Monday miscellany

Wow! Since posted my “My thoughts on the Aurora Colorado shooting” yesterday, my inbox and the comments section of that post has been flooded by folks telling me that I’m crazy, stupid, and reckless for my belief in God. Most of those comments are simply deleted, but these folks do prove my point and that is that we are a nation turning away from God. Unfortunately, many seem to think that is a good thing.

A look at the voting record on “gun control” issues by both Obama and Romney. My grade both receive an F.

Rep. Gohmert: Did No One Else in Aurora Theater Have a Gun? : The shooting could have been limited if someone else in the Aurora, Colo., movie theater had been carrying a gun, Texas Republican Rep. Louie Gohmert said.

Long over due : House to vote on Fed audit bill on Tuesday, The legislation proposed by Republican Representative Ron Paul, a long-time critic of the U.S. central bank and author of the book “End the Fed,” has already gathered 274 co-sponsors, virtually guaranteeing passage.

12 Signs Showing The Next Recession In The U.S. Is Underway : “Is the U.S. economy in a recession right now? Has the next recession in the United States already begun? Unfortunately, there are a lot of economic numbers that are pointing in that direction. U.S. retail sales have fallen for three months in a row, U.S. manufacturing activity is contracting and there are numerous indications that the labor market is getting weaker.”

Fed Proposal Allows Banks To Seize Your Money : “The New York Fed has introduced a framework to give banks the right to suspend account withdrawals at will to defend against financial panic.”

Stormy preview of electric-grid crash : “The electric grid is the heart of our ability to function as a society. We have 18 major infrastructures that keep our civilization operating — water, sewage, telecommunications, transportation, etc. All 17 of the others depend in one way or another on electricity. Imagine what it would be like for an electrical outage to last for months or years as a result of a cyber- or terrorist attack instead of merely for days.”

Preparing for Power Blackouts – Plan Ahead and You Can Weather Any Storm : “Everyone should plan for and prepare for the possibility of being without power for an extended period of time, but where do you start. What do you need to put away so the next blackout won’t become a nightmare. Let’s take a look…”

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  1. M.D.
    Don’t worry about those that don’t believe.
    All you can do is put God forward and if they refuse to see there is nothing you can do.
    But keep telling them.

  2. Tinfoil Hat says:


    To heck with those to people. They are the same folks begging for a priest or pastor on their death beds. Nowadays it’s “cool” and a avant-garde to be a Godless cynic. Just another sign of the times we are in. Folks will find out soon enough though, there are no athiests in foxholes.

    • Buuurr in Ohio says:

      You said it.

    • SurvivorDan says:

      “there are no athiests in foxholes.” Nice one Tinfoil Hat.

      Atheists and agnostics don’t believe they will have a sudden conversion when they hear the incoming and they can see the carnage.

      But they ALL do……
      “Oh God! Help me Lord!” “If you save me, I’ll believe!” “Help me God!”
      I know I flip-flopped about my then professed atheism when folks (Dirty Murderous Commie Pinkos – offense intended) were trying to kill me. 😉

  3. As I understand, Cinemark owns the Aurora theater and prohibits guns except by police.

  4. MD,

    I try to remind myself who’s in charge of this planet. While God is in control, it’s Satan who’s running here. I often think we’re in the end times and pray for Christ to come and get us. I believe the Good Lord had a hand in the creation of this country and is letting us drift due to the lack of moral compas the liberals have inspired.

    All any christian can do is talk to people of our beliefs and walk the best example we can. As far as our country goes, if christians would vote this go around (many didn’t last time) and vote for the most moral man running in the major parties, we could begin to turn away from the mistakes of the past 100 years.

    If you’ve not seen the movie ‘Agend, grinding America down’ then I’d recomend it; . It shows exactly how our country got here. While it doesn’t go into the faith issue it does show how they’ve moved us into a society that gives little concern for our children yet to be born, our morals of interaction, the anything’s ok mind set and how we ended up with TDL.

    Christians have always been the target in the rest of the world. Under the lack of morals liberal/progressive agenda we now see it in the US. Keep the faith and continue your walk. You’ll never know who you touch and bring to the light but God will.

    • axelsteve says:

      Debbie. I firmly believe that we are in the last days of satans wicked system of things.Read the bible and read the paper and they both compliment each other.Like I stated earlier 2 tim chpt 3 verses 1 throug 5 make it abunditly clear to me.I prepare to help my family in the last days

  5. I am truely feeling the crunch. We are just around the corner of a financial collapse. My hubby has been getting more and more on board with my prepping. We went to the feed store yesterday and purchased 200lbs of chicken feed. He has even suggested that I take a few hundred dollars and purchase “staples”! Little does he know that I have had this mostly covered for months now. He knows that I prep, but has really no idea how much that I have stashed. We went yesterday and purchased 20lbs of red potatoes for the intent of canning. He actually wanted to help. I had put the canning off yesterday and am having a hard time getting moving today. Usually I am on top of it, but I think that the heat is realy tapping my energy. I have the instructions for my solar oven, but have yet to get started. Dont I sound like a procrastinator. Hopefully the Red Bull morning boost will get me going. Keep it moving my friends, double check your lists and be prepared. I fear that our time is becomming more and more limited. Please send me some energy mojo!

    • Red Bull kicked in! Been at it all day and I am now on my last batch of the day. When all said and done, 20 quarts of red skin potatoes. Trying to keep up the motivation. After potatoes 2 dozen ears of corn.

  6. SaratogaPrepper says:

    Nice link on the electric grid. Having first hand knowledge on that topic, my advice is have alternative power options.

  7. JP in MT says:

    I am glad I’ve been proping for the kind of knee-jerk reactions we are going to see.

  8. worrisome says:

    MD your article was target on. That there are many in this country denying the reality is obvious everywhere in our society. AND you ARE entitled to your opinion…at least so far. If left alone, Harry Reid and crew in the Senate may find ways to change that. It seems both the first and second amendment are under fire now. Something evil this way comes…………many of us are going to witness it. Prayers to all in Aurora, prayers to all who still believe in God and prayers to the wolf pack!

  9. tommy2rs says:

    Dumbocrats and Republicants, two sides of the same coin. Only reason to vote for Romney is to vote against Obama. Neither will be what America needs or really wants. There are no true leaders to look to and if there were, the two party system would freeze them out.

    Gonna make bank runs illegal now. I started pulling assets out of banks and such in 2007. We only keep minimal amounts in our bank accounts for purchases and bills. The rest goes into hard goods of a prepper nature. Even the IRA’s are being redirected to more stable vehicles. Took some time but I even got The Boss to pull her stash from the safety deposit box. Cause when they lock those doors you are cut off from anything in your box as well. Just left original documents of a personal nature in there, got copies at home, both hard and digitized.

    Recession coming? Lol…better think prolonged depression. It’s gonna be decades before America recovers from the current spendthrift policies. First lesson that will have to be learned is “pay as you go”. Second is “no business is too big to fail”. Third is everybody, and I’m looking at you Big Business, has to pay taxes. No more loopholes, no more free rides. You pay taxes. On gross, not net.

    The only thing that could be worse than the current Fed is the Fed run by Congress. Because politicians are so competent and informed right? Any one else remember the Congressional bank check kiting problem?

    Power plants. My son is a power plant operator. He’s the guy that’s at the console keeping the juice running. Or out there in the weather, whatever it happens to be doing at the time, keeping the plant functioning. He says the biggest threat to keeping the lights on is … wait for it…. Management. Yup, management decisions, cost cutting, layoffs of experienced (hence expensive) personnel, maintenance cuts that let backup equipment rot. Oh and the fact that management has not one clue how the plant actually works.

    • Cold Warrior says:

      Tommy, we’ve been doing the same as you with our cash for some time now also. Paper money,gold, silver, good whiskey, motor oil, stuff like that.
      Those that have “eyes” see what is coming. Example: a childhood disease, which was “wiped out” 5 years ago, Whooping Cough, has made a comeback in my home state of MN and cases are up 40% this year alone.
      We have a pool in our house; A. War with Iran, B. Economic collaspe, C. Drought, D. Obummer gets elected in Nov.

      Sort of a 4 horsemen type thing.

  10. axelsteve says:

    Just tell the Aurora theater people that you are a undocumented police officer like some of there employees are undocumented imagrints.

  11. Cold Warrior says:

    Not believing in God seems to be “The thing” amoung collage age people. I was the same way myself until I spent time in a combat zone and saw things which could only been explained as “The hand of God”.

    What I find funny, is when you ask them to give “absolute proof” that there is not a God, they find out that there is none, thus their belief is based on Faith, just like we Christians.

    • MrSpud in ID. says:

      Amen Cold Warrior. A little combat time in a true warzone will make you a believer in God! I’ve witnessed things that could only be the true hand of God, under fire, and in everyday interaction with the LN’s. No question in my mind….PERIOD! Not ashamed to say I’m a true believer!!!

  12. village idiot says:

    Sad to say, MD, but there are two things that will get you savagely attacked these days. One is to say you are a Christian, and the other is to say something negative about homosexuals. A University of Texas socialogist recently did a nationwide study that found the children of homosexuals underperform in school and have more mental and social problems than children from a stable homosexual marriage. The professor, even though he has tenure, will now be brought up before a kangaroo court of “academics” who will decide if he is guilty of scientific misconduct. The greatest shame of the American experiment is what our centers of learning have turned into. For the most part, they have been turned into anti-American, anti-Constitution, anti-Christian, anti-heterosexual, anti-male, anti-white, politicized piles of crap. And we can never recover until these institutions are turned upside down and become centers of learning again rather than a Democrat plantation.

    • Cold Warrior says:

      Preach it brother! Makes a good man sick, doesn’t it!

    • Bam Bam says:


      At most colleges in the U.S. you will not get hired unless you are very liberal. If you disagree with affirmative action, you are a racist. If you are a Christian, you are a bigot. A significant portion of our students think college is just a bunch of hoops to jump through–there is rarely anything relevant discussed in class. And God forbid you tell the administration that the reason a student failed is that he or she is functionally illiterate.

      • village idiot says:

        Yes, it’s a sad state of affairs, and the good teachers and professors know that they have to tow the line or end up like the guy at the University of Texas. It seems fairness and freedom just applies to the liberals on campus these days. As for the students, they seem to think college is just 4 years of partying. I really feel bad for good teachers like you, Bam Bam. It has to be frustrating.

  13. I wouldn’t worry too much about the people who ridicule your beliefs. Most of them are just Internet Atheists. Most of the atheists I know in real life don’t bother people about their beliefs one way or the other. Internet Atheists, however, are a different story. They like to say they are standing up to fundamentalists who want to force their beliefs on everyone else, and the Internet Atheists believe the best way to combat this is to force THEIR beliefs on everyone else. Most of them are just trolls and lice and 14-year-olds who are mad that Mom made them go to church on Sunday morning instead of letting them stay home to play Call of Duty multiplayer on XBox Live. Ignore them. Most of us who visit this site both enjoy your writing and respect your right to your beliefs. Thanks for the work you do here.

    • You hit the nail on the head. The “internet atheists” are the same type of people as the fundamentalist religious. They are the westboro baptist church of atheists.

      The real difference is that the westboro baptist church has the balls to air out their racism and bigotry using their names and faces. Internet atheists air them out behind the anonymity of the internet. I don’t think that’s a good thing. I don’t think any of it is a good thing.

      At the end of the day, there’s something along the lines of 2 billion people who consider themselves Christian, over a billion who follow islam, almost a billion hindus, close to a billion buddhists, 3/4 of a billion people with no religion and a smattering of others.

      Who’s right? Every single person above will insist they are. Who really is right? I’m not in the know enough to say for sure by a long shot. Boil it all away and treat people the way you want to be treated and go practice your own beliefs, unless that is you want to start some sort of fight. Then troll away.

    • nice one mike..”internet atheist” it is!

  14. Pray for the unbeliever even if he curses you .

    • Cold Warrior says:

      Jeff, there was an old WWII song that my Dad taught me, “Praise the Lord and pass the Ammo” .
      As it is written in Ecclesiates 3:3, “There is a time to kill and a time to heal;”. or 3:8 “A time to love and a time to hate, A time of war and a time of peace”.

      I look at those who attack our Faith as the enemy, as they attack Truth (Christ) and lead souls away into the eternal fires of Hell. Yes by all means pray for them, but also contend for the faith, as Paul instructs us to do.

  15. I was reading “Preparing for Power Blackouts – Plan Ahead and You Can Weather Any Storm” from your link – WITH the comments and got REALLY EXCITED seeing Lint Picker’s name. I thought he had re-joined us. Oh, darn.

  16. Hunker-Down says:

    M.D., On “my My thoughts on the Aurora Colorado shooting yesterday”; Thank you for taking a stand for God. I’m ashamed of the evil that is loose in our country. We need to take every opportunity to stamp it out, and that begins in the heart of the individual.

    The Aurora Co. killing is a good example of the stupidity controlling our society. It’s time the government STOPED disarming public groups and presenting them to law-breakers with guns. Duh. The MSM is salivating over this to the extent they have caused a news blackout for 3 days and counting. Yes, it is a terrible, evil tragedy and everything possible should be done for the victims and their families, but it should not be allowed to generate revenue for the MSM.

    “House to vote on Fed audit bill on Tuesday”. Rand Paul for VP! His daddy taught him right.

    “12 Signs Showing The Next Recession In The U.S. Is Underway”.
    First, the last one never left.
    Second, call it what it is; a depression.

    “Fed Proposal Allows Banks To Seize Your Money”.
    You and I have to obey laws. Today, the government and friends don’t.
    Get some 4 inch PVC pipe, end caps, PVC glue, and make your own bank and don’t let anyone see you bury it. It’s better that your cash is in your house in one of these ‘banks’, but better yet buried outside in case the house is burned down by tomorrows hungry zombies.

    EMP and power blackouts; Were almost prepared but M.D. always has something on his lists that we don’t (yet) have.

    This ‘miscellany’ topic makes me grouchy.

    • Bam Bam says:


      I agree. The feds have been cooking the books. That’s the only way they can report (falsely) that the recession ended. In truth, we have been in a depression since the third quarter of 2006.

  17. Stay strong in your beliefs M.D. even though I know you will.

    I think our country is really going away from one of the reasons it was founded in the first place and that is religous freedom.
    I do believe in God but I am not an active bible thumping church member. I believe in my own way that suits me. Do I preach my method to other people? No. Do I worry about how other people worship their choice of God? No that is their business unless they try to push it on me.
    There are to many christians out their that are preaching the word but not LIVING the word. I was taught long ago that you set the example by doing it , not just talking it..
    I think a lot of the worlds problems would be solved it people would stop trying to push their ways and beliefs on others. They don’t want others to push their beliefs on them, so why do they think they should push theirs on others. I guess most are just to ignorant and short sighted that they believe they are the only ones that are right and can have an opinion.

  18. I saw a Tee shirt that said it all ” Dear God if you are so powerful and care so much why are there drugs, unwanted pregnancies and all these senseless killings in our school, signed concerned student.”
    Below that it reads ” Dear concerned student , Do not blame me , Im not allowed in your school’s, Sincerely God” .
    Read the fact’s people every since God has been thrown out of schools murder, rape, robberies, drug use, have increaced by over 1,000 %
    not to mention test scores and the GPA for student’s have drastically declined. A recent college enterance exam was give to a high school senior and an 6th grade amish student, the high school student had a 4.0 gpa but the amish 8th grader scored 175 pts higher.
    Am i saying we should become a theocricy ? no, However the bible says
    God shall not be mocked, What ever he sow’s he shall reap.
    Just something to think about

  19. I’m not a christian. I don’t believe in god. Nor am I an athiest. I don’t believe there is no god.

    I’m an agnostic/apatheist. I don’t know if there is a god and I don’t really care. I try to be agood man not because I want to go to heaven, but because that’s what my folks raised me to be. Even if you gave me incontrovertible proof that there is a god,I wouldn’t change my behaviour- unless it was a Zues-type god, in which case I’d be dodging lightning bolts – because I already try to be as good a person as I can be.

    I do get annoyed when people start dropping God into conversations. “Yes, I know you’re religous, but wht does God have to do with John Deere tractors and why would you bring him up?” type of thing.

    • Cold Warrior says:

      Because, if you you knew Christ, you would know such joy, peace, and unimaginable love that out of a desire to please Him and help your fellow man, you would want to talk about nothing else.
      Could you see the greatest Touchdown catch ever made and not want to tell someone about it? Same thing.

    • SurvivorDan says:

      If you are a good man by nature, that’s wonderful. I was an atheist most of my life. Nevertheless, I think I was a decent sort of man even then (most of the time). But, I think many people need the teachings in the Bible to stay on the right path. A lot of folks don’t seem to have a strong inner moral compass.
      I suspect by the overall comments that a majority of the WolfPack have Faith. And those that believe are going to bring it up. It’s not like they’re babbling inanely about what sports team they believe in. 😉

      War taught me that there we Evil in the world but I was still an atheist/agnostic.
      Then at forty, God ‘found’ me (got my attention) and I did much better than before.

      I can ‘dig’ that it’s a bit annoying for you, but bear with us, brother.

      • SurvivorDan says:

        “Could you see the greatest Touchdown catch ever made and not want to tell someone about it? Same thing.”

        I like that Cold Warrior!

        • Heh, I like the analogy but it doesn’t really apply to me either. Sports, religion and getting drunk are 3 things that are very popular and that have no appeal for me.

          There are intangible things I believe in: love, honour, truth. I think most of the reason I try to live a good life is becuase I’m fairly sure (but not certain) that this is all I’m going to have. One life, no second chances. And since I’m fairly sure that one life is all anyone else is going to get, I try not to make their lives anymore unpleasant than they have to be.

          I also try to be tolerant of other peoples religion, if I’m at someones house and they want to say grace before dinner I’ll bow my head out of respect for them. But if I’m in a crowded restaurant and someone on the otherside of the room is saying grace loudly enough that I can hear it clearly, they may receive a nasty look. Matthew 6:5-6 when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites, for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the street corners to be seen by others. Truly I tell you, they have received their reward in full. 6 But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you

          The devil can quote scripture afterall.

    • Dash,

      Your not alone, I have about the same feelings on religion. I do the same, I try to do the right thing and be kind to everyone I meet. I tell the truth, even if it hurts (and that gets me into trouble sometimes.)

      Its funny that other posters here have made sports references, because to me when folks get to stumping/arguing about religion is kind of like someone excited and trying to talk to me about soccer. Its a sport that I don’t give a damn about. Sure, great, someone scored a goal..hooray…now STFU and go away because I don’t care.

      When posts go into religious gobbleygook, I just scroll down.

  20. Ohio Surveyor says:

    I read your artical on “My thoughts on the Aurora Colorado shooting”. I found nothing wrong with it and it makes alot of sence. Please …just because “most” of the Atheist’s you have met/posted are moronic trolls , don’t group us all in with them. I love this blog and all the wounderfull people that make it great. When I’m in here reading I know this is a christian/God fearing group. I respect and I am glad to see such strong convictions. Please keep up the good work and I look forward to more great posts.
    As an Atheist I “believe” we need God/the Bible back in schools. We need the 10 commandments, and the pledge of allegiance, along with corporal punishment. We also need to install a sence of fear back into our kids. Todays youth fear nothing, there are no conquences for bad behavior any more. These things need to change before we loose yet another generation to drugs and murder and apathy.

  21. EB.Esquire says:

    All God aside, CVS has DAK hams on sale this week, 2 for $5. I just bought 4 to put up in the stash.
    Just an FYI.

  22. Why would banks worry about seizing money that isnt worth anything ? Our money was indeed backed by something during the great depression which is one reason why they needed to close the banks . Today our money isnt backed by anything , so why pretend it is with this legislation ? As far as god goes , if you dont believe in something …………your existence is pretty pointless . Said it before ………. I wonder how fast that guy in Colorado would have been dropped if it was the law to carry , like in Kennisaw county Georgia ? …… guess ……. pretty damn fast .

  23. riverrider says:

    in other news, 14 illegal aliens including several children were killed and 9 others injured in a single vehicle(pickup truck) accident in texas…. bloomberg claimed a gun ran out in front of the truck causing the deaths and should be banned. failing that, he suggested illegal aliens should be banned….no,wait, never mind….so it was suggested a ban on too many people in a truck should be banned…oops, already on the books too….musta been the guns fault somehow, the driver must have been distracted thinking about those brutal border patrol guys armed with 50 calibers…..

    • I am going to run for congress/senate/president on a platform to ban pickup trucks!! It is obvious that they are evil and kill more people than guns, alchohol and tobacco combined. The citizens of this country are not intelligent enough to stop driving trucks, stop smoking and stop drinking so I must do it for them. They will all thank me while sitting at home not driving, drinking and smoking. I am so smart to that I believe it I just make a law against something that EVERYONE will obey it and it will stop all the evil in the world. Oh by the way none of the laws I will get passed will apply to me because I am smart enough to know how to do those things in moderation and not hurt myself or anyone else..
      Please vot for me Barack H. Hypocrite
      thank you and I approve this message…

    • RR,

      Good night. I hope they don’t start talking about banning trucks. I mean, here’s a case in which a truck was involved in the death of several people. Blame the truck.

    • If TDL has his way, it is Bush’s fault.

    • They should give the truck a medal …………14 illegals that wont be staying HERE .

  24. MD, you’re doing what’s right and being true to yourself and your faith. Only an insecure person is threatened by another person’s belief system, and you’re getting unloaded on because faith bashing is practically a hobby for some people. Somebody should tell them It’s freedom of religion not freedom from religion, BTW. My husband is agnostic, he says he’ll believe when he sees the proof, but he knows not to make sarcastic remarks about my beliefs. It is how I choose to live my life.

    As far that comment about why we bring our faith into everything, Cold Warrior said it perfectly. If it’s a part of your life you naturally include it in your conversation, just like the views/experiences of other members of your family will come up no matter what topic you are discussing. Because that’s how we relate to life. I’m not sure why that makes people uncomfortable. It’s not like all unbelievers in a 50-yard radius get hit with an EMP because somebody believer mentioned God’s name.

    • Ever meet anyone that made sports their life? That brings sports up in conversations about unrelated things, or constantly want to talk about the last game or how great heir team is and how bad the opposing side is? When you really don’t care about sports at all.

      To the irreligous, thats what its like to be around people that are highly evangelical. Very few people are bothered by other people watching sports or making small talk about scores, even if they themselves have zero interest. However when it runs on and on, and crops up everywhere people get annoyed.

      I understand that for you, religion is far more important than sports is to even the most diehard fan and I’m not trying to run it down by comparing the two. Just an analogy to help you understand my stance

    • Observer says:

      There is nothing wrong with believing in religion. Faith is a powerful thing and many people will need it in the hard times to come but I disagree with something you said… Freedom of religion IS freedom from religion. Too many people I have seen in this world who pull the freedom of religion card believe it means THEIR freedom to impose their religion on others. If a person is a Christian and wants freedom of religion then they must accept others rights to their religion. If a persons neighbor chooses a different religion then theirs or no religion, that person has no more right to tell his neighbor that his beliefs are false then he has to tell them that theirs are. For someone to suggest that conditions will only improve when everyone accepts MY religion is contrary to what freedom is all about. If at the end of the day, those who claim they support freedom turn in their edited version of the Constitution to compare with the evil sides edited version we are all lost. Freedom of(from) religion is as much a part of the Constitution as the right to keep and bear arms. I will support the rights of every Christian to their religion and I will support the right of any other to their beliefs) because I believe in God AND the Constitution Of The United States of America. BTW, I love this blog… this is the first time I have posted here.. I’m sorry it was on such a “heated” topic but thats my opinion for what its worth.

    • Old military saying : ” there are no atheists in a foxhole , when the shelling starts “

  25. Yep, time to put our money where it can help those get into office that will best support us!

  26. MENTALMATT says:

    The biggest thing the devil evey did, was get us to belive that he didnt exsist. Now we shall see how gun control really doesnt work, by penalizing the honest people.

  27. M.D.,

    Just ask the folks who are giving you a hard time one question: where will you be when the trumpet sounds?

    • Bam Bam,


      “They called to the mountains and the rocks, “Fall on us and hide us from the face of him who sits on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb!” Revelation 6:16

      And the atheists are still sending hate mail and comments – this would is truly in a sad shape.

      To behonst I could careless what the atheists think or their opinion about my faith…

    • Presumably dead. Unbelievers don’t think the trumpets will sound.

      If I’m wrong and some variety of christianity turns out to be true, well, I’ll just have to accept responsibility for my actions. If the catholics are correct, I’d be likely to get in to Limbo (a place for virtious non-belivers)

  28. Not only was the theater posted with a “No Guns” sign, Aurora has a ban on CCW

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