Monday miscellany

Iran begins stockpiling 3-month food supply : “An Iranian news agency is reporting the country has begun to stockpile a three-month supply of foodstuffs for its population.”

Will Obamacare Raise the Price of a Big Mac? : “In exchange for lower health premiums under Obamacare, experts say shoppers could pay higher prices on everything from printer paper to French fries.”

Your health : “Curcumin capsules found to curb diabetes risk.” I use Turmeric Curcumin GOLD – I take two per day and it definitely helps with inflammation. I also take fish oil, extra vitamin C and a Multivitamin / Multimineral everyday, and when needed, I take Valerian Root Extract to help me sleep 🙂

Health care law ignores illegal immigrants; hospitals may get stuck with the bill : “Hospital leaders told The New York Times they’re wary of terms in the health care reform law that will eventually halve the amount of money they receive for caring for uninsured people without addressing the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants in the country, most of them lacking insurance.”

Midwest drought worsens, food inflation to rise : “The drought is really going to hit food prices next year,” said USDA economist Richard Volpe, adding that pressure on food prices would start building later this year.”

CDC warns Americans to prepare for zombie apocalypse (really) : “Although it may seem unbelievable, this is not a satire piece or a joke. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control, which has been deeply engaged in the fictions of Swine Flu and other so-called “pandemics,” is now publicly warning Americans to prepare for a zombie apocalypse.” Thanks to Kelekona for the link…

Dems Sneak Gun Control Amendment Into Cybersecurity Bill “S. 3414 + S.A. 2575 would make it illegal to transfer or possess large capacity feeding devices such as gun magazines, belts, feed stripes and drums of more than 10 rounds of ammo, excluding .22 caliber rim fire ammo.” Thanks to Cindy B for the link.

Chick-fil-A Head Takes Stand for Biblical Values : “The president of Chick-fil-A, the fast-food chain that has been attacked by homosexual activists for its moral and biblical stand on marriage, has put the company in the cross hairs of cultural controversy once more for re-affirming its commitment to traditional family values.”

Dem lawmakers to announce bill limiting online ammo sales : “Two Democratic lawmakers on Monday will announce new legislation to regulate the online and mail-order sale of ammunition.” They will never stop – they will keep grinding until they get what they want… I would bet my little toe, that when the gun-banners first heard about the shooting in Aurora Colorado they jumped for joy. More fuel to feed their fire…

Christians Under Siege from Islamists : “Raymond Ibrahim provides another vivid, disturbing monthly report on Islamist persecution of Christians around the world. Perhaps the most dangerous place to be a Christian today is Pakistan, which in May had “the lion’s share of persecuted Christians,” Ibrahim writes. Incidents there covered “the entire gamut of persecution – from apostasy and blasphemy to rape and forced conversions.”

In sub-Saharan African countries such as Sudan, Nigeria, Somalia, Kenya and the Ivory Coast, “wherever Islam and Christianity meet, Christians are being killed, slaughtered, beheaded and even crucified,” Ibrahim writes.” Please remember then in your prayers.

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  1. Tinfoil Hat says:

    All I can say is, I generally avoid fast food. I don’t care for the way the vast majority of it tastes (pizza is an exception, I love me some pizza). Now, however, I feel inclined to “Eat Mor Chikin”. BEGIN RANT. When did the definition of tolerance change to mean “acquiescence”. I am not intolerant of your lifestyle, you are free to live your life in the manner you so desire. I am tolerant of your inherent and God-given right to live in what I consider to be moral squalor and perversion. I do not think you should be rounded up, put into camps, cleansed, deported, or state labeled a “undesirables”. I am TOLERANT of your rights. It does not mean I have to AGREE with your lifestyle!! For the love of God, would you bleeding heart liberal and over-the-top activists PLEASE learn the meaning of words before you use them!!! END RANT. Sorry, just sick of the media constantly attempting to indoctrinate…

    • ++++

    • Tinfoil Hat says:

      Let me clarify, before folks get the wrong idea here. I do not believe government should be in the business of legislating morality, regardless of whether I happen to agree with the picture of morality being legislated or not. The government should have no say in the marriage business. This is (allegedly) a free nation with free people in it, and two men or two woment getting married in no way infringes upon my rights, so I’ve no right to place or support obstacles in there path. That said, I have the right to my private opinions and beliefs. I also have the rights to express those opinions and beliefs without being called intolerant.

      • village idiot says:

        Hahaha…Tinfoil. You didn’t clarify your clarification enough to satisfy some folks.

        • VI,
          Your nasty “Hahaha”,
          Meaning that you took pleasure in someone’s discomfort.
          Tinfoil clarified because he obviously felt the need to. FUP apologized for her rant even though she had no way of knowing Tinfoils’ clarification was pending.

          But, you and a few others are just plain mean sometimes.

          Most of the time I can skim over the religious, opinions and hate rants, but lately it is getting tedious and nasty.
          This is not a blog where anyone should feel attacked, made fun of, or feel persecuted for anything they believe.

          By golly, I want to know about survival techniques, old school sustainable living and how to make freaking washing soda from baking soda.

          I was feeling like part of a cool community, but now I am going to be upset as HELL if I have to go back to reading Rawles blog alone. So knock it off and lets move on.

          • Mama J,

            Because this blog in continually updated it doesn’t take long before everyone by necessity moves on to another subject. Stick around it won’t be long… The thing about Rawles blog is he has no community at all; it’s like reading a technical manual about how to program your DVD player… Sometimes The Wolf Pack will disagree but we still have each other’s back. You are part of the pack.

          • Thank you M.D.,
            I understand folks disagree and that sometimes results in new friendships and fantastic information. I like the conversations and constructive debates very much. I can see that most folks here care very much for each other.

            I just can’t handle people being mean or cruel to one another because of different beliefs. Ganging up on the newbies who obviously are cut from the same cloth and not snarky trolls is immature and and a waste of time.

            Thank you very much for what you do for the Pack community. I know it takes alot of your time so moderate these thousands of comments every day. I sure it is entertaining as well as frustrating sometimes.

            Gosh, I feel like just won something. M.D. said I was one the PACK! “Howling……..” Dancing paws……”

          • village idiot says:

            Nah, Mama J, you misinterpreted my response completely. It wasn’t meant to be nasty at all, and I was laughing at Tinfoil. No harm was meant to Female Urban Prepper at all. I think my responses to her laid out my feelings.

      • FemaleUrbanPrepper says:

        Thanks for clarification Tinfoil…I posted my rant response before your clarification was posted.

        • Tinfoil Hat says:

          All is well. When I read my first post, I could tell I needed to present my point more succinctly. And I am MORE than guilty of knee-jerk reactions 🙂

    • FemaleUrbanPrepper says:

      Sorry could not stop myself…

      BEGIN RANT. When did the definition of tolerance change to mean “acquiescence”. I am not intolerant of your beliefs, you are free to live your life in the manner you so desire. I am tolerant of your inherent and human right to live in what I consider to be an illogical and unsubstantiated belief system. I do not think you should be rounded up, put into camps, cleansed, deported, or state labeled a “bigot”. I am TOLERANT of your rights. It does not mean I have to AGREE with what you believe!! For the love of humanity, would you extreme right christians and over-the-top believers PLEASE learn the meaning of words before you use them!!! END RANT.

      • Bam Bam says:

        WTF? I am a liberal on most social issues and I agree with what Tinfoil has to say. People should be free to enter into gay marriage. People should be free to be intolerant of gay marriage.

        • There are people that think for themselves – these people will not let themselves be indoctrinated into the PC lie . Your right , it IS ok not to like certain people or or deviant lifestyles .

        • FemaleUrbanPrepper says:

          Bam Bam: I agree as well…I posted my response before the second post showed up. It was honestly a knee-jerk response.

        • axelsteve says:

          The only thing that I am leery about gay marriage is.Some religions do not recognize them and that is there right. However what if a gay couple want to be married by a religion that does not recognize them as a couple? Will they be forced to perform such services even if it goes against there beliefs? Remember Obama and the contraception abortion clause? Gay advocates may so that they will not bother churches that will not perform the services but I do not trust them.Gays tend to be pretty litigues people.

      • Then how come the PC liberal crowd has changed Christmas to Holidays ? you cant use the Term Christmas . What are THEY afraid of . If your Jewish , Hanukkah starts just before Christmas , it is not happy holidays , its either happy hanukkah or merry christmas ……….nothing else applies , those ARE the holidays …………dont try to take it away or pretend that isn’t WHY the time off exists in the first place . Its the same PC propaganda machine that doesn’t want you to know that the actual reason the Civil war was fought was because of taxation NOT slavery , Slavery was not abolished by the US until well AFTER the war began . I dont like some bible thumper telling me how to act either , our forefathers were very wise in creating freedom of religion , but that doesn’t mean the atheist crowd has the right to silence well established practices or free speech of the religious crowd either . Remember , the far Right ends with Fascism , and the far Left ends with Communism , neither want to allow any other view but their own . Beware of changing our history to not ” offend ” people , one can not learn from history if what they are told is a lie . The PC movement needs to be stamped out , it is the single largest reason there IS strife and division .

        • BTW Winter Solstice falls in there along with C or H. There are other holidays even if only a few keep holy the longest night.

        • axelsteve says:

          Jesus was not even born in December but that is when it is recognized.

    • village idiot says:

      I think this can all be put to rest now. None of us want to get into anyone’s bedroom. All of us believe the government should get out of the way. All of us believe everyone has the right to their own opinions. See, that was easy peasy.

    • Agreed, ’nuff said.

      Now I’m off to order more ammo online. Here’s a good link to help anti-gun crowd fathom just how much bulk 6,000 rounds of ammo is

      Deo duce, ferro comitante

    • SurvivorDan says:

      Went to the local Chick-fil-A today (never ate there before) with TheFormerMrs.SurvivorDan to show our support for Chick-fil-A’s 1st amendment rights.

      I don’t give two squats whether gay folks marry but I don’t like boycotts based on someone having an opposing opinion.

      Over a hundred cars and more in the line. It was jammed! I left to return another day.

      • SurvivorDan says:

        And I don’t particularly like chicken….

      • Kelekona says:

        I saw the explanation of the issue, and it does make sense, but I wonder how many are showing their support for first amendment and how many are showing support because they agree with the outspoken morals.

        I’m not supporting Chik-Fil-A because the menu doesn’t have anything on it that I want to eat.

  2. village idiot says:

    Wow, it’s another day of depressing news. To add to the misery, MD, I picked up a couple of stories I thought would interest the pack. Fresno, Ca. is being reported by some to be the next city in California to declare bankrupcy, and many more cities are teetering, including Los Angeles. There will be a rash of bankrupcies in cities all over California. The fallout will be national as many people and companies have bought municipal bonds issued by these cities, and public employees will have their benefits cut or eliminated. But California has $67 billion dollars for a train. Insanity.

    And in other interesting city news Mogadishu, Somalia, gave up it’s place as the most dangerous major city in the world. Chicago, Illinois, has taken over first place. Elect an Obama sycophant mayor, ban firearms, have a big population of honor students, and just like magic become the most dangerous city in the world. Our major cities are collapsing, and the gangs that operate in them will be fanning out into the suburbs to kill and steal. Heck, they already are in cities like Detroit.

    • Hey never let a disaster go to waste!!! I guess the Rhom man is going to make his own disaster!!! Of course if will all be the fault of the previous mayor and when reelection time comes around he will say he did not get enough time to fix the problem and needs four more years.

    • One thing about cities pleading poverty , they do indeed have financial problems but what they fail to do is get rid of the fat ………….if they scaled down to all but essencial services , some may return to being in the black . Is that public golf corse still being mowed , watered and maintained ? is the public swimming pool still operating ? nobody NEEDS them and they cost money .

  3. axelsteve says:

    I figured the gun commies were still working on voiding our constitution.From the online ammo sales to the cyber security bill.I would say that never learn ,but,they are doing it by design like they are destroying our economy.By design.bujy ammo,buy guns now,and don`t forget to have lunch at the local chick fila.

    • I read an amusing article about a prepper digging ” decoy ” caches . The guy put together several decoy guns made out of wood and scrap metal , then buried them in tubes to keep ground penetrating radar and metal detector operators busy wasting their time digging up the bogus firearms . His real stash was nowhere near the area of the decoys .

  4. axelsteve says:

    there is nothing new under the sun. Illegal imagrints will still get free healthcare.why? They are what broke our system now.It cost 2500 to set a broken leg to recoup resetting the illegal imagrants leg just before you.Also the myth of only 11 million illegals(right only 11 haha) I have seen numbers that there may be 30 million illegals.I guess they keep voting in free health care the illegals i meant. We are doomed.

  5. village idiot says:

    It’s being reported that the grid has gone down in India, and that 370 million people are out of electricity. Wow. Coming soon to a town near you, so get prepared while there’s still time.

  6. How about SC Justice Scalia saying guns may need to be regulated? And he’s one of the conservative ones. Agree with axelsteve..stock up!

  7. Ack, the news sucks…..but it is like a car wreck. You gotta look.

    However, we must continue do our best to strive to be the best Parents, Grandparents, Siblings, Children, and Community members. I think I will continue to limit myself to only one week a month online and in the media stream. It is poison to my spirit.

    As to the CDC and the Zombies news…Cause ya’ll know I love me some Zombies.

    Yes, Mike Adams from Natural News is funny and can make you chuckle with his quirky writing style.

    All of “us” know that the Zombies are the Golden Horde of unprepared diseased, starving, desperate people devouring everything in their paths.
    I thought it was clever for the CDC to take the expense and trouble to create something that would get the attention of the pre Zombie hordes. We all know how hard it is to convince the pre Zombie to do anything to help themselves.
    Natural News gives me the willies at times. Just for starters, every time he mentions the completely unproven fact that vaccinations cause autism (which he does frequently).
    I want to punch him right in his piss pump. Every time I see the words, I can see a child dying in their parents arms from a terrible preventable disease. For instance, Whooping Cough morality is horrific in infants.
    I can’t even begin to imagine the pain and suffering our ancestors endured. Only as far back as 100 years ago. We have elders alive today that can remember the fear and anguish of disease.
    Makes me shudder to think of a parent holding a dying child in their arms SHTF, because they believed the tripe and didn’t educate themselves. A completely preventable death.
    Ex DR. Wakefield, was stripped of his medical license for starting these horrific lies about vaccines/autism, for his own profit. Jenny McCarthy, nor Mike Adams have proof or scientific evidence of the fact either. It is poor journalism. People who do not vaccinate their children and themselves are only protected by the herd immunity of the rest of us. Of course, the herd also protects people who can not receive vaccinations that are allergic.
    That is MY rant for the week….

    It is frightening that in the year 2012, humans are still torturing and killing each other over religion, fear, or hate. Seems that tolerance and acceptance is not taught, but discouraged on an epic scale on our planet.
    Is it impossible to hope that the human species will ever evolve enough not to murder one other to the point of genocide or that thousands (millions) must always live in fear? 10,000 yrs from now? 50,000? I wonder if the Earth could tolerate our presence that long.

    As to the food prices rising…..Of course they will. Drought or not, they will continue to rise and will not decrease. EVER. If you learned to grow, do so now. If you don’t want to, or can’t due to health reasons, find a Farmer to hug. Quick. It would be the best gift you could give yourself.

    The Great Decades of Cheap everything are gone. A memory buried under the foreclosed homes, under piles of past due notices, soaked in tears and regret.

    On a good note! Something I saw online that cracked me up……..about the Gun Control issues….

    “Gun Control is like trying to reduce drunk driving, by taking cars away from the sober drivers.

    • village idiot says:

      And speaking of zombies, how about the Mad Max variety in this post about California? For your reading pleasure:

      • VI,
        That was an excellent read. I recently visited my home state of California. The beloved state of my Grandparents and Parents. The same doctor delivered me in the early 60’s that delivered my mother in the 40’s.
        My grandparents were all upper middle class with one set owning a horse ranch that is the concrete ghetto now. And the other with high end furniture store that is…ditto.
        I was frightened and heart broken to see such a lovely state destroyed with concrete and poverty. At one point at Sea World my daughter asked me if we were in Mexico because she hadn’t heard English spoken for hours. We both speak and learn spanish at home as a second language, but I thought it was awesome she was so observant.
        I am sure that this story is mirrored in other cities and highly populated locales.
        Almost makes you wished for the apocalpyse, but it would be nicer than what we have now. I am so glad for the 800 mile desert between us and them.
        I pray for our family and friends there, that they can get out when before it is too late.

    • FemaleUrbanPrepper says:

      I feel the same way about the news. I cringe every time I read/watch the news but I can’t keep myself from doing either. I think it is my way of making sure I don’t become one of those zombies. If I continue to take in everything that happens around me…I can’t just pretend everything is peachy keen.

      • village idiot says:


        I remember the post you did about being at work and the food that was available there. I thought that was a good post with some out-of-the-box thinking. I know it made me think about something that I had never thought of before. Now I’m retired, and it doesn’t really apply to me per se, but hey, I could get caught up in a situation where that info would come in handy. I really wish we could all start thinking about prepping again, especially people who have a different perspective on things like yourself. I totally disagree with some things you say you do in your personal life, but that said, I don’t think any less of you as a person or prepper. I want you to know why I’m supporting Chick-fil-a in all this, and it really has nothing to do with what Dan Cathay said, but the government reaction to it. Government shouldn’t have the ability to shut a business down for expressing an opinion. That’s it. It could be any opinion. I would support a company that expressed an opinion that is pro-gay if the government attempted to shut them down for that. To me it’s the tyranny of the government that matters here, and that’s it. Hope I clarified where I was coming from on this, and I did mention that in the other thread. I understand that this is a wedge issue that will be used in the campaigns this fall, but I’m going to try to ignore it. Take care.

      • FUP,
        You are exactly correct! Situational Awareness is one of my specialities and I can see that you are going to be OK. Sorry about all the fuss. Please stick around.

        • FemaleUrbanPrepper says:

          Don’t worry Mama J…I have been reading this blog for a long time…I know even with all the disagreements and debates everything ends up back at prepping. 🙂 I am considering writing about morale after the SHTF. I am a musician and for me music brings happiness and calm. The problem…I am a drummer who plays an electric set. That won’t really work out for me I don’t think. 😮 Bongos and djembes are on my prep list. The other problem…no way of hiding if I am sitting around banging on a drum. Hmm…I should probably think this through.

          • Good idea! That made me laugh. My whole family has djembes and I wouldn’t recommend it if you need to be quiet. But, you might just scare the bad guys away if they thought the natives were restless. Banjos have been known to scare a few folks too. Haha. I have been to some djembe circles that were pretty powerful.
            We also have guitar, mandolin, and flute players in our family. I would start playing a classical acoustic guitar if you need some quiet therapy.

  8. JP in MT says:

    As has been speculated before, the attacks will not come on the guns themselves but on magazines, ammo, and other “accessories”.

    The part about prices going up as a result of the Affordable Care Act must be an intentionally false right-wing radical conspiracy planned deception because The Great One himself told us he would not raise taxes on anyone making $250,000/year or less. And the Supreme Court agreed with the administrations argument that is was a tax, therefore……

    Iran stockpiling food? That would be good for us, right? After all we are a food exporter. We’re so nice we’ll even export food to our enemies. So what could possibly go wrong?

  9. Kelekona says:

    Reading the news certainly has a correlation with a desire for the stupid world to just blow up already. If only the sheeple knew how happy they should be.

  10. oh just damn it!

  11. Most of these bills have been written and sitting around in the desk drawers of people (I’m being kind here) like Schumer who simply wait patiently for the next tragedy to allow them to introduce more common sense legislation.

    • recoveringidiot says:

      OP, glad to see you post. I had started to think you pulled a Lint and jumped off the wagon.

      • recoveringidiot,
        More like fell off the wagon. I was very busy for a while with work, bees, garden, etc. and then ended up very ill. Turned out to be pancreatitis with reduced kidney and liver function all due to gall stones. The gall bladder has been removed and I’m on the mend, but still catching up on work and other things. Doctors were amazed that I hadn’t had any other symptoms from the mostly full gall bladder. Garden is toast due to lack of time to work on it and heat and drought. For now I’ll be lurking and commenting when I get time, but there are a ton of things that have to be completed first. Hope the pack keeps doing its thing, and I’ll be watching from the sidelines.

        • village idiot says:

          Sorry to hear about your health problems, OP, but this points out how important it is to have preps laid by. One can get sick or disabled for a few weeks and a garden can fail for lack of care. Whew…more things to think about. Glad you’re doing better, and hope you get back to 100% soon. Take care.

        • worrisome says:

          Ohio Prepper hope you continue to improve and get stronger soon!

    • worrisome says:

      I agree Ohio………… is the same ol merry go round without the merry in it.

  12. This morning I had Number 2: three mini chicken biscuits, hash browns, and a black coffee. Where? Chick-fil-A, of course. I was proud to give them my business and I asked the young lady at the register to relay to the manager that I was patronizing them to support Mr. Cathy’s Biblical views on marriage. Also, I’ll be back there for lunch, probably on August 1.

  13. Tinfoil Hat I totally agreee. My uncle is gay, I do not love him any less because of it. But people forget that everybody has a right to their opinion. We God fearing Christians cannot support it. I’m going to catch some slack for this,but it is the same for having sex without being married. There are reasons we were given laws by God. We need to do our best to follow them.

    • Bam Bam says:


      From a Christian point of view, there is no difference between gay sex, oral sex, premarital sex, extramarital sex and entertaining lust in your heart–all are sinful. And as Jesus said, let he (or she) who is without sin cast the first stone.

    • Amen brother in Christ!

      • Ivan Preppin says:

        I’m sort of new here and I hate to start off this way, but the person who uses the name “Bam Bam” couldn’t be more wrong.
        First off, the early texts do not have the story where Jesus says, “He who is without sin cast the first stone” . Truth is most reliable Bible scholars consider that passage questionable at best.
        Secondly there is nowhere in Scripture where Jesus approves of sin of any kind. Thirdly, homosexual acts are never approved of in either the Old Testament or New. (GO FIGURE!)

        So that you don’t think me some sort of Bible thumper, my attitude towards homosex is the same as two male dogs humping each other. It’s just two dumb animals, giving into their lust with out regards to their actions. Hell, I hope that they are all happy together , have big families and lots of kids……..scratch that last part. (sarcasm)

      • Ivan Preppin says:

        Oh, as I’m giving you a good Biblical ass kicking “Bam Bam”, After Jesus say’s this bit about casting the first stone, what does He say next……come on, as a “Christian” you should know this? …….times up!

        Jesus say’s, “Go and sin no more”. So I guess all the queers, queens and homo’s better stop, huh?

        You also might try reading Genesis 2:24 (It’s the very first book in the Bible in case you can’t find it)[sarcasm]
        There God sets up marriage. So what does God say, ” A man (male) will leave this father and be joined to his wife (female) and they will become one flesh”. Had enough?

        You had better go back to making your homemade soap and leave the Bible stuff to those who study and understand what’s in it. O.K.?

        • Are you kidding me!????
          Lord help us all…..
          Can someone please find the verse in the Bible that says that Ivan Prepper should shut the f**k up. Right now…hurry hurry!

          And some of wonder why some who is gay might have knee jerk reactions to what people say horrible things like this stupid man.

          Bam Bam, I am sorry this asshat even mentioned your name. I don’t even think an apology from it would suffice.

          When SHTF happens. I will be the most afraid of people like this. ..
          And the War on Stupid continues…

          • Mama J.,

            No big deal. I think the point I was making was clear. We all sin. Why do we focus on some peoples’ sins and ignore our own?

          • Cool Bam your attitude on this…we Pack may not always agree on each other (which is also far in between) but WE don’t do this (Mama J don’t worry, not US) …agree on your last sentence.

          • Cosmolined says:

            Bam Bam:
            Does this mean you still won’t marry me too?!

            Funny how folks only respect your opinion if it agrees
            with theirs. I think you are simply wonderful.
            God Bless you and your husband. Cos

          • Cos,

            LOL Trouble in paradise.

          • worrisome says:

            My Sheeeeeesh got away from me. Who ever Ivan is….he has forgotten that Bam Bam’s voice is as or a more important one than his……..Bam Bam has contributed much of worth to this blog! Ivan has no right to make any attempt to run anyone off, nor tell them they cannot express an opinion. Maybe Ivan needs to return to Mother Russia where someone will think what he says matters!

          • Not that I’m very relegious myself but my parents taught me to respect a woman a lot more than was shown in that reply. What has happened to common decency and respect in this country? Oh well, I’ll keep teaching my sons to treat women with respect, hold doors open, reply with Mam, and to always say “Thank you”.

          • Ivan Preppin says:

            Typical liberal, can’t deal with the facts, so instead call names. You are sad, very very sad.

          • It is time to move on from this and get back to prepping and sharing information.

        • Tinfoil Hat says:


          Wow. Okay, I’m pretty sure, despite what you said, that you really DID mean to “start out this way”. If you didn’t, you wouldnt. You are right. You are new. But one of the many great things about this blog is that anyone, whether it your first post or your millionth post, can speak there mind, add to the conversation, or put forth any contribution they feel can help others. It is based on respect.

          But while there is no hierarchy in place, and disagreements are common, there are voices on this site who have been here a long time, and who are universally respected, because of the consistent, valuable, and selfless efforts they make to help the rest of us by sharing there knowledge and experience. Bam Bam, RiverRider, Jarhead, Survival Dan, Norcal Ray, and several others. I can and will disagree with them from time to time. Respectfully. Just as I try to do with everyone here. I’ve had my slips of the tongue, and spoken out of line from time to time. I’ve made my apologies and moved on. I am hoping this is just an earl snafu on your part, and this is not what we can expect your standard contributions to the site to be. If it is, I am unsure as to the site or sites you are used to visiting, but I might respectfully suggest you return there. You are not likely to fit in well here.

          Bam Bam, I love your contributions, and always look forward to hearing from you. Except your thoughts on college football. But no ones perfect… 🙂

        • worrisome says:


        • Ivan Preppin, your comments don’t even deserve comments. You are one scary soul. May God bless you.

        • Let’s look at what else is an obamanation from Leviticus. Do not mix wool with linen, so how sure are you about cotton polyp blends. Do not mix meat with dairy so how about those biscuits and gravy. Another interesting rite from L is the Blood spell for dealing with mold. As for being unclean the Druids had soap way before this time. It’s a crying shame it doesn’t work on bigotry. (interesting note not even the Romans or Greeks for all their baths used soap) There is an insurance co. that supports the most rabid gun control, not with any money from me. Please feel free to support any cause you wish just prepare for backlash from those that oppose what you support.
          o mistake monagamy is the state establishing a religion all must follow. I will take up arms and defend your right to as you wish in your

          • …to do as you wish in your church. BUT EXPECT to find me standing between your church and the court house when you want to impose on that freedom. I could go on quoting from Enoch or the Berlin Codex of the Gospel according to Mary, but it seems those got edited from most bibles. Allow me to close with advise from Max Erhmann. Listen to others even the….

        • Ivan (the terrible)…your full-blown arrogance and rudeness is evidenced and matched perfectly by your quite transparent intolerant and ignorant view of your world.

          Your low self-esteem is your own challenge to resolve, and in my humble opinion, the sooner you take up that challenge the better, for your sake.

          And no amount of insults directed at another is going to build you up; in fact the opposite will happen, as is clearly evidenced already by your life experiences thus far – because you are the walking/breathing result.

          And although you’re anonymously posting and hiding behind a blog page, it has not prevented you, yourself, from broadcasting to the world at large the extent of your rudeness and lack of good manners – that one would normally extend even to strangers.

          May I respectfully suggest that you instead spend some time working on improving your current lack of character and integrity.


  14. Aaaaaaaaaaand there it is! In order for Obama and his Dem cronies to pay for this new health care (which illegals are now going to also be able to access) we all get to pay, wait for it…..HIGHER TAXES! No, that can’t be right? Right? Didn’t Obama and the Dems say the Health Care wouldn’t raise our taxes at all, AND in fact, lower them (supposedly)? Who knew, right? EVERYBODY knew it was impossible to implement a new health care system without raising taxes, but Obama and the Dems sure tried to sell it to us, and most of the American bought it, since Obama was voted in.

    So now we get the privilege of paying even more taxes than we already do, and we get to do that to help pay for the costs for the illegals that use our new shiny health care system. Wonderful. And this won’t stop at higher taxes on printer paper and fries. They will raise taxes on EVERYTHING! How else are they going to pay for this crap? By the time it’s done, Americans will be taking home about .20 cents for every $1 they earn, while Obama and his cronies on the Hill will sit back and keep raking in millions from lobbyists. The only, ONLY chance we have is if Romney is voted in and he immediately repeals the health care act (and it can be since it was upheld through the Supreme Court as a tax).

    And about the Dems sneaking in the new gun amendment–this is utter bull s@*#!! No more than 10 rds per mag? How in the heck are we supposed to defend ourselves if we are switching out mags every ten seconds?? I swear, the Dems just can’t help but try and step on our constitutional right to bear arms at every step that they make. To the Democratic party, this one is for you—IT’S IN THE 2ND AMMENDMENT AND OUR RIGHT!!!!! GET OVER IT AND GO FIND SOME OTHER CAUSE TO SCREW UP BECAUSE YOU’RE NOT TAKING OUR GUNS, BULLETS AND MAGAZINES FROM US!!!!!!

  15. M.D.

    I take vitamin C, multivitamin and fish oil caps every day, make me feel better. I even give the dog fish oil, it helps her stop itching!

    It’s not above me that multivitamins are an important survival too. Our Zellers is closing in December (another store here that has been killed by Wally Mart) and was offering 30% off multivitamins so I bought a bunch.

    Anyone know any good ways of putting them into storage to maximize the shelf life?

    Also, from one who lives in socialism, you’ll find that it’s more than just big macs and paper products to pay for social stuffs. The social governments are absolute MASTERS at sneaking all sorts of taxes in. Like something called a surtax, which basically means you pay tax because you pay tax. Amazing.

    • michael c says:

      To preserve your vitamins – put them in the refrigerator and don’t remove the original packaging.

      • I concur …keep them in the fridge…in their original containers – and wrapped so no light can get to them – we all know how many times we open the f/door during each day – it all adds up…cheers.

  16. recoveringidiot says:

    I’ll bet Iran has been storing food for a long time. At least food for the regime anyway.
    Support the NRA and your local state R&P association if you can. Don’t like the NRA? Give to another org, maybe GOA, these people are probably the reason we still have what’s left of the 2nd amendment today. I pray for a new president even Mr Mitt who I think is no champion of the 2nd either but I think he won’t push it using executive order like TDL surely will if reelected or God forbid reelected with congressional majority.

    • Obama was asked today about the gun amendment and stated that he has no plans to make any changes like that. LOL! Who’s he kidding?
      Yeah, he says that right now, but after he gets elected (hopefully not), he’ll be ramming those amendments and more into law to appease his party.

  17. imperialgirl63 says:

    Has anyone heard about the guy from oregon getting 30 days in jail for having rain barrells on corners of his house?

    • You have to be kidding me? Let me guess, the local authorities are probably using some kind of “zoning” law right?

    • worrisome says:

      Just so we are clear, it was called rain “run off” but it was dam backing up a stream………..which was permitted and then the permit rescinded. There is a lot to this story. But in some states, the state does own the water……….Utah is another one like that and someone mentioned Colorado does it that way as well……….not sure on that one.

      • In Colorado, water on or coming from the ground and including “run off” or waste water belongs to the State. Said water can be distributed, sold, transfered depending on the watershed areas needs and adjudication.
        This is especially important since our state is the headwaters for the Colorado River which we all know is a major water source for a large amount of area in the weatern states.
        As a land owner we have the option to buy shares of water that is delivered through an irrigation delivery system. We own $30,000.00 worth of irrigation water.
        However, we don’t have rights to the water that runs in the creek through our land. It was filed on (adjudicated) 100 yrs ago to a (very nice) farm family at the end of our watershed area to ensure that they always have water at the end of the stream. A form of water management. We actually do not need to use that creek water, but could easily in a SHTF situation.
        If this man in the news was told and did not allow enough water downstream to water owning neighbors, he is in direct violation of the law and would be fined and jailed if he didn’t comply. Sounds worse than it is. He should know better. Water law seems harsh, but it must be managed properly.
        The state has the power to resend and take back every drop of water and send it where they like at anytime. They probably won’t and don’t want to go that far, but water is a priority resource in western states.
        The State of Colorado does not own the rain, the air or the solar energy. Nothing until it touches the ground. When that happens I am moving!
        Welcome to the wild wild west. Whiskey is fer drinking and water is fer fightin.

    • yes, the link is on current week’s WDYDTPTW…cheers.

  18. MENTALMATT says:

    Ok, Please can we stop it. I’m no where near a Biblical expert, I did go to a Catholic high school for 4 years even though I’m not Catholic. I belive in God, I belive in Jesus Christ. I also belive that only God himself (sorry women) will make the final judgement. We are all born into sin, and we all sin. I have known and would have died for indivduals that were gay. Does that mean I will burn in hell, I think not. God will make that decision. The Bible was written by men inlightend by God. Who knows? It’s about survival have some of you forgotten.?

    • worrisome says:

      Hi MentalMatt, there is a big difference between God and religion. People get it confused and develop belief systems that allow no independent or critical thought. Belief without examination has led people into wars; cruelty; stupidity and such. But in this country we have a Constitution that says you can believe as you wish. To have government come in and dictate where you can place a business based upon the belief system of the government, violates the constitution…….Starbucks backs the gay movement as do many others; Target does not. Having a town mayor decide that one or the other can’t build a business in a certain town based upon the mayor’s belief is in my estimation as about as dumb as it gets. Target and Starbucks also “donate to their causes”…what is the diff???? You MM are a hero as you put aside blind belief to do the compassionate thing depending upon the situation……….were there more you’s and less mayors, we would be much better off……….just sayin

  19. new prepper says:

    I really enjoy reading the “miscellany” daily.. I am glad it is here in addition to the “prepping” articles. It is interesting to see the wide variety of views from people with so much in common. That said I believe we all must be accountable for our own actions and not other peoples. I sure as hell do not need the goverment telling me what is right or wrong!! I will let GOD do that… What ever happened to majority rules?

  20. I will not touch religion discussions with a ten foot pole. One loses friends and get a lot of enemies on that path. But what I can tell you is that human beings are better for believing in God than no belief on a Creator of all. That said, DH and I will be eating lunch at Chick- a -Fil on Aug. the first.

    About the water collected in the water barrels: it has to do with some western states having in their constitutions that all the water is property of the state whether it a creek, a river or (in this case) rain from the heavens. It is called state water rights. One of the reasons we did not move West.

    Having been buying food like a maniac, as much as we can afford. Bad times are a coming (as the old farmer used to say).

    God bless!

  21. Aug 1st, at 4:00pm
    At Chik-fil-A. Man is it packed!!!!

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