats why people hire hitmen ………just sayin .

  11. jamullins says:

    that both foreign and domestic thing is a real peril for any government.

    the outside threats have to be addressed, we here in America haven’t really and truly faced such a threat in quite sometime, our biggest eras of such threat was roughly 1753 to 1821 and 1860 to 1865.

    the most dynamic and insidious threat to any government is the people it governs. corruption, egotism, and greed are going to major hurdles for we the people to face in our leaders, but true government subversion of its populace has never really worked historically. in most cases it rarely lasted more than a generation or two, north korea being a real poster child for this.

    here in amercia we tend to get bent out of shape, especially over things we seem to take for granted, that don’t seem to go our way. that said, i would advise caution in too quickly pointing fingers or telling any figure of social authority to choose sides without a reel context. we live in an age of unparalleled information access, education, wealth access, and freedom of choice. enforcing police state politics here would be harder than invading china without bullets.

    i think a lot of what people feel to be governmental control has more to do with governmental corruption and political infighting than a sense of general control over the people.

    so, please keep that in mind when you want to assign any ill feelings against the government, state or federal, to prevent undue resentment being held against those who haven’t earned it.

    • expose_the_devils says:

      The ones who stay silent in the face of oppression are just as guilty as the actual oppressors….when have we EVER heard of a cop telling another to stop beating someone? Only once I recall, a female cop stopped a beating of a mentally ill kid, and she was harrassed and fired for it………….I dont particularity hate cops, I just avoid them like I avoid a diamond back rattler….its a snake, I know its a snake, I know its venomous and I know without provocation it will strike. There are no good or bad rattlers, they just do what they do and when you try and associate with them expect to get bit. We dont deify snakes and we should stop deifying cops.

      • expose_the_devils,

        I’ll tell you when we’ve heard about a cop telling another to stop the beating. Rodney King, Los Angeles, 1991. A female CHP (California Highway Patrol) officer arrived on-scene while Rodney was getting the snot beat out of him by four LAPD officers. She yelled for it to stop.

        She was the prosecution’s star witness during the trials. The four officers were acquitted by the state court.

        The female CHP officer is now “doing time” in the desert because she “turned” on the fellow “brothers in blue”.

        She did the right thing and is now getting boned in the butt because she had the courage to report the truth.

    • I need to correct you on that frame of 1860-1865 , the Confederate states Legally dropped out of the dysfunction , they were no internal threat , it was simply a divorce ………which should have been respected .

      • Tolik,

        Divorce is never “simple”. And there is rarely any respect given to the one who wants to leave.

        • Like Dr. Phil always says ” want to know who’s fault the divorce is ?……..it’s BOTH their fault ” . I also have to disagree with that , you and I both know that there is MANY a clean divorce , many even do the home kit . I can speak from experience that after the initial disruption , you can be better friends with your ex spouse after , than you ever were when you were married ………..sometimes , its just not meant to be forever ….nobody’s fault . Matter of fact , my ex wants me to spend Christmas with her this year , just the two of us , but because I’m currently attached , I politely declined . Respect given to the one that wants to leave is also false , many a woman has gotten rid of a scumbag wife beater abuser , and congratulated . Same old shit , WE preach freedom and support other nations breaking off …..but for some reason we freak out at the consept here ….its bullshit . Thats like people saying ” it’s just business ” , thats bullshit too , I guarantee that if a person is unethical in business , they are unethical at home ….period , the two cant be separated . One of the few and enlightened things Canada has , is the way to legally secede , if a provence wants to leave ….they can , no bloodshed . Quebec wanted to , but didnt have the population votes needed . As far as ours went ….HOWS IT WORKIN FOR YOU NOW ?

  12. Watchdog says:

    As a student of military history covering the violence perpetrated against the peaceful populace of the twentieth century, it’s total sum resonates and reflects what is happening again today.

    If Germany had not made some glaring tactical errors in it’s war plan for world domination, imagine what the geo-political map of today would look like. Political dissent would be non-existent in Europe. All Jews, mentally challenged, gay, physically impaired, free masons, religious minorities, trade-unionist and dozens of other minority groups would be liquidated. Life for the non-German masses would be unbearable and reduced to slavery.

    Unfortunately today, there are no “good guys” waiting in the wing to come to the rescue of the oppressed. China, Russia, many parts of Africa and the Middle East are run by despots. EU, and even our beloved “free” North America is becoming more authoritarian with each passing day.

    I despise the fact that I sound like an pessimist, but I see a new world emerging from the ashes of the old. Instead of hope and dignity for all mankind, having learned the bitter lessons of the past, we are entering a new dark age of oppression and political slavery.

    I used to believe that if the SHTF and the oppressive “Big Brother” structures that threaten our freedoms were erased, we would able to hit the social “reset button” that guided our great forefathers to build a society of justice, liberty and fraternity. Then the future would hold some hope for our children.

    Unfortunately, I’ve come to believe that, human nature, being what it is — driven by lust for power, greed and corruption — we will never enjoy those perfect gifts of justice, liberty and fraternity for any extended period of time.

    Unless you want to live in a violent and unpredictable society(?) akin to pure anarchy (think of TV’s”Walking Dead) today’s options are getting few are far between.

    History has shown us that the prevailing force that keeps society together and coherent, though unpleasant, is total state control.

    Welcome to our Brave New World without the Nazis.

    P.S. I give a profound heartfelt thanks to our fathers and grand-fathers who sacrificed so much on the beaches of Normandy so that we could enjoy, but for a brief time in history, the most golden age of freedom and prosperity known to civilized man.


    • expose_the_devils says:

      Huh? Seems to me damn near all the groups you named above are the exact groups who are the oppressors now…….my how times have changed….the brothers who stormed the beaches of Normandy had no idea the level of corporate treachery that would later replace their sacrifice, and we have no idea how far its capable of going……we have only glimpsed a sliver of the devils and their greed……stay tuned.

  13. WILDBILL says:

    You’re not an outlaw, You’re a true patriot ! GOD Bless you !!! You have more huevos than most men I know.

  14. Something to be said about incredible eyes , nice set of boobs , and butt ………….with a mind that matches the look .

    • Did you really have to go there?

      • I was thinking the same thing, but so Many of the pack have”unfriended” me lately, that I’m trying very hard to keep my opinions to myself, but tolik, that was a strange creepy and bizarre comment.

        • I hear ya ….but like I said , and you should know be by now ……………..I really dont give a crap , once you are there , it’s a very Liberating feeling . Just Sayin .

        • You want strange and creepy …..go to Utah , or anywhere Mormons are the majority , Stepford wives ……seriously dude , I’m tellin ya .

      • Why not ? its good to say something to break up the Morticians convention once in awhile . Why be so damn dry , day in , day out ?

    • Tolik – while your commentary may not be considered appropriate, I have to say that you probably said out loud what many think when they see her videos. As a woman, I have to say that it is nice to see a good looking woman who is unafraid to show that she has a brain. So many men and women have been led to believe that a woman can’t be smart and pretty at the same time.

    • Yea, the smoky eyes got me too. That and the blue jeans. And the long hair…

      The editing on the second video bothered me but there’s not doubt that the girl is smart.

      I was thinking, “How can I meet one like her”?

      Then I wondered, “Can she shoot?” F it. I can teach her.

  15. Patriot Dave says:

    Great videos. Matches my sentiments and my open letter to leos previously.

  16. Chuck Findlay says:

    I think we are heading into dark times for the nation, Turning it around without a lot of blood being spilled is probably not going to happen. Governments don’t easily give up power. and our government is power drunk.

  17. Dave from San Antonio says:

    I’ve watched numerous videos from ‘Josie’ on YouTube. She’s a heck of a young lady and has her priorities straight when it comes to our rights and the Constitution, in general. Very outspoken and I’m quite sure the “liberal” side in our Country is afraid of her and her views. We ALL should be as outspoken as her…especially if we want to reclaim our Country and our freedoms that are being taken away, almost on a daily basis. My fear is that we will wait too long. Resistance is NOT futile.

    • Dont know if this is true , but it has been said that only 3% of the population actively took part in the Revolution ………3 determined percent can make a BIG difference and change .

  18. Encourager says:

    Thank you Josie, for being brave and outspoken. May God protect you and yours.

  19. Time to find out names and addresses of these thug cops and pay them a visit!!

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